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Updated 12/30/2012
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Natural Gas really is the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel, but ANY energy source has to be contained and controlledLeaks in Boston's hundred year old infrastructure system are posing both costly and dangerous.  12/29/2012

Potential energy, versus released energy.  Don't be standing in the way when released. Maybe an elevated water tank might be the ideal energy storage device after all. 12/29/2012

Calibration.  The latest CommuteFaster Blog addresses the issue of mis-Calibration and how it fraudulently redistributes wealth, creating poverty where there should be none and obscene wealth to the insiders implementing the crime to the unsuspecting masses.  It also makes things look much better or much worse than they really are. When anything runs amuck, re-calibrate. 12/26/2012

Fukushima is no better now than when the crisis hit on 3/11/2011.  Some talk show hosts are finally acknowledging the research initially done by Jim Stone that the quake/tsunami was not a natural event, but was an intentional atomic trigger on a known fault zone.  Done by who?  International bankers are the root of ALL wars.  Admit it or go live in a cave.

We have encountered 2 technologies that could SOLVE the Fukushima crisis.  But politicians don't want an answer.  The Paul Erlick cult appears to control the reasoning of those who control capital in the world.  Namely kill everyone off is their primary agenda.

The Kesh technology can ATTRACT radiation to a single point.

The Sonne Ward technology can IMPLODE radioactive material placed in a single position to the level of undetectability.

Implementation will cost well beyond what a private individual could afford, yet government remains silent.  Does the Japanese Government even care? I know the morons in Washington DC don't. 12/23/2012

Island fire story removed, proved to be a hoax.  Actually an old oil rig fire. 12/24/2012

Earth's magnetic polarity.
Earth polarity Alaska 12-15-2012
While lower latitude measurements remain stable, sensors at the HAARP facility in Gakona Alaska show a crossover took place around Thanksgiving and is remaining consistent.

Is this what is triggering all the violent behavior of already unstable individuals? Or is the shift in the Schumann Resonance Frequency causing the problem? Or do the 2 issues affect each other? 

A permanent link for live magnetic readings is just under the Space Weather box upper right. 12/15/2012

What are the true motives in Silicon Valley?  Technology is supposed to be a broad term encompassing many aspects of improving quality of life, but computers seem to monopolize the word.  Regardless, do the leaders of that industry have any different moral base than the energy monopolies? 
The Onion addresses the issue.
Silicon Sellout

TEPCO caught dumping raw plutonium directly into Pacific Ocean.  Reporter uses understandable profanity in this video report, having acquired leukemia himself since the 3/11/2011 event. Report is at 7:01 to 28:17. 12/9/2012

Radioactive waste, where you didn't expect it.  12/8/2012

Exxon Hates Your Children
Apparently "theOnion" writes public service announcements now.

Unnacceptible abuse of energy: Microwave weapons. 3 part video
Parts:  1   2   3  

Study proves Corexit made the BP oil spill 52x more toxic than the spill itself. 12/1/2012

Another solar company, Twin Creeks Technologies closes, leaving $26 million of Mississippi State loans unpaid. 12/1/2012

Alex Jones interviews Gar Smith, author of Nuclear Roulette. 12/1/2012

Stone mason discovers America has massive Hi-Tech, ancient history mislabled and ignored by major institutions that should know better. 12/1/2012

This is why we don't bore readers with long mathmatic formulas to try and prove some new technology:  MATH IS NOT PHYSICS. 21 min video 11/29/2012

When American soldiers ultimately realize how futile obedience to orders from tyrants were, this becomes the tragic result. Oil is NOT worth killing for, neither is Opium. 11/27/2012

Sorry to report violent energy suppression returns, but this time not to only the small inventor. Jesse Ventura did a program about directed energy.  One of his interviewed experts died 2 days after the interview.  More comments at my now updated Klooz page. Same suspects, but now the stakes are much higher than they were 6 years ago when I first started reporting them. 11/22/2012

Despite ancient prophesies of a late 2012 disaster,
Twinkie Henge
Twinkies may move to Mexico and Canada just like most American jobs.
Maybe the new ones will taste good with salsa or guacamole.
Twinkie trivia:  the mineral used to make the cream tasting center that never goes sour or stale is mined near Death Valley, California. Put enough sugar on it and even a rock tastes good. 11/21/2012

Another Oil Rig in the Gulf Explodes.
- - -
One body recovered, search continues for 2nd.

Nuclear waste?  US says ship it to Nevada, ship it to Idaho, regardless of what the residents of each state want.  11/13/2012 

The side effects of mining unobtianeum for clean energy usage. China bears the brunt presently, but as more deposits are discovered world wide, proper ecological management must take place.  11/12/2012

The horrors and tragedy of nuclear accidents are emotionally illustrated in the sand art of this artist from Ukraine, Kseniya Simonova.
Tanya Simonova

At least 48 killed in Guatemala 7.4 quake. 11/8/2012

Huge aerospace layoffs as adjustments made following election. But the NRC's budget was fat enough already to avoid furloughs. 11/8/2012

Fisker loses $30 million shipment of cars due to hurricane Sandy.  Hate to see their next car insurance bill. 11/6/2012

The author of the ONE study the entire vaccine industry uses to claim their vaccines had no correlation to autism, is now charged with fraud and is on the US "Top Ten Most Wanted" list. 11/5/2012

Major investors Thiel, Gates, and Khosla continue to throw money at ancient technology.  Now they act like they just discovered compressed air. 11/5/2012

The British Columbia 7.7 quake on 10/28/2012 dried up a natural hot spring in the area.  11/3/2012

3 1/2 million still suffer lack of power following hurricane Sandy. 11/3/2012

Is incoming radiation from Fukushima making sharks more aggressive? 2nd shark attack in California waters in a month. 11/3/2012

Brazil suffers massive power outageIronically, Brazil is the only country I know of with electric eels in their natural waterways. Time to start using natural resources instead of relying on government and monopolies.  10/28/2012

Fisker steps in to delay A123 Battery bankruptcy. 10/28/2012
- - -
16 Fiskers catch fire when drenched with salt water during hurricane Sandy.

Science has become a mission field.
As Keshe Foundation visits Sierra Leone to share their space and medical technologies, the reality of the nation's poverty becomes evident. Honest businesses need to consider establishing ties before the vultures invade what little the country has left. 2 videos at above link show the deplorable laboratory facilities at the nation's top universities.

Conversely, universities in the United States turn out what the monopolies that fund them want the victim students to believe. Truth has no relevance to agenda driven education in the US. Nor do schools take any responsibility to making students truly job ready upon graduation. 10/25/2012

NHK documentary video how radiation affects the plants near Fukushima. 10/17/2012

Louisianna sinkhole expands after local seismic activity.  10/12/2012

Gulf of Mexico contains millions of unexploded bombs and chemical weapons. 10/12/2012

Video maps all nuclear explosions in history along with nuclear waste locations. 14 mins. 10/9/2012

"...every 1 cent increase in gasoline decreases U.S. consumer disposable income by about $600 million per year." 10/7/2012

The only "mind reader" anyone should pay attention to. 9/30/2012

Al Gore pulls his money out of green energy investments, after losing millions.  Wind and solar are not innovative technologies.  But Al has no concern about improving the environment.  He just wanted control via his carbon credit scam. 9/29/2012

Fukushima - Personal radiation report.
- - -
Severly mutated corn grown in Oregon after much radioactive rain. 

Most of HAARP's data is available at their web site again, after being down for nearly 2 weeks.  9/27/2012

Suicides now exceed death by auto accident in the US. Christ has a purposes for everyone's life.  Don't let the morons who run the world get you depressed.  There are solutions for everything. 9/23/2012

Smart meter advocates getting hostile in Nevada. 9/23/2012

Data Centers are major users of electricity.  About as much as 30 nuclear reactors. 9/23/2012

HAARP web site denying data since 9/15/2012 - One week and counting.
- - -
Who's awake at HAARP?

The official HAARP web site has been either down or showing bad links for more than 3 days.  HAARP is said to be maintained by the US Military.  If so, why the sudden disappearance from the web?

By federal law, it is required to post operations, but that appears to have stopped.

A site posted here briefly claimed to monitor HAARP signal intensity throughout the North American continent.  But its posted image would stay up for sometimes over a week.  Obviously not a real time display, nor was it a site even being maintained by its webmaster, so I have removed it until it shows some genuine substance. Its WhoIs data showed it using a proxy domain service, so no telling who was running it. There are legitimate issues regarding HAARP, and lots of urban legends to match. We try to link to point of origin for most stories so you can discern for yourself. 9/18/2012

Dutchsinse: steam plumes in Southern California area. 9/16/2012

Shell quickly learns how risky drilling in Arctic waters is. Wasn't it only the Republicans who wanted to drill there?  Why did Obama approve it? 9/16/2012

Fukushima workers showing blood in urine. 9/15/2012

Fukushima Thyroid Abnormalities in Kids Now Up to 43%. 9/12/2012

Southern California: first it's vapor escaping near fault lines, now it is sulfur dioxide, rotten egg smell. Summary.
Dutchsinse Video
CF ed note: but gas and pressure releases usually prevent explosions, not cause them, unless it's natural gas or methane.  9/11/2012

Plastics, and the harm they do. 99 min documentary 9/8/2012

This summer's bizarre weather has had tornadoes where they don't usually occur, from a desert town near Death Valley, CA to Queens NY. 9/8/2012

Rivers turning blood red certainly make biblical issues come to mind. 9/8/2012

Starvation: the next big racket.
London banks are already profiting, but another atrocity is brewing. Certain leaders in China appear to be going along with a false flag attempt to drag them into WWIII for the only reason to kill off up to 800 million of their own population they can no longer control. Daily riots are getting so bad, even a communist dictatorship cannot control them. Just remember, if mass murder for population control is involved, there must be a Rockefeller pulling the strings, no matter what country it appears to originate from. Also remember China has massive dollar holdings from American trade and NO REASON to suddenly go to war with the US and devalue their investment. 9/1/2012

Philippines 7.6 Earthquake. 8/31/2012

Research continues, initial numbers are being reinforced with a larger study.  36% of Fukushima children are showing lumps in their thyroids. 8/27/2012

Natural Gas is the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel, but too much fuel in one spot makes it hazardous to transport. Pipelines crossing the New Madrid Fault Line are of serious concern. 8/23/2012

GE made $21 billion selling the world wind power, a 3,000+ year old technology.  But newer, better techs can't get sufficient funding to get them to market. 8/23/2012

Higher than normal radiation levels found at Treasure Island, San Francisco. It was Navy Base formerly used to train troops how to decontaminate ships for radiation. A planned residential community challenges safety.  The Paramount movie "Smile Like Yours" was filmed there in 1996. 8/19/2012

San Francisco addresses potential hazards of microwave signal from cell phone.  8/19/2012

Toilets sold at Home Depot and Lowes recalled as pressure regulators fail causing them to explode. 8/19/2012

Butterfly mutations continue.
- - -
Deformed butterflies showing up in Japan.

