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More Inventor Lives Threatened
Somebody Loaded with Cash,
Doesn't Want Safe Cheap Energy

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I have listed the only details I dare at this point below.

Top Current Suspects
read details below for Why

  1. International Banker-Puppets:  Mossad, and the remaining NAZI faction inside CIA left over from Project Paperclip and kept alive by affiliates of Skull & Bones.
  2. Oil Industry
  3. Nuclear Power industry
  4. Tony Blair's business associates tied to OM Energy Ltd.
  5. Tony Blair's business associates in the nuclear power industry


Update 11/22/2012

The violence has returned.  5 years ago the spooks were concerned about making hydrogen fast from water.  But much more threatening power generation is bringing out levels of violence that are hard to believe. We now see entire countries being threatened, not just inventors.

As scripture warned us, love of money is the root of all evil.  No one loves the controlling power of money more than bankers.  They started the original opium wars with China a few hundred years ago, and continue it today as China is now the leading user of all the opium being grown and guarded by US troops in Afghanistan. And bankers love monopolies. 

First of all, the monopoly of banking itself via the Rothschild controlled system out of City of London.  While the adage of 100 families controlling the planet holds true, they all do it via banking, as money is the lubricant of any economic machine.  Rothschild is the biggest and only one known in the west, but I am told by CIA there are 3 others in the world.  King of the hill mentality reigns supreme.  The only winners in war are the bankers, and they don't care what countries they destroy to remain in power or take more control of.  ALL middle east conflicts at present are an ongoing war between these 4 banker networks.  Politicians are just pawns to the bankers.  No exceptions.

Then, as I have pointed out in other writings, bankers worship their largest depositors.  Who would that be?  All the other monopolies in the world: energy, drugs, pharmaceuticals, even your computer operating system that makes the crazy things work at all.  We see Bill Gates doing absolutely demonic things in Africa with phony, ineffective vaccines for the purpose of population control.

I personally met someone recently involved in much of the obscene wealth generated by Apple via their addictive phones, other toys,  and their own proprietary computer operating system.  The guy boasted about the politicians he owns rather than the $230,000 sports car he drove up to the meeting in. After hearing a business proposal I tossed at him, he said he would have to consult his medium.  So the guy consults "familiar spirits" to do business.  Apparently if all you want in life is money and control, it works for a while.  And I have now seen Apple using it.

But the free energy I spoke of the last 10 years is showing a dark side.  A side that was the one likely causing all the violent suppression all the time.  Some demonically possessed individuals only want to control people, and never help them are at the center of this suppression.  Look at Al Gore preaching Green energy and flying around in his $10,000/hour hydrocarbon fuel burning Gulf Stream.  Marries his daughter off to a descendant of Jacob Schiff just to get into the banking cartels himself. He reaps untold profits from the tax on every breathing creature on the planet via the Carbon Tax scam.

Where specifically is the violence I now speak of? 

Jesse Ventura: Conspiracy Theory  Death Ray - Directed Energy Weapons

And in world threats by Israel acting as puppet of the Rothschild banking cartel.  Researcher Jim Stone pretty well documented that Fukushima was man-triggered due to Japan's refusal to cave in to Rothschild/Rockefeller demands.  EMP threats against the US and others in order to bring down currencies also abound. False Flag is the method of choice by bankers so it is never clear just who initiated the attack, although Mossad keeps showing up following every thorough investigation.  And notice who is left holding your money when the dust settles.

Jesse Ventura drags Nikola Tesla into the discussion with this report, but he hits on sensitive nerves in the Free Energy movement that cannot be ignored.  Tom Bearden is known to be in poor health, so not sure what that segment was about, but 2 others in the program, William Lyne and John Hutchison are fundamental in energy research.  Even Dr. Judy Woods raises questions unanswered by either thermite or micro-nuke theories.

Directed Energy is the issue and the new term to address.

Seems the war-mongers of the world want something well beyond nuclear to destroy and control people. 

Zionist/Pharisees inside the US Government managed to give nuclear secrets to Stalin, reference Major Jordan's Diaries.  Then later got the technology to Israel proper which has had nuclear weapons since the 60's and was likely one of the many shooters in Dallas as JFK was disposed of.  I had the rare occasion to talk to the infamous Billy Sol Estes once, who insisted the Dallas assassination was a "Turkey Shoot" consisting of many assassins, not just a single lone gunman.  Lots of people hated Kennedy.  Israel, the Vatican, the Federal Reserve/Rothschild banker cartel, the Nazi faction inside the CIA, left over from Project Paperclip and even J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and Nixon.  Long story with each of them.  Read up elsewhere.

We now see Netanyahu trying to start WWIII with disgusting lies.  Iran has no history of invading other countries.  But  Israel and it's puppet, the US do.  Not good for any of the world.  The recent facade election in the US merely showed the most powerful gangster can take an election.  Chicago mob vs. Mormon mob.  Chicago has NEVER had an honest election, I used to live near there and my Dad was born there.

What has come from Iran that Netanyahu may want to steal?  Is it merely Iran's support of Palestinians in Gaza?  DNA studies show Palestinians have the SAME blood flowing in their veins as Jews on the other side of the fence.  The ONLY difference is Palestinians choose to believe the Koran, rather than the Talmud.  If anyone reads either one, they will discover the most evil books ever written.  If either would pay attention to what Jesus Christ taught, DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU, there would not be a problem.  Netanyahoo is not a friend of the US.  He follows the Talmud and wants to rule the world only because of his blood line, ignoring the fact that scripture's promise to Abraham was only to those WHO FOLLOW THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD.
Galations 3:7  Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham
It was not a racial promise, it was contingent upon righteousness.  Netanyahu is no different than the German Nazis who massacred many TORAH Jews for a racial reason.  Blood only descendants are not blessed, they are cursed if they don't follow God's word.
Galations 3:10  For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse:  for it is written, cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.

If Netanyahu had a brain he would see first the most valuable thing his evangelical friends in the US offer him is not their money, but Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  Which can only be proven by the actions of doing what Christ taught, not phony claims as we hear from lying politicians like Bush and Cheney.  Then second, from Iran, which one of their physicists has already been offered to him free, that of Mehran Keshe's physics technologies which have great promise for everyone.  It is now being dispersed via embassies to governments world wide.  This map shows countries it has been given to.  While I welcome all the beneficial aspects of his technologies, I am sorry to report there is a dark side.  A side I hope and pray Netanyahu never gets his evil hands on. Just as a knife prepares a delicious and nutritious salad, a murderer can kill someone with it too.  This chat from the Keshe Foundation chat board exposes some twists of the technology that are the reason Mr. Keshe only hands it over to legitimate governments as no loose cannons should ever be permitted to control it.  Even my honest energy loving friends make mistakes at times.  If they harm themselves, it is only their own loss.  But some aspects of Keshe's technology could harm millions if mishandled.  Fortunately, in the right hands, his technology can clean up the past messes made by nuclear power.  I pray it stays in sane control.

So top on my list of suspicious energy suppressers is now Israel and Mossad, and the bankers they work for.  But nations who stay dependent on archaic energy monopolies have more to worry about than energy inventors do any more.  As the energy monopolies will continue to strangle the last dime of profit they can from you.

Update 7/9/2010

Another villain is showing evidence of major involvement in suppression of clean energy development.  I'm a bit embarrassed to have overlooked this one, as it is a few hundred years old.  But it is showing its evil past being tied to the early development of oil monopolies.  Crown Agents are derived from the actions of the British owned East India Trading Company.  It was the largest merchant trading system in the world in the early 1800's, using violence and extortion to control its markets.

