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Yes, LED lights are extremely efficient, but there are related health hazards. 12/29/2018

Lunatics running the world politicize every aspect of science from Biology to Geology just to keep the population dumb and controllable. 
The Diehold Foundation now releases a 5 part series of videos by Douglas Vogt
revealing what has been hidden by various secret societies inside corrupted science for centuries.
Parts: 1  2  3  (4&5 yet to come)
Unlike many claims of others, this research aligns with Biblical history. Astronomical events show the Earth has less than 30 years before it gets hit with the next supernova, which has happened many times in the past on a predictable schedule.
A special thanks to Rob Nelson at RexResearch.com for bringing these videos to my attention.

Flyover video of Campfire damage in Paradise California on 11/27/2018.

California Fires.
- - -

Confirmed deaths: 87  
Residences destroyed: 13,906
Commercial blds: 514 
- - -
Deaths 79, over 1,000 missing.
Cars, trees and thick wood bursting into flames. No typical ignition time.
Videos: 1  2     

Update 11/15/2018: 56 deaths confirmed, over 8,000 homes destroyed in the attack on California via arson fires.
Directed Energy weapons
- - -
Seven years of Fukushima radiation raining down on the US West coast has made forests into brittle tinder boxes.  44 deaths now confirmed in California wildfires.
Melted Bridge - Malibu fire
But another element has entered the story, Directed Energy Weapons. Why? And who is doing it? Notice the vegitation is fine, but the bridge's I-Beams are melted with only a shallow water creek below.  11/13/2018

5G Experiment in Hague Netherlands Kills Hundreds of Birds 11/8/2018

According to the only witness at the event, his brother Steve reported:
20 years ago, inventor Stan Meyer was murdered by 2 mysterious investors from Belgium. They immediately disappeared.
Now, 20 years later, Israel claims to have a watercar technology, co-developed with an Australian firm. All funded by an organization called BIRD.  The Binational Israeli Research & Development Agreement with the US.
A close look reveals the technology is quite different than Stan Meyer was working on. But everyone needs to see where BIRD gets its R&D money. 10/31/2018

Were several of America's most advanced fighter jet, the F22, damaged by a common hurricane? The F22 can easily cruise at mach 2, so could easily outrun any natural storm. But if they were down for maintenance, that is another story. Or was huricane Michael a weather manipulated, targeted strike to hide other activity? 10/4/2018

New cars are like riding inside a microwave oven. There is a lot more than just the EMF from your hand held cell phone gradually cooking you.
RF in average car
Expanded pdf with details.
A thorough report is frightening to read.  9/17/2018

Hurricane Florence threatens nuclear power plants in North Carolina and New York. But prior problems have not gone away. 9/14/2018

Still recovering from a long serious illness, Radchick posts a new video observing indications of Fukushima radiation in Florida.  9/9/2018

Tesla spent too much money dazzling everyone with gadgetry, but not paying attention to cash flow and what people really want.
They now need another couple of a billion dollars.
Personally, I could use a couple of grand myself and I promise not to send it to Mars. 8/31/2018

A meteorite struck the International Space Station.  Just like the Little Dutch Boy, astronaut Gerst put his finger on the 2 mm hole. The leak happened in one of the Russian modules. 8/31/2018

Many high tech ideas sound great, until quality control and installation skills enter the picture. Take a look at these Yelp reviews for Solar City in Las Vegas NV. CAD drawings seldom represent the real thing. If homeowners can't get humans on the phone, do you really want to let a Tesla computer drive your car in traffic? 8/13/2018

Controversial investigator of the Las Vegas Massacre dies in hospital of an infection. Scott Binsack grew up in a mob environment and had enormous contacts in the casino industry around the country. He started a group named March For America, MFA. He posted part 1 of the Vegas investigation, and claimed part 2 would blow the lid off the story as he had proof it was done by the same culprits who did 9/11. He never completed part 2. I am not certain who is running his YouTube Channel now. He was 48 years old and died in Las Vegas. 7/24/2018
- - - - 7/26/2018 update
In Scott's last video post (June 4, 2018) at the 0:13:00 point, he blames Mossad working with Saudis for the Vegas massacre  At the 1:36:00 point he says Jered Kushner was named in one of the sealed indictments. But Kushner then cut a deal with Comey and Mueller to dump more dirt on Trump to also get President Donald indicted too.
CF analysis: The top of the Satanic/NWO pyramid are psychopaths vying for king of the hill. Jesuits think Zionists are their puppets.  Zionists think the opposite. Thus the MOTIVE for Vegas was typical Bolshevik gun control agenda first, to benefit both sides, which then gets innocent people stuck in the middle killed by not being able to defend themselves against fascist control from left or right. The FBI, playing both sides of the story, wants to distract everyone with the same "lone gunman" story they used with JFK as they pulled off the first stage of the takeover of America in 1963. We may be about to see a shoot out between the 2 factions. Las Vegas was an early sample. Only innocent bystanders get killed.  7/26/2018

