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Updated 12/31/2011
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All Fiskers Recalled.  Fire hazard with batteries.  12/31/2011

Alaskan Volcano Erupts.  Pacific flights affected. 12/31/2011

Fire breaks out on Russian Nuclear Sub while at dock in Murmansk Russia. 12/30/2011

18 Killed in Pipeline Explosion in Colombia. 12/29/2011

Fisker electric cars found to have battery cooling problem. 12/26/2011

Christchurch New Zealand continues to suffer violent aftershocks. 12/25/2011

100 Mile Long Oil Spill, Lagos Nigeria. 12/25/2011

Rains through Southern California around December 17, 2011, left 4 times background radiation. 12/24/2011

Leonard Nemoy: false prophetNo, he's an actor reading a script. Who wrote the script for him?  Hidden agenda maybe?  Some who have studied the Mayan culture say their calendar has no relation to the one we use today, as it was based on the orbit of Venus, not Earth.  Professor James McCanney's studies show no prophesy of doom was ever made in their writings at all.  But fear mongering sells books and movies.
- - -
We ARE seeing fluctuations in the Earth's
magnetic field though.  Some with both instrumentation, and skills to use them fear a potential flip of the fields as early as May 2012.  This is NOT a physical flip of the Earth, but it could have serious effects on magnetic navigation and on any technology which relies on a consistent magnetic field, such as "over the horizon radar" used by both military and commercial navigation.
  • 2008 to June 2011 chart showing substantial 3 year decline
  • Recent magnetometer monitoring

Some in the nuclear power industry do have souls.  The American Nuclear Society is collecting donations for the Japan Relief Fund to help Fukushima victims. 12/18/2011

Pacific Ocean currents bringing Fukushima radiation to North American shores. 12/13/2011

As the melted blob of radioactive material continues to sink, it is likely to generate a hydro-volcanic explosion when it hits ground water.
- - -
Video review of events in Japan from March 11 to August 5, 2011.

Wind tower bursts into flames in 160 mph wind gusts. 12/9/2011

12/12/2011 update.  Cameras are still dark.  Activity hidden for over a week with no comments or explanation.
- - -
Possible hot reaction beginning in reactor (#3?) at Fukushima. 

As of 9 PM Pacific Time, 12/1, the live cameras were turned off by Tepco, but a time lapse made just before then shows something serious happening.  12/1/2011

The Depression Started in 1980. 
A study by Wells Fargo shows proof.

1978: Rockefellers manage to reset banking rules to include a wife's income.  This resulted in a home costing 2 incomes, not one. It also sent 2 income tax streams to the government. Note comment at 7:52 in this video by Aaron Russo.

The result on garage inventions doubled the cost of innovation at the same time the basic cost of living was also doubling, yet the income stream stopped climbing.  Only mega corporations could now afford research and development. But as we see in the story about Google below, even they continue to look for the fast buck rather than long term investment.  11/30/2011

Did someone threaten Google? 
Even with enormous cash resources, CIA contacts, and monopoly clout, Google gives up trying to develop clean energy cheaper than coal.  But in a later press release, they claim to still be at it, acknowledging that R&D is more expensive than they thought.  Wow. I could have told them that.  11/30/2011

Mongolia banns Japanese auto imports due to radiation. 11/25/2011

Just as with American TV, some Japanese TV acts like life is the same as it always has been.  Oblivious to the deadly radiation all over the northern hemisphere emitted from Fukushima. 11/25/2011

The Midwestern US is showing more Fukushima radiation measurement than the West Coast due to rainfall. 11/19/2011

Popular public figures in Japan begin showing results of radiation.
Another Japanese reporter has contracted leukemia.
- - -
Despite radiation, Japan has made tremendous headway cleaning up the debris from the tsunami.

Pictorial review: Nuclear Missile Silos, East & West, 1980 to 2010. 11/18/2011

As various satellites age and fall out of the sky, Russia's Phobos-Grunt satellite awakens a mind of its own and begins firing its own rockets to correct its decaying orbit. Or was it hacked?  11/18/2011

Bangkok airport flooded. 11/18/2011

Area near El Hierro volcano has been used as a nuclear waste dump. 11/18/2011

The name to learn and watch is now El HierroThat is an active volcano about 70 miles south of La Palma in the Canary Islands, off the NW coast of Africa.
As explained a few years ago in a Discovery Channel documentary, if the island of La Palma cracks along its known fault line, and slides into the ocean, it can trigger a massive super-tsunami across the Atlantic Ocean big enough to destroy the American seaboard many miles inland. It's pending danger is bad enough, but worse yet is USGS continues to CENSOR data from the area. The link above takes you to proof of major seismic activity, even a live webcam.  But USGS apparently has no concern for life on our east coast.  I'm rather apathetic about congress myself, but I do have human friends in the area. 11/11/2011

The new design reactor by Westinghouse is no safer than the disastrous Mark I used in Fukushima.  Arne Gunderson explains in this video. 11/11/2011

Nationwide warning for North America: elevated radiation from Fukushima.  Japan is now incinerating radioactive waste, which sends radioactive debris particles east over North America. 11/5/2011

Fukushima deterioration continues.
Elevated levels of radiation monitored in Phoenix AZ.

Infant mortality rates continue to climb in North America, unreported by major media.
Leuren Moret reports in this hour long video as many as One Hundred Thousand excess deaths since the 3/11/2011 Fukushima disaster. 11/3/2011

Nuclear is Dead.
  • It is too dangerous to locate near a coastline for salt water cooling
  • but consumes massive amounts of limited freshwater inland.
  • The industry refuses to use remediation technology reported here at CommuteFaster, so the storage problem is of crisis proportions
  • No facility has ever met cost claims or projections.
  • It has NEVER been safe, always vulnerable to sabotage or violent acts of nature 10/24/2011

UK report reveals thousands dying who can't afford heating bills. While at the same time, energy company profits skyrocket. 10/24/2011

Biofuels failing miserably to live up to claims. 10/24/2011

NASA Space Agency? 
Can't build its own space ships, so they just buy tickets on Virgin Galactic. 10/17/2011

USGS continues to censor quake reports. 
Oct.14 2011 Bulletin.
Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, (NW of Africa) is a geologic disaster waiting to happen. If the fracture in the island ruptures, it can trigger a thousand foot tsunami against the east coast of the US.  The Canary Island region has been experiencing a swarm of hundreds of small (less than 4.0 magnitude) quakes.  But here is what USGS reports.  Nothing.  Denying even the tiny ones. Meanwhile a volcano erupts in the same region. Locals have evacuated one small town near the most active area. 10/13/2011

A REAL astronomer comments about pending 2012 events.
The only big issue currently verifiable is the earth's magnetic field really is diminishing. This could reek havoc with a multitude of electronic devices even before the end of 2011, or we might stay lucky into mid 2012.  But this problem really is genuine.  If you must worry about anything, Fukushima and the BP disasters are still killing a lot of people.  And NATO insanity is killing more. 10/6/2011

Sad commentary on the death of Steve Jobs.
It might be worthy to note he died of the same disease that killed Aerospace legend Ben Rich of Lockheed's Skunk Works, pancreatic cancer.  Ben was a frequent visitor to Area 51 and also lived in a residential area known to have contaminated ground water caused by Rocketdyne in the 60's. Many residents in that area also died of the same disease.
All of us face death eventually. What will be said at your funeral?  Only Jesus Christ conquered death.  Know him first in life, then do the other things. Conquering the world or obtaining great riches has no eternal value. 10/6/2011 

18 Suicides a day in US Military. Why do American parents do this to their children? Vietnam was run by a forced draft.  But some ignorant parents now tell their kids to join the military voluntarily. 10/2/2011

Sun emits 2 X-Class flares in 3 days.  This animation shows expected distribution of CME materials. Bulk to pass earth on 26th of September. 9/25/2011

Solar Panel factory in China caught dumping toxins into river. Protests erupt. 9/25/2011

Chris Busby:
  • warns of pending heart attacks in children near Fukushima.
  • comments on Fukushima children already experiencing nose bleeds.

The Not so smart Smart Meter.
Not so smart Smart Meter
Dr. Bill Deagle reports 2 elderly but otherwise healthy neighbors died shortly after smart meters were installed on their home. Further investigation revealed units were broadcasting above FCC limits, and not UL approved. 9/16/2011

Israel is allegedly a US ally.  But sometimes they are not.
Don't blame the country, blame the politicians in power.  That goes for the US also. We frequently need to remind ourselves what scripture actually said about things, rather than blindly going along with flag waving popularity.  Does your pastor get his sermons from scripture, or the 6 o'clock news?  9/16/2011

WTC Bld #7 from new angle. 9/16/2011

Did Mel Brooks work at NORAD in the early 70's. 9/14/2011

Typical media double talk:

New documentary titled The Battle of Chernobyl using censored footage, classified by Russia for 25 years reveals:
the one thing in common with Fukushima...
the promoters who convinced each government, Russia and Japan to build the things, were all liars.  Neither facility was safe, and nobody had a plan to handle any surprises.  Arrogance ruled, and still does in the US also. 9/10/2011

Dots to connect:

Consider this the next time you search something silly.  Google is one of the major power users of the United States. 9/9/2011

Bob Boyce discusses the RFID chips covertly implanted in his shoulder. 9/9/2011

Dutchsinse posts expose' on HAARP and immediately gets his YouTube account completely Terminated. 
He has posted the offending video on his own server. 9/5/2011

Recent seismic activity in Virginia raises concern for it Anna nuclear power plant. 8/31/2011

Fukushima children now experiencing nosebleeds.
This is an indication of advanced radiation poisoning. 8/29/2011

Lawsuit exposes possibility of Legionnaire's Disease at the new Aria Hotel, the same hotel where Senator Harry Reid, DOE's Dr. Chu, Governor Jerry Brown and other flaming liberals will be pedaling their ancient clean energy techs and suppressing true CE techs by denying R&D funding to real inventors, yet feeding the grotesque monsters who poison all of us.  If you attend, breath lightly and take a swig of colloidal silver after you leave. 8/28/2011

In interview with Jeff Rense, Ben Fulford reveals more evidence of an offshore nuclear bomb being used at Fukushima on 3/11/2011. 8/26/2011

Earthquake forces shut down of Nuclear Power Plant at Virginia's Anna plant.  Immediately, one of its four backup diesel generators failedApparently Lenny and Carl aren't any better running a nuke power plant than Homer Simpson was. 8/23/2011

Fresh Oil appearing in Gulf.  Possible indication the BP rupture is leaking again. 8/23/2011

Rain in St. Louis measuring 178x normal background radiation. 8/23/2011

20,000 Counts per minute of radiation measured in Toronto Canada. 8/22/2011

Project Camelot interviews Dutchsince regarding recent violent attack on friend along with other disturbing weather and energy topics he investigates.
YouTube forced him to remove his forecast of the Fukushima seismic activity.

Warning, the last 5 to 10 minutes of parts 1 & 2 have faulty audio. When you hear the problem begin, advance to next part. You won't miss anything.
Part: One  Two  Three   8/20/2011

Violent Suppression returns.
A close friend of popular YouTuber Dutchsince, Hit with 5 shots from an AK-47 during a drive by in St. Louis from a black Hummer. 
Dutchsince had reported escalated HAARP activity over Japan just 3 days prior to the 3/11/2011 tsunami. YouTube forced him to remove those archived forecasts.
- - -
Likewise: reporter Jim Stone, who observed massive disconnects in the Fukushima story has been missing since July 7, 2011.
- - -
Astrophysicist, Professor James McCanney posts urgent warning on his web site about potential grid sabotage being falsely blamed on a natural solar eruption.  8/16/2011

"We can live with minimal electricity...
Mapping the Radioactive Fallout
NHK, the Japanese Broadcasting Company releases a heartbreaking 90 minute documentary on how thousands of people's lives were destroyed and how the radiation continues to spread. 
Mapping of Radioactive Fallout

Fukushima Radiation is Now
One Thousand Times Higher than 1963 atmospheric "H" Bomb testing. 

And 300 times worse than Chernobyl.
- - -
For those who are math challenged, that means Fukushima is emitting the same radiation as 1,000 "H" Bomb nuclear wars. And it hasn't stopped!

Former Director of FBI/Los Angeles, Ted Gunderson passed away. 8/1/2011
- - -
Ted had been battling stage 4 cancer.
Several of his Most Important videos. 8/5/2011

China crisis:  more 8/3/2011
  • Their own nuclear submarine accident
  • High Speed Rail accident death toll now said to be 259 8/1/2011

Raging fire at Evergreen Air facility in Oregon.  Evergreen has been linked to chemtrail spraying, but the facility which burned contained antique aircraft parts. 8/1/2011

New video, driver perspective, caught in traffic when tsunami hit. 7/29/2011

Exxon Mobil 2nd quarter profits up 41%.  Shell up 77%. 7/29/2011

Another US Missile test failsAs reported here last year, a submarine launched THAAD missile off the coast of Los Angeles failed. It was to rendezvous with a Minuteman III missile, but didn't. We now see 3 more missile tests fail. Both Boeing and Raytheon used the QRS-11 gyrochip, or derivative, in the guidance systems, all now suspected of having a known flaw. Hillary Clinton was the patent attorney who worked with the chip's original designer. 7/28/2011

Gates Foundation discovered forcing vaccinations at gunpoint. Bill Gates denies link between vaccines and autism, despite massive evidence to the contrary. So if rich kid Billy can't have his way, he'll use a gun to get it. 7/28/2011

Iranian nuclear physicist shot and killed near home.  7/27/2011

Chinese are doubting the official reason for High Speed Rail Crash. Wreckage was removed as quickly at the NYC WTC-9/11 crime scene.
- - -
The Signaling system involved in the Chinese High Speed Rail crash was made by General Electric, same company who built the Fukushima facility. 
GE, the same company who paid no corporate income tax now for 2 years, yet continues to show huge profits. But Fukushima was sabotage. Might the Chinese crash be also? Has someone (like Goldman Sachs) shorted GE stock?  7/27/2011

Lightening Strikes Chinese Bullet Train, dozens killed in collision.  China fires top 3 railway officials. 7/24/2011

Mutations continue to show up. Now in Idaho7/24/2011

Parents in Fukushima post video plea for help to evacuate and relocate children from the area.
- - -
General Electric sold the evil units which now spread radiation from Japan around the world. Shouldn't GE be donating a few million to this humanitarian cause rather than squandering millions defending Obama's public image? Obama - GE (and paying no corporate income tax last year, though showing huge profits)
- - -
Let's see, annual worldwide profits for GE last year were $14.2 billion.  That comes to $111 for every man woman and child in the entire country of Japan. They could easily evacuate 1/10th of the population with last year's profits alone, and borrow money from themselves (GE Capital) to evacuate the rest. I wonder when they will hire Jamie Gorelick next? (BP's defense attorney) 7/18/2011

Tests now showing Plutonium-239 in air near Los Alamos New Mexico.  7/18/2011

Container truck caught spewing gamma rays into highway traffic. More reason why everyone needs to get a geiger counter of their own. 7/15/2011

8 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas leak annually under major US cities. 7/15/2011

Archeological evidence shows nuclear war preceded 1945 by thousands of years. 7/15/2011

History Channel report on a nuclear mishap in the mountains north of Los Angeles in 1959.
Santa Susana is at the west end of the San Fernando Valley.  Ben Rich of Lockheed's Skunkworks lived in that area. Numerous residents from that location died of pancreatic cancer over the next 40 years, just as Ben Rich did in 1995. 7/15/2011

John Hutchison tests fresh farm food from Florida to Minnesota.  All now showing some level of radioactivity. 7/9/2011

We have known about the Earth's magnetic poles shifting for some time, buuuut.....  this is scary.
Earth magnetic flux measurements
Measurement of actual magnetic flux has shown an accelerating decline in intensity.  If it continues, we may not have a magnetic field by about May 2012.  Cause?  Unknown. Cure?  Less known.  7/8/2011

Regardless of whether the Fukushima disaster was a natural event or caused by sabotage, the northern hemisphere is getting irradiated at dangerous levels.
- - -
Infant mortality increases since March 11 2011 Fukushima disaster.
Increases measured not only in Japan but in the United States, downwind from the disaster.

