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2005 Summary

Jobs continue to leave America

Hydrocarbon fuels continue to degrade the environment

Banks, elitists and bureaucrats keep capital out of the hands of true innovation

New World Order dialectics continue to confuse everyone by denying truth and emphasizing irrelevant details which demonizes anything new while hiding the criminal actions of the real scam artists

The web master for
CommuteFaster  was on a national talk show 12/12/2005 and was cut off from one of the network feeds when he started talking about Stan Meyer (see "News that should have been" column 3)  Apparently some think censorship will protect their oil stocks.
Head in the sand issues 1/1/2006

Who's Left in America to Manufacture Anything? 
This report lists the major American companies who have sold control to foreign firms over the last 10 years.  Startling to see. 12/26/2005

Minimum Daily Standard for SOOT
EPA generates new standard for safe levels of soot to breath daily.  We all blame the automobile and industry for the horrible air we breath but the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy states at their web site that
"Heating systems in the United States spew over a billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year and about 12% of the nation’s sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides." 12/21/2005

Where Do Banks Want to Put Capital?
Even unemployed deadbeats continue to get "You've been approved" credit card solicitations in the mail. So when a major bank says they have $1 Billion available for "Environmentally Beneficial Business," what does a start up business get confronted with? They must comply with standards set by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation in "The Equator Principles", including requiring an environment assessment report, an environmental management report, and must comply with all regulations set forth in exhibit 3.  And they have to make enough profit to make the loan payments  too.  12/19/2005

Current Hydrogen Storage Techniques Have Potential Hazards.  Safety training was recently held in Torrance California to train first responders on proper action. 12/8/2005
CommuteFaster Ed note: Design and application have enormous consequences. Small quantities of H2 are no more dangerous than a small firecracker.  Reference this article on what really went wrong with the Hindenburg.  Also reference this better picture.

Catalytic Converters Emit Potentially Toxic Metals Into the Atmosphere. 12/5/2005


Hybrid Cars Present a Potential Shock Hazard in Rescue Situations. OSEN/CBS 12/5/2005

Back Scratching Hypocrisy Dominates the World's Most Obvious Environmental Groups.  Other stories on this page prove the life exterminating "New World Order" is funded by oil, yet why do Sierra Club, GreenPeace, and Friends of Earth, have such close ties to the UN, the World Bank, and IMF? Try asking them to help you finance your alternative energy project and see what they say. Take a close look at this relatively new one:
 "The Zayed Prize", founded by Arab Oil
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  Then take a look at who the prize money has been given to. Next prize winners to be announced Dec. 20, 2005. I don't think the real innovators are holding their breath.   12/1/2005

"Our aim as a business is to make money and by giving our customers new choices to make a difference." John Browne, chief executive of oil giant BP commenting on why they are suddenly expanding into solar, wind and gas/coal derivative produced hydrogen. 12/1/2005

Hydrogen Embrittlement
The known problem of the atomic size of hydrogen attacking and leaking through any opening it can find is addressed by Tai Robinson.  Like many potentially dangerous substances, it only requires proper handling. 11/19/2005

As long as oil is profitable, Exxon will keep the money  to themselves, $8 billion this quarter. 10/27/2005

The Disclosure  Project directed by Steven Greer in association with Open Source Energy Network, OSEN, just released 7 outstanding video interviews of noted scientists discussing  suppressed energy technologies. Report.  10/24/2005

CommuteFaster Ed note:
We feel that since government is not directly the problem, sinister people belonging to covert organizations with ugly motives BEHIND GOVERNMENT are the problem behind ALL government's obvious troubles. So we think Mr. Greer would find more answers by investigating the US SHADDOW government instead. 10/29/2005

Hybrids are available now to stretch your gasoline mile, and more are promised by the big auto makers on a scattered timeline, but are they worth the extra price in the long run?  Hydrogen on Demand technology will make them obsolete because it will work on ANY engine, but the financial industry has thus far been reluctant to invest in a technology that public schools still teach is impossible. Listen to (right click, save to computer then play) Jim McCanney explain how NASA and our education system get their fundng and you will understand why little has changed in 100 years. 9/26/2005

Bilderbergers?....we should have known!
I just found this quote taken from a report of the May 2005 meeting :
"Expect a severe downturn in the world's economy over the next two years as Bilderbergers try to safeguard the remaining oil supply by taking money out of people's hands. In a recession or, at worst, a depression, the population will be forced to dramatically cut down their spending habits, thus ensuring a longer supply of oil to the world's rich as they try to figure out what to do."
The full report can be seen here.  It is quite long, so scroll down to the "Energy" and "USA Criminals" headings for relevant information.
FYI: The Bilderberg Group is a compilation of world elitists consisting of CEO's of the largest corporations in the world and numerous political leaders.  It has no direct authority itself, just to influence the few who attend. 9/14/2005

While the world SCREAMS out for usable alternatives to oil, the over-funded academic community debates whether H20 is really H20 or H1.50.  9/13/2005

Power Outage in Los Angeles
Do we really need to remind readers WHY they need to get off the grid and become energy self sufficient? 9/13/2005

We don't have an energy problem, we have a political problem. Look what the sun has been doing the last few days from one of the last few NASA satellites that still work and haven't been fried. 9/8/2005

You'd think these guys would learn how to use the internet.  As we've said before, just go to Yahoo and search for  "Best Energy Sources" then start reading. 8/29/2005

The debate continues, which is more dangerous? A  demonstration shows in some cases hydrogen is safer than gasoline. 8/14/2005

Who Really Controls Oil and World Energy? 
  • Some rag-head A-rab in the middle east?
  • Some fat Texan in Dallas? 
Not at all.
When the curtain is lifted, you may realize your real enemy is someone you thought you could trust your paycheck with.  Historian-researcher Henry Makow explains some startling and frightening historical truth about oil and energy in this report. 7/3/2005

Energy Cartels Have No Tolerance for Competition or Exposure of Their Criminal Acts.  Academia is so reliant on funding from such criminals, they won't speak out against them, and as we learn in other links here, they will even stoop to rejecting truly new innovation just to keep the archaic technologies in power.  6/7/2005
Follow up...
And then the government coverup crew gets involved. 6/9/2005

Biodiesel Not Quite the Panacea Promoters Claim, What Do You Do When A Bear Smells Your Exhaust?  A now removed story at NewsDay.com told of a bear that broke into a vehicle and trashed all the upholstery trying to find the source of the "french fry" smell emitted by the biodiesel engine. 5/29/2005

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Presenting a Reliability Challenge at Bay Area Transit   30% fuel loss to atmospheric venting, fuel cells barely get 15,000 miles of use before requiring total rebuild,  and buses just not reliable for long runs. 5/27/2005

