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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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12/16/2008  Heart Attack  Please listen to this 1 hour interview of author Christian Wilde discussing new techniques to both predict and prevent heart attack.  It is NOT cholesterol that causes heart attacks.  It is "C reactive Protein."  If your doctor is treating you improperly for cholesterol, it could be CAUSING a heart attack rather than preventing it. Get a copy of the book for yourself AND your doctor and both of you need to listen to the interview also.

12/16/2008  Stroke can strike anyone, rich or poor.  It killed my own mother.  But now there is effective treatment.  Dr. David Steenblock in Mission Viejo, California uses a variety of measures which show startling recovery of what was thought impossible as recently as the 1990's.  Adult Stem Cells are showing effective treatment of paralysis, heart tissue damage, even spinal tissue repair.  Please review  Dr. Steenblock's website to see services offered and results obtained.  Even if you don't know anyone affected by stroke personally yet, remember his name and website if tragedy should strike near you. 

Prevention is complex.
#1 Know your blood pressure and keep under control, preferably through diet control. 
#2 Eat a balanced nutrition diet to make your vessels and veins strong enough to handle spontaneous pressure from anything that over stresses the body.  Magnesium is top on the list of minerals that do this.  Vitamins K2 and D3 keep calcium under control.  The body needs calcium, but in colloidal form, NOT ELEMENTAL as in crushed rocks or coral.  Do not take calcium without magnesium, Vitamin D3 and K2.

8/7/2008 New Discovery regarding CancerAlternate link.
Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy presents solid evidence that cancer is a fungus. 
His simple treatment is showing startling results.
Further information about fungal treatment can be found at Know the Cause
Tullio Simoncini's websites

Recent shocking discoveries:
  • Chlorine in tap water found to be much more dangerous than thought.  It reacts with milk to create arterial plaque.  So if you like milk, STOP drinking chlorinated tap water immediately.  A simple carbon filter gravity filter works fine.  Examples: Brita or Pur are adequate.  A more advanced system by Burkey will also remove other contaminants like fluoride.
  • Electronic blood purification cures a multitude of ailments. Research done back in 1990 was rediscovered, tested and proven by the late Dr. Bob Beck, who tragically died of a fall in 2002.  Please watch a video of a 2 hour lecture he gave at the Granada Forum in 1997 which reveals startling results from a relatively cheap electronic treatment.  In the lecture, he refers to a list of notes.  They are available still in .pdf form here.  The electronic method apparently kills off bad bacteria and viruses we know about and a few we didn't know existed, like some that affect obesity (only  recently identified) and some types of baldness.  Dr. Beck recommends building the simple devices yourself, but for those who are soldering iron challenged, Sota Instruments offers pre manufactured units to Dr. Beck's specifications.  The Dr. Beck Protocol should not be confused with other electronic systems like Rife or Clark.  It is extremely different.  Sota is not delivering ozone units for a while.  This unit made by NatureClean does the same thing from another manufacturer. 
So in review, the Beck Protocol calls for 4 steps to get rid of parasites and viruses from your blood and hidden in organs and joints:
  1. Wrist pulse unit
  2. High Voltage Coil blaster
  3. Colloidal silver made using wrist pulser - use to drink 4 oz/day,  rinse hair, gargle & brush teeth
  4. Freshly ozonated water (chlorine filtered out) for the remaining 64 or so ounces a day to drink
Update 8/7/2008:  The best results I have heard using the Beck Protocol are from only 15 minutes / day of use.  Too much treatment releases too much toxin in your system at once and can cause other problems or make present matters worse.

, An essentially free tip that can show extreme improvement in one's health: 
water + sea salt
.   Sea salt is available in the health food section of most any grocery store. 
It costs more than common table salt, but a one pound box will last a long time.

The late
F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., while working under the extreme conditions of an Iranian prison made the startling discovery of the benefits of sea salt with adequate daily water intake.   His work is described at length at 2 web sites:

Talk show host Jeff Rense did an insightful interview on 2/9/2005 with the 2 individuals who operate the above web sites.  For sake of benefiting public health, I have posted it here in mp3 format  Jeff Rense interviews Bob and Connie Butts.  The interview is 40 minutes long.

Summarized in this .pdf file.

