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5.1 quake hits Hierro Island in the Canary Islands.  Video12/28/2013

Compelling evidence linking bee population disintegration and human cancers to electro-pollution. 
90 min Video.

Short walk to the beach in California reveals radioactive ocean water. 12/24/2013

Oarfish washing up on shore in the west coast of the US implicates pending seismic activity in the Pacific, but now a similar creature washes onshore in Spain.  Is the Atlantic due for a big one too? And what may have triggered this 6 ft. tsunami in New Jersey on December 13, 2013?  12/24/2013

One of the contributing reasons for multi-national corporations pursuing purely evil goals with no respect for either humanity or the environment, is many were founded and funded by WWII Nazis.  Nazi idealism continues to control their actions.  Proof of this Nazi influence on both global corporations and many governments is exposed in the book "Gray Wolf." Video: 50 minute interview of author. 12/22/2013

Runaway weather around the planet near end of 2013. Cameraman shows tornado coming toward him, rushes to basement, returns seconds later to see his walls and entire neighborhood gone.
- - -
Great Britain hit with 140 mph winds.

Electric cars are clean, but digital technology is making ownership and control subject to rather heavy handed policies. 11/30/2013 

Infant's thyroids in California showing effects from Fukushima radiation. 11/24/2013

Never any good news from the Hanford nuclear weapons clean up site. 11/18/2013

Present green energy technology may be friendly to human health, but not for animals.  Birds hit wind mills and get cooked flying through some types of solar facilities. 11/15/2013

Dutchsinse posted a video on November 8 showing microwave pulses hitting Typhoon Haiyan while it was forming.  The Philippine weather agency issued a hit piece attacking the report on 11/11,  Dutchsince issued a detailed hour long rebuttal on 11/12/2013.  It's rather pathetic when a one man YouTuber can show more documented proof of claims than a well funded government agency. 11/12/2013

A fracking company in Texas sued a victim for defamation.  The victim strikes back with video proof of claims. 11/12/2013

Metal exposure from everyday electronics creates health risk. 11/12/2013

Major Media awakens to the highly radioactive water from Fukushima following currents to the US west coast. Radioactive fish were the early warning, now it's the water itself. 11/9/2013

Wind Turbines blamed for 600,000 bat deaths in 2012.
- - -
Wind Power basic knowledge: first, find a windy location.

Swedish/Danish documentary addresses the long term problem of nuclear waste storage. Since the pyramids are only about 10,000 years old, how can anyone predict what will happen over 100,000 years? 11/3/2013

Private test shows mercury release from CFL bulbs when broken are 3 times worse than conventional fluorescent tubes. 10/28/2013 

Fukushima is Here 10-19-2013 San Francisco
Human sign demonstration held in San Francisco.

Nuclear Fun Park - Germany
New amusement park in Germany located at former nuclear plant.

1,000 mercury laden CFL bulbs crushed, then dumped on Dallas playground. 10/12/2013

Founder of the Calvary Chapel movement passes on 10/3/2013.
Pastor Chuck Smith
Most noted for consistent doctrinal teaching from scripture as to what Christ taught, not denominational opinions about Christ. While his presence will be missed, his messages are archived for reference. 10/6/2013

Adobe hacked. Both source code of new products and customer account credit data were stolen. Early evidence indicates it was by the same hackers who broke into several other major firms a month earlier. 10/4/2013

Fracking site in Pennsylvania now releasing radioactive steam. 10/2/2013

Hong Kong stock exchange has higher standards than the NYSE. 
Alibaba rejected for its use of 2 categories of shares. The same technique used to confuse investors in Facebook and other overrated stocks in the US.  But at Alibaba you can buy solar powered street lights.  Not at Facebook or Twitter. 9/30/2013

Lying politicians world-wide continue to chant the global warming mantra, never showing credible substantiation.
MIT professor points out flaws.
Reporter James Corbett rips the entire claim to shreds in this 30 minute video. 9/30/2013

Fire breaks out on Russian nuclear submarine while being serviced in shipyard.  15 injured. 9/18/2013

The world is in total denial of Fukushima as the Olympic committee awards hosting of the 2020 games to Tokyo. 9/8/2013

Great Lakes water level dropping low enough to affect shipping. 9/8/2013

Further improper disposal of radioactive waste by Boeing exposed. 9/5/2013

TEPCO plays nuclear whack-a-mole with leaks in Fukushima. 9/1/2013

MTV host Brooke Burke contracts thyroid cancer. 8/27/2013 

CBS 60 Minutes files an update on the 2010 BP oil disaster and the use now of the same chemical, Corexit, in the Great Barrier Reef.  Oil combined with Corexit is 53 times more toxic than Corexit alone. 8/21/2013

More video surfaces of the 3/11/2011 Japan Tsunami. 8/16/2013

2 historical whistle blowers pass away with little fanfare. 
Roger Boisjoly's efforts could have prevented the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion.
Charles D. Varnadore was first to speak out about cancer in workers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 8/15/2013

Wingsuit stuntman killed in accident in Swiss Alps. Speed is for open space, not tight maneuvers. He hit the mountain at 124 mph. 8/15/2013

The Boeing nuclear waste story below may seem academic unless you know one of the actual sites nuclear waste was illegally dumped: the Calabasas land fill
Calabasas Landfill
Who lives near there?  For one, me, editor of the CommuteFaster Energy site, used to have an apartment across the street from there. I moved away 14 years ago as the neighborhood got too expensive to live in. But any names you may recognize?  Britney Spears, Will Smith and Kelsey Grammer all live within a few miles. At the base of the landfill 14 cases of retinoblastoma have been found in young children.  This is the horribly disfiguring birth deformity related to depleted uranium usage in Iraq and other careless use of radioactive materials. One academic study of the problem tries to pass it off as genetic. But having lived in the neighborhood myself, whites and high income ethnics all drank and cooked with bottled spring water. This is an economic split, not a racial split. The crime done by Rocketdyne 50 years ago, has now leaked into the ground water and nearby residential area. A few hundred thousand cars a day also drive by the hill on the famous Ventura Freeway.  This is not a discardable piece of sand in the Nevada desert to ignore, this is a Prime Los Angeles County residential neighborhood, and the HEAD WATER of both the Los Angeles river, and Malibu Creek, which then flow through the rest of the county to the ocean. 8/12/2013

Boeing caught sending nuclear waste to unlicensed waste locations.  Lawsuits threatened, State left speechless. 8/9/2013

Mass fish die offs world wide.  8/12/2013

Fukushima radiation now hitting the southern hemisphere as hard as the north.  8/7/2013

Several DC bigshots discuss EMP threat.
Noteable quotes from Ambassador Henry Cooper:
  • "Our present system's protection would likely be overtaxed by branches or tree limbs, but I'm pretty sure it can handle squirrels."
  • "I can't think of an agency more disfunctional than DHS"
- - -
An EMP would shut down everything, but... just look what happens when the bad guys take control of a computer guided system:
  • Fukushima Nuclear Power - Siemens brought down by Stuxnet
  • Spanish Train - Bombadier system
  • Asiana Boeing 777 - QRS11 autopilot override
  • Michael Hasting's Mercedes - OBDII + cell access.
Why have we given such a vulnerable electronic device, a computer such control of our lives?
Communication via internet is one thing, but handing physical control to it is a totally different issue that we now see being used to kill people.

