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The safety shut off valve on the leaking methane well in Porter Ranch was REMOVED in 1979 and NOT replaced.
As of now, 2.3 percent of the state's entire carbon footprint is coming from one hole in the ground above Porter Ranch 12/26/2015

- - -
The Porter Ranch Methane Leak now being compared to the BP Gulf blowout in 2010. It just has not ignited.....yet.
  • Local hearings revealed the area sits on an 85 billion cubit feet natural storage cavity which supplies all of Southern California.
  • Governor Jerry Brown's sister sits on the board of directors of SoCal Gas.
  • The epicenter of the 1994 Northridge earthquake was 6 miles away
  • This recent landslide is 12 miles away. 12/21/2015

Porter Ranch California, Major Methane Gas Leak Began in October.   
California Smog Failure 1 ppm
  • FAA places altitude restrictions for aircraft in area
  • Class action lawsuit filed by residents who had to evacuate with no government assistance. 12/12/2015

Did you get your $100,000 Christmas bonus this year?  If not, I guess you work for the wrong company. Not every oil company is struggling.  12/12/2015

Oil and rare earth minerals have seen recent price manipulation, now all mineral mining faces huge layoffs. 12/8/2015

EVTV Facility Suffers Lithium Ion fire.
EVTV fire Nov 7, 2015
In a classic case of do as as I say, not as I do, host Jack Ricard admits in his November 9, 2015 episode to using the factory setting of top balanced cells to charge a large battery pack.  Jack has preached for some time that all lithium ion battery packs need to have the individual cells bottom balanced before use. One faulty cell took out the whole pack, and almost burned down the facility. The pack being tested was from a Renault design electric car no longer made.  Jack acquired the pack in a liquidation sale. Anyone else with units of same design are warned to watch his past shows and learn how to bottom balance cells in a pack prior to implementation. EVTV.me  11/21/2015

Tesla recalls all Model S cars to check potentially faulty seat belt latch.  11/21/2015

Freemasonic insanity loves to bring "order from chaos," chaos they created themselves. Banker initiated refugee influx in Europe, convincing the US to test its most dangerous weapons (column 2) and bankrupting nations with high energy costs just to make food is attempting to bring the world to its knees.  Even Hollywood propaganda attempts to blame Arabs for their own Zionist Banker crimes. Remember Mossad fingerprints are all over 9/11. And Mossad does anything the Zionist banks in London tell them to. 11/10/2015

We wish Mr. Keshe and his organization well in their efforts working with a new definition of plasma.  But some points of reality must be stressed.
Friday's discovery of major errors in the first blue print released is the same problem that has destroyed other inventors in the past, that of rushing a product to market prior to all necessary testing, proofreading and total quality control of the entire process. Early failure is NOT a sign of fraud, it's just a fact of life proving no one should spend their last dime on any new technology. Let lessons be learned with discretionary money, not food money.
Even if one totally understood the technique, the time required to both make and then slowly introduce to your house wiring means you won't be able to use that nifty free energy to heat your home until next spring. So don't spend your last food money on it.
The first model of anything most often ends up in collector garages, not still in use. The hype I remember for the introduction of the Apple Mackintosh only became reality about 20 years later. Keshe's research continues throughout the world, as was proven in his series of videos posted in the far right column.
Since Mr. Keshe admitted serious time is necessary to activate his designs, skeptics have no room to complain about the cake until it comes out of the oven in 3 to six months.  His definition of plasma may work, but it does NOT have "plug and play" feature yet. 11/3/2015

The St Louis radioactive waste site started with a fire and now springs a major leakDown flow pours into the Mississippi River. 10/28/2015

Radioactive waste fire erupts 90 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Update.
Recent heavy rains also caused $20 million in damages to a nearby Death Valley landmark, Scotty's Castle. 10/25/2015

Underground fire near St. Louis nears a cold war era nuclear waste dump. The fire has been burning since 2010, but now approaches a potential radioactive catastrophe. 10/17/2015

Handy switch, but illegal. VW and Audi must recall a half million cars with defeat switch. The switch allowed emission controls to only work during official tests, then get bypassed for normal driving. Amazing how "diesel" could appear so clean, when it had to?  9/19/2015

The biggest example of the Cold War getting outrageously out of hand was Russia's development of the Tsar Bomb.
It was tested in 1961.  Even Russians admitted after one test, that it was too large to ever use in conflict, as its use would have ramifications on the entire planet, not just the target. Russia put a replica on display to commemorate its 70 year history with nuclear weapons. And we can thank spies like the Rosenbergs and other Talmud and Cabala followers for giving it to them.  9/6/2015

