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Updated 12/30/2008
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Will the US survive the next 2 years?  Russian economist says no, but then again Kruschev didn't think we'd last this long.
More CAFR information as to where all the missing money went. 12/30/2008

Who pays for this stuff? National Ignition Facility in Livermore California to ignite nuclear fusion test... only 36 miles from downtown San Francisco, one of the most seismically active areas of California.  12/28/2008

No such thing as clean coal12/28/2008

How do oil company accountants get hired? Only last quarter it was record profit time, now that prices return to reality, the first one declares bankruptcy12/24/2008

James Bond and Hydrogen in the movies. 12/24/2008

According to this economic indicator known as the Baltic Dry Index, the world economy just fell off the edge of the earth.
Video explanation.
In simplified terms, we have oceans full of cargo ships and nothing to ship. 12/18/2008

Is desalination soon to become mandatory in California? Conventional fresh water sources are facing drastic cuts.  12/16/2008

More proof a central grid is a bad idea... half of New Hampshire went black during snow storm. 12/13/2008

As the world economy spins out of control, are we coincidentally seeing a bit of poetic justice?

How many cars has GMAC repossessed over the years from anyone hurt by a personal financial crisis?  Will creditors have GMAC towed away by the repo-man now that they face bankruptcy?

Las Vegas casinos have snookered money from visitors with the "house advantage" since inception. Now we see 3 of the biggest losers on Wall Street this year are Casino OWNERS.
Steve Wynn  Wynn Hotels
Kirk Kerkorian  MGM-Mirage
Sheldon Adelson  Venetian Hotel

Even though Donald Rumsfelt is responsible for making Aspartame legal, this guy got filthy rich(er) selling it inside Diet Coca Cola to the world.
Warren Buffet  Berkshire Hathaway

Yet even though Halliburton stock has fallen from $50/ share to about $17 in the same time, they continue to write golden parachutes for themselves. Probably to use when they jump from the windows of their offices in the world's tallest building in Dubai.  Anybody you know get an $800,000 bonus if they get fired? They do at Halliburton. So sadly, it is not a just world yet. 12/12/2008

Exxon finally pays for Valdeez disaster... 20 years late. 12/9/2008

Horrible weather, and earthquakes forecast for California.  Just as common as political corruption in Chicago. 12/9/2008

Lawsuit against Al Gore's fictitious propaganda continues. Now endorsed by 9,000 PhD's. 12/6/2008

Disturbing details emerge regarding a lost nuclear weapon near Thule Greenland in 1968. Pilot and crew of the il-fated B-52 are  interviewed on video. 12/1/2008

Reporters worldwide are converging on the inventor in the story below.   More news should be posted soon. 11/23/2008

Another suppression story for the records, the Peter Sumaruck engine2nd article.
Story finally picked up at PES.
Interviewed 11/22/2008 by James Robey on BlogTalkRadio.   11/23/2008
Sumaruck Prototype
Senators and others are named with some of the most asinine reasons you ever heard to suppress it.
These 2 congressmen had it stopped.
Kip Averitt
Texas State Senator Kip Averitt, Republican, 22nd district

Michael Edward
U.S. Congressman Michael "Chet" Edwards, Democrat, Texas

Falling oil prices make T.Boone Pickens reconsider his massive wind project in Texas. 11/20/2008

7.1 Earthquake hits Indonesia. 11/17/2008

Montecito fire
This is why a central power grid is a bad idea

Ford and GM seeking bailout funding from US Government. 11/8/2008

Election day arrived.  Time for oil to go back up in price. 11/4/2008

Big Bro tightens the noose.  ATT begins restrictions for all us "bandwidth hogs."  11/4/2008

11/4/2008 update: NASA reports the falling debris landed in the South Pacific ocean.
Weight: 1400-lb. Size: Like a double-wide refrigerator. It is one big piece of space junk and it is about to re-enter Earth's atmosphere.  Expected reentry time somewhere near November 3. Details tracked at Spaceweather.com and Reentrynews.com  11/3/2008

Undersea explorer Piccard dies, aged 86.  Jacques Piccard's discoveries of abundant marine life at extreme depths justified stopping nuclear waste disposal in deep sea trenches. 11/3/2008

More Laptop Battery Recalls. 10/31/2008

Fire at US Nuclear Missle Silo went undetected for 5 days. 10/30/2008

Exxon Mobile breaks record: $14.8 billion profit for 3rd quarter. 10/30/2008

Chrysler stops Hybrid production before they began. 10/30/2008

Serious Warning on Halloween Candy made in China. 10/29/2008

Microsoft to drop name Vista with next operating system. 10/28/2008

This 22 minute documentary about electronic waste recycling will make you cringe with disgust.  Unless done the expensive way, it is extremely dangerous to both the people doing it and the location done in. This is why I  admire and promote the Startech technology of waste disposal as it is genuinely clean, even with electronic waste. 10/25/2008

China realizes Coal to Liquid is NOT a good idea10/23/2008

Lost privacy is no big deal, until you lose yours.  NSA caught monitoring, transcribing and archiving phone sex conversations between US soldiers and their wives.  Your tax money at work.
- - -
Phil Zimmermann
, author of PGP encryption for text, now Zfone for VOIP communication, speaking at Defcon 2007 explained the necessity of encryption in everyone's daily conversations.  10/19/2008

486 to the RescueOnly days before an elaborate Shuttle mission to do a major upgrade on the Hubble telescope, it developed a new problem. But NASA just fixed that problem by rebooting a 486 chip computer not used since 1990. Additional necessary testing has caused NASA to move the upgrade mission to 2009. 10/18/2008

With access to all the advanced technology in the world, why does the US Navy continue to use archaic and dangerous high sound pressure level sonar?  Effects on marine life are deadly.  If a human was swimming from a pleasure craft in the area, the results would be equally disastrous. Sound is another form of energy.  Use it safely or don't use it at all.
Additional photo10/12/2008

Slightly more accurate than a coin toss, but not by much...
Web-Bot updates at UrbanSurvival.com 

If you're extremely paranoid.

And this in-bound boulder, aiming for Sudan, isn't helping matters. 
UPDATE; Meteor sighted by KLM pilot.

Cell phones are the LEAST secure form of communication.  We now learn Skype comes in #2. It was already known that Homeland Security had backdoor access, but now we see China is taking notes and archiving also. 10/6/2008

Hurricanes don't just blow away, they leave horrific damage, often toxic that must be dealt with. It would sure be nice is something like Startech's waste to energy process was portable enough to truck in and start using immediately. But on a lighter note, hurricanes can uncover some things lost for a long, long time. 10/6/2008

Classic Johnny Carson skit titled: Requiem for a Thesaurus Editor is also an appropriate description of the US economy. 10/3/2008

Latest on banking crisis from Ben Fulford.
Ben was interviewed on Dr. Bill Deagle's talk show on 10/1/2008. They discussed not only the US economic collapse, but why we don't have Free Energy devices in use yet. Download in MP3 here. 25 mins   10/2/2008

Hubble Telescope breaks down just before repair mission launches. Launch delayed to determine assess if additional parts needed, or if problem is more serious. 9/29/2008

Nautical answer to the Airbus A380... 3,000 passenger Cruise Ship.  Maybe efficient per passenger mile, but isn't this just making a really big sardine can?  9/30/2008

Peaceful Hindus? 9/30/2008

  • US Banking crisis now spreading internationally.  Fortis Bank in Belgium now close to bankruptcy.
  • Citigroup and Wells Fargo bidding on Wachovia.
  • Congress approves $25 billion to automakers.
Does any fool out there really think your bank was safer to place your money with than with an energy inventor who was actually making something with it rather than gambling it? Inventors with great ideas are still going hungry. Ride your ship to the bottom if you wish, or invest in something real.  Banking has NEVER been real, nor have insurance companies. They go bankrupt as fast as banks when natural disasters hit. Stock brokerages used to be real until banks were allowed to buy them and use phony money to buy real stock. Christ told everyone how to invest in Luke 6:34 & 35.  Try anything else and you're on your own. 9/28/2008

Chinese Milk Scandal strikes too close to home...
Oh NO, Not My M&M's!
This is really serious. Ask anyone who ever had a kidney stone. 9/28/2008 

Salaries of the banksters pleading for mercy from the US taxpayer.
- - -
(Ken) Rasmussen Poll: A Western Union station at a local drug store in California ran out of "international send money" forms. I asked why? The clerk said there had been a lot of money sent out of the country that day (Thursday 9/25/08, same day as WaMu takeover). I asked what was the most frequent country the money was sent to?  She replied "Nigeria." So a quick survey shows the average American feels their money is safer in Nigeria than in a US Bank. 9/27/2008

In 1929 stock brokers jumped out of tall buildings.  In 2001 they were blown out of 2 tall buildings.  Now we see bankers jumping in front of trains.  Have they replaced lab rats? Hey guys, scripture said the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, it is NEVER worth dying for. 9/27/2008

Energy run amuck... 75% of Galveston Homes Uninhabitable. 9/26/2008

Hadron Collider broken down until next yearBut what do you expect for $8 billion? How long was the warrantee anyway, the first 3 nanoseconds?  Then again, maybe it did work, we were all swallowed through a black hole and now reside in a parallel universe. Makes as much sense as anything the main stream press reports. 9/24/2008

How bad is the rat's nest and spaghetti farm behind your computer?  9/24/2008

Over 600,000 still without power in Texas. 9/24/2008

Mexicans having dificult time finding work in US any more, along with the rest of us. Welcome to the land of outsourcing. 9/24/2008

More bad news for cell phones in research from Sweden. 9/21/2008

Local governments and utilities now showing concern for possible electromagnetic pulse, EMP interruption. 9/21/2008

Drug dealers adding "fuel surcharge" 9/19/2008

Definition Bridge Loan: what you borrow to buy the Brooklyn Bridge the guy in the trenchcoat just offered to sell you. 9/19/2008

NOBODY has privacy on the internet.  This is how easy it was to hack Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account. Equally unsecure is your cell phone. Jay Leno's Tonight Show has a smaller audience than either of these communication technologies. Which raises a rhetorical question: who needs TV anyway? 9/18/2008
- - -
EFF files Lawsuit against NSA, President Bush, VP Cheney, Addington and Gonzales for illegal surveillance and unconstitutional invasion of privacy. 9/19/2008

AIG insurance gets $85 billion loan from Fed. Ever see a car loan go through that fast?
Question: are we really witnessing massive "bailouts" or are we witnessing Nazi style "NATIONALIZATION?"  Congratulations suckers, you just bought several FAILED companies, yet, you will NEVER get to vote at their stock holder meetings and you will certainly never see a dividend check from them.  9/17/2008  

Hurricane Ike aftermath pix. 9/16/2008

Coal: a major source of mercury pollution where ever it is burned. 9/16/2008

Chrysler seeks $25 billion in  loans. 9/16/2008

GM considers sale of Hummer division. 9/15/2008

Wanna buy a bank or brokerage? Wall Street insiders open up special trading day on Sunday 9/14 to prevent hemorrhaging.
Washington Mutual reduced to junk rating.
B of A acquires Merril Lynch. But how much debt did they swallow when they took over CountryWide?
Lehman Bros spirals toward bankruptcy.
Even the biggest conglomerate casino stock, MGM-Mirage is trading for 30% of a year ago's price.

While these professional swindlers play games with your money, there are numerous alternative energy technologies that SHOULD have been invested in heavily, that really could have done some good if they only had capital. One struggling technology that has been criticized for years is about to break loose. Keep watching. 

Nothing shows mis-guided energy like a train wreck. On Friday 9/12/2008, in Chatsworth California, a Metrolink commuter train hit a freight train head on. Both doing approximately 35 mph. The freight train was just emerging from a  tunnel. The commuter train was rounding a low visibility, tight curve. 25 killed, over a hundred seriously injured. AP reports the engineer of the commuter train failed to stop at a red light.  9/13/2008
Update 9/14/08 Grief to community.
Update 9/21/2008
Final list of Fatal Victims 

Power goes down for over 4 million in Houston as hurricane Ike hits land.  Report from Weather Channel. 9/13/2008

Laser targeting technology discovered in use during 9/11/01 WTC attack. 9/11/2008

Anyone who thinks war solves anything, needs to watch this 10 minute video. Lyndon Johnson embezzled millions from the US Government even before becoming president, then had his wife Ladybird invest heavily in the military industrial complex, quickly multiplying their wealth during the Vietnam war that he escalated and even tried to expand.  This video shows part of his legacy to future generations in Laos, still killing children 30 years later. 9/11/2008

Make your clean energy device at the new home of cheap labor... The US. 9/11/2008

Sky lit up with fireballs 9/9/2008 during a meteor shower that was expected to be light. 9/11/2008

3 major earthquakes hit within 3 days:
Vanuatu 6.9
Indonesia 6.6
Japan 6.9  

CERN Fires First Test, scientists and the world celebrate. It didn't kill us all, yet.

The event prompts even further fears and comments of what may happen as power is increased in future tests.

Update 9/11/2008:  Damage by Ike in Cuba, Grand Turk.

Hurricane Ike now developing same "control signature" as seen in Ivan and others, a 5 sided center eye.  Compare these high resolution images of past hurricanes BEFORE somebody started manipulating them. Especially note the naturally round shape of all the eyes.
Ike 9-7-2008 full

Ike Eye 9-7-2008

Recent animated loop.

Think wind power is safe and reliable? Not quite. 9/6/2008

Hurricane death toll in Haiti raises to 137.  More Hurricanes developing.  Who is directing these things over populated areas and why? 9/5/2008

Sony recalls 440,000 laptops. Problem traced to faulty circuit board wiring, not the formerly troublesome Lithium batteries. 9/5/2008

Big 3 Auto makers all nearing bankruptcy as sales collapse. 9/5/2008

Energy inventor disappears in Ghana.  Unclear yet whether it was  suppression by energy monopolies or a fraudulent investor feud.  His wave capturing technology is  described here. Whether by sinister attack or not, energy inventors all seem to have more bad luck than normal people. Also reference my own story about a year ago. Is a group of creeps holding a seance and sticking pins in voodoo dolls shaped like inventors? 9/3/2008

Enjoy it when you can. Rense.com has been knocked down several times in the last month by hackers.
The number one rated "conspiracy theory" site, rated by those who REALLY know dis-information, the US State Department, is Rense.com. Amazing how much DOCUMENTATION those "theories" have, while main stream, government approved news reporters only tell the public what they want to hear, then go on to run for office. 9/3/2008

Increased mouth and throat cancer in Ameican troups, also cancer wiping out 50% of the Tasmanian Devil population. 
The link?  Uranium. 