As General Electric stock tumbles, and they continue to sell off major assets, there is a new opportunity for someone with major capital.  GE has been the leader in railroad locomotives for many years. But anyone with a minor knowledge of clean energy efficiency, taking a brief look at a diesel locomotives design quickly realizes it was not intended to just move cargo, but its major purpose was to burn up as much diesel fuel as physically possible. If Nikola Motors knows how to make long haul electric trucks, it's time they step up a notch to handle hundred car train loads.  GE sold their soul to nuclear and oil from inception.  They acquired patents from RCA and began doing sinister stuff too.  Look up QRS-11 to know what I'm talking about. Jack Welch knew how to keep them profitable, but ethics of product were nothing he took any time to concern himself with.  6/28/2018 

Tesla Motors victimized by sabotage from staff. Elon Musk files lawsuit.

Tesla Fire Los Angeles
Tesla S bursts into flames with no collision for cause.

Tesla Motors announces 9% workforce layoffs6/12/2018
- - -
Tesla Motors facing lawsuits for:

Cobalt has been the factor that boosts Lithium performance in batteries used in both electric cars and electric bicycles, but it has negative hazards and economics.  Panasonic is developing a cobalt free battery design. 6/11/2018 

Lava evaporates all water in Green Lake on Hawaii Island. 6/3/2018

Crypto currency mining computers use massive amounts of electricity. 
One of the reasons forecasters use to justify extremely high Bitcoin values in the future is because it will require that much electricity to make one. Nobody will mine one until the price gets that high. A mining conference addresses this issue. But if cheap electricity becomes available, crypto coins could stabilize and become the consistent value currency they were supposed to be. 5/26/2018

Has Elon Musk joined the good ol' boy's club? 
Despite cars still exploding, no manned flights yet on SpaceX, and still showing no profits to Wall street, his stock remains many times earnings.  New laws in California mandating solar will create the artificial demand for his Solar City products similar to mandated auto insurance.  Car insurance only got more expensive, and claims became more difficult. Likewise, homes will cost more to build and own as utilities never were a factor in the price of a home until now. The amount necessary to finance was always the problem.
Cheaper satellites to space create a crash hazard that could stop space travel altogether with massive debris issues when 2 or more satellites eventually collide. Nobody does crash tests satellites traveling 18,000 mph.
Likewise the known problem of Lithium ion thermal runaway is not only a problem with moving vehicles in traffic vulnerable to collision, but accidents happen in personal garages too. Do you really want one of his home power batteries bolted to the structure of your home if something goes wrong in the garage and the thing takes a accidental hard blow?
His Boring company also smells of association with the legendary Deep Underground Military bases only discussed in conspiracy groups, as none have ever been declassified.
Elon's warnings again Artificial Intelligence are worthless when he continues to cram driverless technology onto every car he makes. 5/19/2018

Nikola Motors sues Tesla Motors.
Electric vehicles would be great if the moronic Silicon Valley mentality of letting attorneys run the company didn't exist. Management that outgrew juvenile video games might help too. 5/3/2018

Nuclear waste storage tank at San Onofre California fails. 4/26/2018

Why have wind and solar never addressed the logical need for storage?
This editorial by Jack Rickard of EVTV reveals his own observations while owning 2 large solar installations. 4/15/2018

Elon Musk admits humans adapt to changes faster than robots. So why is he still cramming autonomous driving down our throats? 4/15/2018

Bitcoin solves one problem, but created another. Massive energy consumption to mine it caused a coal fired power plant to reopen. Maybe paper "greenbacks" were really greener in the first place.  4/13/2018

Computers and Artificial Intelligence. Powerful tool or frightening master.
Do You Trust This Computer?
Powerful documentary released April 5, 2018. $3.99/view

