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Updated 12/31/2010
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Arkansas Tornado Kills 4. 12/31/2010

3.8 Earthquake strikes Greentown Indiana. Not big by California standards, but Greentown is home to a glass museum. 12/30/2010

Solar activity affects weather everywhere, both here
and on other planets.
Storm on Saturn

Lid blown on microchips, black-op budgets.   Mr. William Pawelec was interviewed in 2001.  He requested the interview not be released until after his death.  He passed away in 2007.  Now released in 58 minute video. 12/26/2010

Earthquake monitoring equipment stolen in Vanuatu, just prior to 7.3 quake. 12/26/2010

Fireball Pipeline Explosion in Mexico kills 28 and destroys 32 homes. 12/20/2010

Jesse Ventura reports on the BP disaster in Gulf.  43 min video
Too much corruption to list.  Multiple conspirators. Crisis no where near to being over. 12/17/2010

US Drones Slaughter 54 in Pakistan. 12/20/2010
- - -
Mexican Drone Crashes on US Soil.
Maybe it's just pay back for all the V2 rockets we dropped on them back in the 50's. Or maybe Mexican drone pilots are as bad as Mexican drivers.  BUT... nobody was killed, unlike US Drone Flights in Pakistan.  12/17/2010

Suspicious technologies.
marketed as a noise Smacsonic reduction material for aircraft skin. But it has an outrageous combustion temperature when ignited. Could be more deadly than a bomb.
QRS-11 Gyro chip: used for precision guidance in drones and missiles.
Raytheon design
Boeing modification
QRS11 Gyro Chip QRS-11 Boeing version
Suspected of having a back door programed in while under control by Raytheon, and still present when Boeng began using them.  5 of Raytheon's executives who may have known of this back door were killed on 9/11/2001. The mysterious Los Angeles missile on November 8, 2010 was a Raytheon missile.  Why did the FBI raid the home of a Raytheon engineer 2 weeks earlier?  Rose Law Firm of Little Rock Arkansas oversaw patenting this device when first invented back in the 80's.  Hillary Clinton was the Patent Attorney of record.
Airline pilots who have tried to bring this safety issue to the attention of authorities have undergone suppression as severe as those experienced by energy inventors.  Three pilots discuss this suppression in a 2.5 hour long BlogTalk program. 12/13/2010

Triple CME blast.
Triple CME

Neither seafood nor vegetation from the Gulf area are safe to eat. 12/12/2010

Nazis in US History. 
This startling interview by Dr. Stan Monteith of John Loftus, author of America's Nazi Secret reveals both the CIA and the FBI do not have patriotic roots in America.  This explains why investigations into certain crimes stop abruptly or get sidetracked to chase rabbit trails intentionally. 12/11/2010

Energy innovation is not the only topic being suppressed.
A group of whistle blowing airline pilots are undergoing the same level of attack.  This 2.5 hour interview reveals several events and topics endeavoring to get the US Criminal Justice system to issue justice to the right parties, instead of the criminal enterprises that risk the lives of airline passengers daily.
Sites referenced in interview:

Energy R&D Suppression victim Bob Boyce had cancer surgery on December 6, 2010.  The surgeon removed the mysterious "bump" causing the cancer.
It is an RFID chip.
Bob Boyce Chip
Bob posted this comment on his Facebook page:

"My cancer surgery was performed yesterday, December 6th 2010. The surgeon found and removed a "foreign body" from the cancer that was surgically excised from my right shoulder. He placed that "foreign body", identified as a verichip, into a labelled specimen container, and sealed that container in front of witnesses. This was documented via a series of photographs taken by a member of the surgical staff."


The Sun appeared to have lost a retread on 12/6/2010.
Epic Blast 12-6-2010

Madoff trustee sues JP Morgan for $6.4 Billion. As the free corn from the public silo disappears, the rats begin devouring each other.  Morgan is now and always has been an extension of London City Bankers, carrying out their agenda.  Most notably, as far as our site is concerned, that of sabotaging Nikola Tesla and advance energy development almost a hundred years ago.  JP Morgan continues to support monopolies they control, and suppress any good idea they don't control, along with ripping off anyone in their path.  12/3/2010

Serious health problems caused by BP use of Corexit in Gulf continue. 11/28/2010

Lightning strike kills 711/27/2010

Gulf of Mexico residents now showing bruises and internal bleeding. Children suffering strange rashes on feet and legs. 11/24/2010

2nd blast at New Zealand coal mine.  All 29 miners feared killed. 11/23/2010

DOE discovers safety measures ignored at nuclear cleanup site. Radiation was released. 11/24/2010

A Plastic State of Mind, Mx Video 11/18/2010

Search continues for pilot.
- - -
F22 crashes 100 miles north of Ankorage AK. 

C4 CME Coming at us now. Spaceweather.com
C4 CME 11-12-2010

We shot a missile into the air
It fell to earth we knew not where
11-1002010 news
Until some day
With rage profound
The ones it fell on
Will come around.
In less time than it will take to tell
They will show us where
The missile fell.
So now we do not greatly care
To shoot more missiles in the air.
(The only poem I ever memorized.)
It was an announced US missile test.  No Chinese subs were harmed in this test.  Scroll to page 55 of the pdf.
And some think I post too much bad news. Look what was on CNN and Spaceweather Tuesday. Just remember the only time the verbose egomaniacs in Washington go silent and act dumb is when someone screwed up royally. 11/11/2010

2 US Nuclear Power Plants have Emergency Shut Downs. 11/8/2010

3 M class flares in 3 days
- - -
M5 Solar flare erupts 7:36 AM PST Nov. 6, 2010 from spot 1121.
Still    Video  
M5 flare 11/6/2010

Volcano erupts in Benue Nigeria.
- - -
Indonesia: latest volcano eruption raises fatalities up to 138, airlines cancel flights to Jakarta.

Sorry I don't have a story to go with this startling video clip.  Location is Chibatão Brazil. 
The time stamp on the screen says it took place October 17, 2010. YouTube version has local news reporter speaking in Portugese. 11/5/2010

Indonesia volcano at Krakatau video. 11/5/2010

A380 Turbine Blade Test.
Troubled plane on runway.
- - -
Qantas Airbus A380
(biggest passenger plane made) makes emergency landing in Singapore. 11/4/2010

There has been evidence for several years that the Earth's magnetic field is weakening and shifting. A physical shift of the poles was still years off. But some are now claiming to see rotation changes in Earth and Moon. 11/4/2010

Apparently winning isn't winning after all.  The X-Prize winner is now:
  • battling a law suit,
  • a quarter million dollar demand from IRS,
  • and even though the SEC doesn’t have the time to go after Goldman Sachs for screwing the world, they have time to accuse a small start up of security violations.
Suppression hits even the moderately efficient, not just the exotics.  11/1/2010

   Quake, Tsunami, Volcano
   Village buried by volcanic ash

Storm damage
Massive weather disturbance blasts through midwestern US.

Computer malfunction disables 50 nukes. But as reported below, with the massive amount of back doors being discovered in all software, you can't always blame the hardware. 10/27/2010

Update: Tsunami alert system was vandalizedDeath toll rises to 227. Volcano deaths now at 30.  10/27/2010
- - -
Indonesia 7.7 quake triggered tsunami killing over 100.  Quake brought volcano active injuring more.

Linsey Williams reports:
Parts 1   2   3   4 
  • Oil headed to $200/barrel in 6 to 12 months
  • Gas headed to $5/gallon
  • Russia/China energy contract stopped using US Dollar for pricing
  • The mortgage backed security debacle is a contrived scam to grab real estate for banker ownership at taxpayer expense.

It has been discovered that NSA required a back door on Siemens PLC controllers, because  DHS does not trust anyone with encryption without them being able to spy on its use themselves.
Indications are now showing that back door became the vulnerability to enable the Stuxnet virus to enter a system. 
China copied (plagiarized) the Siemens design, and used it on many of their own power plants and industrial facilities. 
So what happened? 
Stuxnet easily shut down the Iran nuke reactor with German components, but also infected the Chinese rip-offs.
There is now a Stuxnet-2.  As of the date of this post, it has not yet infected any US facility, as most grid and government facilities run on private networks, not the internet.  Regardless, power mongers in Washington may use this as an excuse to shut down the internet.  10/25/2010

7.7 Quake, Indonesia Monday morning. 10/25/2010

Pushing technology has always had risk. 50 years ago, October 24, 1960 Russia had a rocket launch disaster that killed 126 people. 10/24/2010

UK Nuclear Sub Runs Aground. 10/22/2010

BP tested a deep spill in Norwegian waters back in 2000. Result of test showed them exactly what ended up happening in Gulf of Mexico, as well as leaving the mess they made in Norway. Full pdf document (large, 19 MB) 10/18/2010

Is the Sun taking aim for the big one"?  It has already emitted an M-3 Flare.
Solar magnetic ring 10-16-2010

Full spectrum image.
Full spectrum 10-17-2010

Orange Beach Alabama.
Orange Beach Alabama

Video of Opium field fly-over, Afghanistan. 
US taxpayers fund this under Republican and Democrat approval. 10/15/2010

this actually aired on Fox News.

US Army Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer:
6:00  "everybody on that (9/11) commission was covering for someone"

CIA Intel officer, 22 years: Michael Scheuer:
11:30 "the 9/11 commission, and the commissioners themselves, were just there to whitewash it .... but as commissioners, they were clearly there to not let the American people know what happened before 9/11."
"It was a whitewash and a lie from top to bottom." 
- - -
We are in pretty bad shape when Ahmadinejad
of Iran has more concern for human life than the last 3 presidents of the US.  Please listen to a CORRECT TRANSLATION of Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN.  10/12/2010

Human body parts wash ashore at BP cleanup site.  10/10/2010

Ever hear of a product called Smacsonic? It is marketed as a noise reduction material for use in airplane skins. Safe at room temperature, but if ignited goes to over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a second.  Airbus and Boeing both use it on current generation airliners. Information about this hit the internet only recently.  Suddenly you can't find an MSDS for it even on Google.  It is more likely intended for destruction of evidence in a plane crash than for its noise reduction characteristics. Temperatures that hot melt not only aluminum but also the titanium and inconel parts of an engine.

But don't be afraid, airline stewardess now dance in the aisles to entertain you and keep your mind off serious matters. 10/10/2010

The Stuxnet Virus hit not only Iran, but ChinaHow soon before it hits a US reactor?  Given how vicious it is, readjusting pressure pumps to suicidal levels, the best we could hope for is shutting down portions of our grid, before a more serious event takes place. Allegedly it was installed with a USB flash drive like you buy at WalMart for your MP3 music.

The US has its own defenses, but really, any country is vulnerable. One of many reasons we advocate local power generation rather than keeping millions dependent on a single system. 10/4/2010

Entire Project Gulf Impact video crew Hospitalized with Life Threatening Poisoning Symptoms. 10/3/2010

Links to BP propaganda sites have been removed. 
They have been caught lying too many times to trust anything they say. 
  • Corexit spraying continues, killing all sea life it comes in contact with.
  • They were caught showing us video of a completely different well.
  • They have hired a 9/11 coverup attorney, Jamie Gorelick, for their defense.
  • They have no conscience or concern for human life.

Electric Bicycle factory in China collapses.  14 killed.
- - -
Another Coal Mine explosion in China kills 6.

Fallujah experienced more radiation poisoning than Hiroshima. 10/1/2010

Backscatter X-Ray
Indescriminate use of Backscatter X-Ray exposes everyone to dangerous energy.

Explosion at Honeywell nuclear facility. 9/26/2010

Now discovered, a coronal mass ejection can change direction after being emitted from the sun. 9/24/2010

Entire communities in Louisiana now vomiting blood due to Corexit exposure. 9/20/2010

The San Bruno natural gas pipeline explosion was caught on security camera. 9/16/2010
- - -
Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion Kills 4, Destroys 50 Homes in San Bruno California.

New Zealand quake moved surface 11 feet. 9/6/2010

Seen on back of semi, Interstate-40.
Truck driver message

7.0 Earthquake in New Zealand. 9/3/2010

Blood Tests Reveal Heavy Metals, Oil and Corexit Toxins in Gulf Residents from Merely Breathing the Air or drinking the water. 9/2/2010

Something big hit Venus on July 24th. 8/26/2010

73 Whales beached on north coast of New ZealandHistory has shown Navy sonar to be the most frequent cause of this rather than chemical pollution. 8/25/2010.

Pillar of fire seen in Brazilian brushfire. 8/25/2010

Mysterious mass animal die offs world wide.  Someone or something hates life on planet Earth. 8/23/2010

Freak Cloudburst kills at least 150 in Himalayan desert town. Normal rainfall in this are is 15 mm for August. 8/21/2010

Flooding in Pakistan eclipses 3 other disasters combined.
  • 1,500 dead
  • Millions homeless   8/19/2010

Chernobyl: Radioactive boar meat 25 years later, and radioactive fire ash today.  8/19/2010

Day at the beach
Day at the beach ...
in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oil disaster Tracker.  

Reporter John Wathen: one flight over Gulf caused nasal problems and had him vomiting violently.
28 minute video report
from Gulf fisherman meeting at Panama City Beach Florida.
EPA/FDA Not testing food properly.
Citizens being denied access to secret meetings between BP and US Government. 
- - -
Black Oil bubbling up from sand inshore.  8/18/2010

"The Majestic Plastic Bag," a mocumentary. 8/18/2010

Our beach "smells like a refinery."
Excuse some of the sarcastic humor in this 10 minute video, but most of this is serious. Government allowing children to swim in toxic water. Lab tech interviewed.  8/16/2010

"It looks like all of the sea life is trying to get out of the water," Alabama fisherman8/16/2010

Oil and dead sealife coming ashore on Brazil's beaches.
- - -
Dead fish showing up along entire east coast US. 

7.2 Mariana Islands  8/13/2010

Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in New Jersey. 8/12/2010

7.1 Earthquake Ecuador 8/12/10
- - -
7.3 Vanuatu 8/10/2010

Russian wildfires nearing Chernobyl area risking new disbursing of old radioactivity. 8/12/2010

Corexit burn spots from toxic rain showing up on leaves as far north as Minnesota. 8/11/2010

Level 2 alert issued at nuclear power plant in Berwick Pennsylvania. 8/10/2010

First it was Russia, but now look at wildfire break out in Africa and Madagascar.
Wildfires in Africa
Wildfires world wide, as documented by NASA.
Most current
each red dot represents a fire has happened at that location since the first of the year.  Yellow dots indicate multiple fires in same general location.
Note to Bible scholars and students.
It was quickly observed by many that Revelation 8:8 mentions the sea turning to blood, quite similar to the appearance of the oil/Corexit image visible in the Gulf of Mexico. 
Ocean appearing as blood
Take a look at verse 8:7. Then look at the worldwide wildfire map linked above. 8/9/2010

BP pulls "switch-a-roo" with different cameras.
Look closely
at the GPS coordinates on each camera position.  The roaring rupture was at one location, but the alleged successful capping was on a completely different well.  Was anything really fixed? 8/8/2010

More freak weather.
  • Cold snap hits Bolivia, kills a million fish along with other water life   (or was there Corexit in the rain?)
  • Millions of shellfish wash ashore on Karachi Beach Pakistan 
  • More flooding and deadly mudslides in China 
  • Deadly floods return to central Europe 

Jason Calacanis, CEO Mahalo.com, former GM of Netscape speaks out about BP and their lack of business ethics. " I think these guys should be taken on criminal charges on a global basis, every single country that has any morality or ethics should take these people to court and bankrupt this company and put them out of business ... this is the biggest F.U. ever ... these people should be banned from ever working at a job again! "
Jason can be heard weekly at ThisWeekInStartups 8/7/2010

Even Gold Mines are dangerous in China.  16 killed when cable catches fire. 8/7/2010

Fires throughout Russia worsen
Fires in Russia 8/6/2010
More images.

