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And for the theologically selective:'s Pen pal & Singles

  All are world wide databases and allow you to browse free 'til you see someone you'd like to meet.
All require a free registration to access full biographies.
None divulge personal addresses.  Only you do that after a safe initial contact through the service.

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First, some basics...
  • These ARE OnLine Introduction Services.  You will be able to see photos and discover what a person's interests and opinions are BEFORE you go through the often embarrassing process of introducing yourself. After all, who cares how good she looks if she votes against all your beliefs and eats pickled pigs feet?
  • With a simple online FREE application at FriendSearch,, or you may browse the database as long as you wish until you find someone with common ideals and looking for someone like you.  You will need to then join for at least the minimum amount of time to be able to contact them, unless they have a "Premium" membership which allows ANYONE to contact them.  It also helps if you post an honest photo of yourself.  Do unto others the same as you expect yourself.
  • The database search engines allow selection of country, state, and age range.  Yes, these are worldwide databases.  Planning to move to a Caribbean Island?  Book a date before your arrive!
  • Even with your free "browse only" membership, your privacy is assured.  No full names or addresses are divulged by the services.  An interested party sends an e-mail through the service, and you only respond to those you wish.
  • Why look?  Because God said in Genesis 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."
  • But why should I PAY for an introduction service when I can meet someone for free?
  • Free you say?  Even though these services are new to CommuteFaster, let's look at the track record for traditional introduction methods.

    Some think they can meet someone in the workplace, like this couple.

    Others feel they should travel to a far away, distant, exotic location to meet their perfect match, like this couple did.

    And then, there is the dreaded, notorious "singles' bar" where you never know what you'll meet, like this couple tried.

    And even if you are a devout Christian, like the web master, do you really have a great opening line that actually works in the 30 seconds a pastor usually gives you to "turn and shake your neighbor's hand."  I never came up with one that worked that fast.

    And some final word of caution, get to thoroughly know the person with lots of correspondence BEFORE exchanging real phone numbers and addresses.  This database is open to all of humanity, so anyone can join, from Proverbs 31 women to Hosea 1:2 women.  It only offers the privacy of the internet until YOU decide this person is really worth meeting.

    Happy Browsing!

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