Has Fukushima Fallout begun to affect crops in California?
This tomato was purchased in a California market 3 months after the first fallout was measured arriving from Japan.  Note the deformed spokes common to all tomatoes.
CA tomato 6-21-2011

75% of Nuclear Power Plants in the US leak dangerous levels of radiation. 6/26/2011

Short gestation animals beginning to show radiation mutation in Japan. Rabbit born with no ears. 6/18/2011

Hot particles get trapped in your auto's air filter.  Use protection when handling. Video by Arnie Gunderson. Also beware of a sudden metallic taste. Normal adult breathing on west coast US can inhale 5 to 10 particles a day.  An auto engine air filter grabs much more.  Video illustrates lung damage when a hot particle is trapped in lung tissue. 6/13/2011

Measured increase in infant mortality in US Northwest since Fukushima disaster. 6/13/2011

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson: "Seattle residents now breathing 10 'Hot Particles' a day."  6/5/2011

Tokyo lights, video: before/after national power failures. 6/1/2011

Permanent link to the information discussed in the interview below.
- - -
Jim Stone was interviewed for 2 hours regarding his report below.
MP3 audio.
In it he reveals new information about the Fukushima construction and how the only way the 4 explosions could possibly occur was by sabotage.  Sabotage by the only people who had access to the security of the plant. 6/1/2011
- - -
Freelance journalist Jim Stone uncovers shocking details about the 3/11 disaster in Japan.
  • The tsunami was real, but the quake was (somewhat) fake. 
  • Why did reactor #4 explode, with nothing in it?
  • Why is major media reporting "pressure issues" and other trivial stuff from a reactor with nothing but twisted wreckage in the photos?
Please don't believe my headlines here.  Read the story and look at his photo evidence.
If someone wanted to install this 1,000 pound device at your place,
Security camera?
claiming it was a security camera, would you believe them?


Update: Typhoon Songda disipated before making landfall.
- - -
Typhoon now heading toward Fukushima.

Gas 20 cents a gallon

University of California, Berkeley attempts to identify which foods carry the most radiation.
Rather futile as all are irrigated by radioactive rainwater. 5/27/2011

Japan had a nuclear crisis in progress BEFORE the 3/11/2011 quake/tsunami.
Now learned, a 3 ton cooling device fell into the reactor at the Monju facility to the south in August 2010.  That facility also uses the deadly MOX fuel and uses a sodium coolant which explodes itself if it contacts oxygen of any level. The manager in charge of fuel exchange committed suicide in February of 2011. Did GE hold seances to find the demons to design these things?
- - -
Smoke rising from both reactors 3 & 4.  It has to be the fuel, nothing is left but twisted steel and concrete. 5/24/2011

Natural tornadoes once had an electrical property that avoided big towns and cities. The electrical property of mobile homes, aluminum boxes, actually attracted tornadoes.
What changed?
The barrage of tornadoes earlier this year paid no attention to that "rule."
Now a major tornado plows directly through Joplin Missouri, killing at least 89 in its path. Is there an "unnatural force" behind these new tornadoes? It appears there is. 5/23/2011

New suspects identified in the Eugene Mallove murder case. 5/23/2011

New measurements show how much the land and undersea moved during the Japan's 9.1 earthquake on 3/11/2011.
79 feet horizontal, 10 feet vertical.

America's fresh water tsunami.  90+ images More 5/21/2011

Interview with Major Dr. Doug Rokke: "There is no safe radiation level." 5/20/2011

New strong evidence of HAARP's involvement in the Fukushima disaster.  The atmosphere began heating up directly over the epicenter just days before and peaked at time of quake.
While it is still debated whether HAARP can control earthquakes, they admit in their own literature the purpose of HAARP is to heat up the higher atmosphere.  Many other web sites have published proof HAARP was operational the day of the earthquake.  We now see proof the atmosphere directly over Fukushima was being heated up.  Why?
But even IF HAARP was involved in triggering the catastrophe, GE is the bigger culprit for selling a load of manure to the Japanese and convincing them to place the disasters waiting to happen on top of the intersection of 3 tectonic plates.  Total insanity. 5/19/2011

After you get past the radiation of the back scatter X-ray by TSA, the next question is where was your airliner last serviced? 
3rd world flight mechanics are paid $2/hour.

The vulnerabilities of the grid are illustrated in this video from Ft. worth Texas following an especially active thunderstorm.  Also remember large areas of 2 states went dark when the barrage of tornadoes hit several southern states early this month. Las Vegas also experienced transformer problems Sunday, 5/15. Video  5/15/2011

The two issues below explain why why there is massive cash moving around, but none for anything good: clean energy or anything else.

While Energy Cartels were a factor in the Banking crisis of 2008, removal of massive cash via Mexican drug cartels were another major component. 
- - -
As drug cash was pulled from central banks
(above) Goldman Sachs made sure the Fed Reserve replaced it, not only to American banks but foreign affiliates.  Energy cartels and banking are 2 sides of the same beast. Pinch one and the other side reacts. Drug money actions triggered energy cartels speeding things up against the Middle East in addition to the bank reactions. 5/13/2011 

Uruguay/Fukushima Syndrome?  The rods in reactor #1 have melted through the containment core.  Tradition says they are now on their way to the exact opposite side of the world, the Atlantic off the coast of Uruguay. But in reality will likely park somewhere in the middle.
Uruguay Fukushima Syndrome map
Underwater Robot video of spent fuel pool damage in Reactor #3, the one that used Mox fuel, with Plutonium.

Copper thieves make city take a different look at energy cost.  5/8/2011

Fukushima is not the only radiation problem The BP oil blow out was deep oil and radioactive also.  5/2/2011

Collection of video clips showing many of the massive tornadoes which killed over 300 in Southern US this week. 4/29/2011

More violent weather across southern US kills 178 or more. 4/28/2011

807 Tornadoes thus far this season.  Cause? Solar eruptions, HAARP, other? 4/27/2011

Thermal images reveal one or more nuclear explosions at Fukushima are yet imminent. 4/27/2011

Has Dr. Michio Kaku become an end of the world sensationlist? His comments on FoxNews are quite disturbing to hear from an otherwise credible astrophysicist. 4/26/2011

Plutonium, Strontium found from Alaska to California and Guam.
Any form of Plutonium is deadly at ANY LEVEL.
Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,131 years. 4/24/2011

HiRez images of reactor #3This is the reactor which used the highly dangerous MOX fuel, a derivative of Plutonium, which is now being measured in California. 4/24/2011

Pets, livestock and missing people succumbing to severe radiation poisoning near Fukushima. 4/22/2011

Nuke plant in Georgia shuts down on its own, safely. 4/22/2011

Radioactive Iodine-131 now found in Los Angeles drinking water. 4/21/2011

All smartphones have GPS for 911 calls.  But the I-Phone tracks all your moves and stores them. Anyone accessing this file will know where and when the phone was anywhere since it was activated.
- - -
Now learned, that data has been sent back to Apple or Google to track you themselves.
- - -
PC Magazine explains how that data is accessed.
- - -
Android is just as bad.  

Autopilot issue with B-757-200 out of LAX.  4/20/2011

Leuren Moret summarizes Fukushima events to date, and projected results worldwide. Video 1 hour 9 mins.
- - -
Major companies abandoning plants near Fukushima.
- - -
Morgan Stanley defaults on last payment, hands over keys and leaves office in Tokyo.
- - -
Public data <|> Meteorologist data
Cesium 137 report irregularities
Data released to public is not the same as that reviewed by meteorologists
According to Wikipedia Xenon occurs from a nuclear explosion, not from a normal power plant reaction.  We are not being told all of what happened there.   4/18/2011

The ongoing solar activity is not only triggering large quakes, but may be charging up Yellowstone for something big too. 4/15/2011

Trace amounts of Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 found in mushrooms and strawberries from Alameda California.
- - -
BC rainwater measuring 100x US standard for safe drinking water.

France now detecting iodine-131 from Japan in drinking water and dairy milk.
- - -
Japan's tsunami debris headed for US shores.
- - -
Japan hit with 7.4 quake
(7:32 AM Los Angeles time) 4/7/2011

Elevated levels of radiation  are being measured from California to the Midwest. Northern third of Japan now uninhabitable.

Everyone must understand, this is not a single big bomb exploding in Japan, it is a continuous stream of intense radiation that only continues to yield more. 

NHK reports: Radiation at reactors 1 - 3 is too high to measure. Integrated circuits cannot operate in a highly radioactive environment. Robots fail immediately.  Humans die within hours or days.
- - -
A private contact in New Hampshire is measuring 3x normal background radiation as of 4/5/2011.
- - -
LA Times reports: Seawater around Fukushima now 7.5 million times legal limit.

A Nuclear Engineer who worked at 3 Mile Island comments on the Fukushima catastrophe. 4/4/2011

Solar wind playing havoc with Earth's magnetosphere. 4/4/2011

Boise Idaho measures 80x of iodine-131 as considered safe.
- - -
California rainwater measures 181 times safe levels for radiation.
Desert Daisies April 2011
The desert daisies are blooming extra bright in California after the last rain. I wonder if this is why? 4/3/2011

Accident report implicates Lithium batteries as possible cause of fire that brought down a UPS 747 on Dubai last year.  4/3/2011

Hi resolution photos of Fukushima reactor wreckage taken by drone. 4/3/2011

Dr. Michio Kaku comments on present condition of Fukushima reactors. 3/30/2011

Radioactive core melts through floor of pressure vessel.
- - -
Radiation now detected in rainwater and air across America. 
Also being measured in UK.
- - -
Strange coincidence, the cesium 137 now leaking from the Fukushima reactors naturally decays in open environment into the same garbage being dumped on us via chemtrails.  

Body of a Nuclear Physicist found in Rio Grande.
- - -
Jetstream dispersion path of Japan's radiation, worldwide.
Specific site referenced.
As you will see in the video, a Greek run website is now offering the daily scientific data that the American news media should be presenting. We are all getting nuked. I have now placed a permanent link to it just under the spaceweather and solar info upper right.  3/28/2011

Multiple 360 Degree views of devastation. 3/28/2011

Corexit poisoning continues. A victim speaks on video. 3/27/2011

Frightening video initial minutes of the 3/11/2011 Tsunami. 3/27/2011

Strange animal behavior: Large cats traveling in packs like dogs, not cats. 3/27/2011

Fly-over video of destroyed reactors at Fukushima.
- - -
Don't take multi-national manufacturing for granted.  Many Japanese companies suffered direct damage and now face serious part shortage and delivery problems

Thermal images of reactor 3 at Fukushima.
- - -
The March 11 Tsunami in city of Iwate Japan now measures in with a peak of 77 feet, 5 inches.
- - -
7.0 quake strikes Myanmar.
- - -
Radiation from Japan being measured in Oregon and Colorado. , and even Europe.
- - -
Photos of valiant workers on suicide mission to prevent further disaster.
- - -
Fukushima now measures 72,000 times the radiation intensity of Hiroshima blast in WWII.
- - -
Video of black smoke emitting from MOX fueled, plutonium reactor number 3.

Tokyo Tap Water Declared Unsafe for Babies. 3/23/2011

Radioactive Iodine now measured in Tokyo drinking water. 3/20/2011

BP disaster returns.  New leak emitting 100 mile long slick. 3/20/2011

8,000 Death Toll to date in Japan, 12,000 missing. 3/20/2011

Some local residents in Southern California are reporting seeing the color green around clouds at sunset, or new shades of blue in surrounding skies. Apologies for not having a sample to post here, but the subtle nuances probably won't show up consistently from camera to camera. 3/20/2011

As first radiation reaches California coastline, Japan begins to admit seriousness of the disaster. 3/18/2011

Jim Bergland warns of Lunar and other major stresses approaching around March 19, 2011.  He also presents disturbing evidence pointing to California being next on the big quake list.
- - -
Tsunami may have stressed California coastline already. 
40 Ft section of Pacific Coast Highway falls into the ocean.
- - -

15 nuclear reactors sit on the New Madrid fault zone. (future seashore line is highly speculative)
- - -
Thousands of gallons of radioactive water released into Lake Ontario, a source of drinking water to millions.
- - -
Radioactive cloud to reach Southern California Friday evening. 
- - -
Chernobyl cloud distribution reference map.
- - -
Live Talk Radio is getting callers from Japan: 
  • Local residents showing signs of radiation sickness, nausea and red spots
  • O'Hare airport, Chicago measured radiation on incoming flights and passenger luggage from Japan.
I'm unable to find text links for these stories presently. Ed/kr  3/17/2011

Spent Plutonium Rods were stored above reactor in unit 3, A GE Mark 1 design. When it blew up, those were highly radioactive rods flying up in the debris. Expert describes this as Chernobyl on Steroids.
- - -
Worldwide health effects.
- - -
3 of 4 reactors down
Ducks in a row.