Spanish train wreckDesigned and built by Bombadier.  Using a computer controlled system. Appears to be another hack. Now said to be carrying VIP's from the Vatican. 7/27/2013

2 Hackers show how they can override the hands on driver and turn a Prius into a lethal weapon by remote control. Relying so heavily on computer technology for both mileage and convenience features was a major mistake by ALL auto companies. 7/25/2013 

Fukushima now growing freakily disformed fruit and vegetables.  7/20/2013

Grossly imbalanced wealth inequality in the US explains why inventors no longer have garages in which to invent anything. 7/20/2013

Obesity, world wide causes extra energy usage.  It becomes a serious issue when medevac helicopters are unable to carry the patient.
- - -
Dubai offers a gold incentive for weight loss,
but only to local residents. 7/20/2013

Fukushima nuclear engineer dies of cancer, age 58.
- - -
Radiation surges 90 fold in 3 days 

Drilling rig in Gulf of Mexico fights major natural gas leak.  Photos7/11/2013

No matter how much gold you hide, you can't take it with you. 7/11/2013

Russian rocket explodes due to part installed up side down. 7/11/2013

Geiger counter readings at 34,000 ft altitude on flight from Chile to Atlanta GA.  This proves Fukushima radiation has entered the Southern Hemisphere. 7/11/2013

Lithium battery fire does $200,000 damage to research lab of electric motorcycle maker Brammo Motorsports in Oregon. 7/4/2013

Fukushima radiation invades southern hemisphere airspace.  Images of Geiger Counter on flight from Chile to Atlanta Georgia. 7/1/2013 

Diesel fumes now tied to Lung Cancer. 7/1/2013

Japan receives a shipment of MOX nuclear fuel purchased from France. Shipping coal to Newcastle? 7/1/2013

Nano products are showing up in many fields.  But the long term health effects are yet unknown. 7/1/2013

Bird watching group in England witnesses a rare bird killed by a wind turbine.
- - -
Another endangered bird, the California Condor, attacks a town in flocks. This town happens to be near the large wind farm in Tehachapi California. Apparently Condors are better navigating around them than small birds.  6/29/2013

A video explains how easy it is for government to hack a car. 7/1/2013
- - -
More Government officials admit cars are easy to hack.
- - -
Any car made and sold in the US
since 2005 can be hacked.
Michael Hastings vehicle crash scene
First speculated by investigator Jim Stone, but now CONFIRMED by DARPA. Once hacked, the attacker now controls: Brakes, Throttle, Door locks, and instrument display. And the vehicle's GPS reports the location to the hacker.
Cellular access to the vehicle's emission control system has be established for several years.  It now ties to other computer controlled items in the car.  6/24/2013

They took lead out of gasoline several years ago.  Now how about removing it from lipstick? 6/24/2013

Neodymium magnet explodes, injuring inventor.  While their magnetic intensity is useful in energy devices, their structural integrity and flamability under certain conditions leads to other problems. 6/24/2013.

Nuclear power is an archaic technology held together by band aids and bribes. 6/20/2013

A near One Trillion Dollar bailout to Monsanto. 6/18/2013

One CT scan is equal to 500 chest X-rays. 6/9/2013

Like your I-phone touch screen? 
Think again.

UCLA medical study shows exhaust fumes turn good cholesterol, HDL, into bad cholesterol, LDL.  Another reason to support electric cars.  The nation with the most cars on the road coincidentally has the highest level of obesity on the planet. 6/2/2013

A magnetic storm has been in progress for several days, contributing to both weather and seismic activity world wide.
Magnetic storm HAARP AK measurement
- - -
Missouri tornado blows through a nuclear waste dump.

Meteorologist Scott Stevens comments on the abnormal, and likely man made, weather patterns surrounding the Moore Oklahoma tornado. 5/23/2013

On the ground video of 5/20/2013 Moore Oklahoma tornado.
- - -
Grapefruit sized hail -OK- 5-20-2013
Hail the size of grapefruit added to damage during Oklahoma tornado.
- - -
Was HAARP running? Yes it was.
But other countries have similar systems too. What was the point of origin for the mysterious radar rings to appear where they did? 5/21/2013

LED Lights now found to be dangerous to retinas. Anyone staring into oncoming LED headlamps at night has been suspicious for some time.  It hurts the eyes. Will filtering destroy their amazing efficiency? 5/13/2013

Merchants of Death sell another $22 billion to Turkey, and make an agreement with UAE.
- - -
What good does a statue do for anyone?
- - -
Paying the wind not to blow

Beware the hidden Algorithm.
Even the best of plans are sabotaged by procrastination and destroyed by computer algorithms.  Indiegogo monitors donations from the moment a program goes live.  If nothing comes in within the first 24 hours, the project is moved to back of list for promotion.  The longer "no donation" status continues, it is then removed from search capability so nobody can find or see it without the direct URL.  None of our contributors started until after 3 weeks into the campaign.  By that time it was a lost cause.  I only learned about the algorithm the last 3 days of the 45 day campaign. 
Small donations are no longer solicited or accepted from this point on.  Seanic View now only discusses investment with accredited investors.  If you are angry that only the rich will now have access to that technology, you had your chance to help.  But procrastination hurts everyone. Enjoy pumping gas.  No funding, no progress. 4/29/2013

Honda thinks China still likes dirty cars. 4/24/2013

LaSalle nuclear power plant, near Chicago has emergency shut down following lighting strike.  Radioactive steam vented to atmosphere.  4/21/2013

Why fertilizer based fires yield explosions that are so deadly. The fuel provides its own oxygen, so smothering with anything does not work. 4/21/2013

Richard Branson may be richer than most of us, but banks tried to steal his airline just as they steal average people's homes.  4/20/2013

Runaway desertification has a solution:  grazing livestock22 min Ted Talk  4/15/2013

Oil Spill stats not well known.
15 min Ted Talk Video. The speaker brings up several powerful points, like it is more important to have a car to get a job than any level of education. But we disagree on her support of taxes, which never solve anything, because they are ALWAYS mis-allocated. Only mass support changes things. 4/12/2013

Radioactive waste discovered at bottom of the English Channel. 4/12/2013

What do you do with the money you do have every day?  Continue supporting the same problems or try to change anything?  4/7/2013 

Hanford 1944
America's nuclear history is as ugly and shameful as Japan or Chernobyl.

4 days after we mention it here, major media considers taking a look at the obvious.  Fukushima radiation is killing California sea lions, just as it did to arctic animals first. 4/7/2013 

Celebrities who fly a lot now showing signs of radiation sickness.  This episode of RADchick discusses the various cases.
- - -
As California realizes an abrupt amount of sea lion deaths, authorities continue to ignore incoming Fukushima radiation.  4/3/2013

Shake down in Solar.
Whether technologic advances, or monopolistic greed, change marches on.

China's dumping of dated solar technology on the world markets backfires.
Bosch bails out of solar altogether.

All while the world waits for commercial implementation of better solar technology.  Unfortunately, something great in the lab, might be years before it reaches the hands of the consumers who need it.  Seems nothing can happen until a banker lets money flow in that direction.  3/27/2013 

More medical proof that Smart Meters are dangerous to your health. 3/27/2013

Pressure vessel design engineer working with Babcock-Hitachi for the design of the Fukushima nuclear power plant speaks out revealing known manufacturing flaws in one of the reactors.  As long as humans make things, there will be mistakes. As long as Talmudic or Islamic evil controls finances and militaries of the world, there will be intentionally evil sabotage to contend with.
- - -
Fukushima, Chernobyl, Hiroshima are not the first nuclear disasters in human history,
researching the highly debatable area of myths and legends points to something else exposing humans to radiation a long time ago. I highly doubt the time numbers referenced and claimed, but the effect of minor radiation even in everyday bananas over extended time has never really been studied properly.  3/24/2013

Three generations of fish and shrimp after the BP oil spill and massive dumping of corexit,
Lesions on Snapper
samples are showing up with lesions or extreme deformities.

