Monica and Bill  Liars

Adolf Hitler Damned Liars Joseph Stalin

Alan Greenspan and Statisticians

Liars redefine words to convey their goals.  Statisticians redefine numbers to accomplish their goals.  Either way the public loses.

Fake conservatives like Newt Ginrich tout free trade as the solution to the world's economic problems. They ignore the honest weights and measures issue.  When China uses free labor from political prisoners, they upset not only the American union worker economy, but they upset and short circuit the entire world's economy.  Stealing a man's labor with inadequate wages is as dishonest as stealing his bread.  I know personally, first hand that the influx of cheap goods from China has prevented a "free enterprise" economy from taking a stronghold in the spin off countries from the former USSR.  No one can compete with free labor, no matter how you manipulate the currency.

Eric Margolis taught us in his report (  ) that governments kill more people than wars.  By redefining a "woman's choice", ignoring that 2 lives are at issue, Nazi Feminists have butchered over 40 million US citizens in the womb.  By claiming "population control" China murders about that many humans every year in the womb.  The numbers are not even calculable as to how many have died from secret biological experimentation resulting in the laboratory creation of AIDS, Ebola, CFIDS, and other "New Millennium" plagues that are making common medicine and antibiotics no longer effective.

A recent documentary on the History Channel about the 1929 "St. Valentines Day Massacre" in Chicago explained how Al Capone used hired hit men to exterminate 7 of his rival's men all at once.  Al Capone was portrayed as being more guilty than the hired guns who pulled the trigger on the Thompson machine guns that actually killed the men.  If this reasoning holds true, then whoever "PAYS" for a murderer is more guilty than the one who actually takes the life.

Likewise, many anti-Semites blame Jews for the execution of Christ, even though scripture says it was a Roman (Italian) soldier that actually drove the nails into his hands.  I won't take sides on this issue, I'm merely pointing out the only 2 possible views to ascertain guilt.

My anti-academic tirades in past columns point out that academia is ruled by "big word" intellectuals who have a natural capacity to remember more polysyllabic words than we normal people, which can easily confuse the common person.  If a person has a righteous soul, like Alan Keyes, this can be a wonderful thing.  But if the person has an evil soul, the increased intellectual power is an extremely dangerous thing.

Here is the question I now pose.  When a crime is proven to exist, whether it be a single murder or a mass murder, who should we blame?  The ones who actually did the evil deed or the ones who paid to have the deed done?

Honest academic scholars like Antony Sutton, Dennis Cuddy, and Carol Quigley, who are much more skilled than me have traced central banker money to building up the Nazis prior to WW2,  financing the establishment of Communism in Russia, China and the rest of the world.  And the money originally printed by these bankers flows through unwise hands into drugs and ends up financing terrorist activity throughout the world. The unjust income tax system that came attached to the Federal Reserve in 1913 has allowed tax free foundations to finance population control agenda, mass genocide throughout the world by a variety of techniques.

International Drug specialist, Michael Rupert, former LAPD narcotics officer reports that the amount of illegal drug money in the world is so astronomical that every major bank has huge amounts of it in their possession whether they acknowledge it or not.  But if a drug lord walked into your business or mine and made an unusually large purchase, could we just tell everyone we had an unusually good sales month?  Not likely.  We would most likely be charged with money laundering.  But banks take in drug money daily.  The CIA, ATF and IRS know this and use this as an excuse to invade ALL of our privacy with "know your customer" laws, currency transaction limits and the like.  Why?  Perhaps they don't want any political activist to expose the only scam in the world bigger than illegal drugs, the banking scam where the drug lords become the largest depositors, but taxpayers become the largest debtors.

Scripture in Proverbs says "A poor man's field may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away."  Scripture also says "the treasures of the wicked are laid up for the righteous."

Government propaganda like this story in USA Today ( ) try to hide our country's economic problems and blame it on the other political party, ignoring the fact that the federal government has been "cooking the books" for years with incompatible accounting systems and misapplied numbers.  Congress has an unlimited charge account with the Federal Reserve, and doesn't care if they run up a debt for many generations to pay back.  Why should they worry?  It's just printed money anyway.  And the bankers getting interest back from this revolving charge are the ones who finance the politician's campaigns anyway.  Who cares if the bankers take this ill-gotten gain to finance evil throughout the world?

God uses honest weights and measures.  He holds the true balance sheet.  Until he calls us home for the final reckoning, we must treat everyone with honest dealings and treat each other as we want to be treated ourselves.  If Caesar gives us worthless printed notes for currency, we are only obligated to "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's," that of worthless printed notes.  God gives us life, and that life we must dedicate to the one who gave it to us.


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