Elevated radiation now measured at US Navy base 200 miles away from Fukushima reactors. 3/16/2011

Summary of explosions and meltdowns to date. (if you are getting as confused as I am)
- - -
Overlay images, before/after
- - -
Fire at 4th Reactor Extinguished, but Radiation Did Leak.  13 mile evacuation zone ordered.
- - -
Northeast part of Japan is without grid power, thus unable to power remaining healthy reactors, so those are now running on emergency diesel power to run coolant pumps.  2 million without power. 
- - -
Japan coastline moves 13 feet.
Earth's axis tilts 10 inches.
- - -
Helicopter view as tsunami approaches and hits shoreline.
- - -
3-14-2011 blast

View from airport terminal in Sendai just as tsunami wiped out parking lot.
- - -
All Three Fukushima Reactors now melting down.
Hi-rez Satellite image of reactor 3 just after explosion
Fukushima 3-14-2011
Reactor #3, which exploded today 3/14/2011 used MOXFUEL which is considerably deadlier than fuel used in reactor one.
- - -
Unit 3 Explodes, 11 injured.
- - -
Private Radiation Monitoring Network web site for both
Japan  and US If you own a geiger counter yourself, join the network to expand coverage.

Core at Unit #3 is now uncovered.
- - -
200+ images of death and destruction in Japan.
- - -
Aerial footage of tsunami wave coming ashore on 3/11/2011.
- - -
Nuclear Power Plant designer accuses Japan of suppressing scale of crisis.
Includes more frightening footage.  3/13/2011

Ground splits under photograper's feet. 3/13/2011

Video clip of Fukushima Reactor one exposion on 3/12/2011
- - -
at Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
- - -
Meltdown may have started
- - -
Emergency reported at 2nd reactor
- - -
3 Reactors in trouble.  First shut down permanently, in "last resort" action
- - -
A map posted here on 3/12/11 has been exposed as a cruel hoaxThe map was not issued by the trademark appearing on image.  Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.  Ed. 3/13/2011

X-1 Solar Flare on 3/8/2011 likely triggered 8.9 Earthquake in Japan on 3/11 yielding major TsunamiVideo.
- - -
Radiation 1,000 times normal at reactor.
- - -
Japan declares nuclear emergency and shuts down all reactors.  Oil refinery ignites in flames.
- - -
California shuts down nuke plants due to tsunami warnings.
- - -
Tsunami sweeps 4 out to sea,     in CALIFORNIA.
- - -
Bullet train, Cruise ship disappear, city half submerged.

Lisa Nelson - BP victim
Woman dies after trip to beach in Gulf of Mexico.  Face, neck swelled to 3 times normal, ruptured blood vessels elsewhere on body.
- - -
BP murdered this woman by gross incompetence, yet Google plays BP ads over the report of this woman's death. 3/8/2011

Panama City Florida resident walks her now dead beach.
New type of barnacle/worm showing up on dead clams.
- - -
Ex-Oil Executive claims the BP disaster was planned 3/8/2011

Fracking Temporarily Suspended in Arkansas 3/8/2011
- - -
Arkansas Earthquakes Likely Caused by Fracking.

Why does the oil and gas industry hate the Gulf of Mexico?
Radioactive Wastewater from Hydrofracking has been routinely dumped into the Gulf of Mexico.

As reported by Linsey Williams in column 2, ALL the current violence in the Middle East is being orchestrated by the London City Bankers who own or control all the major oil companies of the world.  Reports are coming in of oil field sabotage in countries not yet experiencing violence by the population.  Watch out for major explosions and fires in oil producing countries.  The plan of London is to stop Arabs from producing and selling oil at any price to anyone. Bankers don't care who they kill to accomplish their next extortion grab. Please watch 911: Live or Livery to understand what they have done through history.  2/24/2011

New Zealand 6.3 quake damage. 2/23/2011

1% of the American population owns 51% of all the stocks of all the public companies in America.
Stock Ownership
The next 9% owns 39%
of the country, 40% of us only own 9% of it. and HALF = 50% of us own less than 1% of it all. Similar numbers are happening throughout the world.
Wealth/Poverty disparity has reached a new level.  Every time this tiny of a group has controlled that much of a country's assets, that country has undergone a revolution and changed its kings, rulers, or entire governing structure.  Unfortunately, and historically, by violent means.
There is one loophole the little guy still has.  Invest in your YOUR OWN, or YOUR NEIGHBOR'S SMALL, PRIVATE business DIRECTLY with them, NOT through a public exchange and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER through a banker.
  • A well run private company will usually pay dividends
  • Private stock is IMMUNE to public opinion, and manipulated markets
  • The company will often be glad to buy some or all of its stock back from you at the same price you paid.  NO PUBLIC COMPANY WILL DO THAT
  • Your private stock will NOT be liquid,
BUT YOU KNOW THE PRESIDENT of that company AND HOW WELL THE COMPANY IS RUN BEFORE YOU INVEST.  If you don't already know how well he runs his business, DON'T INVEST.
It's called human interaction and taking responsibility to monitor your own investment and not relying on bogus Wall Street and Banking charlatans who are proving to all be liars and thieves. 2/15/2011

Solar CME Erupts Toward Earth.
February 13, 2011 CME
Note perpendicular spirals of the electric field in the plasma.  A lesson in high temperature plasma physics.
Chart   Photo 

Large emissions of gaseous hydrocarbons in Gulf measure 75,000 times normal. Lack of oxygen and other nutrients inhibit natural microbe action on an otherwise nutrient for them.  2/14/2011

Horses electrocuted on race track.  Bad light wiring or related to other animal deaths?  2/14/2011

Serious health problems continue to grow in Gulf States.
- - -
22 year old afflicted with paralysis and seizures after swimming in Gulf and eating fresh caught seafood.
(Please watch all 8 minutes) 2/7/2011

Gas Line from Egypt to Israel ExplodesVideo report. 2/5/2011

Animals freezing to death at zoo in northern Mexico due to electricity being cut off.
- - -
More fish deaths reported in both Florida and Amazon River.

Bolivia: 6 million fish, alligators, turtles and dolphins die in unnaturally cold rivers.
- - -
Northern Hemisphere = Snow
Satellite 2-3-2011
Southern Hemisphere = Rain
- - -
Blizzard in Chicago yielded rare lightning

Serious questions about the Gulf oil disaster and BP's horrible response. 1/31/2011

UFO sighted above lake in Colombia, next morning thousands of dead fish float to surface. 1/28/2011

Shady connections at EvergreenLikely at root of chemtrail issue. 1/23/2011

Was this the article that got Dr. Thomas Manton killed? 
It's only a history lesson, but with details never stressed in US public schools. 1/23/2010
- - -
Critic of BP Gulf Oil Spill murdered in Florida State Prison, while serving term on false charges.
Dr. Tom Manton
Dr. Thomas B. Manton
One of his recent articles attacking BP.
- - -
Another oil safety expert and vocal critic, BK Lim is receiving multiple death threats. 

Propane Recall 1/22/2011

Cattle deaths reach 10,000 in Vietnam
- - -
Dead Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Angelfish in Galveston, Texas.

Apple rated Worst Multinational Polluter. 1/22/2011

Thousands of dead Octopi wash ashore in Portugal. 1/18/2011

Over 300 birds drop on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, in front of CNN building.
- - -
USGS raises possibility of Super Storm to hit California. 
Government now joins the doom and gloom news. 1/17/2011

Human tragedy in Brazil and Australia from flooding.  Even yachts are helpless in a flood. 1/16/2010

The Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal India was 25 years ago, but toxins are still present. 1/16/2010

200 Cows drop dead in Wisconsin.
7,000 Buffalo & Cattle freeze in Vietnam.

Major flooding in Brazil. 464 deaths.
Raw flood videos from Australia.  1/13/2011
- - -
Toowoomba Australia Flood video.
26 foot high torrent.
Brisbane river dam fills, unable to protect 1.7 million people.
- - -
Sri Lanka floods affect 1 million homes.
- - -
Flooding in Australia described as an "inland tsunami."  Video.

Weather radar caught one anomaly during Arkansas bird deaths.  But others remain a mystery. 1/11/2011

Seal deaths in UK, but different cause as birds and fish.
Possible cause: A classified engine design called a Vortex Engine has propellors inside a cylinder. This is to avoid sonar detection. It is possible one of these craft was operating without a protective screen on the engine intake.  If it traveled through a heard of seals, it would create fatal wounds identical to those observed.  1/11/2011

Massive bird and fish deaths are being reported on 5 different continents.
This crisis reaches beyond any type of political boundaries.
Many reasons are speculated, but still debated.  Temperature seems to be a major factor in many fish deaths, and some birds.  Anyone who has raised tropical fish knows some species are very vulnerable to temperature change. The BP disaster stopped the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic.  Solar eruptions are reeking havoc with weather world wide, as well as triggering earthquake faults and releasing pockets of toxic gases. We are likely seeing multiple causes interacting.  And pollution has been an ongoing problem. 1/6/2011

Cell phone privacy is an oxymoron. Talking on any cell phone you have a bigger audience than Jay Leno does during his monologue. A California judge now allows officers to confiscate your cell without a warrant, and read all that is programed into it including text messages and list of numbers.  Get on any politician's enemy list and your cell is GPS tracked where ever you go.
- - -
Skype recovers from its first major crash. Check your version.  If last 3 digits are .152, you may have contributed to the December crash. Present version is .156.
- - -
Bill Gates did bring computers into the use of the masses, including me, but his tremendous financial success has yielded another agenda none of us expected.
- - -
The Son of former Shah of Iran commits suicide.  The CIA put the Shah into power, then later took him out of power. The fickle, yet extreme actions of a supposedly US sponsored organization were too confusing for the son to understand.  Big oil has messed up not only the Middle East, but all of the world.  1/5/2010

Chile gets a 7.2quake
Images from March 2010 quake. 1/3/2011
- - -
Argentina gets first 7.0 quake of the new year.

The BP Gulf of Mexico disaster stopped the Atlantic Gulf Current.
(the massive amount of oil changed the overall viscosity of the sea water, so now it doesn't flow the same. The resulting huge water temperature change then affects the upper atmosphere clear up to the jet stream) The result is now affecting weather around the globe.


Previous articles posted in

2010 Energy Archives

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Important reports

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
A year late but... GreenPeace releases Thermal Imaging video of the Castor Nuclear Waste transport train passing in Germany, along with shown radiation readings elevating as the train passes. The event triggered protests.  Too bad the public did not accurately know how hot this train was until now. The visual spectrum camera and thermal imaging camera were at different angles, hence show different terrain behind train, though it was the same train. 12/30/2011

Release of Radiation from Depleted Uranium in Falluja was Known to be Awful, but... it wasn't DU.  We now learn it was ENRICHED URANIUM! 12/29/2011

US Prosecutors prepare criminal charges against BP for the Deepwater Horizon disaster. 12/29/2011

FedEx makes a bad delivery, but then apologizes
The US Army delivers troops to countries we never declared war against. 
But neither Bush, nor Obama ever apologize.

Predator Drone flights must stop.  US admits "error" killing 24 allies in Pakistan. 12/24/2011

Conventional business publications wake up to the topic of crowd funding for new startup businesses in any category. 12/24/2011

North Dakota is becoming another oil boom town. 12/18/2011

Video: Some Christmas Spirit amidst all the bad news in the world. 12/9/2011

Guess who was one of the largest campaign contributors to Obama in his last election run?  Video answer. Wonder why Fukushima is being ignored?  12/9/2011

California ballot measure proposes shutting down both of their nuclear power plants. 12/5/2011

Exporting American Oil has been illegal since Jimmy Carter was in office.  But since when do banks or big oil have to play by the rules?
Gasoline now a big export item.

While renewable energy struggles for R&D capital, Los Alamos asks for a new $6 billion nuclear research lab. 12/5/2011

The reason a Ford Mustang won't deliver 400 HP -AND- 100+ MPG, is banks won't allow it.  Sorry to have missed this 11 month old press release, but the problem continues with no change.  11/30/2011

Banks still have not stopped playing with derivatives.  They added an additional $107 Trillion in liabilities in the last 6 months. 11/28/2011

Smart meter basics11/28/2011

14,000 Abandoned Wind Farms in the US.  Why?  That, and solar are the ONLY technologies banks are willing to finance. Regular readers here may remember a few years ago me reporting that Wells Fargo announced a Billion Dollars available for renewable energy.  I spoke with a vice president there overseeing the program.  It was ONLY available to wind and solar.  Not a penny could be used for R&D of ANY other technology.  Yet at the same time, they squandered many times that amount away on derivatives and real estate mortgage swaps.  11/26/2011

Conflicting reports from government experts reveal they don't have a clue what happened on 9/11, or if they do they won't admit it. 11/25/2011

Woman convicted of food-stamp fraud pays back what she stole, but still gets 3 year Federal Prison term. What do bankers get for trillions in fraud? Bailouts by BOTH Obama and Bush. 11/19/2011

Nuclear Power companies only exist because the "Price-Anderson" act makes government handle the liabilities caused by the corporations who profit immensely from building such monstrous devices.
The law must be changed!
- - -
While GE pays no corporate income tax, they have a massive staff of accountants and tax attorneys. 
Maybe that is their answer to US employment issues. Their tax form filing is equivalent to 57,000 pages.  I suppose if you could afford a staff of accountants big enough to handle a form like that, you could live tax free too.  Surprisingly, one of their deductions was for "Research and Development."  R&D of what? See any free energy devices on their product list? 11/18/2011

Gitmo costs $800,000/year per detainee. And to date, we still don't know who is being held there, or the charges held against them11/18/2011

Reporter Greg Palast uncovers a Seismic Qualification study done on the Fukushima facility in 1986 which claimed the entire facility would melt down in an earthquake with an utter and total failure. The engineer responsible for finding this was forced to hide it by his employer:  Shaw Construction, alias Stone and Webster, who also designed about 1/3 of the nuclear power plants in the US. 11/11/2011

Veterans have always been abused by bankers.
Defending one's country is truly a noble cause, but being killed just for another's profit is insanity.
Dr. Henry Makow:
Rethinking Veteran's Day.
Short video commentary:
the Real Truth of War

Zeitgeist Refuted For any readers who were suckered into believing any of the Zeitgeist, twisted propaganda, this exposes many of the flaws.  Yes, it attacked bankers as we do here, BUT it blatantly lied about history to try and prove their points. Bankers will bury themselves in their own lies, nobody has to embellish anything. Religions don't start wars, bankers do. Religions don't have the capital to finance soldiers' paychecks or pay for tools of war.  Bankers do.  If a war appears of religious cause, there is always a banker behind it, and profiting from it. The LOVE OF money is the root of all evil.  11/11/2011

Greedy Lying Bastards - trailer
Film trailer
A documentary about BP and the entire oil industry. 11/5/2011

With big oil showing obscene profits exceeding a hundred billion a year, why is the US subsidizing them at all? 
Online petition to end the insanity.