A former blow out investigator for the oil drilling specialist company, Schlumberger, David Hawkins has been doing a series of investigative reports on the RumorMillNews talk show hosted by Rayelan Allan.  He not only adds his specialist insight to analyze the current BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, but he provides excellent historical observation on the policies and actions of the East India Trading company and how it relates to world events presently happening.  One of the key elements has been patent control.  The web of events supporting his claims are extensively complex, but highly substantive.  He has been doing 3 hours of reports per week for the last month.  Archives of the program are available at his web site, http://www.abeldanger.net/

Once you understand British involvement in world history, and its utilization of the East India Trading company and their band of "Thugs" to monopolize markets, the next question is how did they get involved with oil.  We all thought John D. Rockefeller, an American, created that monopoly, and kept it under American control.  Even oil insider Linsey Williams today says OPEC is run by Americans, not Arabs.  But trace who sits on boards of Trustees.  Did you know, current CEO of BP, Tony Hawkins is a trustee for the Emirates Foundation? (According to BP web site as of this writing)  How did he (a Brit) get control of Arab money?

We all should have watched this PBS documentary which aired back in 1987, during Reagan's administration.  It exposes use of "secret governments" to control publicly know governments.  It also reveals a little known truth of history. The Nazis didn't disappear at the end of W.W.II.  They all got new identities.  Sadly, their evil is still around and so disguised, few if any, realize it.
Part One      Part Two 

After you see Great Britain's involvement in controlling Arab oil, (and Arab countries)  next you need to read both of my blogs regarding infiltration.
Part One      Part Two

No country has a truly loyal "intelligence agency."  They are all interconnected by various secret societies.  The result is each one extorts the next.  And while these boys and girls with deadly weapons play their personality intimidation games with each other, mass humanity gets killed off, as they all think they have a right to kill anyone who they feel is a threat to their own plot.  National security is the perpetual excuse for killing anyone they wish, never providing a true reason, because nobody has the "security clearance" they claim to have. They are oblivious of the fact this attitude is satanic, making themselves judges over life and death, and ignoring civil rights to all.

I'm sure some readers will scoff at this claim of no intelligence organization being purely loyal to its country.  All agents take lie detector tests and all go through a background check.  But if the agent feels his secret society ALREADY controls and owns that government in question, he is not lying when asked if he belongs to an organization planning to overthrow government "x", because his or her group already owns it.  No need to "overthrow" it.  And most intelligence organizations welcome most any secret society in, thinking that is proof they can keep a secret.  Wrong.

Crimes are committed by criminals.  Big crimes are committed by conspiracies, to take advantage of multiple resources of multiple criminals. As anyone begins digging into conspiracies, they quickly learn many of their sources for information are "one note Sambas."  Researchers who found one really bad group and thought their research was done.  Jump around Internet radio and you find each talk show host seems to feel there is only one bad guy in the world.  Get rid of that one bad group and you just saved the world.

Rush Limbaugh says it is just liberals and Democrats
Alan Keyes feels it is just abortion promoters.
Jeff Rense feels it is just Zionists. (Mossad and Rothschilds)
Greg Szysmanski feels it is just the Pope. (Jesuits, Knights of Malta, etc)
Alex Jones feels it is primarily the Bilderbergers or Bohemian Grove participants.
Neocons think it is only Islam.
Islam thinks it is only infidels.

While all above provide a lot of proof how evil their favorite villain is,  Dr. Stan Monteith at RadioLiberty.com correctly points out it is a Brotherhood of Darkness, all listening to Satan and his lies, and not listening to any aspect of truth, just following any plans that will yield them more power and control.  There is most definitely a dark spiritual connection between all of these sinister groups.  A basic network of this evil are the Masons, but it doesn't stop with one group, because Satan's empire is very disjointed and always playing king of the hill for title of most powerful piece of trash.

Basic Christianity, which I follow myself,  stresses Jesus Christ is the Way, The Truth and the Light, NOBODY COMES UNTO THE FATHER BUT BY HIM.  My purpose in my writings is not to contradict anything Christ taught, but to reinforce it, and protect it.  I strive to warn fellow believers and any who realize what I am saying, that Satan "goes to and fro throughout the earth seeking whom he may devour."  Everyone is getting sabotaged by satanic actions, enabled by infiltration.  We can't just believe everyone in our organizations: governments, churches, or specialty groups.  Everyone has to prove their adherence to what Christ taught.  He said "if you love me, keep my commandments."  He NEVER said to use force of any kind to promote Him. The "great commission is to go throughout the world CONVINCING BY REASON, NOT BY FORCE for all to accept his righteousness, as their own voluntary decision.  You can't sing in the choir on Sunday and kill 2 million Middle Easterners during the week, using "national security" as an excuse for your bloodshed of innocent lives.  America condemned Hitler for invading Poland, yet neocons since Jimmy Carter, have twisted the word "invasion" into "pre-emptive strike" based on "suspicions" from their extremely corrupt intelligence network.  Churches condemn Stalin and Mao for killing millions of their own population.  Yet only a handful of churches have done anything while 8 evil presidents and a parade of supreme court justices gave us nothing but excuses when over 50 million babies were killed in the womb.  Complacency in America, and believing the excuses of lying infiltrators has caused as much bloodshed from America's capital, as any tyrant in history.  Any doubts of a satanic influence in Washington DC is disproven with this documentary. DC Sorcery

This all comes back to energy.  We see a network of sinister groups, whether they admit it or not, all working together to keep the world under their control.  The title to "king of the hill" may change from time to time, but the mass population of the world always loses.  Two things are certain though.  To retain this control, two areas must be controlled:  money and energy.  Food and water are the ultimate, obvious items, but each can be controlled by money or energy.  A monopoly on energy creates all the money they need to control everything else in the world. 

Oil entered the scene around 1900 and quickly overtook coal for ease of handling.  Nuclear power was forced on the world by warmongers who wanted to hide the evil by claiming nuclear had a peaceful application.  The truth is nuclear is dirty to acquire, use, and dispose of.  Residents near uranium mines have up to 500 times normal cancer rates.  All nuclear reactors leak tritium, which is dangerous at any level, and we just don't have a working technology yet to neutralize large quantities of radioactively contaminated materials.  Burying it all in one spot makes it even more dangerous. Nuclear only appears clean, because truth of its dangers are skillfully hidden by controlled mass media.

Now that we understand no organization is exempt from infiltration, all lean on spooky, strange religious stuff that traces back to polytheistic Babylon, thanks to Masonic influence spread to numerous other groups.  All are misguided by satanic influence whether they admit it or not.

Our continuing quest is to find out which of all these groups is using this network to stop the development of any genuine clean energy technology.  I began by mentioning Crown Agents.  Their roots are hundreds of years old, and we now see they work directly with both oil and the "patent pool" method of controlling industries.  With their established networks, and modes of operation, they are moving high on the list of suspects.  According to David Hawkin's research, they are his #1 candidate for pulling off the 9/11 attack, due to all the extremely high technologies necessary, along with highly placed moles into the US Government to issue "stand down" orders at just the right time and make the most powerful military on the planet, temporarily impotent, while they brought down 3 huge skyscrapers with controlled demolition, and penetrated Pentagon airspace with no retaliation.  All this, followed by massive coverup of evidence and details, kept from both public and investigative journalists.  Crown Agents are now more suspicious than my 2 prior guesses, Jesuits, or Mossad, which beside Crown Agents are the world masters of deceptive infiltration.  Its British roots make it directly tied to the British founded Council on Foreign Relations, which has also infiltrated both government and religious organizations and even Hollywood with some bimbos and air heads looking for some intellectual respect.  Dick Chenney and Hillary Clinton are both members.  So are religious leaders Rick Warren and Jesse Jackson.  Hillary Clinton is still a patent attorney.  Cheney is drenched in oil.  Influence and technology are key components of infiltration and power control.  Crown Agents have both.