Don't worry about me Mr. TSA officer, it was just a pill my doctor gave me. 3/18/2013

The Feb. 15 2013 meteor over Chelyabinsk Russia was the loudest event in recorded history. The shock wave was measured in Alaska, Canada, California, and Florida, over 6,000 miles away. Even measured down in Antarctica over 9,000 miles away.
- - -
Over 100 fragments of meteorite found thus far.
- - -
Space Junk from Chinese Satellite weapon test collides with Russian Satellite3/17/2013

Henrik Fisker leaves his own car company. 3/16/2013

No matter how brilliant or confused the inventor, EVERY business needs an ethical business manager to clarify what can be claimed and what can't.
Overlook, or mis-state the wrong thing, and the results are not nice to see. 3/12/2013

Plastic: not the great thing we thought it would be back in the 60's. 3/12/2013

A missed story from CNN back in 2011 might explain incoming meteors and other celestial activity of late. 3/10/2013

Newly released surveillance video shows smoke coming from a Fukushima reactor BEFORE the Tsunami hit.  3/9/2013

Wind Farms failing to produce as much power as initially projected.  3/4/2013

Did hard drive manufacturers forget what fuses are?  A power surge recently smoked the editor's 2 TB video editing external hard drive.  Opening it up, it had NO FUSE protection.  Any voltage irregularity could have destroyed 2 Terra bytes of data, and did. This particular brand was Western Digital. Buyers beware. Also worth mentioning is the power input calls for 12 VDC.  The connector is the identical size and shape as the 19 VDC power source for a Toshiba Laptop. 2/27/2013

Bluefin Tuna caught off California showing high levels of radiation. 2/23/2013

How soon before 1200 people in Chelyabinsk Russia all become internet celebrities?  Injured by a meteor, what are the odds? 2/17/2013
Victim of meteor boom that shattered glass
Divers now rushing to lake where a large meteor fragment hit.

The asteroid missed us, but its smaller traveling companions didn't.  2/16/2013

Heavy snow in Ukraine causes roof to collapse over Chernobyl encapsulation structure. 2/14/2013

NY Times reports Tesla Model S not living up to claims for range.  Elon Musk challenges the report. 2/14/2013

CFL bulbs found to be worse than just mildly toxic if broken, they are now found to be dangerous during operation.
30 min video. 2/9/2013

Shipment of Fireworks for Chinese New Year blows up on truck, levels bridge and kills 9 in China. 2/1/2013

The batteries that failed on the B-787 are made by GS Yuasa.  They had been replaced due to failure 10 times prior to fire that led to the January 16 grounding of all B-787 aircraft. 1/30/2013

Thorium reactors are not the magical answer to nuclear as proponents claim. Free Energy advocates are not the only people guilty of embellishing claims and ignoring time and cost factors.  And it's STILL radioactive.  Free Energy technologies are not. But since bankers do not fund either, there are no side by side units to compare. 1/30/2013

North Dakota Shale Oil fields Flaring Off enough excess gas to power Chicago and Washington state.  While consumers must conserve and listen to the global warming hype, the oil companies have NEVER paid attention to their own flagrant wasted in over a hundred years.  Their actions do create global pollution.
- - -
Omaha NE sewer fire
Omaha sewers erupt in flames.  Not global warming, but Warren Buffet's s**t, quite literally.  The world really does have a methane problem but as a pollutant, not a climate issue.

Some conspiracies are real and some are just distractions Discern the difference. 1/28/2013

Lithium batteries are heart of B-787 Dreamliner problems. 1/25/2013

CFL lights are already known to contain mercury.  But LED lamps are now showing to be more toxic than the old conventional tungsten light bulbs also. 1/25/2013

When the alternative energy movement stops arguing petty issues and tackles the real issues, we may see something.

Two otherwise intelligent good friends wasted 90 minutes debating irrelevant issues.  I guess Australian radio is no more intelligent that Howard Stern, and just wants to hear fights.

Perpetual motion has existed for hundreds of years. Besides man's inventions, nature itself seems to work fine without attorneys, patents, or academic confirmation. The question is NOT perpetual motion but finding something that emits additional fruit:  EXCESS energy that can be utilized for additional purpose beyond fueling its own motion.

Man's flight was denied until men did it. Supersonic flight was denied until men did it.
What is the difference between the Wright Bother's fabric and stick plane and a supersonic fighter jet?  Money and time.

Many a garage inventor comes really close to discovering fantastic things.  But without further investment it goes nowhere. That last 1% of performance that triggers the total breakthrough, may cost $200 million to solve.  What qualification do I have to make that statement?  I worked 11 years of R&D at Lockheed.  The company that brought the world the SR71 and F22.  Mach 3 flight and Mach 2 cruise with full armament aboard. What did it cost to deliver workable units? Hundreds of millions of dollars.  I saw $30,000 items tossed in the trash can because the idea didn't work.  What fool thinks a garage inventor can afford R&D like that to deliver a totally measurable device?  It doesn't happen.

And I'm sick of hearing skeptics use the polarizing term "conspiracy theory."  The correct term is criminal investigation.  Why do inventors get the book thrown at them when bending rules to take some R&D investment from a non-accredited investor, but bankers who steal $7 Billion only get a 5 year sentence in a minimum security prison?

Innovation needs MAJOR financial support.  Crowd funding is a step in the right direction.  But neither lying about performance, nor attacking honest efforts allows serious financial support to reach those who need it. 1/23/2013 

As jet stream moves from Fukushima, over Canada, then south, Arkansas gets radioactive snow. 1/20/2013

Fish caught near Fukushima now showing radiation levels 2500X the legal limit. 1/20/2013

Derailed Nuke Reactor
Nuke Reactor Derails near Savannah Georgia. 
Made in South Korea it was being shipped to Plant Vogtle in Georgia. The US Taxpayer made liable for its delivery. 1/19/2013

A.I. = BSOr why computers cannot solve the world's problems.  1/17/2013

All Boeing 787 Dreamliners grounded. 1/17/2013

Nobody saw this coming?  Germany's abundance of windmill cause a dangerous electric surplus in windy weather.  Maybe batteries still have issues.  What about just pumping water uphill and using the return pressure when the wind stops?.  There's more than one way to store energy. 1/14/2013

Natural Gas burns relatively clean, but in the process of acquiring it, the methane leaks counteract the benefits. 1/14/2013

Cracks found in F35.
- - -
More leaks found in B-787

Google invests $200 million in wind power.  Google still has CommuteFaster at #4 when searching for "Best Energy Sources".  Too bad their executives don't use their own search engine.  We don't recommend wind. It kills big birds. We'd be glad to recommend something better if they would just ask us. 1/12/2013 

Biofuels now proving to emit more pollution. 1/10/2013

Multiple problems showing up with Boeing's Dreamliner Fire fighter injured as batter explodes while parked at terminal. 1-9-2012
- - -
Fire on Boeing 787 Dreamliner blamed on battery.
(4) 787's have had electrical problems since the plane was commissioned. 1/7/2012

Oil rig blow out caught on security camera as it happened. Time and location of event not identified. 1/6/2013

USS Ronald Reagan prepares for total scrub down, even ventilation system, due to Fukushima radiation exposure. 
No aircraft flying. 1/3/2012

Shell Oil's drilling rig Kulluk runs aground near Kodiak Island. 1/1/2013

Magnetic split continues near poles.
HAARP 1-1-2013
Current readings from HAARP facility can be found in the Government/Academic column above.  1/1/2013

Seismic activity in the Canary Islands increases.  This is near Las Palmas, which threatens the entire east coast of the US.  But USGS continues to censor all local activity from their feed.  Why worry you? 1/1/2013

Fukushima radiation takes its toll.
Arctic Seals were reported to be dying by symptons similar to radiation back in 2011.  Now 4 breeds are listed as endangered. 1/1/2013

South Korea restarts troubled nuclear reactor in fears of severe oncoming winter weather.  1/1/2013


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Important reports

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Windmills in UK paid £30 million compensation ($49.16 million USD) to turn OFF windmills during high winds due to overproduction the grid cannot handle. Isn't it time to begin STORING over production rather than pay for noting? 12/27/2013

Illustrating who financed them, politicians now want solar owners to pay for the right to sell power into the grid. Apparently even the Libertarian Party has been bought off by the energy monopolies. 12/24/2013

Oak Ridge Labs promotes thorium reactors to China touting "less waste." But why not NO WASTE technologies? 12/22/2013

Pentagon continues to squander Billion$ with no accountability whatsoever.  12/22/2013

Fairfax California becomes first town to declare action against the ongoing Fukushima denials. Full document. 12/7/2013

Collateral damage. First Obama doesn't care how many "extra" people get killed in a drone strike, but now it's apathy about the death of Bald Eagles by "green" wind mills. 12/6/2013 

Deadly radioactive Cobalt-60 stolen in Mexico.  Public not warned of its dangers or route taken for disposal.
Radioactive waste shipment - Mixico
This is apparently how Mexico ships deadly radioactive waste.1 driver, no security.