Journalist Jim Stone surfaces at the Occupy LA event, with hi-quality images of the agent provocateurs trying to start violence while using their government computers for directions. The movement has certainly been infiltrated, but the crimes of the Federal Reserve and associated bankers still exist. 11/3/2011

Japanese journalist accuses Israel of Fukushima sabotage.
- - -
Did Mossad threaten the world? 
Stuxnet virus was written by Mossad/CIA. It now threatens nuclear power plants, and even conventional power plants throughout the world.
Again, CommuteFaster is PRO-ISRAEL, but their intelligence agency, just as our CIA, is out of control.  Neither truly helps their native country. 11/3/2011

CIA controlled drone kills US Citizen. 11/3/2011

Super model fired for pointing out NATO atrocities against Libya. 11/3/2011

Republicans enact war against any energy company that got government money during Obama's administration, but continue billions of dollars of tax incentives to the Oil Industry.  11/3/2011

Ever counted the number of Czars created by Obama?  Czars don't exist in the US constitution.  Obama had to create every unconstitutional position. 11/3/2011

GE's incompetence destroyed Fukushima.
BP's incompetence destroyed the Gulf of Mexico.

Is America really proud of its NATO ally doing this?
Sirte Libya 10-20-2011
This used to be a thriving community until London City Bankers told NATO to destroy it. 
They used US Predator drones to locate Ghadaffi, then turned a violent mob loose on him.
America has the most advanced military weaponry of any nation. I know, I used to build some of this stuff.  But ask ANY line worker at any aerospace company why they build the things? The answer will almost always be "to DEFEND the US and all its citizens."  So why are they used to invade other sovereign countries?
This act of aggression by NATO and allies will only yield more violence in return.  Neither congress, executive or supreme court seem to care. Do you?
- - -
Why do I care and berate this on an energy news site?  Electricity was free in Libya, as was water. Ghadaffi nationalized the oil industry, and controlled the country's bank. He made sure nobody was sleeping under bridges, and that his currency was strong for international trade. In the US we have a handful of billionaires controlling both oil and banking and hundreds of thousands sleeping under bridges. The few who do have jobs pay up to 24% interest (usury) on their credit cards and $4+/gallon for fuel to get to work. In Libya gas was about $.56/gallon and bank usury was illegal, as was abortion. Who is looking out for its citizens?  Nobody in Washington DC.
Ghadaffi was not a socialist. He was a dictator. What I described was not Communism, it was sane allocation of assets. America is an oligarchy (rule by few) with no interest in humanity, just greater wealth for the very few. 10/24/2011

Occupy Antarctica
Even South Pole Scientists hate banker crimes.
- - -
Excellent documentary summarizing the Occupy Wall Street movement.
- - -
Some other "revolutions" are created by major money from the start, as is being done in the middle east by NATO and London City Banks.
And infiltrators have attempted to do the same to Occupy Wall Street.   Controlled media searches out for the least credible in a crowd to focus on. 
But the issue is banker crime, nothing else. 10/17/2011

The US has had a contrived "drug war" for years.  Putin drug war

Now Putin starts one as the average life of a Russian male is only 60, due in part to excessive heroin addiction coming from US protected opium fields in Afghanistan. Will he succeed, or is he just gunning for a slice of the financial pie himself?
Perhaps it is still called the "White House" because of all the cocaine and opium it processes. 10/17/2011

Every US president since Johnson has used IRS to harass enemies.
Bush Jr. added torture to his list of options. The SAME type of torture we executed Japanese for during WWII for doing it to us.  Now, Obama adds assassination of US Citizens to his list of what he can do to HIS enemies, who have never been arrested or gone through any form of trial with presentation of any evidence. 10/13/2011

What do our troops flying the drones that kill people do on break time?  They play "Mafia Wars" on the SAME government computers. How do we know this.  Read this. Killing is just another video game to them. 10/13/2011

US Government slaps BP on the wrist again.
BP is a corporation chartered in Delaware. Why hasn't Delaware declared BP an enemy of the country and revoked their charter?
If Delaware won't revoke BP's charter,
why not have the US REVOKE Delaware's STATE CHARTER?
If Delaware can irresponsibly issue a corporate charter to criminal organizations like this, it is time the Federal Government step in.  Delaware is responsible for creating the organization which killed 11 people and destroyed an entire fishing region.  If Delaware can do this and get away with it, how soon before Al CIAda, or Jesuits, or Nazis, or Rothschild funded Zionists, or Skull & Boners, or White/Black/Purple supremacist groups, or any villain you can think of does the same thing to literally attack America?
The real tragedy, is all these groups already have.  They're called Monsanto, Microsoft, Dow Chemical and major media which dumb down the American public with impunity. Revoke all their corporate charters; their bank accounts stop working; and the beasts are now dead, and no more innocent blood had to be shed to do it. Then let everything from Eagles to maggots feast on the assets that once belonged to the phantom carcasses. If the charter is gone, the stock holders don't even have a claim to assets. 10/13/2011

As utility companies force installation of smart meters, they lay off meter readers, adding to unemployment in a devastated economy. 10/13/2011

The present event called "Occupy Wall street" is mixed with good and bad.  As I keep preaching here, infiltration ruins many a good idea. Goldman Sachs/SEC and the central banker cartel certainly need immediate correction.  But corporate investment is really a good thing.  That is why "communist/socialists" are storming the ranks also, ignoring their own corruption. Walter Burien makes an excellent point about what should ultimately be done with Wall Street, that could benefit everyone. 10/6/2011

China plays "America the Beautiful" during their own space launch. 10/2/2011

Stock trader interviewed on BBC tells it like it is, who now rules the world.
- - -
Clever companies attempted to use "crowd sourcing" technique on the internet to fund their companies
, the same way Obama and other politicians funded their elections. But SEC steps in and says No You Won't.  For those not paying attention, SEC was supposed to be protecting the small investor, but has been in the back pocket of Goldman Sachs since the mid nineties. As seen in the video an SEC representative arrogantly claims to be protecting "small investors" while condoning State Lotteries, Bernie Madoff scandals, the derivative market, massive short selling by Goldman Sachs which torpedoes certain companies OWNED by small investors pension accounts, and banker bailouts.  The SEC has lost its purpose and is a bloated bureaucracy like many others, no longer doing any good for humanity. And this assessment comes from a formerly licensed stock broker, me.
This 2 hour long congressional hearing reveals:
  • Politicians and SEC want a piece of every dollar that moves.
  • Politicians can do stuff that puts small business people in jail.
  • America would rather fund another beer company than any new energy technology

Catholic Church and 2 other denominations convicted of similar crimes are now Permanently Banned from several Indian Reservations. The crimes were murder; not following the teaching of Jesus Christ but following a political agenda.  Denominations who actually practice the teaching of Jesus Christ are still welcome. Please scroll more than half way down page of the link above for videos explaining the extent and severity of the crimes which led to this decission. One of the victims interviewed in the video commited suicide not long after the interview.
- - -
The title "Christian" means both FOLLOWING AND LIVING the teaching of Jesus Christ, NOT forming an alliance with anyone or anything else. As I explained in my blog about "infiltration", no matter how great the promise, if anyone does not follow the peaceful, humanitarian teaching of Christ, they are not to be trusted.  Many an excellent denomination began fine, but allowed infiltration to destroy their full mission. Even my own denomintion of being an Evangelical has been tarnished by alliances with crooked politicians, who love the power and wealth of energy monopolies. We can no longer believe labels, but can only believe actions. If they act like a demonic tyrant, they probably are, regardless of the label they hide behind.
- - -
Yes, God chose those who would follow him in the Jewish race for special blessings, BUT warned of special punishment to those in the SAME race who would reject him. The Pharisees not only rejected him, but continue to run Israel and Judaism today, hiding behind the title of Zionism.  Here are 2 excellent, short videos ( 1  2 ) commenting on the political power that runs this dangerous movement today. Not the true recipients of the blessings they falsely claim.  9/25/2011

As Fukushima continues Religious Al Goreto irradiate the world, madmen who have now turned Al Gore's financial scam of taxing humans for breathing into a false religion, now invade Uganda, kill, ravage and plunder under the excuse of Global Warming. 9/25/2011

Petition posted on WhiteHouse.Gov web site proposes the full dismantling of TSA. Yes, that link is legitimate, but whether the Executive branch will do anything about it is another story. 9/25/2011

High School Valedictorian condemns academics. 9/25/2011
Siemens announces it is getting out of the nuclear power industry
Well and good, but how about using the billions you made in profits over the years to clean up the mess you made? 9/19/2011

America, look in the mirror before waving that flag or boasting of anything.  9/19/2011

According to historians Dr. Joseph P Ferrel and Dr. Dennis Cuddy, and anyone who has studied the actions of the German Nazis beyond just their killing certain Jews, the German Nazis hid billions of dollars in wealth around the world in numerous corporations. They then faked a surrender. Terms allowed Operation Paperclip to import numerous German Nazi scientists into the US aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. Others melted into societies in South America.  But who runs all that hidden wealth today?  Here is the list, with pictures.  Why are we bombing women and children in numerous countries when these demon possessed old geezers would be an easy target for a sling shot, no need for a million dollar laser guided missile. Where is King David when we need him? 9/19/2011

Obama caught using green energy funds to turn spent nuclear fuel into bomb grade Plutonium. That's NOT what recycling is supposed to be about.  9/16/2011

There has been much discussion of late about Ghadaffi's "Green Book."
I found a free download if you wish to read it.

George Carlin comments on drug money and the bankers that launder it. 9/14/2011

9/11 review in 5 minutes.
- - -
Ben Fulford lists additional information which led up to the 9/11/2001 attack.
This overall information coincides with research by AbelDanger. 9/14/2011

The Real Perpetrators of the 9/11/2001 attack on New York have been identified.
A ten year investigation by an independent group calling themselves AbelDanger has identified a network of traitors, perverts and extortionists working inside 4 governments. UK, Canada, Israel and the United States' own executive level and Department of Defense. These parties  are the only people in the world who had all the technology, planted staff, and secret codes to make the most powerful military on earth stand down and ignore a full frontal attack. This group also controls all major media in these 4 countries, thus the public has been fed lies for ten years.
The results of their investigation were announced in London today. Ongoing reports can be found at AbelDanger   9/11/2011

How could I forget Public enemy #3, Tony Hayward, former CEO of BP? Like all cockroaches, thriving quite well in the midst of all the radiation from Fukushima which took the spotlight away from his gross mishandling of the Gulf of Mexico crisis.  I guess it pays to be lunch buddies/business partner with public enemy #1. 9/9/2011

Can ANY US or NATO Politician Do This?... ride around town in wide open top SUV!!!!
Ghadaffi Rides
Why is NATO bombing this civilized country into oblivion?
The above video keeps getting pulled off YouTube.  If the link stops working, please RightClickHere and download the clip to your computer, then watch it in RealPlayer.
Here are the real enemies of civilization:
Evelyn Rothschild - Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Evelyn Rothschild

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

IF a planted nuke triggered the Fukushima disaster, and much evidence now implicates it was, the threat only came to Japan because of its reluctance to comply with Rothschild banking demands.  Same in Libya.  Ghadaffi refused to cave in to the fiat money scam run by Rothschilds for 400+ years out of the City of London.  Anders Fogh Rasmussen may have the last name as me, but is no friend of mine.  He is Secretary General of NATO and does anything Rothschild tells him to, including killing women and children to keep the bankers in power. 9/8/2011

- - -
In Libya:
  • Gas is $0.14
  • Electricity is FREE
Citizens of Libya like Ghadaffi so much he can safely ride around the city in an open convertible. Can anyone from NATO do that? Why do they hide, but Ghadaffi is wide open to his public? Watch this startling video and see why his people love him so much and why City of London Bankers want to kill him via NATO. 9/5/2011

Russia raids BP office in Moscow with black clad special forces unit.
Why didn't Obama do the same here over a year ago?  No, his administration uses SWAT Teams to raid 10 year old girl's lemonade stands or health food stores, and hires perverts to put their hands down your pants at airports. BP kills the Gulf of Mexico and continues raping us at gas stations around the country. Nobody from BP is in jail, yet 11 people were killed and an entire geographic region was destroyed.  8/31/2011

Biden Reid 8-30-2011
Biden & Reid borrow Barry's Teleprompter while in Las Vegas for the National Clean Energy Summit.
California's Governor Jerry Brown merely repeated Al Gore's rhetoric.  Oblivious of the fact that 2 of the violent energy suppression stories I have reported here in the last few years took place in his state.  His buddy Al Gore co-conspired with Goldman Sachs to create a tax on breathing, not solve any pollution problems. 8/31/2011

Nobody campaigns for the office of Secretary of State.  This guy should, he'd get my vote. 8/31/2011

Germany shuts down 8 nuclear reactors. 8/31/2011

Catherine Austin Fitts explains the US has been run on a drug based economy for years.
Wells Fargo pays fine for laundering $378 billion of Mexican drug cartel money.