ANY Large Equipment Suffers Risks to Operate and Maintain.  This 9 year old archived story of a then largest electric windmill illustrates the hazards. 5/22/2005

More Missed Opportunities 5/20/2005
Venture Capital Blind to the Obvious: here's a hint guys, go to Yahoo and enter "best energy sources" None of this stuff assembles itself. Garage startups need capital too. It's absolutely tragic that plenty of money was available to develop this crap while clean energy can't ask for a dime without being labeled a crack pot. 3/24/2005 

Handling quantities of Hydrogen gas by conventional means can be extremely dangerous. 4/16/2005

Hydroelectric Power Found to Generate Large Amounts of Methane and Carbon Dioxide 2/24/2005
2004 Came and Went! 
Where are all the promised Technologies?  Before picking on anyone, consider this question: has Bill Gates delivered a bug free operating system yet, after how many years?
As we start 2005, here is where the leading new technologies are at.

Most Promising:
  • Hydrogen Directly from Water
  • Ultra-Efficient Electric Generation
Cold Fusion had a major setback with the murder of its leading proponent, Dr. Eugene Mallove in May 2004.  Infinite Energy Magazine is the best source to follow its progress. The conventional energy lobby has a stranglehold on the US DOE, so don't expect anything soon.

2 companies claimed they would have something for the public in 2004 using hydrogen directly generated from water via a technology similar to that accomplished by several inventors granted patents in the 80's and 90's. Those 2 companies are
Genesis Scientific in Boise Idaho and Emerging Technologies in St. Louis, Missouri.
Many garage experimenters also tried to get something to market by year end. Plans for one approach were even sold on E-bay.  None made it to the finish line by 12/31/2004 with anything complete or safe.  The few who got the E-bay plan design to generate gases, reported serious explosion potential, with no easy solution to make it safe to operate. 

Check the links to each company listed above for their own reason for missing their dated goals. Genesis explains management and technical problems.  Emerging Tech says their web site is under major reconstruction, implying something major in 30 days, Feb. 1,2005?

All the majors, and a few small conversion companies already know how to run an engine safely and reliably on hydrogen gas. But all use rather unsafe compressed, or liquid H2 gas. And the thermal, potentially hazardous leakage and hydrogen embrittlement issues to accomplish this does necessitate the budget of a big auto company even for doing that. But none of the big guys knows (or admits to knowing) how to convert water efficiently on demand into sufficient quantities of hydrogen gas. As soon as that technology goes public, one can expect the major auto companies to have working models on the road within a year or 2, barring any political obstacles.
4 companies and again, a few small inventors,  announced working models of ultra-efficient electric generation equipment utilizing permanent magnets in all or part of their motor design.
Perendev is setting up manufacture and distribution for Europe first. 
Minato is selling his motor only in Japan.
RhinoHydro and JAG/GMC appear to still be seeking capital to complete their products for mass production.

None are available for purchase, or even close inspection in the US. I suspect a DOE owned by oil, coal, gas and nuclear lobbyists may have something to do with this.  Please go to each company's web site for any explanation of their technology.

It should be noted that legal expenses to obtain US patents are currently running over $25,000 each and taking up to 5 years to process. Expecting someone with a revolutionary idea to show it to the public unprotected, or obtain these patents easily is more unrealistic than the legendary perpetual motion machine. It's both extremely cruel, and ignorant for skeptics to cry "scam" when inventors merely ask friends or public investors for financial assistance to cover these costs. Anyone brave and persistent enough to deliver a working product in the midst of vicious competitive opposition deserves both patent protection and a financial reward for their efforts.  R&D takes massive amounts of time and money on top of ingenuity.  Nothing happens as fast as expected, so these commodities always multiply beyond anyone's' initial guestimate.

Dr. Eugene Mallove Murdered 5-14-2004 
Last published column

Teak Surfing
Another way to get killed using hydrocarbon fueled engines.  A perfectly healthy 18 year old girl in Los Angeles died recently doing what she thought was safe, harmless fun.  This report in the AZ Republic explains the problem.  A problem H2 powered engines DON'T have. 5/1/2004

Never mind sugars, fats and other junk, you eat too much oil according to this report.
In the United States, 400 gallons of oil equivalents are expended annually to feed each American 4/9/2004

Even the web master of Commutefaster.com once thought nuclear could solve the world's electric needs. But dare ANY pro-nuke advocate to review this report and keep the same opinion.
Ghost Town - a motorcycle tour of Chernobyl 18 years later. 
Certainly Chernobyl was caused by
belligerent Russian  arrogance and stupidity, but sadly, they don't have a monopoly on that. 4/5/2004

Radiation Exposure
Most everything you need to know about radiation exposure and where to get supplies.

Solar Flares
Even nature can zap you without warning.  Nov. 4, 2003 we ALL got zapped.

Technology Suppression
Suppression of clean and efficient energy technology innovation by purchase and dark shelving (on the nice side) or intimidation, false imprisonment, violence and even murder on the more frequent side... one of many lists here. 3/7/2004

More Tech Suppression
Additional documentation of improved energy technology suppression. 

Plastic Pollution
Plastic products simply do not biodegrade.  They don't just disappear. Look where much has accumulated.
And a boater reports on trying to  navigate through the mess

Planned Obsolescence
Fuel Cells are a bad joke being promoted by the same shysters who brought you oil.  There are much safer ways to handle hydrogen than to carry a compressed gas bomb around with you. As stated in the Peak Oil report, gasoline will have to pass $4/gallon to justify present methods of making the raw hydrogen the fuel cells use. 4/20/2004

When another inventor approached Sierra Club* and Greenpeace* to endorse his clean burning engine modification device, they refused.  *They only seek political power, not solutions.  They asked HIM for money.
2005 Summary

The "Dick Cheney authored" Bush energy plan dumped billions of dollars back into the bank accounts of the same companies that showed record profits by extorting it from the customer base which has to use their product just to show up at work.

Liberal politicians continue to hide behind green rhetoric while taking bribes from the same groups sponsoring the nuke and drill guys on the other side of the aisle.

Green smoke from California stops TRUE innovation in its tracks by dumping massive regulation on startups and making all alternative fuel vehicles pay TWICE THE COST to operate on their freeways as gross polluters.  Oh, but they do get to ride in the carpool lane free like good little socialists.