Seven Years since 3/11/2011 Fukushima and not one government admits what happened or what has resulted. To date, no one has disproven ANY claim by Jim Stone in this report. And as a result, background radiation continues to climb worldwide. 3/11/2018

Are digital crypto currencies really a new technology? Look closely at this cover of The Economist magazine published in 1988.
cover Economist magizine - 1988
Bix Weir of Road to Roota explains how Alan Greenspan may have been involved in the creation of not only Bitcoin, but the entire blockchain technology.  Once you learn what Root "A" is, it might make sense. 3/6/2018

Genetic Modification was supposed to solve agriculture problems, but is creating havoc, bad health and death all around the world.  This series on the Jeff Rense Show reveals many hidden aspects of GMO not even known by health food advocates. It is deadly and NOT a PROVEN science.
Parts:  1   2   3 

Newly discovered evidence proves helicopters were used for a military assault on Las Vegas on October 1 last year. Yet the FBI holds on to their lone gunman story just like Oswald and 19 Arabs with box cutters.  2/22/2018

Evangelist Billy Graham passes away. Age 99.
Evangelist Billy Graham 1918-2018
The first thing anyone should do in life is establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is what he claimed to be. Stories about him by others need scrutiny and discernment. Once you realize treating others as you want them to treat you, really is the Golden Rule, not the rule of gold.

Artificial intelligence has a major dark side. We were warned in several Hollywood movies, but now Linda Moulton Howe tells a horrifying story from a military R&D facility in Japan. Comment is from an interview on "Truth Be Told TV" and begins at the 40:13 point.  2/13/2018

The crisis of a sinking oil tanker returns. This time in the East China Sea. 1/28/2018

Private investigator Scott Binsack begins a 3 part report on just who did the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. Evidence points to the same culprits behind 9/11, not a lone nut case. It was an attack on the American right to public assembly, and Las Vegas was a convenient, available crowd to target.

Part 1 of Three YouTube   Vimeo  2:22:43

Part 2 of Three YouTube   Vimeo

Part 3 of Three YouTube   Vimeo

The mass shooting in Las Vegas last year had little effect on the Consumer Electronics Show. It hit record attendance of 175,000 and used 11 sites.   1/16/2018

Good luck getting any hi tech work done with a contaminated computer. 2 viruses take advantage of NSA hacking tools released last year by hackers.
Unsecure computer

The $2.8 Billion VW diesel settlement will enable states to wage war on all diesels, large and small. 1/4/2018


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Professor James McCanney summarizes our state of affairs in Energy and Politics. 12/29/2018

Reactions to envelopes at GHWB funeral
What was in the envelopes passed out at the GHWB funeral?
- - -
SGT Report video update on 9/11 Grand Jury.

Brooks Agnew gives a brief summary how Obama used Dodd/Frank to destroy all new startup business in America.
11:26 mins 12/17/2018

Silver is the best conductor of electricity. The WWII Manhattan Project needed huge amounts of it. Actions back then had long term economic effects many years later. This Video by Bix Weir explains the interaction between military and the US Treasury.  12/17/2018

List of Exhibits in Grand Jury Probe of 9/11.
- - -
All New INVESTIGATION OF 9/11 by a Grand Jury Approved. 
The US Attorney for Southern District of NY AGREES to reopen an investigation of events on 9/11/2001 based on evidence presented by The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 inquiry.
Press Release. Video Report  12/3/2018

Does the closing of the Apollo Museum imply Trump's new Space Force will replace NASA?
- - -
About the only thing the Public knows about America's Secret Space Program is that we paid for it.
Or was it siphoned to Israel? Or both? Did Israel take all the Tech, then sell it at profit?
Secret Space Program

Listen to Netanyahu himself boast that CIA and NSA are just entrepreneurial investments of his. Alt video site 11/22/2018

Netanyahu runs Israel like a Las Vegas Casino. He now grabs the 4th title in his government.
1. Prime Minister,
2. Foreign Minister,
3. Communications Chief, and now
4. Defense Minister.
SGT Report: PG&E ties to Rothschilds
Brendon O'Connel: Edward Snowden is puppet to Netanyahu, along with most all of the US Congress  11/15/2018