Man-made pollution is deadly enough, but now natural hot springs are heating up to a deadly level. Man and 2 dogs die in Idaho Hot Springs. 8/27/2015

Strong evidence now shows the Tianjin harbor explosion was a planted nuke. Before/after satellite photos reveal point of explosion was open area used for shipping containers, not the warehouse formerly claimed. Image credit Jim Stone.
Click image to enlarge.
Tianjin explosion

The mystery explosion in Tianjin Harbor China affected enough Chinese businesses to possibly have political motives, along with controversy of the Yuan devaluation. Was it a smuggled nuke into one of thousands of shipping containers? Or was it an accident caused by poor storage and handling of ammonium nitrate like the 1947 Texas City disater? 8/15/2015

Bureaucrats at EPA use mine waste disater as excuse to start another multi-million dollar superfund. 8/15/2015
- - -
Released toxins measured:
Lead - 3,500 times safe limit
Arsenic - 823 times safe limit
Cadmium - 33 times safe limit   8/15/2015

- - -
EPA screw up releases stored toxic waste at Colorado gold mine site.  Wasted flows toward Colorado river and Lake Mead.

The Result of International Sanctions against Iran Keeps Fukushima Radiation flowing into the sea and atmosphere, but imprisons those trying to stop it
Successful efforts to stop Fukushima radiation STOPPED by TEPCO and Obama.

Collusion between Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, TEPCO and US President Obama steals $360 million dollars from people of Japan and keeps the radiation flowing from Fukushima.
At the tail end of an ongoing technical conference, (listen at the 3:20:27 point), Mehran Keshe received a phone call from a technician who had introduced the Keshe Technology to TEPCO.  A report (3:04:50 point in same video)  in Wolrd-Nuclear-News on May 27, 2015 proved the technology worked and had begun eliminating one of the several isotopes involved in the calamity.  But TEPCO refused to pay the Keshe Foundation for use of the technology, and went a step further to cause the family of the man who introduced the 2 held in prison in the US on charges of dealing with an Iranian Physicist (Keshe) to work with a form of nuclear energy.  The man must now return to the US to face charges or his family will be held hostage by Obama.  This is what Israel's demand for international sanctions has produced.  8 minute Audio of Mehran Keshe explaining incident. 7/29/2015

Electronic hacking of a car's control system has become an acknowledged problem.  Chrysler issues a major recall to address the problem. 7/25/2015

Caterpillar Tractor reports the WORLD has been in an economic depression for at least 2 years. 7/25/2015

Several nuclear contractors caught shipping radioactive waste in unlabeled containers. Whistle blower names names and cites incidents. Brought to public attention in 2014, yet unresolved. 7/21/2015

NRC reopens extension review of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor on California's coast. The application asks for operation through the year 2045. 7/12/2015

The Windscale Nuclear fire in Britain was only one of many cover-ups in the nuclear power and weapon history.  BBC many years later, was able to make this documentary of the event. It involved dragging common citizens from movie theaters to go into a highly radioactive area to battle ignited reactor rods.

Fukushima continued the practice of using homeless and other less fortunate people to be placed into dangerous and deadly locations to handle the problems caused by an industry that never should have started. 7/3/2015

Undeclared batteries in baggage ignite, fortunately before the flight took off. 6/27/2015

Man named Rod hit by lightening twice. 6/27/2015

BP executive set free of charges for 2010 blow out in the Gulf of Mexico. 6/9/2015

Autonomous driving vehicles are a bad idea.  This demonstration at a Volvo dealership in the Dominican Republic shows just what can go wrong. Also realize Nevada and other states are now allowing driverless big rigs on public roads.  Google's claim of extreme safety is a blatant lie.
- - -
If robots replaced truck drivers, look how much of the American economy relies on those jobs.  Map of most common job per state. Click to enlarge.
Most common job per state

100 Smart Meters explode off walls in Capitola California.  5/21/2015

Most any type of mineral mining has related dust breathing risk. Lack of adequate safety procedures in Chinese Gold mines is illustrated in this short documentary. 5/18/2015

Fire near Chernobyl threatens to spread nuclear contamination again. 4/29/2015

The Nepal/Everest Earthquake Occurred the Exact same minute CERN increased power. Death toll climbing to over 4,000. 4/27/2015

