Electrodyne Mixer
12 x 4 Remix console
Used by The Beach Boys
This console was sold to a collector in Miami Florida in March 2011.
Page left up for historical purposes.

7/3/2009 asking price  and 2 YouTube video clips found 
Contact info at bottom of page

Manufactured in 1968
for Capitol Records, Hollywood
Documentation of all claims available to serious inquiries only.
Blue Print - Electrodyne 12x4

Electrodyne 6-11-2009

Electrodyne Mixer - vintage 1968 - 12x4

Electrodyne Meter - 1  Electrodyne Meter - 2

This was the console used for 8 track mix downs in the Capitol remix room
from 1968 to 1972 when it was retired to editing

Here is a recently discovered video clip of the Beach Boys lip syncing to the tune "I Can Hear Music"
that was actually mixed on this Electrodyne console back at Capitol Records. 

And another video clip with the tune "Do It Again", again audio mixed by them on this console at Capitol.

Consoles certainly got bigger and better with time. 
Even the Beach Boy sound was topped when they did a recording with Kathy Troccoli in the 90's.
So this is a choice piece of time from history, nothing anyone would use today.

Beach Boys 20/20 Album cover

The only Album I can verify that was mixed on this board was
"The Beach Boys 20/20 album" release date: 1/27/1969
which had 2 hits: Do It Again, and  I Can Hear Music

But whoever recorded anything at Capitol/Hollywood from 1968 to 1972 probably mixed down their 8 tracks on this board.

It hasn't been turned on for over 20 years, but sounded fine the last time it was plugged in.
It has been in various quality conditions of storage since.  It will need thorough vacuuming and probably has some cold solder joints by now.
But realize this is historical, not anything you'd want to actually use unless you really liked the "transistor sound.".

Since the console only handles line level, you would be free to use your own favorite mic pre amp, with minimal coloring from the board.

All track assign buttons and lamps (lamp lit) are still there, but a few slider knobs are gone.
A small section of formica is missing from backside.
Frame is steel, face plate is thick sheet aluminum, 3/4" plywood body with typical formica wood grain finish.

It weighs somewhere between 200 and 400 pounds.  The power transformer alone must be 50 pounds.
The patch bay is a permanent part of the cabinet.
Dimensions are 46" front to back, 81" side to side.

All necessary parts to operate it are included, but many have been disconnected to make it lighter to move.
Hence it is not possible to demonstrate it's sound quality.

Some schematics are included.

Input modules are # 609-L 

Buyer should be aware that it will need some minor reassembly to be operational.

An absolute classic piece of history, an ideal conversation piece in a studio lobby, 60's theme locale or high end den.

It is currently in storage near Death Valley, California. (approx. 160 miles NE of Los Angeles)

   Not available for dismantle / salvage.

Due to 2 nearby structure fires which did not affect this console, nevertheless the storage space it uses is now urgently needed for other items.
The price has now been reduced to:
Current asking price: $50,000  f.o.b. Trona, California.  Buyer covers all shipping expense.

Contact Ken at  leroy at commutefaster dot com  
Place "Electrodyne" in the subject line

1 - (760) 372-4363
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updated to sold status 3/9/2012, one year after sale.
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