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Bitcoin Donation Cup

When funding allowed,
one engineer
made the Hubble take sharp, perfect color photos.

But when the economy turned south,
 the same engineer responsible for
the over sampling circuitry on the Hubble
couldn't even afford his medication,
dying of a hemmorhagic stroke on 2/24/2017.

Hubble Crab Nebula

In honor of the inventor/electronic engineer we worked with for 14 years,

we are accepting Bitcoin donations to help the next batch of home grown garage inventors reach out for the impossible.

Send no more than the last 4 digits* of your spare Bitcoins to:


Just like ashes to the wind, toss some unused Bitcoin fragments into cyberspace.
They might just blow onto fertile soil.

*Bitcoins are stated to 8 places after the decimal. The last 4 are worth less than $30 USD, but might keep someone who is between jobs, alive to finish a goal.

6/3/2017 kr/bc memorial