Why do governments buy big, expensive, heavy bombers?  A measurable amount of radioactive Cesium waste from Fukushima was delivered to the roof of the Japanese Prime Minister's office using a toy drone available at many hobby stores. Nuclear power was NEVER a good idea for just this reason.  It is no longer controlled by educated scientists, and government controlled military, but has fallen into the hands of literally anyone, moron or king. Making productive use of the material continues to be outrageously expensive, but nefarious use of the garbage is extremely cheap. Particles of Plutonium from Fukushima have been measured in Anaheim California. Plutonium is the most deadly substance known to man, and is known to have been produced at Fukushima, thus now availailable to anyone with a Geiger Counter, broom and dust pan.
- - -
Fukushima radiation continues to destroy sealife in the Pacific Ocean4/23/2015

Tesla Motors is not the only manufacturer claiming perpetual ownership of a vehicle.  John Deere tractors and General Motors now continue the claim. All an effort to stop anyone from fixing their own vehicle. 4/22/2015

The early days of nuclear research was plagued with both ignorance and outrageous arrogance.  Plutonium was injected into innocent individuals just to see what it did. The results were always fatal. 4/12/2015

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution now detects small amounts of cesium-134 and cesium-137 in a sample of seawater taken in February from a dock on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
The Pacific Ocean is being poisoned from Fukushima, and major media is ignoring this "now proven" scientific fact. 4/7/2015

Not your normal Easter message from Kevin Blanch, ex-Mormon suffering Leukemia since Fukushima.
Warning: unexpected obscenities, but listen to overall message for blatant truth. 4/5/2015

36 Years of Lies Since 3 Mile Island, and they continue. 3/29/2015 

Six Flags to cut down 18,000 trees to install solarBut they promise to replant 25,000 trees within next 7 years.

Lloyds of London will not insure for RF/EMF health related problems, i.e., Smart Meter caused. 3/20/2015

From the "Secret Space Program" Conference in San Mateo California, 2014, the full series of speakers. Beginning with Mark McCandlish speaking on known technologies even in 1990.  3/20/2015

Catherine Austin Fitts explains secret black budgets.  Trillions of dollars disappearing where? Banker bailouts that also disappear. The American economy surviving on drugs and wars. Video. 1 hour 22 minutes of lecture given at Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo California, 2014, now posted on YouTube free.
- - -
Dr. Joseph P. Ferral speaking at same conference. "Bullion, Brains, and Bonds"
Part One
1 hr 22 mins
Part Two
1 hr 7 mins
- - -
Dr. Ferral
: Banker Suppression of Technology down through history. 1 hr 28 mins

Jet Fuel damage
If it can't bring down a tree, how can it bring down reinforced steel?

Siemens Wind Turbines Failing in only 2 years of operation.  2/14/2015

Another fatal fire blamed on smart meters.
- - -
Over 100,000 smart meters being removed in Canada. 

Even Bloomberg now reports AirAsia pilots intentionally killed power to all electronics just before it dropped from the sky.  This confirms something drastic had taken over control of the aircraft. Which in turn confirms involvement of a little known device called a BHUAP.  Control of which traces to an organization named Serco, often referred to as the octopus. 1/29/2015

Plunging oil prices create food shortage in Venezuela. 1/25/2015

Brazil facing drought crisis just as severe and California's, or worse. 1/25/2015

Elon Musk having a bad year, already.
Wife files for Divorce.
SpaceX has hard landing, damages major equipment.
Plummeting gas prices reduce demand for electric cars.
But in late 2014 he was able to raise a billion dollars on Wall Street in 2 weeks.

Oil price is down, so Rolls Royce sales hit new highs.
- - -
#1 Rolls Royce dealer in the world.

Abu Dhabi of course.
- - -
But capital for new exploration dries up.
Kind of funny to see the oil fat cats face the same rejection from bankers that all the alternative energy researchers have faced for many years. 1/8/2015

Conventional energy stocks take a dive on trading. 1/5/2015

Market rigging makes activity by small investors futile. Insider knowledge controls stocks, currencies and commodities alike. 1/1/2015


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
California Air Resources Board is a joke when you look at all the methane leaks around California. Whether aging infrastructure pipelines or the present Porter Ranch Aliso ruptured well, penalizing gas and diesel vehicles with limits beyond any other state just generates more tax revenue for politicians to waste. 12/30/2015

Oak Ridge restarts production of Plutonium-238, allegedly for spacecraft use? 12/29/2015

Planning on attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas?  Expect delays. 
The fear mongers have intimidated management into enforcing new bag rules. Shucks, half the fun of CES was collecting promotional items in your carry around bag. 12/29/2015 

The Hadron Collider, CERN caught doing creepy stuff in the clouds overhead. But intense magnetic energy was already known to affect moisture and clouds, so ignore the science fiction rhetoric. 12/29/2015

Who's responsible? The never ending question of who is behind world chaos?