Dr. Leuren Moret elaborates in this  55 min video interview.  9/1/2008

Weather control returns to discussionGustav, who's toy is this one? 8/31/2008

Too many inventors have died too young.
While many I write about here were obvious victims of murder, most others died of vague causes.  And not just inventors. 4 of my highschool classmates in their 50's have died in the last year. Pre-existing health issues can kill anyone. Surprises caused by ignorance kill even more. Three major medical breakthroughs or clearer understandings of known problems have occurred in the last year. I have summarized them and listed the knowledgeable doctors who either discovered these new techniques or have been trained in their use.
The Real Score - Part 2
The Real Score
 A startling breakthrough is useless if you don't know where to go to use it. Please pass this information on to anyone you know with related health issues. 8/25/2008

HAARP and Ocean Rogue Waves.
On the 8/18/2008 3rd hour of Jeff Rense, physicist Leuren Moret reported that both quantities of Rogue Waves and the destruction of large cargo ships by Rogue Waves has increased dramatically since HAARP first became active in 1994.  8/18/2008

So just how cheap is coal?
A chemical processing plant located on a dry lake bed near Death Valley was using natural gas to generate steam at a satellite plant, over 5 miles away from its main plant which used coal to generate the steam it needed. The natural gas expense was so great, they built this high pressure steam line from the coal plant to the satellite plant, over 5 miles away.
Soda ash and cogen plant
Note large truck rounding the curve at left.
Steam expansion joint
Steam expansion joint.
Searles West End
Trainloads of soda ash and water softening salts leave to customers around the world, while trainloads of coal come back to steam process the chemicals.

The size and magnitude are difficult to comprehend in these photos. But the shiny metal plumbing you see is actually about 3 feet in diameter. It is highly insulated to accommodate 5 miles of heat loss, not much in Death Valley summers, but potentially enormous in the winter over this distance. 
Cost and savings?  They won't tell me. But rumor has it they burn about $15 million a year in coal. So how bad was the natural gas bill?
Click on each image for a larger view.  8/19/2008

Energy in the world economy. These enlightening and depressing interviews with former Wall Street Registered Principal George Green, explains the mess the world is in, and goes into why the US may see marshal law by the end of its current fiscal year, Sept. 30, 2008.
#1 45 min.
#2 34 min. 
Text summary.

Alaskan Volcano causes cancelation of 41 flights. 8/11/2008

Toronto Canada propane explosion
Propane facility in Toronto explodes. 1 killed, thousands evacuated.

Fireball in night sky video

US Submarine leaked radiation for 2 years. 8/8/2008

Explain this... Toxic Waste Discovered on MarsPerchlorate in groundwater here on Earth is an extremely expensive toxin to remove, and most often blamed on sloppy aerospace companies. 8/6/2008

Auto accident near Cern kills one researcher, injures 3 others. 8/4/2008

Coal was cheap, until the cost to mine and deliver it went up 25%.

GM loses $15.5 billion
These guys found it...
Exxon:  $11.7 billion  profit
BP:  $9.47 billion profit
Chevron: $6 billion  profit
all for second quarter 2008.

"...the top five oil companies added up to $1.5 trillion, (net gross) which is greater than the gross domestic product of Canada."


Air Force Brigadier General dies extremely suspicious death in his home in Alaska.  Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Tinsley was the commanding officer of the first air wing to receive the F-22 into operations. He also worked directly under the Air Force chief of staff, Gen. T. Michael Mosely, who resigned in June under pressure in an agency shake-up 7/30/2008
Credit/Debit Card Problems at the Gas Pump... Collusion? 7/28/2008

Granite countertops are beautiful, but may be emitting energy you didn't know about. 3:21 min video 7/26/2008

Is the major media waking up to cellphone hazards? 7/25/2008

Comedian Lewis Black comments on the US economy  7/25/2008

On 7/22/2008 Linsey Williams was on the Jeff Rense show and revealed US Oil officials had threatened his life and welfare of his family.  He was also told oil will be dropped to $50/barrel to make some politician look good for the November election, but in doing so it will affect the Arab economies and disable their ability to buy US T-bills. The net result is total collapse of the US Dollar shortly after the next election. Linsey's videos are still playing on YouTube, but he shut down his web site and does not sell books or tapes anymore. Time to jump on e-bay and grab some classics. But then again, maybe the oil companies snatched them all up themselves first and created this threat just to sell them at 3 times the price. Just remember Linsey revealed in at least one of his many lectures that the IMF and World Bank make MORE profit from oil than the oil companies do.  7/23/2008

Bad Airport Design Wastes 3 Million gallons of fuel Per Day... at one airport alone!
Jim Starry has a better way.

Much of the worst polluted air, and highest cancer rates in the US are within 30 miles of major airports. Listen to many other startling statistics in the video posted at the web site link above. 7/22/2008

Suspicions raised as we learn more about the location of China's major earthquake May 12, 2008. Who knew that was also the location of China's largest military armory? 7/22/2008

More Bad News about Biofuel. 7/7/2008

100 Years Ago, June 30, 1908 was the Great Tunguska Explosion.
Tunguska Crater
Was it Nikola Tesla playing around with his new Wardencroft Tower, or was it something natural. We still don't know for sure. But comets are proving to NOT be dirty snowballs, so a hypersonic snowball theory doesn't hold much water anymore. Electromagnetic weapons are a viable possibility.  Tesla utilized electromagnetic hot spots on the earth to leverage natural and enormous power from the ionosphere. His tools of the day were large.  Banks of
capacitors used at Wardencroft were said to be as large as Volks Wagons. But since Nikola never directly admitted to causing the Tunguska event, the controversy will likely continue for many years to come.
History Channel video clip.

Control the Energy you spent getting your tires to roll... don't let Faulty Tires control you.
New, potentially fatal flaws found in old tires, numerous brands.

German Gas Station uses distraction to get customer's eyes off gas prices. It would probably work in the US too, for a few minutes at least. 7/1/2008

Evidence implies Diet Coke (Aspartame) killed George Carlin. 6/28/2008

Did you know.. Exxon has still been contesting, AND NOT PAYING FOR the EXXON VALDEZ disaster that occurred way back in 1989, until now?  The Supreme Court finally decides payment amount, drastically less than the amount asked for by the affected residents of Alaska.  Any question who OWNS the US Supreme Court? There must be a powerful pedophile lobby there too.  6/26/2008

Gas 6-18-2008

Natural Energy Run Amuck?
Beichuan,China   -  Iowa, US
Beichuan China   Iowa 6-13-2008
Or sinister power toys, controlled by who knows who?
I have to urge readers to periodically check Professor James McCanney's web site, and listen to his talk shows in archive. His recent book on weather reveals direct electrostatic involvement of severe weather. Some natural and celestial, but some are man made. Severe weather has at least been stearable since the mid 90's. It is still debatable whether man can start a hurricane, but once moving it CAN be directed.
This video questions why the Myanmar cyclone and China earthquake were in a straight line from HAARP. Yet when George Ure at Urbansurvival.com contacted HAARP, they denied even being transmitting during those events.  But listeners to James McCanney know there are several facilities around the world capable of the same thing. HAARP is the only publicly visible one that you can still find on Google Earth, 8 miles NE of Gakona Alaska.
Censored data from USGS continues to be a problem for individuals to track strange geologic behavior. While major news sources claim a recent earthquake in Japan was 7.2, USGS claims it was a 6.8. This is a major discrepancy. Regardless, the quake hit Japan only a day after the water car was announced there, see story column 3.
Also reference this chart.

With news reporting like this, who needs cartoons?

Kent Brockman
Kent Brockman, the only name you need to trust at Fox News!

Jordan Maxwell, being interviewed by Jeff Rense on 6/12/2008 revealed a news anchor he once met admitted his contract said if he ever deviated from the exact words on the teleprompter, he could be arrested. Apparently news station owners use the power of FCC and now Homeland Security to intimidate their own employees.  6/13/2008

Update: Now revealed, the 3 videos below were staged as an online "viral marketing campaign" by Cardo Systems, makers of hands free headsets. Nevertheless, dangers of cellphone usage close to the head remains in hot debate. 6/15/2008
Pop Corn with Cell Phones
Although many have not been able to reproduce this effect it does bring into question what potentially dangerous energy is being broadcast directly into one's brain. This .pdf report from medical research does point out the dangers. I tried to replicate this with a WiFi DSL modem and have thus far been unsuccessful.  6/13/2008

This economist points out several suspicious similarities between corporate management in the US and crack cocaine pushers. (22 min video) 6/9/2008

Chemtrails - California 3-12-2008
Chemtrails in your area too?
Here is a report from Las Vegas.

Did the Space Shuttle backfire on its last launch? 6/6/2008

Gas 6-6-2008 Gas continues to rise.
The HAFC system is available NOW. It is guaranteed to improve your gasoline engine mileage by 50 % or full refund.
Order yours NOW!
And understand fuel prices are as much a BANKING crime as an oil company crime. This short video explains why. Gas really is still a quarter a gallon, (1947 pure silver that is) 6/6/2008

Update 6/11/2008: Lake Pressure Released, villiage destroyed.

"Quake Lake", a new frightening term.
When a powerful earthquake happens in mountainous terrain, as the recent 8.0 quake in Wenchuan China, debry slides into a small stream between 2 mountains and gets blocked, creating a natural dam. But being accidental in nature it is not engineered to last.  A huge lake builds up behind the dam.  The next big shaker knocks it loose, sending a massive flood downstream. 5/30/2008

Gas 5-27-2008
Of course the hidden number is a 9.

Another Comet Hits Sun. Report at Spaceweather.com. Comet collisions and subsequent CME's have been implicated in triggering earthquakes 3 to 10 days later as the energy reaches the earth's magnetosphere.  5/27/2008

Here's a scary thought... how does coal get from the mine to the power plant? It is shipped by rail using diesel fuel.
Maybe the railroads will go back to coal fired steam engines.  But look what you had to endure if you got stuck at a crossing while one was going by... roll up the windows.
Big Boy - Largest steam engine

Gas 5-26-2008

Take a pick:
Gun or Gas?
KelTecP3ATGas Pump Handle
A Butler Missouri car dealer offers choice of either a $250 certificate at a local gun shop toward purchase of a hand gun or $250 worth of gasoline with purchase of any car from inventory. Wasn't it Al Capone who once said you can get further in life with a smile and a gun than you can with just a tank of gas? ... or something to that effect? 5/27/2008

Mis-Applied Energy:
Kindergarten Children attending school next to Cell Tower suffer brain tumors. 5/25/2008

Comment to fellow energy experimenters:
If your best laid plans are delayed with numerous set-backs caused by MIB threats or attacks, lousy suppliers who can't read your order,  unexpected explosions, implosions or
melt downs, forgotten equations, mis-filed notes, Microsoft demanding to do a mandatory system reboot to install its latest security patch BEFORE you saved your work, or anything else, consider this.  When you finally DO deliver a working free energy device to your investors, what will you do if they hire these guys to package it?  How will anyone get it out of the box to use? Here are several other examples. An inventors work is never done.  5/25/2008

Gas 5-20-2008With diesel nearing  EXCEEDING  (pix above) $5/gallon what are your food prices doing?

I'm seeing $7+ small  watermelons and eggs doubling in price. And that is at the discount stores.

A friend in Nigeria reports a bag of rice is $100 now as fuel prices rise worldwide.

We offer solutions here. 
The HAFC is GUARANTEED to gain 50% mileage on your present gasoline vehicle.

So while you sit and do nothing, here is some more mainstream media propaganda to amuse your time while the oil companies and the politicians that condone them suck the lifeblood out of you. 5/20/2008

Uncontrolled Energy... the earthquake in China 5/12/2008.
And fatality count from Myanmar Cyclone continues to rise.

Morgan SparksMorgan Sparks, former director of Sandia Labs and credited as being the primary inventor of the transistor dies at age 91. 5/15/2008

Recent nuclear reactor events and incidents:
Despite the hazards, the Nuclear Power industry is now trying to sell Vietnam on the scam power source.

And Putin gladly appoints a reactor salesman to his staff.

And while Bush continues his $5,000/second war in Iraq, fattening his military contract buddies, security at our own nuclear facilities is found lacking. 5/15/2008

The insults continue... and just which fuel powers deliveries to your grocery store?  Here is a story of an owner-operator 2 months ago. 5/13/2008
Gas 5-13-2008

Gas 5-4-2008
And the price where you are is what?
The prices above are in central California. 5/5/2008

Wall Street took over Las Vegas in the 90's.  Is Las Vegas about to take over Detroit?  90 year old Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian is making a bid for Ford Motor Company. Mr. Kerkorian was primarily responsible for building both the original MGM Grand, now Bally's, and the present 5000 room MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. He also acquired a major stake in Chrysler Motors.  We all have heard the expression of "when the mob ran Vegas."  But historian Antony Sutton revealed that Wall Street financed Adolph Hitler and the Nazi movement. So the 90's was really Nazis vs. the Mafia. Has massive money ever been used for good?  Not in my lifetime.  If Mr. Kerkorian still has a soul and conscience, he should consider forcing Ford Motor Company to begin utilizing technologies I report on here like the PICC, Hydrogen on Demand and other clean power. 4/29/2008

Does anyone see fuel prices going down, ever, anywhere?
Don't be a victim of this extortion any longer. Do something about it by putting an HAFC unit on your gasoline powered vehicle now. 4/23/2008
- - - - 
Unsubstantiated skepticism by critics of any mileage improving device have prevented many from even trying any of the fuel mileage increasing technologies we discuss here.  A dealer of one has posted an open challenge. Dialogue planning the public event is ongoing at PESwiki.
Another public demonstration named the "Fun Run" is being planned in the form of a 600 mile drive on the east coast April 17, 2008. Video reports on this event will be posted at Green-Salon.com.  And even more bizarre technologies will be demonstrated in June and July.  Follow the coming events chart at the top of this page for locations and times.
The longer people hesitate by listening to skeptics rather than try something on their own, the longer the real scam artists, namely the oil companies themselves pile up your money in their pockets. 3/31/2008

22 Years after Chernobyl, are we any safer? 4/29/2008

GM continues to catapult the propaganda with news conferences denying everything intelligent scientists know that works. Note the sarcastic remark at the very end of the story.  4/5/2008

Microwave Energy:
Friend or Foe?

At least one doctor declares "Cell Phones are more dangerous than smoking."  3/31/2008

Did you know a hydrogen fuel cell company registered the term "Hydrogen on Demand," yet refers to it as a hydrogen battery? 3/31/2008

Research & Development delays affect all technologies, even electric cars. Tesla Motors began their assembly line slow and late, while ZAP Motors has yet to put out anything of their own. Disappointing first models were actually cheap labor imports of older technology. The astounding ZAP X-crossover announced last year may still be 2 years away. So while we wait for the main course, will compromise legislation create other problems? 3/27/2008 

Think your fuel bills are bad?
This story was from InsideDefense.com

Proposal sent to Congress


Citing difficulties in forecasting volatile fuel prices 10 to 22 months in advance of the fiscal year, the Defense Department is asking Congress to provide an indefinite appropriation to cover the difference between the funds DOD budgets to buy refined petroleum products and the actual market prices DOD pays for fuel -- in other words, the additional marginal expense.

...fuel costs for 2007 were $9.5 billion...

53 Million Gallons of Radioactive Waste at risk of leaking. 3/24/2008

Bear Stearns Executives took larger bonuses than the total buyout price. Just remember that JP Morgan himself stopped funding all of Tesla's free energy developments. But as usual, there's always plenty of money to go around for the "good 'ol' boys." I wonder how many B.S. executives are members of the same "lodge" that JP Morgan executives belong to? 3/18/2008

Rising fuel prices affecting everything from food to airlines.  3/18/2008

Does Sweden know what's being buried underground near Stockholm? I don''t agree with the headline in this story. It is not a solution, but is handing the problem to future generations. 3/8/2008

Weather Channel founder John Coleman fed up with Global Warming lies,
threatens to sue Al Gore for fraud and misrepresentation.
- - -
CFO - January 2008The January issue of CFO Magazine raised serious questions about the credibility of "carbon credits." 