Update 3/31/2010

The blue text below appears to read like science fiction.  It was intended to.  The true author traces back to US Naval intelligence.  He felt writing a piece of fiction, to be laughed at for its space alien references was the only way to get a historical message out.

following was copied from http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=169870
which says it was copied from http://www.serendipity.li/index.html
I thank both of the sites for this powerful summary of information which shows the most definitive link I have seen yet between banks and oil.  It also explains both Nigeria's and Texas' involvement in gas price fixing which began in the 1970's.  Apologies for its length, but well worth the time to read.

After reading it, please listen to this interview of Walter Burien by Dr. Bill Deagle done on 3/30/2010, which reveals bankers collusion with government funds to control everything. 
Part one,
50 mins Part two 39 mins.  mp3.
ed: KLR.

THE REAL HATONN IS DEAD, BUT: What most of you Americans do not remember is that the United States of America IS A MEMBER

Both Doris and E.J. Ekker aka Comander Hatonn are dead of the Flu used by the SPEciaL Group. Giving creditwhere credit is due.. Doris Ekker was one of the most intelligent women who ever existed. Too bad the Dark Side won in the Ekker's Lives. [VKD]


C:I ask you to note the date of writing for this document. The scribe who receives the radio frequencies from Hatonn is 'Dharma'. Also, when Hatonn seems to "predict" in this writing, he is guessing based on probabilities.
You must remember that humans are in control of these planes, so these humans have the ability to change the probabilities. The Pleiadians speak of two types of 'grey men.' One is our familiar little grey aliens, the other is a reference to International Bankers. Any highlighting is Hatonn's, not mine. Enjoy. Read it slowly and carefully, and read it


For verification of some aspects of this information, I recommend the following excerpts from Editorial Research Reports (a publication of our Congress) available at your public library.

OPEC: 10 years after the Arab oil boycott. Sept. 23, 1983.

World Debt Crisis. Jan. 21, 1983.

and the following from the Congressional Record,

December 5, 1979; pages 34793-4: An account of the Connection between
Rockefeller, Carter, Kissinger, Chase Manhattan Bank, and how the
Shah's money was removed from Iran.

December 20, 1979; pages 37630-2, 37640-2: Accounts of Sen. George
Hansen's trip to Iran to negotiate with Iranians for the release
of the hostages.

It is up to you to decide whether our Congress is a more credible
source of information than a Pleiadian is.



The "Grey Men" Tape

This is an edited transcription of a lecture taped April 23, 1988. The information is valid and, if anything, more easily recognized today -- Hatonn
Let us call the group which has elaborate, and successful, plans to rule your nation and your world, the Internationalists. When I refer to the Internationalists I am referring to a very elite group of about twelve to thirteen 'families'. These "families" hold your "purse strings" - zipper and lock, to all the bags of money in your world. Sound impossible? Nay, it is not only possible, it is extremely easy to visualize after I have explained it to you.

As I move along, I will give you some names and places whereby you can check it out on an individual basis. I wish never to place any human at risk, however, so in all instances I will only refer to those already having come forth with 'public' statements or information.

I will also have to explain a few terms used to have any sense of continuity. Therefore, as we move along, forgive me for any digression in attempt to give a definition, e.g., of 'fractional banking'.

First, you must fully come into understanding that there truly ARE the elite few, with plans well founded and functioning, who control both the world financial markets and ultimately will control all peoples of the world. Do not err in your thoughts by thinking I am speaking of 'someone else in the world', I speak more for the United States of America than I do of the remainder of your world.

As I pull portions of the puzzle together for this document I shall again be referring to such groups as the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, and the Bilderburgers. Forgive me if I am repetitious. I may need to be repetitious in order to fit the pieces in proper perspective.

You must know that there ar certain families (literally) that control the hard currency. The countries wherein these families abide are known as hard currency countries. These thirteen families have control of the policy making and the decision making of the central banks of those countries. They are owners, these families, of the majority of the stock of the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System. 'Federal Reserve' would indicate to the more uninformed, that this is a Federal Government Branch. This is untrue, the Federal Reserve System is NOT a branch of your federal government. Just as these families control the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System, they also control the currencies that are not allowed to fluctuate. Note here that the American dollar is the standard against which all other currency is measured. All other nations are affected according to the changing values of the dollar. Not only do these families control the currencies, but they likewise control the banks. This, friends, is in all the leading nations of your world.

For ease of understanding, let us just consider the industrialized nations at this point. I will also need to explain fractional banking to you, because without understanding the lending system you cannot get the picture properly. All of the banks under control of these families practice fractional banking - and beyond (sometimes there is no hard money present at all). But, let us explain by example on a personal level.


This is actually referred to as fractional 'reserve' banking. Lenders are allowed to loan a maximum of up to 20 to one. This is perfectly legal, practiced by every lending institution in America and elsewhere.

Example: Mr. A goes to his friendly banker, Mr. B, and deposits one thousand dollars ($1000) into Mr. B's bank. Mr. B's bank is a Savings and Loan so Mr. B puts the $1000 into his own savings account. The Savings and Loan is required by your laws, to keep only 5% in reserve. The are allowed to loan out 95% of the money invested or 95% of that which is placed into savings accounts. This means of $1000 there is $950 which is available to be loaned out. In turn the Savings and Loan takes the $950 and loans it to Mr. C to do some home repairs, let us say. This gentleman takes his borrowed $950 and goes to the local hardware/lumber company and purchases supplies, lumber, nails, etc.

The lumber company carries on regular banking and therefore, he goes to his bank with the $950 for deposit, to Bank D. Bank D is now required to keep 5% but can load out 95% which would be $902.50. Bank D now loans that to Mr. X who in turn filters it back into the economy, let us suppose, through the grocery store and other business stores. He spends it and now we have that money end up in Bank Z. Bank Z is required keep 5%. That means that Bank Z can loan out $857.37. It is again loaned and filtered back in to the economy. This is continued right down to zero. With your $1000 deposit those bankers using fractional reserve banking are now allowed to loan out $20,229.60. This is practiced by EVERY lending institution in America and elsewhere. The amounts above do not include 'interest' on the money borrowed, only the principal amount.

You must now keep it in mind that this results in an increase in the money supply through the Federal Reserve System. Your 'big boys' simply turn up the speed of your money presses and run them a little faster and faster in order to pump more in to the economy just to boost up the fractional reserve banking. Let me remind you to keep in mind that the thirteen families control all of the hard currencies of the world and are allowed to practice this fractional reserve banking - this will be important as we move along.


We will now talk about something referred to, on your planet, as 'System 2000', which is a Global Creditors Unilateral plan. This plan went into effect somewhere about the early 1970s. At that time a pentagon official and several other officials visited Nigeria. They went to the Prime Minister and paid him fifty million dollars ($50 million) to raise the price of his oil to more than double. Nigerian oil is 'light crude' of quality such that it is almost pure enough to burn immediately, without distillation, in automobiles. This type of oil sets the price of oil for the entire world. The $50 million was cash across the board with no repayment requirements if Nigeria would double the price of light crude.