All Israel Prime Ministers since 1948 derive from Bolshevik Russia or Poland, NOT any Hebrew ancestry. You won't know what Bolsheviks are until you learn about Joseph Stalin. And when you see Dwight Eisenhower standing next to Stalin at the end of the film, remember the report from Major Jordan as to how nuclear secrets were shipped wholesale to Russia at the end of WWII. 11/15/2018

By FCC mandate, America rushes to activate 5G...
5G Cell tower installation
While IGNORING any health side affects of ANY RF signal. This 1 hr 15 video
report by Dana Ashley may make you sick just to watch. 10/29/2018

Israeli truck transporting caravan
Israeli owned trucks are being used to transport the bogus caravan crossing Mexico.
Look at the Star of David on the truck's cab. 10/24/2018

Politics in the US has gotten atrocious due to liberal sore losers. But Cameroon Africa is in essential Civil War. How bad does it have to be to "escape" to Nigeria? 10/14/2018

How are Russia or China obtaining the most advanced technologies from the US?
Simple, they purchase them from Israel.
Or they go to Craigslist.
Craigslit ad 10-3-2018

Hurricane manipulation is a
Since 1995
Professor James McCanney explains in his 9/13/2018 web cast. Reposted in entirety here, no edits.
His other shows are archived here. 9/22/2018

The Oroville California Dam repairs now exceed $1.1 Billion9/9/2018

The 150 year standard name for high end pianos, Steinway, looks to be headed to China. This video commentary explains possible reasons why. 9/9/2018

California passes bill to ban gasoline, diesel and coal use by 2045. 9/1/2018

The US Patent process is a disaster.
This group is proposing a bill which could correct a few issues. 8/31/2018

Imported electric bicycles hit with a 25% tariff. Ouch. This also affects 3 wheeled electric cars classified as electric bicycles as with the Electra Meccanica manufactured in Canada. Tesla has its problems, but the laws seem to all be written in its favor at the moment. Apparently all of Musk's political donations are paying off.  8/25/2018

Alex Jones has enlightened many of us about horrific government corruption, but... his own organization is now seen to be infiltrated by the very criminals running Washington DC. The new smart phone ap for you to get Alex 24/7 uses code WRITTEN IN ISRAEL by the same programmers causing all our other computer problems and total loss of security for both personal and government use.
Don't wait for headlines from me, keep informed of the Israel/Illuminatti effort to take down America at Brendon OConnel's site as long as it can stay up. 8/25/2018

The F117a was built by patriotic
Americans to defend the country with the highest possible technology.
But George Bush Senior used it to close one of his personal drug deals in Panama.
Now the F35 is supposed to be our next extremely high technology, some claim it can become totally invisible. Who bought it first? Israel. How did they first use it? To kill (2) 15 year old Palestinian boys in a building under construction. Neither the boys nor the building were a threat to anyone.
Who pushed the sale of the F35's to Israel? The usual suspects. Brendon O Connel and Michael Hurzog discus who has been taking US technology and reselling it all to the highest bidder since WWII8/4/2018

Do any government employees have a clue what the words "moral responsibility" mean?
Comey, Mueller, Eric Holder conspire to sell US tech to foreign governments, and joined in by US defense contractors keeping their monopoly on the military industrial complex.

LA County California plans new hiking trails... right past the old Rocketdyne Santa Susana Pass melt down site of a sodium cooled nuclear reactor in 1959.
If Russia allows tourists near Chernobyl,  why not here? And make it a family hiking site while they're at it. Or is this a veiled way to encourage homeless camps away from the city? 7/23/2018

What do: Windows 10, Intel CPU since i5, Smart Meters, Stuxnet, Fukushima, Autonomous Driving, Predator Drones, Privacy Breaches, 9/11, and the Las Vegas massacre all have in common?  Bibi Netanyahu and Israel.  7/13/2018 - updated 7/23/2018

Patent suppression has been addressed here many times in the last 10+ years, but resurfaces with Trump's mention of a Space Force. 7/1/2018

Mr. Hydrogen Hummer - Arnold Swartzenegger, criticizes Trump's return to coal promotion. 7/1/2018

The reason genuine high technology, developed in the US is suppressed here, but ends up in foreign countries is a bit complex.  It is written into US Law that it must first go to Israel, for them to turn around and sell it elsewhere.
Listen to this  2 min 33 sec mp3 excerpt from Brendan O' Connel as he reads from US Law.
If all the Israeli spies were removed from the US government, there wouldn't be anyone left to turn out the lights.
Full interview from the Michael Herzog Show
Part 1  Part 2  