A B2 Bomber crashes on Guam. Two words immediately come to mind...
Suspicious and EXPENSIVE,
and yes, the pilots survived too. USAF also claims there were no nukes onboard.

More Coal plants on the way, but not as many as expected only a few years ago. 2/22/2008

Chinese geologists discover large deposits of both coal and uranium in same general area.  2/22/2008

One of many reasons Hydrogen should be manufactured where it is to be used, rather than bottled and shipped long distances. 2/15/2008

Underground Coal Fires: a forgotten, yet Ongoing Calamity for 40+ years. 2/6/2008

The Depleted Uranium crisis has not disappeared.  Dr. Leuren Moret, nuclear physicist and whistle blower from Los Alamos, was recently interviewed by Professor James Fetzer. Startling new measurements revealing use of DU in Iraq is showing up in Los Angeles ground water over 7,600 miles away. Other effects of atmospheric testing from 1945 to 1963 were also exposed. In the second hour (not available) recent discoveries of massive DU contamination in Hawaii were also discussed. This article touches on the subject.
MP3 file of first hour (21 MB). Left click to stream, or right click and save to hard drive. Jim Fetzer's show plays M-F on GCNlive.com.

Would you call this trade marking or DNA Graffiti? 1/31/2008

More Tesla woes... Gets Variable Airbag Exemption for 3 years. 1/31/2008

CIA Confirms Hackers Have Penetrated and Extorted Utilities, Causing Shut Downs and Outages. 1/28/2008

Monju Nuclear Reactor Leak
Suppressed Video Released of Monju Japan Fast Breeder Reactor incident in 1995.  It exposes how serious the radiation leak was, which led to its closure in 1995.

Disabled Polar Orbit Spy Satellite Loses Orbit. Expected to plunge to earth late February or early March. 1/27/2008

So what's more valuable, Gold or electricity? Recent events in South Africa answer the question. 1/27/2008

Problems at Tesla Motors correlate to serious problems with the economy as a whole.  It has been  pointed out that starting a new company in the auto industry takes more like $700 million rather than the $100 million Tesla is working with. Tesla's new CEO Elon Musk responds with optimism they can do it for less.

Seldom discussed anywhere, but there is a serious worldwide inflation problem in progress. Bad as we are, the US is NOT the only country trying to print its way out of debt.  Just put the word "trillion" into a Google news search and look at all the other countries showing a huge trade deficit to somebody. Even the big daddy of manufacturing trade surpluses, China is experiencing inflation.  It can be argued that their acquisition of US dollars are what caused that, but the term "fair trade" is only a bogus political term and has no substance of fact in the world market. Crooked economics always degenerates to the Russian expression: "they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work." China used slave labor to create stuff, and it was paid for by printed currency. Who scammed who? America got toxic toys under the Christmas tree, and China has more pollution from coal fired energy to augment their political slave labor force.

New construction is also down, not only due to mortgage industry problems, but the cost of getting materials, equipment and people to the construction site has skyrocketed due to fuel costs.  1/19/2008

Mercury is found in fluorescent lights, many vaccinations, thermometers, and amalgam fillings in our teeth. It has horrible health consequences. The video starts out rather silly but contains serious and shocking video of what mercury does to brain cells. The additive in vaccinations containing mercury is named Thimerosal. 1/17/2008

Navy Gets Approval from Bush to use Sonar Indiscriminately with No Regard to loss of Marine Life.  One of the many reasons rich celebrities love their Malibu homes was the ability to watch migrating whales and numerous Dolphins just off the coast from their front room windows.  They are now likely to  see more of them washing up on their beach front shoreline. Sonar is an energy transmission source. ANY form of energy must be used safely and properly. Given the Navy's budget, this is deplorable they continue to use a technology that is both archaic and low tech and is unquestionably causing unnecessary pain and death among countless marine creatures.  1/17/2008

Final death count for 2007 in China's coal industry: 3,786. And that number is DOWN 20% from the 2006 number. 11,000 mines have been closed in the last 2 years in an ongoing safety crackdown.  1/14/2008

Cell phone microwave energy continues to be challenged for safety. Study cooks an egg with 2 cell phones in 65 minutes. Noticeable effects n 25 minutes.  1/13/2008

More departures at Tesla Motors. 1/13/2008

Long time listeners to James McCanney know he has solutions to redirect hurricanes.  If lawsuits like this continue, it might be time to start listening. Katrina victims sue for $3 Quadrillion. 1/13/2008

Does this weather sound natural to you? 28 killed when blizzard hits Iran.
Professor James McCanney has analyzed recent events to appear like artificially created hurricanes. 1/9/2008

New Toxic Mercury Warning on Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs1/7/2007

Leading Hydrogen Advocate: Ballard, drops fuels cell for car idea and chases industrial market.  Fuel Cells are just not practical yet for mass consumption. 1/5/2008

Video of Sleeping Wackenhut Guards at Nuke Facility Still Raising a Ruckus. 1/5/2008

Coal Mining Disaster Just Don't Go Away in ChinaAnother 19 confirmed deaths in latest explosion. 1/2/2008

2007 delivered more disappointments than hopes.   Here are some highlights and low lights for the year.

Steorn wasted our time waiting on academics to confirm their technology, only to make a failed attempt to demonstrate it publicly themselves.

The Pentagon finally realized that even with a blank check from Congress and the Fed Reserve, it is still possible to run out of gas in the middle of a battle field. They started a friendly attempt to get some of the clean energy technologies we discuss here brought to both the public and their own non weapon but logistic use,

China reveals its own shortcomings with energy. They get 70% of their power from coal.  Coal mining deaths in China average 3,000 to 4,000 a year, due to nonexistent safety regulations and slave driving managers.  They are making a lot of PR statements to support development of renewable energy sources, but nothing has been said about respecting patents if anyone did show them how to do it right.

And personally, I had 3 friends die of suspicious reasons within a month. All were in poor health to begin with, so I'd be labeled a kook if I tried to claim they were MIB victims.  But just ask yourself what you would think if 3 of your sick friends all died in a month? No 2 had the same ailment. All were under excessive medication by a hospital doctor, each lived a thousand miles from the others.  Some idiot kids thought they could play Harry Potter  behind my office and destroyed years of personal items.  And to top off the year, my computer crashes, I had to get a new one that only runs Vista and a friend traveling in Africa comes down with Typhoid.

happy new year anyway.


Previous articles posted in
2007 Energy archives

2006 Energy archives 

2005 Energy archives

Important reports

About 100 years ago oil man John D Rockefeller and banker J P Morgan conspired to stop Nikola Tesla from providing cheap, localized energy to the masses. Now as we go into 2009 and witness the identical crime repeating itself, world hunger reaches cataclysmic levels
How did they do it?  OPEC first raised oil price to outrageous heights, then convinced the Arabs the profits would never end.  The Arabs then naively leveraged that il-gotten wealth into the megalopolis of Dubai and elsewhere, using borrowed, printed money from the fiat money banks. Now, as exposed by Linsey Williams, the American run OPEC intentionally dropped oil prices leaving the Arab countries with their pants down, deeply in debt to international bankers.
So while the international criminals of the world play games with everybody's money, suddenly food costs too much to eat for the impoverished billions throughout the globe. 
Who is left standing as the music stops?  The decendant oil families of Rockefeller and banking families of JP Morgan.  Both owning and running the US government to allow massive taxpayer money to fund executive bonuses and let the masses starve, even though they were the ones who caused the production cost of food to skyrocket.  Their eugenics agenda is beginning to show.

Who else did Rockefellers and Morgans do business with? British bankers and their handlers, hence the direct tie with the Council on Foreign Relations, long controling US Presidential cabinets since Truman and now in control of Israel and creating havoc in that part of the world, as well as inciting violence between India and Pakistan, all financed with the billions we coughed up to put commuting gas in our tanks the last 2 years just to get to work and feed ourselves and families.  12/28/2008


While any new energy technology is met with scrutiny, scorn, and a major reluctance to fund any R&D, demanding full accountability of every dime they receive from investors ...
  • Bailed out bankers took millions in bonuses
  • Vermont stops paying for jurors in trials, just to save a total of $73,000 from state budget, even though actual jurors only receive $5 to $10/day for service
  • More people scammed by Madoff get revealed, from his own Synagogue.

In September this year California suffered a tragic train wreck caused by an engineer who was texting while driving. Sacramento's response was to pass legislation making it illegal to text while driving. How are they now warning drivers to stop this potentially fatal practice? While driving through Los Angeles this week I noticed all the Amber Alert highway signs had posted "No Texting While Driving: Jan 1st".  Yes, they warned us with TEXT!  Will California now remove this multi-million dollar system to comply with its own laws?  Hardly.  Swartzenegger wants to sell ads on the system.  12/24/2008

2 Space Shuttles now for sale. 12/20/2008

Dispute with investor creates a charge and conviction of swindling by inventor Daniel DingelCase to be appealed. Mr. Dingel had criticized the IMF and World Bank often and attacked them again last July.  Politicians in the US have learned it is not healthy to criticize banks.  12/20/2008

Opinion Poll:
Funniest Shoe video of all time? New Shoe Toss Game


Obama appoints green energy environment team12/16/2008

Close supporter of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Robert Rubin sued for running his own $122 billion fraud against Citibank, also described as Ponzi Scheme. Rubin is former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs (just like Paulson) and was Secretary of Treasury under Bill Clinton. Even in government office he persuaded Bill Clinton to use US Treasury money to pay off $19 billion to his Wall Street buddies to cover some shady Mexican Bonds he sold previously while at Sachs when they collapsed into worthless condition.  These are the creeps running "professional finance" in the US, while honest inventors in garages still can't get squat to make something that works. 12/13/2008

Former Chairman of NASDAQ Stock Exchange, Bernard Madoff, arrested and charged with running $50 billion Ponzi SchemeStrange, the insurance industry is run the same way, yet gets enormous bailouts from congress. 12/12/2008

Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer had been challenging Wall Street and banking ethics, then is suddenly caught with high dollar hookers. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich threatens Bank of America and suddenly all his telephone calls for the last year show up at the FBI.
Lew Rockwell: "When the feds arrest the governor of a state, you know it can't be over corruption. After all, government is corruption. In fact, as Ken Langston points out, it was his threat against that Paulson-Bernanke fave, Bank of America, that sealed Blagojevich's fate."

Want to get rid of your governor? Get him to threaten his bank. 12/11/2008

A Building material that is:
  • lighter than cement,
  • but stronger,
  • creates less pollutants in manufacture,
  • yet is illegal.
Hemp based building materials. 12/9/2008

FDA forced by lawsuit to admit health hazard of mercury in amalgam teeth fillings. 12/6/2008

Real Estate crash... in Dubai? Even the wealthy can get over extended if they deal with criminal bankers. You can also be sure Halliburton executives are now snatching up island homes for a huge discount. But strange labor policies have brought criticism even when the money was flowing. 12/5/2008

The government of India now agrees with other researchers on the internet: Al-Qaeda is a front organization for CIA and Mossad. Please consider the obvious.  Automatic weapons used in all terror events are too expensive for a few drunks in a bar to acquire on a whim.  SOMEBODY with lots of money capitalizes these attacks, as false-flag events to make the public hate WHOEVER the media chooses to blame. But who ultimately profits from any of these terrorist attacks? Answer that yourself. Where has the US spent most of it money since 9/11/2001?  Who COLLECTS INTEREST on all the money loaned, not only for the initial war, but the clean up afterward? Does IMF ring a bell? 12/5/2008
American Drug Lords
Daniel Hopsicker releases new video reporting on massive drug smuggling past DEA and DHS who don't seem to care. 
Watch the Promo.
Also see latest story at MadCowProd on Republican ties to internet gambling, porno sites and drug rings, which they forgot to mention in their pro-family party platform. It's become apparent the term "family values" in the Republican party means John Gotti's family, not yours or mine. 12/1/2008

Need firewood for your Martian spaceship?  Guess what NASA just found? 11/30/2008

Dubai to build Carbon Free City. 11/27/2008

The hypocritical term
reaches new heights.   Auto executives fly biz-jets to Washington to ask for bailout money. 11/20/2008

Dept. of Energy issues interim final rule regarding use of the $25 billion congress authorized for the auto industry. 
Key phrases:
  • "automakers and other eligible companies" and
  • "must demonstrate that a vehicle has a fuel economy performance at least 125% of the average MY 2005 fuel economy of the appropriate class"
almost implying new startup companies have a shot at this capital.  Too good to be true?  Usually is, but I''d like to be wrong on this one. 11/17/2008

ObamaXmorphJust a manipulated graphic, 
but it does make you wonder...

Banker Bailout = Free Fraud Zone. 11/17/2008

CAFR Specialist Walter Burien launches the
"Tax Retirement Fund Association."
Viable goal: replace all taxation with investment yields. Government investment funds already earn enough profit to pay for all government activity. Why aren't YOU benefiting from this already?  11/15/2008

The nuclear scam continues.  US money funding Iran's nuclear weapons development.  DOE Secretary Bodman plays dumb. The DOE is more concerned about refrigerator efficiency than nuclear proliferation. 11/10/2008

Obama choosing the same financial "experts" that CAUSED the present crisis.  11/10/2008

America is not racist.  They just love to elect criminals.
Using the excuse of "lesser of two evils, they always choose a less conspicuous evil.
If Blacks wanted a Black president, they would have voted in Alan Keyes a few elections ago, but no, blacks voted for Bill Clinton instead back then. But why should it matter? There have been SEVERAL past presidents with as much black ancestry as Obama.
If Democrats wanted to cancel the evils of George Bush, why did they bite the bait set up by the same handlers of Bush? These same groups are now staffing Obama's cabinet: Rockefeller, CFR and associates referred to here as the New World Order, NWO.
Nancy Pelosi is also controlled by the same groups. She oversaw the banker bailout which we now see are being used as enormous bonuses for Goldman Sachs and others. She was re-elected.

Will Obama:
  • eliminate the Dept. of Homeland Security? Established to follow identical structure as Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany
  • clean out or eliminate the CIA?
  • eliminate IRS and the Federal Reserve system that both Bush and Clinton used against their political enemies?
  • reverse all the numerous unconstitutional executive orders issued by GWB?
  • stop the abortion of females and black babies? (about 90% of all abortions in the world are of female babies, highest concentrations of abortion clinics in the US are in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods)
  • stop the usury (exorbitant interest) charged blacks and any economically suppressed group by banks? If you are forced to use high interest credit cards for anything, YOU are a victim. Desperate people need to be helped, not penalized.
  • raise minimum wage sufficiently so people can earn enough to actually start saving? Cutting back on luxuries to save is easy for high paid individuals, but impossible when life support items like food, housing and transportation take everything.
  • remove secret society controlled bias in the court system? Disbar any judge or attorney with a membership in ANY secret society.
  • break up the criminally elite controlled energy monopoly in the US?
  • make DOE recognize GENUINE clean energy technologies?
  • make the bankers who just took $700 billion from taxpayers meet payment schedules as sinister as the ones they deal out to consumers?
  • make ALL government entities explain their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports in plain simple English for the average person to understand? Once understood, of course the public would realize no tax is necessary. So Barack, why are YOU hiding this fact? Planning on stealing some yourself?
If Barack Obama does not make these changes, what am I supposed to have hope in? I just see another slightly tanned George Bush in office. 11/7/2008

O'Bommy & McClyde ... stole more money from YOU on October 1st than Bonnie & Clyde did in their entire career.  BOTH voted FOR the $700 billion banker bailout and expect you to pay for it.  Remember that on Tuesday. Ron Paul threw support to Chuck Baldwin.  Your choice is either put  known gangster A or known gangster B in office or give a new guy a chance to prove himself.  11/3/2008

Something really scary to ponder this Halloween....
Change?  Please consider this:
  • John McCain's foreign policy advisor is Ian Brzezinski
  • Barack Obama's foreign policy advisor is Mark Brzezinski
.... yes, brothers,
and sons of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brezinski
Zbigniew formed the Trilateral Commission in 1973 under David Rockefeller's direction.  The Trilateral Commission is the foreign ministry of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Who OWNS BOTH parties? The CFR. 10/31/2008

IRS grants fraudulent refunds to buddies while coming down with an iron fist on political enemies. Like a typical bureaucracy, they now want extra taxpayer funding to cover up their own crimes, just like the Federal Reserve banks did this month.