We will refer to this as light oil. There are only two locations in the world that have this light oil and, of course, it is the most valuable oil in your world, therefore, it is the standard against which all other oil in the world is measured. So, whoever controlled the price of the light oil at that time controlled the price of all of the oil in the world.

At this point, let us bring the Arabs into this scenario. This will also bring in the Trilateral Commission - that also includes Mr. Bush. It was now time to bring pressure and persuasion to OPEC. What most of you Americans do not remember is that the United States of America IS A MEMBER OF OPEC.

It is kept most low profile.

At that time a 'deal was cut' with the Middle Eastern Oil Producers and this is how it went; all buyers were prepared to pay significantly higher prices for the oil - PROVIDED - all Middle Eastern nations supported the United States of America, BY INVESTING THE REVENUES INTO THE BIG BANKS IN AMERICA.

To make this picture clear, you must remember that the Arabs, who are wealthy sheiks today, had been wandering around on camelback in a very big desert. They were nomads and they were certainly most unsophisticated in business affairs. Years earlier when the international bankers found out that there was oil in their countries, they went forth and persuaded the Arabs to allow them to produce the oil by financing the oil fields, drilling, rigging - all supplies including expertise.

After the bankers financed the oil fields they then charged the Arabs usury fees for building the supply systems - along with refineries. The usury was quickly repaid because the Arabs became very rich, very quickly. (Way back then you were only paying about 30 cents per gallon in your gasoline stations.) Let us now take it further, you go to Nigeria and pay them to double the price of light crude. Unbeknownst to the Arabs, those ones who had become wealthy overnight and didn't know zero about business, much less international finance; the nomads; you call them together and say, 'We will take the price of crude just as high as you want it to go - IF - you will deposit an established portion of the funds that you get from this NEW PROFIT RISE IN 30 YEAR TIME CERTIFICATES IN CERTAIN MAJOR U.S. BANKS.

Perhaps you ones can now understand the problems you experienced in your early 1970s. Remember the gas lines and the prices of oil skyrocketing? It was because the international bankers, who hold the purses of the world, knew that the increase in the price of oil that was going to the Arabs would come rushing right back to their banks in 30 year time certificates of deposit.

Turn now to the 30 year time deposits and let us examine the banker's plans. Back in the late 70's and early 80's Sheik Yamani and his bunch had no idea that there was a connection between those banks, or that they were the same people that had the controlling interest of the major oil companies. Do you see what has been woven here? After all, how could the camel-riding nomads realize the international bankers were 'having them' hook, line and up to the fishing pole? How could they possibly know that what was happening through these oil companies, was that the monies were being cycled right back into the selected, no exceptions, banking system? They couldn't and they didn't!


Going a long ways back now; in the 1870's the Rockefellers set up something called a Joint Stock Trust. Here I will add, this was just a brief period of time before the American Government declared these trusts illegal. BUT, YOU SEE, THESE ONES COULD FUNCTION FOREVER UNDER WHAT YOU CALL A 'GRANDFATHER' CLAUSE. THAT BROTHERS, IS THE ULTIMATE CONTROLLING FACTOR IN AMERICA OF THE PRIME BANKS AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. That 'trust' is in the control of the Rockefeller Foundation, and, in turn controls the Federal Reserve Bank and is the method whereby the Internationalists are able to gain control of the currency of the U.S.A.

Does it begin to become reasonable that those New York banks ar showing all time record earnings? Yet, all around the rest of your country of the U.S., banks and Savings and Loans are going broke and failing. THAT, FRIENDS, MEANS YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED RIGHT ALONG WITH THE ARABS AND EQUALLY AS BLINDLY - WITH NO RECOURSE.

Let us come back now, and speak of the deal which was "cut" (your ones in power love that term) with the Saudi Arabians and ones of the Middle East. These ones were required to put their money into the prime banks; keep in mind that they did not know that the prime banks were able to lend in amounts of twenty to one. (20 to 1 was quite a while ago, it is higher at present.) All they were receiving was the interest on the money they had deposited. Worse for them, in some of these countries it is unacceptable to receive interest for religious reasons so they might wait thirty years to get any money from their certificates of deposit. In other words, they did not know that this fractional type of banking could be done, but through this, the bankers of the world were able to gain control of the money of the Arab world, and in turn the Arab world only received back part of the interest from the money that they placed into the International Banking System - UNDER THESE 30 YEAR TIME DEPOSIT CERTIFICATES.

Through the money gained from the Arabs through the manipulation of the price of oil, and taking the price of gasoline from, let us say, 30 cents a gallon to $1.25 a gallon - there is a lot of money being made. Now, with that money returning into the international banks at 20 to 1, I think you can see the staggering profits. Let us face facts, friends, that money originally came from YOU. Because the bankers had locked in the deposits they were then, in turn, able to make loans to third world nations.


Think back fifteen or twenty years ago when the International Bankers started investing in third world country loans. LOOK VERY CLOSELY AT THE COUNTRIES WHICH ARE GOING BANKRUPT (COMPLETELY BROKE) TODAY. IT WAS FULLY INTENDED THAT THOSE COUNTRIES GO BROKE AND I WILL EXPLAIN THAT IN A LITTLE BIT.

You might wonder how I know so much. Well, I have the best computer system in the universe and all I have to do is key it up and it is spread out before me. My computers rarely reflect errors; only changes in 'probabilities' and perturbations in human action and reactions.

I am sorry, friends, your friendly bankers set it up deliberately so that the third world countries would go broke. You have to pay attention to history and look back to the time when those third world countries were beginning to gain independence and setting up independent governments. It was at such times that these bankers loaned the upstarts great sums of money which actually had come to them through the Arabs, basically.

The international bankers not only wanted, but insured, that these borrowing countries would misuse the fundings. It was fully intended that the funds could be be mismanaged through greed and simply be squandered. You must remember that the leaders of these countries had never governed anything or anybody. They knew nothing about government. They had been colonies under the governorship of other larger countries.

The international bankers knew that the leaders were bound to squander the funds. It was known they would have no way to know what to do with them (and they were massive) and so the cycle goes. They were actually squandering money taken from you through the Arabs through high oil prices, etc. Let us now follow it on through.


I will hereby digress to a story from Dharma's earth home state - Texas - most of you have heard of it. Let us go back some years (not too many) to jog some memories. Do you remember someone named John Connelly, who was governor of Texas? Do you recall that he was also in the vehicle and was injured during John Kennedy's assassination? Well, Mr. Connelly was also Under Secretary of the Treasury - he was a lot of things and titles. These ones with Mr. Connelly did a most fascinating thing - they planned to implement a new currency for the State of Texas. You see, Texas is a part of the Union only through a renewable 'treaty'. The treaty is automatically renewed every year, but it isn't necessary that it be renewed. That means, friends, that the U.S. only has a treaty with Texas to keep it in the union of states. It was not voted in as were your other states.

Texas was at one time - I believe your term might be 'filthy rich'. The state was wealthy and there were many very, very wealthy individuals. Rich individuals such as the Hunt brothers, who actually had nothing originally, but became extremely wealthy, overnight, by OIL. That was all the way back when oil was first struck and became so popular.

I am truly going to tie all this together but you must bear with me for there are so many facets. I must make it clear what I am going to say. I will explain to you why, if you don't already know, it was so very important to ones of 'the opposition', and why there was an assassination attempt against Mr. Connelly's life as well as Kennedy's.