2nd Fisker self ignites in parking lot.  Engine area, not battery. 8/13/2012

Rainwater radiation readings in Ottawa Canada taken on August 5, 2012.
Not good.  8/8/2012

Chemo makes tumors grow8/8/2012

Martin Fleischmann of Cold Fusion fame passed away at age 85. 8/5/2012

More problems with GMO crops.  Tractor tire wear due to spear like stalks on the plants. 8/5/2012

GE Nuclear Power Plant Whistleblower reveals falsified safety records, insufficient construction, and early cancers at Fukushima.  49 min video  7/30/2012

Updated "Dead Scientist" list. 8/3/2012
- - -
Suppression of energy technology showing up again.
After a few years of silence, news of a plasma battery inventor showing up dead in a lake in Russia, as another inventor goes missing raises concerns. Rather convoluted story. Past suppression instances mostly traced to ownership control of a legitimate and powerful technology.

Just remember, Hillary Clinton was a patent attorney first, before becoming an international pain in the neck. She was the attorney of record for the QRS11 gyro chip.  Look that device's history up for some intriguing reading. Many high tech patents are known, yet hidden by the ones who own them. If a patent omits something important in the public listing, the owner assuredly knows the missing ingredient.  7/27/2012

Comedian David Letterman speaks out against "Fracking." 7/27/2012

Why is Iran getting harassed for wanting nuclear power, but this gets rubber stamped with no complaints? UAE, home of the Zayed Future Energy Prize to build not one but 2 nuclear power plants.  7/23/2012

Was "the Grid" ever efficient at all?  Toyota installs gasoline powered generators at its factories and continues business as usual, while taking much less power off the grid. If a gasoline generator is practical for local generation, imagine use of more advanced technologies discussed here. 7/7/2012

Lessons learned.  Large staff and large facilities can create unrealistic expectations when the product hits the market. Designing on a shoestring sometimes has its merits. 7/7/2012

The serious risk of aging nuclear reactors.  7/4/2012

Summer heat buckles highway in Wisconsin, traffic goes airborne. 7/4/2012

Home wiring.  Worst case scenario. 6/29/2012

A $50,000 prototype unit to be shown at Clean Tech Open was stolen from inventor's home on Monday June 18, 2012. 

It was a professional hit as security camera and alarm were professionally disabled prior to entry.  Police have been notified.

Reports are it was an electric motor showing startling torque from extremely small wattage. It had the potential of obsoleting every electric motor ever made. We are attending the conference and hope to have more details to post upon return.

If there is any humor to be found in this tragic story. Thieves also stole the wrong computer in the room and will only find e-mails to a roommate's girlfriend on it. 6/19/2012

June 13 update: The radiation spike recorded below was from a leak in nearby Palisades nuclear reactor in Michigan.
- - -
South Bend Indiana: Confusing reports.
A huge spike in radiation monitoring reported simultaneously
by 2 agencies caused immediate concern. But a day afterwards we are getting conflicting reports about its cause. 
First is denial, claiming it was just a sensor gone bad. 
Next, Dutchsinse reports there has been a substantial increase in natural radon from the ground throughout the midwest for several days and there may have been a single pocket of gas released near South Bend. 
But now a third version surfaces showing pictures of extensive military activity in the area. An audio recording of multiple explosions is also posted. Caution, that 3rd site uses Adobe Flash, so it needs your viewer to have current updates to work.  6/8/2012

56 years of tornado paths tracked on one image, gives a visual definition of how big tornado alley is. 6/8/2012

While wind and solar may be sustainable technologies, and hydrogen remains the cleanest combustible fuel, adding in a bank loan, yoga, and Hollywood glitz are not.  The sad story of Angel's Nest, New Mexico.  This is what it was before the money ran out and the banker got greedy. 6/3/2012

Maybe the last "service station" in the world. 6/3/2012

Shame on SONY. How much R&D money was squandered on this piece of junk?
A horrible way to destroy perfectly good AA batteries. 6/3/2012

14 months after the event, NASA posts satellite images of the Fukushima earthquake, but edits out the frames of the instant it was triggered. Look close at the 0:14 second point.  Several frames are obviously removed for it to glitch as it does.  What happened at that moment that the public is not allowed to see? Is that when the elusive undersea nuclear bomb went off? 6/1/2012

All 15 samples of Blue Fin Tuna caught off California were radioactive. Laboratory doctor interviewed 5/29/2012

This time an American Nuclear Submarine catches fire in dry dock.
May need to be scrapped5/24/2012

Banks and Financial industry are the 2 least trusted industries in the world. Thanks to massive environmental destruction and price gouging, oil & nuclear energy are not far behind. 5/24/2012

No level of radiation is safe.  New study reveals many hidden facts. 5/19/2012

The Pacific Ocean was already filling up with plastic debris before Fukushima. 5/19/2012

Fisker engine fire destroys garage, raising concerns of basic design flaws. 5/13/2012

Another reason to never accept chemo for any medical treatment, and if you did, not to drive in Connecticut. 5/13/2012

Auto legend Carroll Shelby passed away. Carroll attempted to release a Hydrogen only sports car recently but found both regulations and continued high cost of hydrogen to make it impractical with present politics. 5/13/2012

The most dangerous thing in the world is a fool with money.
47,500 cases of unique Polio in India since the Gates Foundation began funding vaccinations world wide.
Gates Vaccines
Can some one take this mislead fool aside and explain some truth to him?  Vaccines administered to monkeys developed autism. 5/10/2012

Prior to the Martin Marietta merger with Lockheed in the mid-90's, the F22 was an outstanding aircraft.  What changed?
Raptor cough.
Any coincidence Lynne Cheney was placed on the board of directors from 1995 to 2001? QC seems to have taken a nose dive during and following her tenure.  LockheedMartin also made the drone presently in possession of Iran, and only gives flimsy excuses why. 5/9/2012

Kyoto professors states: "there is no longer any such thing as safe food." Fukushima has contaminated the world. 5/5/2012

Chevron Quarterly Profits = $6.5 Billion. 4/30/2012

Free service now offered to test your auto's air cleaner filter for possible radioactivity.  An independent study will track air cleaner contamination nationwide and publish results.  4/22/2012

Solar magnetic flip may come a year sooner, as in now.
Text report.  Video commentary.

Difficulties with interstellar space travel, or why time travel in impossible. If you jumped to a different time, how would you know where you are at, or where the earth is? 4/22/2012

Excerpt from a NOVA documentary explains the severity and inevitability of a global magnetic shift. We provide links to current earth magnetic field reading in the top right of this page, under the images of the sun Lower latitude readings are presently stable, but as the above documentary shows, singular readings can be quite misleading as to the overall picture.  NASA or military may have those graphics, but I don't know where they are to post here. If you do, please send me a link to address at bottom of page.  4/21/2012

Finally, news of radiation from Fukushima is reported on a local Los Angeles TV station. 4/21/2012

Toshio Kimura
Tepco Leads Regulators by the Nose.
Former reactor operator at Fukushima explains how it was routine to falsify data on operation and safety reports at the Daichi plant. 4/19/2012

On November 15, 2011, a major gravitational impulse was observed originating from the Earth's core. Implications yet unknown.  4/19/2012

While recent solar activity has threatened many satellites, only one thus far is reported to have totally shut down. The French Envisat.  4/13/2012

8 minutes of a National Geographic documentary reveals what would happen to nuclear power if a worldwide CME knocked out all power grids. 4/13/2012

The 1959 Santa Susana nuclear disaster, just 35 miles north west of Los Angeles was hidden for years.  Details gradually emerge over time.

Parts:  One  Two   Three  

Radioactive Seaweed found in Long Beach California. 4/9/2012

French Total scurries for excuses as their North Sea gas leak continues. 4/9/2012

Known locations of large quantities of stored Depleted Uranium inside the US. 4/6/2012

North Sea Gas Leak showing indications of being worse than the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  This leak began March 25, 2012. The BP blow out was at the ocean floor. The North Sea massive leak is 3 miles below the ocean floor. Responsible company this time is French owned "Total." 4/5/2012

New TV Ad asks why SCE wants to restart the unsafe nuclear reactor at San Onofre ? 4/5/2012

Fox News reporter Shepherd Smith exhibits noticeable health issues after reporting from Japan right after the 3/11/2011 nuclear disaster. 4/3/2012

Fukushima radiation reaching the US worsens Rain in Los Angeles 3/31/2012 was 5 times normal background radiation. 4/2/2012

The Nerves of Steel award goes to....
(1.2 minute video)

Bomb Technician

Enormous vapor plume appears over northern Arkansas on 3/30/2012.
Arkansas 3-30-2012

Something appears to be extracting plasma directly from the sun's surface in this NASA video Narrated in Spanish, but with subtitles.
Sharper images, narrated in English.
- - -
Large triangle appears on sun's surface, but only visible in certain light spectrums.  3/31/2012

Japan is now down to one working nuclear reactor, from the 17 they had before March 11, 2011. 3/26/2012

The March 20, 2012, 7.4 Earthquake in Mexico appears to confirm a cyclical trend of approximately 188 days.  While the video linked to makes some expected New Age claims not endorsed here, the mathematical recurrence shouldn't be ignored. It should also be noted the video making the claims was posted on YouTube several days before the Mexico quake. Things in motion tend to stay in motion until acted upon by a greater force.  If the Earth is orbiting between known strong gravitational forces, a predictable cycle will be established, until it moves away from whatever that astronomical force is. 3/22/2012

San Onofre California.  An anti-nuke protest was held on March 11, 2012.
After the event, Japanese participants took Geiger counters to the public beach nearby and measured radiation as high as beaches in Japan only 30 miles from Fukushima. 3/15/2012

Wind farms paid to not produce. Nature can't be throttled. Wind, Solar and Hydro occasionally produce more power than needed.  The grid has NO storage capability. Of course this is stupid, but the grid was not designed to be practical. It was designed for profit and control of the population, not for service.  This is why we support independent power at each home. 3/13/2012

This 4 minute video asks an important question about Fukushima.  No one in any government agency answers it, not NRC, not USGS, and certainly not main stream news. Watch the images and answer it yourself. 3/12/2012

An American technician was in one of the turbine buildings at Fukushima when the tsunami hit. He retells the horror to PBS TV. 3/12/2012

Scientists still perplexed a year later.
An earthquake of that magnitude was not supposed to happen in Japan.
Debate continues as to what triggered it.
Yes, natural forces are known to build up at the intersection of major tectonic plates, BUT what triggered the snap? Why were many areas hit by the tsunami first, BEFORE ANY shaking occured?

Known facts are that:
1.  A "research" ship, the Chikyu, was working only days before the quake at the EXACT epicenter of the quake.  Reports in Japan claim technicians were told they were planting small explosives for research.  None were aware that today's nukes are SMALLER than conventional explosives. The same reports now claim 14 of 15 technicians involved have been murdered.  1 survivor is now in hiding, but has written a book on events.  A book only available in Japanese. Are these claims credible? I do not know. I don't speak Japanese and I wasn't there, but it does correlate to the forensic evidence compiled by reporter Jim Stone.

2.  HAARP was in FULL OPERATION that day.  NOBODY in the outside world knows for sure exactly what those powerful electromagnetic frequencies do. To claim it was not to blame for the earthquake is just as speculative as to claim it was. Even if it did not trigger the event, it very well could have made a bad thing worse.

3.  An Israeli owned security firm named Magna BSP had full access to everything at Fukushima long before the quake.  After the tsunami, Japan brought in emergency diesel generators to replace the damaged ones to get the cooling pumps operating again.
But nothing worked. 
Equipment responded as if the Stuxnet Virus had ruined all controls.  Stuxnet is widely accepted to have been a joint project between CIA and Mossad, allegedly against Iran.  Why did it show up now in Fukushima at the exact time of the tsunami?  HOW did it show up at that time? Stuxnet is not spread by the internet. It is installed by hands on access.  Who had that? ONLY an Israeli security firm...Mossad.