One note Samba commentators want to blame single groups, but never understand the orchestrated dance involving all players. Confusing distractions are the tools of political magicians.

2 talk shows addressed this issue interviewing 1. Kameran Faily  Parts 1   2   3*
2. Michael Tsarian  Part 1   2*
* the 2 best if limited for time.
As with many political analysts, we do not agree with all their theology, or peripheral beliefs. Some are bizarre and offensive. Whether right or wrong, a wise person wants to know why others act as they do in order to defend one's own position. We post these observations of man's actions only because they are pretty accurate.  CF ed 12/21/2015

The US Government knew within days of the severity of Fukushima.
This formerly classified government document proves every bureaucrat in the DC Beltway thinks their only job description is to hide crimes from the public. And that fallacy extends to every government agency around the planet. Click below to enlarge
Fukushim Coverup

US Government is unable to control its own abuses.
BLM torches ranch for land grab.
San Bernardino shootings: facts don't match headlines  Vid 1  Vid 2
When media gets confused, they just take government's word for it and do not do serious investigation themselves. 12/8/2015

US Politicians found ways to spend $154 billion on their version of green energy.  But not a dollar for REAL clean energy.  The Gary Vesperman lists of proposed clean energy technologies never got a dime of R&D money to bring any of them out of the closet of history.. 12/5/2015 

Monsanto to be charged with crimes against humanity at the Hague. 12/5/2015

Why did Putin even show up at the bogus climate conference in Paris France?
He has been on record pointing out how phony the claims are. Was he threatened with more shoot downs of Russian planes both civilian and military during the ISIS issue? 12/1/2015

Mike Rivero assembles in 45 minutes what everyone should have been taught to explain EVERY war in the last 400 years.
All Wars Are Banker Wars
Audio is from his radio show, but relevant graphics have been added.  Full length FREE on You Tube, thanks to ads from the UFO channel. 11/28/2015

Lockheed/Boeing fail to meet legislation deadline, which leaves Elon Musk's Space X as sole competitor. 11/21/2015

The US launches 2 Trident II D5 missiles in full view of major coastal cities.
November 7 near Los Angeles
Trident over Disneyland 11-7-2015

November 9 near San Francisco
Trident launch over San Francisco

At nearly $31 million each, they were not intended for either tactical use or public fireworks.  This is clearly saber rattling and not safe toys to play with for political purposes. The D5 was only for apocalyptic all out nuclear war to destroy multiple cities with large populations, not just a bad guy or 2. We can only pray nothing malfunctions in any future tests. 11/10/2015

The History of Nuclear Technology illustrates our present generation has no monopoly on arrogance, corruption and stupidity. 10/29/2015

Keshe delivers working Magrav plasma power units to several ambassadors and delegations in Rome on October 16, 2015. More than 16 countries were represented. In the presentation, he warned all present that full blueprints and instructions will be made available to the general public in 10 days, Monday October 26, 2015.
Manufactured units start shipping immediately from Philippines and Italy. Retail customers are urged to purchase from Keshe Foundation to continue both R&D and deliver free units to 3rd world countries. 3 months of average American summer airconditioning utility bill would pay for a unit and then give 2 free units to 3rd world for basic survival.
Food and water production were mentioned, but not demonstrated. Likewise, levitation was mentioned but not demonstrated.
US and Euro Voltage, Same source
Food and levitated transportation may still be down the road, but electric hand tools from both US 110 VAC and European 220 VAC were plugged into the same power strip and ran without difficulty.  The unit is presently not stand alone, but piggybacks a grid connection. The consumption from the grid reduces to near zero after 3 months of operation.
This is not conventional electronics by any means. The term we all must now learn is Magrav.  Magnetic and Gravitational energies working together.
It should be noted both Israel and Iran were invited, but neither showed up at the presentation to receive free units. Iran gave no excuse. Israel made a threat to give them Syria before any peace will be discussed.  This comment alone should reveal who the aggressor is in the Middle East.  A representative from Palestine did show up and was given a free unit, and blueprint to make more.  As public blueprints become available to download, links will be posted here at CommuteFaster.
Those of us over 60 remember a certain episode of Twilight Zone, "to Serve Man," and have to ask the same question. 10/16/2015

NASA reacts to allegations of never going to the moon, by releasing a massive data dump of archived footage of each Apollo mission. So yes, the US went there, but was everything they found fully released to the public? One lengthy video from the Apollo 17 mission. 10/15/2015