Why are those men 'broken' today and a state in severe financial trouble? It is because the Internationalists learned of what the Hunt brothers and Mr. Connelly were trying to do. Texas, a state by treaty, can legally secede from your union. The Hunt brothers and Mr. Connelly knew that Texas had the ability to set up their own country and have their own currency. That is why they could be solvent and not be under the dictates of the Federal Reserve System. Or, simply stated, under the control of the international bankers.

At about the same time they were in the process of gaining a corner on the silver of the world. This was in order to finance a process whereby they could overcome the international bankers and it was at that point the Hunt brothers were smashed. John Connelly was almost killed, and Texas, which could have been the only state in the union to fulfill breaking out of the trap, has been punished with some extremely major problems. Today, portions of Dallas and Fort Worth, Houston and other wealthy, wealthy cities have gone on to resemble ghost towns in your Old West. Ones who had grown rich in the oil industry have been severely punished, the Hunts and Connelly are bankrupt.

The Internationalists became so incensed, so angry, at what these Texans had done that they broke the back of the oil industry, and the major oil producers of Texas. It was a well designed plan and executed in perfection.

When one attempts to interfere with the plans of the international bankers, you can see what the results can be. The Hunt brothers were working directly with the Shah of Iran, on the above plan. Immediately thereafter one of the Texas bankers was killed, the Shah of Iran deposed, and the Hunt brothers were forced into bankruptcy.

There are many ways the international bankers can get revenge on ones who attempt interference with their overall plan; through murder, or you might well be placed into a mental institution and locked away permanently, or you can have trumped up charges brought against you whereby you are locked away indefinitely in prison. This latter has also happened to numerous ones in the 'UFO' investigation circles who find and bring forth truth. It is exactly what happened to Colonel Wendelle Stevens. Colonel Stevens probably has investigated more UFO incidents than any other individual. Further, an assassination plot was arranged and attempted while Colonel Stevens was incarcerated. Strangely, the perpetrator, who dressed as a religious leader, was caught in the act, turned over to the FBI, and has never been heard from again. So be it.


If you will recall, the Shah of Iran was in perfect health when he was deposed and departed Iran. He was only declared to be sick after he reached the United States. You were told he was being held in 'protective' custody at a military base. There, you were also told, he was being treated for his illness - which was not present at the time of his arrival. He died anyway, didn't he? Face it - his death was planned and the murder executed.

In your present months there is an international uproar over the use the of chemical and germ warfare utilized in Iran and Iraq. Some of the viruses cannot be traced - nor, in such above instances, would anyone dare to pursue it.

Who would question a man becoming ill, being treated and then expiring unexpectedly? Certainly no one in the United States would question it. You were uncomfortable enough just having the man in your country. Death can most effectively be brought about in any number of non-traceable ways; one of which is through micro-dots and variations of vibration frequencies, as well as through viruses. (This is exactly what happened to Dharma, in her own dwelling - causing cardiac arrest. We just happen to have her under constant monitoring for she is a receiver of several of us in this higher frequency dimension; therefore, we can catch these attempts and counter them. Doesn't do much for the mental relaxation of the victim, however.)


You can get verification of these little stories from Senator John Hansen of you own government. I am going to speak of Iran and your people who were taken hostage. I doubt many of you have heard the truth of the matter.

Senator Hansen was in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. He knew what was happening in Iran and requested permission to go to Iran and investigate. Congress refused. Mr. Hansen then purchased his own private airline ticket and proceeded to Iran anyway.

When Senator Hansen arrived, the one called Khomeni proffered an audience. Guess what Khomeni said? He said, 'We don't want these hostages, certainly not any more than you want us to have them'. 'As a matter of fact," Khomeni continued; 'I'd like to give you these hostages, at least half of them anyway, and you can take them home with you tomorrow morning. That is, Mr. Hansen, if you will promise to begin an investigation into the relationship between the Shah of Iran, Chase Manhatten Bank, Mr. Henry Kissinger and your President Carter.'

At this point, Senator Hansen was most delighted. He rushed to call back to the U.S. to someone who could give authorization and said 'Hey, I can bring half of the hostages home tomorrow. How shall I arrange it?' The person on the other end of the line said, 'Well, I will call you back tomorrow and let you know.' Now please guess what happened on the following morning? When the call was placed back to Mr. Hansen, he was told the following, 'Get yourself on the next airplane coming to America. Come home immediately. Do not bring hostages. Do not do any negotiating. You have no right to speak the part of the Congress of the United States of America even if you are a congressman. Get home immediately with no further discourse.'

Here is what he found upon his return to Washington - that the incident was entered into the Congressional record. Further he found that President Carter knew the hostages were going to be taken and further - knew that they were there for a reason and he was not to interfere. Now, you ones get yourself ready for a bomb if you have not already had access to this expose. The release of the hostages in Iran was negotiated by a negotiator of Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, U.S.A. All outside overt and covert attempts to gain release was a facade. Ask any marine who was involved in the military efforts thereof.

Is it really any wonder to you ones that Iran is all ticked off at you today? Those hostages, and America, were held in terror while bankers got the Shah's money safely into their banks before the Shah was killed and then, in turn, got much of the money belonging to Iran. A pretty wicked way to get Iran's money into the Chase Manhattan Bank to it could remain solvent and be one of the wealthiest institutions in the entire world.


The international banks formed bank 'holding companies' so that they could not be held responsible. The Chase Manhattan, Chemical Bank and J.P. Morgan's bank were the predominant banks for money deposited by the Arabs. The holding companies were formed in order to loan out money to the third world countries while knowing full well that the third world countries were going to go broke.

After the Shah had been destroyed and the money was safely in the banks, there were massive amounts of money loaned to third world countries. These notes were shifted from the banks to the bank holding companies in anticipation of the eventual bankruptcy of the borrowing countries.

One holding company was for the purpose of loaning money to the third world countries. The purpose of the second holding company was to borrow money from the international bank in order to purchase agricultural lands. That means farms and also certain corporations in the United States. The farms and businesses will probably continue to make some money, but the third world countries are destined to go down. This is ongoing, dear ones, not a passing fancy.


We are going to now consider currency on a world basis. We will also point out why some of the monetary plans and money making formats are valid and viable.

Let us speak a bit about Mr. Marcos who was recently deposed from the Phillipines. This is most typical, friends, so watch the hands closely. A representative of the international bankers' bank went to those ones and said, 'Mr. Marcos, we will forgive all of your loans. You cannot pay them back, you cannot pay back the interest, you can't pay back the principal, but, we would like to make you a bargain. We will just forgive the loans.'

Digress time: remember, who did that money belong to that they loaned out to these third world places? It was not the bankers'. Well, of course, it was all that Arab money, because of the higher prices that the people all over the world had paid. So, back to what the bankers say, 'We'll just forgive your loans, the principal and the interest and you never have to pay it back - IF (ALWAYS THE IF). The 'if' goes about as follows: You have to do away with your national currency, whatever it is. The dollar will be your currency basis of value. You will be set up with a type of debit card system instead of the usual currency system. Then, too, you must give us perpetual rights to all of the natural resources in your country.

Interestingly enough, it was right after that little gift gesture; that friendly little suggestion, that Mr. Marcos was deposed. Why do you suppose that happened? Well, Mr. Marcos was pretty feisty and he told the international bankers where they could go right after they got immediately out of his country. He had no intention of giving them sovereignty over his country and look what happened.

