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Updated 12/28/2009
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Webmaster Ken Rasmussen was guest on Dr. Bill Deagle's talk show 6/22/2009
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L. Pastor  Control Paradigm
MIB Special Report, archived - Audio

Wife of Bob Boyce passes away from heart attack December 24, 2009.  12/25/2009
- - -
Hydrogen experimenter Bob Boyce discovers 2nd computer chip in shoulder.
Also reference first report. made public on Nov. 12, 2009.

Energy Whistle blower Conference Text review.

Archives of Energy Whistle Blower Conference December 2009 are now posted.

Saturday Dec 12 speakers

Leslie Pasto
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Pete Sumaruck Website

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James Allen Robey Website

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Dr. Tom Valone

William (Bill) Gilroy
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David Yurth
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Lawrence Tseng

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Sunday Dec 13, speakers

Bill Ryan
Website   (Project Camelot)
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Dr. John O'Bockris
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Dr. Fred Wood, Jr.
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Jeane Manning
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Dr. Tom Bearden
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Real Venture Capital is your own money from your own pocket.
When YOU believe in something, but nobody else does, your own pocket is the only way to finance its research, until you have a track record of success.  The world's venture capital industry is failing miserably to get new energy technologies developed. None wish to risk anything on someone without a track record of success. 100 years of suppression has eliminated anyone trying to succeed in this field of endeavor. And as unemployment skyrockets, (animated graphic, please play to end for current number) small experimenters lose all their discretionary money, as well as their homes and the very garage they were working in.  My own survey of present Venture capitalists, shows they are investing heavily in software industries.  Why?  A recent interview of 25 year old Matt Mullenweg, CEO and founder of Wordpress reveals that he runs his company serving  two hundred twenty million users, using only a staff of less than 20. While this makes an impressive story, sadly it does NOT provide jobs to a starving population. On the  contrary, it concentrates wealth to an extremely small sector of the population which has the aptitude to handle computer coding. It ignores the skills to make houses, cars, grow food, and other skills so desperately needed by the planet's population. The academic trend taught in colleges and universities for the last 30 years has been to focus on the bottom line and make as much profit as possible, as fast as possible.  It has sabotaged long term growth and health of humanity in the process. The net result of uncontrolled greed by those controlling both energy and finance, is it will catapult humanity backwards if nothing is done to stop it.  Humanity has made tremendous advances in tooling.  They merely need to change their fueling source. But monopolies controlling energy and finance are preventing it, as so evidenced by the political crimes presently being committed in Copenhagen and Washington DC. The answers exist, we just need to be listening to the right people, not politicians and billionaires who got us here in the first place. 12/8/2009

Huge solar flare on 12/4/2009. Fortunately it fired off in a different direction than earth. 12/6/2009

4 New Suppression stories posted on Clues Page. Desperate power mongers resorting to violence and bribed law enforcement again. One inventor finds a computer chip secretly planted in shoulder. 11/29/2009

Has oil credit peaked? Dubai's building boom comes to an end. 11/28/2009

Nuclear power industry suffers another security lapse. 11/28/2009

104 Deaths in latest Chinese coal mining disaster. 11/28/2009

Oil glut leads to Valero shutting down its refinery in Delaware. 11/22/2009

Mysterious gas leak kills dozens of canaries at bird show. 11/19/2009

Seasonal warning about deep frying your holiday turkey. Handle all energy sources wisely. 11/19/2009

New business replacing Celebrity Home Tour Buses in California.
REPO Tours
I wonder if they are green?
- - -
Foreclosures and homelessness are not a funny issue. Arrogance can only go so far before violence begins.

Stan Meyer made amazing advancements with his type of electrolysis. Another video has surfaced. 98 minute long.  In it he mentions delivering the technology to the Pentagon, "with colonels on each side of him" and also reports that Ronald Reagan wrote an executive order specifically about his technology forcing the US to protect if for manufacture within the United States.  Did our media journalists ever report on that?  No, but you found the truth here, with special thanks to "the carbon good guys."  11/3/2009

While skeptics criticize hydrogen for its difficulty of handling safely, neither wind nor solar are safe either. 10/30/2009

What do you get when you cross a Tesla with a Prius and a VW Touareg SUV?  A mess.
Read story to find out who the worst driver is.  10/30/2009

Cure or Cause Energy Waste? 
Recent studies imply the latter. Unused servers waste a massive amount of electricity, while doing nothing.  As brilliant as most Information Technology (IT) managers are, they forgot something their mothers told them: "if you're not using it, TURN IT OFF."

Computer manufacturers are partly responsible for this problem.  Efficiently designed electronics do not run hot, therefore do not need extensive cooling apparatus. But the general excuse is to get the performance of today's CPU's, they need to run hot.  Wrong.  But considering most electronic engineers learned from Rockefeller edited text books, they just don't know HOW to design an efficient circuit if they wanted to. 10/22/2009

Venture Capital Dries Up for All Industries.  10/14/2009

Web-Bot forecast: Oct 25-Nov 4, 2009 = bad economic news.
This is posted for reference, not an endorsement of the technology, it just gets a few too many things right to ignore. Inventor Clif High was interviewed about this on Erskine Overnight on 10/10/2009.
Archived in MP3 37 mins. 10/12/2009

At last, and energy source to use  politicians, new energy skeptics, and other lying bafoons. 10/8/2009

Natural Energy, run amuck.
Sumatra quake swallows entire community, leaving thousands missing or killed.
Reminder: Most Earthquakes have a direct relationship to solar flares, NOT sunspots. For some unknown reason, scientific news has been inaccurately reporting the sun is presently quiet, due entirely to low sunspot activity.  But it has NOT been quiet regarding flares. Depending on magnitude and speed there is a 1 to 10 day relationship between a large CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) and a 7+ quake somewhere on earth, most likely occurring at the weakest seismic location.  For this reason, I have offered links on this page, (upper right) directly to NASA's Solar Observation satellite which offers 2 views of the Sun 24/7/365 with time lapse animation over a few days to see the magnitude of the flare itself. I reference extensive research by men much wiser than me who have studied this relationship for years. Specifically, James McCanney, Stan Deyo and several others. 10/4/2009

Know anyone donating money to a university?  Please make them stop, for the good of humanity.
From an article posted by Vivek Wadhwa on Techcrunch.com.

"In 2007, U.S. universities performed $48.8 billion of research and filed 17,589 U.S. patent applications. In that same year universities received back revenues for licensing and royalties on patents of less than $2 billion. Those revenues include ongoing royalties from all of the research licensed over the past 40 years."
He also reports Venture Capitalists aren't the help they claim to be either.
Best advice, if you see a need, help someone directly, don't expect professionals to do it for you anymore.  There aren't many left with any integrity.  9/29/2009

Major international trade industries go into moth balls so bankers and politicians can get bonuses.
Shipping -
at anchor Singapore
Airlines -
mothballed Mojave CA
Mojave mothballed 9-23-2009
Cathay Pacific delays orders on 6 Boeing 777 aircraft.
Mojave mothballed 9-22-2009
Majave images taken 9/22/2009
click to enlarge

Baltic Dry index
Baltic Dry Index - international trade monitor.

A 24 minute video review of how Hedge Funds were used to bring down all the competitors of Goldman Sachs, while the Fed and SEC leadership did absolutely nothing to stop it.  9/17/2009

How does Italy deal with radioactive disposal?  Somebody pays the Mafia to sink the boat. Now discovered to have been going on for 20 years. 
Chicago Gangsters
The US is probably doing the same thing with our toxic banking system. 9/15/2009

Coal is still killing people. 9/13/2009

"We know who you are and we can't take anything from you."
Has Detroit been run by a high school clique of snobs? No, worse.
In this excellent report about Raphial Morgado, written by Jeane Manning, we see a startling example of how difficult it is to break the status quo with any new ideas. Sadly, the alternative energy community is also infiltrated with phonies from Big Oil who pretend to just be skeptics, yet resort to literal Nazi techniques to make sure nothing genuinely innovative ever reaches the public.  Raphial is now moving forward, but still a long way from his MYT engine being a household word. 
- - -
Column 2 here repeatedly shows the blatant hypocrisy in Washington regarding genuine clean energy and innovation.  Obama commandeered General Motors to make it his own Government Motors, but is a coal and nuclear powered Chevy Volt the best he can do? FTC continues to condone or openly allow numerous violations of consumer fraud, yet, as we reported earlier,  it uses its full resources to oppress a small company which had genuine technologies to meet Green goals.  Stopped by a Nazi boot to the head. And NEITHER Bush nor Obama did anying to stop it. Who do they work for?  BOTH appear to work for the same controllers. 9/13/2009

When electric cars recharge off the grid, they are using primarily coal or nuclear power, merely delayed by its battery. The problems of coal and nuclear have been established.  But battery technologies themselves are not easily and cleanly recycled, and new resources are not abundantly  available. Which leads to the president of Audi referring to the Chevy Volt as a car for idiots. And when you see GM is setting up facilities in China, regardless of massive US taxpayer bailouts, it also appears that GM is a company run by idiots. 9/5/2009

Old Coal Mines eventually collapse, creating ongoing hazards above ground. 9/5/2009

Gates Foundation dumps pharmaceutical stocks and buys energy stocks.
Possible Reason?
- - -
Genetic engineering is also encountering disasters.
Graphic images at end of video.   8/21/2009

Mercury now found in fish caught in natural streamsCoal fired power plants one of several causes.  8/21/2009

How much energy did it take to bend this?
9-11 bent beam

Numerous hi-rez images released of 9/11/2001 damage.
Controversial views, but startling images.
Kurt Sonnefeld

Huge Explosion at Russian Hydro-electric Facility. 8 known dead, 54 missing. Oil filled transfomer malfunction blamed. Likely to take years to reconstruct. 8/17/2009

Might your laptop or cell phone be manufactured with the components of a "dial a yield bomb?" This 2 hour interview explains the possibilities. If true they could be activated by remote control over internet or cell phone. Don't forget popular lithium ion batteries found in most of today's laptops are horrifically dangerous by shorting, ignition or thermal runaway.
Video One by PC Pitstop
Video Two by FAA 8/8/2009

Cost of TVA Coal Ash spill now up to $1.2 Billion 8/1/2009

Wonder what comes out of the exhaust of jet airplanes? This is what is measured in the air near major airports. 7/31/2009

Oops, LED lights aren't quite as efficient as first thought. 7/31/2009

Walter Cronkite once boasted of being "Glad to be seated at the right hand of Satan." (7:00 min point in video) I wonder if he still feels that way now?  Cronkite was selected to represent and propagate the world globalism agenda. The video shows him receiving an award for such. In it he espouses his views to destroy US sovereignty. He quite hypocritically blames national sovereignty for all wars while he personally profited from every war the globalists both instigated and financed, and never once in his entire career exposed the CFR's involvement in directing the US into multiple conflicts during its entire history, nor did he EVER report on Vietnam being a "politician directed" conflict to import drugs into America in body bags of dead US soldiers. Nationalism has little to do with any war.  The hideous blood thirsty greed of globalist bankers like he affiliated with is the cause of all wars. Sorry to have to report in his obituary that the "most trusted man in America" was a liar. 7/20/2009

Information now surfacing how Goldman Sachs manipulated world financial markets for years. So when you lost money on Wall Street yourself, you just thought it was a bad guess?  No, you were robbed, by presidential appointments from Clinton through Bush to Obama, all using criminals from Sachs in their cabinet.  Just like some marginal energy devices, the devices weren't bad, they were sabotaged. So were your choices in the stock market.
- - -
Single topic blog starts about Goldman Sachs.  GoldmanSachs666.com 
- - -
Glenn Beck does an excellent job explaining his chart of Goldman activity in Washington. Take SPECIAL note of his comment at the 5:28 sec point. NONE OF THIS MONEY IS REACHING ANY LEGITIMATE CLEAN ENERGY INVENTOR OR COMPANY.