Countdown 'til Bush leaves...

But what CFR Puppet will replace him? 

Air Force 2
Whoever had the keys to Air Force Two took it to a meeting in the Adirondacks
Amazing, no politicians reported present.  Who's responsible for Air Force 2?  Chenney?  Laura? Jenna?  Who's credit card pays for the gas?  10/23/2008

Pick your favorite political dirt, all candidates brought to you by the Council on Foreign Relations which runs both parties.

McCain  -  Palin
Obama  -  Biden


Get to know members of the Carlyle Group. Like it or not, they control your economy and future. This 54 minute Dutch Documentary produced in 2004 reveals how present US Government activities were shaped and is still relevant to actions seen today.  10/16/2008

Who is being hurt with the present banking crisis?  ONLY the little guy.
This 93 minute lecture by Walter Burien about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report explains just who really owns what.

Everyone must understand this along with history reported in the book Creature from Jekyll Island, or you will not have a clue what is presently going on with the biggest shell game in history. You will not find any of this on broadcast television, and Walter Burien explains why.
Reference these statistics if you think anything is fair.  10/16/2008

UK Begins to Nationalize Banks. 10/12/2008

Reminder: On July 23 this year I reported here, column 1, via insider Linsey Williams that the US-controlled OPEC would be dropping world oil prices to about $50/barrel. Crude oil price at the time was near $140/barrel. The same forces who are doing that are intentionally causing a world wide banking crisis too. 1929 was a collusion between Rockefeller oil and central banks headed by JP Morgan. Strange coincidence today, JP Morgan bank is swallowing up other banks, and Big Oil is still showing multi-billion dollar profits each quarter. This is a carbon copy repeat of 1929.  Currency has been REMOVED from ordinary circulation and concentrated in the hands of a select few.  Small investors were forced to sell valuable stock for pennies on the dollar, just to obtain survival cash. But the elite moved in with unlimited cash and bought ownership of the biggest and most valuable companies in the country.  It's happening again.  Blue chip companies are now selling for small fraction of true worth. If your broker hasn't jumped out a window yet, ask him to locate stock selling below book value. The worse this crisis gets, the more appear. Don't let the thieves take all the wealth in the country the same way they did on 1929. Because after they take it, you will see oil go back up in price again, and good dividend yielding stocks will now belong to the thieves.
Energy is still a major control factor for any economy.  If venture capital had gone into independent energy generation, namely the technologies reported on here, this crisis would not be anywhere as severe as it is.    10/13/2008

Any bets Halliburton will get a piece of this contract? Paulson to hire asset management firms to spend his il-gotten gain. 10/6/2008

Senators For SaleScroll to the 3:14 minute mark and look at what bribe was paid to each major supporter of the massive bail out bill.  Total cost still not calculated, well BEYOND the $700 billion major media is referring to. Who is liable to pay this back?  The US taxpayer.
Bush also used extortion per Rep. Brad Sherman D-CA.
Complete bill H.R.1424 Largest pork bill in US history, put on your waders before reading.  10/4/2008

Bush Frames his enemies...
final bailout bill signed now has $800 billion worth of favors to the Greenies
, who are now seeing Red. And while he was at it, he gave more privacy invasion power to IRS and the rest of his Nazis.  10/3/2008

Ford justifies loan guarantee versus bailouts. History shows Chrysler paid back their loan with a net profit to the US Government.  Banks NEVER pay back their loans with real money, they just print more and expect you to accept it.  Readers here see Ford is the ONLY big auto maker (publicly) researching and investing their own capital into technologies that would retain the big vehicles US drivers prefer as well as obtain high mileage performance.  10/2/2008

Banker bailout still bounces between houses in congress.

Here's the list of the senators who voted NO on bailout

Allard (R)
Barasso (R)
Brownback (R)
Bunning (R)
Cantwell (D)
Cochran (R)
Crapo (R)
DeMint (R)
Dole (R)
Dorgan (D)
Enzi (R)
Feingold (D)
Inhofe (R)
Johnson (D)
Landrieu (D)
Nelson (FL) (D)
Roberts (R)
Sanders (I)
Sessions (R)
Shelby (R)
Stabenow (D)
Tester (D)
Vitter (R)
Wicker (R)
Wyden (D)


Economics 101 by Scrooge McDuck 1967.  Although his basics are correct, he fails to mention what happens when you give monopoly rights to a private corporation (Federal Reserve) to print money for the government, then collect interest back from that printed money. Then authorize another private corporation (IRS) to act as ruthless collection agent. His point about CIRCULATION is important though. Capital is currently being REMOVED from circulation and socked into fat cat accounts, denied from the public. The phony "bailout" would only pad their wallets even more and dump the debt on the public.  We are seeing a total repeat of 1929.  Money left the US into the hands of Central Bankers in Europe.  What currency is presently strong?  The Eurodollar. Who will be buying up all the now cheap blue chip stock companies with that stronger currency?  American companies are at fire sale prices and still dropping.
If the current collapse surprises you, here are some more basics to explain it. It is no accident.  It wasn't just seen coming a long time ago, it was planned.  9/30/2008

Walter Burien, master analyst of the CAFR* weighs in.  Don't blame the banks, the hidden government already owned you and ALL of Wall Street anyway.  Look at the wealth they confiscated from you.
*"Comprehensive Annual Financial Report" 9/28/2008

All politics may be local, but this local town meeting has international ramifications. 9/28/2008

Every US Household is now $516,348 in debt.  We were warned. While you weren't looking politicians, judges and attorneys grabbed any real equity, bought themselves retirement palaces in Dubai, but dumped the debt into YOUR name and sold it to the Chinese and other suckers. How big of a gun do you have to hold off the Chinese Army when it comes to (legally) repossess your home, car and family? Sorry, the US Army can't help you, it's busy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh yes, if your name is spelled in all UPPER CASE letters on any document, YOU are an asset of a bankrupt corporation, soon to be repossessed. Welcome to real life Monopoly. But never mind me, go back to hearing Obama talk about lipstick on a pig. 9/27/2008

Incompetent law enforcement actions botch murder investigation of Eugene Mallove. 9/27/2008

Loan interview, by Jon Stewart. 9/26/2008

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio describes present economic crisis rather accurately.  Does she read this page? 9/25/2008

China launches into space for their first space walk. 9/25/2008

F117a decomissioning
F117 recycling
I wonder how these images first showed up on a Chinese web site?
Gradual decommissioning began March 2007, and was official on April 22, 2008.  But why didn't they go to museums like all old aircraft? First units cost about $50 million each in  1980 dollars. Not a very energy efficient aircraft. A few answers on this chat board. Warning, images are posted on a slow server, may take a few minutes to load. 9/24/2008

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley decide they can't make a go of it doing honest security trading, so they will become banks. Rats deserting a ship or cockroaches returning to their hole in the wall?
Paulson wants to add car and student loans to the bail out.  Note how often he wears either orange or blue ties, the UN colors.
- - -
Jon Stewart/Daily Show comments.
John Oliver also reviews.
- - -
Is Vladimir Putin the only sane economist in the world?   9/24/2008

America prefers to be ruled by millionaires rather than take control of their economy and become one.  9/24/2008

No Government Funding Available, We're on our own to help the homeless.
Tent Cities Get Solar Power.

Try to expose the real criminals and look what happens to you.
Protestant evangelist Tony Alamo has been on the Greg Szymanski talk show several times exposing the Clinton-Bush family mafias, IRS abuse and all their ties to the Jesuits in the Vatican. Note how any church with a nearby parsonage is now called a "compound" by the Nazi press. Also note how the charges use the word "may" and never present any evidence whatsoever. If any ever does show up, it's pretty sure to have been planted. Just like David Karesh and Waco, I do not endorse everything Tony Alamo has ever advocated, but this is one of the most blatant frame-up jobs I've ever seen.
A Bush brother was a principal with a company that installed electronic security in the World Trade towers prior to the 9/11/01 attack.
2 Bush brothers were paid consultants to Lehman Brothers, largest single bankruptcy in US history.
Volumes have been written how IRS was never legally established, makes their own rules as they go along, and never obey their own rules. Historians have traced Jesuit influence in the 1913 set up of both the Fed Reserve and IRS.
Robert Rubin convinced Clinton to raid the US Treasury and make good on some worthless Mexican bonds he sold when a broker at Goldman Sachs = $19 billion.
Henry Paulson also happens to have worked at Goldman Sachs, as CEO. Goldman Sachs is a stockholder of the Federal Reserve. He's now borrowing how many billions from his private interest to "save" the US economy, but leave the US taxpayer holding the bill?
Only Ivy League colleges could turn out criminals of this magnitude, and neither the FBI nor IRS care about their crimes, unless of course, any of them turn into whistle blowers. When given the option of either gold or lead, most chose the gold. 9/21/2008

International Drug Bust from Texas to Italy makes public think government is doing some good. Amazing how no CIA facilities were included in the raids. Still unclear what law was used by US to raid the submarine with 7 tons of cocaine on board in international waters. It was likely headed for San Diego.  Maybe it was off course and should have gone to Washington DC? Once again, plenty of money for theatrics to battle the symptoms, but never the cure.  9/19/2008
9/21/2008 update:  They sank the submarine, after they confiscated the cocaine first of course. Let's guess who gets to "watch" the evidence?

Nigeria oil crisis
Shell's Pipeline Destroyed
Chevron sells off Texaco stations

EU discusses a Trans-Saharan Pipeline with Nigeria. Alternatives to heavy reliance on Russia are a new concern. 9/17/2008

While US Banks are dropping like flies, many in congress suddenly have conferences and other business they must attend in an assortment of Caribbean tax havens. 
Don't worry, THEIR money is safe.
- - -
But maybe they weren't banking after all. There are other reasons to go to the Caribbean. 7 tons worth of the "other" currency.  9/17/2008

Pakistan orders to fire on US troops if border violated again. 9/17/2008

The Real Al Gore you never see on TV. 9/17/2008

How soon we forget... August 30 LAST YEAR, Jeb Bush is hired by Lehman BrosHas the Bush family ever been involved with a business that did NOT fail? Declaring bankruptcy on over $600 billion leaves creditors high and dry around the world. 9/16/2008

While Dubai flaunts their oil wealth, Nigeria militants demand their piece of the action.
Shell Oil forced to close some facilities in Nigeria after security guard is killed

Still plenty of money for bombs, but none for energy R&D. 9/15/2008

Is Bush playing Russian Roulette in the Black SeaThe US signed the Montreux Convention treaty in 1936 agreeing never to exceed 21 days in the Black Sea.
- - -
Russia raids airfield and finds spy drones claimed to be held by Israel in Georgia planning an attack on Iran.
- - -
US House of Representatives held secret session on Sept. 7, 2008.  Dennis Kucinich objects.
- - -
Russian Bombers visit Venezuela.
- - -
Russia releases video of new Plasma weapon, capable of zapping down anything.  Who needs missiles any more? 9/15/2008

Your gasoline money at work... in Dubai. Sing at a corporate event and then a shopping mall for $4 million?
- - -
But are all things running smoothly in the Arabian Camelot?  Not entirely.
1, 2, 39/15/2008

NASA spending $3 billion a year, and still has no working prototype ... of the new Ares Rocket intended for next launch to moon in 2015. But of course any small inventor must show a RELIABLE working prototype to get ANY investment from anybody. Amazing how easy it is to get money with just the right secret handshake. 9/13/2008

The Energy Quagmire in the US is compounded by ignorance.  This commentary lists many other factors we don't have the space to cover here. Please understand the term "Zionist" used in this article has little to do with the race of Jews, but is a phony faction that falsely claims Jewish sympathy while stabbing the race in the back at every opportunity. In addition to understanding world energy issues, this also explains the political assassinations in Israel the last few years. Violence to control energy is wide spread and affects more than just the inventors we closely empathize with here. 9/11/2008

Now confirmed by the US Department of Interior and reported by the NY Times, Washington Post, the BBC, and the Associated Press ... the Big Oil Industry is powered by sex, drugs and bribes to US Politicians.  But readers of this site already knew that. 9/10/2008

According to US Government financial statements, summarized at FedSpending.org, in fiscal year 2007 Halliburton received 96% of their government contract revenue through NON-COMPETITION contracts.  Sarah Palin may not know yet what the vice president does, but it sure looks like Dick Cheney does. But until we start seeing no bid contracts for moose meat, we probably shouldn't worry. 9/7/2008

John McCain's son was on board of directors of the latest bank to fail, Nevada Silver State Bank.
Full list of other recently failed banks at Bankimplode.com
List of recently failed mortgage companies at ML-implode.com

McCain says Sarah Palin to be his "Energy Independence Chief"
Does this mean he will eliminate the totally unnecessary Department of Energy?  Probably not. Since its creation by Jimmy Carter in the 70's, the DOE has continuously been a federal excuse to subsidize politician's pork barrels and has never yet funded genuine clean energy projects, nor done anything to legitimately inhibit DIRTY energy. 9/6/2008

Economics 102: Never trust a politician with money.

Fannie May and Freddie Mac have been mismanaged since inception.  Treasury Secretary Paulson's solution? Merge both into the US Government and make the US taxpayer liable for the squanderous ineptitude of the real estate mortgage banking industry for the last 30 years, oh, but blame the poor working stiff for not paying his bills. Cost? Possibly as high as $5 trillion.
9/7/2008 Update: Paulson appoints
David M. Moffett
to position of new chairman of Freddie Mac from one of the only organizations I know of more corrupt than Halliburton, Carlye Group.

Academics ran out of numbers to crunch and convinced some politicians in Europe to pay to build them the Hadron Super Collider just to answer a question they had at the end of a long theoretical formula.  Cost? About $8 billion in US dollars. But just like your spiffy new cellphone, what happens when it's obsolete in 2 years? Any wonder why some scientists have received death threats? But at least the people of Europe get angry when money is wasted, unlike the US.
9/7/2008 Update: Cern scheduled to fire up on September 10, 2008

George Bush's oil buddies were in threat of Sadam nosing in on their profits. Solution? Invade Iraq.  Cost at this point?  Over 4,000 US soldiers dead, a hundred thousand violent deaths to Iraqis both military, and civilian women and children, even more when you count deaths caused by sanctions placed prior to invasion,
incaculatable depleted uranium contamination, and now the money issue.

