A CommuteFaster photo report of the National Association of Broadcasters convention 
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National Association of Broadcasters 2007

Images somewhat sorted by topic
New Technology - Ultra High Definition TV, by NHK of Japan
The highest current HD spec is 1080p which is 1920x1080 pixels.  UHD is 7680x4320 pixels.
UHD theater
The special theater presented the 16 minute UHD video with 22 channel sound and displayed images on a 400" screen.
UHD small screens
Special monitor placed side by side with a 1920 pixel standard 1080p monitor.
UHD image on monitor
Click this image to see a 4 mpx still image

Chopper News Coverage - assisted by FLIR and Gyrocam
Bell Jet Ranger
Bell Jet Ranger w/ FLIR   Hi-Rez of above
Bell cockpit
Bell cockpit
FLIR = Forward Looking Infrared Radar
Videos, 1, 2, 3, 4  Nothing is private anymore
Aerospatiale with Gyrocam
Aerospatiale w/ Gyrocam   Hi-Rez of above
Aerospatiale cockpit
Aerospatiale cockpit
Studio Sets, Sound and Lighting
Virtual Sets
Virtual Sets.  Don't spend $200,000 building a new news anchor set, just change your chromakey software.
Digital audio console
Digital audio mixer
Consoles with plasma displays
Lowel Lighting Instruments
also see Visiolight for portable LED lighting

SSL automated mixer
SSL - Solid State Logic
Lighting controls
Digital Lighting controls for large sets
waterproof lightingWaterproof lighting instruments were demonstrated complete with a continuous drizzling  rainstorm.
Icon by Digidesign
Icon by Digidesign and Argosyconsole.
Mixing for 5.1 surround sound. note joysticks on all inputs and outputs.

Rololight introduces modular light walls. Use as many or as few as you need. Rolls up when done.
Lens selection beyond description
Iconix showed of the world's smallest HD resolution camera. Hang it on a stick and poke it where you wouldn't think of placing a regular sized camera.
Fujinon booth
Fujinon had one each of every broadcast TV camera brand fitted with one of their lenses to test under studio conditions. They showed off lenses from fisheyes to zooms with up to 100 to 1 ratios.
Panavision 300 to 1 zoom
Aerohead manufactures lens mounts for unusually heavy lenses, like this 300 to 1 zoom by Panavision. Technically it is 7 to 2100 mm and f/1.9-13 and formatted for HDTV, 16x9 format.  The lens costs a half million $ in case you wondered.
The show is too big for me to begin to do it justice.  I've neglected showing all the production trucks, satellite uplinks, microwave relays, post production editing and special effects, microphones, speakers, camera booms and robotics.  It devoured all the exhibit halls at the Las Vegas convention center and required 35KR- Panavision miles of carpet.  For any photography or stereo enthusiasts, this is the fantasy land of all the shows.  Where else can you not only see and test every TV camera,  audio or lighting device, but actually snap a picture of yourself with a half million dollar lens?

The show is open primarily to broadcast professionals, but allows those with other professional needs for the top in audio and video equipment.  Exhibit only admission is $150, but next year shop your favorite AV dealers.  Some have free passes.


Another 130 images here.