Everyone talked about the weather, but when the wrong people DID something about it, we found out it was NOT a good thing

Fuel Cells are the buzzword and seem to get most of the grant and research money,
but the only government money going to the root need, a cheap way to MAKE hydrogen is thus far going back to oil companies.  Anybody smell a rat? 12/27/2005

Fidel Castro Addresses the University of Havana.  In a very long, rather verbose and rambling speech (11/17/2005) makes a few amuzing remarks about being skeptical of hydrogen as a fuel and a greater need to escape the planet altogether. Is a Cuban space program in the works?  12/27/2005

A Million $ for one car and one fuel station? And only goes 80 miles on a fill up? Typical government budget. Certainly not mine. At least the original power source is wind. And if that's political rhetoric hot air wind, it probably could become profitable in a short time.  12/26/2005

USDA Rural Development
US Department of Agriculture Obtains Renewable Energy Financing for 2006
New funding was announced December 14, 2005 for financing renewable energy projects in farming and rural business applications.  Both government backed loans and grants are included in the program and offer much needed capital to the alternative energy industry. 

Department of Energy cuts funding to The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado12/21/2005

Penn State Gets Money from the US Air Force, Army and Navy to Align Hydrogen Atoms in a RowAbout as useful as counting the number of angels on the head of a pin, but given where the research money came from, it must lead to a new way to kill someone. 12/19/2005

University of Central Florida gets $7.4 million from NASA for Hydrogen Research. What are you going to do with it guys?  12/19/2005

One Company Actually Says No to Military and NASA Money. 12/19/2005

In California:  Nature and Politicians compete to make the worst air to breath.  Doesn't anybody in Sacramento read this page?  The Salton Sea in southeastern California belches out 23 times more hydrogen sulfide gas than all the industry in California, and the state continues to use an enormous amount of electricity from coal fired power plants, regardless of the state's tree-hugging hyper liberal rhetoric. Residents of Bakersfield are now restricted on burning wood in their fireplaces, the air is so bad. I wonder if the frequent chemtrail spraying seen overhead by the editor of CommuteFaster  might have something to do with it? 12/5/2005

State of Florida Reveals Database of Hydrogen Research Projects in progress at its Universities. Track projects and contact the people working on it.  Accountability inside academia?  This is rare. 12/1/2005

After 30+ Years of Government Funded Research, Engineer Chris White at Sandia Labs has this to say:  "Instead of gasoline, the engine burns an invisible compressed gas, hydrogen, with virtually zero air emissions. The engine gets better efficiency than a gasoline engine," White said, "and a hydrogen-burning car is likely to be cheaper and longer lasting than a hydrogen fuel-cell car."
"You can do it a lot cheaper than a fuel cell. You don't have to have this renaissance of revolutionary technologies," he said. 11/19/2005
Full Story
(only works with Internet Explorer browser)

11/24/2005 news update related to story below.

Consider the Source,
Consider the Results
Rumors are spreading, and I guess this just continues the thread, that something major is about to be announced from Washington DC within the next 3 months, partly tied to Steven Greer's "Disclosure Project", and partly tied to the US Patent Office acknowledging a form of anti-gravity for the first time. (see story next column right) Unfortunately, I have to quote Franklin Roosevelt who said "nothing happens politically that is not planned."  Many are expecting to hear what John Lear proposed on Art Bell's late night talk show back on 11/2/2003. 

Cutting edge technology as we discuss and report on here has an unfortunate history of occasionally merging extremely close to theology or exhibiting reckless attempts to get something to market too quickly. It is easy to point a finger of guilt at the medical industry for abuses like RU486 affecting human life, or Aspartame which is known to CAUSE obesity and brain tumors, or the chemical industry for allowing known toxic substances to be used handling foods.  But alternative energy is not without its embarrassments too. Thomas Edison tried to market a device to talk to the dead.  The view we hold here at
CommuteFaster  is simply to continue true scientific research by systematic analysis and NEVER accept any "free gifts" from suspicious sources, be it government, Ouija boards, Greek Trojans bearing gifts, 9 foot tall guys with 6 fingers who drive a sports car with no wheels, or even promises to make $30k a week from your home computer (open attachment). Cheating on tests never bring good results in the long run. The absolute most classic "Twilight Zone" line of "To Serve Man: The Cookbook" is as true today as then, even when parodied by "Married With Children" or "The Simpsons."  Man is perfectly capable of monumental accomplishments (and disasters) WITHOUT any outside help.  God said so himself in Genesis 11:6.

I recommend this article as a review of the many options now laying before us, as well as a review of the many weird things we
have already seen.  11/19/2005

US Patent Office routinely refuses to review anything claiming "over unity" energy, but it will gladly patent your beer umbrella, along with an assortment of numerous other pieces of junk. 11/9/2005

California Votes on Energy (again)
Prop 80
, written by lawyers, just confuses the mess. 11/2/2005
Update: Prop 80 rejected by over 65% of vote 11/9/2005
California Public Utilites Commission rejects "dirty power." 10/31/2005

Many companies now taking a stand to ONLY use renewable energy.
AMD in Texas
Even a web hosting service in Romoland California  11/2/2005

Attn: New Technology Inventors, Great River Energy in Elk River Minn. is taking bids for 20 to 120 MW of renewable energy.  The wording seems weighted to wind farm method, but may be open to anything that works. 10/29/2005

Tired of promoting clean energy to deaf ears?  At least government will give you an award after you're dead. 10/29/2005

Why Was Arnold Smiling?
(note 3rd hand in window, GMC engineer)
Arnold Riding with GM Engineer
Listen to the behind the grin details told by Tai Robinson as video interviewed by Sterling Alan of FreeEnergyNews.com
Tai Robinson - Intergalactic Hydrogen
You'd be grining too if you got the GM stockholders to pick up the tab to buy the "green vote" in California. The 27 minute video also reveals what happens when you hook up a "0" emission vehicle to California's state smog inspection equipment. (scroll to the 14:00 minute point) This flashback article will refresh your memory of the much touted campaign promises in 2004.  10/14/2005

The US is not the only government to issue more red tape than answers in the quest to abandon oil for hydrogen.  From Scandinavia through Russia, governments see any new technology as a new source for taxes FIRST, and an answer to their own transportation problems second. 10/13/2005

Where will the next "Silicon Valley" of Green Energy be?  This group in Sacramento California wants it there. 10/13/2005

Technology to control the direction of existing hurricanes was given to the US Air Force from Russia in 1997 for the INTENT of stopping dangerous hurricanes from ever entering US land.  It was tested then and proven to work.  James M. McCanney, M.S.  explained details in his 9/29/2005 radio show (scroll to last 10 minutes of show archive) and lamented it has now "fallen into the wrong hands" and is being "used against its own citizens" by "some people who are very much out of control."
Professor McCanney was recently proven correct in his position that comets are NOT dirty snowballs, they are highly charged physical masses. Project Deep Impact showed us they look just like a big rock up close, there is nothing "snowy" about them.  They fly near the sun and don't melt.  NASA has been wrong again, yet continues to take billions from taxpayers. The relevance of this is simply that our entire solar system, from planets to weather, is an interactive electrical system, the heart of McCanney's theories and studies.  9/30/2005