The yet increasing number in the chart below is a little confusing. Applied to the total population of Iraq at the time of invasion and the value of their own currency at the time, it means the US spent the equivalent of $121,000 per person to "fix their problem government."  Why not just give the money to your enemy? They might go out and install a solar or wind system on their roof, be totally off the grid, buy a new car, install an HAFC or PICC on it to get 80 or more miles per gallon.  And STILL have enough money left to go pay CASH for a house with NO mortgage whatsoever to anyone. 9/6/2008

Iraq War Cost to date:
### Iraq War Cost

Former colleague of Dick Cheney confesses to bribing Nigerian officials for Halliburton contracts.
- - -
US State Department rates Israel almost worthy of sanctions due to its slave trade.
- - -
New evidence surfaces implicating Sonny Bono was murdered.
Just 2 weeks prior to his death he had received extensive documentation of CIA drug trafficking and was preparing to start a congressional investigation.  9/5/2008

Full 61 Page .pdf Document Surfaces to Investigator Bob Chapman, that we first reported here last June, detailing massive theft by Halliburton. 9/4/2008

Bush announces $1 Billion aid pkg to Georgia, the country, not the state with high unemployment.
Department of Homeland Security issues grants to spy on civilians, but nothing to slow illegal immigration.
FEMA pretends to manage disasters, after the fact, acting totally oblivious to the fact the ALL HURRICANES HAVE BEEN CONTROLLED SINCE THE LATE 1990'S. Go read a book you idiots! If the US is not directing these things into their own population, find out who is!
Welcome to Bush's Nazified America.

9/6 Update:
McCain says Sarah Palin to be his "Energy Independence Chief"

9/5/2008 update:

Sarah PalinThis is what the political science majors were taught to do. 
So who's surprised?
The CFR has now offered the TV desensitized voter one of everything.  
Here are the contribution numbers for the campaign year so far. But telltale footprints of the candidate's "handlers" will reveal themselves soon, if not already evident. I'm still waiting to see if someone traces her ancestors to an Illuminati bloodline somehow. 9/1/2008

Who owns the Democrats?
How do they get away with this?
Who owns the Republicans?
How do they get away with this?
Probably because of who owns the TV channels voters watch and worship.
My definition of worship: where you go to establish your acceptance of truth.
Who respects the voters? None of the above. Also worth noting is how media ownership has changed since 1983, the same year Fed Chairman Paul Volker conspired with the Reagan administration to yank literally billions of dollars out of the US economy and place it into fewer hands.
We must remember what George Bush said in 1992, when he was asked what Iran-Contra was all about. This was all done, as George Bush Sr. himself once said, for “the continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands.”
This ongoing plot to remove middle class America and steal what was left in the government coffers was also discovered and confirmed by former Asst Secretary of HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts. 

9/5/2008 Update: US warship delivers aid through Black Sea to Georgia port of Poti
- - -
How many warships fit in a bathtub?
Now NATO joins in the international "float in" to the Middle East. 8/24/2008

As the chess pieces shuffle, Syria strikes a new alliance with Russia. 8/20/2008

Tired of your hard earned income first being extorted from you, then going to pay for bad energy policies and keeping the oil companies rich?
IRS Loses Big Time...
all 64 counts!

Georgia's President Saakashvili blames his country's invasion on the New World Order, but fails to identify who is running it.  This 12 year girl from Georgia blames him.
Watch this video and see if you think he is nervous about something. 8/19/2008

What planet has Joe Leiberman been on the last 7 years? 8/18/2008

New Desert Land Rush
Cheap Desert Land? 
Bush administration opens up large amounts of federally protected land for use as solar power facilities. Land that couldn't be sold for $500/acre a few years ago is commanding up to $10,000/acre.  Is this the new California Gold rush? Ironically there really are active gold mines in the same general areas. This raises the question of which has greater value, the gold below or the sunlight above? 8/18/2008
Update 9/17/2008 
Clear Skies Solar, Inc., a New York company, announced in June it was purchasing 34 acres of land in Cantil, a small ?agricultural? community in Kern County, CA. Clear Skies and its development partner, California Sunrise, plan to build a $44-million, 8-megawatt solar farm at the site. Electricity generated by the farm will be sold under a power purchase agreement (PPA) between Clear Skies and the local utility company. CF ed comment: Cantil has one industry, the Honda test facility. Now it will have 2. 

Good cop Bad cop....
Good tyrant Bad tyrant!
Bush Putin

The country of Georgia is about to become occupied by somebody while the word "sovereignty" gets trashed in the process.
Who will control their banking? Their energy system? The PRE-agreed upon winner, just like all other phony wars and man-made crisis in history.
Both Bush and Putin have direct affiliation with CIA and KGB. Both are in secret societies. Both love to kiss the Pope's ring.
plays along willingly. Connect the dots. 8/14/2008

A young witness accuses Georgia of starting their own invasion.

Jon Stewart/The Daily show comments.

Truth is the first casualty of war... the conflicting propaganda begins.
Russia accuses Georgian troops of torching a church with worshipers inside.

What we do know so far.
For the amount of resources used, Russia had to prepare for this for  several months.  Why?

Focus is also shifting to an Israeli arms dealer and former mayor of Tel Aviv,
Ronnie Milo.  Who profits from ALL wars?  Arms dealers and weapons manufacturers.  Top arms sales to Georgia came from the US, France and Israel.  But even this could be a decoy for an even bigger plot. With 5 US aircraft carrier flotillas in or nearing the natural bath tubs of the Middle East, the US is suddenly in position to escalate a conflict with Iran, the same time Russia could slip past and execute vengeance on Israel.

Who really gains every time the Arabs and Jews genocide each other? Who started the Crusades a thousand years ago to get rid of both of these nationalities?  Who started the Inquisition and never closed its office? Still staffed today. One of the oldest battle plans in the book is when you have 2 enemies, convince them to kill each other off.
Putin Pope

Pope Bush Pelosi Rice
As the religious facade proceeds, misguided Russian Orthodox leaders claim Putin is Christian the same time neocon preachers in the US claim Bush is a Christian. Putin came out of the KGB, while Bush and his Dad are both members of Skull & Bones which has controlled leaders of the CIA since inception.
What part of "be not unequally yoked" do they not understand?
Ref. II Cor 6:14 :
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?


BP shuts down Georgian pipeline. 8/12/2008

Bush drunk at Olympics
George W Bush drinks himself silly at the Olympics while ?somebody? in Washington DC feels the situation in Georgia merits placing an armada of 5 aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. 
Also acting presidential, McCain parties too.
Impeachment hearings are still underway, but you would never know it reading most any other news source.
This 7 min video clip from C-Span shows one of many evidences presented of criminal behavior.
Dennis Kucinich presents 35 articles of impeachment to the House.

Georgian boat sunk by Russian ship
Putin claims "Georgia has lost the right to rule"

Georgian Violence Continues
  • BP owned 30% of Georgian pipeline, feeding 1% of world oil through Turkey. 
  • 2,000 killed this weekend.
  • Russia Deploys Ships.
  • Georgian President Saakashvilli Urges Diplomatic Intervention by US. 
  • AP Video report 8/10/2008

Bombing in Muslim neighborhood of Kuqa, China Kills 10. 8/10/2008

Russia Targeted Oil Pipeline in Georgia.

Russia Blames US for the fighting in Georgia. 
Fatality reports skewed, some say scores, other reports as high as 1500. Heart wrenching photos. 8/9/2008

California approves Desalination plant north of San Diego. 8/9/2008

While Bush & Putin Party in Beijing
Bush Beijing 8-8-2008   Putin Beijing 8-8-2008
8-8-2008 Olympics Beijing
Russia invades Georgia
Georgia 8-8-2008
And America continues their war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So how long do you expect gas prices to continue to drop?

West Virginia gives $200 million in tax breaks for "coal to liquid" plant. That calculates to $3.3 million per job for 60 employees. 8/8/2008

Which is the bigger scam?
  1. Hadron Collider: absolutely useless to 99.9% of all the humans on the planet and some fear likely to destroy all the humans on the planet. Cost? about $8 billion
  2. 855 Bills Passed with NO debate, NO vote by US congress. Cost? $9 Billion
Update 8/13/2008: Hadron Collider Hypocrisy.

Leuren Moret reports: Highest level of Breast Cancer in the US is Marin County, not far from Lawrence Livermore test labs. 7/28/2008

How would you spend $40 million?  Bush built a prison in Iraq, so shoddy the army can't use it for fear of getting electrocuted just turning the lights on.  Candy Spelling, widow of Aaron Spelling, paid $47 million for a condo in LA.
Oprah decided to commute about 90 miles into LA and bought her
42 acre, $50 million mansion in Montecito CA. 7/28/2008

Does anyone care...
we now know of at least 3 CIA operated aircraft that have crashed in the last year? ALL of them loaded down with Cocaine and/or Opium!  Investigator Daniel Hopsicker went one step further and traced the tail numbers back through offshore trusts to the owners who allowed the CIA to use the planes for that purpose.  They were all Republican affiliates of Bush.

  1. Caracas, Venezuela a twin-engine Piper Navajo (N6463L)
  2. American-registered twin-engine Piper Cheyenne (N395CA)
  3. Gulfstream II (tail number N987SA)
Daniel Hopsicker reports on numerous other government involved drug running events at his news site Madcowprod.com.  3 crashes were only the tip of the iceberg.
One might think this would be of concern to the US congress. But why interrupt their mainline supply of their own favorite substances? Does anyone believe they would pass the legislation they have in the last 20 years sober?  Is this why so many Democrats agreed with Bush to pass so many attacks on the constitution?   7/25/2008

Las Vegas
Las Vegas was built by offering the unfair "House Advantage" to anyone with a desire to gamble. Designed by winners...
paid for by losers.

Dubai and nearby Abu Dhabi were built by forcing an unfair "House Advantage" on everyone who needed to travel to work, heat their homes or farm and cook their food.
Designed by extortionists...
paid for by victims. 
And I suppose it should be pointed out Halliburton moved their corporate headquarters to Dubai also.

The state of Nevada forces no one to gamble.  But governments world wide condone, endorse and enforce oil monopolies everywhere.  Las Vegas offers dividends to any visitor, gambler or not with nice rooms and reasonably priced meals.  Enjoy the glitter of Dubai, YOU paid for it, but the dividends are only available to a select few.

Also of note, workers in Dubai pay no income tax, while minimum wage workers in the US not only dump 1/3 of their paychecks into their gas tank, but have to do it with AFTER TAX income.

Stop Depleted Uranium
Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.,
former Director, U.S. Army Depleted Uranium project comments about the recent action of moving
over 6,700 tons of contaminated soil, sand and other residue from Iraq to Idaho. 7/22/2008

Inflation / Declining Currency Value is coming to the US. For an example of just how bad it gets when a currency falls apart, look at these examples from Zimbabwe. 7/22/2008

Wonder why we suddenly have a problem with Salmonella in Tomatoes?  BIOSOLIDS are likely why. What does it have to do with alternative energy?  Using toxic waste from city sewage as fertilizer on human food is a stupid and evil new policy I reported here last year.  But a company named Startech offers a plasma technology which first decontaminates and isolates all the elemental components of municipal waste and then turns it into usable energy that is totally clean from any type of biological or chemical pollution to air or water.  America used steer manure for 200 years without a problem, but when we started using human sewage, like Mexico, suddenly we have a problem, and not just bacteria and viruses. Human sewage has pharmaceutical waste, causing numerous other problems. That too would be eliminated entirely if treated by plasma technology. Leave it to bureaucrats to kill all of us. Any city not using Startech technology to properly dispose if its waste, does not have your best interests in mind. Do yourself, your neighbors and future generations a favor and bring Startech's name to your next city council meeting. 7/1/2008

Update 7/3/2008:
BLM retracts the freeze caving in to political environmental pressure.

Solar plans in New Mexico proceed.

Bureau of Land Management places freeze on all new solar power facilities nationwide in the US. 
I guess they were making too much shade for all the rattlesnakes and scorpions in the area to get their daily tan.  However,
Japan and Germany moves forward with their plans. Who does BLM work for anyway?  6/28/2008

Your Laptop is more of a liability on a business trip than an asset, thank you Homeland Security goons. 6/28/2008

Any idea who is behind the militant political instability in Nigeria that has caused their crude oil exports to rise 10% in price? Just remember even terrorists don't work without a paycheck. 6/26/2008

Representative Ted Poe (R-TX), wakes up to the last energy bill  and spills some beans about CFL light bulbs made mandatory by the energy bill. 6/19/2008

Did anyone really think the Democrats were Green?   Here's a story that will anger both tree huggers and tree appreciators. Steal a tree, go to prison, destroy a forest and get campaign financing. 6/18/2008

Spain gets borders blocked by truckers protesting high fuel cost. South Korea truckers protest also.  6/17/2008

Good news free energy inventors, the Supreme Court has restored Habeas Corpus. So if an oil baron president hauls you off to Guantanamo, at least he now has to tell you why. 6/15/2008

Bush strols with Pope at Vatican
Bush follows the lead of Tony Blair and brother Jeb, and considers converting to Catholicism.
For political reasons? Of course.
Each followed by their own men in black, the Pope offers personal stroll through private gardens not often shown to anyone. This is a typical action by the higher ups of many secret societies. What a coincidence that the only main stream news reporter to confront Bush about his connection with Skull and Bones was Tim Russert, who happened to drop dead the same day Bush strolls with the Pope on Friday the 13th. 6/16/2008

6/16/2008 Update:
Commentary by Devvy Kidd.

NeoCon talk show host Mike Reagan goes off the deep end and calls for the murder of a 9/11 truther ON LIVE RADIO.

Say what you will about Dennis Kucinich, but it took courage to do this.  Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush are now congressional record. But House Speaker/Traitor Pelosi shelves it. She has no concern about Bush and his connections to this story below... 6/13/2008

Another CIA whistle blower comes forward.  SueAnn Arrigo spills the beans on massive collusion and blatant fraud between CIA programmers and Halliburton.  You may remember I reported another CIA whistle blower last year.  His life was threatened and his family destroyed. He is now in exile in New Zealand. 6/13/2008

Tired of crooked politicians and feel like it's time to turn the tables?  So does this rabbit! 6/9/2008

California's new "Idling Law" is another blow to long haul truckers.

$5+ Diesel is bad enough, but in the temperature extremes of California idling the engine is mandatory to run the climate control systems, while the driver sleeps inside. But CHP recently entered a TA truck stop (without a warrant) in Ontario California and started handing out $500 tickets. A motel room most anywhere is at least $50 per night now, so this has become a new expense for owner operators and an expense even the big trucking companies are not willing to cover for each of their drivers. 6/6/2008

Are School Buses really the cheapest way for kids to get to school? One school district realizes they are not. 6/6/2008

13 Year Old Girl Addresses UN on global pollution and energy issues. Her message?
Stop breaking my future!  6/6/2008

Unnatural Disasters?
*Multiple tornadoes in the US.
*Devastating Cyclone in Myanmar
*6.8 quake in Japan near reactor
*8.0 quake in Wenchuan China
Benjamin Fulford reveals evidence of at least 2 of these events being man-made.
Strange rainbows in the clouds during chemtrail spraying have also become a trademark of possibly sinister activity.
Chemtrail Rainbow 3-5-2007
Benjamin Fulford is a respected  economist with extensive political contacts within Asian nations, especially Japan. In the video Mr. Fulford confronts the former Japanese finance minister, asking why they turned over their economy to control by Western interests?  Knowing what the US did to Japan in W.W.II, and now receiving additional threats from financial powers inside the US, they are helpless to do anything themselves. Mr. Fulford explains the possible use of the HAARP system, based in Alaska. It should be pointed out that James McCanney has claimed several countries have the same technology and facilities.