"Goldman Sachs is Scum" ... Finally main stream media lets a little truth leak out.
12 minutes of powerful video.
Part 1     Part 2
Text Commentary on Goldman.
Energy, homes, daily life are all being threatened, stolen or directly trashed by the elitists who have financially overtaken the US Government. Goldman has manipulated SEC and all of Wall Street for years in preparation for this political coup. Goldman is one of few stockholders of the Federal Reserve, and closely involved in all the international globalist financial groups pushing for the entire "New World Order." A rose by any other name...
More commentary at Maxkeiser.com

Chemtrails are controversial enough as themselves, but look what is spraying them now. 7/16/2009

Documentary Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle. 7/13/2009
And more Boxer/Gore atrocities. 7/15/2009

Cash rich China goes on oil buying spree in Africa. 7/10/2009

More Geologic Energy on the move in Alaska. 7/10/2009

Ominous Ads from the past. So what ads can we believe today? FTC routinely lets pharmaceutical companies sell poison to the public, no matter how many they kill, because pharmaceuticals make massive political donations, while FTC comes down with an iron fist against any nutritional supplement that happens to cure something.  Same with energy, NEW START UPS DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY A POLITICIAN IF THEY WANTED TO, but Big Oil, Nuclear and Coal have billion$.  In the world of economics, buying a politician pays a much higher yield than any government bond. 7/6/2009

Any guess why one of the largest life insurance companies, Beneficial Finance, decided to stop writing life insurance policies as of October 2009? 6/25/2009

Kodachrome, my all time favorite 35mm color slide film, officially retired by Kodak. 6/24/2009

Digitally enhanced JFK/Zepruder film on Yahoo.  Another perspective overlooked until now. Chilling to watch.  Text and comments. 6/24/2009

While the FTC routinely allows pharmaceutical companies to make misleading claims about all their drug products, even ones that kill people, they come down with an iron fist against small time bloggers if they fail to divulge they received something as small as a hamburger as a free promotional, and then said something nice about it on their blog. FTC is pandering to LARGE POLITICAL DONORS AND NOBODY ELSE. They have no concern whatsoever for consumer safety or integrity of claims.  6/23/2009

Catalytic Convertor blamed for causing fire which destroyed 314 homes in California in 2008. How many reasons do we need to get rid of the worthless thing?  The PICC eliminates it.  So does the Hp2g engine described in column 3. The catalytic convertor is the result of not just bad engineering, but corrupt engineering as the thing was NEVER NECESSARY in the first place. 6/16/2009

Evidence explained by James McCanney on his 6/11/2009 talk show indicate Air France Flight 447 was a victim of a bomb. The wreckage being discovered does NOT follow the ocean current pattern in that area.  It left wreckage, including seats over a stretch of over 100 miles, again, not where currents would have taken it. The pilot apparently tried to bring the plane back to land in Brazil as his flight path now shows he retraced his own path for a hundred miles prior to disintegrating. Early reports of the plane dropping below stall speed may have been because the pilot knew he had a big hole in the side necessitating an immediate drop in air speed. Also, closer inspection shows there was NO foul weather in the area, as the major disinformation media has been reporting for over a week now. Additionally not one but 2 separate pilots in the area witnessed a flash at the time 2 way communication was lost.  The passenger manifest also lists 2 individuals who were activists attempting to keep weapons out of the access of organized crime. 6/15/2009

Even the professionals have problems handling large quantities of Hydrogen gas. NASA delays shuttle launch due to hydrogen leak. 6/13/2009

Lightening strikes on commercial aircraft are said to be common. The mystery continues regarding Air France flight 447. 6/3/2009

The macho American icon Hummer to become a Chinese company. 6/3/2009
Update: But the Chinese government may not want it. Offering military type vehicles to a controlled population doesn't seem like a good idea to them.  6/8/2009

Life at NBC.  New Tonight Show host, Conan O'Brien comments about working for General Electric. 5/31/2009

The Federal General Motors model.  First car since bailout/Fed takeover hits the streets.... video. 5/23/2009

GM cuts 1,100 dealers,  Chrysler cuts 789 out of their 3200 dealers. 5/14/2009

A technology doesn't even have to work to get suppressedJust tell somebody what you're experimenting with on your cell phone and creeps come out of the woodwork to tell you to stop whatever you are doing. But show a hint of success and every skeptic on the planet has to get their 15 seconds of fame by tearing it down with unproven claims of fraud or scam. 5/14/2009

Retirement?  What's that? 5/9/2009

I hope Toshiba makes better cooling systems for nuclear power than they do cooling fans on notebook computers. 
Mine failed in only 16 months of operation,  4 months out of the one year warrantee. 5/9/2009

As computer prices continue downward, electrical power consumption increases. Streaming videos require more powerful servers. 5/5/2009

Suppression continues.
2 inventors working with permanent magnet motor technology are having run-ins from both hired thugs and confirmed government agents.
Boswell death threat

A license plate number was caught on video.
Suspect's license plate
If you see a late model silver sedan with California license plate number,
5JNZ392, do not approach. Suspect is considered dangerous. Report
his location to California police or the FBI.

More comments in today's Klooz page.  

Likely false flag data-cable attack near San Francisco sends Silicon Valley and nearby communities into cyber darkness4 major fiber optic cables were cut on 4/9/2009.  ATT conveniently blames the communication workers presently on strike and offers a $250,000 reward for the identity of culprits. The cut cables affected not only the internet, but telephone and cell phone services. Since this crime has international ramifications, the reward amount really seems insultingly small.  Perhaps  intentionally if ATT really doesn't want to know. Do they really feel a multinational terrorist group would turn itself in for less than the price of a good sports car?  Do they really think American workers would sabotage their own jobs with such a stupid act? 4/11/2009

MIB hit another permanent magnet motor experimenter using the Howard Johnson design. 4/5/2009
The spook in a suit was confirmed as being from NSA.

Storing 6 million gallons of oil near an active volcano is probably not a good idea.  US Coast guard becomes involved in getting it moved to safer location, away from Mt. Redoubt in Alaska. 4/5/2009

Airbus A340 crash
The Airbus A340-600 crash the media never told us about.
Additional pix.

The fallacy of "rising seas" by global warming. 4/1/2009

"The UK discharges more radioactivity into the sea than any other nation."  New study by Dr. Leuren Moret. 3/29/2009

A situation to ponder.  Marine geologists have discovered much of the ocean's floors are covered with frozen methane. This presents a new dilemma.  Sudden volcanic activity, or perhaps a close passing comet and explosion of sunspots could set off a chain reaction that quickly changes the frozen status to melted and gaseous state. That would release a massive amount of methane into the air. As we look at wonderful clean technologies here, I have to ask if we might better do some disaster prevention and devise a way to tap into that enormous methane source and consume it with controlled and gradual use instead of leaving it sit there to turn into a bigger problem sometime in the future?  A study is already in progress for just the available minerals on the ocean floor. But all that methane just sitting there looks to be a bigger issue to concern ourselves with.  3/29/2009

The debate continues, whether or not to turn off your computer at night. 3/26/2009

Geologic energy lets loose near Tonga.  Volcano erupts undersea with spectacular power. Video 3/20/2009

NASA gets hacked, againThis time by Romanians.  Who wants to steal details about something nobody but the Fed Reserve could afford to build anyway? NASA has never built anything affordable to normal people or countries. 3/19/2009

Sudden rush to ethanol?
Shell Oil stops investment in wind, solar and hydro.
- - -
Valero Energy buys 7 ethanol plants.  3/20/2009

International Space Station viability now in serious question. May end permanently this year. 3/15/2009

When big things move, the energy involved can be potentially deadly.
- - -
When small things move really fast, they can be equally dangerous.
Space station misses first piece of debris, but how long before the others intersect the orbit? 3/13/2009
- - -
Iridium announces wrecked satellite replaced with orbiting spare and now operational. 3/14/2009

Oops, refrigerators are supposed to freeze things.  Maytag recalls 1.6 million refrigerators due to fire hazard. 3/12/2009

Plans for building more Coal Power Plants meets growing resistance. 3/9/2009

More depressing radiation news from Dr. Leuren Moret.
Why Marin County California has highest breast cancer rate in the entire nation
Radio interview:
Hideous mutations showing up world wide.  3/7/2009

Fire #8 since 2007 earthquake strikes Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. 3/7/2009

John Kanzius died of pneumonia January 18, 2009. John was most noted for doing a demonstration of directly burning salt water with his specialized microwave energy beam. The demonstration was very impressive to watch, but actual efficiency studies were either never done or not reported. John was also researching for a cancer cure. PES has an excellent summary of his accomplishments with several video clips. Critics will point out that pneumonia can strike anyone. But when anyone who challenges BOTH big oil and big pharmaceuticals dies of anything, I have suspicions. 3/7/2009

Continuing economic decline make investment in clean energy technologies even more difficult.

Russia claims recent collision of one of their satellites with an Iridium satellite was no accident. Didn't somebody measure the skid marks?
China and US debate who makes cleaner satellite shoot-downs 3/5/2009

Oil producers running out of storage space3/5/2009

Dredging cleanup begins in the Emory River in Tennessee as result of major coal ash spill on December 22, 2008.  3/5/2009

Ball Lightening has been discussed and researched for years. But now that someone wants to weaponize it, it will likely get funded. 3/2/2009

Defaulted SBA backed loans for franchises are up 52%. 3/2/2009

New ad campaign exposing "clean coal." 2/27/2009

Dept. of Energy cannot account for missing nuclear material from 15 locations.
  • The materials written off included: 20,580 grams of enriched uranium,
  • 45 grams of plutonium,
  • 5,001 kilograms of normal uranium and
  • 189,139 kilograms of depleted uranium

NASA loses another satellite.  $273 million dropped in the Antarctic Ocean. 2/24/2009
2/26/2009 Update:  The failed launch was caught on  video.