Everyone in that country found that suddenly their social security number was synonymous with their credit number; further, their central bank was to act as a wholesaler for credit, which in turn, was extended to it by the new super bank which was announced by your Mr. Paul Volker in the fall of 1985. That was ratified immediately by President Reagan. Just a fun aside for you who love to play with numbers and speculate about coincidence - the names and numbers, the digits, added up to six. Lots of things around Mr. Reagan add up to sixes - even his retirement home address. I take very little stock in these things, but many of you seem to like the game. Also, because a President is not reelected does not mean he is vanquished from the fray.

A further contingent condition of the benevolent gift, if you will, of the International Monetary Fund, was that in order to help the economy of those countries the IMF was going to nominate external, nondomestic corporations to properly engineer, exploit and excavate the minerals of those said countries who had just put those same mineral resources up as collateral. This would all, thereby, supposedly bring prosperity to those striving nations.

Mr. Marcos was a bit sharper up front, however, and he pinpointed on the word PERPETUAL in the contract. He realized that quite obviously he would be signing away the sovereignty of his nation.

I make no comment or judgement regarding Mr. Marcos as a person, nor do I make comment about any individual - those ones are of human format, not mine. I am just telling you the way it is and how some things happened.

In the case of the Marcoses, it was only a matter of weeks before the bankers brought down the guillotine blade. Riots were financed by, and originated through, ones of the international bankers' groups. It is never humanly wise to cross these ones; you see Mr. and Mrs. Marcos were exploiting the people well enough on their own and did not wish to share.


Ah, let us not forget those holding companies of which I spoke. Remember holding companies one and holding companies two? The second group was receiving credit from the first group of holding companies to purchase assets and liabilities from the 'prime' banks. The only liabilities they would purchase were liabilities represented by Certificates of Deposits of the Arab nations. The assets they were buying were loans made to the debtor nations. Remember, it was designed that third world countries would default on the loans which would bankrupt the holding companies which had purchased the Arab's CD's from the banks.

At such a point, the internation bankers say to the Arabs, 'OK fellows, sorry, but all those billions of dollars in 30 year term deposits that you have been depositing all these years are gone. They were sold to a holding company, unattached to us, which loaned the money to third world countries which are bankrupt - broke - gone kaput. Sorry, Mr. Arab, but as of today you are bankrupt. Just like that - all gone!'

You might ask, 'Is it possible for the Arab world to go bankrupt? Really now, the richest people in the world with all that oil?' It is a little bit shocking isn't it? Poor souls, they didn't even know those CD's had been 'sold' to those holding companies. They had deposited the money right into the New York bank as required. How could they possibly know they were transferred out and into bankruptcy-destined companies? How could they understand the inner manipulations of international financiers? They were nomads, they didn't know anything about business. One cannot even consider them foolish. How much of this intrigue do you know, much less understand? The Arabs could not know what they were up against. But now let us look at what has happened. Before the end of 1986 the Arab world became a bit aware of what was happening to them. The word went out that before May 1st, 1987 millions and millions had to be transferred out of the Arab world into America, to start preparing for doomsday. Money was to be shifted into any kind of securities that were even half way decent. Why do you think this was so? It was so that when the Arab sheiks came to the point of bankruptcy they could be sure the people under them, those millions of people of the Arab countries who have literally been 'kept' by give-away programs, could not get at them. They would have a place to run to and, hopefully, hide. Well, when this all comes down that these Arab countries have literally been sold out, innocently or knowingly, there will be uprisings, turmoil and literally, massacres abounding. It is going to happen, friends, right in the Arab nations.

This is why they have purchased, and set in place, silkworm type missiles from China. Long range, nuclear capable, and they have the nuclear devices to arm them. Could it be they will be needed against their own peoples? The people are going to be quite irritated when the are no longer receiving anything from the oil revenues, that their own country is bankrupt and that further, they were sold out by their own leaders. At that point there will be mass migration of sheiks headed for America where they have already transferred the most of their assets.

The Arabs were trying to make the big purchases by May of 1988; it is now a year and a half later. Do you not think things might be starting to come down pretty soon? Could it be relatively correlated in timing to Savings and Loan problems and private pension plan troubles and failing economy and - and - ?

I continue to see problems as I look on my scanners. The probability of you making it into your 1990 before a major depression is not reflected there. I see no way for you to make it past your fall season.

You only need a couple more countries to default and your monetary system will collapse. You sit on the target for several methods of pulling you down into collapse. Well, back to the original story.

We are talking of holding companies in trouble. The international bankers have removed responsibility from themselves. They passed the notes, etc. on to the holding companies who in turn made the bad loans. All that money belonging to the Arabs has been passed into the holding companies. All the international bankers have to do is say to the Arabs, 'You are broke. As of today - all gone!' When the Arabs demand payment of the 30 year term notes, the holding companies are insolvent - simple as that, no funds - broke.

Do you see now, that this group 'made' people some years back and now they can 'break' them with equal speed and efficiency without being accountable?

I fear, friends, it is not very different from what is being done unto you dear ones. BUT, that is another story.

Here things began to happen rapidly and with sleight of hand. There have followed myriads of liquidations, foreclosures and bankruptcies which were effected by the FDIC and FSLIC which are under the total control of the Federal Reserve Board. Literally dozens of banks all over America quickly were, and are, being bought up. But the big question is by whom? Who has the money in sufficient amounts to make such purchases? The great sums come from the higher oil price money that goes to the Arabs, the deposited into the international bankers' banks. The banks being purchased are then intentionally closed. Some of those banks are still solvent. They are also buying up farm land throughout America through the farmers who are now being put into bankruptcy because of the high American dollar (in relation- ship to foreign currency). At least this is the way it was up to a year or so ago - it is fluctuating somewhat at the present time for other heinous things are under way which are the next step in the plan. I shall not go into those things in this document for I intend to do a document relative to your economies. First, let us consider what is happening now and has been, for your past few years - a lot of things are being done now through the Oriental communities. Ah so?


What happens next after this point in insolvency and negotiations, is that the assets would have to be liquidated. The Arabs now have to liquidate. They bought farmland, for instance, all over America. Likewise they bought stocks in a lot of corporations as well as a lot of bonds and some other kinds of real estate. In fact, they have controlled a large portion of the New York Stock Exchange. Keep in mind the Japanese control a large portion, also.

Let us look at the morning following the notice of bankruptcy. The Arabs will dump their stocks onto the New York Stock Exchange and what is going to happen when billions of dollars worth of their stock comes on the market? I am talking billions and billions of dollars and, suddenly, there it all is to be sold!

What happens to farmland that is already depressed? In 1987 prime farmland that had been worth $3,000 an acre was less than $700 per acre because of deflation and the inability to repay farm loans. Now you have added drought and all sorts of other bad dreams. By the way, this deflation was brought about by your Federal Reserve System. Well, the Arabs don't want that farmland, they have all the problems they can handle. What happens to the price of farmland? It is going right to the floor isn't it? Brothers, when that happens with the value what does it mean? It means it has no collateral value any longer. With no collateral value, how can a farmer borrow money next year for his crops? In turn, what happens to the crops? Who is going to feed the people? What is going to happen in the grocery markets? The results, of course, equates to hunger and scarce supply. Sad, brothers, but it is a well laid plan working to perfection.

