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    Yes, every direct item listed below is totally FREE.
But, sorry, much has changed since the "free internet" days of '99.
Some recommended sites are mostly free but may ask for shipping costs.
Updated without warning, check here often!  Last update: 3/8/2003
 Check the whole page, not everything fits at the top.

Huge Freebie sites

A huge site that specializes in finding 100% rebates.
Many items are worth over $100.
This site has a lot of good webmaster helps

Business Opportunities:  free to join w/self repl. web page

Long distance, cellular, computers, pagers, satellite systems, ISP's

Internet Access

NetZero  56k dial up (not free after 10 hours)

Winfire/FreeDSL ceased operation on 3/14/2001 ending both DSL service and dial up service.

Online Banking

No Online banks are known to be totally free at this time. All have strings attached.
If you learn of a good one though, let me know. ceased business on November 30, 2000. It was great while it lasted.

Almost Banking

E-Mail money to a friend.  Accept credit card payment when using an online auction
must be over 18, US Resident, with a street address, no PO Boxes.
must have cookies enabled on browser for application to work


These free sites ENCOURAGE you to run your business there
but fun stuff is allowed too.  The last time I checked, these were still free for a minimal amount of space.
Additional space costs.

SpacePorts  (space size varies)

Net Colony  (100 megs of space)

FortuneCity  (100 megs of space)

Classified ads  Southern California Region

Commerce Corner

A directory of Many free classified sites

Your Own TV Spy



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I still can't find a hitcounter I can recommend
HitBox wants cookies
LinkExchange does not

And a friend has recommended but I have not checked it out yet.


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