Watch this 2 min video before taking your next trip to Mexico. Reported in Spanish, but picture and sound track say enough. 2/23/2009

Bart HD plug
Update: The REAL Reason VHF frequencies with analog were blocked off, and TV was shifted up to UHF for digital transmission.
- - -
Digital HD TV delivers beautiful images along with theater quality surround sound, but .... serious health and ?privacy? issues are showing up.
- - -
Was Hulu.com created as a result of a technology, assigned to a company named Universal Hedonics? Patent number 6488617 claiming a new technique for mind control. 2/24/2009

Chinese Coal Mining Disaster Kills at least 74 and traps dozens. 2/22/2009

Will an invasion of mussels challenge the power of mighty Hoover Dam? Nature can throw some strange curve balls at the biggest ideas. 2/22/2009

Vladimir Putin now sounds more American than Obama.  He speaks out AGAINST socialism. 2/20/2009

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, early in February, a French and British pair of nuclear submarines collided. Both were armed with the latest nuclear weapons.  OBVIOUSLY BOTH were operating in "stealth" mode, so neither could see the other.  Why? What was so interesting in that exact same location that 2 nuclear powers were obviously spying on something? 2/20/2009

Most expensive disasters in recent history. Several really are energy related. But assorted frauds come in a close 2nd.  2/20/2009

Gerald Celente paints a rather gloomy picture, but repeats what we teach here as a solution. 2/14/2009

Google Earth mislabels 2 harbors.   2/12/2009

Los Alamos loses another 67 computers and Blackberries. 2/12/2009

15,000 Exit Signs Disappear from Wal-Mart.  All contained Tritium. 2/12/2009

Chemical Tanker near Dubai collides with 2nd ship and bursts into flames. 2/12/2009

2 Orbiting Satellites Collide. 1 US Iridium and one Russian Cosmos. 2/12/2009

Cost to clean up a 1 gallon spill of mercury metal?  $2 million. 2/12/2009

65,000 Gallons of Toxic Oil Sludge spilled in Des Planes River in Illinois by Caterpillar. A ruptured oil pump is being blamed.  The company has recently announced nearly 22,000 layoffs.  Is periodic maintenance now being compromised?  2/9/2009

We are surrounded by fuels. The bush fires in Australia are a horrifying example of uncontrolled energy. 2/9/2009

34 Story Skyscraper, under construction in Beijing China, burns up entirely, BUT DOES NOT COLLAPSE. And it certainly did NOT pancake like the WTC towers. 2/9/2009 
2/12/2009 Update:  Fire was caused by employees of the building's owner using class "A" fireworks (Disneyland size)  without a license. 1 Fatality.   Building is owned by China Central Television which broadcasts in English worldwide, even available on DishNet channel 265.

Free Energy is a great goal.  But Free Gasoline is Deadly. 111  dead in Kenya as crowd tries to scoup up spilled gasoline. 2/6/2009

Will a "Green Job" pay enough to cover your rent? Often, no. 2/6/2009
While we wait for permanent magnet motors, traffic ticket magnets are an unfortunate reality. How does your car rate? 2/6/2009

Some TV stations to switch to total digital on Feb 17. The delay to June 12, 2009 passed by congress was optional. But who cares? You find more truth on YouTube and elswhere on the internet than ANY TV station. 2/6/2009

Nuclear Waste from EPR technology reactors found to be Seven Times more hazardous to handle. 2/4/2009

How many industries do you know that can absorb a 50% cut in price of their main product, and a $700 million loss by a partner, yet still show a $25 billion profit, which is a 39% INCREASE?
BP did

Alaskan volcano dumps wasted energy and lots of air pollution. At least 3 other ongoing earthquake swarms are also active down in the lower 48 states. 2 in California and one near Yellowstone Park. Even though located on former volcano sites, it is still uncertain how active they will grow. 2/4/2009

Do Energy Venture Capitalists have any idea what they are doing?
Futurist Peter Schwartz says NO

Mandatory HDTV delayed to June 12, 2009.  Also, questions arise as to new larger screen Plasma TV's and energy efficiency. 1/31/2009

Money Supply = 2 Edged Sword.
Money Supply
(Click to enlarge)
Why has all this excess money not created hyperinflation yet? It has only been used to payoff "debts" at the top of the economic spectrum, i.e. elitist bankers themselves artificially funding their fantasy hedge funds and derivatives which never had any substance to begin with. That's why they get new private jets, and we fix the old Ford.  It has yet to hit the street. When it does, the US is about to experience worldwide dollar devaluation.
What could fix this? If bankers and Wall Street executives spent the money investing in R & D to create new jobs instead of personal extravagance, all this money might be able to do some good.
The explosion of printed money since 1965 is nicely illustrated in this short Glenn Beck video.
It should be noted though, that the presence of this fiat money was accounted as funding all the real estate which we now see in foreclosure.  Why? The printed money NEVER REACHED THE WORKING MAN to pay his mortgage. Bailing out a banker is EXACTLY the SAME THING illustrated in the last part of this classic scene from Blazing Saddles. If you can please ignore the locker room humor and racial slurs, as soon as the new Sheriff announces his position, you see exactly what the bankers did to the US economy the last few months.  And our politicians acted just like the blue bonnet wearing woman in this clip.
Exact part referenced is from 2:06 to 3:54 min. 1/30/2009

More potential hazards from solar flares.  1/24/2009

Not a pretty picture.
Government Versus Manufacturing jobs

Even Russian Oligarchs have to downsize their yachts and jets. 1/24/2009

Windbag billionaire can't get loan from banks. (welcome to the club) So he now wants US Government to pay for a Wind Bank. 1/24/2009

New Health Problems Associated with Compact Fluorescent bulbs. 1/20/2009

Attorney tried to exit wrong door in flight #1549.  1/19/2009
Canadian Goose
Weapon of Goose Destruction?

Legal Immigrant?

Unavoidable disaster.

Commercial aircraft are certified to handle engine bird strikes of up to 5 lbs.  But a Canadian Goose can reach 20 lbs and fly as high as 9,000 feet.  1/19/2009

Unsold cars - Las Vegas NV
Thousands of unsold new cars pile up near Las Vegas, NV above and elsewhere around the world.
People still need new cars, but money to purchase them has been siphoned from the world economy. This is the same stunt pulled by international bankers during the Great Depression of the 1930's. The same time money was pulled from the US economy, it was funneled to Adolf Hitler by the same bankers causing the problem here.  What tyrant is getting our money now? All we know now is he is a close friend of the central banking cartel, and the major news media never mentions his name, because they already work for him.   1/16/2009

Photo voltaic Solar Cells wear out eventually.  Ultraviolet degradation takes its toll on most anything. Efforts are now taking place to make sure retiring solar cells get recycled properly and don't end up in land fills. 1/12/2009
But concerns remain. 1/14/2009

Chrysler's problems. 1/8/2009

Madoff's business associates go into hiding, or disappear altogether. 1/8/2009

Yahoo now monitoring all its groups, and tracking where each member browses.
Fine Print on Yahoo legal page
Report in plain English
Are they just curious about your browsing habits, or are they part of the already known NSA activity? Or is the Yahoo web master moonlighting with a second FBI job?
To "Opt Out" of Yahoo tracking go to
1) Yahoo Privacy page
2) Select "Cookies"
(left column)
3) Select "Web Beacons"
4) Select "Opt Out" of interest matched advertising
5) Select "Opt Out"

Billion gallon toxic coal ash spill creates enormous sludge problem in Harriman Tennessee.  Similar threats exist elsewhere. 1/6/2009

Hybrid car sales drop for all manufacturers in 2008. 1/6/2009
Indonesia hit with 2 earthquakes over 7 magnitude.
7.6   7.3   USGS details

Swarm continues in Yellowstone.

Issues found in steel structures in Los Angeles.   1/3/2009

Let's throw a party in a room with insufficient exits and hand out sparklers to a bunch of drunks. No, that's too safe, let's add a rock band with pyrotechnics....
Bangkok Thailand starts the year competing for most stupid application of a form of energy.  Israel using a ONE TON BOMB to kill one enemy is probably even more stupid. Will this escalate tension? What are the odds?  Hey, how about firing rockets at a nuclear power plant? 1/2/2009

WiFi.  Yes, I use it myself. But there are growing health concerns, not only for yourself, but the health of your computer itself.  It's been at Starbucks for years, but it is now showing up at McDonalds and even BP gas stations.

My apologies for not getting this interview posted earlier.  Dr. Bill Deagle interviewed me about energy suppression December 27, 2007. It is edited to about 35 minutes. The information is timeless and reveals what extent some elements do to retain control of their monopoly. 1/1/2009


Previous articles posted in
2008 Energy Archives

2007 Energy archives

2006 Energy archives 

2005 Energy archives

Important reports

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Curious why Israel would recall all of their ambassadors world wide.  12/28/2009

Hopefully the last I will need to post about ClimateGate. 12/28/2009

Someone needed a distraction while the US boosts military protection of the Opium crops in Afghanistan.  What a coincidence a son of a Nigerian banker who works with City of London bankers suddenly becomes an incompetent terrorist, just in time to make the world hate Muslims again, and spin the news away from the fact China stopped buying US Treasuries. Result:  more big brother intimidation of EASY targets like honest people. And more congressional funding of a war that only protects drug delivering flowers.
Ben Fulford interview by Jeff Rense. Has anyone seen Henry Kissinger lately?  12/26/2009
12/27/2009 update: More suspicious activity related to the Detroit air passenger bomber. Major media news seldom tell the complete story. Somebody powerful WANTED an incident for the media.

Nobel Prize
- - -
The Copenhagen Climate Change conference condemned as failure.

As the Copenhagen fiasco proceeds, an independent group of energy inventors gathers in Washington DC via electronics to present reports of both historical and recent suppression events.
Coming December 12 & 13, 2009.

- - -
Copenhagen Theme Song.
- - -
Treaties to suppress technology growth are unnecessary and a corrupt concoction of corrupt politicians and monopoly executives.
Specifically, Al Gore worked with Ken Lay of Enron to work with Goldman Sachs to force the entire carbon credit scam, first on Wall Street, then turn it into political control of the world. All its promoters belong in prison, not on stages.
Do not be fooled by academic sounding words like "peer revue" when the word "peer" simply means the "clique' of crooks" controlling the phony results.

Sure, America can trust its government. Just ask any Indian.

Russian train bombing on November 28 now confirms 2 officials from ROSAVTODOR were killed.  That is the agency which regulates oil and natural gas prices for the country. 11/30/2009

ClimateGate getting censored from search engines. 11/30/2009

Suppression kicks into high gear as power mongers use political power and force to stop genuine clean energy and force bad science on humanity in all parts of the world. Four new suppression reports on the CommuteFaster "Clues Page. 11/29/2009

Video exposes CO2 Hoax.
http://www.rense.com/1.imagesH/gorearrest_dees.jpg   11/28/2009

Alex Jones interviews Lord Christopher Moncton about climategate and the Copenhagen fiasco. 11/28/2009

Hackers expose fraud in climate study. 
This reinforces studies done by Dr. Sally Baliunas, former head of astrophysics at Smithsonian who uncovered massive fraud back in 2001 as numbers were conveniently switched between hemispheres. This resulted in summer data being misrepresented as winter data. 11/22/2009
Update:  Alex Jones interviews Mark Moreno of ClimateDepot.com regarding all the lies about global warming and suppression of any critics exposed by the cluster of e-mails found by hackers.
MP3 1 hour + 1 hours about Christian persecution. 