4.  Equally perplexing is 3 internet reporters I often link to are viciously divided on the cause. Most surprising is a still excellent news aggregator, Jeff Rense who loves to jump on every mistake Israel makes, often with justifiable cause.  But now he pulls a 180 and claims Israel/Mossad had nothing to do with Fukushima.  Why? In the midst of all the mud slinging between Rense, Makow and Rivera we learn Jeff Rense has been married 9 times.  That's more than Newt Ginrich, Cherr, or even Zsa Zsa Gabor. Was one of his ex-wives a Mossad agent threatening him now? Who knows? But the jury is still out on what triggered the massive disaster. We should be more concerned now about remediating ALL nuclear waste and making sure no psychopaths get their hands on dangerous toys like a nuclear reactor. 3/11/2012

X-5 Solar CME passes Earth, causes spike in earth's magnetic field. 
Live readings and report here.

New Madrid Seismic activity warning.
Again, but much more abundant
Multiple steam plumes erupt at sunset across 6 Midwestern states.

Death toll rises from cluster of tornadoes that marched through Eastern US on March 2, 2012.

Retraction: a photo posted here yesterday described as a recent tornado has been identified, as suspected, to actually be a volcano. It was sent to me with a false identification. Ed/CF/KR 3/5/2012

Radioactive debris
Radioactive Debris continues to pile up in Japan. 
Most is being incinerated, which become airborne particles that blow over the ocean to the US and beyond. 3/3/2012

Satellite images reveal 4 dormant volcanoes across 3 Midwestern states suddenly vented steam, all at the same time. 3/2/2012

Cliff High and his "web-bots" have been wrong many times before, but....
This claim is pretty serious, whether valid or not. I just felt readers should know this rumor exists.  If it happens, we were warned. He has had over a month to retract the claim, but still holds to it.  He sort of predicted Fukushima, but was off by 4 months on his date. According to him, it was supposed to happen in November 2010. You know what they say about a stopped clock... 2/29/2012

As radiation reaches 25 times maximum safe limits, physicist calls for total evacuation of all 30 million residents of Tokyo.  2/28/2012 

USGS takes 11 months to finally acknowledge that the Los Angeles area got hit hard with radioactive iodine and cesium following the Fukushima disaster.  USGS has been caught red handed before censoring data.  Now they suppress it for 11 months when the public should have been warned to start taking iodine supplements immediately. If you have not started yet, start now.  If you read this late report from USGS, you will see all parts of the United States are affected. 2/25/2012

Multi-billion dollar CERN project makes arrogant claims, proven wrong. 2/23/2012

Chinese study reveals a coal powered grid makes electric cars dirtier than gasoline powered cars. Wind and solar continue to make small contributions world wide, but thus far, there has been no concerted effort to store energy during peak production, windy, sunny time for use during night and windless time.  Something as simple as pumping water to a higher altitude with a gravity assisted pendulum would save some energy.  Perhaps better than any type of battery.  But who is doing it?  No utility that I know of. They continue to let peak production power go to waste.  2/21/2012

2 Endangered Golden Eagles found dead at Tehachapi California wind farm. 2/17/2012

Fire breaks out on Russian Nuclear Submarine while in dry dock in Murmansk Russia. 2/16/2012

The risks of transporting nuclear materials is little known to passing motorists. 2/16/2012

There is no designing for an accident like this oneBelieve it or not, the driver survived. 2/16/2012

Beach Mystery in Brazil. The sand is radioactive, very radioactive. 2/13/2012

2008, 90 min Documentary: GasHole
A bit dated information on a few topics, but has unique original footage of news events that brought us up to the oil controlled economy and its massive corruption we endure today. 2/11/2012

4 Minute report: The hazards of living near a microwave transmitting tower. With a smart meter on your home, the transmitter is on the other side of your wall. 2/11/2011

San Francisco:  Radioactive Cesium measured in milk 150% of EPA safe level. 2/8/2012

Byron Illinois Nuclear Reactor
Dutchsinse drives to Byron Illinois nuclear facility and takes his own readings
Why didn't major media do this?  2/8/2012

Flashback: 1977.  Wikipedia: Bechtel
the company was embarrassed in 1977 when it installed a 420-ton nuclear reactor vessel backwards at the power plant in San Onofre."  2/8/2012

Worker falls into reactor pool at San Onofre, swallows radioactive water.
- - -
Fire breaks out at 60 year old nuclear research facility in Moscow. 

Two women energy executives were murdered in their cars in the last year. This report exposes other oil-related murders in Utah.  What used to be violence against garage inventors has moved up the food chain to oil executives. 2/4/2012 

San Onofre site: multiple problems discovered. 2/3/2012

San Onofre California Nuclear Power Plant Closed Due to Leak. 2/1/2012

Power restored at Byron IL facility.
- - -
Ever consider how inefficient nuclear power is?  2/3 of its energy is wasted to keep it from melting down.
- - -
Nuclear Power Plant in Byron Illinois Loses Power.

Radioactive cloud detected passing over New Zealand. Fukushima radiation is entering the southern hemisphere. 1/31/2012

An associate in Hamer Idaho acquired a radiation badge last summer like the ones worn by workers at a nuclear power plant.  He reports it maxed out in 2 months.
- - -
30% of children tested in Japan now show thyroid abnormalities.
- - -
Infant mortality in Boise Idaho spikes.
- - -
Flu cases double in Japan as immune systems are weakened.

Radioactive material stolen in Egypt.  What moron would want it?  The objective pin heads is to neutralize it, not remarket it. 1/21/2012

Parking problem at your bank?  Consider what the Queen of England has to endure to park her Gold Coach and 8 white stallions when she goes banking at the City of London.
Queen's Gold Coach
But she does have her own drive up window.
Queen Drive Up Window

Hanford Washington nuclear cleanup running into problems. Hanford produced Plutonium for use as bombs for the US Government. 1/19/2012

Cesium from Fukushima now found in animals, plants and fungi in Finland1/18/2012

Pollution is bad enough from mis-applied energy, but your toothpaste could be leading you to a heart attack.  1/17/2012

Thyroid Cancer cases increase in the US.
- - -
Readers: Please begin taking iodine supplements immediately.

Dead Blue Whale washes up into Tokyo Harbor. 1/15/2012

Radioactive Tissue Dispensers recalled by Bed, Bath and Beyond. 1/15/2012

The host of Enviroreporter.com Michael Collins, was interviewed on Rense Monday 1/9/2012.  He reported taking a Geiger counter with him on a flight from Michigan to Los Angeles.  Background in Los Angeles has been reading 44 clicks per minute since Fukushima.  At 38,000 feet over St. Louis his counter read 1,238 clicks per minute. 28 times normal. Radiation is traveling in the upper atmosphere.  Rain merely brings it to the ground.  He recommends wearing a radiation mask on flights now.  He was the only one on the plane who was..  1/10/2012 

Radiation from Fukushima's Plutonium now measured in Lithuania. 1/8/2012

While Boeing recently got a huge order for 150  B737 jets, they are still laying off 2100 workers at the Wichita plant. 1/8/2012

2 funny, yet poignant video commentaries.
a typical bid for a government contract. Politicians actually buy this stuff.
uses the fairy tale of the 3 Little Pigs to prove a point about linguistics and their value.  Based on vocabulary, which house would you buy?  1/8/2012

While many businesses consider sending work to China to cut operating costs, consider this problem when having a "business lunch" with your prospective overseas partner.  I mention this here knowing several new energy inventors with insufficient R&D capital to do everything here in the US have had to send some work to China.  I know of one who had a violent local mafia confrontation trying to do business in Vietnam.  As bad as things are in the US, it can always be worse elsewhere. 1/4/2012

20 tons of dead Herring wash ashore in Norway. 1/3/2012

The Coal and Nuclear powered Fisker recall shocks the industry. 
All 239 vehicles sold thus far are recalled.  The Chevy Volt was a rush job, so problems were expected. But the Fisker has been under development considerably longer, so bugs like this shouldn't have happened. Reference to coal and nuclear because that is what runs the bulk of the grid in America which recharges the Fisker batteries. Yes, the Fisker can also switch to gasoline too, but how many more gasoline sports cars does the world need?  Electric cars are a start, but we want developments in creating the electricity.  Batteries are still a disappointment.  1/2/2012

Japan continues to get powerful aftershocks from last year's big one. 1/2/2012


Previous articles posted in

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Important reports

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
US Sailors sue TEPCO for radiation exposure.  Sailors getting tested on the USS Ronald Reagan following exposure while traveling through radioactive cloud from Fukushima.  12/30/2012

Newly elected government officials in Japan review a zero nuclear policy. 12/30/2012

Not long after the US announces its own exports to the world market, Russia announces a pipeline to the Pacific market.  Peak Oil has always been a farce.  But it remains a polluting fuel source, no matter how cheap it gets. 12/30/2012

The twisted pervert in the White House authorized 2 deadly drone strikes in Yemen on Christmas Eve. That is NOT the purpose for technology. His disrespect for Christianity is blatant.  12/29/2012

Police or military interrogationWouldn't it be nice if the real guys took a tip from a Hollywood script writer, instead of the psychopaths who use water boarding and other torture just to get information.  12/29/2012

Two brands lead the electric car market:  Tesla and FiskerWill either survive the 2013 economy?  Both aim at an upper middle class customer, but as taxes change drastically January 1st, will that customer even exist anymore?

Fisker had bad luck with hurricane Sandy doing a full salt water immersion test on a stock of their cars.  They all failed. That test has yet to be done on any Tesla cars. The bankruptcy of Fisker's main battery supplier, A123 gave them another sucker punch.

Both companies got close to a half billion in loans from DOE.  But government loans are proving to be a hot political potato.  Even when the loans are paid back in timely fashion, questions arise of which politicians were paid off to get the loan in the first place. 12/28/2012

Afghan insanity continues.  Leon Panetta admits on camera there are only 50 to 100 Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan, but we fired 333 Hellfire missiles at them via drone strikes last year. This OBVIOUSLY kills more innocent bystanders than bad guys.  Bad guys US TAX money CREATED in the first place during a prior insane administration. One drone pilot quits over the insanity.  Who else will start listening to their conscience rather than orders from a mad man? 12/24/2012 .

While it should be apparent to anyone there is no difference between the 2 major parties in the US, the one flying the Democrat flag stole control of the White House.  With several precincts showing every single vote for him, and none for his opponent, the use of Chicago gangster politics should be obvious to anyone with a brain.  Regardless, he continues the obscene wars and flagrant criminalization of US Citizens while allowing bankers to launder billions in drug money and even has the audacity to use US troops to protect the opium market from Afghanistan.

Even DOE continues to be politicized, squandering billions to political supporters, NOT viable technology innovation.  Legislation continues to increase taxation and control on the existing hydrocarbon energy infrastructure, while DENYING any capital to TRUE INNOVATION.

When Government spends heavily on bad technology, the private investor is scared off from taking any risk on what is actually a better technology.  NOBODY wants the US Government as a competitor. They own the judicial system.  If anything degenerates to a law suit, the private company doesn't stand a chance.  End of competition, end of innovation.  12/23/2012

Is NASA anyone's friend now? Look at their attitude about humanity they were originally intended to serve.