The simple formula is:
  1. Premix one teaspoon of unprocessed sea salt to one gallon of water. Do NOT use common table salt.  It's not the same.
  2. A 150 pound person needs half that number in ounces per day, or 75 ounces which is a little over 1/2 gallon, DAILY.
It must be noted that the old misconception of all salt being bad for you was derived from a FLAWED study done many years ago, yet went unchallenged for many years.  Dr. Wallach stresses that our body NEEDS a balance of salt minerals to be able to make stomach acid.  Without them, food is not digested properly and gets stored as fat or worse, creates free radicals causing numerous problems.  Common table salt only has 3 minerals.  Sea salt has 50 to 80+ minerals.   Its slightly higher cost is more than justified by results.

Next, avoid land mines that can kill you.  Smoking, alcohol and substance abuse are the obvious ones, but these next items listed here are just as deadly yet political corruption in the food and medical industries has given them an aura of legitimacy.  Please look at the linked sites for the documented truth about how deadly these allegedly safe items really are.
  • Fluoride  1  2   (both dental toothpaste and drinking water)
  • Mercury poisoning from amalgam teeth fillings  1  2  3   Short, or long 3 min video clip of toxic tooth still emitting vapors after 50 years.
  • Aspartame 1  2  (used in both Diet Pepsi and Diet CokeDonald Rumsfeld ties to Aspartame
  • MSG, monosodium glutamate 1  2  3  (used in more places than you can believe, even sprayed on growing crops) has similar chemical structure and similar detrimental side effects as Aspartame.
  • Statin Drugs, some brand names include Lipitor, Zocor lower cholesterol by poisoning your liver.
Deep fried, processed foods contain transfats which should also be avoided.  Cooked foods should all be only baked, boiled or broiled.
Direct links to products

Youngevity line of supplements endorsed by Dr. Joel Wallach id# 7364201

Super Silver
Super Silver
The most effective silver product I have ever used. It even worked on Typhoid for a friend in Africa.

Longevinex: resveratrol derived from red wine.  The same antioxidant power without the alcohol.

Stevia natural sweetener derived from a naturally sweet  plant that grows in Paraguay. None of the side effects of artificial sweeteners. Has shown some beneficial nutritional effects.

Dr. Lorraine Day educational videos.

Nutritional supplement blend especially formulated to help both heart and liver

Next, if you can afford supplementation, I highly recommend the research and products offered by these 2 doctors.

If you or a loved one has confronted cancer, PLEASE reference the work by Dr. Loraine Day.  She contracted breast cancer herself and won the battle against it.  She shares how she did it in her training videos.  She is also a frequent guest on the Jeff Rense talk show.

Common ailments like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, PMS and hundreds of others are signs of mineral deficiencies.  Adequate supplementation and hydration enables one's natural organs to start regulating hormones, blood sugar and other bodily components properly, driving away the problem.  Dr. Joel Wallach in his classic "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" lecture explains what causes these ailments to surface and be incorrectly diagnosed by conventional medicine as incurable diseases, treated only by prescription drugs.

But if some strange bug catches you with a weak immune system, I don't know of any better antiseptic than colloidal silver.

These 2 Medical Doctors have obtained startling results
treating ailments that have only had the symptoms treated by conventional medicine.

First is Dr Joel Wallach Dr. Joel Wallachhealth

Dr Wallach has done extensive research into the effects of mineral deficiencies in our diets.
His results have enabled diabetics to get off insulin, arthritic victims to walk normal again,
and numerous other serious ailments have been effectively treated using his colloidal mineral supplements.
With a deficiency of any one of 90 essential nutrients, up to 10 serious ailments can result from lacking each.
His popular "Pig Pack" thus prevents up to 900 serious problems with daily use.

Only American Longevity products have his endorsement for strength, blend and purity.
When placing an online order, please say you heard about it from member number 7364201


Next is Dr. Loraine Day Dr. Lorraine Dayhealth

Dr. Day contracted a horrible breast cancer tumor herself
while she was practicing conventional medicine as an orthopedic surgeon.
Through her own research, and adjusted diet, she successfully overcame the cancer she had contracted.
Her entire story is told graphically at her web site.
She also offers videos explaining what she did, and how most any cancer is treatable, curable, and preventable!

I should mention that neither of these Doctors endorses everything the other claims.
The main difference is Dr. Day is a total vegetarian, while Dr. Wallach notes several problems that only vegetarians encounter.
We as consumers have to listen to what each has to say and apply what is relevant to our own situations.
My own NON-Professional advice would be listen to Dr. Wallach for prevention,
but go extreme with Dr. Day if you already HAVE cancer.
BOTH use a nearly identical list of junk foods to avoid like poison.