- - -
Six suspects detained.

Here is an exhaustive list of who infiltrated the Green - Environmental movement and why billions of dollars get spent, but nothing gets accomplished. Commutefaster has no affiliation with anyone mentioned in the article.  We want clean air and clean water for everyone. 11/24/2013

Best summaries of government coverups:
James Corbett on JFK, or 9/11.  

Nuclear fuel heist plot foiled at Illinois Dresden plant. 11/18/2013

Beware falling dronesEven at sea. 11/18/2013

Spain's solar tax enforced as vehemently as contraband, illegal drugs or weapons.
Up to €60 million Eurodollar fine for illegal solar panels. Didn't the Inquisition start in Spain too? 11/12/2013

David Cameron calls for austerity while standing at a gold podium surrounded by gold trimmed chairs and champaign glasses at a white tie function. 11/12/2013

NERC to hold a reliability test on the US electrical grid November 13-14, 2013.
Quote from NERC site:
"This is a
simulated exercise to practice crisis response and information sharing.  No real power outages will occur due to this exercise"
- - -
This coincidentally is the same time frame comet Ison passes through electrical alignment with the Sun and Mercury. 
What could go wrong?  11/9/2013

Obama attempts to legitimize the carbon trading scam by appointing a climate change commissionStaffed of course with more politicians who are in on the scam. The carbon trading scam was created by the collusion of Jack Blood and Al Gore with Goldman Sachs to create carbon trading done in Chicago's mercantile exchange. 11/9/2013

The Affordable Boat act. 11/3/2013

Italy's answer to toxic waste?  Hire the MafiaUntil cancer rates began soaring. 10/31/2013

Obamacare found to authorize forced home inspections. 10/22/2013

Cell phone dangers continue.  Obama appoints cell phone lobbyist to head of FCC.  10/20/2013 

TEPCO and Japanese government call out for international helpBut will they listen for real answers or just consult the same fools who created the problem?  The quote "The institute, formed by nuclear-related firms and government-backed bodies..." doesn't lead to much hope."  10/20/2013 
Before believing all government "intelligence" about Iran, this story from an energy researcher seeking details about Iran and nuclear remediation needs to be heard.  4 minutes, MP3 10/18/2013

Al Gore continues to make excuses for viscious winter. 10/18/2013

California addresses energy storage from their own abundant wind and solar. 10/18/2013

Truckers & Vets did a lot more than clog traffic in DC over the weekend. 10/13/2013

British Gas breaks into home to collect from a non-customer. 10/13/2013

Edward Snowden receives the Sam Adams award.... in Moscow. 10/13/2013

Obama continues to show his reckless disregard for human safety.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission furloughs 90% of its workforce (3600) including safety inspectors.  10/12/2013

Bad credit means no health insurance from Obamacare. Programmers laugh at all the coding errors on the Obamacare web site. 10/12/2013

NASA still dark.  So University of Arizona provides picture of comet Ison turning green as it passes Mars from their 31" Schulman telescope.
Comet Ison October 8, 2013

While Obama keeps the NASA.gov site dark to prove how macho he is, a group in Russia offers to host it for free. 10/6/2013

UK has near disaster with nuclear sub while in dock for service. Both main and backup power to cooling failed. 10/6/2013

Early comments from the few who got access to apply for Obamacare.
Implications that Obamacare's purpose is to collapse the American economy are showing proof it will if the Republicans allow it to continue. 10/4/2013

Parliament member George Galloway crowd funds a documentary exposing crimes of Tony Blair, including collusion with oil companies for post war spoils. 10/2/2013

Professor James McCanney reports Comet Ison passes Mars, shows a green electrical interaction and a sunward spike.
Ison Sept 15, 2013
As NASA shuts down, entirely for political purposes, not lack of money, INDEPENDENT telescopes provide what our tax money was supposed to pay for. 10/2/2013

FDA (finally) issues import ban on numerous items from Fukushima due to excessive radiation. 9/30/2013

The deadly chemicals, allegedly used by Syria, that Obama and Kerry want to claim is justification for war, are Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Fluoride.  The SAME chemicals cities pump into your drinking water.  Who's lying?  Your local water company or Kerry and Obama? 9/28/2013

Myanmar gets an interest free loan to upgrade the power plant to higher efficiency natural gas.  $140 million.  Why doesn't the world bank offer interest free capital to clean energy R&D firms? 9/28/2013

The little help offered to Fukushima for clean up is rejected by TEPCO. 9/24/2013

HAARP changes management. 9/18/2013

Japan switches off last nuclear reactor. Now the entire country is non-nuclear. 9/15/2013

During the Clinton era, drugs came into the US by C-123 cargo planes or Learjet.
Barry Seal Learjet

During the Bush administration, they came in by DC-9.
(5.5 tons/load)
DC-9 5.5 tons cocaine

Now during Obama, they come in by C-17.
(24 tons/load)
C-17 w/24 tons cocaine
Has America had an honest election in the last 60 years?  Evidence shows drug money laundering banks own both parties and all the media who misrepresents them to the voters.

Katherine Austin Fits asks the Red Button question of who would stop it? (mp3 audio clip)
Credit to Daniel Hopsicker at MadCowProd for this extensive research. 9-8-2013

California displays last ounce of intelligence and REJECTS the NDAA signed by Obama.  9/5/2013

Japan shuts down another nuclear reactor. 9/3/2013 

While our not-so-black Chicago Ganster in the White House has to go around the block and delay his planned drive-by killing in Syria, he ignors the result of his actions.
Russia could stop the US Space program.
Speaking as one who used to live near Chicago, most failed gangsters end up face down in Calumet Harbor. 9/1/2013

USAF removes nuke commander: loss of confidence. So why is the NRC commission still there?  8/27/2013

As Obama and bankers prep America for war with Syria over a false claim...
Sleep well knowing all 5 NRC commissioners
NRC Commisioners
are still getting their fat government paychecks while Fukushima irradiates the world. 
The NRC is directly responsible for allowing the placement of ALL US designed nuclear power plants on known earthquake faults and next to natural waters.  All members are political appointments, not earned jobs.  Remediation has been known since the mid-90's, but they continue to deny its existence which causes massive stockpiles of highly radioactive nuclear waste to accumulate at EVERY Nuclear power plant on earth. 8/26/2013

Is any major religious organization investing in clean energy or trying to stop nuclear radiation? No.
But the Vatican just made it illegal to report a sex crime.  And a handful of prosperity gospel preachers in Los Angeles continue to fleece the flock. 8/26/2013

Foster Gamble reveals (37 min video) the hierarchy of who controls politicians, corporations and banks.
Energy video. (48 mins)  8/24/2013

Spain proposes a tax on solar panels. 8/21/2013

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission allows Indian Point to operate with an expired license. 8/21/2013

Professor James McCanney responds to NASA disinfo touted by Pattie Brassard.
Her claims  (1 hour)
James' response 8/15/2013 archive (1 hour)

Result = Major energy related false flag event expected from October to November 2013, as the real comet Isis passes, which will get blamed.  8/17/2013

Thought provoking world maps. 8/15/2013

Black Citizen group files impeachment  charges against Obama. 8/14/2013

Obama goes on Leno's show and blatantly lies to the public.  Where's the outrage? Same as smart phones and social media steal all privacy, and little or no reaction. 
- - -
Google uses a line in their terms and conditions to avoid paying a debt under $100. "Any earned balance below the applicable threshold will remain unpaid."  Could you or I ever get away with ignoring a $98 utility bill like that? 

