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Crucial information - 2

Research and Development Funding         61:34
NASA and Academic - Jim McCanney explains how politics controls just what is researched and what is not.  Any wonder why we are still dependent on 100 year old technology for all our energy needs?  Original air date 6/23/2005

Weather Control - no longer theory                                  58:35
Professor James McCanney blows the lid of a formerly classified program that was intended to PROTECT US shores from hurricane damage, but as he explains, is is now in the hands of the wrong people who are using it agains US Citizens for personal gain.
Original air date 9/29/2005

Past programming
(may replay without warning)

Crucial information - 1

- G. Edward Griffin                      1:13:30
Mr. Griffin explains the history of international banking and fiat money up through the current Federal Reserve system in the US.  Http:// 
Book: "The Creature From Jekyll Island"

Hollywood - historical - Myron Fagan - Playwright, deceased    2:05:20
Myron explains why from the very start of Hollywod there has always been plenty of money for evil and none for decency.

Hollywood - current                      58:07
Dr. Stanley Monteith  interviews Caryl Matrisciana about 2 of her videos "gods of entertainment" and "the New Barbarians"

New World Order Elitists from government or any religion        59:38
Kelly McGinley interviews Pam Shuffert regarding Satanism infiltration into government and "Popular" Christian churches.

Research and Development Funding        
NASA and Academic - Jim McCanney explains how politics controls just what is researched and what is not.  Any wonder why we are still dependent on 100 year old technology for all our energy needs?  Original air date 6/23/2005

Weather parts 1, 2, 3 - Jim McCanney - who controls it and how         1=58:52, 2=59:30, 3=58:24
Original air dates 9/8, 9/15, 9/22/2005

Military Leadership - Kay Griggs                   40:59
Http://  Caution: extremely mature topics
Satanic Secret Societies           44:47
Stew Webb interviews Jess Anthony LaVey regarding activities practiced by his father Anton LaVey. 
 Double Caution: Stew Webb himself has proven to be unreliable at times, but his guest in this interview is real. Exercise discernment by who is making what comments.  Extremely graphic topics and language. The guest's voice may not sound credible until you learn the story about 12 minutes into the interview.
Crucial Information - 1  9/24/2005

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