Fire at UK main nuclear weapons factory. 8/4/2010

Methane bubble raises big portion of ocean floor, caught on video. 8/4/2010

Evidence now showing Gulf Ocean Current being affected by the massive influx of oil and Corexit, which together are changing the viscosity of all the water in the area.
If the current stops, this could be a blessing in disguise.  It might contain all the poisons in the Gulf and keep it from feeding out into Atlantic currents.
Next challenge is to develop a way to filter an enormous amount of sea water and remove the Corexit and oil. 8/4/2010

Fires in Russia with excessive hot weather.  Video 8/1/2010

Coal mine explosion in China. 17 killed, 24 trapped. 8/1/2010

South Louisiana residents experiencing coughing up blood and burning skin lesions. 8/1/2010

Lab tests Gulf water samples from Louisiana shore.
"... this water is poisonous."
"This stuff is hitting the beaches and coming up as sea spray and people are breathing it."
Detailed list begins at 5:14 point of video.
One of several chemicals tested for showed 150X toxic level for fish. 7/30/2010

Fresh water oil spill: Michigan. Over 1 million gallons.  Threatens Lake Michigan.  Serious health problems already reported.  Video  7/30/2010

More floods continue:
  • Pakistan: 1,100 800 / 400 killed
  • China: death toll nearing 1,000, massive landslide threatens more 

- - -
Heavy or fatal floods in: 
- - -
8" hail in South Dakota Sets record for North America.

Gulf Flyover 7/19/2010Aircraft lands covered with oil residue.  7/24/2010

China also has China oil spill 7-21-2010huge oil spill disaster, but.... they have enough brains to NOT use Corexit. Instead they ARE using biodegradable microbe technology as reported and even offered here at CommuteFaster. Much will be recoverable.  7/22/2010

Oil specialist Matt Simmons, in this 21 min audio, lists numerous lies made by BP and demands jail time for their actions. 21 mins mp3
- - -
2nd Matt Simmons interview
, says cleanup to exceed  $1 trillion 7/21/2010

Flooding in China has cost over a thousand lives this year. Bracing for more typhoons. 7/21/2010

Areas of Gulf water are saturated with methane enough to be ignitableDeep water creatures also dying.  7/21/2010
- - -
Gulf Water Sample EXPLODES during contamination test.

Two oil pipelines explode in China, burn for 15 hours. 7/17/2010

Oil skimming supertanker determined not to work sufficiently in Gulf. Dispersant blamed for sinking oil rather than making it easily recyclable.  7/17/2010

Corexit Ruptures Red Blood Cells, causes internal bleeding and enables all the poisons in crude oil to enter the blood stream.
- - -
MSNBC takes 81 days to begin reporting what readers here already knew. Corexit is killing people!
- - -
BP dumping oil drenched debris into regular landfills.
Finally a local official begins talking about waste to energy technology. 7/14/2010

Rothschild heir learns how much plastic pollution is in the Pacific Ocean by sailing through it himself. 7/14/2010

Methane: the overlooked hazard.
Under pressure of deep water, it has a higher freezing temperature than water.  So it sits like a heavy ice on the floor of many oceans, ready to thaw into an explosive gas the instant its temperature changes.
But.... it can be triggered to abruptly thaw by vibration too.  Major vibration from anything.  Natural earthquakes can and have done it.  But now we have a man caused eruption of massive amounts of oil and pockets of methane which has been trapped miles beneath the ocean for thousands of years, now waking up the sleeping giant on the ocean floor.

What internet diploma factory did BP hire their geologists from?  A grade school child can understand this problem, why couldn't the PhD's at BP?  7/14/2010

Several Gulf locals interviewed.
Local boaters are threatened with a $15,000 fine for just dumping soap overboard in Gulf, while BP continues pumping toxic Corexit.
- - -
Oil and tar balls reach New Jersey shoreline.
- - -
1500 cleanup workers reporting health problems. Some experiencing bleeding rectums, as reported below.
- - -
Corexit/crude peeling paint off all the boats in the water. Never touch a solvent like this to a fiberglass boat. It will eat through the resin, straight through to the glass, dissolving the entire boat.   7/11/2010

Louisianna oysterbeds now showing a 95% kill off.
- - -
Flyover reveals oil booms are proving worthless. 

Corexit ingredients.
Made by Nalco  NYSE: NLC
1601 West Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563-1198
(630) 305-1000
SW corner of I-88 / IL Rt 59
Major stockholders:
  • Warren Buffet/Berkshire Hathaway
  • Maurice Strong
  • Al Gore
  • George Soros
- - -
Shrimpers exposed to Corexit suffering bleeding rectums, and 3 week long headaches.   7/9/2010

Too close for comfort, Bed Springs are now discovered to pose an EMF hazard. 7/8/2010

One thing has not changed in 30 years. Oil companies are still run by morons. Deja Vu? 7/7/2010

WWII mine
WWII mine washes up on Alabama shore.

My recent comments on Free Energy Suppression. 7/6/2010

Toxic rain killing plants in Ohio. 7/6/2010

230 Killed, 190 injured, collision and explosion of tanker truck in Congo. Spilled gasoline exploded as people were trying to gather the free fuel. 7/4/2010

Safety tips for handling propane BBQ tanks. Any energy can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. 7/3/2010

Heard on talk shows:
Linsey Williams reported on Rense 7/1/2010 that BP had drilled through a granite rock strata. It partially shattered, creating the present leak, now known to be at 30,000 psi. Geologists now warn a nuke is more likely to shatter the rock further, than to seal the present leak.  If shattered further, the leak would continue for 30 years before stabilizing in pressure.
- - -
Dr. Bill Deagle's sources at FEMA tell him Gulf area evacuations may begin shortly after 4th of July weekend. 7/2/2010 

Serious health problems now showing up from a simple visit to the beach. 7/1/2010

All workers on 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup are now dead. Longest any lived was to age 51. Handling either crude oil or the more toxic dispersant is deadly.  Exxon dragged matters out in court for 20 years before making reduced payments victims. 6/30/2010

Crop circles in California now. 6/30/2010

Gulf flyover, 6/21/2010. Video shows pods of Dolphins and Whales dead or dying. 6/27/2010

Pensacola Florida
Pensacola before
Pensacola after BP
- - -
Crops affected in Mississippi.


Shoreline waves now bubbling in Pensacola Florida.  Likely from dangerous levels of methane.
- - -
Texas A&M professor measures methane levels at One Million times normal in Gulf.

It now rains oil in Louisiana. Video.
- - -
CDC warns everyone to avoid spilled affected areas.
That now means if it rains in your area, get out of there.   6/23/2010

Oil and tarballs reach east Florida beaches, and nearing Cuba.
- - -
Hydrogen Sulfide:
(rotten egg smell)
  • dangerous at  0-10 PPM,
  • certain death at 300 PPM,
  • ignites at less than half the temperature of a cigarette.  
US Navy Nuclear Weapons base, Lakehurst NJ goes into lockdown for 2 hours. Several simultaneous incidents cited as reason. 6/21/2010

Coal Mine blast in China, 46 killed. 6/21/2010

Egypt now has ongoing oil leak in Red Sea. 6/21/2010

Natural Gas leaking into water tables, the OTHER flaming water problem.  Gasland, the movie6/21/2010

While Miami awaits pending oil approaching, they suddenly have a 20 million gallon sewage spill. 6/21/2010

Tornado hits Billings Montana.
First time since 1958. 6/21/2010

Simi Valley California:
Tyson Larson, 28 year old inventor was victim of blast described as "sounding like a freight train dropped out of the sky."
- - -
Water electrolysis inventor killed by Hydrogen Explosion.
- - -
US Patents issued to
Tyson Larson and William Stehl
Method and apparatus of modifying bond angles of molecules
Alternative Fuel Engine


Private measurement reveals leaking Gulf oil is RADIOACTIVE. 6/18/2010

Oil now found in Gulf Stream, rounding Florida. Could be showing up on North Carolina beaches any day. 6/18/2010

First whale victim found. 6/18/2010

BP Denies Safety Equipment to Cleanup Workers.  6/18/2010

One tone tar ball
One ton tar balls now showing up on Florida shores.

Solar activity high.
June 11-13, 2010 flares.
- - -
Images from new Solar Dynamic Observatory, SDO satellite.
Atmospheric Image Assembly
AIA 6-13-2010

Full spectrum AIA
Did solar activity trigger the 7.5 quake in the Nicobar Islands India on 6/12? There's really too much going on everywhere to identify the right dots to connect anymore. We just know solar activity can affect both earthquakes and weather.  6/14/2010

Arkansas floods: 19 dead, 1 still missing. 6/14/2010

  • Corexit is a NEUROTOXIN
  • BP has pumped over 1 million gallons into the Gulf. 
It is time to call this what it is: 
BP, a foreign entity, is
Their actions have already killed 11 US Citizens.  If this is not an act of war, WHAT IS?  6/10/2010

Flyover 6/9/2010. Reporter James Fox. 6/10/2010

FLAMES SEEN at wellhead, UNDERWATER.  5:17PM pst
- - -
BP ordered shortcut day of blast.
- - -
Evidence BP knew rig had problems weeks before explosion.
- - -
Top kill procedure made matter worse.

Gas Pipeline in Texas ruptures into ball of flame. 3 dead.  6/7/2010

The 100 year suppression of the works of Nikola Tesla. 6/7/2010

China's 3 Gorges Dam, largest hydroelectric project in history, develops cracks.  Threatens 300,000 homes. 6/7/2010

Fermi Nuclear Power Plant in Newport Michigan shuts down due to severe weather. 6/6/2010

The "other" Oil Catastrophe: Nigeria 6/2/2010

BP use of toxic Corexit:
the NALCO connection

BP admits it was having problems controlling well 6 weeks prior to explosion. 6/1/2010

dolphin killed by oil
Stop and think, what are the most toxic solvents you ever used? Many of which are now even banned for use in industry, like MEK. What were they derived from?  Crude oil.  Sea live is now swimming in that, and dying a painful death as a result.
- - -
Corexit is Killing the Gulf.  Part 2
- - -
Video of early images caught by fisherman before fireboats and major rescue craft arrived the night of 4/20/2010.  5/30-2010

Violent Volcano Eruptions in Guatemala and Ecuador.  Reporter killed.  5/29/2010

Alaska Pipeline shut down for 4 days, restarts.  Power failure. 5,000 barrels spilled into containment area 5/29/2010

Back to black oil. 
BP Oil Leak
"Top Kill" procedure failed.
- - -
WSJ report of event, victims, and survivors. Andreas Fletas
A 23 year old woman placed the first "MayDay" call from rig. She eventually had to jump into dark water to survive herself.
- - -
Possibility of additional leaks nearby. This video aired 2 days ago, on 5/27/2010, but no confirmation of claims by Mathew Simmons have surfaced yet.  While reporters are unable to confirm anything at this depth of 5,000 feet, there are numerous reports of more and bigger oil plumes being sighted 75 miles away.
- - -
Just like 9/11, Hollywood seems to know events before they occur.  5/29/2010

Frogs in Greece.  Earthquake warning? They preceded the big quake in China last year. 5/27/2010

Image worsens
BP Gulf leak 5-26-2010 9:35pm PST
On 5/25, BP announced an attempt to use a technique referred to as "top kill".  As of 9:35PM PST, it appears to look worse. Click on image to see the live feed.
- - -
PBS report
- - -
Memorial service for 11 workers killed
- - -
More reports from survivors of initial explosion  

Oil now showing up in rainfall in Florida.
- - -
24 miles of Louisianna coastline destroyed 

Many oil industry professionals claim leaks could have been stopped quickly.  Ralph Whitney claims 8 hours max. 5/26/2010

Sub-surface oil enters marshes. Underwater video. 5/25/2010

Something occurred Sunday night, 5/23/2010 at the wellhead leak.  But thus far, no official comment from BP. Someone watching the live feed grabbed these images. But if you look at most videos released by BP, they all have time/date stamps in the image.  Most all day Monday, 5/24, the image feed had no time stamp. It may have been a replay from earlier to hide what was really happening. 5/25/2010

Apologies for not yet reporting here on the fatal and destructive weather events this month.
The Gulf crisis could have been prevented.  But CME eruptions from the sun affect weather as much as the earthquakes I have reported on often.  3 weather events need to be seen to believe.  Fatal floods in Nashville and Warsaw, and a hailstorm in Oklahoma City like you have never seen.
  • Nashville Tennessee 1   2 
  • Warsaw Poland  1   2 
  • Oklahoma City  1   2 
HP adds 54,000 Batteries to Recall List.  As we have reported here earlier, a Lithium ion battery fire can be nasty or deadly. Might be a good idea to cross reference any you use in your own laptop just to be safe. 5/24/2010

Reality of Gulf wildlife slaughter.

Oil Platforms - Gulf of Mexico
Active Oil Platforms in Gulf of Mexico. 
- - -
Oil/Water Separator Invention activated. 

Estimates of leak size continue to expand. Now up to 95,000 BARRELS a day.
- - -
Oil reaches shores and swamps.
- - -
BP only capturing 5,000 barrels a day, 15 million cubic feet of gas, has dispensed over 600,000 gallons of toxic Corexit 9500A and Corexit 9527A
- - -
Natural Gas Leak 3000X Worse than oil amount
How much gas is being released?  "A BP executive stated that they were removing 3000:1 gas to oil at the well before the explosion. (that's 3000 cubic feet of gas for every barrel of oil)  The amount of oil leaking into the gulf is 25,000 to 70,000 barrels. 

a 3000:1 ratio would mean 75 - 210 million cubic feet of gas per day being released."
This is what contributes to growing air quality destruction

The problem is not "foreign oil," the problem is oil period. 5/18/2010

CBS interviews another survivor of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Cost cutting and bickering between middle management ignored damage to the Blow Out Protector. 5/17/2010

BP spraying dispersant
BP using Gulf as toxic test bed.
Dispersant never tested below surface application.
- - -
Dispersants as or more toxic than the crude oil itself.
Reference these 2 short videos of the Exxon Valdeez cleanup in Alaska in 1989. Workers beware, use all protective measures when handling. Even if BP wants the Gulf Shrimp to bathe in it.
- - -
Safety inspection history now being challenged to justify awards given.

Serbian Coal Mine Explosion. 24 Missing. 5/15/2010

Venezuela Natural Gas Platform  Sinks Offshore. No leaks reported at this time.  Fail safe procedures claimed to have worked.
- - -
Timeline of multiple offshore disasters.

2nd Blast stops rescue efforts at Russian Coal mine disaster 5/13/2010
- - -
Blast in Russian Coal Mine Kills 60.