FTC uses same tactics to keep nutritional knowledge and cures out of public hands, as they use to keep any attempt at better fuel mileage from public.
Kevin Trudeau discussed recent, repeated false charges placed against him, even though he keeps winning. MP3 50 minutes. Prosecuting attorney now uses the term "remove right of free speech". Since when did that become legal? 11/22/2009
Update: Same interview of Kevin Trudeau now posted on YouTube. 11/27/2009

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs now discovered to lose brightness over time. 11/19/2009

Chutzpah remark of the day from Goldman Sachs: "Bankers are doing the lord's work." Mp3
And an excellent analysis of present economics by Andrew Gause and Byron Dale (Erskine 11/7/2009) which explain how Goldman used the Clinton administration to destroy old laws and let the fox take over the hen house. 11/9/2009

China acquires interest in oil found in Gulf of Mexico. 11/9/2009

Al Gore's investment strategy could make him the world's first Green Billionaire. Even though I happen to agree with his investment in Fisker, I am grossly offended by his other tactics. He spreads the fable of "global warming", then uses his political clout to enact laws that force industries to pay royally to use his quasi-green products.  Fisker is not yet "Green." The 4 cyl gasoline engine needs to be replaced with one of several technologies we discuss here. Has Al invested in any of these?  No.  He is only concerned about appearance, not substance, just like any politician. Once again, if any accredited investors are reading this, please contact me. Several technologies are now proven but desperately in need of serious capital to bring them to market. You will not find any I speak of on YouTube. 11/3/2009

The latest documentary by Alex Jones : "Fall of the Republic."   First half documents international takeover of the US government via the Obama administration, 2nd half documents Al Gore's phony "green" movement and its true agenda.  Well worth the time to watch all 14 parts. 10/26/2009

Lithuania transitions to hydrocarbon electric generation as it prepares to decommission its Chernobyl era nuclear reactor. 10/26/2009

Germans now hoarding tungsten light bulbs.  The EU made them illegal to manufacture or import as of September 1, 2009. 10/22/2009

The global warming lie escalates to a national sovereignty issue. Obama possibly to give away country to not just bad science, but blatant lies. 10/18/2009

Al Gore avoids questions about errors in his film.  Thought police cut reporter's microphone for asking embarrassing questions. 10/12/2009

Are we soon to recycle old enemies? This trailer for an upcoming Sci-Fi movie implies such, and may explain NASA bombing the moon. 10/12/2009
- - -
While Hollywood makes a mockery of the topic, researcher Dr. Joseph P Farrel discovered there is more truth than fiction to Nazi space activity. He was a guest on ErskineOvernight 10/17/2009, 2nd and 3rd hours discussing his research.  Well worth hearing as soon as it gets archived. 10/18/2009

Coal Industry Blocked by EPA. 10/8/2009

Indiscriminate use of Depleted Uranium and other forms of Radioactive materials by several governments continue to contaminate the environment.  This 10/1/2009 interview by Jeff Rense of Dr. Leuren Moret has even more shocking discoveries. 10/4/2009

The highly shamed political action group Acorn, proven now to be involved in child prostitution and human trafficking is also found to be supported by the VaticanAcorn in turn provides political support to California Senator Barbara Boxer and others.
Senator Feinstein now stops a mojave desert solar project, claiming it would affect the Desert Tortoise. Has Feinstein ever visited the desert?  I have. The main things that kill desert creatures are either moving vehicles or other desert creatures eating each other.
Rattler road kill
Solar just sits there and casts shadows. The one thing most sought after by desert creatures is SHADE. A huge solar facility provides enormous shade for small desert creatures, but human flesh peddler Feinstein won't allow such luxury for her desert turtles. 9/26/2009

Now discovered, Al Gore is major backer of Fisker. Both Telsa Motors and Fisker have now received DOE loans totaling over $900 million. Each company and founders are heavily involved with the Democratic party.  Meanwhile, smaller companies with few political connections continue to see rejection letters from DOE with little or no explanation. 9/26/2009

Funds released, but for what? Same old wind and solar, except this one..... Fisker gets $529 million. 9/24/2009

The American Big 3
  • GM taken over and becomes Government Motors.
  • Chrysler sold to foreign owned Fiat.
  • Now Ford gets $5.9 billion loan from US taxpayers.
Get your own piece of the debt?

Solar gets government attention and funding.
but faces setbacks and cancellations also.

The Acorn videos, new lows even potty mouth Jon Stewart can't believe.   9/17/2009
Even more, San Diego. 9/19/2009

California mandates 1/3 of electricity sold in state to be renewable by 2020. 9/17/2009

Over a hundred years ago, Thomas Edison gave us the tungsten light bulb. 

Tungsten Light Bulb
Even though it is not as efficient in terms of lumen output/watt, it still provides a color temperature preferred by many.

But an actual former Communist from Latvia has forced the European Union to ban the tungsten light bulb and replace it with the compact fluorescent, which is already known to have several negative health affects including neurological issues and they all contain mercury, making them a toxic waste come disposal time. 
My own experience shows they "burn out" just as frequently as the old tungsten bulbs.  With known mercury inside they are actually dangerous to dispose of. 9/15/2009

Undocumented Worker

Iraqi Shoe Thrower becomes wealthy celebrity. Contrast his actions to US celebrities. Hats off respect to Muntazer al-Zaidi from this web site. 9/10/2009

The Conventional Energy Sector is Running Scared of Renewables. So out come the big economic guns trying to scare off investors. While it is true, many popular technologies are really a waste of money, because they have a not so obvious dependence on oil for their own creation, those who pay attention to this page know what will really change the world, and it is NOT biofuel, solar, wind, fuels cells or batteries. When either:
  • advanced electrolysis,
  • rod-plasma ignition, or
  • permanent magnet motor technology
reach the public market, they will make all other energy creation technologies obsolete. And the toroidal piston, microturbine, or Tesla turbine engines will revolutionize mechanical engine applications.   9/8/2009

Why was the Department of Energy created? "The 'Department of Energy' was instituted on 8-04-1977 TO LESSEN OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL." But we all know it hasn't come close. Jimmy Carter had personal interest in nuclear energy, and his handler, same as Obama's, Zbigniew Brzezinski has a globalist power agenda rather than one to help the US citizen. DOE is just another political power tool for them.
What was the Securities Exchange Commission created to do?  Protect investors.  Has it?  Absolutely not. It has accomplished the opposite, protecting the criminals, and fleecing the investor.
Presidents and congress have a history of hypocrisy, putting false labels on ulterior motives. Starting wars while they are secretly invested in defense stocks.  Ladybird Johnson and Bell Helicopter.  Cheney and Haliburton, or the Bush ties to big oil to fuel all those jets. The list is endless.  The SEC has proven to be a PHONY COP, PROTECTING the criminal and letting the poor suckers who trust their religious facade of academic rhetoric and countless attorneys, who in reality can't do the math on a balance sheet, and don't give a flip about the investor. I say this as a formerly licensed stock broker myself for 6 years.  I was forced to regurgitate the obfuscating rhetoric of what I realize now was just a cabal of Ivy League fraternity brothers setting the public up in the biggest ponzie scheme in history.
If public stocks are not safe, what is safe?  The PEOPLE YOU KNOW PERSONALLY. A business you see operating near you daily, one you can knock on the door and talk to the president or owner.  Small business is starving for capital now as the mega-banks of the Fed and Wall street have turned their backs on them.  Ask any small business man you know with a quality product or service how you could help him and his business.  Stop trusting the schleps on TV and the marble towers of banks to treat you like sheep for slaughter.  Read sites like this and others I link to and do your own analysis.  The media is run by the same criminals who want to fleece you or worse. 9/8/2009
Department of Energy Grants to Renewable Energy Are Supposed to Stimulate the US Economy by Creating Jobs Here, right? Wrong, profits are going to Europe. 9/5/2009

Are these the White House's  definition of "Green Energy?"
Cocaine -  Marijuana -  Opium
It didn't start with Obama.
But he hasn't stopped it either.
An insider speaks out with names.
Note Al Gore's involvement at the 5:35 point in the next video.
The Bush-Clinton connection.
Oh but look at all the R&D money DOE is now giving away you say.  OK, look at this government form you need to fill out to get any of it. Specifically look at point "H" at the top of page 46 and see that to receive anything, you give up your company's freedom of speech.
Eligible activities under this program include those which describe and promote the understanding of scientific and technical aspects of specific energy technologies, but not those which encourage or support political activities such as the collection and dissemination of
information related to potential, planned or pending legislation." 8/27/2009
- - -
And while the political elite profit from all this drug trafficking, innocent bystanders get killed while the phony drug war continues.  9/5/2009

Over $300,000/year for a 20 hour a week part time job? 8/21/2009

As Sarah Palin rides off into the sunset, those concerned about clean energy and abuse by big oil monopolies, need to take one more look at her record.  An Alaskan fisherman comments. 8/21/2009

Why does socialism work in Sweden? In this hilarious report, the truth is slipped in....
... absence of American Banks.
Part one
Part two.   
- - -
When dealing with enormous energies of inertia, gravity, speed, and trajectories, skill and engineering are great, but
at times you just can't beat simple dumb luck. 8/21/2009

If you missed the University of Las Vegas Clean Energy summit, you didn't miss much. Al Gore continued to spread lies about global warming. T Boone Pickens continued the lie about peak oil for all his Texas buddies to scare you to death and Senator Harry Reid blew enough hot air to power the entire conference if they had a wind mill in front on him.  I sent in a question for the panel, but they refused to use it.... can't imagine why.

Why isn't Bernie Madoff on your panel?  He has more honesty and credibility than anyone who spoke there today...."   8/10/2009

Swartzenegger cancels appearance at Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. Probably didn't want to offer a photo-op with all the other criminals who attended. 8/10/2009

$2.4 Billion for Development of New Electric Vehicles8/8/2009

Glenn Beck commentary.
Democrats and Republicans should begin to listen to what their candidates actually said in their campaign speeches.  8/3/2009

WARNING: Before you rush to Cars dot Gov to get your "Cash for Clunkers," you really should watch this 5 minute Glenn Beck video clip.  8/1/2009

Yucca Mountain CANCELED. Senate stops project with vote of 89 to 9. Prior administrations wasted 13 billion dollars on studies.  But the Obama administrations has not yet offered a viable alternative. 
We HAVE offered several solutions at this site, with the Nuclear Remediation list posted just under the MIB box, upper left, column one. 8/1/2009

Billions for Renewable Energy, but how does anyone get it? 7/31/2009

Goldman Sachs - Politics - Wall Street corruption.  Nicely summarized in this video commentary by Rolling Stone. 7/31/2009

Hillary Clinton admits publicly she is told what to do by the Council on Foreign Relations. In an hour long lecture at a CFR facility, speaking to a mixed audience of Republicans and Democrats, she said: "Thank you very much, Richard, and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I wont have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future."
Full video, 1 hour 9 mins. Above quote made in opening remarks. 7/19/2009

Apollo landing sites re photographed, finally. Although I wonder why the high resolution Japanese orbiting cameras couldn't find the spot before NASA?
More images

Has China set a precedent?  Death Penalty sentence to corrupt oil executive. 7/16/2009

New study shows renewable energy now provides 13% of US Electric power. 7/16/2009

If big government weren't so obsessed with spying on their own citizens, we wouldn't have as bad of an energy shortage.