Quote from NASA document
, pg 8 titled
Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]:

"Spaceship Earth
The crew are:
-Plundering the ship's supplies
-Tinkering with the temperature and life-support controls
-Still looking for the instruction manual
-Engaging in bloody skirmishes in every corner of the vessel
-Increasing the size of the crew by 2 million PER WEEK"

Appears the Paul Ehrlick cult has taken control.

Global warming as Al Gore preaches is a total farce to support his carbon credit scam.... but ....
the planet does have a serious methane issue and leaking natural gas issue within old cities, not effecting weather, but definitely affecting the quality of air we breath. This video of Boston shows the problem. It has also been discovered fairly recently that the ocean bottoms at great depths are covered with frozen methane.  Any abrupt temperature change could release massive amounts. 12/14/2012

Major Racey Jordan. You won't understand the Cold War or any of the stupid things that resulted until you hear this 1 hour lecture he gave in 1963.  Absolute proof Washington DC doesn't have a clue what any agency is doing to sabotage the actions of other agencies. In 50 years, little has changed and nothing has gotten any better. 12/11/2012

California, like most politicians, uses "Green Energy" as a facade for tax control, not clean air. They now consider a carbon tax to follow the Al Gore scam. 12/11/2012

Requiring utilities to purchase renewable energy is only one part of the debate.  Allowing them to choose which renewable energy source is the topic New Mexico is presently debating. Solar has long been required, but there will soon be better ones from which to choose.  12/8/2012

The Original Three Stooges knew bankers caused wars back in the 40's. 
Parts 1  2

DOE issues $120 million to Argonne National Labs to create a Battery Research Center.  While abusing the cliché "Manhattan Project" they neglect to look at the gross inefficiencies of electric motors used in all electric cars. There are now 3 known technologies that use 30% or less of the current needed by conventional motors, but inventors have thus far, been unable to obtain funding.
The center will be located in Chicago but will collaborate with several national labs and private research groups. 12/5/2012

Iran captures 2nd US built drone.  But US military denies losing one. So who was operating it and how did they get it?  Israel is a good guess. 12/4/2012

Aviation legend Burt Rutan addresses the global warming scam. 12/1/2012

Heist, the movie. 12/1/2012

The Same organization that granted statehood to Israel in 1948, now grants statehood to Palestine. Neither time did they consult all of scripture.  According to  both old and new testaments, the land belongs to neither, as neither continue to follow God's Law.  Until the real messiah returns to rule it, it's up for grabs to the strongest military power. 12/1/2012

Too many tourist cameras caught this event last year to laugh it off.  But joy riding your space craft over the Dome of the Rock, surrounded by trigger happy Israelis could start something bad.
Jerusalem UFO

Jerusalem UFO - c

Mehran Keshe has acknowledged this as his technology, but not who owns the specific craft seen in the video. While US, China and Russia have only recently officially accepted copies of the technology, it is known all 3 countries have been studying the technology somewhat secretly for years.  So no telling who's craft it was.  But it is MAN MADE not some space alien. 11/29/2012

Guess who makes more from a $4 gallon of gas? The oil companies or government? Lesson 1, lesson 2. 11/27/2012

Sad 3 minute animated history of a piece of dirt at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, it's pretty accurate. 11/27/2012

In Colorado, pot got more votes than Obama. 11/27/2012

Webster Tarpley travels to Syria and reports main stream news of killings are blaming the wrong partiesMossad and international mercenaries are sniping innocent parties on both sides. Economic sanctions by NATO means people cannot heat their homes in winter.
- - -
Hamas Rocket strike
Hamas rocket
Israeli Missile strike
Israelie Missile strike

And in Gaza, more than 2/3 of the deaths are Palestinians, not Israelies.
The Entire Middle East is one big STAGED FALSE FLAG by bankers wanting to start WWIII.
In a CNN Skype interview, as an Israeli claims they don't bomb civilians, the live guest  on the other side of the screen,
speaking from his home gets blown off his chair by an Israeli bomb.  11/22/2012

Big Oil refers to an ongoing, hundred year old "Shell Game" which reveals it's close affiliation with banking. 11/18/2012

BP settles at $4 billion for criminal charges related to Gulf oil disaster.  Only a few months profits for them. Criminal negligence like this really has no right to stay in business as it continues to threaten humanity and other living creatures around the planet. 11/15/2012

Linsey Williams warned us the last several years.  Now, main stream media reports the US oil industry has no shortage, but is now to become the world's biggest oil producerSeems lying is perfectly acceptable in oil and politics.  11/13/2012

Big Bird got to keep taxpayer money, but the Energizer Bunny has to cut back hours due to Obamacare.
1500 of his co-workers got pink slips.

Energizer Bunny Rabbit

Now that waste-king has been re-elected, NASA announces Mars Mission, using of course, conventional rockets. Expecting the ignorant masses to not believe in anything else. 11/11/2012

Fluor Corporation Sued for using Government funds to lobby for nuclear. 11/9/2012

Coal Power Generation just got Eight Times More Expensive. Any alternative power source just became viable. We wanted alternative energy to earn its way into use, but the Democrat juggernaut is now forcing it on everyone via carbon taxes.  Let's hope some honest clean power gets to market, not the political favorites of the last 3 thousand years.  11/7/2012

Tesla Coil debate
The future of political debates?
Another use for 2 Tesla Coils. 11/6/2012

Not many world history documentaries cover most all bases. This one is the best I've seen. The term Oroko is Japanese referring to scales dropping off one's eyes. You won't understand any world politics if you don't know the basics covered in this video. Several connected dots I didn't know.
87 minutes 11/5/2012

Did Bush and Obama start another Opium War with China? Use in China is on the increase so much, other countries are beginning to grow it to meet the demand. British bankers started it the first time, we now see who Obama an Bush really worked for all the time.  Myanmar is now #2 in production following Afghanistan.  Will Obama or Romney invade Myanmar next? 11/2/2012

Why did YOU pay more income tax last year than CEO's of GE, Verizon, Bank of America, Boeing or Goldman Sachs? In some cases you paid more than the entire corporation paid.  A tax system set up by both Republicans and Democrats created this nightmare. Repeating the same mistake of keeping them in power and expecting improvement is insanity.  And it's not just the mega-corporations.
- - -
For every ONE new job created last year, 75 more people went on food stamps. Without electricity, New Yorkers cannot buy food with Foodstamps.
- - -
We endorse garage inventors here, but when corrupt bankers take homes, there are no garages left to invent in. 11/2/2012

Italy becomes next country to accept the Keshe space technology.  Does this mean the Vatican bank can now finance its development?  Sierra Leone is massively restricted for lack of both capital and resources, even though it has now been given the technology.
- - -
Keshe elaborates about NASA blocking their website access from NASA computers. 10/28/2012

Probably the best phrase used in the 3rd party candidate debate pertained to the student loan crisis.

- - Guaranteed student loans are not a gift to the student, they are a gift to the bankers. - -

Candidate Gary Johnson pointed out guaranteed student loans allow colleges and universities to deliver low quality education with no concern about getting paid for what their product is really worth. Can graduates really find employment with one of their degrees?

Is was asked how free public education should be funded through graduate level? A commentor below the video link pointed out "property tax" was the result of grades 1-12 free public education.  That eliminated alloidial property titles, so no one now owns property in the US.

Important topics not touched upon by either 3rd party debate or the leading 2 clowns:
  1. Abortion
  2. Fukushima radiation
  3. Netanyahu's terrorist threats against Iran/funding to Israel
  4. Massive unemployment caused by a horrifically corrupt banking system with no banker yet brought to justice.
  5. Arrest of past and present White House residents for war crimes.
  6. Clean up of the Gulf of Mexico from BP's gross incompetence.
  7. TSA and DHS gross violations of human rights within the US.
  8. Human life abuse by FDA, AMA and GMO foods.
  9. Horrific corruption in the entire Nuclear Regulatory Committee that does nothing about nuclear waste, along with Public Utility Commissions throughout the country that force Smart Meters on the population
  10. A REAL investigation of 9/11 with criminal prosecutions
  11. Elimination of electronic voting machines.
It's quite disappointing that even the 3rd party candidates wasted time mentioning an agenda by the LGBT group of perverts. What relevance is that to humanity?  None.  It's an agenda topic and has no place regarding America's responsibility to the world.  10/25/2012

Obama's phony green investments are merely political payoffs to friends, NOT true clean energy investment.  Look at this list of failures and try to find ONE truly innovative energy development.  There aren't any.  He only spends money on 3,000 year old technology, nothing new that works. 10/25/2012

Donald Trump offers $5 million to charity of choice if Obama releases all college and passport records. 10/24/2012

Keshe Foundation officially delivered full space technology to the government of Sierra Leon on October 15, 2012.  American politicians being owned by companies that have invested billions in old technology of course deny anything about the technology.  Example: use the widget link above to see who Senator Diane Feinstein's biggest financial contributors are. Then ask yourself if she would ever support a cheap energy alternative technology? Keshe is offering a 4 KW power unit for about 5,000 EUD FOB Belgium. No fuel necessary. 10/22/2012

Romney locks in 5 states by having Bain Capital buy their voting machines Rumors of Obama having George Soros' Spanish company count America's votes refuted. 10/22/2012

Romney profited millions by GM bailout.  First by using insider trades, then moving profits to a tax haven off the shores of France. 100,000 jobs are now overseas, taken from the US, and profits now untaxable. 10/18/2012

Obama is financed by Law schools and multinational law firms or software companies with a privacy invasion history.
Obama top ten supporters
Romney is financed by bankers who already stole trillions and still want more.
Romney top ten supporters
Both show offshore funding, that is illegal.
Neither show any respect to the common US citizen.

America loses with either one.
Track any other politician's top ten donors.
No matter how you vote, the winner will only listen to their largest financial supporters. 10-17-2012

Romney Exposed. Video  41 mins 

Green Energy is Great, unless a politician supports it.  US Navy pays $27/gallon for biofuels. 10/16/2012

Lithuania REJECTS Nuclear power. 10-16-2012

Battery maker for Fisker cars files bankruptcy after receiving a $249 million Federal grant. 10/16/2012

Australian DOD reviews Raphial Morgado's MYT Engine design. 10/14/2012

Video: Son of an Israeli General reveals what really happened in the legendary "6 day war." Nothing close to what US Media reported. 10/14/2012

Investigative reporter Greg Palast  discusses massive coverups of major energy stories.
  • San Bruno natural gas pipeline was known to have problems but software changed to hide facts,
  • BP had been ignoring safety warnings on the Deepwater Horizon for years,
  • Chevron environmental crimes in Amazon kill children.
  • Guess who NPR's biggest donors are? 10/12/2012

Real unemployment in the US is 1 out of 5, not 9%. 10/12/2012

Keshe issues warning to US, France & Israel. Apparently China and Russia attended his space conference back on Sept. 6, 2012. The US did not attend. 10/10/2012

These Guys 10/7/2012

Nuclear Balance?  The biggest danger to Americans NOW is from Fukushima, followed by America's own nuclear stockpile and what would happen if affected by either sabotage or natural disaster. But Netanyahu and Romney want to go to war with Iran to prevent them from having the power they seem to  approve of everywhere else on earth.  10/4/2012

The number of Presidential candidates on the ballot in all or most states is actually FIVE
Here is why you only see 2 in the debates.