China has had an operational telescope on the moon since 2013. 10/15/2015

German Police Raid VW Headquarters, confiscating computers and hard drives to determine when VW began using the test defeat software. Here comes the political showmanship and finger pointing.  Yet not a dollar goes to true clean energy R&D by honest inventors. We could have had a worldwide electric car system a hundred years ago, but big oil, politicians and bankers stopped it.
This whole scandal is about EPA bureaucrats justifying their jobs and collecting fines just to finance more wars and banker bonuses, NOT clean energy. 10/9/2015

Major public revolt against Smart Meters in the Dominican Republic. 10/5/2015

Regulations have stopped the coal industry, but regulations are also stopping clean energy or making it unnecessarily expensive.
  • Home owner arrested for using wind.
  • Vegas Casinos disallowed from buying solar power from nearby solar farms. 10/5/2015

Was the Volkswagen emission scandal a political retribution?  It appears to have been totally ignored by both EPA professionals, and VW executives about as long as the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and planned parenthood selling baby parts. Why now?
Other clean energy web sites scramble to delete old awards given.
Ironically, 3 big names responsible for the  2008 financial collapse that cost hundreds of thousands of people their homes, have all contracted cancer.  High times and il-gotten gain don't last forever. 10/1/2015

LA Police chases to get ludicrous LAPD begins using Tesla S P85D model in their fleet, along with a BMW i3. 9/19/2015

The NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, claims updating data on cancer risk from US nuclear power plants would cost more than they can afford, so they white washed the question by refusing to do anything. 9/14/2015

Sarah Palin proposes complete shut down of the Department of Energy.
And she would like the job to do it.
Her record stands that when dealing with oil, she made the oil companies SHARE their outrageous profits with locals.  Alaska is the only place in the world that PAYS a dividend to its citizens.  Comedian John Stewart painted her as a ditz, only because he was on the take himself from massive corporate greed.
She has a lot to learn about other energy alternatives, but oil is here now and it needs to be brought under civilized control, not a tool of political payoffs as it is now. 9/6/2015

Renegade geek, John McAfee introduces a new email encryption technique. Probably safer than most encryptions for a while. 8/27/2015

Censored from Western Media for nearly a year, Iranian experts remove 94% of uranium radiation from contaminated water. The nano technology used is that of Mehran Keshe, featured here in column 3. A technology offered to the US, but rejected by the Obama administration. 8/27/2015
Judge restarts uranium mine near the Grand Canyon. Obama closes coal plants, but gives free reign to nuclear. 8/16/2015

As the US finally makes a peace and nuclear inspection agreement with Iran, crying baby Israel wants to kill scientists and drop bombs.
Israel threatens assasinations
The biggest obstacle to world peace is coming from Israel and their neocon-Zionist supporters.
There is too much evidence showing Mossad created ISIS. They oddly never invade Israel or Synagogues, but they do kill both Christians and Muslims with no remorse. 8/13/2015

Nuclear materials for both weapons and power are regulated by government or UN agencies like the International Atomic Energy Commission or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  But who writes the checks, and wires money to profit from such transactions? Goldman Sachs. 8/5/2015

Crooked bankers love to finance both sides of wars, and opposing political parties so that they can control both.  This image shows they also attempt this with popular religions.  Click to enlarge
Star of Remphan
Never heard of Remphan? It was a pagan deity similar to Moloch condemned in Christian New Testament scripture.
Acts 7:43
Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.
The above image shows 2 major religions following this pagan theology. Yet it is neither Christian nor related to Abraham but is actually contrary to both. 7/25/2015

Governor Brown of California is confronted with the fact that its drought is totally manipulated by military weather control technology.  7/12/2015

3 minute collection of video clips of the parade of liars who made it into the White House. America has lots of good people, but can only vote for the ones the corrupt media puts before them. 7/3/2015

Catherine Austin Fitts Commentary
Catherine Austin Fitts
Pope Francis
Protestant lady economist confronts Jesuit Pope Francis about energy, economy, and general anti-human behavior of the Vatican and its enormous resources. 6/28/2015 

For years rumored, now proven, the White House, Congress and Supreme Court show their real colors, and they don't represent civilized behavior.
White House w/ gay colors 6-26-2015

NSA facility in Utah loses funding due to congressional budget cuts. 6/9/2015

No political party will endorse a legitimate candidate in the US.  Only candidates with major financial backing get "suggested" to the public.
Consider the hypothetical
" Flush the Toilet Party."  Write ins only. No corrupt money because they don't have any. Never embellished by corrupt media, because media has no idea who YOU will write in.  Neighbor, friend, spouse.  Only YOU know who has the integrity for the job, so give them a vote. The blog linked to lists real topics needing and offering solutions, not rabbit trails to distract everyone with compromise answers.  Return America and the world to a productive economy, not a system run by  greed and wars.  5/21/2015

