We all have choices to make every day.

Option A
Option B

Keep buying gasoline for your present car


Support this guy's yacht maintenance
Tonay Hayward Hayward's Yacht


Help Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
of Abu Dhabi, UAE
stock pile more gold in his palace
Sheikh Khalifa & Queen Elizabeth Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi


Help King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
of Saudi Arabia build a skyscraper
taller than the Burj Khalifa over in Dubai
Abdullah - Saudi Arabia  Burj Khalifa

while maintaining his yacht & palace too
Saudi Yacht  Saudi Palace


Keep Texas Oil executives flying in private jets
to ball games anywhere.
Custom Jet Interiors

As well as...

Endless Oil Wars
with associated deaths and political graft.

...oh, and don't forget
 to maintain the Lamborghini squad cars in Dubai
for  Sheikh Khalifa too.

Dubai Squad Car

Donate something to people with alternative power solutions


And eventually see:
  • Electric cars with range double to quadruple present range
  • Lower Air conditioning bills
  • Higher efficiency in all electric motor applications
  • A new industry offering long lost middle class jobs
  • Less pollution as electric motors replace hydrocarbon fuel applications
  • More efficient electricity production: less hydrocarbon pollution just to make electricity
  • Electric Airplanes become feasible, heavy batteries no longer necessary
  • Solar powered cargo ships, presently the dirtiest polluter at sea
  • Electric Big Rig Trucks for local cargo delivery, augmented with solar on their own trailers, only needing charged batteries for night driving, but eliminating massive diesel usage as 80,000 pound rigs average 8 miles per gallon.  Both cost savings and immense pollution reduction.
  • Even more efficient starters for your gasoline engine.  Your gasoline engine won't start without an electric motor and large battery.
And anything you DONATE now prevents those who make these things from going into massive debt to the bankers who fund all the stuff you see on the left column, for ONLY the ones they want to keep rich, and spend their profits on all wars to KEEP these few outrageously rich

You really do have a choice.

Stop making bad ones.

Electric Jump Start

Also see the Market Size and Infrastructure Value videos.

Options 5/5/2013