Is anyone really supposed to believe who the US Government claims are experts on nuclear energy? Look at the 1:54 point of this promotion video wanting to bury nuclear waste in drill holes. Does this clown look like someone you would believe about ANYTHING? Yet this group has already obtained $4.7 million for their crazy proposal.  6/23/2018

General Electric has been a member of the Dow 30 since 1907.
To be removed on June 25, 2018. 
Noted anti nuke advocate Kevin Blanch
(Warning: Massive Profanity) blames their continuos involvement in the criminally run nuclear power industry for their decline. 6/20/2018

Holding a patent only guarantees grief. Classification of patents has been run by a corrupt British firm named SERCO since 2015. Posting your great ideas on the internet prevents you from obtaining a patent, BUT it prevents others from doing it too. If you are first to market and lowest price/highest quality you win the game, and no Philadelphia attorney will take it from you. Here is an argument for open sourcing everything. 6/17/2018

Kim - Trump June 12, 2018
While Donald Trump makes history with North and South Korea, the swamp back home continues ridiculous abuse of power on common citizens. Fed agents are now setting up entrapment for unsuspecting people using Bitcoin.

What could a sneaky politician from Nevada possibly have to do with the erupting volcano in Hawaii? 
Fracking and Government loans.

Dept. of Energy ordered to keep coal and nuclear plants operating. Early shutdown would threaten stability of the grid. 6/1/2018

Trump signs the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155).

The White House claims it now helps small banks to keep money for local use.

But will it get capital into the hands of small companies with genuine inventions?
The US has a backlog of great clean energy technologies and medical advancements that can't get capital or necessary FDA approval.  Deep State and massive regulations, compounded by banks demanding cash flow prerequisites to obtain any capital keeps all good ideas locked up.

Sarah Westall interviews Dr. Boyd Haley with solutions for Autism and COPD. But is facing massive suppression by FDA bureaucrats. Part One,  Part Two

Vaccines have degenerated into becoming weaponized on innocent populations.

Monsanto has poisoned all of us with glyphosate in their Roundup.

Gasoline and Utility prices climb. The politics behind failed technologies gets dirtier than their own products.  5/22/2018

In Las Vegas NV, one candidate for Sheriff wants to get the FBI out of local politics. NOBODY believes the lone shooter story pushed by corrupt Feds in Washington DC. 5/22/2018

Details reveal how criminal politics have controlled energy with stunts from foreign wars to an attempt to take over the Bundy Ranch. 58 min video Research provided by Douglas Gabriel at
American Intelligence Media.

No form of nuclear energy is endorsed by this site. However, we have to admit there are less dangerous methods than the ones presently in use around the world.
This old documentary, salvaged from a low resolution VHS copy, explains how one less dangerous method, Thorium, was politically removed from competition.
Galt: Prologue  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 
Part 4   Part 5  Part 6   Part 7  
Text summary of videos.
In the melee of political rhetoric a 6th grade education hat salesman from Hollywood, Chester Holifield, became the Chairman of the Committee on Atomic Energy in the 1960's.
The term Geothermal Atmospheric Liquefied Thorium, GALT became the clever acronym used by Ayn Rand in her novel Who is John Galt? and Atlas Shrugged. Atlas referred to the nickname of the only congressman who supported the less dangerous tech.

Nuclear incidents continue. Too many to report on often. Politicians debate, spend some money, and never resolve. Idaho is one of the more recent accidents. 4/13/2018

Deep State Puppets. You can't tell who is speaking for who, without a play card.
Here is your own deep state pdf directory of who is on payroll of whom.
- - -
Now that you know Mark Zuckerberg and wife are owned, (see list above) look at all the donations he made to the congressment who "grilled?" him. Would you trust your cat videos to that man?