This approx. 50 minute video explains how numerous nuclear power plants around the world have the same vulnerabilities as Fukushima had, or worse.  All are disasters waiting to happen. Listen closely to the last 2/3 of lecture as they list specifics at many US power plants.  You might hear the name of one near you. 8/28/2011

EnergyBiz Magazine posted my rebuttal to their comments regarding nuclear waste storage. It is comment #1 at end of article. Much respect to them from here for airing different viewpoints. Ken R, editor CF 8/28/2011

Classic old John Stewart video worth watching again.  Nothing good has changed since he made it, but the bad news is BP destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and GE destroyed Fukushima and irradiated the northern hemisphere. 8/28/2011

FoxTV exposes its utter hatred of electric cars. 8/28/2011

Any difference in the 2 major political parties?  Not in your life. 8/28/2011

Shell Oil crimes in Nigeria

Sumiteru Taniguchi, now 82, and currently director of the Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivors Council:
"Nuclear power and mankind cannot coexist. We survivors of the atomic bomb have said this all along. And yet, the use of nuclear power was camouflaged as 'peaceful' and continued to progress. You never know when there's going to be a natural disaster. You can never say that there will never be a nuclear accident." 8/26/2011

It Takes a Pillage
Book by Nomi PrinsIt Takes a Pillage: Prins exposes multiple crimes committed by Goldman Sachs and other insiders on Wall Street leading to America's financial collapse. 8/26/2011

Multiple possibilities have been suggested as to the 8/23/ 2011 earthquake in Virginia. But little evidence has been shown yet to identify actual cause.  Controversial Dutchsince does draw the likelihood of a previously unknown east/west fault line. But its close proximity to Washington DC and nearby government facilities throughout Virginia is highly suspicious.  8/26/2011
- - -
Earthquake causes all US Government employees to leave their work, economic recovery appears. 

Who needs terrorists when the EPA is shutting down Coal Plants and some US Government agency plans to mess around with stupid tests on the grid?  Someone in Washington DC wants America in the dark real soon.  8/22/2011

Les Visible sends a message to international bankers. 8/22/2011

Japanese government finally talks about adjusting focus of government funding toward renewable energy rather than nuclear BUT I don't see any massive R&D funding anywhere in the world to report on.
Solar, wind and geothermal cannot meet world energy needs.  There MUST be R&D investment in the many theoretical technologies we do know about.  Garage inventors have proven many of the basic concepts, but billions are needed to turn them into viable, safe products for the consumer. To do so will enable localized power generation for everyone, eliminating dependence on a grid.  8/20/2011

Major Media Deletes Ron Paul's Name from list during reports of Iowa's Straw Poll.  Comedian Jon Stewart comments. 8/16/2011

Archived lecture by the late Christopher Story, warning of extreme corruption in the European Union.
- - -
Chris Story did not live long after the above lecture.  Neither did comedian George Carlin or Bill Hicks after these presentations.
The shadow government spooks have known how to cause sudden cancer and heart attacks for 50+ years. 8/16/2011

TSA has never proven any level of safety from their full body scanners. Cancer Clusters are now appearing to TSA agents handling them.  8/14/2011

US Drones continue to kill innocent civilians in Pakistan.  This must stop immediately. We are not at war with this country.  Every war crime imaginable is being committed. Same with NATO attacks on Libya. 8/14/2011

Update: I learned from the webmaster of the site linked to in the story below that his server was hacked and all the images were deleted.  He has since reloaded them. I recommend readers grab as many as you wish. Redistribute and save them yourself.  Someone is trying to get them off the internet. 8/28/2011
- - -
Mars Sky = BLUE, not red
NASA has been run by Freemasons since the start

No wonder these images were censored for years.  Martian skies are blue, like ours, not red.  Any photographer should have recognized the obvious mis-color correction in everything released until now.  But why now?  Has management seen the light? Or is a different scam in the works? 8/14/2011

Michele Bachmann is an IRS tax attorney
What kind of Nazi fool would want that running the country?
Rick Perry begins using similar stunts to George Bush. If the media likes them, anyone with brains shouldn't.  8/14/2011

Tom Campbell & Aileen Mioto Smith
In the 5 minute video clip above you hear Aileen Mioko Smith, of Green Action/Japan, making an impassioned plea for not only help to Fukushima victims, but amazingly expressed their concerns for Americans living near nuclear power plants on fault lines in the US.

Musicians United for Safe Energy
MUSE held a memorable reunion concert Sunday 8/7/2011.  We can only hope a DVD will be offered soon.  With many of the same musicians from the original anti-nuke concert 32 years ago, we once again saw a combination of big name musicians you just don't see together on one stage, unless they unite for a great cause, clean energy.

The event was coordinated by NukeFree.org.    8/8/2011

The Hiroshima Cover Up.
How the the US Government hid color documentation of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack for 60 years. The Atomic Energy Commission felt they could not sell the curse of atomic energy to anyone if they knew what the results would be when something went wrong.  America and the world have been sold a poisoned curse.  It needs to end now.  The result of this lying crime is we now have hideous weapons of mass destruction INSTALLED in residential areas, and on earthquake faults around the world.  The BANKERS who financed them have committed a crime against humanity. 8/8/2011

Names and numbers of latest Washington Sell Outs on the budget deal. 8/6/2011

UN files scathing report against Royal Dutch Shell for massive environmental destruction in Nigeria. 8/5/2011

Pictures create opinions.  But the lesser of 2 evils, is still evil.  8/5/2011

Anti-Nuke Music Video by Crosby Stills & Nash:
They will be performing August 7 for Musicians United for Safe Energy along with:
  • Jackson Browne
  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Jason Mraz
  • The Doobie Brothers
  • Tom Morello
  • John Hall
  • Kitaro
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Jonathan Wilson
  • and more
Revenue going to Fukushima victim relocation


An African sends a message to Obama.
Stop killing other Africans! Show some respect for your own race!
- - -
CommuteFaster editor note: My name is Ken Rasmussen. I deny any relationship to the banker gangster crook running NATO: Anders Fogh Rasmussen. REAL Rasmussens don't commit mass murder for bankers. He must have stolen the name from some survey. 8/1/2011

  • Use a gun, go to prison. 
  • Use a camera to photograph a cop committing a crime: get beaten up AND go to prison. 8/1/2011

Apple has more cash than the US Government.  So does Bill Gates. 8/1/2011

Trivia quiz: How many Czars has Obama appointed? (not approved by Congress) 8/1/2011

Has Steve Jobs endorsed Vladimir Putin?  I don't speak Russian, but pictures speak louder than words. Or maybe its just copyright logo infringement in a country that doesn't give a flip about such things. 7/29/2011

Japan now colluding with US and Canada to censor news of radiation exposure.
In the above video links Leuren Moret reports infant mortality rates in the US are jumping to frightening levels since 3/11/2011.  West coast +35%, East coast +45%. She also reports Japanese schools are forcing children to eat radioactive food in the school cafeteria and NOT allowing them to pack lunches from home. 7/28/2011

Carbon Tax fraud
Al Gore's tax on breathing exposed.
Australia now warned of pending tax outside their own government. 7/28/2011

Why does GE keep shooting itself in the foot?  Obama's "job czar", GE's CEO just trashed 120 jobs in Wisconsin and hired new staff in China. 7/28/2011

Governor Moon Beam Jerry Brown threatens opponents of Renewable Energy.  But will this include standing up to suppression of true clean energy by monopolies? After all, many of the violent MIB attacks took place in his state.

Or is Moon Beam more concerned about promoting monkey f*****g by his pet LGBT group, forcing their agenda on kindergarten age children? 7/27/2011

Fukushima is irradiating the northern hemisphere, so out come the distractions to make everyone forget the greater problem.  Distractions quite likely being orchestrated by the same perpetrators of the man-made Fukushima tsunami disaster.

Bankers have always been the problem
Don't bother asking who commited the crime, ask who paid them to do it.

Every country and corporation in the northern hemisphere should be putting ALL RESOURCES toward a massive nuclear remediation project, yet I know of NONE by any source with major funds.  Small companies are not even allowed to access nuclear materials to begin making something that works. Either multinationals like GE or Toshiba must step up and do something or we will all suffer and die like the 2000 movie "On the Beach."

The US Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have BOTH suppressed remediation technology for years under EVERY PRESIDENT since Jimmy Carter.  It is time this asinine policy of demented greed stop and use KNOWN TECHNOLOGIES for the health and safety of mankind. 7/24/2011

Atomic Cafe. 50 minute compilation of historical clips surrounding the development and implementation of the atomic bomb. May make you sick or angry to watch. 7/18/2011

Pilots for 9/11 Truth release their documentary video:
9/11: Intercepted
Transponder locations of actual aircraft do not agree with the government story, nor does much else. 7/18/2011

Dr. Judy Woods releases her long awaited book:
Where Did the Towers Go? 

Dr. Judy Woods: Where Did the Towers Go?
Interview of Dr. Wood on Jeff Rense.
Part One,  Part Two  Part Three

While her conclusions seem difficult to grasp by many, the evidence presented in this book demands an explanation. None of the proposed causes from any group thus far explain all of the multiple bizarre events which took place that day. 9/11 has NO SIMPLE ANSWERS. The only thing we know for certain is the story told us by government and media is outrageous and cannot stand up to any of the facts. 7/15/2011

Just when you thought the Federal Reserve was the worst group of bad guys on the planet, we now learn about their big brother in the US Treasury called the ESF:
Exchange Strategy Fund.
Started by Franklin D Roosevelt with money stolen by confiscating everyone's gold, it has grown into the monster that funds every black-op sinister project for every president since then. A five part video explains how it started and what it is doing today.  Is this what funds MIB attacks on alternative energy, or what funds the dirty politics that keeps viable 3rd party candidates off the ticket?  It very well could be.

The F22 has been grounded for 2 months so far due to problems with its oxygen system. 7/15/2011

History, 1943.
Forces Occult
The producer and director of this film were both executed. If you can endure subtitles, this 50 minute film is entirely in French. The producer was accused of producing Nazi, anti-Jew propaganda. But watch it and judge for yourself. While it has a couple of brief Jewish stereotypes, (none as bad as the Shylock character in Shakespeare's works we all had to endure in high school) and a brief flash of the 6 pointed star, it becomes obvious this entire film was aimed at exposing the Freemasonic Lodge and ALL its conspirators in all countries, not just Jewish involvement.

In 20/20 hindsight we see the public was told it was one thing to justify the execution, but in reality it was to suppress this film and keep knowledge of the masonic cult away from the general public. It surprisingly also exposes Masonic control of world finance and the entire international "military industrial complex" that Americans never heard about until Dwight D. Eisenhower exposed them in his farewell speech. And it shows how the media in all countries has been controlled from day one. 

If it's popular, it's controlled, and not by anyone honest.

Historian Dr. Henry Makow comments.

Governments license the frequencies for Free TV to specific organizations for a reason.  This British comedian does an excellent job of showing what free TV has done to the human mind for the last 60 years.
Lost Aspirations7/8/2011

How many noticed this little detail in the Republican GOP logo? 7/8/2011

South Park describes banking, quite well 7/8/2011

The world's "dumb luck" with concealed fraud has run out.

Congressman Rand Paul confronts a pedophile TSA agent. 

My apologies for Rand not using ENOUGH vulgarity to describe these despicable actions and blatant lies coming from an organization run by a bureaucratic slut lesbian who is a power monger from the LGBT activist group.  TSA must be eliminated, period.

For those unfamiliar with the LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender bowel movement, which promotes sex with anything that moves, it began in the Jimmy Carter administration with a few lesbians appointed into high positions with NO QUALIFICATIONS to run anything, except a dildo. They quickly infiltrated the Department of Defense and proceeded to intimidate every government contractor in the country from small SBA loans to really BIG aerospace giga-contracts. Then they intimidated BOTH political parties and took control there too.

Research group, AbelDanger publishes this fiction, based on fact of what is happening in Washington DC with a group still endorsed by this illegal alien from Kenya occupying the White House 6/30/2011

Now documented:  The US Government banned the GE technology of reprocessing radioactive uranium solely to make bomb grade Plutonium for themselves, and thus made ALL nuclear powerplants in the US thousands of times more dangerous to operate.
This document from Westinghouse, printed between 1980 and 1982 reveals the UK had already been reprocessing uranium for 25 years.  Page 16 of the document also states:
  • "Commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing is not permitted in the United States under current Administration policy.
  • US reprocessing is currently being performed at Government facilities essentially for defense operations."
- - -
Reporter Jim Stone continues his research on the war crime of Fukushima and related government actions which made a dangerous situation thousands of times worse than it should have been.  
Latest article: Busted.

Libya stood up against international bankers. That is the ONLY reason NATO now invades the country.  This 7 minute video explains some truth about Ghadaffi and Libya not admitted by banker controlled western media. 6/26/2011

Russian Tupolev plane crashes with 44 on board, 5 were nuclear scientists who worked at the Iran facility. 
Was this a hit by Mossad? Fukushima appears to be.

Ten congressmen bring Obama to court over illegal war activities.  (It should have been done to the last 8 presidents too) 6/18/2011

Federal judge makes taxpayers responsible to pay for BP Oil disaster. 6/18/2011

On the June 15 episode of AbelDanger, (archives) reporter Jim Stone revealed a little known fact about former president Jimmy Carter and the nuclear power industry.

In the 1970's, General Electric had developed a way to process nuclear material down to a point of the fuel rods becoming safe to handle with bare hands.  But Jimmy Carter issued an executive order PERMANENTLY BANNING that technology from use. The net result was to permanently make the nuclear power industry thousands of times more dangerous than it would have been with use of that GE technology.  Carter was a known puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a CFR Globalist, who coincidentally is a major backer of Obama today.
Brzezinski is a close friend of David Rockefeller, a major controller of uranium mines around the world. Had the executive order not been issued, and if the GE technology had been implemented, the demand for new uranium mines would have dwindled quickly.  Globalists want nuclear power solely for the weapon grades materials derived and care nothing about the waste hazard created.