Many Jews live in Iran.  Why do Netanyahu and Romney want to bomb them?
Rabbis meet President of Iran
 Look who met together in New York recently.  10/4/2012

Pix from Ma... Studio C. 9/30/2012

Native American tribe of Lakotah secedes from the United States. Cites major natural energy resources. Under control by the US, their average life of male is under 44 years, females 47 years, infant mortality 200X national average in US.  TB, polio and other diseases are returning.  Policies written to mistreat their tribe have become the same policies used to mistreat others throughout the world as the US government and its allies invade other countries.
- - -
Rebuttal, from another tribe.   9/29/2012

Now uncovered: US Army did massive radiations tests on the public during cold war. 9/27/2012

Senate votes 90 to 1 to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
Senator Rand Paul calls this a default declaration of war. 9/23/2012

Bad enough UAE and Saudi Arabia are buying 20 new nuclear power plants, but... THE US IMPORT/EXPORT BANK IS FINANCING IT!!!!  WHY? 9/23/2012

F22 squadron suddenly deployed to Hawaii. 9/23/2012

EU Rejects Full Body Scanners.
Yet they remain in use throughout the United States. 9/18/2012

Retired Marine Intelligence Officer David Steele offers advice to Obama and the rest of us.  Points well taken and why I pay attention to a public citizen group named AbelDanger9/16/2012

FDIC Files Lawsuit Against:
  • Countrywide
  • B of A
  • Deutche Bank
  • Goldman Sachs

Same old warmongers beating the war drums against Iran. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. BUT... push even a domestic animal to its limits with unjustified threats, and watch out. 9/11/2012

One of the victims of the mystery murders in French Alps was founder of a spy satellite image tracking network, and likely got compromised. 9/11/2012

Chinese leader disappears after canceling a meeting with Hillary Clinton. 9/11/2012

Japanese Minister of Finance commits suicideToo many nuclear bribes to explain? 9/11/2012

drug plane - Honduras
Apparently someone still has money to buy illegal drugs, because they keep coming in.
Wonder why a DEA agent was on this particular flight? Plane loaded with cocaine shot down in Honduras. 9/11/2012

If you can't beat them, hire them.  Nigeria hires former militants to guard oil pipelines. 9/9/2012

Drones are NOT a defensive weapon. They tie with land mines for their indiscriminate murder of children.
- - -
29 killed in 8 days, including women and children. Obama shows no respect for human life. 

Who attended the September 6 Keshe presentation to governments held outside Brussels Belgium?
Unconfirmed rumors say Russia, China and one or more countries from Africa were guests. Most notable by their absence were Canada, Great Britain and the United States. Refer to the 9/2/2012 video interview for expected reasons. Keshe implied the mega-corporations that control these 3 countries have invested too heavily in bad technology to consider anything that would obsolete it. At the moment, he appears to be correct. 9/6/2012

NASA got caught messing with color before, and now again. Why are they perpetuating a lie? Mars' sky is blue like ours.
Real Martian Sky
- - -
If this is a comet, it's a weird one.
- - -
Neil Armstrong funeral held during blue moon.  9/1/2012

NATO escalates Syrian hostilities, while UN rejects declaration of war. 8/31/2012

Sanity test.  If you disagree with this guy on anything, you are not sane. If you vote Democrat or Republican next election, you are not moral. Please start to remember the name GARY JOHNSON LIBERTARIAN New Mexico twice proved it had both brains and morality, regardless of voter registration claims. How about the entire country doing the same.
- - -
With a single vote for Gary Johnson, your vote counts THREE WAYS.

If you use electronic devices,
and you are now to read this,
you have no privacy.

Chosen? Chosen for what? 8/27/2012

GM sales are up, but 79% is to  governmentGM makes military vehicles too.  Did they make the trucks and tanks seen below?  If so, is Obama giving  them to Muslim countries just to make GM books look good? 8/24/2012

Red Crescent
Abnormal amount of major military equipment is now being observed throughout America. 
Take note of the paint jobs and symbols painted on the vehicles. Why?  8/23/2012

DHS criminal record. 8/23/2012

E-mails show DOE was covering up issues with Solyndra even before they declared bankruptcy. 8/19/2012

Obama kills another 21 in Pakistan, including women and children.
Click to enlarge. 8/19/2012

A North Korea propaganda documentary gives a compelling reason to trash your TV set. 8/19/2012

Paul Ryan
Click to enlarge.

19 Nuclear Reactor Licensing decisions frozen by NRC due to court order. 8/8/2012

Dept. of Energy (finally) invests $43 million in energy storageNoble goal, but who will actually get the money? Same criminals as the past? 8/6/2012

Belgian physicist Mehran Keshe cries out for sanity from world leaders. Lies about Iran are not helping anyone. Banning clean energy technology from everyone is just as bad. 8/5/2012

Both Bush and Obama gave trillions of dollars to their banker buddies.  Iran hangs 4 of theirs.  8/5/2012

Your tax dollar subsidies pay for the actual cost of a Chevy Volt ($250,00) so the consumer can get it for a lot less.  8/5/2012

While bankers continue to rip off the world, a few arrests are made in the biofuel industry.
- - -
Former Wells Fargo CEO speaks out agains regulator corruption. 

Several thousand protest nuclear power in Tokyo. 7/30/2012

World leaders in action.
And some moron elected these guys?
No civilization anywhere is that stupid. I guess this proves no election on the planet is legit.  7/27/2012

Smart Meter Backlash continues.
"They're not smart, they're not green, and they're not safe and they're not legal."

If Obama keeps using drones on wedding parties and innocent bystanders, any wonder why  Afghans respond this way? 7/23/2012

Relatives of 3 Americans killed by drone strikes suing CIA and US Government. 7/22/2012

Don't you just hate it when a deranged psyco kills innocent people in a theater (of war)? About the same body count with each drone strike.
Instead of gun control, why  isn't congress discussing DRONE control?
I don't beleive any mentally deranged individuals should have them either.


Ignore TV.  Ask a real Israeli how they feel about Iran.  Then ask real Iranians what they think about Israel. 7/21/2012

Refusal of Smartmeter installations getting serious.  Homeowner had to pull a gun to prevent forced installation7/19/2012

Trillions to bankers, ZILCH to energy innovation = Washington DC goes dark for 4+ days. Poetic justice. 7/4/2012

Ironic California's governor is named Brown, as that is the color the San Joaquin Valley has become.

The view along Interstate 5, formerly green as far as you could see.
California Dust Bowl

California Dust Bowl

California Dust Bowl

California Dust Bowl

California's coast line is the Pacific Ocean.  To desalinate and pump throughout the state only takes clean, cheap energy.

But who's willing to invest in that?

Iran reports they caught the killers of 2 of their nuclear scientists. 6/29/2012

Another Solar Company defaults on a $400 million DOE loan, sticking taxpayers with the balance owed to the banks.  When will politicians fund genuinely efficient and innovative technology instead of political buddies? 6/29/2012

Electricity 101: Plug it inDoes TSA even look at the names of who they hire? 6/29/2012

Airline from Down Under, may go under. 6/29/2012

Oil lobby wins again. 
Pentagon prohibited from going green with anything. 6/29/2012

Even China awaits the "magic bullet" for electric cars.  Presently everyone seems to be blaming the battery. But the last word has not been written on electric motors yet. Expect to hear something startling after Clean Tech Open in June. 6/8/2012

Nuclear is never safe, especially when government gets involved.  6/3/2012

Amazing what bad management government agencies, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley condone when they see a few billion bucks they can rip off investors. Would any normal business have any customer loyalty when the founder talks like this about his entire client base. 6/3/2012

The US economy continues to falter, getting no support from bailed out banks, because they are still reaping in massive profits from drugs, and government continues to prosecute the wrong people. No legitimate business can show profit margins like that, so none get financing. 6/3/2012

US Drone kills 8 in Pakistan. Obama continues his kill list. 5/29/2012
Tesla offered us clean energy, but political money chose nuclear power and other monopolies.  The rationale behind these horrific decisions were more than simple greed, they all had dark religious underpinning. None of nuclear's founding scientists had any respect for Jesus Christ. That in itself should explain the evil outcomings. 5/29/2012

Extorted compromise.  For $75 bucks plus a monthly charge in California, you can opt out, and continue to use the same analog meter they've been using for years.
Opt Out Analog Meter
The battle continues in Maryland.

Petition started at White House.gov to shut down all American nuclear reactors having the same design as Fukushima, the GE Mark I. 5/19/2012

Losing your local postal service? For the record it was intentionally sabotaged during the Bush administration, and continued during Obama's. Neither seem to care if you get your mail. 5/19/2012

Now confirmed by Commutefaster, it is California State Law that requires ANY electrical device attached to a structure to be approved by the Underwriters Laboratory.  UL

Every licensed electrical contractor in California must know this to get a license.

But the Public Utilities commissioners voted to order the utilities serving the state, PG&E, and SCE to install the known fire hazards which do not have UL approval on everyone's home.  This is a direct violation of California law.

Commissioners are appointed by the governor of the State. Some were appointed by Swartzenegger, and some by Jerry Brown.  No energy skills or aptitude is required for the job, just be a buddy of the governor in power for a cushy, good paying, bureaucrat job.

Remember these faces.  NONE of them care if your home in California burns down. (click to enlarge)
CA Public Utilities Commioners

And always remember this image.
Smart Meter Fire

Electrical main fires are the most dangerous because there is no circuit breaker to stop the arcing.  The utility company has to come out, climb a pole and disconnect live wires to stop it.  In the mean time the fire department can do nothing. 5/13/2012

Rand Paul takes on the department of Energy and Natural Resources. 5/13/2012

Operation Hot Mic Is there any truth to the rumor 30,000 Russian troops are coming to Denver for anti terrorist training from May 24 to 31? If so, I wonder who invited them? 5/10/2012

Mr. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation clarifies which executive order issued by Barrack Obama affects his technologies and why. Mr. Keshe has many doubting critics around the world.  So why is the president of the United States of America issuing executive orders against him? 5/9/2012

We have reported before on the scandal of Solandra and other DOE political fiascoes which cost the taxpayer million$ and billion$.  But I didn't know myself how bad the Solandra event was until listening to the April 28, 2012 2nd hour interview of Brian Sussman by Erskine. Solandra burned up a Billion dollars of investor money before they then got massive further funding via DOE loan endorsements.  All using KNOWN TO BE OBSOLETE technology. The ENRON mentality sill exists. 5/9/2012

Characters in various departments of the US Government seem to WANT a civil war. But this is not a race war.  This is greed versus civility conflict. See the ENRON documentary below. Goldman Sachs is many times worse, yet continues to get slaps on the wrist as all the power in Washington continues to do anything they demand. Will anyone in Washington say enough is enough, and begin doing the jobs they are paid to do?  5/6/2012

An excellent documentary about ENRON is currently playing on Hulu.
But it says noting about the mysterious death of Ken Lay, or the fact that all of SEC's prosecution records were stored over in Building 7 at the World Trade Center and intentionally destroyed when the building was demolished. 5/6/2012

High Mileage cars are BANNED from being imported to the US. No question that Big Oil owned George W Bush, but they also own Barack Obama.   70+ MPG cars made by Ford or Volkswagen are readily available in Europe. 5/5/2012

Despite several California local governments making the units illegal, power companies SCE and PG&E aggressively continue to force Smart Meters on the public. 

Local confrontations with law enforcement are occurring.

Smart Meters are NOT UL approved.
Thus installing one on your residential structure can invalidate your homeowner insurance.