Cleanup of radioactive facilities used in WWII continues in Hanford Washington, 60 years later. Only 75 square miles yet to go.
- - -
Nuclear Remediation work also being done at Los Alamos.   5/12/2010

A Private team of pilot and videographer flew over the Gulf oil damage and filed their own report.  Much worse than BP, government or major media are reporting. 5/11/2010

The Deepwater Horizon rig received a surprise inspection just 2 hours prior to explosion.  Was the interview of a survivor referenced below a setup by BP attorneys? BP is choosing a public relations and legal strategy over sanity and concern for humanity.  Forget the junk science from Al Gore, carbon is not the problem. Realize crude oil has numerous horrific, carcinogeous chemicals.  We now see BP using even more toxic chemicals to keep the toxic crude mix out of sight, but killing fish and all marine life instead of becoming visible onshore. As noted in columns to the right, Commutefaster has offered an organic oil absorber for years.  Any oil executive with brains and a concern for the environment should have been stockpiling warehouses of it, for the inevitable.  5/8/2010

Blow Out Preventers had been MODIFIED.  Engineers from Cameron International (formerly Cameron Iron Works) made the blow out preventor and operated the deep water ROV robots to inspect the damage. Upon inspection, the engineers reported the blowout preventers had been "modified."
Dr. Bill Deagle reported this 5/6/2010 siting sources directly from Cameron International.  5/7/2010

Prior oil catastrophes - crude spilled
(1991) Iraq/Kuwait war: 520 million gallons
(1979) Texas IXTOC: 140 million gallons
(1989) Exxon Valdeez: 10.8 million gallons
- - -
The Deepwater Horizon is said to presently be leaking 200,000 gallons a day, or over 3 million gallons in the 17 days since the leak began on April 20, 2010..
- - -
One of 3 leaks plugged
- - -
Current plan of actions  5/7/2010

Survivor of oil rig blast interviewed on radio.  Presents first hand account of events.
Comments about above interview.
- - -
Oil and gas executive shares his perspective
- - -
Shell reports record spillage in Nigeria
Commutefaster Ed note:  Despite my own detest for Goldman Sachs and my own preference to replace oil in general, the story of Goldman "shorting" just before the explosion thus far has NO verifiable substance in fact, despite claims by a few, and is urban legion until proven otherwise.  ANY energy business has potential for disasters, so my concern is for safety of all involved. Short selling as a whole should be stopped entirely, for any business.  KLR

Deepwater Horizon:
the disaster spreads
Lawsuits: line up here

A telescope is a scientific instrument to analyze images using visible spectrum light.  Nothing more. But history tells us the Vatican, being led by Jesuits during the inquisition declared Galileo a heretic because of what he learned by using the telescope and believing calculations made by Copernicus who used the same type instrument. 
Lucifer Telescope - UofAz - Vatican
The Vatican, with the University of Arizona today operates an observatory in Mt. Grahm Arizona and just activated their new telescope.  They chose to name it Lucifer. Perhaps a bit telling where the Vatican now goes for its information to make decisions. 4/26/2010

Steven Hawking may be a smart guy yet.  He now states it is not safe to talk to extra terrestrial life.
Likewise, scientist and researcher Stan Deyo goes on record speaking against Steven Greer's fanaticism to reach out and embrace space aliens with his Disclosure Project.
Sadly, while Dr. Greer has spoken properly about suppression of energy inventions, he mistakenly credits too many advances as being "reverse engineered" from space aliens, rather than acknowledge what humans have actually accomplished. And Dr. Greer's own actions have been counter productive to get genuine advanced energy technology released to public use.  4/25/2010.

Update 4/24/2010
Leak now at 1,000 barrels/day
- - -
Rig melts and sinks.  Major oil spill expected next. 
Louisiana Oil Rig
Oil Rig Explosion: Louisiana Coast. 

Although quite energy efficient, new LED lights may offer health risks.  Anyone driving at night on a 2 lane road, facing a car with LED headlights, knows what a visual pain they can be. 4/21/2010

Comets and Volcanos are related.
Just look at how the sun reacted when a comet hit on April 4, 2010. The sun had already been reacting to prior hits for several weeks.
Comet 4-4-2010
Massive electrostatic energy is released, which creates several issues as it passes and interacts with the earth's electrostatic and geomagnetic systems.  Sometimes it triggers earthquakes, but now we see fault lines progressing to a state of allowing magma to flow through the cracks and escape up into the atmosphere.
Eyjafjalla volcano
This is all natural astrophysics in progress.  Well beyond the brain capacity of Al Gore and his band of criminal/fake intellectuals.  When you consider sun spot cycles, the issue gets even more complex. 4/18/2010

Coal continues its hazards to acquire.
US: 25 killed in explosion
China:  9 fatalities, 115 rescued in flood of mine disaster

Even transport of coal has its hazards.  4/7/2010

Comment: The story linked to bellow has a small amount of science fiction inserted. But the raw historical facts it relates have been traced back to US Naval intelligence.  It is reported here to explain the banker collusion aspect with oil, not any UFO/space alien theories implied. Ed/klr
History of banker collusion with (US run) big oil over last 100 years.  With a few space alien comments tossed in for levity, it also explains why the Rockefeller family has owned the US government over the same time. The story connects more dots to the ugly story and explains many deaths and phony wars.  I wonder if Sheik al-Nahyan read this just before he disappeared?  Former Goldman Sachs pimp, Robert Rubin sold the Sheik $7 billion of stock in Citibank, just before it collapsed to less than 1/4 value.   3/29/2010

Update 4/21/2010: 
Shaikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chief of Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi's Court,
Replacement Managing Director appointed to world's largest soverign wealth fund.
  Shaikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chief of Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi's Court now replaces
Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, who died in a glider crash.

Update 4/2/2010: 
The body of
Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahayan was located after a 4 day search following the crash of the glider he was flying in.

Manager of $500+ billion mutual fund missing after glider crash.
  Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahyan

Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, 41, disappeared, but the pilot of craft was saved following a crash of a glider
both were  flying in. 

While major media was focused on the Al Gore fiasco in Copenhagen earlier this year, the Arab countries were meeting to discuss genuine clean energy technologies, not just the scams set up by Al Gore and his media mafia. No one knows for sure what technologies were likely to receive discreet funding via this fund's investments. Oil insider Linsey Williams revealed that contrary to what western media claims, OPEC is NOT run by Arabs, but by elitists inside the US. So as reported here many times, it just isn't safe to even look at genuine clean energy at times.  Maybe even a sheik isn't safe anymore. 3/27/2010

Why chips belong in computers, not in anything living. 3/26/2010

Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant locates tritium leak. 3/26/2010

High Voltage Raven
What ruffles your feathers?

Wasn't natural gas supposed to be clean? This video about Barnett Shale shows that areas where it is acquired are highly toxic. Blog  3/19/2010

Texas coal-fired power plants release more mercury than plants in any other state. 3/19/2010

Large comet fragment strikes sun.  Sun not happy 3-15-2010
- - -
Sun emits another enormous flare on March 3, 2010. 
More quakes to come. 3/5/2010

There is no such thing as "clean coal"
- - -
Miner's breathing apparatus recalled

"Sky changed colors during earthquake".  It happened about 3:30 AM local time.  What was causing the colored lights in the sky?
- - -
2nd opinions and observations surface as to cause or contributing factors of Chile quake.
Ed note.  Three is much historical evidence that many German Nazis escaped to South America after W.W.II.  I was unaware of any substantial population in Chile though.  The only large populations I was aware of were in Brazil or Argentina.  Yet at the same time, Operation Paper clip brought many Nazis into the American space program and other sciences at the same time.  KR


Chile 8.8 quake likely natural.  Sun was quite active just days before. 2/27/2010

The 16 most toxic places in the world to live.  Makes a person ashamed to buy anything made in these places. We promote solutions to almost all of what is seen in that report.
Waste to energy technology, especially plasma based eliminates all chemical toxins.
Nuclear remediation neutralizes radiation.
The problems are all political, and financial mis-allocation, not a lack of technology.

Fatal blast at construction site of Kleen Energy Systems in Middletown Connecticut kills 5.  Charges of major safety violations, long worker hours add to suspicions as owners of plant are revealed.

Strange coincidence.....
Bank debt and earthquakes.
debt - Haiti quake.
Greece debt - Greece quake
How can I mention government debt scandal without the name Goldman Sachs?  Yes, they are involved with Greece too.  2/15/2010

Sitcom illustrates mind control and the US economy with humorous clip2/15/2010

Cement manufacture is another large user of energy.  Combined with the elements they need to heat up to 2700 degrees F, also makes the industry a heavy polluter. 2/4/2010

Most startling video yet of Haiti earthquake as it hit. 2/2/2010

Recent revelations on the Jeff Rense talk show:
  • Linsey Williams, dollar to drop 30 - 50% value in 2010 Audio 40 mins
  • Dr. Leuren Moret, startling evidence of HAARP involvement in Haiti earthquake. Audio 80 mins
Present wind farm designs create noise pollution. 1/29/2010

Almost planet sized objects found circling the Sun, INSIDE the orbit of Mercury. 1/23/2010

Haiti earthquake cause in debate.
I have been reluctant to blame any man-made device for its cause. But there is increasing evidence of suspicious activity.  As mentioned below, the sun has been emitting several large CME's, animals have been acting strange and Haiti sits near the Puerto Rican trench, one of the 2 deepest gouges in the Earth's crust.  But, if nature balances a boulder on the edge of a cliff, it only takes one fool with a crow bar to push it over the edge.   Now this shows up.  A Huge Plasma Ball was seen in the sky over Haiti the day before the quake.
Webmaster Ken called into Dr. Deagle's show on
1/20/2010 with comments  about dry sky rainbows seen in the Southern California sky.
Additionally, scalar type harmonic shaped clouds were seen over Colorado the day after the quake.

Continued solar flares implicated further earthquake activity.
Haiti = 7.0 


Asteroid makes near pass of Earth.

Man who survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs dies at age 93. 1/11/2010

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere has been early and harsh so far.
Reference satellite picture of UK.
But it still has yet to get as bad as the winter of 1911.  Niagra Falls froze over. 1/11/2010

So as I was saying....
3.1 central CA
6.5 California coast 1/9/2010
Possible correlation to
Rainbows and Comets
The 7.9 earthquake in May of 2008 in Sichuan China brought first attention to a possible correlation between upper atmosphere, relatively dry air rainbows and earthquakes when a video documented one 30 minutes prior to the major quake.
I have mentioned here several times the correlation between large solar flares and earthquakes, as a Corona Mass Ejection, CME also emits a huge electromagnetic wave which interacts with both the earth's magnetosphere and the physical structure of our planet. Comets being electrostatic in nature cause solar flares with a mere near pass of the sun, even bigger when they collide with the sun.
Scientist James Bergland also draws a strong correlation of sudden strange animal behavior.
Recently, California has experienced:
1: Upper atmosphere rainbow, just 6 minutes away from a 3.8 quake in northern Baja.
And 24 hours later, a 3.2 occurred directly under the rainbow location.
2. An abrupt migration of sea lions from a habitat in San Francisco during last week of November.
3. And on 1/4/2010 a sizable comet collided with the sun.
But for some unknown reason, the 7.2 earthquake on 1/3/2010 was in the Solomon Islands, not California. 1/5/2010

Not all Chinese coal mining disasters were "accidents". Scam discovered using mine collapses for hired murders. 1/1/2010
- - -
China's worst coal disaster in years last December killed 108.  The manufacturer who provided explosives to the operation is now convicted of selling to an illegal mine.  His penalty is now execution.

US Coal mining deaths hit new record low for 2009. 1/1/2010 


Previous articles posted in

2009 Energy Archives

2008 Energy Archives

2007 Energy archives

2006 Energy archives 

2005 Energy archives

Important reports

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Jesse Ventura does a quite accurate report on the Goldman Sachs, Fed Reserve crime that summarized the decade. 12/31/2010

Russia locks up oil tycoon in prison. 
Should America do the same?
We have reported here the many crimes committed by the oil industry that go without any hint of action by the US Government.  BP, Transocean, Slumberger, Haliburton destroy the Gulf of Mexico and barely get a slap on the wrist.  Historian John Loftus now reveals in his new book "America's Nazi Secret" that Rockefeller money supported the buildup of both Hitler and Stalin. Today we see oil profits going to all types of terrorist organizations or to bribe government officials in many countries, as well as control the US Congress, Judicial and Executive branches. Who gave them the right to own the world?  Russia now says they don't. Why doesn't America agree?  12/30/2010

Houston shuts down 2 water wells for dangerous radiation measurements. 12/29/2010

Who would be dumb enough to invest in a phony nuclear power plant?
The same dummies who invest in real ones.
- - -
But if you build one, then can't afford to run it, like Washington State did, there are better uses for the concrete caverns.  12/20/2010

Merry Christmas, Abu Dhabi style. 12/20/2010

Congress lets bankers steal trillions, and allows illegal wars and predator drone assassinations to continue but they DEMAND  those quiet electric cars make a noise. 12/18/2010

When Cheney and Halliburton are charged with bribing Nigerian government officials for $180 million, what is Halliburton's sollution?
Bribe Nigeria with $250 million to settle out of court.

Hillary Clinton finally speaks the truth about something. 12/17/2010

9/11 Whistle blower Revelations
US Army Major Dr. Doug Rokke in 2 one hour long shocking interviews reveals:
1) Both the explosives and demolition team used to operate them to bring down the WTC towers likely came from the US Army stockpile at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
The planes that hit WTC had Depleted Uranium on board as ballast. Result: cleanup workers are now suffering the same symptoms as Gulf Veterans exposed to DU in battle.
3)  Saddam Hussein DID have weapons of mass destruction.
He got them from George W. Bush.


Halliburton likely to spend $500 million defending Dick Cheney from Nigerian law suit on bribery charges. 12/11/2010

Living Off-Grid is illegal in Indiana. 
72 year old evicted from his own land. 12/9/2010

The 14 year old caught in Mexico who committed at least 4 beheading murders for drug cartels..... is an American citizen. 12/8/2010

LA County Sheriff Deputy discovers airlines hired both gang members and illegal aliens to handle luggage and cargo going onto commercial aircraft at LAX.  Graffiti was discovered on inside walls of airplanes. Baggage handlers did not have to pass security. 12/8/2010

A tune for this season. 12/6/2010

Clintons, Bushes and Obama are neck deep in drug money.
So are
the banks who put them in power. Wachovia laundered $450 Billion of drug money but only paid $160 million in fines. What did they do with the rest? 12/3/2010

"One human being engaging in lewd, sexual touching of another human being without their invitation and consent is a criminal act, regardless of who signs the paychecks"
TSA is using the same excuse as Nazi Gestapo agents, "just doing their job." History shows it was wrong then, and it's wrong now. 12/3/2010

A Democrat wakes up and objects to Obama's Gate Rape scanners. 11/30/2010

More detailed study reveals Naked Body Scanners are 1000X more dangerous than a chest X-ray. 11/28/2010

Doctors from the University of California attempted to warn of serious health detriments from the back scatter X-ray devices used by TSA back in April of 2010. Copy of letterBut former DHS director Michael Chertoff forced it through. He sells the things for about $150,000 each. Who helped?  Senator John Kerry is a substantial stock holder in the manufacturer.  John Kerry and wife's "donations" trace to the Tides Foundation which issues grants annually to anti-family, anti American organizations. Issuing grants annually to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender organization. Janet Napolitano apparently agrees with the total disregard for morality, privacy and decency of that agenda, as well as a total disregard for the health of all travelers of any age.
Actual airport security has several moral and decent options.  Here is one of them11/28/2010

Halliburton too corrupt to do business in Nigeria. 
Is that even possible? 11/27/2010

DHS now seizing web domains.
DHS attack
While most are merely copyright infringement related, why is DHS involved?  These are questions of who owes who money issues, not national security issues. 11/27/2010

When criminals control the justice system, whistle blowers get treated like the enemy. 11/27/2010

One white house in America gets the message... and sends one.
Flag - Distress signal

TSA is out of control.   Video
They obviously want to TSA Checkpointkill the airline industry, then bus, then train industries.
Just STOP FLYING until this hypocritical Nazi perversion ends. Full frontal nudity does not make anyone safer. 11/18/2010

It is sad and tragic that start up companies with new technologies are called scammers before they have a chance to get enough capital to complete and prove anything, while the conventional energy trading market has more scammers than you can count, ripping off millions almost daily, thanks to SEC jumping on little guys while letting the monsters roam free.
- - -
How many knew Al Gore's horrendous scam of the Chicago Climate Exchange, CCX went bankrupt and ended during the last election campaign? Sorry I didn't report this sooner. To create a "breathing tax" on all humans on the planet is a crime beyond description. Only a politician and Goldman Sachs could dream up such a crime.  11/15/2010

Twisted news stories reach a new high.  My comments in latest blog: "Worm Holes and Maggot Food" 11/13/2010

Violent confrontation in Germany.
50,000 protesters confront 17,000 police, demanding change in nuclear policy and misuse of Depleted Uranium.
Despite freezing temperatures, 5,000 from the group proceeded from rally to lay down on tracks and stop a train carrying 133 tones of nuclear waste.  Why aren't Americans this concerned about the same problem inside their own country? Videos  11/11/2010

In Las Vegas they tell you WHY a building imploded, (and carefully evacuate occupants before detonation).  Wouldn't it be nice if the Federal Government was so honest and ethical? 11/10/2010

Monsanto Buys Xe (Blackwater).
Bill Gates also involved.

