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9/26/2007   Greg Szymanski - Tony Gambino, Eric Phelps
9 MB, 59:33 mins

10/8/2007  Part 2 - Greg Szymanski -
Hour 1: Eric Orion - The Bush connection
the Bush/Tesla/Nazi/Vatican connection
Hour 2: Tony Gambino, Eric Phelps
Mafia crimes in the US
16.5 MB. 1 hr 44 mins

Greg and Eric interview former mob boss Tony Gambino.  Now in his 60's, Tony blows the lid off hidden alliances between the Mafia, governments, CIA, the Vatican and Wall Street.  This is the first known public interview by a Mafia member discussing the Kennedy assassination, Marilyn Monroe's death, Jimmy Hoffa's murder.  Probably the most disgusting interview you will ever hear, but pieces of past mysteries suddenly fit together.  Greg's written article describing what he learned in this interview is posted here. Eric John Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins contributes to the interview with his extensive research of the Vatican and Jesuit controlled organizations.  Peter Hans Kolvenbach is referenced in the discussion.  This chart shows the power he oversees.
Greg Szymanski's web site is ArcticBeacon.com
Part 2 also interviews Eric Orion revealing GHW Bush early history and possible ties back even to theft of Tesla technology.
This interview was written up here.
9/22/2007 Erskine - Dr. Robert Auerbach
7 MB,   38:03 mins
Dr. Auerbach is professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. In the interview and upcoming book he reveals facts of the Federal Reserve Chairmen since the beginning have committed numerous crimes and told blatant lies to Congress while under oath. 
Erskine's web site is Erskineonradio.com
7/23/2007  Jeff Rense - Benjamin Fulford
51.3 MB,  2:04:03 hrs, mins

Benjamin Fulford, former columnist for Forbes magazine, reveals an open threat from major Asian Secret Societies against the New World Order group controlling the West.  The frightening issue is the innocent guy in the middle may get caught in the crossfire between these tremendously powerful underworld organizations. Jeff Rense has additional material about both Benjamin Fulford himself and this issue at this page.   These groups don't use guns to follow through with threats.  They have the most advanced weaponry known to man, beyond any single military.
Jeff Rense's web site is at  Rense.com
7/21/2007 Erskine - Dean Henderson
15.5 MB,  35:20 mins
Dean Henderson reveals details long suspected, but now documented of international bankers tied with oil around the world and throughout the history of each.
Erskine's website is Erskineonradio.com