Admit it, we all slept through history class.  Look at what you missed, compared to today's news. But remember, Hitler didn't have the bomb or weather control technology. 9/30/2005

Rep. Ron Paul TX seems to be the only person in congress who sees taxes as causing the problems. Gas is 5 cents a gallon in Iraq, thankyou GWB. But tourists traveling through Death Valley California had to pay $7 a gallon last week. 9/18/2005

Bassackwards Taxes Cure Everything Don't They? Let's double the cost of existing vehicles.  9/14/2005

Two Tales
of a Very Wet City
New Orleans 8-30-2005

Was it Judgement from God?
Lightening Strike

Or was it sabatoge by power hungry control freaks?
On 9/1/2005 professor James McCanney pointed out that the levies surrounding New Orleans all failed about the same time with almost planned precision. Precision he claims could only be accomplished by the Army Core of Engineers.  Local talk radio has callers reporting to hear explosions near the levies.

Either way, who profits now?

Where are your assets invested?  With the fast buck  opportunists or with genuine solutions to energy issues?
How long will your "annuities" continue to pay with insurance companies paying out for disasters like this?
 How long will the US Government be able to pay the interest on its bonds when it has to fund FEMA to this extent?
Income taxes from an unemployed population don't cover squat.  Wake up America! Either invest in genuine new energy like we report on here, or prepare to be washed away as slaves to the oil despots grabbing every ounce of your blood.
Commutefaster 9/1/2005

Alan Greenspan
Greenspan says expensive energy is no big deal, we've weathered it before,
but look out for your house
He should know, Fed Reserve banks have been foreclosing on widows since the depression of the 30's... the only thing they know how to do. Of course the fact that many Americans are now spending a third of their paycheck just to get to work and back couldn't have anything to do with home foreclosures could it???  8/29/2005

Department of Agriculture announces government backed loans and a few grants for renewable energy programs in rural areas. 
Full document
But as typical of government giveaways, you now have less than  2 weeks to get your complex application approved, Aug. 30,2005 deadline. I wonder if Haliburton got an advance copy? Somebody's going to get $22 million, any bets who? Original press release made before the final July 18 details were published. This comparison chart shows what is eligible for either a grant or a loan. With a little creativity, it looks like some money could reach the good guys for a change.  Sorry news didn't reach this site sooner.  8/15/2005
8/29/2005 Follow up... A company we know of with a working technology tried this. The bank couldn't even find out what department to pass the project to in 2 weeks.  But the somewhat good news is the government bureaucrat we spoke with says the same program is likely to get funded again for next fiscal year, taking applications again as soon as October 2005.  So start getting your paperwork ready now, and don't say we didn't warn you.

NextEnergy working with big 3 to establish codes and standards for Hydrogen Infrastructure.  8/2/2005

Summary of Bush Energy Plan Highlights. (Written primarily by Dick Cheney) Daylight Savings Time Changes in 2007. Moves the start of daylight-saving time in 2007 from the first Sunday in April to the second Sunday in March, and extends it by one week to the first Sunday in November. 8/1/2005

Alternative Energy Promoters essentially ignored in the Bush Energy Plan passed Friday 7/29/05.

Many Scientists AgreeBush's Energy Plan is Pork for Polluters. How about funding REAL innovation instead of your college buddies or the war machine George?  7/28/2005

Los Angeles declares special day to commemorate Nikola Tesla, his birthday, July 10, 1856.  Others have also joined in. 7/5/2005

Let's see where government research money is going today.  How about something I can use guys? 6/7/2005

Global Warming can Feed More People with a longer growing season and fewer crop-killing frosts. What little temperature change there is, is caused entirely by the sun, not industry.  Yet politically motivated power grabbers work against ANY technology to push humanity back into the stone age. Clean energy is pro-life, for everyone, and doesn't cater to monopolies and energy tyrants.  5/25/2005

Sierra Club Perpetuates the Disinformation and confusion coming from the Bush Energy Policy.  Comments from club's spokesman Dan Becker badmouths hydrogen research while praising other technologies still dependent on conventional oil. This continues to prove the only "power" these guys are concerned with is political.  5/22/2005

Coal Gets a $12 Million Slice of the neo-hydrogen pork pie. But not a penny for real innovation from private inventors.  If you haven't heard this combined clip from Bush's latest energy pork barrel lecture,
here it is in MP35/5/2005

Bush Response to SupportersMore Nukes, More Refineries are what George W thinks will solve America's energy crisis.  4/28/2005 

Bush Response to Supporters Wow, a Billion (Taxpayer) Dollars for H2, as long as Big Oil still controls it. GM and DaimlerChrysler took the bait, who's next?  4/12/2005 
US Army Tests Its First H2 Fuel Cell Truck.  So while they contaminate foreign lands with depleted uranium, they won't be leaving any exhaust emissions in their air.  Those will be left in American air where they use conventional oil and natural gas to MAKE the hydrogen.  As they say about military intelligence... 4/2/2005

$30 million CalCEF Public Fund Joins 3 VentCap Firms to Boost Renewables in California 3/15/2005

New Head Chosen for NASA: Michael Griffin 3/14/2005

Bush Response to Supporters  $3.6 Billion / year to regulate pollution fines to power companies and raise costs to all consumers and employ bureaucrats, but not a dime to solve the problem. 3/11/2005

Hydrogen Highway Extends Through South Korea  3/3/2005

National Hydrogen Association sucks up to the neocon bureaucrats by issuing
honorary memberships 2/25/2005
Bush Response to Supporters  Arnold Scharzenegger

White House Double Speak Continues.  2/28/2005
Treating alternative energy the same way he treats his Pro-Life Christian Community supporters.
Bush Response to SupportersReferences:
Hipocracy track record as expressed by conservative Christians  1, 2, 3 , not Democrats.
Above image taken from this video.

Dr. Samuel Bodman sworn in as Secretary of DOE. 2/1/2005
Bush Response to Supporters  Has bad record on pollution.  1/18/2005
Update 1/24/2005
Still supports nuclear weapon research 2/16/2005

Hydrogenics Fuel Cell Vehicle
Hydrogen Highway hits some bureaucratic speed bumps.