Smart meters do not save any power, but rather waste power just to run themselves. 2 residents in California are known to have died shortly after units were installed on their homes. So health effects are in serious question. Yet the power companies remain in total denial. Other malfunctions have resulted in fires causing total destruction of the structure. 5/5/2012

One Global Warming alarmist repents
The universe is electro-magnetic in nature. Weather is affected by the sun, which is affected by comets, planets and other stars. Anyone claiming CO2 caused climate change is an asinine fool. The CO2 Carbon Tax is a scam invented by Al Gore and his criminal associates at Goldman Sachs to try and tax every breathing human being on the planet. Only money worshipping vermin would invent such a thing. 5/5/2012

My April 16, 2012 Blog reported on the amazing inventions of Iranian born physicist Mehran Keshe. As many of us wondered if he could deliver on claims, Mr. Keshe held a meeting in Belgium on April 21 to demonstrate them and offer his technologies to the world.  The result? On April 23 Obama issued an executive order mislabeling all of Mr. Keshe's work as terrorism and causing "grave human rights abuse" inside Iran, and thus making use of his technologies a Federal Crime subject to imprisonment. 2 of his proven techs were cures for MS and ALS.  But curing people is against Obama's religion.

Mr. Keshe posted this on his website:
Important notice
Through presidential decree signed into law by His Excellency president Obama early this week, with this decree now the technologies developed by Keshe Foundation and similar to it for space technology and their use by other Governments has become a criminal offense.

Which, this means that scientists from this week cannot release their technology to public or any governments any more unless is beneficial for use in war and in benefit of western arm manufactures nations.

We do not accept such castration of science and we ask the United state of America's government for clear clarification of this decree by the White House.

Is this law to silence the Keshe Foundation and other research organizations or can American bring pressure that only their technology can be accepted throughout the world.

This act of the presidential decree is against international scientific freedom for development, research and information sharing and this is a gagging order of scientific organizations like ours.

Please inform your press.


GSA auctions off 2 historical water craft to pay for their Vegas binges. 
Sea Shadow parked inside GMB-1
3 years ago you may remember us reporting they tried to give it to any 501c3 to use in a museum. But apparently museums have fallen on hard times. They are now mandated for scrap metal. Current high bid? $10,000. Less than the price of a new Hyundai, which couldn't possibly depreciate this bad. The Reagan administration paid $395 million with mid-80's taxpayer dollars. Which gives the definition of a boat being a hole in the water to throw money in a new meaning. Place your own bid here4/23/2012

How bad do radiation deformities have to get before some politician begins addressing the issue?
Mutated lettuce leaf
Leaf of mutated Romaine lettuce purchased April 17, 2012 is southern California. 4/21/2012

The US bypassed numerous laws to allow Japan to make Plutonium. 4/16/2012

Smartmeters make the entire grid vulnerable to hacking and sabotage. This New Film Trailer exposes an agenda and the government agencies responsible for implementing flawed policies. 4/13/2012

  • As Fukushima radiation threatens the world,
  • a gas leak from Hell in the North Sea threatens northern Europe,
  • Clintons caught admitting Obama is not legally in office,
  • DHS gets a deal from Shylock on 450 million rounds of a special run of 40 caliber ammunition, but look at the shape hole it leaves in the victim,
congress debates who should pick up the tab for a party in Vegas. 4/9/2012

Interesting how music from America in the 30's is now popular in what used to be the USSR.
Putin on the Ritz
Rockefeller Street      4/9/2012

When the Chicago Mob goes up against the Arkansas/Texas Mafia, look who stands down Bill Clinton knew Obama was not a legal candidate for president due to his citizenship, yet hid this from the public. 4/6/2012

Dr. Helen Caldicott explains in this 50 minute video how the serious issue of nuclear weaponry is not a threat of new proliferation, but more that of dangerous mis-management of the present stockpiles they already have by the US and Russia. 4/5/2012

One PROVEN advancement to solar technology was invented by Victor Klimov while working at Los Alamos. So DOE knew full well of its existence.  Another National lab, Argonne recently released a new battery design for commercial application with 4 times the energy density of present generation Lithium ion batteries. (Story in column 3)  Why hasn't Los Alamos done the same with the solar advancement?  Why was $2.1 Billion squandered on OLD technology? (story below) 4/5/2012

Another Solar Company declares bankruptcy.  This one got a $2.1 Billion loan guarantee from DOE just because they were another Obama Buddy.  As long as taxpayer money is thrown at political associates, instead of genuine clean energy R&D projects, these disasters will continue. Numerous inventors with their start up companies await the respect they deserve, and the capital they desperately need to provide real answers to the world's energy needs. 4/3/2012

San Onofre Stopped from re-opening. NRC finally starts doing its job. 4/2/2012

Why won't Goldman Sachs direct capital toward Energy R&D?  Because they make more in sex trafficking of underage children, just like Dyncorp and HalliburtonWhy are these companies still in business, while raw milk sellers get invaded and shut down by gun pointing SWAT teams? 4/2/2012

Vanity plate offered in District of Columbia.
Taxation Without Representation

No Smart Meter is UL Approved.
Smart Meter Fire
If one on your home malfunctions as seen in this video, your homeowners insurance is not likely to cover the damage. As you see the fire spread, you see how dangerous this is. You have no accessible circuit breaker to reach. Your local fire department will NOT squirt water on an electrical fire. Dry chemical extinguishers may suppress it but the arcing will not stop until the electrical company is reached, dispatched and shuts down power to the entire neighborhood. Your entire home could be ashes before that happens. 3/26/2012

Young Japanese musician makes passionate public plea to stop nuclear power now. 20 min video, all in Japanese, with English sub-titles, that may change your life. This crisis is serious to the world. Will America have to have its own Fukushima to realize the horrific dangers? If it did, would the US Government be just as complacent? Would politicians write fast laws to protect the criminals who put them in power, yet caused the catastrophe? Innocent Japanese believed their government and American nuclear salesmen.  All future generations of Japanese will now pay for that mistake. How long will the rest of the world believe anything the nuclear power industry claims? 3/23/2012

Banker resignations still climb but... look at Executive Resignations at Public Companies since the beginning of 2012. Over 8,000/month.
Private companies are not experiencing this. The affiliation of public companies with vampire squid Goldman Sachs may be a contributing reason. 3/15/2012

$8 Billion sneaks through a congress Defense Appropriations Bill to provide loan guarantees to the nuclear power industry. To be used to build 4 nuke plants in the US, to be managed by TEPCO THE SAME PACK OF JAPANESE MAFIA GOONS WHO GAVE US FUKUSHIMA! 3/12/2012

SEC declares in court that chopping up human body parts to use as flavoring is "normal business procedure" despite complaints from company shareholders. 3/12/2012

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta now admits, on camera, he listens to popular world opinion, NOT congress, to determine US Military action.  This means the most powerful military on the planet is run like a high school election for cheer leader or student council, that of popular world opinion, never mind his constitutional obligation. Never give a loaded M-16 to an angry monkey. 3/11/2012

Fallout 1952 to 1963
Map of who was exposed to above ground nuclear testing fallout from 1952 through 1963. 
of Jim Fetzer, Leuren Moret and Chris Busby. 3/11/2012

Banker resignations
Banker rats continue to abandon ship, ships with your money formerly in them.

New readings at the old Rocketdyne facility in the West San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles reveal hot spots reading over 24,000 times background. The facility had a small nuclear reactor which melted down in 1959. Local residents have been perplexed at high cancer rates for years. 3/6/2012

In a twisted form of bureaucratic complexity, the International Atomic Energy commission is able to censor anything the World Health Organization finds that even "might" be related to radiation poisoning.
You have to listen closely to this 50 minute Swiss documentary made in 2008 to understand why.
This explains why you only find truth about radiation exposure from alternative news sites like ours.
- - -
Real Time Live Click Count readings by independent parties in US and Japan. 3/4/2012

Using measurements taken at 1st week, then 2nd week intervals, this is how the radiation spread from Fukushima.
The world was covered in only 2 weeks. North America was hit hardest.  The NRC has suppressed this known information. 3/3/2012

116 Resignations by World Bank Executives. 3/3/2012

Quoting excerpts from a newsletter sent out by NIREC,
  • ...those who doubt that renewables can compete in the electricity market must learn a history lesson about subsidies in the nuclear industry...
  • ...when nuclear advocates quote an electricity price under $0.05 per kWh, that price is far from the full price borne by taxpayers...
  • ... The Price-Anderson Act of 1957 limits company liability in the event of an accident ― taxpayers cover the balance...
  • ...Price-Anderson was intended as a temporary safety net until the insurance market could accurately price the risk. That never happened, so the act has been extended continuously, most recently until 2017. And the liability cap has grown to $375 million per plant...
  • To stimulate mining, the federal government directly and massively subsidized uranium prices ...
  • Results: abundant uranium supply for warheads and power plants...
  • and a tragic legacy of radioactive tailings and cancer clusters.
  • We would not have a nuclear industry―either now or at its inception―without Price-Anderson, and nuclear would be far more expensive if these other costs were included. The actual bill for new generation runs anywhere over $0.15 per kWh, according to Time,―or much more when including these “externalities.”  3/3/2012

If anyone reading this site is naive enough to believe the US Government version of 9/11, please just watch the first 3 minutes of this 90 minute interview of a former CIA asset speaking after 10 years of forced silence. 3/3/2012

Gaddafi never committed atrocities like this, NATO does. Why does the US support activity like this?  3/3/2012

The Obama record:
  • Arizona Sheriff declares Obama's Birth Certificate a Forgery
  • Continues to squander money on stupid stuff
  • Right after he signs bill to legalize murder of US Citizens, Breitbart dies the same day he was to reveal videos proving Obama's ties to communist radicals
  • Funds only the most pathetic and mis-managed clean energy programs, while denying any funding to truly clean, effective ones.
  • Sends not one, but 2 aircraft carriers to within target range of the Soviet made Sunburn missile, as they sit in the Persian Gulf bathtub and he continues his anti-Iran rhetoric.
  • Allows NRC to both suppress facts about Fukushima and refuses to use the KNOWN technology of remediating our own nuclear waste. (stories below) 3/2/2012 

NRC, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission caught red-handed covering up critical information about Fukushima as soon as March 13 2011. 
The site originally reporting this was quickly suppressed. It is re-posted here at commutefaster.com for your information. 2/29/2012

More Smart Meter Agenda Exposed.
- - -
Anthony Hilder commentary.

Power uses connections to flow.  Both electrical and political.
But if the circuit is not wired properly, it activates the wrong thing. Nearly $4 billion spent, and nothing it went to enables anyone to get off the grid, eliminate nuclear risk, or stop using oil. Best to not have government handouts at all.
- - -
Chrysler withdraws DOE loan request.  2/17/2012

Instead of implementing nuclear remediation to eliminate nuclear waste, the politically driven Department of Energy begins polling an ignorant population of states for ideas (stupid opinions) to store nuclear waste.

When Yucca Mountain was canceled, DOE was mandated to have a solution by January 2012.  We gave them one in December of 2011

I HAND DELIVERED the solution to the technical director of Fluor Corporation, which works closely with DOE in nuclear power. 

To date, no reply.  KR/editor Commutefaster 2/16/2012

The energy industry bleeds wealth from the few jobs who must use their monopoly provided oil, and distributes outrageous extorted profits to a select few.

This destroys industry in America and creates massive poverty
BBC did this recent report on homelessness in America.  Neither party addresses the real issues. 2/16/2012

While no candidate is addressing energy in proper context, prevention of war is really important too.