The fine paid by Halliburton for destroying evidence that proved guilt in killing 11 people, destroying one of the largest drilling rigs of its day and spilling 5 million barrels of oil, which with added Corexit destroyed an entire fishing region was 4 minutes of income. 8/4/2013

Taiwan discusses nuke power
Taiwan discusses a 4th nuclear power plant. 
Taiwan discusses nuke power
Video is not in English, but the visuals tell the full story. Why doesn't the rest of the world have politicians with backbones like that? 8/2/2013

Insanity in the US budget. 7/30/2013

Proposed immigration bills will allow illegals to forge 2 passports before prosecution.  Maybe they will become president just like the one with a phony birth certificate we already have. 7/28/2013

Halliburton confesses to destroying evidence in BP disaster back in 2010.
RT video report 

Rigged markets, allowed only by corrupt politicians and appointments.  The Aluminum, oil, copper and wheat scams. Last year you paid an extra $10/fillup because of market rigging. 7/28/2013

Detroit is not bankrupt.  And neither is California.  Just lift a few rocks in the Detroit CAFR and find plenty of money to run on. And in California find a $9 Trillion surplus. 7/25/2013 

If an advanced technology exists, leave it to government to abuse it by weaponizing it.  For example, the ability to tap fiber optic cable, which emits no inductive RF like electromagnetic signals through copper does.
- - -
NSA can watch your e-mail, but can't search its own 7/25/2013

Bogus High Tech worker shortage. 7/25/2013

Wonder what a drone can see at 5,000 ft altitude? Watch a flight over Las Vegas, NV. 7/25/2013
- - -
True details about drones reveal they are not nearly as accurate as Obama claims.
Drone deaths
Innocent civilian deaths have skyrocketed under Obama due to massive indiscriminate use.  Historical data.
- - -
Drone crashes into another plane on German airport.
Drone crash
- - -
Deerfield Colorado issues country's first drone hunting license.

(Only 12 gauge shotguns allowed)

Drone Trophy

Peru provides solar to its poorest citizens. 7/20/2013


Irish Nobel Peace Laureate investigates Syria, finds Obama is arming the terrorists who are killing Christians. 7/11/2013

Florida outlaws all computers. 7/11/2013

US squanders $34 million for a 64,000 sq ft facility in Afghanistan the will likely be destroyed. 7/11/2013

As more NSA details are learned, more huge lies are uncovered, and they get more outlandish each time. 7/1/2013

A professor at University of Illinois explains why George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and now Obama are all guilty of war crimes. 7/1/2013

Why is Obama requiring more security measures in Africa that any other country he has visited? 7/1/2013

Since Obama chooses to support groups that behead Christians rather than listen to them, maybe he will pay attention to this atheist. 7/1/2013
- - -
US media celebrates obliteration of the word marriage, or demonizes Paula Deen for use of a word common everywhere in the 50's, while this goes on in Syria, funded by US taxpayers. (Warning, graphic images) 

As natural Gas becomes more abundant, Poland delays nuclear power. 6/21/2013

Steve Wozniak comments on the decay of US Government. 6/18/2013

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


Southern California Edison announces permanent closure of San Onofre nuclear power plant. 6/7/2013

All Four PUC Attorneys involved in the San Bruno California explosion which killed 8, resign at once. 6/6/2013

NASA to use the same Lithium ion batteries used by the Boeing 787, on the International Space StationWhat could go wrong? 6/2/2013

Snopes fails to identify how corrupt Senator Diane Feinstein and her husband really are. 6/2/2013

S.C. Edison knew of design change issues at San Onofre 9 years ago. 5/30/2013

3 State Attorney Generals Reject Smart Meters5/27/2013 

Dubai Police Dept. update. Besides the Lamborghini Aventador, they have also added an Aston Martin One-77, a Mercedes SLS, a Bentley, a Camaro and have a Bugatti Veyron on order. All paid for because the world likes to pump gas. 5/21/2013

A vote for Green jobs is not the same as direct investing in Green Energy. Politicians interpret your vote as license to spend your money with their cronies, never getting the most advanced and efficient clean energy in the process. 
Obama spent $11 million to create each job
that was supposedly green, by his definition,
not yours (money green). 5/20/2013

Corrupt Washington appointment now works for TEPCO in Japan. 
Don't they have enough problems? 5/19/2013

Steve Wynn, while wearing a diamond studded watch band, calls for more taxes on other businesses.

Woman wearing a million dollar hat lectures on austerity.
Queen Elizabeth

Visit a hydroponics store with your family and get your home raided5/5/2013

Bloodman Sachs owns the US Government. Any justice or economic civility is impossible. 5/5/2013

Often mentioned here, the group AbelDanger posts best summary video yet. Canadian and US governments are so messed up, it impossible for money to go to anything good. The most powerful privacy invasion technology ever devised is being used against honest citizens while bankers and politicians steal billions and barely get laughed at.   4/29/2013

California business as usual. High Speed Rail contract goes to Diane Feinstein's husband. 4/25/2013

The Spread of Fukushima Radiation
It has not stopped.
Fukushima Radiation - frame 1
Fukushima Radiation - frame 2
Fukushima Radiation - frame 3
Fukushima Radiation - frame 4

Fukushima Radiation Spread - frame 5
- - -
Obama Administration Fudges More NumbersEPA, in collaboration with DHS and other Federal agencies raises the numbers necessary before declaring a radiation exposure emergency to the public. In some cases 27,000 time higher. Which means don't worry, be happy, even if you are glowing green in broad daylight daylight from radiation.
 Actual document (274 pages). 4/23/2013 

Government help

Dubai's new Police Car.
Dubai Police - Lamborghini
700 hp V12 Lamborghini Aventador.
Aventador compared to 2 other luxury sport gas guzzlers.
Paid for by everyone who has not yet contributed to ElectricJumpStart.com.
- - -
California may need one soon,
to keep control of the over 9,000 prisoners Governor Jerry Brown must release soon due to his own screw up.

When all the politiciansGoldman Sachs Bld, NYC in Washington worship at the same temple of greed, is it any wonder no money ever flows to truly green energy, or anything else that really helps humanity?

As we have reported many times, nuclear energy is a curse, it has been known how to neutralize for about 20 years, but there is more profit and human control to create a disaster than to save lives, so the NRC refuses to even acknowledge what has been witnessed.

Priests at the temple of greed, Goldman Sachs identify themselves as small business and make sure they get every tax break available, while forcing the puppets they own in Washington to cut any benefits to the poor, as well as keep their present investments in hydrocarbon fuels profitable and discourage any genuinely clean energy from ever reaching the market.

Until sufficient capital flows to genuine clean energy for paychecks and everything necessary to produce something and deliver to consumers, we will be forced to pay for high energy costs just to survive at their discretion.

If you ignore those with answers, then you support those who steal from you daily.

The high priests of greed refuse to support clean energy, if the public won't either, it will never exist anywhere.


Stop Bellyaching about monopolies and government controlling your cost of energy and do something about it.
Help the guys who have SOLUTIONS.
Seanic View is made up of real aerospace engineers who know both how to read meters properly, and know what aspects of physics can be tweaked to yield better performance.  These are not novices making guesses and errors in calculations as hyped on other energy sites.
Every time you "fill up" you make a MANDATORY contribution to the monopolies.  Why not make a VOLUNTARY contribution that will get something good done?  4/6/2013

Chief Technical Officer for CIA, Gus Hunt, admits in public lecture that your smart phone is NOT SECURE even when it is TURNED OFF. 3/27/2013 

Head of the Office of Science for the Dept. of Energy, William Brinkman announces resignation April 12, 2013.  While a champion of R&D, he whines about a pending $215 million budget cut.  But what did he do with the money he DID get?