Governments continue to subsidize carbon fuel industry with $5.3 Trillion in tax benefits.  That is $10 million a minute. 5/20/2015

Politicians continue to push for piling nuclear waste into one spot. 5/18/2015

Children Seized from Parents because family was living "Off-Grid." 5/10/2015

The Bradley Manning - Wikileaks documents contained powerful information which could have prevented the BP Oil blowout.  But the present administration is determined to hide not only its own crimes, but those of the Bush administration also. 5/3/2015

Wars have no winners. Even those entering battle with the pure motive of defense quickly fall to other factors. This WWII documentary done from a German perspective shows hidden War crimes committed by both the West and Bolshevik Russia. 90 minutes. Watch quickly before Zionist censors have it removed. 25,000 views the first 3 days it was posted. 5/3/2015 

Obama celebrates Earth Day by burning 9,000 gallons of fuel in Air Force One to fly to Florida for a photo-op.  4/22/2015

Uranium Mining and Commercial Real Estate interests obtain access to Navajo land near the Grand Canyon. 4/21/2015

Fix your Tesla yourself. A bill in Massachusetts in 2012 slipped under the radar.  It passed a public referendum with about 85% majority. It forces auto manufacturers to provide schematics and all necessary information to consumers to enable them to do their own maintenance and not have to use expensive dealerships for routine repairs.  The result now, is Tesla Motors offers this ONLY to residents of Massachusetts.  Everyone else still must use Tesla Motors to fix ANYTHING.  Discrimination? 4/12/2015

Nuclear Waste can now be forced on local communities in UK. 4/7/2015

When energy inventors have setbacks, they are laughed out of the industry. But when Military R&D fails, they just send a bill to the taxpayer. 4/5/2015

California continues dangerous drought leading to mandatory cutbacks by everyone EXCEPT the Fracking industry.  Political payoffs sure yield their reward. 4/5/2015 

To Obama, energy is just an excuse for another game of golf. 3/29/2015

Political powers love to manipulate energy, even with seemingly unrelated technologies. We now see the manipulation juggling nuclear and oil using fictitious reasons. 3/21/2015

Evidence appearing that Smart Meters were forcibly implemented in California by fraudKnown health risks were intentionally ignored. 3/16/2015

Civilian camera drones facing new FAA restrictions.  But military drones can still kill anyone. 3/16/2015

Tribal Chief triggers calls for his ouster due to just discussing the storage of nuclear waste on tribal lands. 3/15/2015

Now Russia claims to have closed the Nuclear Loop.  This reprocesses nuclear rods until they truly are depleted to a safe level.  But GE did this back in the 70's, then Jimmy Carter banned the process under false pretenses of it causing nuclear proliferation.  This act created the vast nuclear waste problem around the world today.  3/15/2015 

China's Wind Power EXCEEDS the US Nuclear Power production. Is America stuck in a rut or not?
- - -
China's Coal Pollution begins to drop for first time in recorded history. 3/15/2015

NRC has nothing better to do than sit around and decide which country should be on this week's Sh*t list, then issue fines if left standing when the music stops.

And I thought drunks in a bar, or old women in church "sewing circles" were the only adults who gossiped like little children?
Ever see them working on remediation technology?  Of course not, that would require brains, intelligence and even more rare, maturity.  3/9/2015

50 years of oppressive rule by Communist Stalinist Russia causes Lithuania to distrust them on most anything, BUT, regarding claims of Russia attacking Ukraine, 82% believe Putin's Russia is actually telling the truth.  This further indicates recent oil prices are being manipulated totally for political purposes. As soon as the bankers destroy their competition, you can expect oil to jump back to ugly highs. 2/24/2015

Evidence exposed of California PUC illegally colluding with PGE to impose Smart Meters with full knowledge of serious health detriments to the public.
Video Report

For over 100 years, alternative energy R&D has been ignored.  The world's economies have been built on oil. The present manipulated drop in oil prices comes as a mixed blessing, helping some but hurting others. 2/5/2015

Gasoline drops to less than a penny a gallon in Venezuela. 1/26/2015

Zayed Future Energy Prize announced in Abu Dhabi UAE. 1/26/2015

TSA captures more of their own agents than terrorists.
- - -
Terahertz scanners destroy DNA.