Bipartison congress allows first Trump trade deal with North Korea. (Satire)
Trump - Kim Trade Deal

Somewhere on this "White Rabbit" chart is the group financing MIB suppression of clean energy, and the total enslavement of mankind. If you don't know the history of all of them, expect to get blind sided.
Click image to enlarge.
White Rabit chart of World Power

Is China about to destroy the last dregs of Detroit Michigan with their falling space station? 3/11/2018

Any great idea, whether a constitutional republic, Christianity,  or even clean energy, if it ever fails, it is for one reason alone, INFILTRATION by those with an agenda to destroy and control.
Architects of Western Decline
Architects of Western Decline
in only 28 minutes lists the names and agendas of those who used academic BS to confuse and commandeer a society from its healthy goals. The result today is from total Marxist Bolshevism and explains WHY our government is in chaos, church attendance is declining and banks only finance their agenda, never real clean energy. 3/8/2018

Genie Energy

Sarah Westall interviews Catherine Austine Fitts of Solari.com. 
This explains what has happened to the economy from where your pension money went, to why nothing good gets capitalized and all your taxes go to bankers and wars. 
Parts: One  Two
Solari Annual Report cover
Click image to enlarge. 

Only because Billions of Dollars have been wasted on Junk Science due to politics, do we have to post so much political commentary here.
  • Corrupt politicians spend your tax money on junk.
  • Corrupt major media misleads serious private capital in bad directions.
  • The net result are financial sanctions against real, clean technology. History is thick with great ideas that simply never got funded to reach the public.
YouTube and Google mass censorship continues. YouTube sites removed this week: Alex Jones, Jordan Sather, Richie Allen, and Chuck Ochelli. Specific videos have been removed from Jake Morphonios, Scott Binsack, and Sarah Westall. Google robots stopped visiting CommuteFaster many months ago.

At the same time, major media uses crisis actors to push a "disarm honest people" agenda. David Hogg was seen earlier in Los Angeles before he became a Florida shooting celebrity pushing an agenda from his FBI agent father..

Former Huffington Post columnist, David Seaman has been permanently banned from YouTube, just as many others have when identifying pedophiles and government power abusers.  YouTube/Google is driven with a Bolshevik agenda and won't tolerate any discussion of sanity.
His Bitchute channel is HERE.
Also restricted from monetization is the Victurus Libertas channel which has exposed and named both political and celebrity criminals. Their YT link, their Bitchute link 2/22/2018

The insane governor of California, Jerry Brown disallows use of a gun to stop schools shootings. 2/21/2018

Short range electric vehicles proved to be a political waste of money in Los Angeles, CA. A police car application demands more. 1/28/2018

China gradually moves away from coal as primary source for electricity.  1/28/2018

First Hawaii, now Japan. Government measures to prevent false alarms are proving more defective than a cheap cell phone. 1/16/2018

California to shut down its last nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon. Now the issue of various costs to do it begin. 1/12/2018

Dept. of Energy dangles another carrot for 2018, implying it will fund new clean energy.  They do this every year. For some odd reason only major political donors ever get the money.  Money tax payers have to replace, with nothing productive to show for it. If anything ever ends up in the hand of the public, it will be privately funded. Government only knows how to repeat the same old lies that keep them in power.
FYI, the $100 million they offer is a drop in the bucket compared to Pentagon waste on a daily basis. You have to beg and jump through bureaucratic hoops to get it. The Pentagon just files another requisition and stamps it classified 1/6/2018

Just who is Buzz Aldrin flying for now? Maybe he's beyond globalist to Interplanetaryist, but with 94 stars? Is he counting moons too?
Buzz Aldrin
His line of clothing website. SprayGround.
Interview posted on RedIce 2009 1/4/2018


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

The word "volatile" is an understatement for Cryptocoins.
Originally claimed to replace government's fiat currencies and put financial power in the hands of the individual, closer inspection reveals sinister roots.
Bix Weir found evidence that the same guy who wrote the computer programs used by the Federal Reserve to rig the US economy, Alan Greenspan, is the same guy who wrote the code for Bitcoin.
Another investigator, Brendon O"Connel, claims all crypto codes originated under Israel's Unit 8200. A segment of Israel's covert techno/intelligence funded by the Binantional Industrial R&D Foundation, which is mostly US Taxpayer money.
Could Bix Weir and Brendon O'Connel both be correct? Alan Greenspan is Jewish.
Personal experience has shown Silicon Valley has more economic rattlesnakes than the Mojave Desert has Mojave Greens. Either capable of a venomous deadly bite.
The internet has branded Nigeria as the capital of email scams. But Central Africa does have serious problems. A civil war rages in Cameroon. Someone suggested they issue a crypto coin, named the AmbaCoin allegedly to help real refugees and other victims. But will it really help?
Meanwhile, the western world places bets on the volatility of both fiat government currencies and too many crypto currencies to list. The 1% fat cats in the world weren't satisfied controlling all the common money in the world. The feel they have to control anything that replaces it too. They already bought up most of the gold and silver in the world with their present fake money. 12/29/2018 