US Navy recruits John Deere
John Deere Gator
Nuclear powered ships discard massive amounts of hydrogen gas. Now it can be put to use. 4/3/2004

Spencer Abraham resigns as Energy Secretary of the Department of Energy.  11/15/2004

Arnold fills up with Hydrogen
10/22/2004 at LAX
Arnold Gases Up (H2 Gas)
The Terminator Takes Aim
California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
said in his speech on Jan. 6, 2004 :
"I'm going to encourage the building of a hydrogen highway to take us to the environmental future."
  • Full text of speech 
  • Environmental Agenda
  • 3/14/2004 update from Sacramento Bee
  • 4/20/2004 update from The California Aggie

Peak Oil is proving to be
an issue of extortion,
not supply and demand
Word of a deep drilling technology (8+ miles) developed by Russia 30 years ago, yet kept relatively secret, is revealing oil is both available and constantly replenished if you drill deep enough for it. Joe Vialls tells all in his expose'.
Although Michael Rupert is a well respected researcher in other matters, he never should have believed anything the Council on Foreign Relations told him. His lengthy report, recompiled by Matthew Savinar reveals some legitimate issues, yet naively believes CFR propaganda to justify war for easy gain. The editor of
Commutefaster.com has brought some alternative energy knowledge to the attention of Matthew Savinar, but he seems more concerned about selling his book and fear than he is to actually solve the problem.
Bush Response to Supporters The problem is now accurately defined as: those who have the oil would rather let the world die than sell it at a reasonable profit.  The crisis DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.  But if both investors and individuals don't take action immediately, criminally controlled  governments WILL be implementing these loss of liberty and life policies just to appease the oil suppliers and addicted users.

But we remind readers that oil supply is only half the problem.  Pollution from its use is the other.  We still whole heartedly support the technologies reported on here.

Dr. Steven Greer shocks audience with clues as to William Colby's Death on CoastToCoastAM  Sunday 8/8/2004. Mr. Colby had agreed to help Dr. Greer on his full disclosure project, just before he was found floating in the Potomac River. The show is archived for subscribers. Dr. Greer's web site is DisclosureProject.org

Dennis Lee on National Road Tour Again. Demonstrating several devices already available, he will also be allowing show attendees to get first access to a unique electric generator which will reduce or eliminate the users' consumption from the grid. He is seeking a committed audience to attend the eventual grand unveiling of this device, as yet not shown to the public. Dennis has experienced outrageous attacks which have prevented him from releasing any of the major alternative energy technologies he has access to for years.  His tour details  can be found at Declaration of Energy Independence. No one should believe any of the many bogus attack web sites until you have read his side of the story in his book "The Alternative" which contains copies of legal documentation proving all his claims. Commutefaster has learned of threats against his presentation already so we encourage readers to show support by massive attendance and to DEMAND documentation from any critic you may run into at the program. He has been harassed by bribed politicians and corrupt law officers numerous times before and it is not likely to stop until he succeeds in getting his genuine technologies into the public's hands. 7/21/2004

Hydrogen Posture Plan 2004
USDOE 2/2004
Hydrogen Posture Plan

  Should be titled
How to Force the
Hydrogen Fool Cell
on the Stupid Public

Bush Response to SupportersIt stretches out the energy crisis 30 to 40 years and keeps ALL control of new developments in the pockets of the current oil industry. But what do you expect from a government controlled by the CFR?

Iraq Body Count
Why are we there?

Embargos accomplish what?  Look at the oil shell game. 5/18/2004

More Patent Office Woes
Up to 5 year wait to obtain a patent reported by MSNBC.

Success?  The bloated US Department of Energy thinks these are success stories.  They obviously haven't found Commutefaster.com yet.  4/4/2004
Who will be left standing?
China, Japan and US to play musical chairs with dwindling oil supply.

BBCworld 3/7/2004

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose
A plea for full disclosure is underway against the US Government by this organization, demanding to explain why technologies which can replace oil have been criminally suppressed for over 60 years, both by the government itself and large political donors.  Also see 8/10/2004 story above Re: Dr. Steven Greer.

Government Sabotage by Abuse of Power
Bush Response to Supporters By abusing the Patriot Act, 133 inventors last year were confronted with this intimidating response from our government when they tried to patent something to keep American business strong. You can't even patent a good idea anymore! 

2005 Summary

The Top innovation for 2005 has to be the Ovation water distillation process, an exponential jump in performance from all distillation processes used to date

Second of importance is the US Patent Office acknowledging an anti-gravity process and issuing a patent number

Teasers came from several companies for improved ways to generate H2 but NONE offered specific performance numbers for us to post a side by side comparison of performance efficiency.

Several auto companies showed more interest in powering the internal combustion engine with H2, but ALL still assume you have to store it in unsafe quantities rather than make it on demand

Many inventors of several technologies made presumptive announcements prior to having a good business plan to get their great idea to market quickly. Every time this happens, the skeptics have a heyday ridiculing the inventor for the wrong reasons.  Hopefully they will show up again.

Given Clean Burning Hydrogen as a Fuel Source:

Which is more efficient: 
Fuel Cells or the Internal Combustion Engine?

FuelCellWorks addresses the question and shows comparison numbers as of today's technology. The race is getting close and the answer is not as easy as one might think. 12/21/2005
If you are new to Fuel Cell terminology and acronyms, this primer will help.

Some headlines are almost embarrassing to write, the process is so simple, we all feel like idiots for not knowing this and applying it, but...
Salt Water + Fresh Water Make a Battery.  Researchers from Netherlands and Norway create a device that could be scaled up to produce up to 3,000 megawatts of power using the river water flowing into the sea from the Netherlands alone. 12/19/2005

Art Bell Gets Free Energy by Accident.  Who'd of thunk? Or is it wireless bootlegged induction from nearby grid?  Full story at CoastToCoastAM 12/12/2005



Major Breakthrough!

