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Cancer - LIE
Conventional medicine claims cancer is an invading, yet undefined organism which must be killed before it over takes the entire body.  The only methods approved of to do this are  chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

According to the American Cancer society:

The financial costs of cancer are great for both the person with cancer and for society as a whole. In the year 2008, the National Institutes of Health estimated overall annual costs of cancer in 2007 were as follows:

Total Cost: $219.2 billion

Direct Medical Costs: $ 89.0 billion (total of all health expenditures)

Indirect Morbidity Costs: $ 18.2 billion (cost of lost productivity due to illness)

Indirect Mortality Costs: $112.0 billion (cost of lost productivity due to premature death)

Cancer - TRUTH

Dr. Tullio Simoncini  Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Rome Italy discovered cancer is a fungus.  A fungus needs an acidic environment to survive and grow. Change the Ph of the body, ever so slightly, and the cancer dissolves away.

Using a 5% solution of bicarbonate of soda, administered via an intravenous injection, Dr. Simoncini has reversed breast cancer in 6 to 8 days.  Colon, brain tumor, and many other types of cancer have been reversed. One patient came out of 2 weeks of unconsciousness and was able to climb out of bed, use the bathroom and start carrying on a conversation again, following only a few hours of treatment.  It currently remains illegal to do this procedure in the United States.  But a trip to Italy may be cheaper than a full regiment of chemotherapy and radiation, and you will certainly NOT have the outrageous side effects of baldness and nausea or any other form of radiation poisoning.

Now that the cause is known, once the cancer is eliminated, a person needs to alter bad eating habits accordingly or they will create a new cancer.

Stem Cells - LIE
Fetal tissue stem cells have the potential of curing most anything.  In 2004 California chose to spend $3 Billion on fetal tissue stem cell research.

Adult Stem Cells - TRUTH
The ONLY reliable stem cells come from your own body, known as adult stem cells.  If the cells come from another person, the DNA does not match and the cells are renegade and impossible to control.

Dr. Steenblock  Dr. Steenblock has repaired spinal cord damage and other critical nerve elements using adult stem cells.  Paraplegics have walked again. Stroke victims have recovered too. A long list of serious ailments, previously untreatable, have shown startlingly positive results.  Often claimed untreatable, Diabetes type I has shown favorable results to adult stem cell treatment.

Fetal tissue stem cell research, backed heavily by the abortion industry with their corrupt politics has directed literally billions of dollars into horrifically flawed technology.  All governments need to stop this atrocity and redirect funds into a moral technology that actually works.

Dr. Steenblock's web site is

Amalgam, Thimerosal, Fluoride, Lead - LIE
  • The American Dental Association claims Amalgam is a safe dental filling material.
  • The FDA claims Thimerosal has had mercury reduced to safe levels in vaccines.
  • CDC claims Thimerosal levels are safe in flu vaccine
  • The American Dental Association claims Sodium Fluoride prevents cavities and is safe to use.
  • Lead has been used for many years as a smelting join in residential, commercial and municipal plumbing.

Amalgam, Thimerosal, Fluoride, Lead - TRUTH
  • Amalgam contains mercury.  There is no safe level of mercury.
  • Most vaccines still contain Thimerosal.  Thimerosal contains mercury. There is no safe level of mercury. Vaccines containing Thimerosal have been implicated in causing: autism, sudden infant death syndrome SIDS , and nerve cell damage in the brain.
  • Sodium Fluoride alone is considered a toxic substance and requires an MSDS when handled. Read the disclaimer on your Fluoride toothpaste tube.
  • Fluoride leaches mercury from dental fillings and causes brittleness in bones.  Fluoride leaches lead from old plumbing in city water.
  • Lead can be found and contacted on electrical equipment and old plumbing fixtures.  There is no safe level of lead.

The combination of lead plus mercury creates a toxic interaction proven on lab rats to be 100 times more fatal than either lead or mercury alone.

Removing Amalgam is a dangerous procedure.  If done improperly, it can cause more damage than removal solves.

Proper removal should only be done  by a dentist certified to properly handle its procedure.  The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Technology maintains a database at their web site to assist in locating a dentist in your area trained for this delicate procedure.

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