Evidence now surfacing the 1994 Rwanda Massacre was planned and initiated by the Al Gore Global Warming Cult forces inside the UN to eliminate a million breathing human beings.
Massive shipments of machetes went into Rwanda just prior to the massacre, all authorized by UN officials and financed through London Bankers. 11/6/2010

Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann told a lot of truth about Bush & Cheney, but... they let Obama get away with murder. 
Now we know why.
- - -
Writer on Daily Show assaults reporter trying to discuss 9/11 truth. If they are mainstream, making big bucks, it is only for a reason, and it's never a good one, no matter how good they sound for a while. 11/5/2010

Japan/China tensions increase. Boats ramming each other in high seas.  Video posted on YouTube.  Alternate site.  11/5/2010

1.5 Terabytes of classified design data on F-35 stolenSuspects narrow down to Israel. 11/3/2010

Naked Body Scanners found to emit 20 times more radiation than previously thought.  11/3/2010

Vietnam to Go Nuclear with assistance from Russia 11/1/2010

PGE Suspends Wave Energy Project. 11/1/2010

This information is too important to wait on conventional documentary marketing. 
G.Ed Griffin releases entire film for free viewing online.
Parts:  OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSeven 
The militant Al Gore Junk Science propaganda is now killing off nature and people - NOT for benefit of anyone but HIS financial gain. 

As the internet fills with rumors... of a pending disaster of some type sometime in early or mid November, Obama books all the rooms at the Mumbai Hotel for another vacation.  Yes, the SAME hotel attacked by terrorists not long ago. Pakistani intelligence (1 hour interview) discovered that attack was organized by US & Israeli interests.  10/26/2010

The Pilot of Air Force One on 9/11/2001 speaks. 22 minutes.  10/26/2010

Obama's own words: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily sky rocket." 10/22/2010

GCNlive, and 2 other Patriot audio streaming networks attacked and brought down by hackers on 10/21.  10/22/2010

UAE beefs up Naval security near Straits of Hormuz. 10/22/2010

One Poll in Southern California shows some voters are not buying the baloney offered by either Brown or Whitman.  Nightingale takes the lead by strong margin.
Nightingale lead 10-18-2010

List of how congress voted on 3 worst bills to pass this election cycle.  Look up your own district and see who to vote out. 10/17/2010

Nevada Knows, but will it act?
I received word from fellow energy researcher Gary Vesperman that he has submitted a long list of  clean energy technologies to the Nevada Energy commission. All on the list desperately need R&D capital. Shoe string research thus far shows they will exceed the performance of wind or solar.  Will politics ignore the list and continue to cater to lobbyist pressure from BP and other energy monopolies?  Time and the next election will tell.  The list posted on the Pdf document linked to above was also supported with multiple documents too large to post here.

Russia sells Nuclear Reactors to Venezuela.
If American R&D capital doesn't begin flowing to GENUINE clean energy research immediately, the Western Hemisphere is going to be exposed to Chernobyl quality, dangerous designs, just because they are cheaper. But even American designs all leak tritium.
American business doesn't seem to care about DU exposure either, nor the massive birth defects this indiscriminate use of radioactive materials causes. 10/15/2010

Enough money is being wasted in the current race for governor in California to bring 5 high tech energy technologies to market.
I elaborate in today's blog. M-ego-Maniac Whitman

BP scientist claims Corexit is as safe as a Klondike Bar.  Not true, but if it were, I'd never eat another Klondike Bar again. 10/10/2010

California Air Resources Board: CARB, miscalculates by 340%. 
No wonder CA Gubernatorial candidate Chelene Nightingale wants to get rid of CARB altogether.  10/8/2010

Large Hadron Collider = LHC.
Will it destroy life on Earth as we know it on November 9?
Released document reveals CERN Scientists don't all agree on safety. Some claiming there is a 70% possibility of triggering an extinction level event.  Video report.

CERN was financed with insane political money, supposedly much coming from the Queen of England. But wasn't she asking for poverty funds to pay for heat in her palace recently?  Who controls the Queen's checkbook?  City of London bankers have been accused of that for years.

Whatever happened to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?
  • Mercenary organization Xe/Blackwater gets another HUGE US Government contract to go kill more people.
  • Bankers take homes using fraudulent documents.
  • BP shows no responsibility for anything as more people are poisoned from Corexit Spraying
  • The Al Gore global warming scamster/cult makes a video so violent, it gets pulled from YouTube. Their own jihad is now threatened against anyone who won't accept their junk science. Video illustrates teachers killing students who disagree.

Iran arrests spies accused of sabotaging Bushehr nuclear reactor using the Stuxnet virus. 10/3/2010

  • pays Israeli firm
  • to spy on US Citizens
  • to obtain a name list
  • given to Department of Homeland Security 
  • accusing them of protesting unsafe natural gas production in state
  • which makes them terrorists?
Who works for who? 10/1/2010

Candidate for Governor of California Chelene Nightingale realizes the California Air Resource Board only makes matters worse.  They are responsible for keeping hydrogen boost technology off California vehicles.  Chelene was interviewed on the John & Ken show in Los Angeles Tuesday.  Hear what her solutions are regarding CARB corruption. 13 minute interview. 9/29/2010

FBI begins raids on anti-war protesters here in the US. 
For the record, the FBI just couldn't find the violent thugs who attacked two different inventors I know of 4 years ago.  So they go after easy targets on a political hate list, just to appease their corrupt bosses. 
Does anyone collecting a paycheck do their job anymore?

Gulf of Mexico illnesses spread inland. 9/26/2010 

Fire the Media Translators.
Was the misquote of Iran's
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad intentional or just gross incompetence?  He NEVER SAID to wipe Israel off the map.  Read what he DID say, translated PROPERLY from the original Farsi.
Bush and fellow Zionists wanted an excuse to go to war with Iran.  So they merely twisted what was ACTUALLY said.
I wish the present regime in the US would just go away.  That does NOT mean I wish any harm to the US. Quite the contrary, the present regimes in both countries show no concern for either the safety or well being of their own citizens. Israel has a corrupt administration, just as the US has.  Everyone needs to get the log out of their own eye before judging the speck in their neighbor's and going to war with them.
I actually support Israel as a sovereign state, but they have got to stop inventing enemies that don't exist, and stop squandering US aid.  Since 1948, they have recieved 5 times what the US spent to go to the moon.  So why aren't there more Jews on the moon now?

Heating costs in England so high, the Queen tried to use poverty funds to heat the Palace. 9/24/2010

The Italian Mafia only invests in phony green energy, never the advanced stuff we discuss here.
The REAL mafia.... BIG OIL won't let them. 9/19/2010

John Hutchison
Denied Entry to US. 
It now appears BP writes the rules for the US State Department. 9/18/2010

Why is BP the main fuel supplier to the US Military?  This and other bombshells heard in this 12 minute speech by Kimberly Wolf. 9/16/2010

Massive Fish Kills continue in Louisiana. 9/16/2010

9 years later.....
Did you know who George Bush was supposed to call in the military as soon as he realized the country was under attack?
His contact at head of US Navy operations in the Pentagon was Captain Gerald DeConto. But guess who's office just had a missile fly directly into it that morning?  Yes, out of over 7,000 windows in the Pentagon, we are expected to believe an Arab who just learned how to fly was able to take a B-757 from a high altitude nose dive, level off at 15 feet, then pick out a certain window to crash into.  That story doesn't even rate as a conspiracy theory.  It is a blatant lie.  Neither the pilot nor that model aircraft is capable of such a maneuver. It had to be a missile.
9/11/2001 required pre knowledge of the entire military war game in progress that morning and HOW TO break ALL encrypted command codes to override ALL standard operating procedures and make the entire US military stand down.  Then evidence had to be altered, and denied access to the public.  This could ONLY have been done by MASSIVE espionage, only possible by numerous high security clearance ALLIES or traitorous US Citizens, or MOST LIKELY, massive abuse of power by those we should be able to trust.  Yet, NOT ONE has been prosecuted or even investigated.  The George Bush 9/11 investigation went out of its way to hide numerous leads into who actually attacked New York that day.  And understand the PLANNING for such an attack had to take years, which leads back into treason by the Clinton administration also.

The enemy is here among us, yet the bigoted Bush administration vented wrath against 2 countries, killing close to 2 million, NONE of whom were guilty of the attack. His grossly irresponsible attack of innocent life has CREATED a vengeful group who now, rightfully, hate America for killing innocent life.  George Bush's actions CREATED more terrorists than we had worldwide in 2001.

Elections inside the US have been controlled for the last 50 years, if not by ballot fraud, then by the easier crime of only reporting on the 2 fools chosen by Republican and Democrats and NEVER giving any decent coverage to viable 3rd party candidates.  So the voting public is always kept ignorant, led to believe it only has a choice of lesser of two evils.

We see this happening again in California in the race for Governor.

One candidate understands the CAFR and knows how to fix the state budget.  But this candidate gets no media coverage whatsoever.  Recycled Jerry Brown and Ex- Goldman Sachs board member Meg Whitman get all the coverage, never mentioning the crimes both are guilty of.

So how does 9/11 Truth relate to energy?
  It shows criminals in power get away with murder, and will continue until the public rises up and replaces all of them.  Obama allowed BP and associates to murder again, and just write a check for their gross actions.  Monopolies own all of Congress, White House and Supreme Court.  Why? Because they have the money to make their evil choices dominate all the campaign airwaves.  But YOU, the voter, do not have to believe any of their lies. You CAN make an intelligent choice at the poll. Quit putting the criminals back every election.  Democrats and Republicans got us into this mess, they will only keep us there. 9/11/2010

Absolute PROOF, the WTC Twin Towers were brought down by PRE-PLANTED Explosives.
Someone had a F.L.I.R. camera pointed at the towers as they burned.
Suppressed for 9 years, a portion of this video just got posted on YouTube.
In it you see the jet fuel flames burning too cool to melt steel, BUT high temp explosives going off elsewhere. 9/7/2010

Gulf oil spill toxins showing up in blood streams of Gulf residents not involved in cleanup or any direct contact with ocean.  Info explained in video on how to get your own blood checked for toxins from Corexit or oil.
- - -
Florida family becomes seriously ill, then discovers measurable amounts of Corexit in their home's swimming pool. 9/5/2010

California slips behind others in waste to energy technologies. 9/6/2010

New video released of WTC Building 7 while workers were still trapped inside. This proves WTC-7 was planned for demolition BEFORE the aircraft attack. 9/3/2010
- - -
Pedophiles in the Pentagon
- - -
Known Republican pedophiles
- - -
About 9 years too late, but Prosecuting Attorney Vincent Bugliosi prepares for trial of George W. Bush for Murder.
Needs to include Rumsfeld and Chenney from earlier evidence.
- - -
9/11 Families have prepared a :30 sec video for major TV airing. 9/2/2010

Ever heard of this tramp?
Jamie Gorelick
She makes incest and genecide look normal.
As major media dangles the names of brainless figureheads in front of us, we are seldom introduced to any of the actual Hi-IQ/Zero-Morals devious maggots that really make politics both stink and destroy innocent lives.  Look at some of the attributes of this b****.

Bill Clinton appointment to:
  • Deputy Attorney General of the United States,
  • General Counsel of the Department of Defense, 
  • Assistant to the Secretary of Energy
  • Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae
Under Clinton she established walls to prevent CIA, NSA and FBI from sharing international intelligence. This meant if there really was a terrorist threat discovered by one, they couldn't tell the other.  This ALSO meant if there was an INSIDE JOB in progress, it could not be discovered EITHER!

With NO financial experience, she was appointed to Fannie Mae, there, she made $26 million for herself, but allowed the organization to suffer the worst accounting scandals in its history, which triggered the ultimate collapse of the real estate industry in the US.

Now we have the BP disaster.  BP contracted the drilling rig from Transocean. The rig got its official "3rd party" inspections from Slumberger.  Jamie was on the board of directors of Slumberger, but resigned to do what? She is now the defense attorney for BP.

Her fingerprints show up with some relation to all the major US disasters over the last 20 years:
  • Waco
  • OK CIty
  • Enron
  • 9/11
  • Fannie Mae
  • BP/Transocean/Slumberger Gulf disaster
Why is Jamie Gorelick a free  multi-millionaire the same time the US uses predator drones to bomb wedding parties, and other public functions, killing and maiming innocent lives in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, then blaming "bad intelligence" for the mistake? The real terrorist works as an attorney in Washington DC, for 3 administrations.

But media is more concerned about Paris Hilton getting busted for cocaine in Vegas this weekend.

Even though Harley Davidson is the motorcycle of choice from Swartzenegger to Putin, the company threatens to move from Milwaukee Wisconsin to find cheaper labor.  Isn't it about time for Tesla to come out with an electric motorcycle?  8/27/2010

New Agers think "Pyramid Power" is the ultimate, so why is Egypt getting a nuclear power plant? 8/27/2010

Twisted propaganda continues from BP and major media.  Corexit is still being applied. 8/26/2010

Russian Wildfires.  While heat and dry weather were primary causes, fingers are being pointed at Vladimir Putin for cutting forestry labor from its high of 80,000 forestry firefighters.  This included 11,000 trained paratrooper / firefighters able to access the most remote areas. They now only have 2,000 of this skill.  Russia now spends 3 cents per hectare (2.47 acres) of forest fighting coverage.  The US spends $4 for the same area of coverage.
The net result is 80% of the populated regions of Russia were severely impacted by these tragic fires. 2,000 homes burned. 
The West does not have a monopoly on stupid politicians.  8/23/2010

Afghanistan Crime
Azizabad Afghanistan
2 part ( 1  2 ) video report reveals atrocities committed by US forces in Azizabad Afghanistan in 2008.
When will America begin exterminating the real criminals who send our boys into these no win situations?  The real murderers live in big mansions and donate heavily to BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties. A US Commander says there are only about 100 Al Qaeda in the entire country, yet we have 100,000 US troops and another 100,000 mercenaries there on US payroll doing what? Click on the image to see. (Point 13:05 in video 1)
Of course there is no money available to do good things like R&D for clean energy or feeding the world when drug dealers control the world economy.
This is NOT the "street crime" the media claims, it is at the roots of congress, White House, Supreme court, and all of international banking. 8/20/2010

Congress or Parliament have more hot air wind than the actual wind farms have. 8/20/2010

Transocean accuses BP of withholding critical data about worst oil delluge in history.  8/19/2010

Iceland develops new shape for power grid line support. 8/18/2010

Ever wonder where the term "fossil fuel" began?  Col. Fletcher Prouty explains in this 8 minute video.  Rockefeller invented the term in 1892 for a scientific conference, then paid to make it a household word throughout textbooks printed by the publishers he owned, for only one purpose: make oil as expensive as possible. Additional discussion and documentation. 8/16/2010

Not in my dirt you won't!  Matoon Illinois tells Obama to go stick his CO2 elsewhere.  He did.  $1 billion now goes to Meredosia IL.  What moron thinks storing CO2 is a good idea to waste a billion on? Only the US DOE is that stupid. 8/15/2010

Feds admit: BP well Not Secure. 8/13/2010

Near surface sea life slaughter is tragic enough, but deep water life, some so rare no population numbers exist, are being poisoned out of existence. 8/13/2010
- - -
BP hides dead animals to avoid $50,000 fine per animal killed.