It all boils down to CONTROL and how do you ever recover. Further, let us look at your stock situation. What is going to happen when these multitudes of stocks are dumped on the stock market? Chaos. What will be the result of catastrophic chaos? IT HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO THROW THE AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGES, PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, PRIVATE BUSINESS, AMERICAN REAL ESTATE AND QUITE FRANKLY, THE PEOPLE IN GENERAL, INTO A STATE OF TOTAL CONFUSION. TO THE RESCUE! Let me finish the plan for you. At the time of total confusion and inability to function, those benevolent bankers are going to come through with a 'save the world proposal'. They are going to be prepared to eliminate cash because of its collapse. Secondarily, they must then stop drug trafficking. Then, they must also push to stop tax cheating. Now, what self respecting American citizen can possibly be against such noble efforts? They (the bankers) have set up and orchestrated all of these programs and now will pretend to stop them.

What will the average American do when your television says, 'Look at what those dirty Arabs have done to you?' What would you do? You are going to believe what they tell you, aren't you? You are going to be right up there in front saying 'Sure they did it to us. Those Arabs want to control the world.' Pretty soon it will be, 'Those Japanese want to control the whole world,' and then, 'The Chinese want to control the whole world.' You will join the chant that says, 'Look they bought up all this major part of America. Look at all the money we have given them, and see what they have done. They have collapsed our stock market, et cetera and so on'.

Ah ha, but here come your benevolent bankers and they are going to say to you, 'You have got to have a new currency and then the next thing we will do is use that new currency to stop this dope trafficking. You know, that which is coming in from Central America and those other countries. Then, of course, we are also going to have to have a debit card to stop people from tax cheating because, after all, Mr. Public, if we don't do this we will never get ourselves back on our feet. So, brothers, if you'll just turn everything over to us benevolent bankers we will take care of everything and straighten out the whole mess.' You know what, brethren? You will hop on that bandwagon and agree to your imprisonment like babes to candy. You will not only agree to it; you will demand it. For you will forget to hear the big IF. 'YOU WILL GET ALL THIS DONE FOR YOU IF YOU WILL JUST TAKE A DEBIT CARD FOR YOU INDIVIDUALLY WITH OUR LITTLE OLD NUMBER ON IT!' YOU WILL HAVE JUST FALLEN FOR THE OLD IDENTIFICATION CARD SCHEME.



This has been a scenario about the Middle East. Where do you think you are today and what do you think you will be when you have this new currency? It will only devaluate the old 'dollar' to zero. It is planned already and named already; the Phoenix. A little prior to this, there is a plan to bring forth an international credit card ID. Let us refer to it as a government ID card with your social security number on it which would be - and get this because the next is important - satellite-linked through the Star Wars system. Does any of this sound familiar to you? This program of Star Wars is at least 60% geared towards this very purpose and only 40% for the claimed defense systems, etc.

This major space linkup will facilitate the transmission of banking information throughout the world instantly. This would be a debit card with a number which would be required for you to do business, and friends, if you know anything at all about your Biblical prophecies, God has already told you it will be, it will take place. Further, it will be done in such a clever way that you 'Christians' who say you will NEVER sign up nor participate will never see it hit you and you will have joined the program without even realizing it. How else are you going to survive? Let us not be foolish in our claims for you are dealing with the most clever planners who have out thought you completely up to this date.

Now, I hope you will believe me when I tell you that the 'Star Wars' program of satellite systems is in place. Satellites are up there, friends. We of other planets are allowed to stop nuclear warheads - we are not permitted to touch satellites which are not geared to some type of nuclear detonation.

Well, all those wonder-filled bits of technology called eyes in the sky and spy satellites 'for your security' are really for the purpose of transfer of the very banking and income information which I have just been describing. It can set up immediate transfer of funds from all over the entire world, from the debit card, that the internationalists will see to it are established with every living person. You will be on the system whether you know it or not. In fact, you who are old enough to read these words - and every child - is already entered therein.

All information will be entered into a central computer and from that place the world will come under instant financial control. So, dear Americans, you have just paid your hard-earned money to finance that program to initiate the bankers' international credit card system and number system that will be implemented whether or not you choose it. IT IS DONE, BROTHERS, IT IS PLACE - DONE! DON'T TELL ME YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE- -YOU ARE ALREADY A PARTICIPANT, DEAR LITTLE ONES.

Oh yes, what of your defense system? Doesn't look too good does it? Well, we are not going to let those nuclear warheads out here in out space past one hundred fifty miles anyway. That is our prerogative and we stop them or dismantle them.


Do you not see, brothers, that this is the way the prophecies are coming into your focus? It is happening all about you but you don't seem to know what it is you look for.

Please, all I want you to do at present is HEAR ME. There is naught you can do about it to any great extent as it stands.

You who will hear me and mine own groups, hear me. You must utilize all of the remaining time to its maximum efficiency for we will have to continue to work under the new systems. Our projects will never be less than excellent investments and they must, and will, be funded. It needs to be done rapidly, however, before we are caught up in the total collapse of the monetary system. We can work through depression if we have fundings - monetary collapse shuts us down for all practical purposes, until the system can be put on track and functioning.

It can work and will work, for in these confused, rushed and harassed days there is great madness to shift money and make money on money and etc. Countries such as China, Japan - all non-hard-currency countries are desperate to convert to dollars.

I will further tell you that your governments know we are here. They also know we are not here to interfere. We are here to walk our people through a transition and we plan nothing subversive. We do plan good business ventures and welcome all who wish to participate. We have no communes, all work for fair reward. We plan good business with total integrity and latest technology. We are here to help, not overthrow. We are here only to walk our brothers through, for it will all come down just as the prophecies are given. There will be some very bad times ahead most surely if plans are not made for those days of tribulation.

Let me speak a bit more regarding 'timing'. I know that what I have said is truth.

It was confirmed by top sources in Switzerland that by October of last year there were twelve debtor nations who had agreed to the proposal of debt forgiveness in exchange for perpetual consignment of natural resources. There only need to be one or two more that give enough leverage to announce the Arabs bankrupt. As of now, all the top leaders in the Arab world know the story and they are scared to death about it. They don't know what they are going to do about it; there is actually nothing they can do about it. They certainly do not know how to announce it to their populace. There doesn't seem to be any way to get the information out to the people.

Further, no one knows how to announce all this to the American people. It has been attempted by some and fallen on deaf ears. I hope that by the time many of you have read this document, there will be recognition of our presence in your space. What I tell you is truth.


I would like now, to sum up this scenario.

Because the 20 to 1 debt to asset banking ratio also operates in reverse (that's how it is with leverage), it only takes about five percent of the the third world nations to declare bankruptcy and when they do, and they accept the plan of the international bankers, then the bankers can declare the bank holding companies bankrupt. Because of the reverse leverage of the loans, only 5% of the third world countries could basically declare the world bankrupt and the ownership of all falls to the international bankers.

When this program is initiated and in place, it will wind up with the international bankers owning all mortgages and all properties. What is that going to do to your country? What about the world? What control will they have when they initiate the debit card? It will be an automatic number which will be given and would be required because the country is devastated.

It would then result that the international bankers, who are made up of all these secret and complex committees I have previously discussed, would now own the majority of the United States and most other countries (for all will fall in short order), would control the Arab world and therefore, by about a thirty year plan of manipulation, will have brought the peoples of the world under control.

Two years ago, your Senator George Hansen said you had only about a year to get this under control, to get the information out and do something about it. Well, your year has passed into two and a half. How much have you heard about it? I doubt very much. Brothers, this is how men make slaves of their fellow men.

It has, however, been prophesied since the beginning of your world that these things would come to pass. This statement is not to give you negative feelings. This is to tell you that you are IN the time of evolution of your planet where these things are now coming to be.