Yet even more important than energy or war prevention, is vote manipulation
It is making anyone's vote irrelevant.
- - -
Yet in the midst of all this confusion and fraud, Ron Paul is actually acquiring delegates.  Maybe his supporters figured out how to fight back against a corrupt system, playing by the rules.

San Onofre nuclear power facility at San Clemente California, just north of San Diego is shut down. 

It contains 4,000 tons of high level nuclear waste.
(link corrected 2/17/2012)

Information on how to remediate all nuclear waste from watch dials to bomb grade Plutonium has been delivered to:
  • Dr. Steven Chu, Dept of Energy
  • Office of Senator Harry Reid-NV
  • Tech Director of Fluor Corporation
To date, NONE have acted on that information. Are they all invested in the Yucca Mountain scam?  Harry Reid campaigned against Yucca mountain, but will not implement the logical alternative, remediation.  Why.  Is he just holding out for a higher price from some hidden investment he might have?

No radioactive nuclear rods need to be stored anywhere. 
They can all be neutralized at their present location. But those with both the government licenses and adequate capital continue to do NOTHING, which jeopardizes human life everywhere. 2/11/2012

First act of war, Obama Freezes Iran's assets in the US. 
Warning: false flag alert,
do not believe any media knee jerk condemnation of alleged guilty parties. Any man-made disasters coming up will be trying to make Iran look bad.  The US military industrial complex wants war with Iran and will do anything to justify a cause, including lying or starting problems themselves, under false pretenses. 2/8/2012

Despite numerous pending lawsuits, BP shows $25 billion annual profits. And nobody is in jail for the murder of 11 people by criminal negligence, yet.  2/8/2012

China refuses to pay the "Al Gore" Carbon Tax on airlines to the EU. 2/8/2012

"Anonymous" identified as a government agency.  You know, the guy with the creepy mask and Hollywood background voice who keeps showing up on YouTube making threats, but is never apprehended? Even though every YouTube account is verified with full ID of each poster. Purpose? To frame legitimate web sites who complain about similar issues and shove all into being blamed for actions of violence actually committed by the government agency themselves. Just like OK City and other false flag operations. 2/8/2012

Between both parties, there is only One Peace Candidate who does not want to use bombs to settle arguments, and he is on the Republican ticket.  Ron Paul.
While I agree all his Republican opponents are disgusting, hypocritical frauds, Obama is just as blood thirsty and incompetent.  Even his phony green investments only went into ancient technologies, nothing really new or worthwhile.
- - -
In Nevada, some voters were denied right to vote because they were not Jewish.
- - -
US moves 4,700 Marines off Japan island of Okinawa to Guam. 3,300 to be moved elsewhere. 2/6/2012

It is past time for Hollywood and the BANKERS who finance all films to apologize to Italians, Russian Orthodox, and Christianity in general for hiding who the real gangsters have been down through history.
It is not a race issue.  It is a money grabbing greed issue by a group known in Scripture at Pharisees.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  And who loves money more than them? 2/6/2012

Major media constantly tries to scare the viewer with the question of whether Iran has a nuclear bomb or not.  In the mean time ALL the nuclear power plants in the US continue to age, leak and fall apart. 
San Onofre is only the latest to be exposed with serious issues. 2/4/2012

If you read this site occasionally, you are infinitely more qualified as a presidential candidate than what either party is offering the US voter. The ones noted are all Republicans.  But if Obama  were asked the same questions, he'd only respond from a teleprompter. 2/4/2012

Gasland film producers arrested on orders from House Republicans. Any doubt which party is willing to abuse its power for big oil ... just as the other party abuses its power for big banks? 2/3/2012

American Airlines ADMITS Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on September 11, 2001. OK, so what did?  Keep following AbelDanger.net research to see the only truthful and accurate investigation of that day's events. 2/3/2012

Frogs don't like video games, but that is all American investment bankers put money into these days. Time for the public to react the same to politicians who promise us the moon, then scroll to the next lie on the teleprompter. 1/31/2012
Russia accuses the US of causing the crash of their Phobos Ground research satellite. 1/31/2012

Another Obama-buddy investment goes bankrupt.  This one a battery manufacturer for electric cars. $118 million taxpayer loss.
- - -
Obama misses court date. Looses by default. His placement on ballot in Georgia now in jeopardy.  1/27/2012

1/27/2012 Update: A replacement site has been located monitoring the earth's magnetic flux.
Presently live webcam only. Both meters are located near Washington DC. You are welcome to check it daily and create your own time chart.  A link to long term chart will eventually be provided here when available.

Magnetic reversal in progress.

This 2009 National Geographic documentary
said "magnetic reversal was imminent."  They just didn't know exactly when.

USDA is now confirming
warm latitudes climate is moving northward.

For historical purposes
I will post this chart one more time.  This was the projection done in 2011 using the declining curve of the Earth's magnetic flux, using data monitored from September 2008 to June 2011, measured independently near Washington DC.
Magnetic field decline

There never was an oil shortage in the US.  Oil now becomes the #1 export from the US.  Political incidents around the world are CREATED by big oil to cause shortages elsewhere. 1/26/2012

Keystone Pipeline, Canada to Texas: hype numbers exposed. 1/21/2012

Setting aside my anger for a moment at what the nuclear power industry did to Japan, the Japanese people thank those who gave a helping hand in the early hours of the disaster on 3/11/2011.  But until Nuclear Remediation is in use EVERYWHERE, the US responsibility has not ended.  1/21/2012

Another country begins trading oil in currency other than the US Dollar. United Arab EmiratesBut since Eric Prince and Dick Cheney have residences there, they are not likely to be treated like Libya when they did the same. Or so it looks at the moment. 1/21/2012

Worse than anyone could have imagined.... an asinine stunt pulled by the Eisenhower administration in 1957 now threatens the safety of the entire Southern Hemisphere. HAARP technology which appeared 40 years later only makes it worse.

Operation Hardtack exploded 4 nuclear bombs at high altitude over the Pacific. The reason shows how stone age nuclear science was at the time, and how absolutely unconcerned nuclear proponents were to preservation of any human life.  Radiation from Fukushima is now being directed toward Australia almost as fast as it is blowing over the Northern Hemisphere.

Are any politicians discussing this?  Sadly, not even Ron Paul seems to be aware of this yet. 1/18/2012

Dr. Steven Chu in the Department of Energy wants certain nuclear energy information reclassified.
How about telling the world that nuclear remediation technology has been suppressed for 30+ years? 1/18/2012

Romney is bad news for anyone who trusts him, destroying more jobs than he claims to create. His company also apparently raided the Howard Hughes estate.
- - -
Ginrich gave us NAFTA and GATT
which also destroyed American jobs, along with cheating on his handicapped wife.
- - -
Rick Perry thinks urinating on a corpse just killed by our troops is just a juvenile act. But who in their right mind gives an M-16 to a juvenile?
- - -
Ron Paul continues to get the most support from US troops than any other candidate and is the ONLY candidate who wants to stop war.
- - -
Anyone who thinks there are winners in war is a fool.
Iran is Not Our Enemy

Regardless of the country, engineers and technicians are little different from soldiers.  They do what they are told.  Candidate Rick Santorum likes the idea of killing anyone doing their job or following orders of what they are forced to do BY MORONIC POLITICIANS LIKE HIM.  Including US Citizens. Is blood-thirsty Nazi filth like this the best the Republican party can offer? 1/15/2012

Now learned: CIA & State Dept. issued Visas to the alleged 9/11 hijackers.  But why?  They had neither the brains nor the resources to pull off the most complex financial heist in world history. This now shows elements in the US Government were working on a prepared alibi while other known conspirators were extorting access to high level security codes and command structures.  Something no Arab in a cave could even conceive. 

In any crime: follow the money.  Where did it all go?  Bank accounts in the City of London. 1/13/2012 

Energy monopolies run by Rockefeller became the largest depositors in City of London (Rothschild) banks.

Banks worship their largest depositors, and ignore the rest of us. Rothschild tutored JP Morgan who helped establish our Federal Reserve banking system in the US.

Ever wonder why the letter "Z" is in the nickname for the German National Socialist party run by Adolph Hitler, even though it is not spelled with a "Z"? What Americans know as Nazi's. Here is a tidbit of history never taught in public schools or even Evangelical Churches. 1/13/2012

Only because bombs are horribly mis-guided energy do I have to report this on an energy news page, but listen up:  IF YOU DON'T SPEAK ARABIC, FARSI or whatever that middle eastern gibberish is,  NEVER TRUST THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TO TRANSLATE ACCURATELY FOR YOU.  Amadinejad never said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map. That is a total fabrication by neo-con/Zionists who control the American press. Those morons want war with Iran. 
I do not!!!!!!!!!

30 minute interview with Ann Barnhardt reveals how the MF Global collapse scandal was ordered by JP Morgan bank, and is now likely to bleed into the commodities market. This means farmer's crops in storage at large grain elevators are now at risk of complete theft by the same crooks. 1/8/2012

The full body scanners used by TSA can cause death. 1/8/2012

Drones are the ultimate
"Ivory Tower - Arm Chair - Weapon"
against anyone you hate, regardless of reason or justification. 
We used to call this cowardice.
But this appears to the path chosen by both our shadow government and the mindless slaves at the Pentagon which has to keep them operational. A live pilot is the fuseable link for last second decision to assess surroundings and determine if target should be hit AND prevent loss of innocent life.  A drone has no concept of nearby human life at risk.
Here is who makes them, and profits from them. 1/8/2012

Japanese Anti-Nuke advocate murdered1/4/2012

Japanese power company Tepco obtained 10% of their workforce from Yakuza, the local mafia. 1/3/2012

Just as mega-corporations today finance candidates in both major parties, knowing they will then own whoever wins, it was done in War also.  Disgusting history comes from W.W.II. A group of bankers that financed both Hitler and Churchill.

So they own the monopolies of oil, gas, coal and nuclear.  Why won't they bet on clean energy?  Just as in W.W.II, there was another agenda in the works, use of eugenics to literally exterminate competition.   1/2/2012


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Increased discoveries of Rare Earth deposits world wide drive prices down from those previously demanded by China. 12/30/2012

GE discovers Graphene based Super Capacitor by accident.  12/29/2012

Video clips from the International Space Station.  2:22 mins. 12/29/2012

New web based TV news network launches. NextNewsNetwork.com While it is primarily politically oriented, it should be obvious from what we report on this site, that politics has more control over energy and basic freedom to use what you want than it should.  Worth giving it a check out in your daily browse.  Initially live 12 hours a day.  12/24/2012

Tesla Motors deserves the biggest accolade this year for finally bringing an electric car to market with the range of a typical gasoline car, over 250 miles.
We can only hope sales will work to bring prices closer to the ability of the average consumer. My only concern is the full 4G web browser on the dashboard.  How many accidents will that cause? 12/23/2012

To be expected, governments cause delays in release of Keshe's first consumer product. 12/23/2012
- - -
Keshe furthers his technology to the open public via plans for international study groups.

A 235 MPG car from Audi? Or a diesel-electric power monster.
235 MPG Audi

Slow news day in China
Wind powered car. 11/27/2012

Farming on top of concreteHydroponics and Aquaponics offer both energy and water efficiency well beyond conventional farming. Kijani Grows11/27/2012

Brazilian company Keppe Motor, shows startlingly efficient electric motor, claiming a 70% energy reduction.
Keppe Motor

USA accepts Keshe space technology. 11/15/2012
- - -
Russia, China and Bangladesh accept the Keshe space technology. 