"...the Baltimore Sun reported in 2006 that the operations at Fort Meade had maxed out the electric capacity of the Baltimore area's power grid — and the NSA was then unable to install some new super computers for fear of blowing out the electrical infrastructure of the area. "  7/15/2009

A use for gold?  Ever since Roosevelt, the USA has refused to use gold in its money, even confiscating gold from private citizens at one time.  So how does America use gold, if not for money?  Fact: All laser guided missiles and nuclear weapons are wired with gold plated silver wire. So to say the US Dollar is backed by the US military, implies a little involvement of gold, but not in a way desirable to most. Michael Jackson casket  But the latest use for gold in America is to bury dead rock stars. As rockers age, there is sure a likely demand for that in the next 20 years, even if Obama still won't let us use it for money. 7/15/2009

The July edition of EnergyBiz magazine reports on the Billions of Dollars being funneled through DOE with the new stimulus bill. 7/13/2009

Can anyone take China's public claim to advocating clean energy seriously if they continue to impose tariffs on any clean energy device exported from the US to them? And how about honoring patents when they do let a US made product into their country, rather than immediately copying it and making it themselves with prison labor? 7/13/2009

This old, but classic report from the Daily Show explains the US symbol of the Bald Eagle. 7/10/2009

Basics of capitalism, as taught in 1950's cartoonWith strong warnings of a socialist/fascist state if principles are ignored.
- - -
Face of the Next Generation, as seen in music video today.
Enslaving oneself is stupid, enslaving others is criminal. 7/6/2009


Butcher of Viet Nam, Robert  McNamara dead at age 93. For any of us who were draft age in 1969, this demon possessed moron lived about 70 years too long.  Good riddance and enjoy your place in Hell. BTW, under his leadership at Ford, they sold parts to China, which were used by the North Vietnamese to haul bombs down and kill US troops.  And as secretary of defense, he ordered a cost cutting cheap production run of M16 rifles, which routinely failed in battle, getting MORE US soldiers killed. What a guy. Typical banker mentality, make money from both sides of every war. 7/6/2009

Benefit or baited trap? Long ignored funding to genuine renewable energy technologies appear on the surface of the latest energy bill working its way through congress to be beneficial, yet the financial realities must be considered. The present bill disguises itself fraudulently addressing climate and carbon tax, and will create an immediate increase in energy cost well before any benefits reach the consumer. The money promised does not yet exist. It will be first borrowed from the Fed Reserve, then taxed for generations to come to make the loan payments. Recent actions of the Federal Government with General Motors and Chrysler imply the Obama administration may be attempting to create a government run monopoly of renewable energy technologies and companies.  Caution must be heeded.
To Serve Man
The rush to serve man may be the proverbial cookbook.
Obamma is tied closely to the Trilateral Commission through his affiliation with Zbigniew Brzezinski .  Also note the CEO of Fiat, Umberto Agnelli, is also a member of the Trilateral Commission. As illustrated in the "Gangster Government" story below, do we see a trend? 7/1/2009

$500 million for Green Jobs. 6/25/2009

Obama accused of running a "Ganster Government." 
GM nationalized, then handed over to political constituents to run and profit from.

Research by more than one group is now revealing that the implementation of OBDII laws was NOT to clean up the air and standardize testing, but was to INTENTIONALLY restrict vehicle performance.
Anyone could be getting better mileage if the vehicles were merely tuned PROPERLY, NOT by OBDII dogma.
OBDII is an acronym intended to stand for On Board Diagnostics, level 2. But little has ever been made public just what was programmed into the car's chip to comply with this law.

Audit the Fed? The Fed Reserve publishes its own audit on the internet already.  Whether you want to believe it or not is another story. 6/22/2009

US Media now no better than cold war Russia Pravda. We will now get our marching orders Live from the White House. The Always Been Communist channel anchors news from the White House. Government swallows the media. 6/16/2009

Update 6/10/2009: Shell to pay $15.5 million for collaboration in murder plot.
Couldn't happen here?  This is how Shell Oil worked to control the government of Nigeria.
Video,  Activist Web site 

Even though the Obama administration has been informed of many of the advanced technologies reported on here, he still chooses to dump taxpayer money on his political donors.  So wind and solar will still be with us for a while, regardless of how archaic they are. 6/3/2009

Infomercial King, Kevin Trudeau speaks out about FTC's alliance with major corporations to squash competition.  This 6 part interview on InfoWars.com is a must listen for anyone attempting to launch a new business.
YouTube parts 123456. The FTC has no concern for the public, or quality products. They work solely for major political donors. They do not challenge drug company claims, but blatantly lie about claims from any competitive startups. Especially note comment at 9:44 minute mark in part one. 5/27/2009

Nevada (still glowing from all the nuclear testing in the 50's and 60's) passes legislation to help renewable energy companies to locate in their state.  5/23/2009

Update 5/23/2009: Lithuania elects first woman president.

Lithuania acknowledges desire  for renewable energy, but says it must join EU Energy market for urgency. 

Jealous of a neighbor? In UK, people are encouraged to
report their neighbor to police
if they flaunt too much wealth.
No joke.  Everybody knows all wealth comes from drug running. Just look at this suspicious woman with ties to the opium trade going back hundreds of years.
Queen Elizabeth
And she has also been seen getting a wink from this shady character, a member of Skull and Bones, which has also obtained massive wealth from many years of association with opium and other drug trade.
Bush wink
So has anyone in UK turned her in yet? Any other reason to have US troups in Afghanistan?
Poppie field

Privacy anywhere?
Supreme Court Justice Scalia gets taste of his own insensitivity.

Ever heard of digital photo editing? How many stock pictures are already on file of Air Force One? or the Statue of Liberty? Why did the White House choose to fly the actual plane over New York for a snapshot? I suspect something, maybe electronic, onboard needed testing at that location, not the official claim. But taking a hint from Capricorn One, China knows how to insert images as their recent space walk appears to be fake5/9/2009

Why is the US Government still spending massive money in Afghanistan, while true clean energy can't get a dime for R&D?
opium crop - Afghanistan
Simple, there's more money in drugs than feeding and transporting people with clean energy. Too bad suppressed inventors can't get military protection like that.
More images.

Swine Flu commentary by Alex Jones. video 60 mins 5/5/2009

Senator Dick Durbin: bankers "own the place." 5/5/2009

Nuke factions battle over who gets to build a reactor for Lithuania. Lithuania is scheduled to decommission their old Chernobyl design nuclear reactor late this year.  5/5/2009

Privacy?  What's that?
It's bad enough when every government spook listens to your personal life, but now.......
Consider this video report about FaceBook before letting young family members log on.
Consider this video report about how public your cellphone conversation is, even when it is not even turned on.

US Power grid hacked, but by who?  4/27/2009

CBS TV does an about face on "Cold Fusion."  But why?  And why now? 4/27/2009

First of many massive lawsuits begin against outrageous criminal neglect and fraudulent activity by past and present heads of US Treasury. 4/11/2009

Update: Discoveries have been made uncovering massive deception in both the erred dyno test referenced, as well as crucial information conveniently deleted from the televised program. Legal action is pending. Dateline apparently didn't learn anything when they were convicted of fraud against GM years ago igniting a gasoline tank to make sure it blew up on cue for the camera. Their biased reporting with malicious intent continues. 4/11/2009

On April 5, 2009, NBC used their mega-resources of television production capability and prime network air time to attack not only Dutchman Enterprises and all its products, but to imply that ALL hydrogen boost systems neither work nor are ever given refunds to the buyer if they do fail.

I post my comments on my Blog today listing the numerous rapid fire lies that were incorporated in the oil propaganda piece. 
Ken Rasmussen 4/8/2009

USA: home of the formerly free, who used to have homes.
Don't have cash on you? You're a vagrant.  Have too much cash on you?  You're a terrorist.

Belong to the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Masonic  Lodge, Shriners or Vatican derivatives like Jesuits, Opus Dei or Knights of _____?  Get included with banker bonuses.

F-22 funding canceled.  An F-22 crashed in the California desert on March 25, 2009 while performing tests.  The pilot was killed.  No word if this related to the abrupt funding cut. 4/7/2009

Nigeria, home of not only the most internet scams, but human rights violations. We now learn Shell Oil corporate policy money may have been behind much of the violence and the fraudulent execution by hanging of a non-violent environmental advocate. 4/5/2009

Why do I have so many stories in this column, and so few in column 3?  There's more money spent in politics to write laws inhibiting innovation, and often creating disasters just to sell the clean up necessary for them, than there is money spent on true innovation. "Order from chaos" is the motto of both Masons and bankers (often the same) who first CREATE the chaos, then sell you a bad solution. Start investing in true innovation and see a lot more things like Pete's suddenly appear. 4/3/2009

As Lithuania prepares to decommission their Chernobyl vintage nuclear reactors, and Russian natural gas rises in price, they consider a long extension cord to Sweden.  The next debate with neighbor Latvia is where to place the breaker panel and outlet. 4/3/2009

Now it's environmentalists versus renewable energy advocates.  Didn't they used to be the same? Who's instigating this argument? Oh yeah, the guys who claim free energy doesn't exist so you have to still buy oil, coal and nuclear from them.  4/3/2009

California raises both sales tax and gas tax.  They now add 63.9 cents to the cost of each gallon. Few coastline boaters are aware they might get a refund if they can prove they used their purchased gasoline beyond 3 nautical miles from the coast. But Florida boaters must pay a highway fuel tax, even if they never trailer their boat. 4/3/2009

California proposes ban of energy guzzling big screen TVs starting in 2011. 4/1/2009

Does Obama plan to nationalize the oil companies?  Note the freudian slip of Maxine Waters at the :39 sec point in this video. 4/1/2009

UK: OK to spy on common citizens, but when G20 big shots come to town, turn off the cameras. 4/1/2009

Coal destroys both lives and political careers, even in China. 4/1/2009

Not only do big yachts get awful fuel mileage, now you can't even drop anchor where ever you wish. Some say phooey, sell it.  Others find pirates still exist. The "good life" isn't necessarily a safe life.  4/1/2009

State of Oregon proposes major taxes on energy to raise cost of living to outrageous levels. 3/29/2009

Senator Feinstein doesn't want ugly solar panels scarring the desert skyline.  Excuse me, why do they call it desert? Would she prefer a nuclear reactor in her front yard or coal fired smoke stacks in her back yard? She won't fund genuine CLEAN energy. I DON'T WANT her to allocate taxpayer money to anything. But what has she and her husband invested there own millions of dollars of wealth into?  The war machine, and China. Real ethical lady. What country writes your paycheck?
Feinstein's big gold heist of 1994.
Or some shady human trafficking and heroin running Asian contacts. I guess that's a lot more profitable than free energy? 3/26/2009

New Mexico locks up one of their own senators for embezzling $600,000 from a local construction project.
- - -
Owner of flight school that trained Mohammed Atta now caught in $300 million Ponzi scheme.
- - -
The accounting firm
Bernie Madoff claimed did their audits...  didn't exist.
- - -
Why are venture capital investors afraid of clean energy R&D? 
It appears that politicians and high flying business men are the ones stealing your cash, not inventors who try to work miracles in a garage with limited equipment.  And with foreclosures up, some are losing their garage.  How much would Edison have accomplished if his lab was under a bridge?

California law now requires your fingerprint to recycle scrap metal, in any amount. Ready to toss that old aluminum ladder that almost killed you last summer? Try to turn it into a little cash and you are now treated like a terrorist. 3/20/2009

A kind gesture from the Russian people to the US commemorating lost lives on 9/11/2001, dedicated in New Jersey in 2006 ...
9/11 Teardrop Monument
But like most monuments, shapes often have multiple or hidden meanings. 3/19/2009

EPA threatens colloidal silver. 3/18/2009

Tea Parties abound. Cincinnati reports in. 3/18/2009

The latest production by Alex Jones: "The Obama Deception" is already online - free. High Quality DVD's available at Infowars.

Also recommended, "Skull and Bones, the Catholic Connection." produced by Anthony J. Hilder. 

The Nuclear Power Industry has already squandered $10 billion of taxpayer money on "studies" regarding Yucca Mountain. They're still not satisfied. If that had been spent on true clean energy research, we wouldn't need nuclear power anywhere in the world. Yet small inventors who spend their own money on research continue to be harassed by thugs, murderers and crooked politicians OWNED by the present energy monopolies.
- - -
The 3/13/2009 broadcast of Dr. Steven Greer's talk show is highly recommended.  It deals with continued harassment of both inventors and anyone who tries to help them.  Programs are archived at the Worldpujanetwork. A free registration is required to access archives. 

