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2007 Archives
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7/10/2007 guest: Ian Clifford, CEO of ZENN Motor Cars - Electric Cars
Segment ID #36829
Ian Clifford reviews present electric car applicability along with major advancements in electric storage technology.  Use of barium in ultra capacitors is changing what we thought we knew about batteries. ZENN is affiliated with a company, Eestor, who is developing this form of energy storage.
7/9/2007 guest: Kent Snyder, Campaign Manager for RonPaul2008
Segment ID #36864
Kent Snyder responds to some direct questions never asked on conventional media, delving into hidden areas obscured by administraions for the last hundred years, that caused numerous wars and setbacks to America, along with the errosion of basics established by our constitution. Topics coverered: FreeMasons, CFR, Income taxes corporate and private, hidden funds in CAFR. 
The Ron Paul web site is at
6/17/2007  guests: Nora Mccoby, Todd Hathaway regarding Blue Salon event.
Segment ID #32218   1 hr, 1 min   16 Mb

Nora Maccoby and Todd Hathaway report on the Blue Salon event, Swedish Embassy, Washington DC.  Sites referenced in interview are and the PES summary of Eddie Sine's technology. 
6/16/2007  Ken, one caller.
Segment ID #31221   19 mins  5.1 Mb

Ken does brief intro to Blue Salon event. Faulty connection to Washington DC changes subject to caller discussing smog regulation issues in California.
4/16/2007 Ken - solo NAB2007
Segment ID #20801
15 min   4 mb

Ken gave short monologue reporting from the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas Nevada. The show used 35 miles of carpet.  Attendance over 108,000.
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3/31/2007 Ken guest-hosts Sterling Alan's show: FreeEnergyNow
Guest Mark Golben, David daCosta
60 mins  13 mb
CEO Mark Golben and president David DaCosta of Ergenics discuss their electricity from thermal differential system.  This show originally broadcast on
3/14/2007 guest William Lyne
Segment ID #16254   60 mins  14.3 mb
William Lyne, author of "Pentagon Space Aliens..." and other expositional books on hidden or suppressed science and government propaganda. Bill discusses several points from his books.
3/13/2007 guest Dr. Steven Greer
Segment ID #15651   60 mins  14.3 mb
Dr. Greer from the Disclosure Project and SEAS explains his proposed solutions to getting innovative clean energy beyond the attacks and out to the consumer.
3/10/2007 Ken Rasmussen MIB report
Segment ID #15800   60 mins  14.4 mb
Ken reports on Men In Black attacks against clean energy inventors and ties together several lose ends seldom associated with each other that are likely the root of the problem.
2/20/2007 guest: James Robey
Segment ID #13287   60 mins  14.9 mb
James continues discussion of past water fuel inventors
2/19/2007 guests: Kurt Annaheim, Sterling Allan
Segment ID #13103   60 mins.  14.3 mb
Kurt Annaheim from discusses the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter and Hydrogen Assisted Fuel Cell by Better World Technologies.
Sterling Allan from and discusses his interview of Mike Brady announcing his Perendev Permanent Magnet Motor.

2/15/2007 Opening show, ground rules; guest: James Robey
Segment ID #12790   58:03 mins. 21mb

 From the Lexington Kentucky Waterfuel museum