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Energy Crisis: Manhattan Project Reaction or Systematic Plan
There is a frequent call for an alternative energy "Manhattan Project" to get America and the world detached from the oil megalopoly.  I hesitate to use such a politically charged phrase knowing what sinister actions happened behind simply "ending the war in the Pacific."   But having personal relatives who participated for righteous and noble reasons, I will use several of the few good aspects, and warn of the negative aspects to draw a parallel to alternative energy needs today.

The desperate challenge was to develop and shoot first before the enemy shot you.  Given the creation of fiat money by pro war, globalist characters a few years earlier, the US Government had unlimited money to capitalize research and development.  Capital the ignorant public didn't know was creating future debt to ride on their shoulders for centuries to come.  But the money was there nevertheless.  It worked, sort of.  The bomb was created, dropped, and the war ended, though history now shows the bomb itself was secondary to Japan surrendering.  So was anything of this nature worth going into debt that far? Probably not. Besides the endless debt to international bankers, it also created  one of the biggest corporate welfare burdens on the US tax payer, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the entire nuclear industry.  Do we really need another under the guise of "clean energy?"

So are any exerted efforts worth the expenditure?  Yes, but poisons should always be avoided.  A little discernment before leaping prevents an awful lot of harm. Over anxious action leads to mistakes that can take years or generations to solve.

A little profit can go a long ways.  Inventors need to work from their own savings and earnings first, then yield to outside capital for the difference. 

The sheer number of advertising impressions hitting us all daily is mind numbing.  But we need to recognize that commercial activity makes wages and incomes for people to survive and projects to get completed.  Those of us involved in alternative energy are no different.  The (unemployed) tree hugging environmentalists you see in demonstrations on TV are mostly funded by the enemy (oil) just to make environmentalism look kooky.  Those of us truly concerned about our environment have more ethics than to accept bribes from them. 

America has a tendency of shooting itself in the foot.  Rather than make GM, Ford and Chrysler make quality high mileage cars, we immediately bought Japanese cars as soon as they came off the boat.  We now wonder why thousands of US auto workers are laid off?  American automaker management's allegiance to keeping oil happy was part of the problem, but the American consumer could have done more.  John DeLorean tried to break the tradition, but initial startup capital requirements led to even his demise.  Did any unions question the quality of the designs they were asked to assemble?

CommuteFaster.com and Open Source Energy Network are exposing new technologies constantly.  Virtually all are in need of more capital to get their great ideas developed and delivered to a showroom near you for your access.  We encourage you to not only take a glimpse at what these inventors are working on, but give serious consideration to shopping at their web sites.  Some have preliminary products for sale.  Some like CommuteFaster have links to rather mundane products usually purchased at WalMart or other big multinational storefronts.  Please, I beg of you, give the small merchant a chance and at least look at what they have to offer.  If you have stock in WalMart, go ahead and shop there, but most people don't. WalMart alone is the biggest importer of Chinese goods, and a burden to the US taxpayer both in termes of corporate welfare it receives as well as the low wages forcing many of its own employees to be subsidized by a variety of government welfare programs.  Where you shop does make a difference.  The same stuff you may need can often be purchased online as an affiliate link from an inventor's website.

Recent news postings like these (sample one, sample two) show there finally is a sizable market for alternative energy products, offering purchase orders for millions of dollars a year, but most of the inventors with technologies you see us report on can't afford to get a working prototype ready for the banker to see a "proof of concept" demonstration before capitalizing a multi-million dollar facility.  If we keep mindlessly buying our daily necessities from the big chains, the new ideas will never get to the showroom, or your living room.

I propose a concerted effort by individuals themselves to have their own version of a Manhattan Project, applying the same urgency and desperation, yet not borrowing their way into new product development, but rather shop their way into wiser choices.  Please keep this goal in mind as we enter the Holiday gift giving season.  You actually can buy an Omaha Steak® or Water Cooler and support alternative energy at the same time, without risking any money on a high risk stock, just take the time to browse the right links from the right sites.

Ken Rasmussen
Editor/webmaster: CommuteFaster.com

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