1,700 private jets converge on Davos Switzerland to discuss Global Warming.  1/21/2015

Just as the first atomic bomb was unknown if it would ignite the entire atmosphere on the planet,  today's scientific egomaniacs continue to play with Cern, having no clue what they might trigger.  Nice to have access to massive Swiss Bank money to play with.  But it would be nice for them to show some responsibility.  1/14/2015

The failed F35 project could have housed 600,000 homeless, in very nice homes. 1/14/2015

While millions of Americans survive on food stamps, the media darling politicians pad their bank accounts. 1/8/2015

Florida outlaws living off the grid. 1/5/2014

California politicians won't let a recovery even start.  Cheap gas to get up to 76 cent/gallon tax hike in 2015. 1/1/2015

CDC intentionally omits evidence of links between vaccines and autism. 1/1/2015

In 2014, Henry Kissinger said there would be no Israel in 10 years. So next edition, 2015, publisher Harper Collins removed it from their map of the middle east. Oops? 1/1/2015


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

5 year car loans for a hydrocarbon vehicle make no sense. Will it live that long?  But a used Tesla S at $75,000 actually makes economic sense. 12/29/2015

Even though Tesla dazzles everyone with innovation and performance, Nissan sells twice as many Leafs because they are more affordable. 12/21/2015

Keshe: the weirdness continues.
Secret society buffs may be interested to know the "Prince of Malta" was one of the ambassadors receiving a European standard Magrav power unit at the Ambassador meeting on Oct. 16, 2015.
But the most strange report yet was at the 3:05:38 point of his November 19, 2015 video. Has Klingon cloaking been discovered? 11/21/2015

We seldom report on medical topics, but the Thursday, Nov. 5, PM 2015 video posted my Mehran Keshe showed his energy technology affecting stem cells in a way no other technology has done before. It has caused the re-growth of a toe, including bone structure, after amputation. Images start at the 2:32:30 point. Warning: the "before" images are very graphic 11/10/2015

Seakeeper solves the age old problem of seasickness from a rocking boat. Gyro stabilization does the trick. 11/10/2015

Tesla Motors rolls out the Model X and sets a new standard in SUV features and comforts. 11/2/2015

Week of Oct 26 to 30, 2015 will be specific training on how to use the Magrav power units. Broadcast on Keshe YouTube and LiveStream channels. This is not normal electric power, and must be understood before application.
It has been observed that all live streaming classes have been riddled with technical audio and video problems, making it difficult to follow what is being taught. An Italian TV station is sending a full professional crew to record this week and will eventually present a 2 hour, edited program on Satellite TV. 10/25/2015

Keshe power units have been an item of controversy for over a year. They need much explanation.Keshe Plasma Power Unit
After watching over 50 hours of his classes myself, I refuse to call this a scam.  He is on to new aspects of physics, few others will take proper time to investigate. But while there is hope for commercial use, the application technique is NOT anything normal, so I suspect there will be numerous people shouting scam when they don't understand what they just bought. If you have not watched enough training to know what it is and what it does, you won't have a clue how to connect the bizarre one or two wires that appear to be output. The few who take time to study this will most certainly observe startling results. No one is being forced to buy anything he offers. Remember Elon Musk bought a McLaren and wrecked it. Don't be so arrogant to think you understand everything. Everyone is ignorant, just on different topics. Self included. These units require much study before considering to purchase, as well as operate properly after you do own one.

Today, October 1, 2015 this announcement was made claiming first units ship on October 16, 2015.
manufacturing has been established in both the Philippines and Italy.

The search for more efficient or less visually objectionable wind turbines continues.
This one installed in Paris resembles a tree leaf.
Tree Leaf Wind Turbine

Professor James McCanney suggests a large Ferris Wheel design. Size is scalable.
James McCanney Wing Unit

Keshe Livestream account restored, but a Livestream account is now required.
Free viewing continues at YouTube.

It must be stressed that reporting on Mehran Keshe is NOT an endorsement. But his technology may have been involved in national defense issues, thus should not be ignored. 8/30/2015

Sorry to report, the Keshe Livestream workshop site has been taken down pending a lawsuit from an even less credible individual claiming slander. Until the matter is settled, a few workshops are still up on YouTube, but require a search to find them. 8/30/2015
- - -
Keshe knowledge workshops continue each week. 12:01 AM Thursday, Pacific Time zone in US.  9 AM in Italy where classes are held. Past programs are archived at same link. 8/13/2015-9/19/2015

Mehran Keshe has made several controversial comments and claims in the last year that we cannot endorse.  However, he is still around and making other claims that should not be ignored. In this 3 hour July 16, 2015 Livestream video he takes credit for the recent Iran nuclear negotiations with the US. The video image link blow is #70 of a series. Plasma Energy begins with #68.
Reference International Sanction of Keshe in Column 1 on left of page.
Mehran Keshe 7-16-2015
He brings in the issue of international banking and the military industrial complex which ARE genuine issues to any peace negotiations, regardless of which technology one favors.
The unit displayed in this video is claimed to be producing 5 times as much energy as that used. 7/25/2015
- - -
Additional seminars posted for free access at YouTube  or  LiveStream.