Watch a young woman move a 900 pound concert grand piano off from a truck, then up 2 flights of stairs by herself. She uses a robot made by PianoLift in France. 12/3/2018

X-Prize held competition for water generation in difficult environments.
First prize winner:
Skysource Skywater Alliance
Runner up:
Professor James McCanney's Wing Generator 
Professor McCanney describes its operation in his October 25, 2018 archived broadcast.
James McCanney Wing Generator

NASA is reported to have bought out a few manufacturers' production of C-60. 11/14/2018

Viziv Technologies Tesla Tower
ViZiv Technologies, based in Texas, attempts what many others have talked about, but never found funding. That of rebuilding the famous Tesla Wardencraft Tower.
Video report. Company web site.
But who is funding it?  Engineers who studied the technology closely for many years have claimed it would have worked fine when Nikola Tesla built it, but jump ahead to now, and the massive use of microwave and other RF in the world would disable its abilities.  11/12/2018

Occasionally, some absolutely epic material gets posted on YouTube.
A host who uses the brand Dark Journalist did 2 classic interivews. Over 2 hrs each, but worth the time. Not topics for Joe Six Pack.
Guest Cliff High
Guest Dr. Joseph P. Farrel

China discovers electrical enhancement replaces fertilizers and pesticides. 11/11/2018

Gocab Kid Taxi by Van Raam
Van Raam of Netherlands introduces the Gocab Kid Taxi with electric assist.

Electra Meccanica Solo
Electra Meccanica of Canada opens showroom in Los Angeles.

Front and rear facing dash cams for your bicycle are now offered by Cycliq. The rear camera sees in infrared, HD video is stored on rugged micro SD chips and includes  GPS data. 10/26/2018

Astrophysicists like Professor James McCanney have posed the occurrence of very large electrical discharges between celestial bodies as they pass each other. That includes comets, moons, and planets. It now appears the odd science of "remote viewing" begins to confirm that event. So where has a planetary lightening strike hit before?
The Grand Canyon. 10/14/2018
Update 10/26/2018

Bluebird announces delivery of first electric School Buses in California. 10/4/2018

Arcimoto - Generation 8
Arcimoto. The US-Made 3 wheel electric car design.
Still working to eventually go into production. But just like Elio, finds it to be an expensive task.  9/29/2018

Audi debuts their e-tron 2019 answer to the Tesla S.
Audi e-tron 2019

Canadian company Electra Meccanica rang the opening bell on NASDAQ Thursday 8/30.
The stock symbol is SOLO. The $10 million public offering will enhance manufacturing of their 3 wheel electric car. 8/31/2018

The only company known to offer a remake of the legendary Royal Rife machine charged several thousand dollars.
This site
offers a Smart Phone Ap claiming to do the same thing for $80. But just like the expensive one, performance is not guaranteed and up to you to "fine tune" to your personal needs. 8/28/2018

Energy efficient agriculture is the new high tech in Las Vegas NV. 
Farming has always been dirty work.
Farming 20th Century style
But Las Vegas takes a different approach
Farming 21st century
Oasis Biotech opens a 215,000 square foot vertical farm facility. 8/25/2018

Delfast Electric Bike sets record of 225 miles on one charge. 8/25/2018

Elon Musk's Solar City made solar panels look like roofing shingles.  Why not do that to the rest of the structure?
Oxford Photovoltaics has.
Their new solar glass can be disguised to appear like many other materials, making the entire building an electric generator.  8/9/2018

Virgin Galactic sets new altitude record for manned commercial space flight. 7/26/2018

3 Wheeled ELF-2FR is a semi-enclosed, electric assisted bicycle for 2 passengers with a solar panel.

Several electric SUV's to come in 2019. 7/3/2018

A valuable tip to anyone paying cash for prescription medication.
If you have insurance, great, but many of us don't. Believe it or not, there is a FREE program to join, without even any privacy invading questions, that offers huge discounts on many medications. I just tried it myself this week.  A $55 medication dropped to $11. Give it a try, accepted by a long list of pharmacies. You have nothing to lose. The Prescription Savings Card6/20/2018

Musk's Boring Company wins contract to build Chicago a new subway from Ohare Airport. 6/15/2018

SpaceX announces the addition of rocket boosters to the Tesla Roadster. But isn't adding a fuel burning liquid for propulsion to an electric car an oxymoron? 6/12/2018

Ford Gyron Concept 1961
Ford revives a 2 wheel car with gyro design from 1961, then teams with China. Possible deliveries in 2020.