Professor James McCanney, who I refer to often, has repeatedly stated on his weekly talk show that weather has been controllable, by satellite technology since the mid 90's. He has gone on to state that BOTH the Russians and the US have this technology.  It is not certain who else may both know it and have equipment in orbit already to carry out its use.

Unless you look here (NASA) and  here
(European Space Agency), few people understand just how much stuff is orbiting above us.  Some of it dead satellites and space junk, but a lot of it is secret stuff put up by who knows who, doing who knows what?

Reporting on free energy development here, I have learned of several FE projects of late that have experienced rather spectacular melt-downs on the test bench. Separate incidents, separate people and projects. Were their experiments sabotaged by these unexpected energies emanating from some government facility? There are so many unnatural high powered energies flying around everywhere now, it's a wonder anything electronic works at all.

Pentagon Misplaces another $15 Billion5/25/2008

French Fishing Trawlers Block the Straits of Dover in Protest of Fuel Prices. Fuel is 40% of cost of fishing. 5/25/2008

Wasn't it nice of the US Taxpayer Bodman in Carribbean to give  Secretary Bodman at DOE a free trip to the Caribbean anytime he wants, just for a photo-op like this? 5/15/2008

Countdown 'til Bush leaves...

But what CFR Puppet will replace him?  Which Rockefeller pet will get the nod? 5/13/2008

China's May 12, 2008, 7.9 quake likely natural after all. Strange animal behavior preceding event is typical of natural quakes.  This unseasonal mass migration of toads occurred on May 9.

Were China's 7.9 quake and Myanmar's deadly hurricane natural events or man-made revenge?

Call it scalar energy, leveraged electromagnetics or what ever you prefer, things are looking quite suspicious.
The Chinese military, upon arriving at the 7.9 epicenter remarked about the exceptionally sever damage.
Author Dr. Joseph Ferrel postulates a different "weapon of mass destruction" being involved in America's involvement in Iraq. His interview is archived here, hours 2 & 3 on May 3, 2008.  This type of weapon could easily trigger earthquakes, hurricanes or volcanos. Sadam may have unknowingly had it in the Baghdad museum, until Bush's Special Forces liberated it from him. Maybe, maybe not, but comments made here earlier by Benjamin Fulford indicate a hidden war behind the war going on too.  5/13/2008

Just who is Congress writing ethanol laws for? Certainly not the public. Listen to this story from a former Clinton administration official. Scroll to the 53 minute 45 second mark and listen to his 2 minutes story about ethanol. 5/5/2008

US Attorney General Michael Mukasey declares: Criminal groups operaing within the Energy Industry are working like
Using the usual rhetoric of blaming Al Queda or the Russian Mafia, he failed to mention the big oil companies themselves who extorted Billions of dollars from the public in the last quarter alone. 4/29/2008

California's Hydrogen Highway still not viable. Although it was technically completed a year ago, not all stations were maintained, and the expected gasoline companies have refused to add up to $3 million per station in improvements to make Hydrogen at the Pump viable. 4/5/2008

We know Hydrogen is clean, but how do you get past zoning laws just to develop its technology? 3/31/2008

An old gasoline lawnmower can belch out as much pollution as 43 cars.  AQMD in Southern California offers exchange program for electric models. 3/31/2008

Curious how a $300 million Pentagon ammunition contract goes to company run by a 22 year old with a masseur as a partner  while any attempt to sell alternative energy technology to the Pentagon gets scrutinized with a fine tooth comb.

Hey Pentagon procurement guys! You can order the HAFC here online for all your conventional gasoline vehicles, and it comes with a guarantee, unlike the surplus Chinese bullets you bought from that kid. Given your $9.5 billion fuel bill last year, an HAFC system on all your staff cars will save back what the kid took from you in no time.  3/31/2008

Do Bureaucrats Know How to Read?
They obviously never visit this site.
California Air Resources Board grapples with stall tactics from Detroit, and the public is supposed to believe it.
We ALREADY HAVE A 100 MPG VEHICLE NOW!  But when the developer asked EPA to merely test the system to allow it to surpass Federal Legislation against doing anything to the archaic yet sacred catalytic converter, he was told to go create a "relationship" with Ford Motor Company.  EPA would not lift a finger to help a small company. Who owns who in Washington DC? 3/27/2008

2.5 hours of a video interview with Benjamin Fulford, former columnist with Forbes, discussing geopolitics versus secret societies and leads into China and Japan's abilities to use waterfuel technology in part 3 of this 3 part series.
Odd coincidence??... 2 days after this video was posted, clearly stating a direct threat against western secret societies, China got hit with a 7.2 earthquake at exactly 22:33 UTC on 3/20/2008.  322 is a trademark signature of Skull and Bones, 33 is a trademark signature of FreeMasons.  3/24/2008

South Africa raises energy prices 60%. 3/24/2008

Ashley DupreYou know the economy is bad when a politician and a celebrity have to time-share the same hooker3/18/2008
Update 3/24/2008: It now looks like news of Governor Spitzer's personal escapades were a political hit from the Bush administration for Spitzer's uncovering of Bush's ties to the current Predatory Lending Scandal crisis.  So which scandal affects you more? Presidents love to use both the FBI and IRS for their own personal benefit. Clintons did it too. 3/24/2008

And while the US Dollar burns... emperor Nero Bush does a soft shoe dance. 3/18/2008

Carlyle Group. 
History video
But now. 
Liquidation sounds like a scary term for most honest businesses, until you see who gets the prime assets in the takeover when big guys are involved, financed by the Fed who prints their money to do it all.

The relevance here is one of the Carlyle Group holdings is Kramer Junction in California, at least the largest solar farm in the state, possibly the world. I wonder who gets custody of that? 3/18/2008

WIREC - Washington International Renewable Energy Conference
March 4 - 6, 2008.
Agenda (pdf)  News 
Bush delivers stand up comedy at WIREC. 3/5/2008
Grist reports on Bush's keynote speech:"surpasses misinformation."  3/8/2008

If the Council on Foreign Relations had any value, why hide one's affiliation with it? Why are he and Hillary Clinton both members?

What tale is wagging which dog?

Tehachapi Wind Farm
Los Angeles invests directly in new Wind Farm.
Located just off Route 14, near the present Tehachapi wind farm. 2/22/2008

Warning to: CEO's and Engineers, If you must work with your company's proprietary intellectual property on your laptop computer, don't fly with it anymore. New Customs procedure at US airports allow agents to demand your password and download anything they want from your hard drive. And you don't even get a receipt for what they took. Enforcement will be totally arbitrary. 2/15/2008

FBI strikes a frightening alliance with an elite group of corporate CEO's.  Question: does this set a new precedent when confronted  by any MIB that threaten one's business?  Just asking. 2/15/2008

Who is terrorizing who? Comedians Jon Stewart and John Oliver discuss the topic in association with torture. 2/15/2008

Dissing CousinsAmazing how the political leaders in the US are chosen more by royal blood lines than elected on any leadership credentials. Energy policies? The Queen of England and David Rockefeller own most of the Uranium mines in the world. 2/15/2008

Who has been cutting undersea Internet cables? 
Potential suspects:
Timeline chronology:
  • China boasts of ability to knock out satellite January 2007
  • China gets hit by unusually bad winter weather, worst in 50 years. mid January 2008
  • Yahoo announces move of research facilities to Israel. 1/14/2008
  • The Federal Reserve continues to pump more fiat cash into the US economy to protect the top financial elite on Wall Street while Bush offers a few hundred bucks to the little guys at the bottom of the food chain. 1-27-2008
  • Bill Gates announces offer to buy Yahoo.  MSN already in Israel along with Google. 2/1/2008
  • First of thus far 5 undersea fiber optic cables cut in port of Alexandria Egypt, next 4 also in Middle East. 1/30/2008
  • News leaks that Gates was to team up with UAE to fund Yahoo takeover. 2/6/2008
  • During all this time, the largest mortgage company in the US nears total collapse and is acquired by Bank of America. 2/6/2008
  • Unusually severe weather moves from China to southern US. 2/6/2008
  • Does anyone remember my reports on Benjamin Fulford and 2 opposing secret societies threatening an international street fight?  Each having access to extremely advanced, black-op technologies. Anyone who denies conspiracies are part of them, or incredibly ignorant. This is how criminals operate. And when they infiltrate the governments we used to respect, things get difficult for all of us to sort out. And to see who appears to interface with all the various secret societies anywhere, read my 1/31/2008 "Clues" update.
Image map of worldwide undersea fiber optic cables.

And even more possibilities of who the real culprits are. 9 Cuts? 

Renewable Energy seen as one of few technologies that could pull US out of its recession.  Too bad the politicians don't read this site to find the good ones. 2/6/2008

Excuse the apparent oxymoron but... US Navy Buys Diesel Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell Membrane Assembly. 1/31/2008

DOE backs off endorsement of full plan for FutureGen.  Did the taxpayer just save $1.8 Billion?  Not quite. 1/31/2008

When the candidates were asked what percentage of a person's income should each be able to keep?  Here were the answers.
If the Clintons aren't witches, why do they surrond themselves with these graphics and images? And do I need to remind anyone of the condoms on the Christmas tree incident when they were in the White House?

The Bush administration claims Israel is in serious risk of attack by Islamic forces from Iran.  It doesn't look like Microsoft, Google and now Yahoo take the threat very seriously.  They are ALL moving their search engine headquarters to Israel. Now it makes you wonder how safe Silicon Valley is anymore. Could the "Big One" be far away California? 1/28/2008

31 Year Old French Banker, Jerome Kerviel, "surprises" management by running up $7.2 Billion Debt. A debt exceeding total value of his bank and about half of all the gold reserves held by his country.
Here's what CNN is telling you.
But here are 2 observations at RumorMillNews that shed much more light on what really happened.
Comment 1
Comment 2 
And somewhat related,
here is the transcript of the latest interview of Ben Fulford by Jeff Rense.

Nuclear Power Industry Holds the Planet Hostage.
Remember, Yucca Mountain is NOT Necessary. Remediation  Technology Exists Now.

Nuclear Plants continue as hot topic in politics. 1/28/2008

Leopard denies spots, sort of... 1/28/2008

Prince Charles Mimics Trekkies to push Global Warming propaganda in Dubai. 1/23/2008

The Carbon Credit SCAM
Al Gore's smoke screen called "carbon credits?"  They have already received literally millions of dollars, were endorsed originally by Exxon of all people, yet have not shown one iota of success to develop or advance any new clean energy source. Be honest, methods of solar and wind utilization trace back thousands of years and are really nothing new.

Every aspect of securities laws and regulations have been tossed to the wind. Nobody actually "owns" anything tangible. No measurable value is established. And there is absolutely no evidence of the units ever accomplishing anything, short of generating "broker fees" to those who sell them and the "principal" disappearing into cyberspace.

Did the recent marriage of Al Gore's daughter to the grandson of noted banker Jacob Schiff of Kuhn and Loeb history suddenly give him license to do anything he wants? After all, a stock broker has to tell you where he put the money you just invested with him, but a banker only gives you a "certificate of deposit", a CD which only says "yes, I took your money... and if I don't pay you back, go get it from the FDIC and the US taxpayers, not me."

  • Biggest FRAUD in recent history
  • Leads to spin-off scams
  • Masks flagrant hypocrisy
  • Sells fear and confusion, not solutions
  • Disguised and promoted by governing organizations, but is merely a worthless and ineffective tax
  • Likened to "indulgences" invented by criminals in the Vatican centuries ago

(Proposed) New Bush CoinsThe ultimate commemoration of the oil powered administration. 1/17/2008

New DOT Ruling on Lithium ion Battery transportation on airlines.
OK with carry on, not OK with check in.
NTSB list of battery related fires up to March 2006. 1/14/2008

Election fraud already began in New Hampshire. Not much hope of "voting" our way out of any mess now.
On 1/12/2008 Erskine had
Sharry Edwards on as guest, the Director of Sound Health Inc. She ran voiceprint analysis of all the presidential candidates. Only 2 exhibited any level of honesty, Obama and Ron Paul. Strange that both were leading much higher in the polls than what New Hampshire officials claim were the final results. Also strange they got much higher percentages in paper ballot districts that Diebold electronic precincts.
HBO documentary:
"Hacking Democracy"
posted full length on GoogleVideo.  1/13/2008

Old African expression: "When elephants fight, only the grass suffers."  Candy billionaire argues with big oil. 1/9/2008

If you heard my interview with Dr. Deagle, you heard us scoffing at Carlyle Group. For those unfamiliar with this organization, a Dutch film maker did a documentary in 2004. The first couple of minutes are narrated in Dutch, but balance is in English. Well worth an hour of your time to watch. If you thought Halliburton was the only corporation using corrupt politicians out there, hold onto your wallet. 1/7/2008

Alqaida's ad agency al-Sahab now offers instant video downloads to your cell phone of the latest video threats from Bin Laden or the terrorist of the week. What brainiac in the CIA dreamt this one up, and what was he smoking at the time? Even AP is carrying the story. 1/7/2008

January 7, 1953: anniversary of hydrogen bomb, now 55 years old. 1/7/2008

Dubai Begins Largest Canal Project Since Suez.
To their credit, some effort is being placed on environmental issues in the general area. 1/2/2007

Politics as usual threatens all our freedoms.  I am not criticizing the US as the only bad government on the planet, but given its size and track record it certainly stands out in the crowd.  And its the only one I have to put up with, being born here.

The Judicial Watch
list of 10 most corrupt politicians certainly summarized the year and does not bode well for the next year, given that the corrupt media only seems to want to promote these criminals into higher positions.

But the CIA getting caught trashing a multi-million dollar Gulfstream Jet WHILE shipping 4 tons of cocaine to their customers
really shows where their priorities are at and proves once and for all the ENTIRE drug problem in the US is run by the CIA, not Blacks, Hispanics or any other minority they want to demonize and continue to imprison in disproportional numbers.

One candidate has surfaced taking a stand against the Fed Reserve / IRS scam,
but either the major media likes the scam or maybe they have been threatened themselves by IRS to keep their mouths shut about Ron Paul.

IRS continues to threaten by violence anyone who challenges their turf.
2007 saw them use kangaroo courts to extort or imprison anyone from preachers, to dentists, to alternative energy inventors.

And the Department of Energy was revealed to have ignored many technologies that would make the present nuclear power system waste material safe and chose to continue down the road to destruction paved with massive kickbacks from the merchants of death in the present nuke industry.

Judicial Watch Issues List of
Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington. 
Any bets what energy policy we'll get if one gets elected again? 12/29/2007

Ron Paul Blimp


Previous articles posted in
2007 Energy Archives
2006 Energy archives

2005 Energy archives

News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

New Hydrogen Boost System for Trucks makes debut. 
Hydrogen Hybrid Corp, HYDB, Torrance California.
Live demonstration at Queen Mary Long Beach CA on Dec. 30 & 31.
Video one
Video two

Humor from the Cat & Rat farm file:
As this could become a national security issue, I will not divulge the
name of the inventor who discovered this, but an awesome new Free
Energy source has been discovered: Dust Bunnies. If brought in contact with the heating elements of common space heaters or most any other ignition source, they release an enormous amount of thermal energy.