Obama prepares to let BP begin drilling again. 8/12/2010

Unusually high number of plane crashes this year. 8/13/2010
- - -
Former Alaska senator Ted Stevens on board crashed planeSenator Ted Stevens
Had received a $1 million donation to his library from BP.
Also on plane was ex-NASA chief Sean O'Keefe.
5 Fatalities, but there were survivors. 8/10/2010

Matt Simmons
Matt Simmons,
strong critic of BP, found dead in his own hot tub.

As the world commemorated the 65th anniversary of the explosion of a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, it needs to once again be noted that Bush 1 & Bush 2 spread many times as much radiation throughout Iraq and Afghanistan with the use of depleted uranium weapons.   And cold war atmospheric testing in Nevada was the primary cause for cancer in the United States due to down wind radiation.  Leaking nuclear power plants are the 2nd cause of radiation contamination of the environment.
The largest
atmospheric test nuclear blast was done by Russia in 1961. The Tsar bomb. Nuclear technology was given to Russia by traitors inside the Truman administration, as documented by Major Jordan8/8/2010

Truth about the "smart grid".
It is a scam all about control and nothing about clean energy. It will ultimately raise rates, not save, or boost performance of anything. 8/6/2010

Arny can't stand Vladimir's macho Harley image, had to do his own.
Arnold Swartzeneger
Keep guzzling that oil. 8/4/2010

Now discovered the US Coast Guard was giving constant approval to BP to spread Corexit any time they asked, IN DIRECT CONTRADICTION TO EPA ORDERS.  8/1/2010

Documentary about nuclear weapons and power. 
Countdown to Zero.
Regardless of your point of view, these are some factual, historical details everyone should know.
If you think humans can safely control nuclear power forever, can they even control oil?

BP pays off Time magazine, Rush Limbaugh and numerous other media whores to deny Gulf disaster. LAB TESTS PROVE THE WATER IS NOW DEADLY. Anyone who rejects warnings and chooses to believe the lying media has nothing but poor health or early death to look forward to.  This is serious. 7/30/2010

Goldman Sachs finally tells where some bailout cash went.
Guatemala sink hole

EPA Caught Lying to Protect BP. 7/25/2010

New celebrity endorsement for Harley Davidson motorcycles: Vladimir Putin
Putin driving Harley
At least someone believes in buying American. But if he thinks it's a macho image, I guess nobody told him meter maids drive those 3 wheeler Harlies here in the US. 7/25/2010

"CIA Beyond Redemption and Should Be Terminated:" Veteranstoday.
While Russians acknowledge some good produced in America, local vets begin to realize we need to get the log out of our own eye, before worrying about the speck in a foreigners eye.  7/25/2010

Contact info to the managers of funds who are major stockholders of BP.  These people are responsible for financing a chemical warfare attack on US shores.  Call and tell them what you think of their financial management skills.
BP major stock holders
Also notice on list that Bill Gates' foundation owns more stock in BP than Goldman Sachs.

Depleted Uranium usage continues to wreak havoc. Fallujah experiencing higher cancer rates and more grotesque birth defects than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
“Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukemias.…" 7/24/2010

Allegedly peaceful application of nuclear explosives have long term problems. 7/22/2010

The Depleted Uranium problem has not gone away.  Leuren Moret on Coop Radio presents current summary of that crisis. 53 mins mp3 7/21/2010

Economic Hitmen explained in 2 minute cartoon. Why banks and oil are partners.  7/21/2010

Some news stories are implying the leak has been capped, but....
there are reports the granite strata that BP drilled though has shattered, sending cracks considerable distance from the drilling site, up to several miles, making a total seal impossible.  Massive damage has already been done. Did Obama vacation in Maine to enjoy lobster before they're made extinct from all the Corexit heading that way?
- - -
Toxicologist Dr. Ricki Ott states Gulf Ocean water is not safe.  Corexit is a dangerous chemical to either touch or breath. 7/17/2010

What is the difference between the CIA and Department of Homeland Security, DHS?
The CIA ships their cocaine by Piper Navajo planes, 700 kilos,
CIA operated Piper Navajo
and Gulfstream jets, 3 tons,
CIA operated Gulfstream II N987SA
but DHS uses a DC-9.  Much larger cargo capacity. It had 5.5 tons of cocaine on board when confiscated in Mexico on April 10, 2006, registered owner that day was DHS. But suddenly the next day, April 11, Wachovia Bank sent funds and paperwork for a title transfer. Video
DHS  DC-9 busted in Mexico
Both DHS & CIA were started by Nazis, so what do you expect?  7/17/2010

Oil war casualties?
The first casualty of war is truth.
The 2nd are the innocent bystanders.

Q:  Why would a mail bomber try to blow up a 60 year old woman?
A:  She got in the way of another  target.
Q:  Why does the US blow up Iraqi children?
A:  They got in the way of other targets.

Nobody in their right mind thinks a 60 year old woman caused the Gulf oil disaster. 
Nobody in their right mind thinks wives and children in Iraq flew planes into the WTC on 9/11.

But war kills and maims the innocent, and rewards the guilty.

Why is the US military allowed to use the term "collateral damage?"
We can be sure the mail bomber will be hunted down with the full force of the law, and charged with attempted murder, while a Pentagon general was quoted as saying "we don't do body counts."  Those who do, say 2 million dead since America invaded the middle east, allegedly retaliating for 9/11, but secretly directing oil into the hands of US interests.

Texas  -  Iraq    
Tx Oil Exec home
Child killed in Iraq

As you listen to this TV news report of the oil exec's wife finding a pipe bomb in her chocolates, also remember what the US does for oil in the middle east, as told by one of our soldiers who was there.  7/14/2010

Costa Rican locals objecting to sudden arrival of 7,000  US Marines and 46 ships. 7/13/2010
- - -
Louisiana locals objecting to the behavior of US military on their own soil. 7/13/2010

Marines Evacuate
Gulf of Mexico to
Costa Rica.

As of July 2, 2010 the US Marines began moving 46 warships and 7,000 marines to safer waters in Costa Rica. 
Excuse given is war on drugs, so why not go to Mexico which really does have a problem?  Costa Rica is a retirement center for rich Republicans.  10% of Costa Rica's population are US expatriates.
- - -
Linsey Williams broke new details on ErskineOvernight Saturday night July 10, 2nd & 3rd hours.
- - -
Translation from local Costa Rican paper.    7/11/2010

The FBI used all available resources to chase a beautiful Russian, Anna Chapman .
But who is chasing the real traitors?
Anna Chapman
Anna's father coincidentally worked at the Russian Embassy in Nairobi Kenya, the same time Obama's father was in the country.  She also worked high level with a jet charter company named NetJets. Two high profile owner/customers are these 2 guys. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
Bill Gates Warren Buffet
While these guys invest in Nalco, to kill off all life in the Gulf of Mexico, and a list of other eugenics projects,
what did Anna direct her spy money into while here? New York Real Estate. Who is really funding death and misery around the world?
Has anyone thought to ask, maybe, just maybe, Anna was investigating the real traitors to the US? Why was she exchanged so quickly with no details of exactly what valuable information she stole? Did her father give her a "get out of US jail free" card with details about Obama?
While the FBI focuses on a beautiful Russian, the FBI itself gets their own pension fund scammed by another Wall Street criminal. And to date, not one energy suppressing thug has ever been arrested by the FBI.
What goes around, comes around.  7/10/2010

250 megawatt Solar Power plant put on hold, pending impact Mojave Ground Squirrel study on the Mojave Ground Squirrel. 

But ask any local in the area, some roads are impossible to drive at night without hitting a half dozen of them.  Not quite endangered by any measurement. Anti-solar studies always overlook one thing desert creatures desperately want: SHADE. 7/10/2010

Ashley Judd involved in attack on the coal industry with a racy response from coal miners. 7/8/2010

Chinese coal industry driven by bribes and corruption to avoid safety regulations. 7/9/2010

Six Japanese firms create joint venture to enter nuclear power industry. 7/7/2010

How do moral degenerates like this get into power....anywhere?
Lord Browne:
former CEO of BP and board member of Goldman Sachs exposed as flaming faggot, who's gross mismanagement led to several other disasters, some also fatal.
Al Gore:
creates global warming scam in conjunction with Goldman Sachs and globalist buddies to force the "carbon credit" scam on the world, allowing oil companies to get away with grotesque pollution but make consumers pay for their disregard for the environment.
And teaming up with political hypocrites like these.
Pelosi Ginrich
Helping Gore to promote his scam, Pelosi ram rodded the banker bailout scandal through, stealing billions from taxpayers, and Ginrich was in power as the Republican Bush/Cheney gang stripped away safety regulations, allowing BP to destroy an entire region of US geography.  7/7/2010

Independent measurements now showing "Falluja Worse Than Hiroshima." An explosion of a US weapons supply in 2004 released massive amounts of radioactive dust from igniting Depleted Uranium weapons. Birth defects and radiation caused illness in area skyrocketing. 7/4/2010

Another reason to be disgusted with Goldman Sachs, if you needed another. 7/4/2010

CNN reports they have been threatened with a $40,000 fine if they take pictures of Gulf disaster. 
- - -
EPA pulls air quality permits for 122 refineries in Texas.
None of them have legal right to operate, but administration says they will not force them to close
= Obama Double Talk.
- - -
1/3 of Gulf now closed to fishing.
- - -
Mr. Global Warming Al Gore can't keep his pants on any better than Mr. Cool Bill Clinton.  7/3/2010

Mississippi Sound is now completely closed to all commercial and recreational fishing. 7/2/2010

Player lineage. I recommend book marking that to keep track of who owns what related to Big Oil companies over the last hundred years. Standard corporate procedure, since the concept was created, has been to shuffle assets from troubled companies to new ones and pretend nothing happened. As corps become bigger, they begin to control countries.  Follow the dots as they change names and you see the  owners of BP may be the ones trying to start a war between Israel and Iran, even while they distract and destroy the US economy with a massive ecological disaster. Imagine an evil hermit crab, just moving to a different shell, but terrorizing the new neighborhood with each move, even though he now looks like a clam, when last week he looked like a snail. Also keep one other thing in mind when tracking lineage.  These are just the public stock companies that are easy to trace.  Closed corporations, offshore corps and offshore trusts are not easy to trace, sometimes even impossible.  The big players know how to manipulate them too.
Again, please reference my last 2 blogs. 
Infiltration: Part One, Part Two.
The motto of the Masonic Lodge has always been "order from chaos."  They create the chaos and have the only answer to stop it, a new war. As you see Masons and affiliates have infiltrated every government on the planet, some fool will demand war.  War is never the answer, it is only the strategy of evil people to harm and control others. 7/1/2010

While the southern coast of the US continues to receive chemical warfare attack by gross incompetence, it now has 3 aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, just below Iran.  But Iran has the Sunburn Missile, capable of mach 2.5 just above water.  3 of them could sink all 3 carriers.  The only defense might be electronic weapons rumored to exist, but not verified publicly.  What is the purpose of this madness?   Why is Israel provoking the destruction of the US. They are supposed to be an ally. We have our own problems locally.
- - -
Obama appears to have more contempt for US Citizens than those who harm the country.
- - -
Perhaps one US Government agency is about to do something right. USDA preparing to rescue sea turtle eggs by the thousands. But why did you wait 70 days guys?  6/30/2010

A PBS documentary in 1987 that we all should have watched.
Prt 2.
When you know the roots of the CIA, you learn why nothing good ever came out of it.
Additionally it shows how the US CIA has been offering sinister support to British oil interests since the early 1950's.  What are the chances the British founded CFR might have anything to do with this?
My last 2 blogs explain how matters got even worse, in every country of the world, not just in the US.
Infiltration: Part One, Part Two.
No country is safe, from its own intelligence network.

I hope no one in America asks "why us" as our southern shores are coated with the toxic oil it has killed for in other countries.  If you have a soul, please listen to this US Soldier who does have a soul, and a conscience, and woke up to reality. He speaks what this website has tried to convey for 5 years.  4:39 video. 6/26/2010

Republican Representative
Dana Rohrabacher admits:

"almost all Republicans in the House of Representatives now believe that the war in Iraq was a mistake, that it was unlawful, that it was immoral, that it wasn’t worth the lives lost or the trillions that will be spent.”
What has CommuteFaster.com been saying since it began? And since all actions appear to have been directed by oil interests, it has ALWAYS been an energy and control issue, NEVER an issue related to 9/11, since no administration since 9/11 has provided absolute proof who caused that event.  BOTH Democrats and Republicans have gone to great lengths to suppress honest investigations. 6/25/2010

Matt Simmons: "We're going to have to evacuate the gulf states,"
This translates to 20 million people need to move. 6/25/2010

Tampa Bay, FL: plans in works for evacuation. 6/24/2010

Gasland:  Please watch this short 2:47 video trailer
Text Review.
This unbridled raping of the planet by big oil, supported initially by the Republican party, and joined by equally irresponsible Democrats has already done irreparable damage to to both coastline and infrastructure fresh water supplies.  It has to stop immediately. 6/24/2010

DOE chairman Dr. Steven Chu in 2007 said something you would not believe if I printed it here.
One minute video clip.

Nuke reactor in an apartment? Don't red-neck politicians go to war over stuff like this? 6/23/2010

8 US Presidents
Jon Stewart reviews energy policies of 8 presidents. 6/21/2010

DAY 61
While BP attorneys negotiate token payments in front of the bank,

- - -
Sea Turtle rescues blocked by BP.

- - -
Images of US posted on Chinese blog site.
- - -
60 year old garage owner fined $40,000 for dumping 23 barrels of waste oil. Prosecution tried to get a $65,000 fine and 3 year prison sentence. (Reminder, BP continues to leak an Exxon Valdeez every 3 days AND they ADD toxic chemicals to the mess, even spraying it over residential areas.)  

Here is why I claim that BP owns congress and the White House. 
Look at the actual voting records and campaign donations.

Titanic   Deepwater Horizon - Transocean
Titanic vs Deepwater Horizon
  • Both were operated in a grossly irresponsible fashion.
  • Each one's tragedy led to horrific control of the US population
The Titanic killed the major opponents to establishing the Federal Reserve system.

The Deepwater Horizon has created such an ecological disaster, ALL offshore oil drilling has been ordered stopped in US waters.

$8-10/gallon gas is expected any time as supplies are quickly depleted with diminished replenishment.

History also shows certain powerful, behind the scenes individuals profited immensely from each disaster.  Who held the short positions on BP stock? Who holds the insurance bonds? Its CEO, Tony Hayward sold off a substantial portion of his stock 2 weeks before the initial explosion.  Goldman Sachs also sold off major holdings just beforehand.  This is INSIDER TRADING and is supposed to be illegal, but no one was prosecuted for doing the same thing just prior to 9/11/2001.  Why?  Because then, according to 2 analysts studying actual trading records, it was US Government fund managers who did the shorting, not the general public and not even the countries we ended up going to war with.  Who warned them?  Issue dropped by both Democrats and Republicans. 6/20/2010

Transocean vs. BP.
If you owned a vehicle costing $350 million, and insured for $560 million replacement cost, would you rent it out to someone who operated it irresponsibly?  Would you stop a drunk from driving it? 