Map of Countries with Keshe space technology. 11/13/2012
- - -
She already has a Ferrari convertible,
Kim's Ferrari
but will Kim Kardashian be the first to own a flying car? Obama wrote an executive order to make sure she can't. Keep following the Keshe soap opera to know who wins.
- - -
Keshe to address scientific community in Florence Italy on Nov.17, 2012.  11/12/1012

Keshe interview done on November 7, 2012.  Technical failure of the camera pointed at him, but audio is adequate.  Medical technology discussed. 11/11/2012

Clean Tech Open Grand Prize 11-9-2012
Clean Tech Open awards $250,000 Grand Prize to HEVT for their Switched Reluctance electric motor design.
SRM motor HEVT

India joins Keshe space technology team. 6 countries now participating. 11/9/2012

Thailand becomes 5th country to accept the Keshe space technology. 11/8/2012

Japan becomes 3rd country to accept the Keshe Space Technology.
Sudan becomes 4th

More to come this week.
US continues to play games diplomatically, even though my technical contacts with the US Government tell me they know Keshe's technology is real. 11/6/2012

Volvo enters the scene with its own Fast Charger technology for electric cars. 11/5/2012

CalBattery works on 300 mile electric car battery.  11/3/2012

Tesla Model S makes Car of the Year. 11/3/2012 

LockheedMartin develops copper solder using nano technology. 10/28/2012

Mehran Keshe gave 103 minute lecture following the Tesla presentation on September 21, 2012. Probably the most important lecture he has given yet. 10/22/2012

A Japanese mobile service will offer real time voice to voice or voice to text translation service to customers. But can you really trust a computer?  G.I.G.O. 10/22/2012

Tesla museum project obtains full funding and buys the old Wardencliff property. 10/18/2012

The LED was invented 50 years ago. GE now develops 24 Watt LED to replace a 100 Watt light bulb. 10/16/2012

The V8 engine in the Toyota truck used for the Endeavor towing ad was built in Huntsville Alabama.
- - -
Shuttle stop for Doughnuts
Endeavor stops for doughnuts in Los Angeles.
The long trip to its home in a museum pauses for a publicity stunt by Toyota next to a Los Angeles landmark. 10-13-2012 

Intrigued by the "Tesla Guns" used in the popular Sci Fi Warehouse 13? 
A tinkerer makes a real one. 10/13/2012

New magnetic treatment for cancer discovered in South Korea. 10/12/2012

Efficient Energy Projects currently on Indiegogo seeking funding.

Big comet coming in 2013.  No eminent disaster, but may be the brightest thing in the night sky, and even visible during daylight. 10/7/2012

Follow up on new Tesla Motor super recharger for Model S: They will be providing free recharge stations coast to coast in the US.  9/30/2012


Maybe it's springtime on the moon and the cottonwood trees are just throwing seeds and pollen. But that's just being silly. Does Keshe already have an assembly line up there?  9/23/2012

Tesla announces its new Super Charger to charge the Model S in one hour for 300 mile range. Pretty good for a production unit, but an inventor at Clean Tech Open says he can do it faster and not burn up the battery.   9/23/2012

Sterling Allan from FreeEnergyNews misses the 9/21/2012 Keshe/Tesla Lecture in Belgium but files a report.
Keshe announces a US moon walking astronaut will be attending one of his next meetings. Meyl discusses Tesla wireless power distribution to vehicles. 9/22/2012

Keshe Announces: Sierra Leone as first country to take active participation in use of his space technologies. 
Public presentation to be made at University of Freetown.  9/15/2012

Atlas Shrugged, Part 2 Trailer.
An energy twist exposed. 9/7/2012

The Tesla Model S gets EPA number of 89 MPGe.  8/23/2012

GE introduces their new Durathon design battery for use in renewable energy installations. 50% smaller, 25% lighter than batteries with similar storage capacity. 8/19/2012

New ideas to keep those pesky cell phones charged.
for use near 110VAC.
if you are miles from power.

Elon Musk stays at Tesla as the Model S is released to anxious customers.
The dirty part of his job is having to affiliate with sleazy politicians to keep his DOE funding. He's speaking with several of them at the Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas August 7, 2012. 7/30/2012

Electric Airplane speed test cut short when battery dies.  He's obviously using a conventional motor and never asked me what he should have used.
Hi Rez YouTube video  7/22/2012

Mass transit for the wealthy. Superbus.
All electric, 23 passenger, 155 MPH.  Video
"The Big Bus" movie 1976.  7/12/2012

WalMart announces 75% of their rooftops will have solar installed by the end of 2013. 7/10/2012

Carbon Nanotube technology could turn your home's windows into both electric generating solar panels and electric storage units.  TED video elaborates. 7/7/2012

Alternative capital
finally meets
alternative energy.
Our report from the exhibits and conference at Clean Tech Open in Silicon Valley is now posted on our Blog.

The Clean Tech Open Conference in Santa Clara California brought inventors of both the unusual, and the practical together with top venture capitalists of Silicon Valley.
Ryno - One Wheel Motorcycle
Ryno Motors videos  1   2  
The 4 day program was exhausting to everyone involved. Was any major US media there?  No, but China was!  I hope to have a blog summary posted early next week. There really is some hope for most of the world yet.  Too bad US Media is too dumb to notice. CF-ed 6/29/2012

Recent astronomical events generated impressive images.
Annular eclipse of the sun on May 20, 2012
Venus in
Transit  June 5, 2012.
Venus in Transit

Today's lesson with magnets. 6/3/2012

Cat watches too many Batman films. 6/3/2012

Blackberry cheats the infamous blink. 6/3/2012

Fascinating video from the Mojave Airport scrap yard for old airplanes.
Proof a 747 doesn't need engines to fly. 5/29/2012

Jason Verbelli lectures about the geometry of implosion. 5/19/2012

Russian satellite view offers several hi-rez views of complete day from space. 5/19/2012

The old biplane returns, with a few twists.
Synergy Aircraft

Solar powered boat completes trip around the world. Of course a wind powered boat did the same thing about 500 years ago, by a sailing crew led by Magellon.  They called them sailboats. 5/5/2012

New LED lighting can also double for data transfer.
The light and dark side of LED light. 4/23/2012

They're Not Space Aliens dummy!
It's a Pacifist Iranian Physicist.
New Blog here at CommuteFaster.
Many things rumored to be used by hidden Black-Op budgets suddenly is offered to the public.  Did Iran Leap-Frog US, Russian and Chinese technology all at once? Listen to several of Mehran Keshe's videos and decide for yourself. Maybe too good to be true, but he offers highly credible proof of many claims. 4/16/2012

New Yacht.  It may look great, but it still runs on Diesel. 4/13/2012

New Plug-In for Google Earth provides you with more data than you even wanted to know, let alone need to.
Video description.
REZN8D.com for free download 4/9/2012

Images of next model Fisker leaked.
The Atlantic.
Fisker Atlantic
What happened to the solar panel on the roof?  I guess it was nearly only cosmetic anyway. 4/2/2012

Battery Manufacturer Sought.
Argonne National Labs licenses advanced battery design to
Envia Systems of Newark California.
The battery used in current Tesla electric cars holds an energy density of 121 Wh/kg. It is
presently considered one of the best on the market.  The Argonne design can hold an energy density of 400 Wh/kg.
But Envia is just an attorney tank that re-licenses contracts. Some industrialist is needed to actually build a factory and do the work. Does anyone in the US do that any more? Or will it end up in China again? GM is an investor in Envia Systems, but thus far has not confirmed their Delco battery division would take on its manufacturing. 3/22/2012

Searl Effect Generator
John Searl is a Free Energy historical figure, but he is still alive. 
Suppressed and forgotten for many years, he has found some support again and is rebuilding his legendary equipment, known as the SEG, Searl Effect Generator. In this recent radio interview his firm claims to have it working again and is presently taking measurements of its performance. 3/15/2012

If you live in a violent neighborhood, you might need one of these bullet-proof LED lights. 3/11/2012

Early reports from a qualified tester says Hydro Energy Revolution is on to something that actually works.
Hydro Energy Revolution - ZED
Apparently using a combination of gravity assisted hydraulics and buoyancy, it is putting out considerably more energy than it takes to start it. 2/21/2012

Stuntbusters pit electric's against classic gas sports cars in the quarter mile at Willowsprings CA. 2/17/2012

NASA presents another spectacular view from the International Space Station. 
US at night - International Space Station
A cloudless night time pass from Northern Mexico to New Brunswick Canada. 2/13/2012

The movie Revenge of the Electric Car played free for a week on Hulu.com.
Now you have to buy the DVD. 2/11/2012

Tesla X
Tesla Motors unveil the models:
S and X.  Video12  3 

Now Proven: Smart Meters can be and have been Hacked. Upon opening the software, additional spyware was discovered proving the utility company is monitoring much more than just your power usage. Security was also found to be extremely low. Anyone could hack your meter and shove the usage claim up without you knowing it. Or just as bad, hack it and adjust it to zero usage making you look like the villain. 2/6/2012

The silly Hollywood version
The real thing.  Still not practical. 2/3/2012

BMW gets more power from same amount of fuel by adding a 3rd turbocharger to a 6 cyl engine. 2/1/2012

The economy in India now makes Solar cheaper than Diesel. 1/26/2012

Zayed Future Energy Prize winners announced.  1st Prize $1.5 million.
The judges were politicians and an actor. To be expected, the choices were all politically motivated.  1/18/2012

The classic Delorean is coming back, but this one is electric, which unfortunately still means coal and nuclear powered. 1/17/2012

7 minutes of nostalgiaRemember when you could fill up your Premium burning gas-guzzler for $.27/gallon? You actually got change back from a $5 bill. Cars seen in the video were at the Santa Paula California car show last April, 2011.  1/10/2012

Energy from the Vacuum. While skeptics love to criticize individuals attempting to access this virtually infinite energy source, a Russian scientist, Victor Klimov, while working at Los Alamos, found out how to do it several years ago.  It was immediately directed into black-op control and weaponized.  It is a sad state of affairs when methods to kill people get precedence over applying it to the world's energy needs for the common earthly resident.  But this is the world we live in. 1/8/2012

Evidence is now surfacing that the Egyptians may have had wireless energy several thousand years ago, and the Pyramid of Giza was it's source.  Fascinating videos reveal similarities of the Giza geography to Tesla's choice of location for his Wardencraft Tower. 1/4/2012

Between disasters in 2011, 2 new energy technologies emerged.

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

Energy Projects on Crowd Funding sites seeking funding. Even if the fund drive has ended, the inventor can still be contacted for further support.

California readers:
Make that parking lot work for you
Solar Carports .co
Protect paint & upholstery
& cut your electric bill.
Wind installations available too.
Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

If you live east of the Mississippi river
you need this stuff to save your yard and garden from toxic rain.

Organic Oil absorber  

Electric Cars
Batttery or hybrid now, but ready for the next generation of electric power.

Freeway Legal

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

High Performance

Tesla Motors -
delivering now TSLA
Battery Electric,  300 mile range, 1 Hr recharge
Model S
TeslaModel S

Fisker - Karma
Gas/Electric Hybrid,  300 mile range
Fisker Karma

Metro Runabout

- 25 mph limit

What would you do with $3 trillion?


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