Phony Greens play the public as fools again. 
Phony green
Obama calls for $2 Billion trust, financed by oil companies to fund his (phony) green energies. He ignors the known fact that any new cost applied to big oil passes right through to the consumer.  And his "green" projects always just end up lining his friend's pocketbooks, never delivering true clean energy.
- - -
Alexander Cockburn comments on phony greens supporting nuclear energy.  3/18/2013

As usual, politicians think a new tax solves everything, and then hide behind the excuse of developing clean energy, which never actually gets done. Ask yourself if ANY new tax ever accomplished its goal?

We prefer voluntary financial support like the Electric Jump Start project, NOT a mandatory tax on anyone. 
Taxing Big Oil just means higher prices to the consumer. It does nothing to slow Big Oil greed.

Someone has to fund R&D for clean energy. Will it be voluntary or a mandatory tax?  The decision is yours.    3/17/2013

Boeing receives go-ahead from FAA to proceed with testing of improvements to the battery system. 3/15/2013

No government in the US is broke. 
Just look at the books.
Maybe the most boring 2 hours you've ever listened to, until the numbers add up in your mind. America has been Nazi-fied for over 100 years.
The CAFR tells it all for anyone who takes the time to look. 

Laptop and data confiscation by TSA ordered stopped by court. 3/9/2013
Will DOE or NREL ever do their job?

NREL's purpose is not even well defined.  They have a huge budget, but what do they really do or make?

DOE was started by Richard Nixon, then it's purpose became unclear over the years. Power grabbing seems to be its only motive, but grab power to do what?  Never anything to advance true clean energy.  Just power to pad campaign contributor pockets.  Look at the size of some of their grants.  Millions for smart grid sensor technology implementation, yet zilch for innovative clean energy development.

Departing director Dr. Steven Chu was chosen 2nd most corrupt person in Washington DC by Judicial Watch.

Does anyone in Washington do their job?

Watch this 8 minute video to see some classic "buck passing". Senator Warren: How many billions have to be laundered to shut down a bank?  No effort or concern to stop or even stall billions of dollars of obvious crimes.  3/9/2013

Will New Mexico become the next nuclear dumping ground? 3/8/2013

California raises gas tax, again. 3/5/2013

Pots and Kettles.
They can't clean up their own act, so oil now resorts to using the dreaded "Mafia" word about legitimate competition.  Meanwhile, bribed politicians around the world continue to pour subsidies and tax breaks to oil and look the other way every time there is a major spill.  3/1/2013

Sebastopol California issues ordinance to stop Smart Meter installation. Installers now subject to a $500 fine2/28/2013

Russia's latest weapon, the Gazelle.


Tesla Motors is determined to pay back Federal loans in 5 years, not the 10 signed for.  2/27/2013

At least the light bill for congress is smaller, due to LED Lighting. 2/23/2013

Insect drone
Drone repellent
US Tax Dollars at work. 

American innovation responds. 2/22/2013

Conflicting evidence.  If meteor was as heavy as reported, (7,000 tons) it would have done much more damage than the small hole in the ice picture seen in many reports, unless a Russian weapon really did explode it into many smaller fragments.
Meteor strike hole
Listen to the sound of the explosions in video clips. 
Is that a sonic boom or military explosives you hear?
Russian missile strikes meteor
Video indication Russia fired at the incoming meteor
, but the rock was too big for the missile to accomplish anything.
Many of the astounding videos coming from the event is the popular habit of Russians to all have dash-cams on their cars.  2/18/2013

Don't expect Government to know how to handle emergencies.  70,000 US personnel exposed to huge radiationWhy?  They were following orders from exceptionally stupid superiors.

Sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan already reporting serious levels of cancer. Entire crew was exposed to dangerous levels for over 80 hours. 2/10/2013

Are  your priorities as bad a government's?  Illustration of contemporary warfare. 

Please keep checking our Crowd Funding list in column 4.  Nothing gets to your shelves at Home Depot or Autozone until the inventors get funded first.  Laws have changed, you can now toss smaller amounts to the good guys and make a major difference. You no longer have to be an accredited investor to benefit from early innovation.  Try showing government some intelligent use of money. 2/4/2013

NRC continues to ignore total remediation technology and wants to bury nuclear waste for another 20 years.  2/1/2013

DOE proposes recycling radioactive metals into consumer goods. 1/28/2013

Good news, bad news.  The dangerous backscatter X-Ray machines are leaving the airports.  But NYC wants to use them against ANYONE walking down the street. 1/27/2013
The CIA was started in 1947 using Nazi spies captured during WWII.  Not much has changed in 66 years.  It still answers to no one, has all the real or printed money in the world and uses "interests" instead of any type of moral guideline for its actions. Its covert technology investment via In-Q-Tel gave us Google and Facebook, handy for some things, but a curse on privacy.  1/3 of divorce filings have the name "Facebook" in them today.  The documentary linked above was produced by Sky TV, owned by Rupert Murdoch who had his own affiliation with CIA, so you can assume even worse things were omitted from the story. 1/27/2013

Dr. Steven Chu, nuke advocate leaves DOE. Obama begins stacking DOE with global warming fanatics. 1/22/2013

Eric Holder caught protecting Child porn users on government computers.

GM is becoming China Motors, thanks to US taxpayers funding business maneuvers run by both Obama and Romney. 1/20/2013

F-35 now restricted to fair weather flight only.  Extreme vulnerability to lighting strike discovered.
- - -
F22 remains restricted in altitude operation.  A solution to oxygen deliver has been determined but awaits implementation on all units.

Political forces launch a 35 year quest to stay in the dark ages of nuclear energy. They still want to store nuclear waste rather than neutralize it.  1/18/2013

Stuxnet, or virus like it, strikes US power plant.  Correction, TWO Power plants.
DHS refuses to identify which one. 1/17/2013

Supreme Court agrees to hearing on Obama's eligibility.
- - -
Obama has only shown a clearly fraudulent birth certificate, uses a stolen SS #, kills US Citizens and women and children with drones, continues all the fraudulent wars Bush started, and now plans to eliminate the 2nd Amendment by using the unconstitutional executive orders.
Anyone who re-inaugurates this man is an enemy of the state themselves.
Gun grab

20 of the students in this picture were alive only 3 days ago. Why does the US participate in all the phony wars NATO starts? 1/17/2013

EPA to outlaw wood burning stoves. 1/17/2013

Beijing suffers worst smog on record.  But no government is funding R&D of REAL clean energy technologies.  1/14/2013

Fracking is causing a natural gas surplus in the US, creating price reduction locally. But Turkey has been buying gas from Gazprom in Russia which has not dropped its prices. 
Result: Turkey increases use of coal.

Judge declines to dismiss charges against Bradley Manning. 1/13/2013

Nevada PUC backs down on Smart Meter mandate.  Fees reduced for use of analog meters.  1/12/2013 

Senator Feinstein caught in direct LIE. 1/12/2013

Kazakhstan raises the rent to Russia for use of the Baikonur Cosmodrome
So what you ask?  That is how the US gets to the International Space Station is the problem. 1/11/2013

USS Jacksonville
USS Jacksonville collides with fishing boat in Straits of Hormuz.