CF ed comment:
Despite my own utter distaste for the entire nuclear industry, I have to credit GE with having a form of nuclear remediation 40 years ago.  But why did they cave in to a maniac politician?  6/18/2011

Leaked video from Pentagon briefing in 2005.  If authentic, reveals horrific implications, and explains massive chemtrails everywhere. 6/13/2011

Congressman/astronaut Harrison Schmidtt calls for end of NASA. 6/13/2011

While everyone on the Canadian and US west coasts are breathing 10 hot particles a day of radiation from Fukushima, and people on the Gulf coast are still breathing Corexit and crude oil fumes, the illegal alien in the White house creates this web site ON A ".GOV" DOMAIN which means every taxpayer pays for it, and tells the world that the US Flag endorses that behavior.  This is not a joke.  The man is morally depraved. His endorsement of this group has placed child molesters and all kinds of perverts directly into high positions, but with no skills to justify, jeopardizing the work of honest and moral government workers throughout the country.  The problem did not start with Obama, but he continues every crime committed by his predecessors.  The US has been attacked through corporate crimes and complacency on both our west coast with radiation, and south coast with toxic fumes.  Yet this maniac does absolutely nothing about the real issues. 6/5/2011

China sells off 97% of its US Treasury holdings.  US Dollar now in peril. 6/5/2011

Coincidental behavior?
This ship, the Chikyu,
was drilling for "seismic research" at the exact same location that USGS claims to be the epicenter of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami on 3/11/2011. They were there only 3 days before the event. This report says the ship received damage while in port during the tsunami.  When at the epicenter location, did they accidently break something, or did they plant something? The ship appears to be owned by the Japanese government and has been doing seismic research since 2008.
Public Relations videos 1 and 26/1/2011

Insurgent or innocent civilian caught in line of fire? "Drop weapons" hide the evidence.
What differentiates the above with what is happening in Mexico as drug cartels hold shoot outs near a kindergarten school? 6/1/2011

Another American soldier wakes up to why the bankers sent him to Iraq and Afghanistan. 5/27/2011

Residents of San Clemente call for the shut down of San Onofre. 5/27/2011

Live Webcam of Fukushima facility. 5/27/2011

Ron Paul describes the last nail in America's coffin.
- - -
250 Representatives, 72 Senators and one phony president choose to keep America as a fascist state, using tactics the Nazis in Germany never used.
For anyone who slept through high school history, the term "Homeland Security" was a German phrase used by Nazis in WWII.
- - -
TSA threatens Texas to be a No-Fly Zone.  Texas capitulates.  Utah likely to be next stand off.
- - -
The Supreme Court tells California to reduce prison population. So naturally they keep the political prisoners and set the violent ones free, then blame the computer instead of the morons who input the data.  Offend IRS or the banking cartel and Michael Weston and the A Team couldn't get you out of jail. 

Japanese Government discovers thousands of workers now have massive internal exposure to radiation from just a short visit to the Fukushima site. 5/23/2011

Rolling Stone: "The People vs. Goldman Sachs."
- - -
How did City of London Banks get control of so much gold under American soil?  Manipulation of the Bureau of Land Management.
Which president allowed that?  All of them.  Read the full report.  Oil and water rights are disappearing to foreign corporations too.  5/21/2011

Newsweek reporter uncovers nuclear activity at Area 51 - Nevada. This could explain why so many known workers there have died from pancreatic cancer. 5/15/2011

Environmental activist finds FBI tracking device on her car.  The only violent environmental activists are the ones hired by the energy cartels to make clean energy look bad.  False flag tactics 101. Who's side is the FBI on? 5/13/2011

If you watched any or most of the Corporation Nation video below, you now know all politicians serve the ones who got them their jobs.  The corporations who paid to brainwash the public in all the media ads during their campaigns.  NOT the lied to public who voted for them. People only vote for who they know about. If good candidates are not financed to get on TV, nobody knows, or trusts them, so the criminals with the media money always win.  Joe six pack is not a total moron.  Even intelligent people only vote for the choices given them.  If good choices are censored from the list, good choices are not made.

There are no need for taxes.  Government investment funds generate more revenue than taxes.  Taxes only serve as an instrument of control. To remove wealth and power from the little guy who needs every little bit to survive.  BP and GE can afford tax attorneys to minimize or eliminate taxes.  The working stiff can't.

Government investment funds allow the fund managers (often appointed, not elected) to have a strong arm power over ALL elected officials.

Thus all government policies are formulated to serve the FINANCIAL PROFITS of the fund managers, NOTHING ELSE.

This is why we see the insanity of government allowing energy monopolies to exist, and the corporate welfare support of nuclear and oil, and as Bill Gates said, "Old technologies" like wind and solar, but NEVER a dollar to true clean energy R&D.
  • If an advanced electrolysis device got hit by a 9.1 quake and tsunami, it would stop.
  • If a permanent magnet motor engine got hit by a 9.1 quake and tsunami, it would stop.
  • If a Papp engine got hit by a 9.1 quake and tsunami, it would stop.
  • If a gravity motor got hit by a 9.1 quake and tsunami, it would stop.
  • If a waste to energy processing plant got hit by a 9.1 quake and tsunami, it would stop.
But NONE of these technologies would continue to spread radiation or anything else dangerous after it stopped.

Nuclear will spread radiation now for thousands of years, unless massive capital flows into remediation research NOW.

The amount of nuclear fallout hitting North America from Fukushima is already enough to begin causing increased cancer and birth defects, as soon as anyone ingests any of the particles.  The explosion of reactor #3 with its contents of Plutonium 239 has caused trace amounts of it to now be measured in 3 cites in California.  Exterior exposure is survivable.  Internal consumption is not.  How long before a microscopic amount of Plutonium 239 shows up in someone's milk or lettuce?

All because morons at GE sold crap to Japan, and our politicians let them get away with it.  And they also allowed GE and big oil to suppress genuine clean energy technologies as listed above, and to be unjustly criticized, and rejected from both public and private financing. Wall Street is just as corrupt and controlled as to how it hands out funds, as government is.  Garage inventors don't have the resources to jump through the hoops necessary to get public funding from the stock market, as the insiders already there do.

Where is your retirement invested?  With public fund managers who invest in deadly technologies, and corrupt politicians, or worse yet, the military industrial complex? Or are you helping your garage inventor neighbor to get a good technology working?  Need to find one who needs help?  My contact info is at the bottom of this page.  5/10/2011

The concept of a corporation is merely to create an entity that allows more than one person to unite for a common cause or project.  Having it structured by the state overcomes the mortality issue of all the people involved. It also coincides with the biblical concepts of wisdom, and strength in numbers.

But any good thing can be corrupted.

  • One corporation runs for office.
  • The video Corporation Nation digs into the CAFR. No state or major municipality is broke. Funds are hidden all over the place. Investment income yields more than the taxes they demand from residents.  Incestuous cross investing has placed EVERY politician under control of a select few fund managers, NOT the public who elected them. A twist in the definition of the word "fiduciary" allows the fund managers to place  "profit" of their investments over the true health and benefit of who's money it actually is in the first place, the taxpayer's.  NO TAXPAYER WANTED TO HAVE RADIATION FALLING OUT OF THE SKY FROM FUKUSHIMA, But Fund managers all over the country placed millions into General Electric because of the massive profits they made from selling fatally dangerous crap to Japan.
Please find 3 hours to watch all 20 parts of this video.  You will come out knowing more than 99% of the people who sit in political office. 5/8/2011
Has Bill Gates ever heard of the internet?  From his recent remarks, he obviously doesn't read sites like CommuteFaster or any of the other good new energy sites listed at the top of this page. 

One intelligent quote:
Over 90 percent of subsidies are on deploying technology and not on R&D. You can buy as much old technology as you want, but you won't get breakthroughs which only come out of basic research,” Gates said. “If we don't have innovation in energy, we don’t have much at all.”

So what are you doing to correct this Mr. Gates?  Your massive foundation only spends money on a eugenics agenda, promoting hazardous vaccines or deadly abortions. Why the censorship of R&D funding on true clean energy technology? Your inaction over the years has led to the Fukushima and Gulf disasters. Take some responsibility with your cash.  To who much is given, much is required. 5/3/2011

Levy Blown. Water level dropping. 5/3/2011

To Flood or Not to Flood?
  • Cairo Illinois evacuates as waters continue to rise.
  • Missouri asks court to block levy destruction by Army Corp of Engineers.  5/2/2011

Federal judge authorizes destruction of a Mississippi levy to alleviate flooding in Cairo IL, but cause flooding elsewhere.  George Ure points out this will move a trillion pounds of water onto the center of the New Madrid fault. 4/30/2011

During the Bush administration,  the ATF provided guns to drug cartels in Mexico.  Why?
- - -
It helps if your cousin is the judge... Bush skates free again.

Nuclear Remediation.
This technology is not a fanciful theory, but Fukushima has made it a necessity for the survival of humanity.  The full neutralization of small quantities of radioactive material has already been done, by use of Browns Gas.  But it has never been done in large quantities, until now.
See story in column 3.
The US Department of Energy has gone on record as REJECTING any suggestions for funding research in that area. By doing so, it shows an agenda of using nuclear power to kill rather than help humanity. The nuclear industry has never been interested in helping humanity. Mass death has always been its ultimate goal.  It is time residents in all countries wake up to the scam forced on them by the military industrial complex, and more specifically, Rockefellers and Central bankers who both own and finance everything pertaining to nuclear, both bombs and power. 4/29/2011

Nuclear activist Helen Caldicut compares Chernobyl to Fukushima.
- - -
Depleted Uranium is no safer. Fallujah Babies.
During the Iraq war, a mortar round landed directly on a US ammunition storage facility in Fallujah, releasing massive amounts of depleted uranium.  Fallujah babies now have the highest level of deformaties on earth. So while Obama continues to spread the death and horror of DU throughout Iraq and Afghanistan, he distracts us by releasing another pathetically phony birth certificate 4/28/2011

1 year after the Deepwater Horizon blow out, and 1 month after the Fukushima catastrophe began, have we learned anything? 

  • Neither BP nor Transocean  know how to drill for oil safely.
  • Neither GE nor Toshiba know how to design or install safe nuclear reactors.
  • Dick Cheney's political power continues to protect Halliburton and laws Cheney initiated allow fracking to destroy drinking water all around America with no punishment or remuneration required.
None of these firms should be allowed to do business anywhere on the planet earth, EVER.


Clean energy inventors are still suppressed and can't get capital anywhere.  Apparently the investing public likes being irradiated and having all their seafood poisoned with Corexit.  All this madness will continue as long as Joe 6 pack continues to believe bankers for investment advice, instead of investing in his neighbor.

In a PR video promoting his book, former CEO of GE for many years, Jack Welch once credited his success managing GE to his policy of firing 10% of the employees every year, claiming that kept the dead beats and low performers off the payroll. However, we now see with 20/20 hindsight, he was firing all the WHISTLEBLOWERS before they got a chance to gather evidence against his crappy cost cutting management style.  That management style sold utter deadly crap to Japan, which the world is now paying for with increased health damage to food and human life for thousands of years to come.  Wall Street counts beans. They don't know squat about management. 4/22/2011

If a CFL bulb breaks,
CFL bulb break warning

BP whistle blowers targeted: short life spans after they go public. 4/21/2011

German scientists confirm, the CFL light bulbs forced on Americans are carsinegous4/21/2011

Chernobyl led to over 1 million deaths from radiation poisoning.
Fukushima is many times worse.
10 minute video summary of facts by Helen Caldicott, author of "the Dangers of Nuclear War. 4/20/2011

Rolling Stone uncovers massive slush funds used by Wall Street wives, funded by the Federal Reserve, and paid back by you. 4/18/2011

IRS investigator comments about Barry Soetoro and his use of multiple SS numbers, among other things. 4/18/2011

AbelDanger researcher David Hawkins runs for political office in British Columbia. 4/18/2011

Japan and nuclear industry are in denial.  The disaster is much worse that Chernobyl. 4/15/2011

Suspicious: just days before the event, this drilling rig was doing something positioned over the exact epicenter of the 3/11 Japan 9.1 earthquake. Accusations are flying, but being ignored by Western Media. Ship's name is Chikyugo. 4/11/2011

Wages at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant were the same as the local MacDonalds was paying at the time of the earthquake.
Given the asinine design of placing 6 extremely dangerous systems on top of an earthquake fault, along with storing spent fuel rods above the reactor, it appears GE was paying the architects and design engineers about the same, and pocketing all the profits. 4/10/2011

As Japan irradiates the northern hemisphere, Obama and deviant leaders from UK and France start WWIII for no sane reason whatsoever. 
Gerald Celente Comments.

The catastrophe in Japan is the result of politicians who care nothing about human life, only their own bribes. But this radiation is now spreading world wide. First the northern hemisphere, then the southern.  No one is exempt.  The elite can only hide in underground caves for so long. The nuclear industry must pay for this and every cursed politician who supported and allowed this insanity to go this far. 

The US Department of Energy is co-conspirator on this. Anyone attempting to develop a method of remediation was immediately branded as a terrorist for threatening their precious scam and threatened with life imprisonment.


The 4/2/2011, 2 hour talk show by George Butler interviewed David Yurth and discovered NUCLEAR REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED BY the Dept Of Energy FOR YEARS. 
Hour One,  Hour Two
George Butler can be heard Saturdays 5 to 7 PM PST on GCNlive4/3/2011

The Japan tragedy had way too many coincidences.
Ben Fulford also claims to have a tapped phone recording of Jay Rockefeller threatening high officials in Japan just 2 days before the 9.1 quake & tsunami.  4/3/2011

China announces cutting nuclear goal, replacing much with solar. 4/1/2011

Japanese government decides to decommission Fukushima reactors 1 through 4, and is hesitant about ever restarting reactors 5 or 6. 3/30/2011

PG&E wants to charge to opt out of smart meter use. Please remember PG&E smart meters were on all the homes destroyed in the San Bruno gas line explosion, and none are UL approved for installation on fixed structures.  This is blatant in your face extortion to use their faulty product which does absolutely NOTHING to solve our energy problems, it is entirely about control. 3/30/2011

Japanese Government now admits to detecting Plutonium in soil outside Fukushima complex. Any contact with plutonium is instantly deadly. 3/29/2011

India pulls no punches reporting on severity of Japanese nuclear disaster. 3/28/2011

Germany is first to announce a stop to nuclear power.  But instead of buying the NY Stock Exchange, why not invest in totally clean energy? 3/27/2011

Birth defects from radiation are not funny.  The indiscriminate use of DU by the US has caused it in Iraq and back to WWII in Japan. Unreported leaks from ALL nuclear power plants caused even more death and destruction.
Now the nuclear power industry has cursed the planet with more of it by deceptively forcing this evil power source on the Japanese people and the rest of the world. 3/26/2011

The Reality Detached American. 3/27/2011

Wow. A dictator who does not need a teleprompter. 3/25/2011

Has at least some of the world has woken up to the folly of nuclear power?  This article in a Dubai publication shows the big money of the world now realizes the lies which originated from the nuclear power industry and is looking to invest elsewhere.  If you are one of those individuals, please contact me.  There are genuine clean technologies just waiting to fill the gap as soon as money finds them.  3/25/2011

The Vietnam war lead to 150,000 US soldier suicidesWill the Middle East be any different? 3/24/2011