Apparently Transocean, a Swiss corporation, took orders from their customer, BP, a British corporation, not the wisdom of their own engineers. Did Transocean want the insurance money more than the safety of their employees?

While horrible actions of BP make headlines here and in major news sources, Transocean seemed all to ready to break rules themselves and follow the asinine demands from their big customer, BP.  6/18/2010

Noteable quotes from political hearings on oil disaster:
Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.) ... "Mr. Stearns asked Mr. McKay to resign; well, in the Asian culture we do things differently," said Cao, a Vietnamese-American who represents a New Orleans area district. "During the Samurai days, we just give you a knife and ask you to commit harakiri" ... "It's really outrageous that you sit here and tell us that you're going to punt to the Unified Command when we have 11 people killed, we've had huge environmental damage, and you're still sitting here as a CEO of BP," Stearns said. "I'm not asking for an apology, I'm asking you to resign."

- - -
Louisiana governor orders National Guard to begin building their own protective barrier. BP, Homeland Security and FEMA are proving worthless.

Here is how BP is treating locals and disposable people to clean up the mess. 10 min video  6/15/2015

Wackenhut (or it's newly named subsidiary) has now been hired by BP to Aerial Spray Toxic Corexit over residential harbor homes in the Gulf area. 6/15/2010

Linsey Williams, and even mainstream TV now reporting benzene levels in air quality over 1,000 times higher than safe level along Gulf coast. 6/15/2010

Former petroleum engineer for Halliburton and B J Hughes presents a strong argument for the likelihood of sabotage  bringing down the Deepwater Horizon. 6/15/2010  

Rahm Emanuel got free DC apartment from BP adviser. 6/14/2010

CBS interviews Deepwater Horizon survivor. 6/14/2010

Nigeria facing multiple environmental crisies. 
Now lead poisoning reaches highest level anywhere.

To be expected... Oil crisis brings billionaire freeloaders to the handout trough.  Bill Gates and other billionaire corporations now want government to triple the amount spent on "clean energy" technology. Of course this sounds good, but the money NEVER REACHES THE LITTLE GUYS WITH THE GOOD IDEAS. It ALWAYS pads the expense accounts of mega-political donor corporations who blow it all on garbage.   6/12/2010 

How BP spills coffee in boardroom. 6/12/2010

100+MPG Mustang suddenly can't get funding. This continues to prove my accusation that the "Skeptic Cabal" has direct ties to both banking and abusive government agencies. 6/12/2010

Do as I say, not as I do.
BP sign

Number of hands in the big oil cookie jar extend beyond belief. Just look at who placed short sales, or dumped stock, or took out huge insurance policies at just the right time. The trail even goes back to 9/11/2001.  6/10/2010

Big Oil and Government Judges joined at the pocketbook. 6/8/2010

Rahm Emanuel: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste..."
What loss of freedoms are being plotted next?  And what devious pitchmen are going to sell it to us? 6/7/2010

BP spending $50 million in TV ads for public relationsAlso issues $10.5 billion in quarterly dividends. 6/6/2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward releases video statement claiming
"our cleanup efforts will not come at any cost to taxpayers." 
- - -
can such a big and rich industry leader make such a blunder?
New CommuteFaster Energy Blog points out how any major organization can go bad.
- - -
Seize BP demonstration news  6/5/2010 

BP Rejects help from underwater filming expert James Cameron.
It should be noted the ROV footage that Mr. Cameron had to obtain for the film Titanic, was shot at a depth more than twice as deep as the BP disaster location.

"The government really needs to have its own independent ability to go down there and image the site, survey the site and do its own investigation," he said.

"Because if you're not monitoring it independently, you're asking the perpetrator to give you the video of the crime scene," Cameron added.
- - -
BP ties to (phony) environmental groups (like Al Gore and his carbon credit scam) exposed. The disaster may be a last ditch effort to force acceptance of the horrific scams that were attempted but failed in Copenhagen late last year.  6/3/2010

BP juices the world

- - -
Attorney General, Eric  Holder opens civil and criminal investigations. But politicians always investigate only far enough to jail a scapegoat.  Have you ever seen a multimillionaire executed for mass murder?  The politicians who allowed this criminal negligence, or blatant attack on America deserve to be dipped in the Gulf until their wretched bodies look like the dead dolphin on the left.
- - -
If there are any BP Oil Engineers reading this, listen up.  You are being treated as pawns by your superiors. If you really have the knowledge you claim to for your job, you know how to stop a leak, at ANY depth.  Either make your superiors give you the resources to stop it immediately, or face criminal prosecution yourselves.  11 of your co-workers are already dead because you listened to cost cutting orders from management, and did not demand safety first.  That is criminal negligence on your part.

Insane dichotomies.
  • In Oslo Norway, Israel scores 14th place at the Eurovision music competition (39 countries competing)
  • but back in Gaza, their Mossad team attacks a humanitarian mission killing 20 civilians.
  • wins 2nd place at Eurovision
  • but threatens to cut relations with Israel, as many of those killed by Mossad Monday were Turkish Citizens.
  • places 10th on Eurovision competition
  • but has the most powerful lyrics related to energy. Many scenes in video were shot at Chernobyl
  • presented a humorous and catchy tune about life in their country
  • but after just getting rid of a Chernobyl design nuke plant from their country last year, they are now trying to get a new nuke plant, hopefully of better design.
  • Began the Eurovision tradition with the group ABBA taking first place. This year's entry.
  • Back home the Sweden Royal Institute of Technology buys a new super computer.
perhaps influenced by BP negative publicity, and London bankers strangling the world financial markets, they scored #25 in competition.

Eurovision main page with links to videos of all participants.
Vote tallies  6/1/2010

Las Vegas lectures Washington about ethics and stability. 5/29/2010

Obama stages photo-op, then splits on vacation. 5/29/2010

A good definition of Confusion: trying to believe a truth and a contradicting lie at the same time.
Suicide happens when one realizes they guessed wrong, and ruined their personal lives in the process.
As long as politicians continue to lie to our troops for the reason to even be there, and as long as elitist multimillionaires continue to force Chinese workers to work long and cheap, just so he can obtain a marketing edge on price, for some electronic gizmo, the fatal messages will continue.

But maybe a rogue Poppy disease will put an end to the Bush/Clinton drug cartel.  5/27/2010

Lunatics (mostly Republican) in congress call for bailout to BP.  Stories 1  2  5/26/2010

More ugly details emerge on how Minerals Management Services passed their time while pretending to oversee the safety of the oil industry. 5/26/2010

Chemtrails.  In a new documentary, G. Ed Griffin reveals the true cause of the spraying that has been witnessed in American skies for the past 10 years.  It is more sinister than first thought.  Trailer. 5/25/2010

Local authorities in Louisiana commandeer BP boats due to their slow action to the emergency at hand. 5/24/2010

OSHA issues warning to ALL ENERGY groups: "Your workers are dying on the job, and it has to stop.''
And we echo the sentiment to all home experimenters too, KEEP IT SAFE OR DON'T MESS WITH IT.
58 deaths in 3 months is 58 too many. 5/24/2010

DOE throws another $4 billion to the nuclear power industry. 5/24/2010

Did Yucca Mountain Nevada move to Texas? 5/24/2010

BP continues to use their own  toxic dispersants, even though EPA had demanded they change to something safer. 5/23/2010

US Coast Guard taking orders FROM BP. CBS threatened with arrest for merely trying to get images of spill damage. 5/20/2010

Call to Indict UN's Chief Climate Scientist for Financial Fraud. 5/19/2010

Warning to illegal aliens planning to sneak into Los Angeles..... bring a flashlight and your own batteries.  Arizona is about to pull our plug thanks to you. 5/19/2010

Native American, Mary Sparrowdancer speaks out and says what sane human beings have been thinking all along about the Gulf Oil disaster. 5/18/2010

Top Oil & Gas Official from Minerals Management Services, Chris Oynes Resigns
MMS director Chris Oynes
Time to cut and run.  Will he still get his pension?

Nevada files motion to withdraw Yucca Mountain Application with Department of Energy. 5/17/2010

The Haiti earthquake released massive geologic energy and killed over 230,000 human beings. 
Some fatality estimates go much higher. Millions of dollars of relief money was donated to the Red Cross. 
Here is where they spent it, or at least claim to. 5/16/2010

Links between Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs. 5/16/2010

Gross disregard for both human life and natural environment.
Minerals Management Service was entirely political in management and decisions.

BP continues to use toxic dispersants, purchased from their own business allies, rather than use less costly, less toxic and more effective oil absorbers. Getty Oil knew for years how well common straw worked.  They kept hay barns full of it in inventory on the west coast to protect the Santa Barbara area should a spill occur there.  Why wasn't BP prepared?
The US Navy has a SeaBee (Construction Battalion) base in Gulfport Mississippi.  Why wasn't it activated immediately?  Obama is now more concerned about legal issues than doing something effective.  The leak is now estimated to be as high at 2.5 million gallons a day, 12 times the amount originally reported.  This requires major resources from the US Navy, not Tonka Toys run by the Keystone Cop/Mafia oil company who used prostitutes just to get a drilling permit, and didn't even comply with its drilling limit of 18,000 feet once they got it.  5/13/2010

Regulations abandoned, ignored, rewritten or violated.  This war crime against the US people, territory and marine life brought to you by:
BP CEO Tony Hayward
Tony Hayward
Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney
Halliburton insider
and accomplices
Congress = L & R wings of same bird
Congress = 2 Wings, Same Vulture

First image of rupture.
BP oil leak

The drilling permit used by BP only allowed them to go 18,000 ft. deep.  The blowout occurred when they were at 30,000 ft. depth.
Extensive alterations of oil drilling safety codes during the Bush/Cheney administration allowed  "expensive" safety devices to simply not even be installed. Minerals Management Service found holding sex, drugs and booze parties that rivaled Clinton's era.
- - -
BP neglected to tell Halliburton that they were drilling beyond the 18,000 stated on their drilling permit.  So Halliburton did not add the additional necessary cement to handle the additional pressure due to extra depth.

Liar in Chief.  Since spill began, Obama has made 27 exceptions to his own rules. His supreme court nominees are another indication of his lack of morality. 5/11/2010

Congress exempted from insider trading. Yes, it is legal for them, (and IRS) to steal from you, but keep your own nose clean or go to jail. 5/11/2010

NeoCon, and other lunatic sources are already spreading unfounded rumors of North Korea torpedoing the Deepwater Horizon.  Yet evidence reported in left column is implicating insider sabotage already.  Beware of any idiot shouting for "war" with anyone. As stated earlier, a false flag event was expected early this year to occur on April 19 or 20 and caused by the same creeps who gave us OK City, Ruby Ridge, Waco and even aspects of 9/11. The more we learn about Deepwater Horizon, the more its April 21 explosion proves to be an intentional event.  5/8/2010

Japan restarts nuke reactor after 14 year shutdown. 5/7/2010

Why are things a mess? Somebody wants it that way, and makes sure puppets in government keep it that way. Marine intelligence officer speaks out with long list.
This is extremely important to hear and quote
11 mins.
Text pdf 4 pages, 64 points  5/7/2010

List of conspiracies, all proven true. 4/28/2010

Polish Plane Crash.  Way too many shocking details have emerged for me to properly cover here any further. Could be a false flag.  Could be a blatant act of war. I urge readers to bookmark this news site for more exhaustive coverage. Poland has been dealt a great wrong.  All the major media ignoring the facts which are opposite what Russia is claiming, have blood on their hands and reveal a blind allegiance to IMF, Trilateral Commission and anyone else we see immediately profiting from this tragedy. 4/26/2010

Illegal Imigrants
Does Obama have qualifications to establish energy policy... or anything else?

DOE completes $529 million loan to Fisker Automotive.  They now have the money, how soon can we see cars on the street? 4/24/2010

Police State 4  Production by Alex Jones, now online for free viewing. How will the next phony "gas shortage" be enforced? 4/24/2010

Public school education taught us the "Manhattan Project" began both the nuclear race and nuclear industry as a whole. 
We were all taught it was the ultimate example of a desperate effort to bring a conclusion to a bloody war.  The very name continues to be used 60 years later as an example of using every resource available to accomplish an urgent goal. But did you ever wonder how it got that name?  Or why Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the only 2 cities bombed with this technology?  Or who chose those cities over any other enemy of the US at the time? The answer is not short or simple.  But this article by historian Eustace Mullins sheds light on a dark part of human history, and exposes a few cock roaches in the process. I add my own comments at the end and reference another powerful and related interview with Dr. Leuren Moret. 4/21/2010

Why is US Television only reporting the Russian version?

Literal smoking gun
   Flight path skewed
English translation by Polish native

Polish Plane Crash story changes to horrible implications. Original story from Russia being proven false on all accounts.
Video report from Poland.
  • Black box confirms crash was Not on 4th approach, but was on First approach.
  • Russian Tower ordered NO AMBULANCES, claiming everybody was already dead
  • First civilian on ground with camcorder recorded obvious gunshots, then posted video on YouTube - video revealed survivors still moving arms or trying to walk
  • Same videographer first stabbed, sent to hospital, then murderers entered hospital removed life support, and stabbed him to death IN THE HOSPITAL
  • Was EU Energy deal the reason? Or refusal to work with IMF?
  • A false flag event was expected this month, but in the US, not where this happened.  Is someone trying to frame Russia and start a war with Poland and maybe her Allies?  Or is this the old KGB/Spitsnatz business as usual policy again just to grab a big energy deal?  NEITHER makes any sense to me. But when have military industrial complex bankers ever shown concern for anyone's life but their own?

Invisible Empire - NWO Defined Invisible Empire:
New World Order Defined
Co-production by Jason Bermas and Alex Jones is the best summary yet of the NWO topic.  Using rare archive footage it proves nothing is as it seems in government. Once we learn who controls government, and all finance, we soon realize why energy monopolies are not easy to eliminate. It even touches briefly how energy fraud at high levels controls our lives.
View Free online   Purchase  4/18/2010

Goldman Sachs (once again) found in the middle of THE OIL PRICE SCANDAL. What a surprise. 5 part video report by Rolling Stone.
California readers please note: the Republican party is trying to push Meg Whitman for next governor.  Just remember she was on the board of directors for Goldman Sachs in 2001 to 2002.

MSNBC Finally explains "the Con" to its boob tube audience. 4/8/2010

New TAXniques? How long has this young punk been out of his diapers?  Now he thinks he controls the world.  Wonder how soon he'll confiscate David Rockefeller's checkbook?... or if we'll ever see him again if he tries. 4/8/2010

Have clean energy inventors been declared enemies of the state by both the Bush and Obama administrations?
Listen to this chilling comment by Ron Paul on the floor of congress revealing the authorization by the Obama administration to assassinate US Citizens with NO COURT TRIAL. Both administrations term anything that challenges monopolies as "disruptive technologies."  While monopolies have disrupted humanity for over a hundred years. 4/7/2010

Video exposed of US atrocity in Iraq in 2007.  Why are we there?  Is any of this careless disregard for human life justifiable to control oil for US monopolies, by using trigger happy video game brainwashed kids to pilot Apache helicopters?
Even Russia disapproves of US policy allowing opium production in Afghanistan, as a Heroin Tsunami sweeps their own country.  Must our former enemies expose out own crimes? 4/7/2010

Will the US return to observing constitutional law, or will it continue to be guided by fools, just as Germany was in the 1930's? 