Japanese government attempts crackdown against sloppy decontamination contractors.  But the sad fact of life is none, even the allegedly approved contractors are using any of the true remediation technologies we report on here.  All any can do is move the contamination around.  No one is neutralizing it.  1/10/2013

Seven years ago we reported heavily on various hydrogen applications.  Bankers refused to fund any of the ideas, so nothing went into common production.  But Boeing got some military money to put two 4 cyl Ford engines in a drone and run them on Hydrogen. Result: it can stay aloft for 4 to 10 days.  But Boeing workers have to drive gasoline cars to work to make it. 1/2/2013

Best actual WHITE HOUSE petition yet: asking him to resign. 1/1/2013

Video proof the military today has no more concern for its soldiers than it did in the 50's during nuclear testing. When the USS Ronald Reagan cruised through a radioactive cloud from Fukushima, standard decontamination policy was blatantly violated. Sailors now experiencing serious health detriments1/1/2013

Chicago voting machine likely used nationwide last year. 1/1/2013

The weekly mindless ramblings of Barack Obama, which unfortunately are treated as if they were legitimate laws. 1/1/2013


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

A for profit technology firm enables direct humanitarian help to homeless on the streets of San Francisco. 
Why didn't churches come up with this? Video interview of founder: Rose Broome.  Her website12/27/2013

It's a Wonderful Life
A short commentary on a classic Christmas movie from the 40's explains why so many today not only don't get what they want, but can't even hold on to what they need in life. 
The problem continues today. 12/25/2013

Tesla Motors will unveil the 3rd generation Model E in 2015. 12/16/2013

China Moon Tracks
Chinal lays tracks on the Moon.
Sure looks a lot like the pix USA took 40 years ago. 12/16/2013

Comet Ison 12-1-2013
Comet Ison apparently pulverizes.

Talk show host William Alek announces his endless, self recharging scooter will be on display at CES January 7-10, 2014.
Jetson scooter 

Comet Ison Loop 11-29-2013
Full animation of complete loop around the sun by comet Ison.

Comet Ison 11-28-2013
Comet Ison emerges around sun.

Comet Ison as seen over Mt. Fuji in Japan on November 22, 2013.

Our solar system presently hosts a flurry of comets. This video is somewhat comical in its overuse of hyperbole's, but it is true that we do have a lot of comets in the sky. We all need to know though that uncharted comets are common. Maybe we are just getting better at finding them. 11/18/2013

Comet Ison 11-15-2013
Comet Ison flares with multiple tails.

As humanity gets bombarded with microwave radiation from thousands of sources, engineers at Duke University find useable, wasted energy to harvest. 11/9/2013 

Elio Motors takes a prototype on tour.  Seen here at the Galleria shopping mall in Henderson Nevada.
Elio front
Elio right side
Elio Dash
Eli 3 cyl engine

The surprising health benefits of proper electrical grounding... of your feet.
75 min video
Healthy 2nd opinion exposes risks. Works best in rural environment FAR away from the grid and city electrical power.

Electro-gravitics.  Anyone listening to the many hours of presentations by Mehran Keshe and John Searle's organizations will see similar results even though each uses a different techniques to get there. Has the technology that was censored for so many years, finally been obtained by private research?  Time will tell. 10/18/2013 

Here are the biographies of all the speakers at the BEM conference for future reference.
Catherine Austin Fitts
BEM - Catherine Austin Fits
- - -
The Break through Energy Movement Conference finishes Saturday Oct. 12. 
Thursday and Friday presented outstanding information about Clean Energy developments.
It also had some political shockers like this 4 minute sound byte of an event that stopped a nuclear strike of Iran in 2005. Dr. Martin speaking, was in Iran to research nuclear remediation development. 
The program Streams live beginning at 10 AM Mountain time, and hopefully will all be archived.
The event is endorsed by David Eicke among others. 10/12/2013

German and French researchers claim another level of solar efficiency.  But since NONE are commercially available to the consumer, SRCC has not rated any of these claims yet. 10/10/2013
Reference this column 3/9/2013

Global Peace Walk was started over 20 years ago as a heritage from the Iroquois Nation to plant white pine trees of peace throughout the world.  The 2013 walk is from the west coast of the US to Washington DC and the UN in New York.

The purpose is to advocate world peace through clean energy and responsible use of resources. The public are welcome to join participants as they pass through one's locale. The mayor of Santa Barbara, California declared October 2, 2013 as Global Peace Walk Day.
Route Schedule.
Yahoo Group site
Carrying the message of peace through clean energy and healthy nutrition with responsible behavior and management of resources is a message that needs to be delivered to all forms of government, and is thus supported by CommuteFaster in this 21 minute video presentation. Global Peace Walk address
The video calls for immediate international support to deal with Fukushima radiation as well as to fund advanced R&D for numerous clean energy technologies.

Additionally, this 2 hour video summarizes previous walks over the years to better understand their message.  It includes a rare testimony of a Hiroshima survivor who saw the Enola Gay fly over as a young girl, thinking it was an angel. 9/28/2013

More reports on how Tesla Motors reduced weight and costs yet increased safety with their Model S design. 9/24/2013

From comments in this video, Dick Van Dyke may be replacing his malfunctioned Jaguar with a Tesla-S. 9/5/2013

Android phone application makes it become a working Geiger Counter.
Android Geiger Counter
Developer   8/24/2013

The Tesla model S attains highest safety rating of any production car ever tested.  Tesla Motors uses Autodesk CAD software exclusively for engineer design and pretest of all components before going into production. 8/21/2013

Just another location to hang panels, but it also reduces evaporation of much needed water.
Solar Canal Covers

Is wireless power new?  NASA did it in 1975.  7/30/2013

German scientists create a Lithium ion battery design with 27 year expected lifespan. 7/20/2013

Where does the world's largest solar facility reside?  Abu Dhabi, UAE, a major oil producing country. 7/20/2013

Shauberger vortex principal applied to solar creates huge jump in efficiency. 7/15/2013

Technique to switch permanent magnets. Power consumed doing the switch, not the operation of the magnet. 7/15/2013

Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid
10/13/2013 Update
Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid
800 Hp, AWD, 0-100 in 6 sec. Video  7/4/2013

The Battery Swapping technique to be used by Tesla Motors moves the huge battery depreciation cost away from the vehicle owner. Video:  2 swaps in same time to fill up a full size gasoline car. 
Fast swap or Free recharge? 6/20/2013

Polygon shaped shafts transfer torque much more efficiently and consistently than conventional key slot connection. 6/18/2013

The Bosnia pyramid emits a continuous beam of electromagnetism at 28 kHz.
If you can stay awake during this 2 hour lecture, you'll learn how all pyramids were an energy generator, not a grave stone. 6/9/2013

Oak Ridge National laboratory introduces a Sulfur based battery technology with greater energy density than conventional Lithium ion.
- - -
Stanford develops a Silicon electrode to enhance Lithium ion performance.

3D printing creates plastic parts, But if you need metal, CNC is still necessary.
Introducing a Desktop CNC machine.
Made by Otherfab.

2013 Seat Toledo, not available in US.
2013 Seat Toledo
2 engine options:  74 mpg turbo diesel, 55 mpg gasoline. 5/25/2013

Elio - Announces the most innovative financing yet - answering transportation needs for the disgusting economy.
Elio unveiling May 8, 2013
Board member and owner of the former GM plant Elio will be using, Stu Lichter: (18:44 - 21:58)
"Tesla's a cool car...but $80,000. This car is under $7,000, it's gonna get over 80 mpg, and it's cool... One of the biggest problems of this country's poor is mobility. There are millions of people who don't know if their car will get them to work or don't even have a car.  This is half the price of the cheapest car in America, and it's going to be sold with a credit card. Use of the credit card to buy gas makes payments on the car."  Elio Motors     5/18/2013

University of Missouri develops new method to handle plasma.
MO University Plasma

Recent comments from Mehran Keshe about Medical and the Magrav Reactor.
- - -
Polish scientist Keshe Reactor
builds Keshe reactor.

Acknowledged by Mr. Keshe as following his design the most accurately that he had ever seen done.