Further study has shown an abundance of the little critters in the
homes of bachelors. Given that China's mandatory "one child" policy,
in conjunction with saving the family name has created an abundance of
bachelors and decimated the female population in that country, this
means they could quickly corner the market on this free energy source
world wide if word ever leaks to their military leadership.

Dust Bunnies require no cultivation, no consumption of natural resources, but merely appear without any effort whatsoever. Harvesting might take some effort, but a simple leaf blower and screen door should work.

Emissions testing has yet to be performed, but if the Department Of
Energy can spend millions trying to clean up coal exhaust, I'm sure
the Department of Homeland Security could apply pressure to
appropriate a few hundred million in this direction as it would
prevent those Commie Chinese from cornering the market on a natural
resource.   12/27/2008

World's thinnest material created. 12/23/2008

Stereo satellite imaging produces new analysis of solar flares and huge release of hydrogen. 12/16/2008

The OrionProject wins the auction of the Stan Meyer Estate. A radio interview with Dr. Steven Greer is scheduled on the WorldPuja network Friday, 12/12/2008. 12/11/2008
Revealed on Friday's show: acquisition price was $120,000. 12/12/2008

Magnetic Water Pump
Magnetic Water Pump.
Reference links:


Water Purifier

Jnaudin.free.fr reviews
of the mini-Romag which apparently powers the device:
Parts: 1    2    3 

The Spiteri Water Pump design.  OU or just super efficient? 12/11/2008

Controlled Sonic Booms could Control and Neutralize Hurricanes according to Arkadii Leonov at the University of Akron in Ohio. 12/3/2008

Controversy hovers over the Pete Sumaruck device. Some engineers are thrilled with what they see, others are still skeptical.  It really now rests with competing venture capitalists and their own investigation as to whether it gets funded and becomes a household device.  Sterling Allan at FreeEnegyNews filed this report explaining some of the issues still pending. It includes a 6 minute video interview I did with Pete Sumaruck. For the record, Pete has not "sold out" and the device will not be shelved as some have rumored.  Even if the first batch of venture capitalists turn it down, there are others waiting in line to get a chance with it. The demonstration shown that day was quite complex and confusing which made it difficult to make an immediate judgment of the system. It was not as simple as just reading a volt meter and amp gauge.  Matters of induction, resonance, inertia, timing and capacitance also came into play.  Regardless, many of us feel it is quite legitimate and has tremendous potential. 11/30/2008

What we saw 11/24/2008
Input/Output wires
2 wires on left are the input.
3 wires on right are the output.
While venture capitalists work out details, specialists confirm not only the numerical measurements, but the methods used to obtain the measurements, and security measures are implemented, I will refrain from reporting further details for a while.
But it sure impressed me.
New interview by James Robey of 2 eye witnesses. 11/26/2008

Is the suppression over?
On 11/21/2008 Linsey Williams stated on the Alex Jones talk show, the low gasoline prices will now hold for at least a year.  The intent is to bankrupt Arab oil countries.  Having stolen about $80 billion in excess prices over the last few years, the US oil companies and their bribed politicians can now live quite nicely on their stolen loot. Most violent suppression reported in column one has mysteriously ended too, except in one category. Numerous OU inventors and people working with them have been hit with outrageous claims and illegal garnishments from IRS demanding virtually every dollar they earn. Only high level politicians can tell IRS what to do. For this reason I am publicly calling for the immediate investigation and indictment of the 2 congressmen stated in the story on the left.  Why? The US Army has now confirmed the story to be true, the device not only works, it passes all tests.  It was reality in 2006.  Why are we just learning about it now?  It now fits the big oil timeline, that's why.  Same reason we now have gasoline under $2/gallon. 11/23/2008

Humor: Technology takes a leap backward. 11/17/2008

Jon Stewart interviewed Thomas Friedman on November 11, 2008 about capitalizing new alternative energy technology research.  The author feels this is the only way to save the US economy.  His interview begins at the 14:14 minute point.

150 MPG Hybrid SUV Censored from LA Auto Show.  Exhibits nearby. Combined 370 HP, plug-in recharge capable. Website   Video 

Detroit Show Images

Stan Meyer Dune Buggy
Meyer Estate update.
As of the 10/21/2008 posting on the estate discussion board, the highest bid so far is $80,000. As of 11/1/2008 a pending offer of a million dollars is awaiting verification. Either seems low for proof of what can change the world economy. This focused chat board at Waterfuelcell.org has the most recent news.  11/10/2008

New Solar Cell Design by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  is capable of absorbing 96.21% of sunlight exposed to. 11/8/2008

Green Prisons... for all us political dissidents... the most we can hope for under either a Communist or Nazi administration.  11/4/2008

After market Hybrids becoming a reality.  The NetGain motor design makes this feasible.  A cluster of videos illustrate applications. 10/20/2008

New UltraBattery Introduced for Hybrid Vehicle application. 10/5/2008

Denmark begins using hydrogen manufactured from excess wind and solar power. 9/30/2008

Rocket financed by billionaire Elon Musk reaches orbit. 9/28/2008

How to steer a Hurricane.  Professor James McCanney explains how it is done using laser technology in his 9/25/2008 radio show, archived at his site. This has been a known fact in both US and Russian governments since the mid 90's. 9/27/2008

Interview: James Robey interviews Don Gabel about the Stan Meyer estate up for auction. The website referenced in the interview is Waterfuelcel.org.  9/25/2008

Independant researcher claims success with HAFC on Diesel.  This is NOT recommended by either Ford or Dutchman though. 9/19/2008

Comments by Editor of Commutefaster Energy page.
Given the current environment on Wall Street and compliance with Sarbanes Oxley regulations, Ford is being extremely cautious with anything they say.  Understandable since we see ALL of the big 3 from Detroit are flirting with bankruptcy. As a promoter of Dutchman products here, I am excited to see involvement from any manufacturer.  The installations thus far, as after market products, have often performed  beyond claims, yet, are proving to challenge the skills of the mechanics installing them. Should this technology progress to being custom designed for new vehicles and installed from the factory, it will be most beneficial for everyone.
Ford Motor Company is a public stock traded on the New York Stock exchange under symbol "F". 9/17/2008

Tesla finds the way to San Jose = Site of new electric car factory. 9/17/2008

FBI makes startling new discovery... 40 years of their testimonies and convictions were based on faulty JUNK science. 9/16/2008

While we desperately try to come up with more efficient energy systems for day to day life, Las Vegas remodels their volcano.
Mirage Volcano

National Power Grid to Handle Broadband Internet by End of 2008. 9/13/2008

Honda Insight concept
Honda introduces 60 MPG Hybrid, a redesigned Insight. 

New Leader for Fastest Production Car Anywhere
The Shelby Super Car
Shelby Super Car
To be followed up with the world's fastest "Green" car in 2009. 
The Shelby Super Car now out paces the Bugatti Veyron. SSC is a private corporation.  Their first dealership showroom is scheduled to open in October 2008 at one of the most prestigioous locations in Dubai, UAE. 8/25/2008

Richard Hoagland discovers NASA had antigravity technology 50 years ago.
Part One
Part Two  

Excellent report of the Albuquerque Tesla conference.

If you are too beauty conscious to install an after market hydrogen booster, you can pay $150,000 and get a car with it designed in from the factory. 8/13/2008

Scientists at U of CA Berkely claim they are close to "light bending - cloaking" technology. 8/10/2008

Infamous "Triangle Craft", also known as TR-3B, likely caught on video.  This is not an official release. Some skeptics suspect it to be CGI. But image closely resembles many other sightings around the world. 8/9/2008

Lightening caught on high speed camera.  Unexpected behavior.
Even the old Diet Coke and Mentos looks impressive in slo-mo.
NHK Ultra High Speed camera
I don't know what camera was used for the lightening shot, but NHK introduced an ultra high speed camera at NAB2008 in Las Vegas. That camera is capable of 1 million frames per second. There were only 2 or 3 working prototypes in the world at the time of the show. 8/9/2008

Given the bad health and diet habits of creative people in alternative energy (pizza and Mountain Dew around the clock) this is posted as a public service.
CURE for CANCER  additional info 8/7/2008

Another hydrogen boost design gets TV attention. 8/7/2008

Hydrogen fork lift
Hydrogen Powered Fork Lifts coming to a warehouse near you.

Eestor releases more technical details, but as yet, no public demo of their advanced ultracapacitor design. 8/5/2008

Update: It looks like MIT is in the  shameless propaganda mode again. This report exposes the fraud in the press release they recently issued, reported below.  I have caught General Electric red-handed issuing a glowing press release on a product that didn't really exist yet, for the ultimate purpose of obtaining a DOE grant.  But other energy news sources never mention the big crimes by the big corporations for fear they would sue their pants off. They only pick on small inventors who can't afford the gas to drive down to small claims court.  8/7/2008

Electrolysis news from:

The next screens beyond LCD and Plasma... OLED. But Microsoft makes an improvement on the LCD. 8/3/2008

Jeff Rense interviewed a friend of the late Stan Meyer on 7/28/2008. In the interview a few new bits of information were revealed.
Once water has been separated by his technique, then combusted in an engine, the recombined water loses its electrostatic properties. Thus the water must be returned to the atmosphere to reclaim those properties in a natural environment. The long asked question is thus answered. Where is the energy coming from to separate the water? It is extracted from the residual electrostatic properties present in all natural water. Stan apparently discovered the water could not be directly recycled. This video briefly illustrates the electrostatic properties of water. The skeptics are once again proven wrong. Stan's process is not a scam as they ignorantly continue to claim but is an extremely efficient use of readily available energy the skeptics were too blind to see.
It was also confirmed in the interview that Stan had met with military officials at Wright Patterson Airport. So the Pentagon has known about this technology since the mid 90's. My own research has revealed the CIA obtained the information also. Just who managed to hide it under their own bed first remains to be disclosed.  Stan's technology may selfishly already be in use by some elements of the US government, yet hidden from others also in the military.  This pretty much proves the Pentagon is ridden with selfish infighting and compartmentalization for no practical or moral reason, even to the point of denying the technology from other departments within the US military system itself, who may be desperately in need of the technology for GENUINE defense and survival reasons. 7/30/2008

Comets are Not Dirty Snowballs.  Professor James McCanney was first to point this out.  Others are now joining his point of view. 7/28/2008

Blog reveals critical metals used in Genepax Fuel Cell:
  • Ruthenium
  • Platinum
Short blog   Full length blog

Patent description

We still wait for an endurance test to see how long these metals can perform before degenerating into oxides or inert compounds. 7/23/2008

Daniel Dingel Returns to the news with his watercar design.  A focused web site keeps you up to date on his current activities. DanielDingel.com  7/22/2008

Nano NiFe Coated Electrodes Improve Electrolysis Efficiency. 7/22/2008

Wave Power Slower than Wind, but it works. Averaging 1.5 knots, about 1.75 mph in his wave powered boat named Suntory Mermaid II, a sailboat would have been faster. And if Jesus and Peter were there, they could have walked it faster.  But a point was proven and could eventually apply to cargo ship designs. Traveling 4,350 miles powered by the water you are bouncing on is one for the record books. 7/8/2008

The Lightning Car Company announces it will unveil its sports car by same name at the British Motor Show July 27- Aug 3, 2008. 7/7/2008

Tesla Motors announces another new model, the Type S - $60k,
and another long wait for delivery.
TeslaMotors.com 7/1/2008

Additional report on the Jarboe Mille Event. 7/7/2008
Video reports posted from the Alternative Energy Partnership Conference held June 28, 29 2008 in Charlotte MD.
Part One  
5 mins
Part Two 
34 mins.
500 to 600 attended.   6/30/2008

Years before Burt Rutan, there was hope of a civilian spacecraft industry. What happened to it? 6/28/2008

Mazda Hydrogen Hybrid
Mazda begins real world testing of their Hydrogen Hybrid Minivan.

An errant report on Daniel Dingle was posted here 6/19/2008. It was found to be incorrect and removed. klr 6/20/2008

Ultra Capacitors are a great technology. But like so much of what we report on here, it won't be available to you the consumer until major money, and I mean MAJOR money gets behind it for manufacturing to tool up and meet demand. With the recent activity from Lockheed/Martin, it appears the military will get the first advantages of the technology. This relatively new web site below focuses on the single topic of Ultra capacitors. So if you feel electric cars are the future, you should bookmark the page.
Ultracapacitors.org  6/17/2008

Southern California Edison reverts to old design, (decommisioned in 1999)
plans new solar facility near Lancaster California.

Did you know these big Solar facilities also use natural gas!? Look at this data from the NREL government site.
Old Daggat facility
Present Kramer Junction facility
And they never publically address the high maintenance issue of keeping the mirrors clean. I have spoken directly with a maintenance worker who told me they need to be cleaned almost daily. And they can't use tap water or they get mineral buildup problems. 6/16/2008

TOTAL WATER CAR Announced in Japan.  NOT augmentation to hydrocarbon fuel.
Genepax Water Car
Electrolyzes water for hydrogen to power fuel cell to generate electricity for the electric motors driving the wheels..
The hydrogen generation process is apparently metallurgic in nature. No report yet how long the special metal will last or how expensive replacement will be.
The Genepax web site. (English)
PES summary.
Coincidentally, this announcement in Japan on Thursday was followed with a 7.2 earthquake only a day later. Somebody doesn't lke good news for the daily commuter.

Here is a rather extensive list of vehicles that currently run on hydrogen. All use stored ,previously generated hydrogen and none are producing it on demand yet. 6/9/2008

Amazing new properties discovered in mushrooms and enzymes found in "old growth" forests. This fascinating 17 minute video lecture reveals startling information.  6/6/2008

Most autoclaves that I have seen are anything but efficient. But AeroThermal has a design that efficiently turns waste into energy. 5/30/2008

Does the world really need a Jet Powered motor scooter? 5/29/2008

Update: Even though plowing a field with an animal may be cheaper than using a diesel tractor, other fuel related costs are causing a record number of horse abandonment tragedies. 6/6/2008

Hay can be cheaper than diesel, as long as you keep the tractor in the barn.
If you're looking for a cheap horse or burro, they sell for about $125 at the Bureau of Land Management adoption program, near Death Valley every February.  5/25/2008

Even fish can enjoy benefits of wind power at times. 5/25/2008

James Robey interviewed Dennis Lee on BlogTalkRadio.
In the interview Dennis accepted an invitation from Larry Jarboe to attend and demonstrate various energy devices at the Alternative Energy event to be held on June 28-29, 2008. In the interview Dennis explained why "Browns Gas" will explode for most of us but what specifically is necessary for it to implode. Dennis also addressed various attacks on him and false accusations about the technologies he now promotes. Well worth an hour of your time to set the record straight on many issues.  5/15/2008

LED Lights are making major inroads into common applications. 5/5/2008

Next generation of Super Computer is collaboration between Intel and CrayBut what will they be used for? Probably just to run MS Vista at a normal speed. 4/29/2008

Daimler to increse R&D budget to $21 billion in 2010. 4/22/2008

The Hydrogen Fun Run takes off.  Check for updates at http://www.green-salon.com/
More video reports posted on YouTube.