The options are now on the table. Those who have taken power illegally are portraying anyone who chooses to obey the US Constitution as terrorists, yet it is those in power who led us to all the wars and subsequent bloodshed since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, and which became the unlimited credit card used by the military industrial complex to finance any conflict they could create.

Major media hires kids barely out of high school, actors or "nice to look at" info-babes to "analyze" news events, being pathetically ignorant of actual law. Unable to understand true legal terminology, they claim documents ramble on saying nothing.  They would say the same thing about their own mortgage or even the license agreements of all the software they  run on their computers.

Here are the ONLY links you need to know the truth about the "Restore America" program and its proponents.
  • Current news links and press releases
  • Text of actual document sent to all 50 governors of the United States - 30 pages .pdf
  • Founder and law professor, Dr. Sam Kennedy explains in radio program which aired on RBN 4/4/2010 Audio mp3 1 hour 33 mins
  • Understand the agenda of major media and why it criticizes those who do good
  • Official Web Site of Guardians of the Free Republics - Updated and changed 4/8/2010 to RestoreAmericaPlan.net/
The organizers and participants of RestoreAmerica are only offering a peaceful, fully lawful solution to how the US had degenerated away from Constitutional law over time.  Their offer may be accepted peacefully, or, the present and past actions of the US will ultimately reap the wrath of the rest of the world for spreading its own violence and nuclear radiation throughout the world by it numerous war crimes brought on by popular vote tyrants.  RestoreAmerica offers no threats of violence whatsoever.  But if rejected it will be the world that judges America.  4/5/2010

Lithuania Petitions Against New Nuclear Plant in neighboring Belarus. 4/5/2010

Audit of Hawaii Dept of Energy reveals waste and fraud to the extent of $191 to $431 million per year.  3/31/2010

California readers need to look at these candidates, 2010 election.
Chelen Nightingale/Governor
Gary Richard Arnold/ house
17th dst

The Fed Reserve has printed or created electronically more money in the last 2 years than it has since it began operation in 1916. Where is it all? 3/29/2010

Pravda admits US has bigger criminals than their Russian Mafia.  3/29/2010

Want an Energy Star rating? 
Just bribe the right government official.

California tries to attract clean energy manufacturing with low interest business loans. They might get some takers if Sacramento and major cities made an effort to reduce the overall cost of doing ANY business in California. 3/26/2010.

While V-Vehicle's application for a $321 million DOE loan is rejected, Honda, Tesla and Fisker keep shmoozing Washington for more political favor.  3/26/2010

Although not yet recovered from the recent 8.8 earthquake, Chile hosts a major military air show. All aircraft still using conventional aeronautics. Anti-gravity yet to be seen. 3/26/2010

PG&E customer refuses smart meter.  3/19/2010

The most dangerous thing on the planet is a fool with money.  And now the fools have most of it.
Bill Gates has gone senile.
In a recent speech he advocated vaccines and nuclear power, giving the reason claiming humans are breathing out too much CO2.
Al Gore's cult was found lying about CO2 and its affect on climate, yet Gates continues to use the same lie for his own agenda.  Bill Gates' father has been active in the eugenics movement for years, even being on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood for a time.
I have reported here in this page numerous links to massive proof that nuclear is both dirty and dangerous to 1. obtain, 2. use, and 3. dispose of. Yet Gates compounds his ignorance of facts and has the audacity to ask government and other industries to fund more R&D of his new twist on nuclear power that he calls Terrapower.  That technology, ignors another fact.  Even if his outrageously expensive technology worked, it would still be reliant upon the grid for distribution.  But ALL the technologies promoted here at CommuteFaster can be scaled down to powering a home or mobile vehicle.  This makes everyone independent of "centralized control" which is the mantra of all control freaks like Gates.
His system cannot scale down safely and continues to keep us all slaves to the grid.

Bill Gates has succeeded in controlling most all our home information bases, whether home computers or even cell phone dialers. But his new interest in flawed energy, tied to vaccines is absolutely evil.   3/9/2010

Nuclear power is not green. 3/5/2010

No "disruptive" energy technologies, no matter how good or clean, ever get grant money to perfect their systems. But here is an example of what congress quickly funds. 3/1/2010

Nuke bunker auctioned on E-bay.
- - -
Vermont votes to close nuke power plant.  3/1/2010

As banks continue foreclosures, is this where the next generation of garage inventors will work?
Detroit real estate.  2/22/2010

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth present an excellent 5 minute video analysis of the North Tower collapse.  2/22/2010

Feinstein wants to reserve California water for only rich farmers.  California has the Pacific ocean to tap, if it would begin funding new energy technologies. 2/22/2010

While the global warming camp is caught fixing the numbers on their data,
  • Pharmaceuticals are caught lying about drug studies
  • And the Department of Agriculture realizes chipping every chicken, rabbit, turkey, duck, pig and goat in the country wasn't such a good idea. $142 million squandered.
- - -
How much did Al Gore's pack of global warming lies in Copenhagen cost Americans?  Watch this CNN report.
Remember, this site and Climate Depot reported it was all a lie BEFORE our congress and Obama went.  2/16/2010

Biofuels continue to encroach on food crops and do nothing to help energy issues or expense. They squander government subsidies making biofuel ultimately cost more than normal gasoline or diesel. 2/16/2010

Nuke power components from China?  Obama "changes" us back to the Carter administration when we tried to get rid of the things.  2/16/2010

Why does Nuclear Power deserve any bailout money?
Obama plays both sides of fence. 2/15/2010

Kirtland Air Force Base gets decertified for handling nuclear weapons. Kirtland is said to be a major stockpile of weapons.  This short news story is disgustingly light on details of a serious event.  If Air Force personnel are no longer qualified to handle the things, just who is?  2/15/2010

Audi's "Green Police" ad from Superbowl.  Too close to Al Gore's desires for comfort. Donald Trump says Gore should give the Nobel prize back and stop making a fool of America.  2/15/2010

Another good video explains the sweetheart deals involved in the banker bailout and why they continue to foreclose on homes. The beast was fed but still finds it more fun to continue to kill for fun and profit.
But.... this new ruling by
Florida Second District Court of Appeals on February 12, 2010, may create a new set of rules to the banks currently kicking down doors of homes they don't even own.

China invests heavily outside its own borders, to obtain more oil. 2/15/2010

Obama appoints committee to study nuclear energy
Translation:  Yucca mountain gave too much money to Republican donors, so Obama canceled it.  About $5 billion (if I recall) in studies down the drain.  Now he starts an 18 month study to do the same thing over again, but make sure money goes to Democrats this time.  Any consideration of nuclear remediation that has been promoted here? 
Of course not.
Inmates continue running the asylum in Washington, while California considers issuing subsidies and outsourcing to Mexican prisons. Of course the cost of incarceration would make a nice middle income in Mexico if just given to the prisoner.

There goes the neighborhood....
With the most impressive new architecture on the planet, the UN considers moving from NYC to Dubai.

CAFR: Walter Burien releases new video.  Trailer
The Only Game in Town.
1:12:56 Learn how taxes are not necessary to run a productive government. 2/2/2010

Tritium, UNSAFE AT ANY LEVEL. But NRC allows it to leak into natural waterways. At least a quarter of US reactors found leaking 2/2/2010

With literally millions of square feet of industrial space in the US now vacant,
will a shift to present renewables, wind & solar, make the US dependent on China to make the things?  Iran comments.
Stop Phantom Innovation

Nancy Pelosi
Pelosi's new jet devours 8,000 lbs of jet fuel an hour.
That's 12,000 gallons for a round trip to California.
And if she's busy using it, the kids and relatives have to fly military.... alone.... still on our dime.

NASA cuts 7,000 jobs. $9 billion spent on Constellation project, now pending cancellation. 2/2/2010

World Future Energy Summit adjourns in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • “An abundance of clean energy gives a country a strategic advantage in the 21st century global economy.”
  • With average gas price $1.50 in UAE and $.90 in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East still prefers oil for fuel
  • Electric cars are still seen 10 years off from regular use

As we stop using tungsten in light bulbs, someone, apparently inside the US Government has found a new use for the metal. 1/23/2010

John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel and former #1 weatherman in Chicago, now in San Diego, summarizes the fraud and atrocities of the global warming scam. 1/23/2010

Used Space Shuttle for sale. Price reduced $12 million. 1/20/2010

On its way to conquering the world, Google.......
Backed initially by huge CIA money and resources which allowed them to burst on the scene with the most powerful search engine gave them an immediate "information edge" on the world.
Now within the last few months, they attempt to challenge the cyber-giants of both Microsoft and Apple with their own browser, operating system and cross platform cell phone, AND
its announcement this month to enter the Energy trading industry raises eyebrows for all of us.
But have they met a beast just as big?
Chinese hacker attacks make Google consider leaving country.
This should be a warning to anyone considering doing business in China. If Google can't operate safely inside China, who can? 1/13/2010

International central banking and politicians in most countries have a vested interest is maintaining present energy monopolies and preventing any new competition.
Professor James McCanney reports in his 1/7/2010 radio show about a recent event in Colombia and Panama which illustrates the point. Build a better mousetrap and face 30 years in prison.  1/11/2010

US Soldier speaks out about wars and who promotes them. 1/11/2010

Former Homeland Security director Chertoff has no shame. He is telling us all that airports must now have full body scanners, not mentioning that he is a PAID REPRESENTATIVE for a company that MAKES the things. 
And now we learn the terahertz frequencies it will be zapping travelers with destroys DNA. 1/11/2010

Put nifty technology and power in the hands of idiots....

and what happens?
Green peace Sea Shepherd rammed by Japanese whale boat.

Salem Nuclear Power Plant shuts down due to ice. 1/5/2009

Lithuania Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plant. 1/1/2010


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Heavy on Hype, Light on Details, but aren't they all?
German inventor runs 400w generator, under load, entirely on
Self Electrolyzed Water.
HHO Powered Generator
Some details can be found in this chat string at Overunity.com.

Advances in the science of spin. 12/21/2010

Economic trends analyst Gerald Celente recommends Alternative Energy technologies as one of the best investments to offset the coming disasters. Note point 6  Unfortunately there are NO public stocks trading in such technologies.  Which means no public mutual funds either.  You have to either be an accredited investor or know the inventor directly to be able to buy stock. Yet unless you understand it thoroughly, that is extremely risky.  As we have shown on this web site, even if a thing works, it can get attacked and sabotaged by forces who don't want a clean energy technology to make it to market.

Stay tuned here through the coming year.  A new concept of revenue sharing, bypasses all the SEC regulations, as it resembles more of a loan than a stock.  If you are merely a Facebook friend, you could participate.  Not even that?  You can direct his future revenue toward your favorite charity, AND get paid back what you invested, allowing you to help others.  12/20/2010

Excellent Swedish documentary about WikiLeaks. 12/20/2010
- - -
Julian Assange
grew up in a white racist cult in AustraliaJulian Assange and four sisters

His bizarre upbringing led to contacts with both CIA and Mossad.  So anything he does is affected by his strange background, good or bad.  Pay attention to not only what he releases, but what he never releases. We report here of massive suppression of new energy technology.  Much suppression is tied to corruption of big oil and government figures.  Does he have any leaks revealing who that would be?  No. There is an agenda, but unclear exactly what yet.
Comments by Webster Tarpley, and Ralph Nader.
Free speech is great.  Crimes should not be hidden.  But beware of an agenda to penalize the messengers of bad news.  12/17/2010
WikiLeaks Headquarters?
Allegedly the
top secret Wikileaks underground bunker headquarters. But most likely just a nifty looking movie set. Amazing how his secret cables never uncover anything about 9/11 or London City Banks, or Israeli corruption either. 12/13/2010

California begins construction of a $1.9 billion extension cord from the solar facility to be built near Blythe California to San Diego. 12/13/2010

Space-X Successfully Returns capsule from orbital flight. 12/9/2010

Chinese Passenger Rail makes new Speed Record: 302 mph. 12/3/2010

Jay Leno reviews a 3D scanner/fabricator made by NextEngine. 11/30/2010

This inventor appears to be running his 2004 Dodge pickup truck using hydrogen electrolysis on demand from water as sole fule source.  Questions and concern are raised whether a constant 55 amp load will over tax the alternator. Compressing hydroxy to 60 psi is also a dangerous thing to do, unless a small and safe container is designed to handle the necessary "buffer" for quick acceleration. The system illustrated is obviously a prototype, so it deserves credit for its incremental accomplishment. 11/18/2010

Fisker to unveil first Karma off assembly line at LA Auto Show November 19, 2010.
Fisker assembly line
This barely meets their 2010 delivery promise. Video of Paris show. Quantity deliveries are expected in March 2011. 11/12/2010

NASA's newer research satellites yield astounding images.
Comet Hartley - EPOXI
As taught by Professor James McCanney, comets are not snow balls, but rocks with enormous electrostatic energy, which creates both the tail and forward flashes as they near the sun.
The huge filament reported in column 1 October 17, 2010...
appears to have fed energy into one sun spot which has now blown off several flares in B and C-Class, fortunately away from earth, but it continues to rotate toward us. Video

1 GW Solar Power facilities approved for CA & NV deserts near Blythe.  The fine print though, is they don't yet have an extension cord to reach civilization with all that power.  More power lines to come. 10/27/2010

Two firms announce advancements in Hydrogen generation.
Fukai in Japan
RE Hydrogen in UK.

BioSolar boosts solar cell efficiency by merely reflecting the light that has already passed through the cell once. 10/22/2010

(Humor-Sarcasm) Apparent proof the US Government has teleportation technology.  Perhaps acquired from all the construction found on the backside of the moon in 1969. 10/18/2010

Aussy invents locust eating machine to handle current plague. 
But an organic farmer, also from Australia says you never have a locust plague, you have a deficiency of turkeys. Turkeys grow healthier and quicker on a locust diet. They also get exercise chasing the critters. 10/11/2010

RoboCops now patroling Nevada nuclear sites. 10/4/2010

Air Force launches more space junk.... to monitor space junk.
about 13,000 satellites already up there. Live 3D image from NASA. 9/26/2010

X-Prize $10 million winnings shared between 3 teams. 9/16/2010

200 MPH doesn't seem like much anymore......
but in a 1962 Studebaker?

Bell Group unveils new 1.1 MW solar photo voltaic facility.
1.1 MW Bell Group
5 Acres of solar carports.  8/26/2010

Argonne National Lab develops method to convert plastic trash bags into Battery Anodes. 8/23/2010

Aurora as viewed from Denmark. 8/12/2010

X-Prize final results.
Electric cars take first 5 positions!

First place: Li-ion motors

125 MPGe  #10 most practical

Li-ion Motors Wave II

2nd place: RaceAbout Asc

100 MPGe  #13 most practical

Race About Association

3rd place:  TW4XP 
139 MPGe  #3 most practical

4th place: Zap
#1 most practical
Zap Alias

5th place: Aptera
#2 most practical
Aptera 2e
X-Prize official page.

Perpetual anti-motion discovered.
- - -
Cat exercising natural anti-gravity.
- - -
If cats have anti-gravity, can you supercharge a big cat with catnip
- - -
How to get rid of a cheating girlfriend.
(you will need to borrow a fat friend) 8/4/2010

Elon Musk/Tesla Motors, interviewed on Colbert Report. (funny) 7/30/2010

X-Prize now down to 11 vehicles. 7/26/2010

Use of graphene in Lithium-ion batteries offers substantial recharge time reduction. 7/26/2010

Eclipse Argentiana 7-11-2010
Eclipses are not new. 
But the ability to see pictures as, or shortly after they occur at remote locations on the planet is a luxury we now enjoy. 7/13/2010

The World Famous:
John Hutchison anti-gravity laboratory up for sale on e-bay.  Opening bid $50,000.

