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Great Tools
to approach Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Safety is Paramount

Buy/Sell - Trading

One of the most recommended
Bitcoin wallets for safety is Blockchain
They also now handle Ethereum

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Offline, Paper Wallets are the
Most safe

comes highly recommended.

We have no Bitcoin paper wallets to recommend at this time

As online community miners encoutered greater difficulty creating new coins, some have implemented maintenance fees which cut productivity considerably.

Because of this we know of no online miners to recommend at this time.

We cannot even recommend Genesis Mining as their produciton has slowed to a crawl, and it is no longer a productive use of capital.

The good news of this is future Bitcoins will cost so much to create, any current holders will see their value increase due to extreme processing time cost to make more.

CEX-IO Bitcoin purchase
Purchase Bitcoin
with Visa or mastercard
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Trade over 400 alt-coins
Find the new ones while they're cheap, before they hit the major ecxhanges
Coin Exchange
(Hint: they trade UNO and BQX)
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