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This video pretty well sums it up.
Then, Sign up here and get your Bitcoins working for you immediately.

Additional facts if it seems too good to be true.
This is NOT a Bitcoin multiplier, even if it first seems to perform like one.

All Bitcoin multipliers are Ponzi Schemes. Last one in loses everything.

Gladiacoin generates a constant steam of genuine fresh revenue from daily trading.
The conventional financial world calls this arbitrage,
a luxury only the biggest banks and brokerages could do efficiently in the former economy.
Trading profits flow into your account daily!
As your original deposit doubles, you can close out or move to a higher position for faster growth.

Gladiacoin promotes new members by MLM structure.
Even when new membership closes, the last one in still earns much better than bank interest on deposits.
  And as it grows, the traders have more trading power, yielding more profit to YOU.

It is presently in a fast growth phase. Spill over flows into your down line without recruitment.
But you are still able to help friends by giving them YOUR account ref. ID for them to join too.

You must already have a Bitcon wallet established
with sufficient btc to pay for opening your Gladiacoin account.
Accounts can open as small as 0.05 btc
or you may wish to start at the maximum position of 4.0 btc. when you watch what it has done for others.
This workshop explains more information about the program.

See all the details and Join today at

Then pass your new member ID to friends and help them put their Bitcoins to work too.