Ovation Water Distiller Water Distillation Technology takes a giant leap forward with a new technique developed by Ovation Products. Their system can now produce distilled water as cheaply as your city's tap water. Preliminary unit brochure PDF    CommuteFaster Ed note:  All known Hydrogen On Demand systems need clean, preferably distilled water to work efficiently.  This system could push H.O.D. ahead tremendously and bring it much closer to reality. 20+ gallons per hour from 54 watts of power is incredible!  Additional report at OSEN. 12/1/2005

Teaser for the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006.  12/1/2005

The History Channel
The History Channel
Inventor Challenge

Offering a $25,00 prize to best idea and have it promoted on an episode of Modern Marvels. 11/21/2005

Major Breakthrough!
First (known) Anti-Gravity Patent Issued in US.  Patent #6,960,975 was issued to Boris Volfson of Huntington IN on Nov. 1, 2005.
Story from PhysOrg
Full patent Details from  FreePatentsOnline 
AntiGravity Pat#6960975

LiquidMetal offers a metal with the fabrication ease of plastic, yet the strength of Titanium. 11/9/2005

Blacklight Power generates both power and controversy in the nuclear physics community. Initial review appears they are really tapping hydrogen dissassociation energy but more study is necessary to convince everyone. If anything useable, it is still years off before the academics let it get to the consumer. 11/8/2005

Gallium Nitride + Sunlight yields hydrogen from water with process developed in TokyoSounds good until you see how slow the process is. More academic money yielding pazaz but nothing we can use. 10/29/2005

Nano and Metallurgy Technologies Combine for another way to generate hydrogen.  10/26/2005

New Energy Congress Logo
New Energy Congress gets underway.  Independent group forming to assess alternative energy technologies. 10/24/2005

Engineuity Vehicle
Israel based Enginuity proposes a metalurgic based water car.  Hopes to have full scale prototype in 3 years. 10/24/2005

Organic Solar Cell
Organic Solar Cells  still don't compete with silicon for efficiency, but they allow flexibility.  Here to fore 3% efficiency is now boosted to 5+% due to research in New Mexico. 10/13/2005

Mercedes F600 HygeniusAuto makers continue to provide innovative styling and some clever engineering, but still use compressed or liquid hydrogen gas. 
Hydrogen on demand has been feasible since Stanley Meyer and others back in the 90's, yet that technology's existence is thus far being ignored by all the auto makers. We have to ask why?  Recent Tokyo Auto show announcements by MazdaToyota, and Mercedes look spiffy, but really don't offer what the consumers need, namely a vehicle to run totally on water.  10/13/2005

Yamah Hybrid Yamaha Unveils Hybrid Motorcycle Design at Tokyo Show
Yamaha Press Release 10/12/2005

Oops, we may have invented something... North Carolina University scientists stumble onto a shortcut to more efficient hydrogen extraction from water.  Keep poking around guys, you might learn something.  9/29/2005

The latest public claims related to Hydrogen on Demand technology:
Alternate Energy Corporation posts video clip of their process powering a 1K Honda generator
Genesis Scientific
delivering first products to a select few
Enginuity R&D Ltd
develops another metalurgic process
OM Energy Ltd
claims to have a funding agreement with UK Government on a technology that sounds strangely similar GEET 9/26/2005

Hydrogen Power, Inc. obtains final increment of $3 million funding for their aluminum/saltwater generation process.  9/19/20

Tasmania improves on Hydrogen/Diesel blend to existing Diesel engines Claiming an 80% reduction in fuel consumption. 9/13/2005

Tablet Form of Hydrogen Storage Developed in Denmark.  9/8/2005

Current Hydrogen Storage techniques can have dangerous leaks, as evidenced by this recall by Toyota of its H2 Fuel Cell vehicles. Hydrogen On Demand technology does NOT have this problem
To date only Genesis Scientific and Emerging Tec have claimed to be able to do this efficiently enough for a mobile application.  Others will no doubt soon follow, but ALL need more capitalization. None are public stocks, it just costs too much to go public. The investment community continues to ignore them all.  9/2/2005

What's happened to "Emerging Tec" in St. Louis?  9 months since the 30 day announcement on their website and no one has heard anything.  Have they become SUBmerging Tec? 8/29/2005

BMW says their Large Internal Combustion Engine which runs on Hydrogen is scalable7/27/2005  More information on BMW's engine and vehicle lower in this column.

Tom Bearden declares all current electronic design deliberately wastes energy.  He has a better way.

Major Breakthrough!
AEC 1500 A1
Another Hydrogen On Demand System Demonstrated.
This process uses a metalurgic technique. First production unit shown 7/19/2005.
Alternate Energy Corporation, Ontario Canada powered a small generator from hydrogen on demand from water. 5/18/2005
Update, SEC re-filing 7/26/2005

Cycclone, a Queensland, Australia firm, shows their permanent magnet motor.
Cycclone Permanent Magnet Motor
PES reviews the company.  7/21/2005

GMC Holdings / Jamestown Advisory Group are now using the trade name REMAT to describe their Permanent Magnet Motor Generator.  International confirmation of performance was announced on 6/24/2005.  A major announcement is expected on 7/4/2005 as their website now refers to that as Energy Independence Day.  6/28/2005
New Pix of Permanenet Magnet Motor Generator Posted at Jamestown Advisory Group 5/23/2005

Major Breakthrough!
Diatomic/Monatomic Hydrogen Energy Generation Confirmed to Produce Near Seven Fold Output from Input.  Jean-Louis Naudin in France  successfully accomplished the process in his lab on 6/24/205. 6/27/2005

Bendini Monopole Project reporting progress also. 5/21/2005

Bob Lazar Back In News.  Somehow, using a particle accelerator in conjunction with his solar panels makes his own super efficient hydride to store hydrogen generated by conventional electrolysis. Dare we ask if this also was reverse engineered from UFO technology? If it's kooky, TV covers it. If it's a genuine threat to oil, no chance. You'll only find it here or on pages we link to.  5/23/2005

Major Breakthrough!
Genesis Scientific Shows Pictures and explains more about their HICEF process to run a car on WATER!

RhinoHydro Gives Up.  The website is gone. Google cache shows this was posted on 4/22/2005:

"Due to financial constraints, Rhino Hydro has ceased its work in developing the product lines. To this point, all the funds used were solely those of the Rhino Hydro group. This was a very difficult decision to make due to all the interest worldwide. Our plan is to continue the project at a later date, when funds permit. We will maintain our database of interested parties and inform those periodically of our status. Our mission is to produce a top quality unit for everyone's benefit.

Rhino Hydro is a unit for creating your own hydro, independent of present day sources. A unit that requires no fuel, wind, or water source and creates no bi-products. Just clean power.

This site is designed to make people aware, that the product exists, what the product is, and some idea of functioning. Benefits to the individual, or company, as well as when the product will be available.

Check Rhino Hydro out and drop us a line to let us know what you think or ask questions.

We look forward to present the world with an alternative energy source that will revolutionize the way we think about energy."

Hydrogen Rolls Royce powered by BMW a possibility in 2008 5/16/2005

Original Nikola Tesla TowerPhysics professor:  Jim McCanney announces plans to rebuild the legendary Tesla Tower. 
Professor McCanney is author of several books on weather and astro-physics and is a frequent talk show guest.
Update 7/30/2005: Professor McCanney says he is currently doing environmental studies for the project.