New release from Linsey Williams now online full length. 3/23/2011

As Japan faces the horrible 3 step tragedy of Earthquake, Tsunami, then Multiple Nuclear Meltdowns, all started by apparent natural causes, the demons who run governments are now spreading MORE Radiation in Libya.
- - -
Nuclear energy has been demonic from day one.  Controversial Ben Fulford,
(who often says a few things I have a hard time believing myself, yet is frighteningly correct way too many times) posted this on his site:
It may be no coincidence that the nuclear reactors now exploding in Japan were all designed by the Rockefeller family controlled General Electric Corporation ... Recently a Rockefeller agent in Japan told me of a plan to build 500 nuclear reactors in China and then blow them up with an earthquake machine in order to “depopulate China."  It is critical to make sure there is no possibility of further active sabotage of the plants either by the use of human agents or else by the use of computer hacking. " 3/20/2011

Rats desert sinking shipAnd leave no life boats for the paying passengers. These are likely the same rats who financed this asinie technology, BUT REFUSED TO HELP DEVELOP ANYTHING SAFE. 3/16/2011

US 7th Fleet which includes Aircraft Carrier Ronald Reagan pulls away from Japan due to excessive radiation readings taken 100 miles away.  3/15/2011

Japan's earthquake broke undersea cables to S. Korea. Communications severely limited. 3/14/2011

Investigator Greg Palast uncovers some disturbing facts about nuclear reactors in both Japan and US. 3/14/2011

The reactor that exploded on 3/12/2011 was a General Electric Mark 1.  There are 23 of this design in the US.  An Atomic Energy Commission official tried to get this design banned 40 years ago3/13/2011

For the record, HAARP was operating during the initial earthquake, but shut down about an hour afterward. This truly may be coincidental, as the earth was also getting hit by the X-1 solar flare at the same time. 3/13/2011

If downwind radiation from Japan doesn't kill you,
TSA wants to

Repeating what we have preached here for 6 years:
  • Nuclear Power is Wrong
  • Centralized power for multiple cities is wrong
  • The above only exist due to bribed politicians in all countries.
  • There are MULTIPLE clean energy technologies that both work and can be localized for use rather that rely on a vulnerable power grid.
Nuclear power is DANGEROUSLY DIRTY to:
  1. create
  2. operate 
  3. eliminate
1. Mining uranium creates radioactive dust causing 500x normal cancer rates in nearby residents.

2. All nuke reactors leak tritium into ground water and are vulnerable to natural disaster like Japan is experiencing or terrorism.

3. Storage of waste is a political football, creating massive wealth to corrupt government contractors.

It is a rotten stinking tragedy that the country of Japan has become the testing ground for the work of demon possessed mad scientists from 70 years ago.

The decision to drop nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was made by occultists inside Skull & Bones working with other maniacs entrenched in Talmudic studies. Try reading the Talmud, it is as demonic as the Koran.

The decision to promote nuclear power was a conciliatory act by Dwight Eisenhower as he caved into pressure from the military industrial complex that he warned US Citizens about in his farewell speech.

Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

Bankers and their attitudes.  Watch the first minute of this bike rally in Brazil.  The driver of the black vehicle is a Brazilian central banker.  Comments by Max Keiser. 3/11/2011

Likely the kiss of death for US Dollar and US Government all securities...  Pimco, largest Bond Fund in the World, Rids Itself of ALL US debt instruments.
Pimco is a German organization.  The German stock exchange announced intention to buy the New York Stock Exchange last month in a veiled merger announcement.
The crack in the dam just sprung a major leak. 3/11/2011

All you need to know about the Middle East violence and gas prices in Europe and the US.
Linsey Williams interviewed by Dr. Stan Monteith at Radioliberty.

The Downside of currently used wind technology. Quieter designs now exist, but the types installed to date are not bird or neighbor friendly. 3/8/2011

Kramer Jct. California
California Gas 3-6-2011

Dirt: the Movie3/8/2011

China implements world's first 660 kV power grid.  3/3/2011

US firm General Atomics , Palmdale California,
sells Predator Drones to
a Muslim country - UAE.
Below: Northrop billboard for their model predator drone, the new meaning for Buy American.
Predator drone billboard

AbelDanger releases Video compilation of all video clips to date.
911: Live or Livery
$70 trillion of sovereign debt/business transferred from US Wall Street to City of London Bankers the moment the 2nd plane hit tower 2 of the WTC on 9/11/2001, yet no one suspects London City Banks of involvement, until now.
- - -
Ed Asner speaks out for 9/11 truth.

Major trucking firm with more than 10,000 rigs sends this message to all drivers over Qualcomm message system.
Fuel up now - warning to drivers

Linsey Williams: the sabotage and collapse of the middle east.
Tuesday interview w/ Alex Jones.
Wednesday follow up.

Here we go again. 
2/22/2011 Ridgecrest California.
GAs 2/22/2011
Gas aiming for $7/gallon in next 6 months
.  Oil insider Linsey Williams revealed OPEC plan to cut off all Arab oil by utilizing all the violence they are currently financing in the Middle East, then open massive American supplies, but keep prices sky high.  Audio
49 min

Report issued 2/17/2011 by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill.
BP Deepwater Horizon - Final Report
10 Min

Full Report, (398 page .pdf)
Choose Sections by Topic
- - -
Notable Quotes:
"As a result of our investigation, we conclude:
• The explosive loss of the Macondo well could have been prevented.
• The immediate causes of the Macondo well blowout can be traced to a series of identifiable mistakes made by BP, Halliburton, and Transocean that reveal such
systematic failures in risk management that they place in doubt the safety culture of
the entire industry."
- - -
But what about bribes to government officials, Halliburton/Cheney's involvement in removing safety requirements and gross corruption by Obama to keep banker's investments safe, at the loss of life and assets by the public?
Why isn't anyone in jail over this? 2/18/2011

Wall Street Criminals don't go to jail. (They own the private prisons) Rolling Stone hits nail on head again.
- - -
But Goldman Sachs is hiring,
if you speak Mandarin and are willing to work for $10/hour in Beijing. 2/18/2011

Just learned:
PGE Smart Meters are
NOT UL Certified.
The building code in California requires any electrical device that is permanently attached to a physical structure to be certified by Underwriters Laboratories.
- - -
Whistle Blower trying to stop the PGE Smart Meters was among those killed in the San Bruno Explosion last September.
- - -
Protestors successfully stopping installation by putting padlocked chickenwire around analog meters. 

The Pharmaceutical Industry reinvests 18% of its revenue back into R&D.  The Energy Industry invests only 0.3% back into R&D.
Energy R&D
Max Keiser comments.
Any wonder why we still burn the same gasoline for the last 35+ years? 

We primarily object to the banker/energy collusion.  But predatory banking in mortgages didn't help matters either. 
This 11 min animated cartoon explains part of their crimes.
This 30 min cartoon explains a bit more.
- - -
Remember all the Billion$ the Fed gave to German Banks and others around the world, expecting US taxpayers to pay it back?  Now Germany is trying to buy the NYSE with it. 

Pitchforks, Torches and Guillotines: All's fair in war on bankers.  Max Keiser 2/7/2011

EPA caves in to BP threats.  2/7/2011

One Major Victory against Smart Meters: Marin County California makes the installation of Smart Meters ILLEGAL.
Also challenged in Orange County CA.
Activist arrested.
More stories.

Wal-Marts in Mexico stop accepting US Dollars.
- - -
Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year
Get used to what the Yuan looks like that they flash in this music video, it may be our next currency. 2/3/2011

Max Keiser describes "fecal backed securities."  This sadly is the basis of the world economy under control of central bankers. Real substance has been usurped by phony controls and illusions. Necessary capital to develop clean technologies has been routed to the oil monopolies for a hundred years. 2/2/2011

The STUPID Smart Meters are not only inaccurate,
Smart Meter
Now revealed ALL, yes ALL the homes destroyed in the San Bruno California Gas Explosion September last year were hooked up with new smart meters.  The condition of long buried pipelines is also suspect.
Stop Smart Meters.
The September 9, 2010 blast killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes.  1/31/2011

Last admission from late oil executive, Ken Fromm, via Linsey Williams:  New violence in Egypt was planned by big oil to justify price increases, and to distract from crimes still in progress by bankers elsewhere.
Bankers sleep on a bed of oil. Remove their monopoly grasp on energy and world hunger can stop. There is no shortage of food or the ability to make more.  Contrived energy shortages allow bankers to demand higher prices for it.
Comments by Michael Ruppert. 1/228/2011

China pulls a fast one at White House state dinner.
Star Chinese pianist Lang Lang, plays anti-American tune to toasting bureaucrats ignorant of tune's origin.
Lang Lang White House

Michille Obama - Premiere Hu

Obama - Hu State Dinner

China does whatever it wants with nuclear technology. It sold special metals to Iran for their nuclear development. 1/23/2011

Who really owns BP?
The company web site breaks down ownership in a rather confusing and deceptive way, making it unclear who to blame for anything it does. 

This article points out many are involved. But as the drunk once said: "No one was driving officer, we was all in the back seat singing."

We now learn the Russian Government has become a large player, among all the other owners like JP Morgan Chase bank. 

A corporate structure can be beneficial to stockholders, employees and customers.  But multinational conglomerates turn a cute fuzzy caterpillar into a nest of cockroaches.  No single cockroach is liable when their nest spreads disease throughout your house. This nest of termites is poking holes all over the planet and ignoring any responsibility when they create disasters that bring down the entire structure. 1/23/2011

USDA tips Dominos Pizza...
$12 million.
  If Dominos provided vehicles and fuel to their drivers, I might understand, but they don't. The tip is to get more processed cheese on your pizza. 1/22/2011

Co-Intel.  WikiLeaks was initially just a PR stunt to get more funding to NSA and other agencies. It worked.  But the stunt threatens free speech for honest sites.  Any congressman who voted for funding to the bureaucrats and now wants to limit internet free speech is part of the scam. 1/18/2011

Lawsuit filed against the FBI. 
During the discovery phase of a suit against the FBI for wrongful death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, of which the family won, they also discovered an ongoing policy within the FBI to hide evidence if it ever implicated involvement of an FBI official themselves. This has generated another lawsuit filed this last week.
When will the US Government get the log out of its own eye, stop strip searching little old ladies and put their expensive resources to work capturing and jailing real criminals?

Affidavit by
Ricardo Ojeda, FBI investigator of OK City bombing.

Why is this story on an energy news site?  Radiation was measured after the explosion, but never reported to the public until now.  Just like the 9/11-WTC, multiple explosives were used, not just a fertilizer bomb in the street as we have been told. And the FBI now has a proven track record of protecting the bad guys, not protecting the public.

Why? Infiltration1/18/2011

The Chicago Mob in Washington DC, how crooked is Rahm Emanuel?  Video Interview of Wayne Madsen with names and addresses not seen on mainstream news.
58 minutes 1/18/2011

Energy - the Spiritual connection.

Energy is necessary for the advancement of contemporary society.  Restrictive control of energy restricts not only the advancement of society, but its productive survival.

We now learn the Arizona mass assassin, Jared Lee Loughner was not merely "insane", but he was both a Jew who belonged to the same synagogue as his one of his victims, and he was a Satanist. How could he reconcile that? Is he the only insane person to ever do that?
No.  People do that every day, belonging to one apparently good organization and also belonging to others which secretly worship Satan.
Masons, Skull & Bones, Shriners, Druids, Wiccans, Cecil Rhodes Society, and its spin offs, Order of the Garter, 
Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove are only a few.

Tragically, this is not just a habit of the uneducated and lower intelligence class of any society.

We find people on the board of directors of the most powerful ENERGY companies in the world as members of these organizations.  They have another agenda besides delivering gasoline to our cars and heating oil to our homes.
BP, Transocean, Slumberger,  Halliburton, Goldman Sachs jointly destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and brush it off as cost of doing business. The military industrial complex defends these mis-managed companies.  Why?  Military leaders and executives at the industrial companies that provide their weapons belong to the same organizations, with more loyalty to them than the countries they claim to serve.

We have to stop blaming the actions of OPEC on a specific nationality as that is as wrong as blaming all Jews for Jared Loughner's insane actions. We must acknowledge OPEC is controlled by Americans and Brits who are also members of Satanic organizations. Don't blame Americans.  I'm an American and trying to make a difference. But I do not follow any sinister organization that worships Satan. OPEC leaders do. Not one major oil, nuclear, natural gas or coal company follows the Golden Rule as taught by Christ to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If they dropped their greedy allegiance to Satan and followed Christ, we would see them all clean up their act, and shift R&D capital into clean energy and equitable distribution to those who need it.  1/16/2011

(For reasons expressed above)
When Politicians discuss "Clean Energy" technologies, the subject gets redirected to the least efficient of all known.
They never consider Permanent Magnet Power, Advanced Electrolysis, Cosmic Energy extraction or anything else we discuss here. 1/16/2010

3 year old boy develops kidney stones, as he measures 3 times hazard level of toxins from BP Gulf oil spill. 1/15/2011

(Some) Wind Turbines don't work in cold weather. Mostly those purchased by politicians. 1/15/2011

Obama administration issues report on the 2010 BP oil disaster. "Reforms Needed." 1/12/2011

Politically Related Murders
already this year.
  • Ashley Turton was a lobbyist for Progress Energy and Chief of Staff to Rosa De Lauro, who is married to a representative for Monsanto, which just acquired Blackwater/Xe.  Why would a seed company need to own the world's largest private mercenary military group?
  • John Wheeler worked with USAF and was consulting to Mitre Corp which has business with numerous black-op projects.  May have become an enemy of Dick Cheney in the B52 nuke warhead shuffle scandal.
And the Arizona massacre killed a Federal Judge, a 9 year old child, political assistants, maimed a congresswoman and many others.  1/11/2011

Media exposes it's evil roots.
The Arizona shooter had an alter to Satan in his back yard.  He was drugged to the hilt.  Yet major media with an agenda wants to blame conservatives, 1st and 2nd amendment supporters or anyone who challenges the actions of government, regardless of how evil a government's own actions are.
Anyone who makes light of Satan worship is insane to begin with. Skulls are a symbol of death.  Both Bushes and senator Kerry are members of the Skull & Bones cult, but media won't criticize them. Yet to major media it is a joke. When government protects Satan worship, pays for abortion, which is human sacrifice, denies citizen's rights to protect themselves, yet attacks innocent citizens with groping or dangerous X-ray exposure just to travel, then those in government have lost their right to rule.  When government enforces righteous behavior, it is endorsed by God.  When it enforces evil it loses that endorsement.
BP has committed a crime against humanity world wide.  The change of viscosity of the water in the Gulf, stopped the all important Gulf Current, which is now triggering massive deaths of both humans and animals and fish worldwide.  Yet no one from BP, Transocean, Slumberger or Halliburton is in jail yet for their criminal negligence.  The fact that Goldman Sachs placed put options just prior to the April 20, 2010 blow out shows complicity if not conspiracy.  Goldman is as guilty of the deaths as the others.  If they knew of a problem yet did nothing to stop it, that is a crime itself. Do BP and Goldman have an alter to Satan at their corporate offices? Their actions are more deadly than those of the lunatic in Arizona. 1/11/2011

Author of books about Fallen Angels, Tom Horn, had his home torched the first week of this year, 2011. 
Home of Tom Horn
Comments by Steve Quayle on Coast to Coast Jan 6.  1/11/2011

Liberal Smear Machine Backfires after gunman found to be occultist, pot smoking Left Winger. Arizona shooting showing elements of being a staged event to distract from massive crimes still in progress by banking and oil.  Gun control, DHS and TSA don't stop real criminals .  They oppress peaceful citizens.  Anyone practicing satanic worship is a real suspect.