Lithium deposits found in the US could meet its own demand. 5/13/2013

SolarImpulse. Flight from San Francisco to New York entirely on solar power5/3/2013

Inventors lead the path to innovation. Eventually capital and academia catch up.
We know personally of 2 inventors who had the quick charge technique solved over a year ago.  Then Tesla Motors introduced the quick charge for the Tesla-S.  Now the University of Illinois suddenly discovers quick charging of Li-Ion batteries.
Who had it first?  The guys with no money or academic political power. 4/23/2013

Need a Smart phone do you?
More efficient electric motors could deliver drinkable water where it is needed. 

The ElectricJumpStart funding campaign is now closed.  $130 raised. We thank the 4 who took advance energy technology seriously.  4/22/2013

Mercedes enters the electric market for people with more money than they know what to do with.
Mercedes Electric
155 mile range, 1,200 lb battery

New imagery from NASA offers new perspective of Earth at night along with starlight.
Earth at Night

Unique thermal property of graphene illustrated.  4/15/2013

Ken Rasmussen interviewed on Aroostook Watchmen show about the ElectricJumpStart project. 
R&D starts a product, implementation completes it, neither is cheap.
MP3 file
(Right click and save) 6.7 MB, 30 mins  4/14/2012

A technology to begin removing plastic waste from the oceans is proposed by a 19 year old.  4/6/2013

Graphene now showing to be useful in water desalination. 3/31/2013

Tesla versus Faraday
Videos part one, part two   3/24/2013

While everyone blames the battery, nobody took a close look at how inefficient present generation electric motors are...
until the guys at Electric Jump Start
. Electric airplanes, trucks and cars suddenly become feasible.  We don't need over unity or spooky stuff, we just need to use the power we already have properly. Anything that gets hot during ordinary use is simply designed wrong.  3/24/2013

(Redneck humor) If physics was taught like this, we might all learn something. The key word students, is Fulcrum. 3/18/2013

Beach sand and common paraffin found to advance thermal storage technology. 3/17/2013

Electric Jump Start, today's CommuteFaster Energy Blog.
Only you can make a differece with clean energy.  The angel and venture capital communities have failed miserably. 3/15/2013

Broadcast from Las Vegas & Reno NV.
The Vesto finalists announcement.
Now down to 12 competing.

Vesto Finalists 3-14-2013

Most all the Crowd Funding companies listed to the right are finishing their R&D phase of development.
This new one is no exception.  But the editor of CommuteFaster/Energy has direct knowledge of this one's efforts.  The ultimate usage of what they have discovered will raise electric motor effieiency to unheard of standards.

The Electric Jump Start project. 

New observations in the Electric Universe never before documented. 3/10/2013

Super Solar Claims.

We prefer to report on great stuff that is available, not stuff still under R&D. We also prefer measurement claims with both validity and in terms we can all understand.  % efficiency is meaningless until you scientifically define % of exactly WHAT.

Nevertheless, here are 4 fantastic solar claims being made.  Unfortunately NONE have yet obtained funding to make available to the consumer who needs them.

1  70% ?  University of Connecticut
2  30% ?  Alta Devices US firm
3  20% ?  Empa  Swiss firm
4  ?%  Victor Klimov, Los Alamos, but allegedly became classified shortly after it was discovered. 

Grow a 22 sq ft garden inside your house, using 4 sq ft of floorspace.
Vertical Gardening 

The Solar Efficiency race is on. 
Only 2 weeks after the Swiss claim 20.4% efficiency, Alta Devices reports 30.8% verified by NREL.  3/6/2013

Graphene-based super capacitor design enables a 5 second recharge of Cell phones.
Graphene Super Capacitor
Next question, can they be scaled up to make a car battery?

Stretchable Lithium Battery
2 Universities develop a Stretchable Lithium ion Battery.

Creating a breakthrough in a laboratory is only the first step.  Being able to mass produce it is the other half.  University of Connecticut solves a mass production issue for Solar. 2/28/2013

Volkswagen to show two passenger,  261 mpg vehicle at Geneva Auto Show. 2/22/2013

Latest version of a Flying Car. 2/22/2013

Fisker considers $350 million bid from China. 2/20/2013

Mehran Keshe interviewed by Imperial College University of London. 2/20/2013
- - - -
Alfred Weber interviews Mehran Keshe.

Nevada offers aggressive efforts to kick start the economy.  One group, NIREC, working with the Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development supported the Vesto events in Reno and Las Vegas this week232 startup companies competed using 5 minute presentations each, all seeking a kick start of capital.  Some were clean energy technologies. One in particular will be reported here in the weeks to come, as we already know it will send shock waves in the electric motor community. 2/16/2014

Part 2 of "Primer Fields"

Part 3 of "Primer Fields" released.

If government is showing it now, they've had it for 10 years or more. 
Super Hi-Rez surveillance images. 1/27/2013

University of California gets $1 million grant to tackle the known problem of massive frozen Methane Hydrate on ocean floors. 1/25/2013

Use of nano technology with silicon returns attention to advanced electrolysis of water for faster and cheaper hydrogen production. 1/23/2013

Is this guy a fluke of nature or using  some advanced technology?  1/23/2013

Swiss Thin Film Solar
The Swiss raise solar efficiency to 20.4% with thin film solar design.

CERN research makes new discovery.
Summary assessment by David Lapoint
Videos: Intro  and
"The Primer Fields" Part 1
More parts to come
Magnetic Field basics - CERN
After burning massive energy and money, they appear to now be confirming earlier research done by Mehran Keshe, John Searles and many others.  More suspicious is the powerful component involves shapes worshipped by various religions and secret societies for millennia. 

How did they get the R&D money while others still struggle for funds?  But now, even research from CERN and other labs raise the possibility of free energy for everyone.

As with any new discovery, not without the usual skeptic attacks. 1/12/2013

Graphene oxide found to absorb radioactive waste material. 1/10/2012

Motorcyle lovers, beware the Elio, this one comes with windows, airconditioning and gets 84 MPG
Elio Motors
And at $6,800 it really does compete with any touring bike, with weather and crash protection too. 1/7/2013

Durango Discovery Museum launches the "Back the Stack" campaign to turn ugly old smokestacks into clean energy generators, beginning at their historical Tesla museum. 
One of many innovative energy projects seeking funding.  We now list several worth considering over in column 4 to the right. 1/6/2013

Keshe Reactor shown at conference in Italy 12/15/2012.
Keshe Reactor
At this point of lecture Mehran Keshe points out the reactor that size can lift 7,000 pounds.
Keshe Italy Nov 17 2013
An equally important meeting was held on November 17, 2012 addressing political issues and Italy's acceptance of the technology. 1/2/2013

Venture Capitalist Jason Calacanis interviews X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis.  Video, 68 minutes. 1/3/2013

Nothing new reaches the consumer without development funding.  The rules change this year.  The Jobs act of 2012 allows small investors to make equity investment.  Just like anything Congress passes it has strings attached. But at least it is now possible.  Along with that, other ways to get capital to great new ideas start too.  We have added the Crowed Funding column above with link to find inventions we have found that deserve your own review.  If you like something, please toss something in the can for them. 1/1/2013

One way to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements. 1/1/2013

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
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California readers:
Make that parking lot work for you
Solar Carports .co
Protect paint & upholstery
& cut your electric bill.
Wind installations available too.

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

If you live east of the Mississippi river
you need this stuff to save your yard and garden from toxic rain.

Organic Oil absorber  

Electric Cars
Batttery or hybrid now, but ready for the next generation of electric power.

Freeway Legal

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

High Performance

Tesla Motors -
delivering now TSLA
Battery Electric,  300 mile range, 1 Hr recharge
Model S
TeslaModel S

Fisker - Karma
Gas/Electric Hybrid,  300 mile range
Fisker Karma

Metro Runabout

- 25 mph limit

What would you do with $3 trillion?


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