UCLA Now Claiming to Have Accomplished Cold Fusion on a  Desktop.
Report 1   Report 2  4/28/2005

Michelin and Paul Scherrer Institute win efficiency race with their joint Hy-Light car using Hydrogen powered fuel cells.  31 miles per liter of Hydrogen.
Report 1 note video clip
Report 2  4/27/2005
Ed note: the report does not specify whether they are referring to atmospheric pressure H2, compressed or liquid. We highly doubt they mean atmospheric pressure because a gallon of water contains 4707 liters of H2 gas at atmospheric pressure.

New H2 Filtration Technique Discovered using palladium and copper alloys.  4/26/2005

Hydrogen from Bacteria 4/26/2005
Additional report.

MotorTrend Magazine Discusses Hydrogen Augmentation to your present car.  Feb 2005

BMW Hydrogen Race CarDiscovery Channel Shows the H2R   See video clip here

BMW shows off Hydrogen Race Car

BMW displays H2R at Los Angeles Auto Show. Has now hit speed of 187 mph 1/24/2005
Powered by the 6 liter V-12 unveiled at the National Hydrogen conference in Los Angeles spring 2004, it sets a new speed record for its class of 174 mph. It uses liquid hydrogen as the fuel source.  9/20/2004

How about some news guys?  Commutefaster knows of several small league experimenters close to showing something, yet they won't say anything public until their process is solid, but ONLY YOU 3 said you'd HAVE something by the end of 2004 or shortly thereafter!  Were your marketing guys full of hot air?
Genesis Scientific - ID
Emerging Tech - MO
Watercar - UK
At least post some new teasers on your stagnant web sites.

A Safer Way to Store and Transport Existing Hydrogen has been developed by a team of scientists in South Korea, headed by Lee Huen4/7/2005

Jay Leno still wastes money on fuel cells and batteries. Now playing around with Lithium. 4/8/2005

Discovery Channel Canada posts interview with Joe Newman, also showing confrontation at Washington DC presentation.  See clip here from the Discovery Channel site. 4/4/2005

The Newman Energy Presentation
at the Washington DC Press Club took place as scheduled, but had to deal with hecklers. Read the report by Joe Newman.  4/2/2005

The National Hydrogen Association Convention in Washington DC wraps. 
Here is the summary. 4/2/2005

Sandia Labs uses Nanotube Technology and sunlight to split water for H2.  3/17/2005

Angels Nest - Victoria Peters
Angels Nest in Taos NM Releases Hydrogen Rock Video with actress Victoria Peters 3/7/2005

Hydrogen Directly from Sunlight
by thermal or chemical process is being worked on by 2 known companies.
Hydrogen Solar in Nevada and
Solar Hydrogen Energy Corp in Canada. Though nothing spectacular to report yet, results thus far are a notable improvement over conventional DC electrolysis, but remain in single digit efficiency. Additional research is being done at the University of New South Wales. 2/28/2005

Genesis Scientific:
  • Re-opens licensing to fill positions that have opened for a variety of reasons.  But when you see how much they are asking, well, make your own judgement. 2/18/2005
  • Releases performance data on improved process of hydrogen generation. 1/24/2005
  • Genesis World Energy changes name to Genesis Scientific and launches new web site. 12/23/2004

Did Russians beat US to get an industrial F.E. engine to market?
English site    Russian Site 
Babelfish to translate
Russian Free Energy Machine
They offer to make one for you to most any size for $500 USD per KW.

JAG Electric Generator-12-14-2004Jamestown Advisory Group -
 GMC Holding Corp. tries to raise $100,000,000 to bring their unique electric generator to market. 12/17/2004

Innovative Energy Solutions Inc. (iESi) - Nevada company claims plasma process for extracting high purity hydrogen from water using a fraction of the electrical energy required by previously known methods. 12/14/2004

Richard BransonWhat was Richard Branson really saying
On the 11/10/2004 "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" the conversation took a unique twist to energy. Read the transcript and guess what he may have really implied between the jokes. 11/16/2004

The Race for the
First Consumer Water Car

Glenn Castillo in the Philippines announced his working model on 10/4/2004
-- AND --
Emergin Technologies Development Corp.
Emerging Technologies Development Corporation, St. Louis MO claims it will have an H2 on demand from water device for $600 available within 100 days  (November  1, 2004 ?)
"Final Phase announcement 10/1/2004  Full story at the PES site. 7/21/2004   Update 8/31/2004 

-- AND --

Water Car
The British non-profit firm Earth2012 is seeking donations to deliver a working model by 2005. (Only 2 months away?)  Their original view was to make the technology open source for anyone to manufacture or make one one's self without patent or royalty concerns.  But this updated report from PES shows a slight change of heart when reality set in. Would this give anyone the incentive to mass produce it?  Donations there will only yield a warm fuzzy feeling. Investments make more sense if the resulting technology can be controled enough to benefit those who worked to develop it.  8/4/2004

-- AND --

Genesis World EnergyGenesis World Energy releases pictures and prices for their Edison® energy device. Using only water input provides both gas and electricity for residential application. Will Genesis be the first to market with this  desperately needed technology? They are accepting pre-production orders now. 5/13/2004
Go to their new website for current news. 12/23/2004

Potential obstacle for all permanent magnet designs. According to one test the energy is similar to that of a spring rather than a continuous stream. 10/18/2004

Another Permanent Magnet Motor to go into production
Perendev prototype The Perendev motor relies on no outside power source, deriving all its energy from the magnet array.  A governor had to be designed into its operation to prevent it from accelerating to point of self destruction.

First units are for Europe and Russia costing a little over $10,000 for a 20kw generator.

Update: To be featured on German television 8/31/2004

Has the academic dogma against perpetual motion finally been disproven?  7/6/2004

Hydrogen Hummer
Rolling at Last
Tai Robinson reports from
Intergalactic Hydrogen that the H2H2 is complete.   Fees to AQMD, EPA and California Air Resources Board approached $50,000 to approve its operation.  Does government really want to see alternative fuels get used?  5/18/2004

Total Wind Powered
even with no breeze.
HaveBlue - wind/H2/fuelcell.
Using wind power to make the hydrogen which powers the fuel cell, this novel sailboat named HaveBlue succeeds in storing wind power while it blows, then using the H2 to power the electric engine when in the harbor or when the wind stops. Even though our web site does not endorse most fuel cell applications, this one eliminates use of diesel fuel and subsequent exhaust problems associated with the backup motor on most sailboats, making it the first boat to be safe for "Teak Surfing.".   5/1/2004

Permanent Magnet Motor goes into actual production for public. 40,000 ordered for first production run.
Minato Magnetic Motor
The Minato Permanent Magnet motor as reported in JapanInc. magazine, March 2004 (Ed. note:  link fixed 12/27/2004)

"With the help of magnetic propulsion, it is feasible to attach a generator to the motor and produce more electric power than was put into the device. Minato says that average efficiency on his motors is about 330 percent.3/14/2004

Waste Conversion
A rising population will create solid waste, but ALL of that waste can be converted into CLEAN energy by use of these clever technologies.  These are NOT incineration as we have known it, but the processes return materials back to natural elements to be used again.
Additional designs.