Nobe 100
Retro 3 wheel EV with All Wheel Drive.
The Nobe 1
No whiz bang gizmos, just a simple electric car.  Made in Estonia. Not available in US yet.  6/3/2018

Another impractical electric sports car. 1 Megawatt of power.  The Miss R6/1/2018

Electra Meccanica Solo
The first Electra Meccanic Solo delivered to the US.
- - -
For inquiries about purchasing in the US please contact a good friend of this site. 
info  (at)  ev-dc.com

Because conventional banks are more worried about their own survival, the 3 wheel economy car design of Elio has used Crowd Funding, then a Secondary offering and is still not in production.
They now announce a $250 million group effort with Overstock.com to issue their own Crypto Currency.

3 Blade Windmills have outlived their usefulness. They have proven to have high maintenance costs, are a threat to large birds and have very low efficiency.
High maintenance 3 blade wind mill
Professor James McCanney proposes a new design.
Jim McCanney Wing Generator
This design is more efficient, is not a threat to bird traffic and has a by-product of fresh water extracted from the air blowing through the blades.
His Crowdfunding campaign is running now to get units into production.
This design produces:
  • energy in both higher and slower winds than the 3 blade design was capable of.
  • Its obvious appearance is easily seen by birds which fly around them.
  • It attaches to a water from air unit, producing fresh water from its excess power generation.

Jack Ricard of EVTV reviews his new Tesla Model 3.  3/16/2018

Rimac of Croatia, continues the trend of making a totally impractical sports car. Performance that belongs on an aircraft, not the city streets of the world.
Nikola Tesla Rimac Billboard
Would Nikola Tesla drive a Tesla or a Rimac? Probably neither. He was a sane individual with no suicidal tendencies. 3/8/2018

Faraday Future finds $1.5 billion of additional funding. 2/21/2018

A 5V battery heated blanket is developed by Rakin. Coupled with a solar panel on one's back pack seems like the ideal gift to the homeless in cold weather. Sadly, for those who own homes, converting a house to 100% solar, still costs as much as the house. 1/28/2018

Fisker EMotion report from CES.
Fisker EMotion
After multiple name changes, Fisker shows its EMotion with more gull wing doors than Tesla.
But did they solve the battery connection problem that destroyed the first company?
Fisker - Hurricane Sandy Damage

Another Lithium formulation enters the battery scene. 1/6/2018

Many new cryptocoins will have ICO's this year. Some may do well with them. But just like valuable art, they are easily stolen, not just by hacking, but dealing with blatant liars. This comedy video from 2017 sums it up pretty well.
Bitcoin Billionaire.  Beware. 1/4/2018

CEX-IO Bitcoin purchase

Electric:  Cars   Bicycles   Boats  

Electric Cars

Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:
Extremely High (80+ MPG)
hydrocarbon vehicles

Electric Assisted Bicycles
* = US Mfg
** = Import subject to 25% tariff

Electric Boats & Watercraft

Keshe Foundation* Group of links
*Disclaimer: Early research by Mehran Keshe showed some interesting promise. But after declaring himself messiah, his 4 hour long teaching videos are now mostly incoherent ramblings of some strange religious philosophy, nothing about why his theories work or how to make them work. We provide links here for anyone to research on their own 

We acquired one of his Pain Pens, and saw no productive results. So most of this medical claims are just empty claims. 

Manipulation of mass, is another aspect requiring scientific control rather than philosophical claims backed only by emotion. His implication that anyone can just make critical components at home in their kitchen, and obtain consistent results is simply absurd.

Tied to his religious philosophy, recent videos imply his "spaceships" will be controlled mentally, and only by those following his religious beliefs.  It should be brought to everyone's attention, Mehran Keshe is not the first to make this claim.  Otis T. Carr said something similar. And there are still people alive today who claim it actually flew. Ralph Ring is one of them.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 


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