New Yorker columnist Seymour Hersh exposes an an "executive assassination ring" run by Dick Cheney. No claims yet of who the victims may have been.  3/15/2009

Cramer Vs Stewart - the Showdown. MSNBC's Jim Cramer goes up against the Comedy Channel's Jon Stewart to see who is more serious about money. It might be nice to see Jon Stewart take family values and morality as seriously as he does money. Apparently AIDS, unjustified wars and other corruption are still a joke to him, just don't mess with his money. 3/14/2009

Federal Reserve bails out its own owners first.  Nothing left to actually accomplish anything for the bleeding economy. 3/14/2009

As US businesses struggle for lack of capital, Citibank gets  billions of bailout money, then sends $8 billion to Dubai. Hey, Halliburton is over there now.  We can't let their new corporate location fall apart can we?
- - -
Detroit Michigan, the ghost town. 3/11/2009

$2.2 Trillion loaned out at low interest and Bernankie won't say who got it, or if the taxpayer will ever see it back.
Yet some friends of Aarron Russo (Freedom to Fascism) try to protect their own money and the FBI storms in with riot gear and shuts down a local school in the process. 
Who is Peter Tolotti?  According to this document, he is the president of the PRIVATE CORPORATION  known as IRS. When did the FBI start working for a guy with an Italian name in Reno Nevada? 3/9/2009

Canceling a $1.8 billion boondoggle in January 2008  named Futuregen was one of the few things the Bush administration did right.
Dr. Chu - Obama
But Obama's new Energy Secretary wants to revive it. Somebody please tell Dr. Chu to read his mail from Orion Project!  Despite Dr. Chu's occasional green rhetoric, support of Futurgen raises serious questions of this man's credentials and integrity in energy at all and exposes them as more politically motivated than genuinely scientific.  3/9/2009 

Even though Obama canceled Yucca Mountain, the controversy still continues. 3/7/2009

More than 60% of the US Congress are attorneys.
- - -
Quote of the week, Webster Tarpley: "The banker bailout is like giving a blood transfusion to Dracula to try and save his victim."  3/5/2009

Sea Shadow - stealth watercraft
Former Top Secret Stealth craft, $195,000,000 spent by US Navy to acquire.  Now on donation block or best offer, along with its own $200,000,000 garage, the Hughes Mining Barge, part of Project Jennifer, alias Glomar Explorer
Sea Shadow inside Hughes Mining Barge
Rather high maintenance and likely more paperwork to file than it weighs.
Additional Sea Shadow Images and specs. 3/2/2009

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage plan REJECTED by the Obama administration.
Billions have already been squandered on this boondoggle which CONTINUES to generate liabilities.
"Nuclear-power consumers have paid $29.6 billion into a fund intended for Yucca Mountain construction."
What would $29 billion do for genuine clean energy technology?  Give us a chance to prove it, instead of feeding more attorneys. 2/27/2009

The Full Written Decision from Federal District Court Judge Michael Shipp, ruling in FAVOR of the defense, Dutchman Enterprises, is now posted here.
Quotes of interest:
  • "Probable cause does not exist to believe that the statute in question is being violated."
  • "Third, and not insignificantly, Dr. Halperin never physically examined the HAFC at issue in this case."
  • "... the Court did not find Dr. Halperin's testimony persuasive as it related to the internal combustion engine.  While Court acknowledges that at times experts may cross-over fields, the attempted cross-over in present case was not appropriate considering all the factors discussed. This case clearly deals with internal combustion engines and Dr. Halperin's testimony failed to convince the Court that probable cause exists to believe that the statute in question is being violated."
  • "The FTC suggests the 'orange' test is not 'an accepted, reliable scientific protocol for fuel economy tests.' (Pl.'s Replay Br at 13). However, any critique of this testing process was conspicuously absent from Dr. Halperin's sworn hearing testimony."
  • "Fourth, Dr. Halperin actually agrees that adding hydrogen to fuel, which is what the HAFC purportedly does, could increase fuel efficiency."
  • "... not a single complaining consumer has come forward demanding relief speaks directly to the minimal, if any, harm to public interests..."
The editor of this Commutefaster Energy page will be on Dr. Bill Deagle's talk show Wednesday, 2 PM PST to discuss this grotesque waste of taxpayer money which is now revealed to be nothing more than another technology suppression attack like many I have reported here before. 2/24/2009
Interview posted. 2/25/2009

Despite recent FTC power abuse, I have to return to Homeland Security abuse. 
Who are these for? 
Will they be followed up with these?

Detailed commentary of the FTC versus Dutchman case is now in my Blog
Dutchman issued an 8 page response of their own, posted here.

FTC remains silent, refusing to admit the New Jersey Federal District Court Judge ruled AGAINST them.  2/21/2009

Court Evidence Has Been Destroyed.
The FTC lawyer, Joshua Millard made sure there was no court stenographer present during the entire FTC vs Dutchman trial on February 5, 2009. Joshua Millard attempted to deny Dutchman from having any legal council whatsoever. Now the Federal District Court in New Jersey claims the electronic audio recording system failed.  Conveniently for Josh Millard there is now no official record of him sticking his foot in his mouth and squandering massive government funds to suppress another energy technology.  How stupid does he think the public is?  The same public that is supposed to believe 19 Arabs  from a cave made the entire US military stand down on 9/11/2001 or make 3 hardened steel structure skyscrapers suddenly collapse from  small fires?

All of FTC's false or misleading  charges are still posted on the FTC site here.

Dutchman has issued this lengthy response to this attack here.

The HAFC is still available but FTC is now attempting to initiate a second trial and no doubt more jack-booted thugeries, WITH YOUR TAX MONEY.

This trial NEVER had anything to do with the performance of the HAFC. It is just another ENERGY SUPPRESSION attack by vermin still left over from the Bush/Oil administration.  MANY other energy inventors are still experiencing coercive attacks aimed at wearing them down financially or even affecting their health and general well being.  2/20/2009

The charges placed by an out of control Federal Trade Commission in January have been  determined false by a Federal District Judge.

As neither FTC, nor the Federal District Court have issued public statements or documents yet, I am refraining from posting a full report until I am able to quote specifics.

But Dutchman Enterprises is back in business and the HAFC is available again.  Information and statement from Dutchman is available here.


As the US government gradually disintegrates,
  • details surface of  prisoners dying of torture.
  • 21 states declare sovereignty.
  • Congress decides to blow another $787 billion with options to run over a Trillion.
  • Blackwater thinks changing its name will change its image
  • Department of Energy places a request for information to find a market for the ridiculous fuel cells they have wasted money on for years.
  • US Treasury declares GW Bush ran up nearly $5 trillion in debt during his 8 year administration.

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission sends urgent  notification to Home Depot and a lot of other names you may recognize. 2/12/2009

Your bailout money at work.
Hookers on the expense accounts at banks, brokerage firms, and others. 

Whistle blower on Madoff scandal reveals SEC has too many lawyers running things, and they can't do math. These 3 video clips are priceless and worth dropping what you're doing to watch.
Investigator Markopolos  12 mins
Ackerman Dumps on SEC 5 mins
CNN reports  5 mins    2/12/2009

Saudi Oil Minister attacks investment in Alternative Energy.  2/21/2009

Hard times in Dubai.  Sheik humbles himself to buying a 40 year old "used" yacht.... the QE-2. 2/12/2009

More Bush legacies: 
US military has more suicides than war deaths last month.
Australia calls their recent disaster a BUSH fire, rather than BRUSH fire.  2/12/2009

New Jersey Attorney General announces that a Superior Court Judge rules Against ExxonMobil for violations occurring over 30 years ago. 2/9/2009

Hyperinflation is on the horizon. Economist Peter Schiff comments. 2/7/2009
Is a Multi-state Secession in the works? 8 States tell Washington DC either obey the US Constitution or we're outta here. Inside California, local cities and municipalities do the same to their state capitol. 2/6/2009

Suppression must be working. The government of Sweden pretends to not know about sufficient clean energy sources and returns to endorsing nuclear power. 2/6/2009

CEO Entitlements? 2/5/2009

Did the banking scandal in the US trigger the bankruptcy of multiple countries?  This report claims it did, but closer look at the government's balance sheets reveals massive hidden assets.  Shall we believe the accountants or the politicians? 2/4/2009

Pelosi = dumber that dirt. 2/4/2009

Did the US really need to immigrate bankers? They did. 2/1/2009

Who wants the US Dollar anyway? California prints its own.
Arnold Buck
Arnold Bucks, the wave of the future.

Bush monument
Monument to George W. Bush erected in Iraq.

Billions for Banker Bonuses, but Nothing for Nerd's Necessities.
Where are the "garage inventors' of America supposed to do their work after the banks foreclose on their garage (and house)? 1/31/2009
- - -
CEO compensation database. Compare your own salary to theirs.
You might take a close comparative look at the CEO wage for a company that actually provides something most of us can use like Home Depot versus a company that only plays around with other people's money and expects government to cover all their mistakes. Never in Goldman Sachs history have they manufactured something tangible you or I could actually touch and use.  Or Bank of America, now owning Countrywide Mortgage and foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of homes across America due to loans written with terms impossible to meet by the victims who signed them.  1/31/2009

US Defies Canadian Law. All uranium produced in Canada is supposed to be used for peaceful power generation. It is not. The US is using it to make DU weapons used both my themselves and allies (Israel?).
In this powerful interview of Dr. Leuren Moret by Vancouver Coop Radio, details of this violation of international treaty are revealed along with frightening new statistics on Veteran illnesses leading to major mental illness, murders and even cannibalism.
MP3  57:57 min:sec  13.2 MB
Text report.   1/25/2009

Old and New US Vice Presidents Compared. 1/25/2009

Traffic cameras at intersections are bad enough, but Arizona experimented with SPEED cameras on Interstate 10.  They were found to CAUSE MORE ACCIDENTS AND FATALITIES. Program ends. What phi beta kappa thought it was safe to shoot off flash bulbs in the face of high speed drivers? 1/24/2009

US Banks get $350 billion in bailout money, but don't know where they spent it. 
How soon before they use the Nigerian Scape Goat Defense?
Or there is the Swedish method.  1/24/2009

The Bush administration tried to track your turkey with NAIS, now New York wants to track Canadian geese with bird radar. 1/24/2009

Change? Speeches Compared.
  • New Department of Energy Secretary is Steven Chu, from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.  Any chance nuclear power will diminish with him in control?
  • Nine years ago Department of Homeland Security didn't exist. We didn't need it. It was a boon doggle invented by Bush to distract the country from his staff's gross incompetence illustrated in his first few months in office. Why is Obama continuing this $3.4 billion boon doggle just to house something we don't need?

Out with the old criminals...
ChenneyRahm Emanuel
In with the new.
US economy so bad...
The US out sources presidency to a Kenyan. (I wish I was joking) 1/20/2009
Commentary by Devvy Kidd.