Dennis Lee with ultra efficient electric generator Dennis Lee
There are even much better ways to create electricity than by damming rivers, burning oil, gas, coal or risking nuclear catastrophes with atomic energy.  But inventors with better ideas have been harassed beyond belief like this gentleman
Listen to him retell all the obstacles that have stalled its delivery to the public.  28+ hours
Or get a copy of the book "The Alternative" which shows the documentation from court trials.
His tour details  can be found at Declaration of Energy Independance  7/21/2004

More sites with free and alternative energy research news:

Greater Things
Alt. Energy News & Directory

ZeroPoint Energy
Alt. Energy News

Pure Energy Systems

Genesis World Energy 
Major 2004 announcements

Periodic Publications:

Professional Trade Associations

National Hydrogen Association


2005 Summary

All new technologies reported here thus far fit only into research and development sized budgets, namely one at a time. Sorry, but until a major manufacturer can implement it into a production line, that's what single unit production costs.

Hydrogen Engine Center 
Hydrogen Engine Center Expands Facilities. 
HEC, located in  Algona, IA adds 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities to support production of it's 4.9 L hydrogen ready internal combustion engine (ICE).
HEC stock rises with public acceptance of this technology. 1/4/2006
Moves into new facility 1/26/2006

Confused about Tax Credits for Any Alternative Energy? This One-Stop Site compiles most all of them to find what's available now. 12/19/2005

Even Partial Use of Hydrogen Has its Merits.  Big Rigs get 10% better mileage and much cleaner emissions just from the minuscule amount of hydrogen produced by conventional electrolysis from this system by Hydrogen Fuel Injection of Canada. One trucking firm boasts a $700/month fuel saving. 12/19/2005

Mazda RX8 Hydrogen/Gasoline
Mazda to Release Dual Fuel, RX8, Hydrogen boosted Gasoline Car in 2006 12/14/2005
Announces deliveries to start to corporate customers in March 2006. 2/28/2006

Manhattan Project
for Alternative Energy? 11/2/2005

Energy Self Sufficient
On display at the Angels Nest Health Spa in Taos NM
Along with a Hummer that runs on Hydrogen
generated at the facility.

--Upstage Arnold--
Get a Hydrogen Powered I.C.E. vehicle NOW from these guys.

Ford Motor Company: delivering to select few municipalities.

Honda FCX: consumer testing now. 

GM still just playing with million dollar prototypes.

Hydrogen Labs offers conversion of most anything you give them. 

Watch video clip of H2Carco's Jim Heffel describing the H2 converted Cobra.

H2CARCO  Shelby 
Interview with the legendary
Carroll Shelby himself
Carrol Shelby with Series 1
Shelby Hydrogen Cobra
Hydrogen Powered Shelby
Compressed Hydrogen Fuel Tank
Shelby Series 1
Light Ford PU's to Lincoln SUV's and other conversions

Intergalactic Hydrogen
Hydrogen Hummer

Or if you really think fuel cells are viable...

California Motors asstd hybrids 
Hybrid Hummer by California Motors

Anuvu - more fuel cell hybrids
Anuvu Smart Car

? If you have to ask...
2004 MSNBC article.

Where to fuel up in California?

Voltage/Current Regulators
These devices cut your existing electric motor's current consumption by as much as 50%.  Don't be afraid to use your air conditioner or heat pump any more.

Investment - Capitalization

Investment opportunities 
An improved approach to using ONLY WATER as a fuel will soon be released

Banker/Oil/Government Collusion
The deck has been stacked against innovative development through conventional financing by banking and Wall street for nearly 100 years.  Read the history about how Nikola Tesla advanced electric energy until he could give it free to everyone.  That's when J.P. Morgan ceased all financing and sabotaged every subsequent energy invention of Tesla's, causing him to die in poverty, even though Tesla had perfected the technology used in all the world's current power grids.  Conventional bankers will not touch alternative energy. Look at ANY credit application. Your application is judged by their opinion of whether you can pay them back.  No historical track record?  No deal.
More recently, (1998) an inventor in the Philippines made another design allowing vehicles to run entirely on water.  His Government was informed by the International Monetary Fund that because they had borrowed money from the IMF, they would be forbidden to EVER manufacture anything that would compete with any IMF holding, which of course are oil stocks. 
Banks cater to their largest depositors arguing they are most likely to be able to repay the loan. Venture capitalists are reluctant to invest in any technology that challenges the massive economic counter-marketing power possessed by the oil industry. A visit to the recent Hydrogen Energy conference in Los Angeles saw the oil companies flashing thousands of dollars in Public Relations.  All promoting uses of hydrogen that REQUIRED oil or natural gas to make it!  Nothing was promoting what you see discussed on this page. Now enter government, EPA. It was initially started to handle abuses by the oil industry. But it got so used to imposing enormous fines against these massively capitalized corporations, they continue to extract exorbitant fees from ANY NEW technology. See the  Hummer H2/H2 story in column 3.  5/10/2004

Summary by

We do not consider current solar, wind or geothermal technology to be efficient enough to report on here. The cost per kilowatt is still higher than burning oil or natural gas, even at today's high oil prices.

2004 Ended
with 3 Enormous Releases

of FREE Energy in Nature
None required one drop
of OPEC oil.
Indonesia 9.0 Quake &Tsunami 12/26/2004
9.0 Sumatra Quake/Tsunami  

Xblast starts 12-30-2004Xblast 12-31-2004
X class Solar Flares
Click Here to see 3 day animation,
Another blast 1/9/2005
And the shockwave from an exploding Magnetar  6 trillion miles away also hit Earth 1 day after the Sumatra Quake
Magnetar Explosion

Look what hits us 24/7
Did you save any today?
It was free!

Click to view animation #756 <- this satellite CCD baked out on 9/2/2005. Try this link  to see what did it.
Most recent animation from NASA SOHO satellite

Gas Price Watch
Feel like an ostriche?  Here's some other facts you should know...

Head in the sand issues


because they are all classified as "High Risk."
It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to take a company public,
even to offer a penny stock on small exchanges.
Startups just can't afford that.



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