While probably a hoax.... if this video is true, your car's 128 bit encrypted locking code just got hacked by a 50 cent tennis ball.
Just as scary to think about is if it only works on 10% of the cars out there. Who knows which cars?  Only the thieves know for sure.
- - -
A more known method is cloning your lock/unlock chirp with a nearby receiver.  7/9/2010

Honda demonstrates Home Hydrogen Power Station
Using solar for electricity, then electrolysis to break water to obtain the hydrogen, it is then pressurized to fill up your Honda FCX.  Sounds good until you see the size of the solar panel array. No mention on price for all this free fuel either. 7/7/2010

First Electric Motorcyle to Conquer Pikes Peak. 7/6/2010

Help from Taiwan to arrive soon. Super tanker equipped with onboard processing equipment to separate sea water from oil.  But will it be able to get the sunken oil caused by massive use of dispersing? 7/3/2010

18 Inventors compete in Florida for new methods to cleanup oil. 7/3/2010

Enjoying precision fireworks displays over the 4th?  You may be watching some of Disney's patented technologies. 7/3/2010

Impressive video illustrates feasibility of the expanding earth theory.  Numbers for age and speed are up for debate, but shapes and rock strata speak for themselves. 7/2/2010

Costner oil cleanup device gaining respect. 6/30/2010

X-Prize number of qualifiers continues to shrink, now down to 20 from original 111 entries. 6/26/2010

Nanotechnology powerpoint presented at Berlin Air Show.
Will Ukraine or Eastern Europe be the first to have water powered/electric aircraft? 6/24/2010

The Gulf Oil leak needs containment first and paramount.
Here is one of many available solutions.  Smartpipe.

X-Prize announces run-off entrants and wants public to vote on favorites.  6/21/2010

Another company, this one public, makes an attempt at the much proclaimed Hydrogen On Demand process. eHydrogen
Note: while we HIGHLY advocate and promote this technology, it is extremely HIGH RISK for many reasons.  Just because its stock is available now to general public, does not make it a good investment. It's just a lot better than a lottery ticket. 6/16/2010
Update 7/26/2010   Website

Permanent Magnet Motor demonstrated by Turkish inventor.
PMM demonstrated in Turkey
Skeptics still abound, but video demonstration in front of live witnesses is very impressive, including disassembly and reassembly. 6/14/2010

Patents, many debate as to if or when they are needed.  But have you ever heard the term "Patent Pool?"
Ever learn the history of the word "thug?" We know the US Patent Office routinely rejects applications based on national security or some other flimsy excuse. But in a 3 hour talk show, on May 19, 2010, researcher David Hawkins reveals the extremely dark side of patents.  Not so much about the industrious individuals who invent clever items and technologies, but who ultimately controls the patents are not what we have been told, or even expected. Once you learn who controls patents, you suddenly understand the basis of the suppression stories we report here way too often.  It also explains why Shakespeare had the opinion he did about lawyers.
Additional comments in text. Ever think there was a link between Charlie Chaplin, Charles Manson and BP Oil? All linked through patents. 5/27/2010 

Shakedown continues in the $10 million, 100 MPG Automotive X-Prize competition.
Here are the 22 teams, 27 vehicles still left in the running. 5/24/2010

Tesla Motors:
Tesla Model S
Announces new factory in northern California for the 4 door Sedan Model S
- - -
Receives $50 million investment from Toyota.
  Is this "lemming" investment?  Tesla just received a $465 million DOE-backed loan, complicated by a present divorce trial affecting founder, Elon Musk's personal stock holdings. 5/22/2010

An organic oil absorber has been offered here from various links for years.  NOT ONE OIL COMPANY HAS APPROACHED US OR EVEN TESTED THE PRODUCT.  The oil industry is run by politics and insider manipulation.

Hydrogen Conference in Long Beach California ends. 5/7/2010

Simpsons go off grid with wind power. 4/28/2010

BMW wants to advance use of carbon fiber, but safety is an issue yet to solve. 4/28/2010

New NASA Satellite offers startling new images of Sun. 4/22/2010

Progressive XPrize Foundation expands to $100 million of awards for next goals.
- - -
Over 110 teams entered,
but about 80 have thus far dropped out of the race for the first 100 MPG vehicle.
- - -
Google-Lunar X Prize: Team from Barcelona Spain announces entry.

Sams - Wal-Mart Wind power
Coming to a Sams Club or Wal-Mart near you, windmills in the parking lot.
All were spinning quite fast the day I snapped the above picture in Lancaster California. Add solar panels on the huge roof and Wal-Mart becomes a new power company.

Lancaster California also hosts a large solar facility run by ESolar.

Russia to launch 7 new navigation satellites. 4/8/2010

After 20 year wait, super magnet finally gets a patent. 3/29/2010

The Two Horsepower Hummer Hayburner.  (w/Video)  3/26/2010

Space ship 2
Virgin Galactic performs first captive test flight over Mojave California.

Got a Great energy invention yourself?  Canon Vixia FP10
DON'T RUIN IT with a fuzzy YouTube video!!!
Get an HD camcorder like the Canon Vixia
You've got just one chance to make a great first impression.

Might there have been a Hydraulic Delorian? New evidence surfaces it was in the plans before both the company and John Delorian himself faded into history. Some hydraulic engine designs flirt with 100+% efficiency. 3/21/2010

Advanced composites revolutionized aerospace more than 20 years ago. But a logistics issue restrained the size of units like tanks or other large components which had to be made in a single piece for maximum strength. But  Energy Composites Corporation successfully created the ability to manufacture large advanced composites devices on-site. 3/19/2010

Sun Catalytix develops solar catalyst for electrolysis. 3/8/2010

Oh, that's how they got funded... Retired General Colin Powel is on the Bloom Box board of directors. 3/1/2010
- - -
Bloom Box = Hype.
It's only a fuel cell. Yes, it might remove a house from the electric grid, but now you become reliant on natural gas.  Industrial users are spending millions to get AWAY from natural gas. There is an abundance of it, but its price is held artificially high by the hydrocarbon cartels. 2/22/2010

Green Screen technology keeps production crew and actors at home rather than trucking it all over the country.  Here are some startling clips that make studio and location indistinguishable. 2/22/2010

Laser guided mosquito zapper2/16/2010

University of Michigan develops (get this) a (nearly) perpetually running, solar powered microprocessor with built in battery. 2/15/2010

Russia reveals their own stealth fighter, the Sukhoi T-50.
Sure looks a lot like the US F-22. 2/2/2010

Natural challenges:
  • Making a road where nature doesn't want one.
  • Big Holes

Richard Branson announces new underwater vehicle for Virgin.

A New Hybrid that has 10 wheels and flies! 1/23/2010

While the world was watching the grand opening of the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj/Khalifa, Las Vegas was also opening a new facility named City Center. Their information page touts a "Green" certification, so maybe they use solar powered slot machines?
Both facilities opened early as construction funds ran short and it became necessary to begin revenue flowing. It is yet to be determined how much impact each project will have on its local economies.  The immediate impact in Las Vegas is initially negative.  Both will need future tourism.  What economies in the world are posed to support their citizenry to travel? 1/23/2010

Solar powered plane to circle globe. Apparently he knows how to find R&D money. But how practical is a plane that flies at 43 mph? 1/23/2010

2 Lightning Strikes of commercial airliners bound for Burbank CA prove present design is very good in preventing disasters. Only one minor injury, no crash. 1/23/2010

TV cameras mounted on back of live bird offers startling images. 1/11/2010

Men jump from Burj Dubai/Khalifa..... in Wing suits.
828 meter jump video
600 meter jump video
Burj 600 meter base jump

As news spreads throughout the world of Steorn's new success, we wait to see if banking, anywhere will take notice and pay to bring the technology to the consumer.   1/1/2009

California readers:
Make that parking lot work for you
Solar Carports .co
Protect paint & upholstery
& cut your electric bill.
Wind installations available too.

If you live east of the Mississippi river
you need this stuff to save your yard and garden from toxic rain.

Organic Oil absorber  

Must-Watch Videos Free Online

Electric Cars
Batttery or hybrid now, but ready for the next generation of electric power.

Freeway Legal

High Performance

Tesla Motors -
delivering now TSLA
Battery Electric,  244 mile range
Tesla Roadster

Fisker - Karma
- delivering in 2010
Gas/Electric Hybrid,  300 mile range
Fisker Karma

Metro Runabout

- 25 mph limit

On the 6/22/2009 talk show interview with Dr. Deagle, Ken mentions an event to promote a unique electricity generator. You may sign up for free tickets to attend the event here. Those who attend will be offered the ability to have a unit installed at their own home free of charge. Times and locations will be announced at a later time.
For businesses with large electric bills, $10,000 a month or higher, please inquire
about working with Ken and  Pete Sumaruck to get your own business off the grid and help other business do the same.

Turn your city's waste into energy with technologies from


List of Waste to Energy technology companies.   1/15/2009

LED lights LED lights really are eco-friendly, unlike the screw-in fluorescent type which contain mercury. LED's use a fraction of the power used by tungsten lights.
ECOLEDS offers a selection of sizes for your application. A 10 watt LED replaces a 100 watt standard bulb.
Retail dealer. 5/21/2007

Solar ChairSolar Boosted Wheel Chair.

Owner boasts a 30 minute extension of operation, along with a little shade and protection from a light rain.  5/14/2007

Must Watch Videos
Free Online
HAARP: Ten minute narrative of raw facts.  No music, no schmaltz. 10/14/2010

More detailed images of Stan Meyer components.

1:21 posted 11/16/2008

Bob Boyce interviewed by Chris Patton. 
90 mins. posted 3/8/2009

For unexplained reasons, many videos of Stan Meyer and inventors of other revolutionary energy processing devices started disappearing from both GoogleVideo and YouTube on September 5, 2008. We highly recommend copying and saving any video you find of value. There are no guarantees how long they will remain on the server you found it on.
KR/ed 9/7/2008

Marko Rodin Math lecture now posted in 44 parts on YouTube.
Alegedly the most efficient way to wind a torroidal coil. For general  information only, not an endorsement. 1/14/2008

HBO documentary:
"Hacking Democracy"

Tesla: the missing secrets
Produced in 1999. 1 hr, 4 parts

How to bootleg a few watts of electricity from your phone company.
Nothing more than an LED light or 2, current capacity is zilch.  10/14/2007

Double Helix Exectrolyzer design.

Roy McAliser discusses engine conversion to Hydrogen.
Both ignition and diesel type engines. A teaser for Knowledge Publications. Series parts 1 - 1010/1/2007

Ravi from India explains his attempted replication of Stanley Meyers process.
10:53 mins 10/1/2007

The unique properties of Browns Gas,
versus other combinations of Hydrogen and Oxygen are explained in this rather low quality but informative video. 10/1/2007

Illustration of lightening striking a car with occupant.
5 mins, posted Feb 9, 2007

Disclosure Project updated interviews 
1 hr posted July 26, 2006

The late Dr. Bob Beck delivered a health lecture you will never forget in 1997. 
Presented at the Granada Forum, explained known cures for AIDS, Lupus, Cancer and many other ailments. The method was entirely electronic, not herbal or pharmaceutical. The documents he refers to can be found in .pdf form here.   2 hrs. 7/22/2007

Stan Meyer & Charlie Holbrook
The day they first got the dune buggy to run totally on water for over 4 minutes. 7/17/2007

Several assorted  short clips, some old, some new.

The movie:
Brazil  Bizarre film released by Universal in the 80's, but frightenly prophetic. 2 min intro

Phillip Schneider lecture
given in 1996,  6 months before being murdered. Posted January 13, 2007  1:10:00

Musical Tesla Coil 
approx 3 mins

Josef Newman, 820 % efficiency device
Excellent summary of many years of reasearch. 1:11:43 posted August 2006

Iraq For Sale. 
Expose' on Halliburton.
Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 
Note: Audio level is quite low on all posted segments, you may need extra amplification.  Full quality DVD available at Iraqforsale.org/

Chris Paine
, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?", interviewed on PBS.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three 

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, explains ties of oil with banking for world power.
3 parts HearTheVoices.com
Posted 11/9/2006

Stan Meyer addresses a conference in Colorado Springs.
Date = sometime in 1993. Report by local TV station 11 mins Posted 3/6/2007.
Additional clips posted April 2007.
Clip one  44 mins
Clip Two  44 mins
Clip Three  12 mins

Clip from
The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln,
Switzerland in 1989.  9 mins

Energy Non-Crisis - Linsey Williams 10 min clip from several part series. Posted Jan. 14 2007

Phenomenon: Cold Fusion -
Epiphany Productions, 2000 Contains excerpts from "Cold Fusion: Fire from Water"

Classic video lecture given by controversial William Cooper
, probably at MUFON convention, Las Vegas, 1989.  Mr. Cooper confuses fallen angels with space aliens, but his research inside government is legendary.

Tom Bearden short clip on vortex energy and promo for series of videos. Posted 1/18/2007

Stan Meyer himself describes his efficient electrolysis process.  Posted  Dec. 3, 2006

William Lyne discusses monotomic hydrogen and diatomic hydrogen and a way to obtain excess energy from both.
Posted Dec. 6 2006

Tody's quality high school chemistry teacher.
Who needs safety equipment when you're just lucky? 1/27/2007

Hydrogen Cars
as available today. posted 1/10/2007, 6 mins

UK documentary
illustrates how grossly inefficient current energy creation and distribution systems are. 18 mins. 1/19/2007

Jordan Maxwell clip explains Admiralty law better than any I've heard. Not directly about energy, but definitely explains the politics behind its problems. 17 mins 1/19/2007

Hollywood Actor BillyJack makes argument for use of biofuels ASAP. 1/4/2007

Japanese Water Car: All Japanese narration, but the images say a lot. Company website, also in Japanese but translatable. posted 12/10/2006  3:31 mins

Secrets of the 3rd Reich - Nazi ties to the occult and advanced UFO technology - the term "alternative energy" had a darker meaning to the Nazis 57:29 mins

A little MIB humor in this Energy Bar commercial

Solar Energy Commercial.
This is the free energy the monopolies will let us talk about.

George Carlin, vulgar yet poignant and technically accurate: Who Really Controls America posted July 14, 2006 5:10 segment from 90 min pay TV special

Security camera captures world's worst Laptop repair technician.

Flashback 1978: Jack Nicholson promotes a Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen Hummers
The GM version  4:24 mins
Intergalactic Hydrogen vers. 14 mins

Tom Bearden discusses the accomplishments of Tesla
Posted Sept. 11, 2006 1hr 23mins

Tesla, The Genius Who Lit the World Posted September 10, 2006,  produced 1994.  42 mins

Nikola Tesla, The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius
Part 1  17 mins
Part 2  not posted

Perendev & Bedini Motor models demonstrated at the 2005 Tesla Extraordinary Energy Conference posted March 5 2006

Free Energy-The Race to Zero Point 1997

Anti Gravity - Stan Deyo: recorded at the Ancient of Days conference 2005 Roswell New Mexico - This video has been removed from Google, possibly copyright issues. The ORIGINAL DVD can be purchased at ancientofdays.net.

Brown's Gas - Additional Properties - Dan Haley early 90's

It Runs on Water
Stan Meyer's Last Interview
Stan's segment
Full 50 minutes 1995


Current View
Joe Cell videos - list

William Lyne on Free Energy and Nazi UFOs -
Author of 3 books on alternative energy, bizarre theology, but pretty accurate historical and scientific references - even scientific and math books have been corrupted.

Free Energy -
 Another Inconvenient Truth

Free Energy from
dissimilar metals 
Prt 1   Prt 2

Solid State (no moving parts) Free Energy device Steven Mark
Parts:  1    2    3    4    5


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