I had a serious problem with calcium deposits and almost lost use of my right arm by conventional medicine using cortisone to hide the problem.  But Doctor Wallach's American Longevity products CURED the problem.
I know his products and theories work because they did for me.  Other nutritional supplements had lackluster performance. But his American Longevity line was potent enough to have extremely noticeable results in only 3 weeks, after conventional cortisone treatment hid the problem for 5 months and cost several times what the nutritional supplements cost.

I also learned that a calcium deposit is a precursor to other serious problems. Continued use of his supplements prevent further health deterioration and restores bone and joint strength as well as rebuilding other areas of the body that were on their way down.

I have been fortunate enough to never have to deal with cancer. I list Dr. Day here because her web site and videos give extensive proof that her methods work in treating nearly all types of cancer.

Colloidal Silver health

8/7/2008 update: from personal experience, I have to give full endorsement to Super Silver as the most effective Silver product I know of.  It cured a friend traveling in Africa of Typhoid.  It has been clinically proven to stop numerous other diseases, even Malaria. 

8/4/2007 update:
medicinal cure colloidal silver described below is still the top quality when you get hit by one of the new superbugs, but the Dr. Beck unit mentioned above makes a good colloidal silver suitable for daily mouthwash or other sanitation applicaions where you will consume a quantity of it.

2/12/2007 update comment
: The information below is somewhat dated. It has now been clinically proven that Super Silver® has the optimum particle size for maximum effectiveness and safety to user.  200X normal dosage in humans has been proven to show no side effects whatsoever. It has been endorsed by Dr. Bill Deagle and many others.

If you ever met anyone who uses it, you KNOW what it can do.  If not, you will think I'm promoting snake oil, so I will not try to explain it here.  I have been asked repeatedly by friends and neighbors, who SAW what it can do, where to get the stuff.  It is not available at your local K-Mart, WalMart or Target.

Two online columnists have written some valuable information on the topic.  Please take the time to read each.
First my own LateNiteLeroy columns 1 and 2 at
Colloidal Silver and Chicken Soup 8/9/2000
Colloidal Silver Update 1/4/2002

And a more in depth study by Carol Mckinney
Note: select the column numbers to read in sequence
Index to Carol's columns

Carol explains how high voltage/alternating current makes better quality colloidal silver.  I agree that is the best, but I know people using 30+ volts DC making colloidal silver that works quite well.  I must warn that 12 volt DC does NOT work well at all and is only good for washing your hands.  It does not kill invading germs and viruses much at all.  I also disagree with Carol on the color determining absolute quality.  I know of quite effective products that are totally clear. But I may concede that her "yellow, Hi-voltage, High frequency A/C" method most likely does generate the most effective available.

She closes by listing a laboratory that will test your own home made product for you.  I repeat her reference here:
"Those individuals and companies who have a Colloidal Silver product they want to have tested to learn if it would meet the standards for Certification, may still send a sample of their product to another testing facility. Call this phone number for further details:

International Colloidal Silver Council
Phone: (830) 620-5472 "

If you cannot find any locally, or are unable to attempt making it yourself and wish to sample some first, a place called DPC, in North Hollywood California sells a 16 oz. bottle for about $65.  Just call 1-818-763-1000 and say you were referred by member 4477 and would like to order a bottle.

And the newest application for colloidal silver: laundry.  Samsung electrolyzes silver in the washing machine and adds it to the washing cycle.  This allows for killing 99.9% of all bacteria in COLD water, lowering your water heating bill.


And finally, your pets need more care than just a can of food and bowl of tap water.  The water cure mentioned above for humans does wonders for pets also. Use the same one teaspoon per gallon formula and let the animal drink however much they desire. 
August 2007 update:  The research on chlorine mentioned at the top of the page points out that animals in the wild never suffer from arthritus, until they are brought to live in a zoo and drink chlorinated water. So if you love your pet enough to see it live to a healthy old age, consider filtering their drinking water AND adding the seasalt too.  If parasites become a problem, you might experiment with your own Dr. Beck magnetic pulser too, just use descretion as to weight differences. And remember the animal will need to drink lots of water also to flush out the toxins.

But if your pet still has problems please check into TransFactor products and medications to keep the "other" member of the family in the best of health.

Commute health

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