New technology from NAB2008: The internet brings back
FREE TV with Hulu.com,
and it's legitimate.
Requires latest version of Adobe Flash, but be ready for some pleasant surprises. Shorter commercials and quality you've not seen on internet streams before. I hope to see some alternative energy documentaries on there eventually.  4/17/2008

Another Application for Superconductors proposed, "Magnetic Pinning." 4/5/2008

Argonne National Labs confirms the Hydrogen Powered V12  BMW Series 7 for super clean exhaust. At the same time, BMW announces they will stop making diesel V8 engines. 3/31/2008

Wireless Power gets closer to the consumer. 3/27/2008

Hydrogen found to be contributing factor in strength of spider silk3/27/2008

First PIX from WIREC Show March 3/4-6/2008
Dutchman at WIREC
Dennis Lee SHOWED a Full Sized Dodge Van, converted to his new PICC fuel system.  A Dyno test has shown this vehicle to get OVER 100 mpg highway.  Yet it is illegal to drive on the public roads of the US because the sacred catalytic converter had to be replaced.
Dodge Van w/ 318 V8
Also shown was a 2007 Honda Civic running the HAFC.  It went from EPA number of 34 to 85 MPG after modification.  The HAFC does NOT modify the catalytic converter and is thus legal in most states.
2007 Honda Civic 85 mpg
The real news is many dignitaries from foreign countries were at the show. One boasted they do not have EPA or US bureaucrats to deal with and they want it NOW.  So while the US endures $4 gas and 25 mpg vehicles, OTHER COUNTRIES may soon be experiencing 120 mpg ON THEIR TRUCKS.  3/26/2008

Automotive X-Prize current list of contenders. 3/24/2008

Lid may have been blown on Steven Mark's TPU - Toroidal Power Unit.  Device resembles Tesla patent from 1800's. Associate comes out in the open on talk show interview 3/19/08 with host Sterling Allan.
Additional comments. 3/18/2008
Update 3/24/2008 The 3 hour 3/19/08 interview of Jack Durban is now archived. This was an extremely powerful and shocking interview that all TPU fans really must hear. 3/24/2008

Interesting and humorous video review of the Electric Smart Car versus the Gasoline version. 3/5/2008

Nanoparticle Coating Could Boost Electrolysis Output. 2/26/2008

HydroGen Corporation Ships 400 KW Fuel Cell Module. 2/26/2008

Tesla Motors back in the good news column...
Receives a $40 Million Boost from Investors; assues a sedan this year.

Hydrogen is usually mentioned here only for its energy properties. But it now has an almost miraculous application in a new fabric. 2/22/2008

Morgan Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Morgan Motor Company announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell design that besides zero emissions, will be fun to drive.

Flexible Skyscrapers now under construction in Dubai.  Claimed to be energy self sufficient utilizing internal wind generators.

We've all heard of Hydrogen Boost, but UREA-Boost? That's a new one to me.  Please don't ask me to define urea for you.  2/6/2008

Tesla Adds Gas/Electric Hybrid to Product lineup. 2/6/2008

Art Bell claimed to see one of these in southern Nevada. Now it appears Google earth satellite cameras caught one from above. For more fun, enter the coordinates into GoogleEarth, then activate the ruler and measure the thing. 1/28/2008
1/31/2008 Update: An Australia resident took the time to go to the area posted on Google Earth and reports there is a large antennae farm with guy wires that could have created this strange shape as seen from space.  I'm not sure that explains the prominent light spots though.
Thanks Darren Walker for link.

50 State Approval Reached by Tesla Motors, even though internal conflicts and technical problems with the transmission continue. 1/28/2008

Xynergy obtains worldwide marketing rights to water powered generator1/26/2008

A bit short on details, but ...
Self running 900 Watt generator video demo posted on YouTube.  Was that guy Amish or just wearing a fake beard? 1/19/2008

New terms become confusing. Ultra Capicitor and Ultrabattery. 1/19/2008

Jaguar XJ Hybrid 2009
Jaguar May Be First Luxury Car to Use Ultra Capacitors in the 2009 model XJ Hybrid.
Ford is in final negotiations to sell Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors Ltd of India. But it appears they added some good design features before the decision to sell. 1/17/2008

New Magnet Alloy improves efficiency for electric motors. 1/14/2008

National ads for the PICC and HAFC units are running this week in Newsweek, US News & World Reports and many other publications.  Dealers are reporting delivery times of 2 to 3 weeks for the HAFC. The PICC will be unveiled and demonstrated publicly at the WIREC show in March, and will offer a 100% trade in value for anyone upgrading from the HAFC unit. 1/13/2008

The much awaited Eestor Ultra capacitor battery technology gets a boost from the military industrial complex. Lockheed Martin signs exclusive rights contract to market to military and Homeland Security. 1/13/2008

Hummer H1 modifed to get 60 mpg with conventional technology. 1/13/2008

Caddy Provoq
Cadillac introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell car... at CES?
The Provoq

Consumer Electronics Show boasting "Carbon Neutral" status. Has anyone ever audited this procedure?  I really wonder who is actually getting helped besides the brokers who sell the things? I know of NOT ONE genuinely clean, new energy technology getting any capital from this apparent scam. Please e-mail me with specifics if you know otherwise. 1/5/2008

How much power will your new HD TV consume? LCD technology is much more efficient than plasma, but has angular viewing issues.  The battle also continues on DVD formats. 1/5/2008

Portable Hydrogen Generator Debuts at CES - Las Vegas.  First (that I know of) to utilize disposable fuel cells. 1/4/2007

Tesla Motors kicks off 2008 admitting some cars won't deliver until 2009. Transmission woes blamed. 1/2/2008

2008 Major Expectations
Don't hold your breath, but miracles do happen.
  • HyPower Fuel - Hydrogen on Demand system sufficient to run a small vehicle
  • SuperMag - Permanent magnet Motor/Generator capable of producing 10 KW.
  • Tesla Motors Roadsters to hit the streets and scare the daylights out of all of us with its snappy acceleration.
  • Eestor - Quick recharge batteries using ultra capacitor technology to come out of R&D and into products.
3 events with actual dates are scheduled

March 4-6, 2008 Dennis Lee will unveil the long touted PICC - PreIgnition Catalytic Converter at the Washington International Renewable Energy convention. Booth space has been purchased. A demonstration vehicle exists and is operational now.

June 28-29, 2008 The Alternative Energy Partnership Conference offers a safe and public exhibition outlet for garage experimenters with working technologies the big guys have overlooked or ignored.

July 10, 2008 Nikola Tesla's 152nd birthday, is the scheduled unveiling of Dennis Lee's home electric power device.  The multi-stadium event is to be capitalized by an extensive ad campaign starting in mid January promoting both his Hydrogen Assisted Fuel Cell (HAFC) and the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter unveiled at the WIREC show in March. The event is by invitation only. Anyone purchasing an HAFC, or anything from United Community Services of America gets a free invitation to the event.  Tickets are NOT sold separately.

2007 saw many new and exciting electric car designs promoted.  Thus far, only Tesla Motors is likely to have any on the streets this year.

Latest Press Release
Permanent Magnet Motor Designs

Dec. 3, 2007
Oct. 30, 2007
Sept. 4, 2007
Aug 13, 2007
July 30, 2007
July 16, 2007
May 29, 2007
April 30, 2007
April 17, 07
April 2, 07
March 26, 07
March 14, 07
March 5, 07


Hydrogen on Demand Systems

HyPower Fuel
March 6, 2008
Nov. 7, 2007
July 27, 2007
June 18, 2007
June 13, 2007
June 5, 2007
May 31, 2007
May 16, 2007
May 11, 2007
April 30, 2007
April 17, 07
March 22, 07



Previous articles posted in
2007 Energy Archives
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2005 Energy archives

Must-Watch Videos Free Online

Turn your city's waste into energy with technology from

The HAFC is offered to 49 states by BeFreeTech

Startech strikes Alliance with Hydrogen Engine Center. Startech technology to create Hydrogen from municipal waste. EVERY city in the world needs this technology. 3/27/2008

LED lights LED lights really are eco-friendly, unlike the screw-in fluorescent type which contain mercury. LED's use a fraction of the power used by tungsten lights.
ECOLEDS offers a selection of sizes for your application. A 10 watt LED replaces a 100 watt standard bulb.
Retail dealer. 5/21/2007

Sunlight-Direct Indoor Solar Lighting.
Light is routed through fiber optics. Now available from Sunlight-Direct.
Archived story at PESN. 5/21/2007

Solar ChairSolar Boosted Wheel Chair.

Owner boasts a 30 minute extension of operation, along with a little shade and protection from a light rain.  5/14/2007

HyDrive now delivering Hydrogen boost technology for commercial trucking.
Just a small amount of hydrogen added to a conventional diesel engine makes a noticeable difference in both cleaner emissions, more power and better mileage. 2/7/2006
Update: Along with growing sales in the US, HyDrive establishes marketing in Iceland. 11/29/2006
Another company, Hydrogen Innovations LLC of Blackfoot, Idaho introduces a hydrogen boost unit to improve diesel engine performance. Note audio interview link at bottom of story. 2/18/2006
Similar Technology can be obtained by Hydrogen-Boost for your automobile. 2/21/2006


Nikola Tesla 150th Birthday was July 10, 2006 Run something on AC instead of DC.
Take a color photo tour

Must Watch Videos
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For unexplained reasons, many videos of Stan Meyer and inventors of other revolutionary energy processing devices started disappearing from both GoogleVideo and YouTube on September 5, 2008. We highly recommend copying and saving any video you find of value. There are no guarantees how long they will remain on the server you found it on.
KR/ed 9/7/2008

Marko Rodin Math lecture now posted in 44 parts on YouTube.
Alegedly the most efficient way to wind a torroidal coil. For general  information only, not an endorsement. 1/14/2008

HBO documentary:
"Hacking Democracy"

Tesla: the missing secrets
Produced in 1999. 1 hr, 4 parts

How to bootleg a few watts of electricity from your phone company.
Nothing more than an LED light or 2, current capacity is zilch.  10/14/2007

Double Helix Exectrolyzer design.

Roy McAliser discusses engine conversion to Hydrogen.
Both ignition and diesel type engines. A teaser for Knowledge Publications. Series parts 1 - 1010/1/2007

Ravi from India explains his attempted replication of Stanley Meyers process.
10:53 mins 10/1/2007

The unique properties of Browns Gas,
versus other combinations of Hydrogen and Oxygen are explained in this rather low quality but informative video. 10/1/2007

Illustration of lightening striking a car with occupant.
5 mins, posted Feb 9, 2007

Disclosure Project updated interviews 
1 hr posted July 26, 2006

The late Dr. Bob Beck delivered a health lecture you will never forget in 1997. 
Presented at the Granada Forum, explained known cures for AIDS, Lupus, Cancer and many other ailments. The method was entirely electronic, not herbal or pharmaceutical. The documents he refers to can be found in .pdf form here.   2 hrs. 7/22/2007

Stan Meyer & Charlie Holbrook
The day they first got the dune buggy to run totally on water for over 4 minutes. 7/17/2007

Several assorted  short clips, some old, some new.

The movie:
Brazil  Bizarre film released by Universal in the 80's, but frightenly prophetic. 2 min intro

Phillip Schneider lecture
given in 1996,  6 months before being murdered. Posted January 13, 2007  1:10:00

Musical Tesla Coil 
approx 3 mins

Josef Newman, 820 % efficiency device
Excellent summary of many years of reasearch. 1:11:43 posted August 2006

Iraq For Sale. 
Expose' on Halliburton.
Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 
Note: Audio level is quite low on all posted segments, you may need extra amplification.  Full quality DVD available at Iraqforsale.org/

Chris Paine
, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?", interviewed on PBS.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three 

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, explains ties of oil with banking for world power.
3 parts HearTheVoices.com
Posted 11/9/2006

Stan Meyer addresses a conference in Colorado Springs.
Date = sometime in 1993. Report by local TV station 11 mins Posted 3/6/2007.
Additional clips posted April 2007.
Clip one  44 mins
Clip Two  44 mins
Clip Three  12 mins

Clip from
The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln,
Switzerland in 1989.  9 mins

Energy Non-Crisis - Linsey Williams 10 min clip from several part series. Posted Jan. 14 2007

Phenomenon: Cold Fusion -
Epiphany Productions, 2000 Contains excerpts from "Cold Fusion: Fire from Water"

Classic video lecture given by controversial William Cooper
, probably at MUFON convention, Las Vegas, 1989.  Mr. Cooper confuses fallen angels with space aliens, but his research inside government is legendary.

Tom Bearden short clip on vortex energy and promo for series of videos. Posted 1/18/2007

Stan Meyer himself describes his efficient electrolysis process.  Posted  Dec. 3, 2006

William Lyne discusses monotomic hydrogen and diatomic hydrogen and a way to obtain excess energy from both.
Posted Dec. 6 2006

Tody's quality high school chemistry teacher.
Who needs safety equipment when you're just lucky? 1/27/2007

Hydrogen Cars
as available today. posted 1/10/2007, 6 mins

UK documentary
illustrates how grossly inefficient current energy creation and distribution systems are. 18 mins. 1/19/2007

Jordan Maxwell clip explains Admiralty law better than any I've heard. Not directly about energy, but definitely explains the politics behind its problems. 17 mins 1/19/2007

Hollywood Actor BillyJack makes argument for use of biofuels ASAP. 1/4/2007

Japanese Water Car: All Japanese narration, but the images say a lot. Company website, also in Japanese but translatable. posted 12/10/2006  3:31 mins

Secrets of the 3rd Reich - Nazi ties to the occult and advanced UFO technology - the term "alternative energy" had a darker meaning to the Nazis 57:29 mins

A little MIB humor in this Energy Bar commercial

Solar Energy Commercial.
This is the free energy the monopolies will let us talk about.

George Carlin, vulgar yet poignant and technically accurate: Who Really Controls America posted July 14, 2006 5:10 segment from 90 min pay TV special

Security camera captures world's worst Laptop repair technician.

Flashback 1978: Jack Nicholson promotes a Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen Hummers
The GM version  4:24 mins
Intergalactic Hydrogen vers. 14 mins

Tom Bearden discusses the accomplishments of Tesla
Posted Sept. 11, 2006 1hr 23mins

Tesla, The Genius Who Lit the World Posted September 10, 2006,  produced 1994.  42 mins

Nikola Tesla, The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius
Part 1  17 mins
Part 2  not posted

Perendev & Bedini Motor models demonstrated at the 2005 Tesla Extraordinary Energy Conference posted March 5 2006

Free Energy-The Race to Zero Point 1997

Anti Gravity - Stan Deyo: recorded at the Ancient of Days conference 2005 Roswell New Mexico - This video has been removed from Google, possibly copyright issues. The ORIGINAL DVD can be purchased at ancientofdays.net.

Brown's Gas - Additional Properties - Dan Haley early 90's

It Runs on Water
Stan Meyer's Last Interview
Stan's segment
Full 50 minutes 1995


Current View
Joe Cell videos - list

William Lyne on Free Energy and Nazi UFOs -
Author of 3 books on alternative energy, bizarre theology, but pretty accurate historical and scientific references - even scientific and math books have been corrupted.

Free Energy -
 Another Inconvenient Truth

Free Energy from
dissimilar metals 
Prt 1   Prt 2

Solid State (no moving parts) Free Energy device Steven Mark
Parts:  1    2    3    4    5


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