Giant Ice Sculpture of Al Gore unveiled in Alaska. 1/19/2009

NASA chief and Bush appointee, Michael Griffin steps down, while Hacker McKinnon's discoveries raise a hornet's nest of controversy that may lead to legal action against NASA. 1/18/2009

FX TV, new program titled: Rescue Me. Has truthful writing actually reached Hollywood? 1/17/2009

Dubai halts construction of tallest skyscraper for a year in midst of banking turmoil.
- - -
Clinton's donation receipts from Dubai

Outgoing Energy Secretary Bodman continues antagonism for clean energy right up to the very end of his term. 1/15/2009

Nigerian Army kills gang leader of oil related murders and thefts. Militant groups fight for a greater share of natural resources in Niger Delta. 1/14/2009
- - -
Nigerian President fires head of state-run Oil Company and replaces with former Secretary General of OPEC.  1/14/2009

Ukraine - Russia Sign Gas Deal. 1/12/2009
But terms remain in debate. 1/14/2009

Politicians suddenly realize the political liabilities of coal as the ash spill reported here a week ago is analyzed as 100 times worse than the Exxon Valdeez spill. 1/12/2009

Obama spider web Obama to oversee the NSA
"Black Widow" surveillance operation.
It would be easy to just blame George Bush for this level of spying on everyone regardless of justifiable cause, but Obama VOTED FOR THIS PROGRAM when he was senator from Illinois.  Details at link. 1/8/2009

Endless circle. One agency fines the auto industry for lousy mileage performance.  Then the auto companies pass the cost of the fine on to the consumer with next year's models. Is anything ever improved? No. 1/8/2009

Rob a bank, get shot dead.
But when the banks rob you, they get bonuses.
And when Wall Street steals $50 billion from you, the leader gets placed under house arrest in his mansion so he can mail out his million dollar jewelry to his relatives.

It is quite grievous to report an atrocity twice.  Israel jumps to the top of my MOST STUPID USE OF ENERGY list by using Depleted Uranium Weapons AGAINST THEIR NEIGHBOR AND THUS CONTAMINATING THEIR OWN LAND the next time the wind blows. 1/6/2009

FBI launches new hiring spree. 1/6/2009

Possible false flag operation in progress.  As rockets fly in from Gaza toward Israel's Nuclear power plant named Dimona, it should be noted that there have been allegations of radiation leaks at Dimona beforehand.  Will a rocket with somebody's flag painted on it be blamed for these leaks?  Yet to be revealed.

Sadly, the escalation continues even without mentioning Dimona. 1/3/2009

Just as we begin the 2 hardest months of winter for the Northern Hemisphere, Russia Cuts Off All Natural Gas Supply to Ukraine. 1/2/2009  
This editorial at Lew Rockwell's site does an excellent job of explaining the tie between crooked politicians, technology and the fall of a civilization.
A civics test given a test group revealed today's politicians knew less about government that an ignorant populace. 1/2/2008

Your Bailout Money at work. 1/2/2009


Previous articles posted in
2008 Energy Archives

2007 Energy Archives
2006 Energy archives

2005 Energy archives

News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Steorn system now confirmed Over Unity by J L Naudin. 
Despite some glitches on the recent live video performance, the system now proved itself in the lab. 12/28/2009

Sheik's Mercedes
Silver would probably tarnish, so it's white gold.
0-60 2 sec., 1,600HP, quad turbo V-10. 12/27/2009

E-Solar facility in Lancaster California wins award.

Audi shows off their own electric prototype, the e-tron. 12/6/2009

Capstone Microturbine tested for recharging the batteries on another electric car. 12/6/2009

In the "Too Much Data in One Spot" category, the Motorola Droid reaches consumers. Join your cell phone with your laptop and add a few features neither had before.  Boy, what could possibly go wrong? It has direct WiFi access to GoogleMaps. Voice recognition and GPS.  Tell it where you want to go, and it brings up a street view of the building you are in, and walks you to where to find the Pizza joint you just asked for.  Point it at the sky and it tells you the names of the stars and planets over head, and exactly where each is at, as well as what phase the moon is in, along with real time position from your GPS perspective. If this appeals to you, you can actually buy it through a  CommuteFaster affiliate. 11/27/2009

ECOS Harbinger
Another electric car enters the ranks.  The Harbinger, by ECOS.

Fisker makes first major move with the $512 million DOE loan the just received, they purchase a GM plant in Delaware. 10/27/2009

The "Wingsuit" moves the art of sail planing to man's ancient dream of personal flight. These videos shot in Norway and the Swiss Alps are astounding and artfully beautiful. 10/22/2009
Update 12/6/2009: Just as soon as anyone comes up with a good idea, somebody has to militarize it.

This 86 minute documentary reveals the water molecule has memory. 10/17/2009

Innovative? Yes.  Practical??? Human Hair Solar Panel invented in India.  Is this why God put the bulk of our hair on our heads and not on our feet? 9/10/2009

Tesla Motors:

Wireless Electricity demonstrated in video. 
- - -
The new TV Guide of the internet is http://mag.ma/ 
Yes it redirects through the country of Morocco to be able to not need a ".com" domain. Now you can easily see what's playing on both entertainment as well as intelligent websites. 8/26/2009

A blast from the past. Mention here is not always an endorsement, just posted for your own research and assessment. But who knows with this? A new term to me...."holy hand grenade" is explained in this 2002 article about orgone energy.  The last picture in the article pretty much explains everything. Another controversial internet figure has her own design. 8/21/2009

Italian Power Plant Runs on Hydrogen. Using a byproduct from oil processing facilities, it at least puts waste to good use, and makes  up to 12 megawatts of power doing it. 8/17/2009

Water slide exhibits precision engineering. But you'll never catch me riding it. 8/10/2009

Sometimes it only takes a change in shape to make things considerably more efficient.
This video by AO Smith illustrates changing the shape of a fan blade can make a refrigerator run more efficiently.
Or Piaggio Aircraft adjusts the shape of the fuselage, creating a 3rd lifting surface. This enabled them to shorten the wings, for less weight and friction. Placing the engines in the rear created more advantages.  The result is a propeller driven business plane that flies as fast as many business jets, 460 mph, yet uses considerably less fuel.  8/8/2009

Two New Electrics announced.
A car from Nissan.
An airplane, 2 passenger.

From SciFi to reality, transparent Aluminum now exists. 7/31/2009

Velozzi Solo
The Velozzi Solo
Micro Turbine / Electric Hybrid.  100 mpg, 130 mph.  Microturbine recharging offers use of a wide variety of fuel sources. No production or availability announced yet.
Press Releases 7/23/2009

The biofuel craze now extends to onions. 7/17/2009

Fisker Karma
Fisker taking orders for delivery in 2010. 
(Probably a safer investment of $5,000 than under a mattress.  Try finding a used Tesla today for less than the price of a new one.) 7/15/2009

Google commemorates Tesla's Birthday.
Tesla - Google

Yokohama introduces new tire rubber made from orange peel oil. 20% lower rolling resistance. Unclear if that also means 20% less traction. 7/10/2009

New material, bismuth telluride, created in a laboratory, is proving to be more efficient than silicon for electron flow. The result can be even faster computer chips. 7/1/2009

Perendev, Michael Brady posts new video of permanent magnet motor, and liquid nitrogen motor. 7/1/2009

Porsche considers an electric model 911. 7/1/2009

Mathematics of gravity found to be similar to the geometric math dimensions of the hydrogen atom.  Coincidence or correlation? This lengthy report and video lecture discusses possibilities. 6/24/2009

Pete Sumaruck featured on James Robey talk show. Major announcements discussed. Additional comments to be discussed by editor Ken on Dr. Deagle's talk show Monday 6/22/09. To air live 2 to 3 PM Pacific time on GCNlive, channels 1 & 3. 
Now archived here with commercials removed. 6/21/2009

Is Earth's magnetism from iron in the core or the rotation of the water in the oceansNew theory discusses possibilities. 6/16/2009

110 MPG engine/vehicle to begin manufacture in USA.
Doug Pelmear Horse Power Sales
The Revenge Verde Super Car will offer a 400 HP engine enabling 200 mph speed or 110 MPG depending how you drive it.  Hp2g web site. 6/3/2009

Genepax - the Japanese company that startled the world last year with a working water fueled car closes down web site. Blaming high development costs, they are restructuring their business plan before proceeding with any production goals. The English page has been removed. Only a brief disclaimer on the Japanese front page remains. 5/7/2009

Aptera test drive. Hoping to begin deliveries late this year. Overnight charge is good for 100 miles of driving, up to 90 mph speed. 5/7/2009

CEO of ZENN Motors, Ian Clifford tells more about the much awaited Eestor ultracapacitor. 5/5/2009

As narrow-casting over the internet has replaced AM talk radio with much more quality content, technologies introduced at this year's NAB convention will soon have narrow topics like you read about here, reported in very high quality video, almost HD, over the internet directly to your computer. Samples of live programing are Leo Laporte's computer tech talk show, done from his home with guests calling in with their Skype web cams.  But note the quality of all the images.  This is NOT fuzzy YouTube stuff.  First to use this technology was Hulu, playing prerecorded Hollywood content, but it has been adapted to now handle live programming.

Theater screens are not being ignored either.  NHK continued to amaze the audience at NAB with their Ultra High Definition imagery. So data intense as to require several strands of fiber optic to pass the signal.  But images beyond description. This year they introduced the same extremely high resolution in 3D.  It left me speechless.  They showed images from the Japanese satellite orbiting the moon.  Watching extremely high resolution craters passing below you with the Earth rising as you come around from the back side is an emotional experience in 3D. 4/27/2009

Another mileage enhancement device claiming 40% mileage improvement, and this is from Israel. 4/27/2009

As missiles got faster, electronic warfare advances beyond just messing with your opponent's radar. 4/27/2009

Progressive Insurance announces full list of entrants to their upcoming X-Prize event.
Video    List   

Pete Sumaruck was one of the most controversial stories I reported on last year. He moved from a major suppression story in column 1 to a startling demonstration here in column 3.
He now releases 2 videos of his system running under load.
Video One
Video Two
Additional comments at his web site.
All it takes is the support of serious investors who realize potential to make theories start to work. 4/3/2009

Maxforce: another permanent magnet motor enters the mix.  4/1/2009

Tesla Motors delivers car #250.
Tesla # 250
Tesla Motors delivered its 250th car last Saturday. Lucky No. 250 was Dr. Rob Wilder, an academic and entrepreneur who created the first Index on Wall Street for energy efficiency and zero-carbon solutions. Rob lives in Encinitas, Calif., where he charges his Roadster from his home's array of solar panels. He picked "very orange" as the exterior color to symbolize the car's connection with the sun.  3/20/2009

VW concept
Volks Wagon to introduce a car that is not only cheap (?$600?) but gets 258 mpg.
To be made in China. Is this just a moped with a plastic shell? 3/16/2009

"Urgent Appeal for Support of New Energy Solutions" presented to both Congress and the Obama Administration. Submitted by Dr. Steven Greer of The Orion Project. 3/7/2009

Coreless Brushed DC Motor delivers twice the torque. Now operating at 91% efficiency.  3/7/2009

Exoskeletons amplify human energy. How soon can we civilians buy them for yard work? 3/5/2009

Editor Ken Rasmussen interview on Dr. Bill Deagle program 2/25/2009  MP3 39:50
Referenced during show,
2 videosGerald Celente     Markopolos   Court Decision Document 13 page .pdf 

Entry deadline quickly approaches for the Progressive Insurance X-PrizeIt is intended to showcase vehicles capable of exceeding 100 MPG or equivalent.
Last day of entry is Saturday February 28. 2009.  Current registration fee is $7,500 per vehicle and requires several preliminary tests prior to actual run in August 2010. 2/21/2009

NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is now able to watch Gamma Ray bursts now in High Definition. 2/21/2009