Here come the excuses for higher gas prices.  Leak causes Alaska pipeline to shut down. 1/10/2011

Goldman Sachs wants your Facebook information and offers $450 million to get it. 
Audio comments by Max Keiser.
Remember:  EVERYTHING you post on Facebook becomes property of Facebook, no longer yours. Do you think 26 year old founder Zuckerberg will pay you a commission for all your work? 1/5/2010

Drones: One of the most evil technologies ever invented.
Northrop Golbal Hawk Drone
But this is where American R&D money has been wasted the last 10 years, instead of on advanced energy development.
Operators are just kids with video game mentality.
Even the US Navy can't keep full control of them.  One went loose into Washington DC airspace last August, only reported now.
The US used drones to kill 2,043 people in Pakistan in the last 5 years, mostly civilians.  Pakistan is a peaceful trading partner with the US. I just got an excellent pair of winter socks made in Pakistan.  Why is the US killing their people? Each "kill" is reported as hitting an "alleged" or "suspected" terrorist.  Never showing any proof of the accusation to a trial by jury or any level of respect for human rights.  Just somebody on Obama's enemy list.
And all the Pentagon comments about is how expensive drones are becoming to acquire. If so, why does the US Government pay contractors for golf games?
Dwight Eisenhower was right about the military industrial complex.  It has certainly run amuck.
US airspace is supposed to be sovereign. So is anyone's airspace. 1/3/2011

Some new laws in California for 2011.  Some good, most are off the wall (of a gas station men's room). 1/1/2011


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International Space Station offers spectacular view of comet Lovejoy.

Additional NASA images of Lovejoy in its close circumnavigation of the Sun.

It should be noted that the comet came closer to the surface of the sun than the Earth is to the Moon.  This is absolute prooof that comets are merely asteroid type rocks in a different orbit.  The dirty snowball theory is totally discredited. 12/24/2011

Paint-on Solar now working, but not as efficient as silicon.  12/24/2011

Hand held metallurgy lab demonstrated at PowerGen.
Verichek makes several analytical devices for working with metals.
- - -
Vibration analysis system demonstrated at PowerGen. 
tackles vibration analysis of motors from very small to very large.

PowerGen Las Vegas 12/13-15/2011
Daily reports from PowerGen in Las Vegas, Dec 13-15,2011.
Presented by:

A Diet Coke and Mentos powered car.  Is this the only thing the monopolies will allow as new technology? 12/12/2011

Carbon nanotube technology applied to window glass yields powerful benefits. 11/23/2011

Zayed Future Energy Prize announces 32 finalists. Winners to be announced January 17, 2012.
Zayed Future Energy Prize finalists

AMD announces 16 core chip. 11/18/2011

IBM nudges lithium battery technology forward using nano technology for increased surface area. 11/11/2011

Absorbent of radiation from large amounts of water accomplished by researchers in Australia. 11/4/2011

3D Printed Vehicle
3D Printer Technology crosses milestone. A WORKING Vehicle, capable of traveling up to 70 mph is "Printed Out."

Technology is great, so long as fools don't control it. 
Patrick Wood gives the history of the term Technocracy.

Upcoming movie releases worthy of mentioning.
  • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth release feature length documentary titled "Explosive Truth" LoRez version free online.
  • Atlas Shrugged available on DVD November 8, 2011
  • Thrive releases November 11, 2011 While our site does not endorse the "reverse engineered alien myth" we KNOW FOR A FACT advanced technologies have been suppressed and kept from public benefit. 9/14/2011

New Alloy raises efficiency of electrolysis. 8/31/2011

Plutonium 239 Can Be
and Has Been

Why won't governments do it?
My latest Blog

Startling imagery: for the first time ever, a satellite captures full profile image of a major solar flare leaving the sun the hitting the Earth. 8/20/2011

Aptera refunds deposits. Even though they are still in business, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any 3 wheeled electric cars on the road any time soon. 8/14/2011

Funny Hoax: Browser IQ study.
If you think the graphics on this page stink, stop using Internet Explorer. I design the page to look best on FireFox. Chrome sort of works too. And my IQ is too low to even try Opera.  8/5/2011

Fisker begins deliveries. But only to big shots. Rest of us still have to take a number and wait in line.  7/27/2011

Wide band antennae grabs wasted broadcast energy from the air.  7/27/2011

Best stress relief: A Roadrunner cartoonMaybe the reason Los Angeles recently replaced their Mulholland / I-405 bridge was due to the making of this cartoon (final scene).  7/27/2011
- - -
Roadrunner fans know its creator was Chuck Jones.  He now has an  exibit at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas. 8/28/2011

New technology to monitor tsunamis can yield earlier warnings. But can it tell the difference between a natural tsunami and one generated by an underwater nuclear bomb? 7/17/2011

Adult stem cell research advances. Researchers succeed in growing new teeth in laboratory mice. 7/15/2011

The long promoted "Flying Car" finally gets its license to drive. 7/8/2011

Technology History:  When Plexiglas was first discovered by the auto industry. 7/8/2011

Humor (sarcastic):
Long lost schematic to the infamous LuckyJoeAntiScatterMatterPapp Cell now located.
I think it was sketched on a napkin found behind a dumpster at Pink's Hot Dog stand near Hollywood, but rumors are difficult to verify, and I was just too lazy to ask. However, noted NBC skeptic
(Never Been Correct) verified its authenticity, but not necessarily its performance, as he didn't know how to read or measure it himself.

Google Earth is fantastic for both research and spying on anyone or anything.  An augmentation site will begin providing live images from the International Space Station. Will it offer the same censorship of military bases and Google executive homes like Google Earth presently does?  Time will tell. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. 6/30/2011

Humor: Bilingual cat.  Maybe I should ask, was this cat downwind from Fukushima?  6/26/2011

This short video lists some of the huge industries who don't want efficient electric cars to be developed. 6/18/2011

Hawaiian dairy farmers are first to acknowledge radiation problem. They are now adding boron supplements to dairy cattle feed. 5/27/2011

Big dollar universities make half step forward in better way to split water into its Oxygen and Hydrogen components.  But they have a long way to go to catch up with garage experimenters. 5/23/2011

Personal detoxification from radiation exposure.  Nothing can get rid of all of it, but these suggestions can minimize some of its intensity. 5/21/2011

40 KW Genset design announced by Raphial Morgado of Angel Labs.  It will use the MYT engine using biodiesel fuel. 5/20/2011

Improper electrical grounding can kill you or it can make you and your pets and livestock sick too.  This highly informative interview of Dave Stetzer, an Air Force electrical expert, elaborates on things we take for granted when operating any electrical device. His devices are for sale at his web site, Stetzerelectric 5/15/2011

As somewhat expected, the presentation below was a flop.
Nothing done in a home garage goes smoothly.  Big investors must stop wasting their millions on oil and nuclear, and begin supporting R&D in areas like this. Stop expecting a glitzy perfect product from spit and bailing wire investment. When things go wrong with clean energy, it is merely embarrassing, but when things go wrong with oil and nukes, many people's  health is affected or they get killed. 5/5/2011
- - -
(not yet an endorsement) but great news if true.
Water Fueled Vehicle, with 8500 miles of testing, to be introduced Wednesday, 5/4/2011 at 10 pm EST.



Phillips brings back the incandescent light bulb with improvements. 4/30/2011

New Substance Emitted From the Sun appears to be changing nuclear decay rates. 4/29/2011

More about the MYT engine. 4/29/2011

MYT Engine design ripped off by Russia.
Russia Version of MYT
Refusal by American Financial sources to support its development, now hands it over to Russian use.

NAB-Las Vegas 2011.
NAB Japan sentiment
The Japan disaster hits the broadcast industry hard.  Worldwide, the television industry uses Japanese cameras. The normally largest exhibitor to the show annually has been NHK, but had to cancel due to their own heavy losses.  Other camera equipment manufacturers admitted that even if their own facilities were not hit directly, their component suppliers were.
Solar power for broadcast industry
Solergy NAB 2011

Nuclear Remediation:  the technique of neutralizing radiation
Several methods have been proposed.  Tesla suggested an electronic method, Yul Brown proved his Brown's Gas could neutralize a small fixed quantity of radioactive materiel.  Only Yul's method has been proven in front of witnesses. But the disaster in Japan is releasing massive amounts of radiation.  Col. Tom Bearden has proposed with a provisional patent a method to neutralize radiation from a distance.  How much, and how effective is yet to be proven. 
Col. Tom warns it will require massive capital resources beyond one company or one university.  One corporation has shown interest in developing the process, but is seeking a fully credentialed nuclear physicist to lead the project.  One who is not sold out to Rockefeller monopoly energy control but wants to really help humanity by solving a true emergency problem.

If any reader knows either a nuclear physicist who want to get involved, or
such funding sources as accredited investors, corporate or foundation sources who wish to become involved in this much needed development, please contact me at the address at the bottom of this page.  Ed:CF

Warning about Potassium Iodine supplements:  Make sure you understand the dosage.
As more radiation continues to leak in Japan and fill the skies around the world, some iodine supplementation is necessary to protect one's thyroid, but it is possible to get too much of potassium iodine.  The iodine supplement I link to at top right of this page is a diatomic type of iodine and much safer than conventional potassium iodine.  Please read the information offered on its page before ordering.  Most western culture diets are deficient is basic amounts of iodine, so this form of iodine is a good safe nutritional supplement also. 3/25/2011

Bedini lawn mower
If expensive gas makes you mow the lawn less, John Bedini may have an answer
His upcoming conference in July is rumored to have even more and better devices to demonstrate. Expanded report from 2010 conference.  3/3/2011

Yale develops Anti-Laser material.  Also using phase cancellation like the technology below, it dissipates the incoming energy from a laser beam. 2/18/2011

Stanford University develops method for simultaneous transmitting and receiving at same frequency. 2/18/2011

While we watch for better electric and other types of improved vehicles, there is still one place on earth to see Ostriches and Camels race, at the
Indio Date Festival,
Indio California.  Feb 18-27, 2011.

How to get access and actually use a high powered telescopeNorth and South Hemispheres.  Now you can confirm or disprove all the "planet whatever" rumors, or see if Google Sky is censoring anything. 3/3/2011

Stan Meyer estate moves on.
The heirs of the Stan Meyer estate
have recently sold it to an anonymous buyer. The estate included not only the water powered dune buggy, but canceled checks and business records, along with scientific notes and documents.  The buyer is said to be someone already making hydrogen boost systems, but wishes to remain out of public attention at this time.  Orion Project made an offer about 2 years ago, but never raised the money to complete the deal, even though partial payments were offered by the seller.

Another video of Stan Meyer himself walking around the dune buggy describing its functions has surfaced.  Stan was a dedicated Christian and expresses his support of world evangelism also. The video was taken in 1992.

For anyone new to the story, Stan was poisoned at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Grove City Ohio in 1998.  Incompetent investigators interviewed everyone except 2 of the suspicious "investors" he had dinner with that night, who promptly disappeared. Stan's brother Steven was at the meal, confirming events.  Stan died in his arms, in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital.

We sincerely hope the new owners will bring this technology to market which has been suppressed way too long. 2/5/2011

Delta IV launch from west coast. 1/22/2011

Will the "Autonomous Taxi" end up laying off taxi drivers world wide?  If it malfunctions, will LAPD pull it over and beat it up like a cyber-Rodney King?  Did Raytheon design the guidance system with a QRS-11 gyro chip?  If so, no telling where it will take you.  If a 27 year old blonde can launch a Taurus 90 mph into oncoming traffic, killing 3, how much worse could a robot drive?  A LOT worse.  To error is human, to really screw up you need a computer. 1/18/2011

Toyota trying to reduce usage of rare earth metals in their motor magnets. 1/18/2011

NASA can't take us to the stars yet. But some places are so violent, we wouldn't want to go there anyway.  New levels of energy are now being measured coming from the Crab Nebula.
Crab Nebula

Li-Ion Motors makes Auto Show appearance following their 2010 X-Prize award. 1/12/2011

More astounding Solar imagery from NASA.

As we expect to see deliveries of more electric cars this year, from Tesla, Fisker, and Chevy, the sad admission is the only thing electric about them is the drive train.  The fuel for their electric consumption still comes from Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas and a small amount from wind and solar. 1/1/2010

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

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Organic Oil absorber  

Electric Cars
Batttery or hybrid now, but ready for the next generation of electric power.

Freeway Legal

High Performance

Tesla Motors -
delivering now TSLA
Battery Electric,  244 mile range
Tesla Roadster

Fisker - Karma
- delivering in 2010
Gas/Electric Hybrid,  300 mile range
Fisker Karma

Metro Runabout

- 25 mph limit

What would you do with $3 trillion?


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For anyone following the Iraqi Dinar fiasco, here are 2 sites to watch.


And if it ever does exchange at a new better rate, it has to show up on a legitimate FOREX exchange rate conversion chart.


Just remember, the rumors have been 100% wrong for years. But they only have to be right just once to make somebody's day.


because they are all classified as "High Risk."
It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to take a company public,
even to offer a penny stock on small exchanges.
Startups just can't afford that.

Don't expect to see anything really new until the financial monopolists who own Washington are changed.

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