Usual airing time for live broadcast is 8AM in Italy, 3 am EST. 7/29/2015

Mini-documentary on Tesla Motors through 2015.  15 mins. 7/21/2015

Silly rumors proved true.  Tesla adds "Ludicrous" mode to list of options.
0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and another 15 miles of range. 7/18/2014

Chevrolet, all electric "Bolt" to be introduced with 200 mile range, and much cheaper than a Tesla.
Chevrolet Bolt - all electric

Electric energy from plants. Perhaps the greenest green energy yet. 6/20/2015

Tesla Motors puts out help wanted sign for its giga-battery factory. 5/18/2015
- - -
Hi-Rez drone fly over video of plant under construction outside Reno NV. 5/20/2015

Elon Musk explains in this 18 minute video how his new battery and presently available wind and solar technology could replace the entire world's energy production with renewable energy around the clock. The physical size of needed solar panels is astounding to see.  5/8/2015 

Russia still takes large booster rockets seriously with new facility. 4/21/2015

Torsion Field Technology describedEnormous potential, but no commercial backing yet.  Military? That's another story. 4/21/2015

Time reports who the top 5 moguls in clean energy are today.  None are really involved in super advanced stuff.  All made marginal improvments, and found the capital to market the minor improvement to the masses. 4/18/2015

Dyson invests in new Lithium ion design claiming double storage capacity of present designs. Elon Musk has commented many have shown him PowerPoints of designs, but no one has put one in his hand.  This may be the first if they actually get the capital to do it. 3/15/20/15

Lebanon Tennessee to build a waste to energy plant. Not much said about technology, but appears to be similar to destructive distillation we reported on many years ago. 3/4/2015

Forbes acknowledges that garbage trucks should be the next target for electric vehicle application. 3/4/2015

Solar now competing with $10/barrel oil.  3/4/2015

Kevlar membranes may prevent corrosive cell interaction in Lithium batteries. 3/4/2015

Videos below illustrate rider response to 3.2 sec acceleration to 60 mph.
But Tesla is now rumored to be developing a firmware improvement to enable it to do it in 2.8 sec.  Is acceleration like this on a 4 door family car even safe? 2/5/2015

- - -
Tesla - Insane button
Tesla adds new "insane" mode to Model S P85D. 
0-60 in 3.2 sec. 
Full YouTube series - hilarious. 
See a bulldog cry like a kitten, and a cell phone plastered against a back seat. 1/28/2015

WalMart apparently invented ice cream that won't melt on hot days. 1/25/2015

Elio chooses new engine design prior to final production.  1/21/2015

Graphene continues as a hot buzzword in more than one energy efficiency discussion.  1/1/2015

Keshe Foundation Group of links
Disclaimer: We list Keshe products as being available, only because they really are being shipped and delivered, but all customers must be aware this is NOT normal technology, and NOTHING is plug and play performance. Sporadic confirmation of performance does exist, but nothing has been mass tested as of December 2015. Every first generation of ANYTHING has bugs. Spend with caution.
- - - -
Keshe Foundation Blue Print training videos on how to make and use their Magrav Plasma Power units.
These videos are presentations, not casual classroom discussion as most workshops have been. Avg 2.5+ hours each.
Video #    Date        Topic
10-26AM-2015   Basics of initial unit
10-26PM-2015   Magrav Plasma Theory* Coils
10-27AM-2015   Coil nano-coating
10-27PM-2015   Human Health
10-28AM-2015   Assembly details   
10-28PM-2015   Plasma Meds &  Computing
88A   10-29AM-2015   Plasma Capacitors

10-29PM-2015   Quality Gans, religions
89A   10-30AM-2015   Break in period explained
89B   10-30PM-2015   Friday PM Summary

Full Blueprint in .pdf form
released Friday 10/30/2015

* The Magrav Plasma Theory lecture is the best one yet to learn about this technology from the start.

Further information can be obtained at KesheFoundation.org

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Electric Cars
Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:
  Tesla Motors.
  Battery Electric,  300 mile range, 1 Hr recharge
Model S
TeslaModel S
Battery Electric, 200 mile range
Toyota RAV4 EV

BMW i3

Battery electric 118 mile range

Electric car financing.

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

If you live east of the Mississippi river
you need this stuff to save your yard and garden from toxic rain.

Organic Oil absorber  

What would you do with $3 trillion?


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