Ice storms reek havoc on power lines. This technology could prevent ice buildup. 2/21/2009

HHOGames report from Brandenton Florida. Hydrogen boost technology is reality and proven by many manufacturers and users. 2/9/2009

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept car from Jaguar, the C-CX.
Jaguar C-CX concept

Sony shows off new super thin OLED televisions at CES. Also capable of flexible screens.  2/7/2009

Solar Powered Venetian Blinds yield light 24 hours a day. 2/7/2009

Steorn announces more engineering verification. 2/4/2009

New Solar Facility goes Online in Boulder City Nevada. One of few major facilities to use thin film  photovoltaic technology.
- - -
Joining the bandwagon, Oak Ridge National Labs also activates their new solar facility. 1/24/2009

Alcatraz Ferry Goes Green..., well, sort of. 1/24/2009 

Need a PhD in Hydrogen Safety? It is now offered by the University of Ulster. 1/18/2009

MYT Engine comes out of hiding for 2 years.  R&D now complete, seeking manufacturing capital.  1/14/2009

Why should solar be an "aftermarket" product?  Home designers wake up to pre-wiring solar directly into the house design. But how soon will solar manufacturers realize they need to consider cosmetics in the solar cell design? When will photo voltaics look like Spanish tile or fireproof wood shake like most home owners now prefer? Solar collectors need to be THE roof, not something ON TOP OF the roof. 1/12/2009

Serious update: The wind generator owner wants to file an insurance claim.  Yahoo news asks if your home insurance covers UFO collisions? 1/14/2009
(Humor?) Has the UK discovered a technology to bring down UFO's? Or has wind technology proven too dangerous? 1/8/2009

The Eestor alliance with LockheedMartin yields its first product, naturally for military application. 1/2/2008

Complements to Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Ted Loder, Dr. Jan Bravo, Bill Costantino,  Laila S. Nabulsi, and all volunteer associates and donors of the Orion Project for being the most active true venture capitalist group in 2008 with acquisition of the Stan Meyer estate and initial interest in the Pete Sumaruck motor synchronization technology.

They are chosen for not only directing capital toward genuine clean energy technology, but for being willing to take risks where Wall Street refused to travel.

  • Pete Sumaruck initial video. 11/24/2008
  • Dr. Greer & Ted Loder discussing the Stan Meyer acquisition is archived at the World Puja network on the 12/12/2008 program. Official announcement 12/11/2008

CF/ed 1/1/2008

Must-Watch Videos Free Online

Electric Cars
Batttery or hybrid now, but ready for the next generation of electric power.

Freeway Legal

High Performance

Tesla Motors -
delivering now
Battery Electric,  244 mile range
Tesla Roadster

Fisker - Karma
- delivering in 2010
Gas/Electric Hybrid,  300 mile range
Fisker Karma

Metro Runabout

- 25 mph limit

On the 6/22/2009 talk show interview with Dr. Deagle, Ken mentions an event to promote a unique electricity generator. You may sign up for free tickets to attend the event here. Those who attend will be offered the ability to have a unit installed at their own home free of charge. Times and locations will be announced at a later time.
For businesses with large electric bills, $10,000 a month or higher, please inquire
about working with Ken and  Pete Sumaruck to get your own business off the grid and help other business do the same.

Computer controlled hydrogen boost with ignition timing correction is soon to be offered through a network of new car dealers near you. Keep watch here for the announcement. 6/8/2009

If you are close to a source for compressed hydrogen or other alternative fuels, AmericanFuels can convert your vehicle to operate on them now. 6/8/2009

Turn your city's waste into energy with technologies from



List of Waste to Energy technology companies.   1/15/2009

Startech strikes Alliance with Hydrogen Engine Center. Startech technology to create Hydrogen from municipal waste. EVERY city in the world needs this technology. 3/27/2008

LED lights LED lights really are eco-friendly, unlike the screw-in fluorescent type which contain mercury. LED's use a fraction of the power used by tungsten lights.
ECOLEDS offers a selection of sizes for your application. A 10 watt LED replaces a 100 watt standard bulb.
Retail dealer. 5/21/2007

Sunlight-Direct Indoor Solar Lighting.
Light is routed through fiber optics. Now available from Sunlight-Direct.
Archived story at PESN. 5/21/2007

Solar ChairSolar Boosted Wheel Chair.

Owner boasts a 30 minute extension of operation, along with a little shade and protection from a light rain.  5/14/2007

HyDrive now delivering Hydrogen boost technology for commercial trucking.
Just a small amount of hydrogen added to a conventional diesel engine makes a noticeable difference in both cleaner emissions, more power and better mileage. 2/7/2006
Update: Along with growing sales in the US, HyDrive establishes marketing in Iceland. 11/29/2006
Another company, Hydrogen Innovations LLC of Blackfoot, Idaho introduces a hydrogen boost unit to improve diesel engine performance. Note audio interview link at bottom of story. 2/18/2006
Similar Technology can be obtained by Hydrogen-Boost for your automobile. 2/21/2006


Nikola Tesla 150th Birthday was July 10, 2006 Run something on AC instead of DC.
Take a color photo tour

Must Watch Videos
Free Online
More detailed images of Stan Meyer components.
1:21 posted 11/16/2008

Bob Boyce interviewed by Chris Patton. 
90 mins. posted 3/8/2009

For unexplained reasons, many videos of Stan Meyer and inventors of other revolutionary energy processing devices started disappearing from both GoogleVideo and YouTube on September 5, 2008. We highly recommend copying and saving any video you find of value. There are no guarantees how long they will remain on the server you found it on.
KR/ed 9/7/2008

Marko Rodin Math lecture now posted in 44 parts on YouTube.
Alegedly the most efficient way to wind a torroidal coil. For general  information only, not an endorsement. 1/14/2008

HBO documentary:
"Hacking Democracy"

Tesla: the missing secrets
Produced in 1999. 1 hr, 4 parts

How to bootleg a few watts of electricity from your phone company.
Nothing more than an LED light or 2, current capacity is zilch.  10/14/2007

Double Helix Exectrolyzer design.

Roy McAliser discusses engine conversion to Hydrogen.
Both ignition and diesel type engines. A teaser for Knowledge Publications. Series parts 1 - 1010/1/2007

Ravi from India explains his attempted replication of Stanley Meyers process.
10:53 mins 10/1/2007

The unique properties of Browns Gas,
versus other combinations of Hydrogen and Oxygen are explained in this rather low quality but informative video. 10/1/2007

Illustration of lightening striking a car with occupant.
5 mins, posted Feb 9, 2007

Disclosure Project updated interviews 
1 hr posted July 26, 2006

The late Dr. Bob Beck delivered a health lecture you will never forget in 1997. 
Presented at the Granada Forum, explained known cures for AIDS, Lupus, Cancer and many other ailments. The method was entirely electronic, not herbal or pharmaceutical. The documents he refers to can be found in .pdf form here.   2 hrs. 7/22/2007

Stan Meyer & Charlie Holbrook
The day they first got the dune buggy to run totally on water for over 4 minutes. 7/17/2007

Several assorted  short clips, some old, some new.

The movie:
Brazil  Bizarre film released by Universal in the 80's, but frightenly prophetic. 2 min intro

Phillip Schneider lecture
given in 1996,  6 months before being murdered. Posted January 13, 2007  1:10:00

Musical Tesla Coil 
approx 3 mins

Josef Newman, 820 % efficiency device
Excellent summary of many years of reasearch. 1:11:43 posted August 2006

Iraq For Sale. 
Expose' on Halliburton.
Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 
Note: Audio level is quite low on all posted segments, you may need extra amplification.  Full quality DVD available at Iraqforsale.org/

Chris Paine
, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?", interviewed on PBS.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three 

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, explains ties of oil with banking for world power.
3 parts HearTheVoices.com
Posted 11/9/2006

Stan Meyer addresses a conference in Colorado Springs.
Date = sometime in 1993. Report by local TV station 11 mins Posted 3/6/2007.
Additional clips posted April 2007.
Clip one  44 mins
Clip Two  44 mins
Clip Three  12 mins

Clip from
The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln,
Switzerland in 1989.  9 mins

Energy Non-Crisis - Linsey Williams 10 min clip from several part series. Posted Jan. 14 2007

Phenomenon: Cold Fusion -
Epiphany Productions, 2000 Contains excerpts from "Cold Fusion: Fire from Water"

Classic video lecture given by controversial William Cooper
, probably at MUFON convention, Las Vegas, 1989.  Mr. Cooper confuses fallen angels with space aliens, but his research inside government is legendary.

Tom Bearden short clip on vortex energy and promo for series of videos. Posted 1/18/2007

Stan Meyer himself describes his efficient electrolysis process.  Posted  Dec. 3, 2006

William Lyne discusses monotomic hydrogen and diatomic hydrogen and a way to obtain excess energy from both.
Posted Dec. 6 2006

Tody's quality high school chemistry teacher.
Who needs safety equipment when you're just lucky? 1/27/2007

Hydrogen Cars
as available today. posted 1/10/2007, 6 mins

UK documentary
illustrates how grossly inefficient current energy creation and distribution systems are. 18 mins. 1/19/2007

Jordan Maxwell clip explains Admiralty law better than any I've heard. Not directly about energy, but definitely explains the politics behind its problems. 17 mins 1/19/2007

Hollywood Actor BillyJack makes argument for use of biofuels ASAP. 1/4/2007

Japanese Water Car: All Japanese narration, but the images say a lot. Company website, also in Japanese but translatable. posted 12/10/2006  3:31 mins

Secrets of the 3rd Reich - Nazi ties to the occult and advanced UFO technology - the term "alternative energy" had a darker meaning to the Nazis 57:29 mins

A little MIB humor in this Energy Bar commercial

Solar Energy Commercial.
This is the free energy the monopolies will let us talk about.

George Carlin, vulgar yet poignant and technically accurate: Who Really Controls America posted July 14, 2006 5:10 segment from 90 min pay TV special

Security camera captures world's worst Laptop repair technician.

Flashback 1978: Jack Nicholson promotes a Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen Hummers
The GM version  4:24 mins
Intergalactic Hydrogen vers. 14 mins

Tom Bearden discusses the accomplishments of Tesla
Posted Sept. 11, 2006 1hr 23mins

Tesla, The Genius Who Lit the World Posted September 10, 2006,  produced 1994.  42 mins

Nikola Tesla, The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius
Part 1  17 mins
Part 2  not posted

Perendev & Bedini Motor models demonstrated at the 2005 Tesla Extraordinary Energy Conference posted March 5 2006

Free Energy-The Race to Zero Point 1997

Anti Gravity - Stan Deyo: recorded at the Ancient of Days conference 2005 Roswell New Mexico - This video has been removed from Google, possibly copyright issues. The ORIGINAL DVD can be purchased at ancientofdays.net.

Brown's Gas - Additional Properties - Dan Haley early 90's

It Runs on Water
Stan Meyer's Last Interview
Stan's segment
Full 50 minutes 1995


Current View
Joe Cell videos - list

William Lyne on Free Energy and Nazi UFOs -
Author of 3 books on alternative energy, bizarre theology, but pretty accurate historical and scientific references - even scientific and math books have been corrupted.

Free Energy -
 Another Inconvenient Truth

Free Energy from
dissimilar metals 
Prt 1   Prt 2

Solid State (no moving parts) Free Energy device Steven Mark
Parts:  1    2    3    4    5


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