I go through all this that you might recognize the signs which are all around you. The time, in your perception of time, is fleeting. The 'time' we call sequence of events - is fleeting. We have much to do and we are here and available to assist you ones of God and the children of your planet called Earth Terra. You are a sister planet to we of the Pleiades. Many of our ones walk among you. There are many duties and jobs that must now be finished.

The story, the work, will go out for that is God's promise to man. His promise is to allow man to hear and to see, followed by proof. He will send these things through us of the space brotherhood.

These things shall be documented and sent forth to man so that man can see what he wishes to do - what choices he wishes to make regarding his divinity. I am going to leave this portion now, that you ones can ponder these things.

We come in love and we can see farther than you. We have access to all records, so we can see and know. We can give assistance if we are so petitioned. And you might ask, 'Why would you ones do that?' Because Father God the Totality, the Light which is your Source and My Source loved you enough to send forth His Celestial Son, before us. We now serve that same 'Son' who is our Commander and act in His service.

Further, for you who are our brothers, we will not leave you stranded on that place. Ye who do not yet know me, will come to understanding our presence. I leave mine seal and my blessings on this portion, which I fear is quite lengthy. Please ponder it several times until you have understanding for it is most important.

Go Dharma, it has been such a terribly long session for you. Turn the papers over to the others that you may get some rest.

Salu, Salu, Salu

Hatonn moving to stand-by.


source: http://www.serendipity.li/index.html

The Gods of Eden Serendipity Home Page

Update 3/26/2010

While former Forbes correspondent Benjamin Fulford has been know to chase a few rabbit trails, he reports China will be taking a stand against Free Energy Suppression and begins construction of their own manufacturing facilities to make "forbidden technologies" as soon as April, 2010. 

In this hour long interview, 5 parts on YouTube, Ben mentions Asian counteraction with energy cartels and suppression issues.  We have yet to learn if the "forbidden technologies" are Chinese originals or others they copied or imported to their own borders from elsewhere.

As reported here at Commutefaster, China has been a major polluter from numerous coal plants along with lax standards for manufacturing waste.  If the country begins using genuine clean energy, it will make a major improvement in air, water and soil conditions for everyone.  But given many advanced clean energy technologies were invented inside the United States, yet suppressed by energy cartels within the United States, proves we are our own worst enemy.

Update 12/6/2009

Communication with Clive Boustred informs me the court case has backed off for the moment.  Unsure what they are planning next.

Update 11/29/2009

1) As I have neither met, nor worked directly with this inventor, I have to rely on the reporting of Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com for details.  Hydrogen electrolysis experimenter Bob Boyce has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, the same time a chip was discovered in his shoulder.  Full Story here.

2) Sorry I do not have the audio to play here as this computer is acting up this week, but economist Ben Fulford commented on the Rense.com talk show this last week 11/27/2009 that the Asian Mafias were told to pull back from energy suppression.  This statement in itself implies they formerly were involved in energy suppression. Stories of other recent energy suppression have reached me, but until I obtain some solid evidence, I don't have anything verifiable to report here.

3) The FTC, under leadership by attorney Joshua Millard forcibly evicted Dennis Lee from his research facility sometime around August this year, 2009, and caused the destruction of more than one million dollars of research materials and equipment. No compensation to either Lee, Dutchman, or anyone who invested in his research was offered.  Find Josh Millard's controller and you found which government crooks are causing this.

4) And this bulk e-mail below needs repeating here, as another fellow energy experimenter is undergoing enormous fraud and suppression by government.

From: Clive Boustred  


Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 7:00 PM

Subject: [Coppercards] Trial Starts Monday: Government Shoots At Dad & Children, Orders Dad Not To Tell His Sons He Loves Them.

<>Under The Color of Law The Government Ramps Up Ninth Malicious Case Against Clive.

They have taken everything from him, his children, his home, companies and career.
<>Now they want to sentence him to life in prison.

C’s extraordinary vision clearly shines the light on the criminal nature of the courts.

Was it Clive’s banking system, next-generation education system or new media that threatened the criminal’s control of our world and government?

<>After shooting at Clive from a range of five to seven feet with his sons Richards and William in the direct line of fire, Santa Cruz California sheriffs assault Clive and charge him with “assault with a deadly weapon”, “child endangerment”, “resisting arrest” and a “vehicle code violation” for driving at 27 mph down a private road.  Giving Clive a sham trial he was sentenced to jail for six months for driving at 27 miles per hour down his private road.

All his appeals were denied and Clive was ordered not communicate in any way with his sons Richard and William Nine malicious false prosecutions later, after literally stealing his home, the government is fighting to lock Clive up for life.

Going by the name “C”, Clive is accused by the government of being a dangerous criminal and a menace to society.  Ninety one of C’s InfoTelesys satellites would have circled the earth along with his “State of Peace”, housed on the Space Station Mir which the Russian government had handed to C.

The press has been strangely silent as this astonishing story unfoldsC's vision and plans are censored.

Having architected the systems for some of the largest banking systems in the world, C’s non-fiat-money banking system could not only have freed the world from the bankers fraud and repeated recessions and depressions, it would virtually move the seat of your transactions into space and out of the grasps of greedy taxes.  Worse, InfoTelesys was eliminating the means to fund wars.

Media, through InfoTelesys’ network, would be high-definition on-demand, according to your choice and not broadcast according to your Hollywood banksters selection.  Perhaps even more dangerous, InfoTelesys’ education systems were bringing high quality schooling to every man, woman and child around the world at a cost of free.

Now with access to engines that run on H2O not H2C, devices that suck energy from the atmosphere and heaters that utilize resonance and a trickle of electricity to kick them into action, C has solutions to eliminate pollution and bring cheap power to the people. Currently, C is working on engineering a human powered vehicle that exceeds 100 mph.  Clearly C’s clean-power is also now a threat to the powers at large.  C is indeed dangerous, as you can see.

So dangerous that the State deemed it necessary to order that Clive not in any way communicate with his son’s, not even tell them he loves them or send them a Christmas or birthday card and absolutely no Thanksgiving.

The State literally stole Clive’s estate as they threw him in jail for the sixth time and ordered he not go within one hundred yards of his home and office which they stole.  Selling his home for a million and a half less than it’s last valuation, they handed the remaining proceeds to his adulterous ex-wife whom Clive paid off for the home more than six year earlier. They even ordered the clerk of the court to endorse Clive’s checks she stole and handed the money to her.

They have left C without any currency and continue to setup armed ambushes for him.

C’s plans would eliminate funds for war; prevent banks from making money out of nothing and buying judges, politicians, cops, companies and your home and using interest to manipulate the economy for personal profit.  C’s plans would eliminate your mortgage and secure your home, liberty and life while doubling your income by eliminating tax and launching the world into an economic ecologically clean powered boom.

C’s scientifically backed thesis of life, “The Origins of Everything” reads: "Love manifests life manifests energy manifests matter, in time and space." - CLive. Live, Love Oppose Evil. C dedicated The Origins of Everything to his sons, whom the government has ordered that he not even tell he loves them. 

C clearly has the vision and capability to changing the world,
however, the bankers and their government want to silence C.

This is neither fiction nor fantasy, all the facts are plain to touch and see.  While internet survives, you can visit C’s sites www.infotelesys.com for the satellite, communications, banking, media and education company; www.strategize.com for C’s consultancy; www.libertyforlife.com for C’s lessons in life and history along with his federal lawsuits and irrefutable evidence of the government’s assaults; www.h2o2hot.com for one of C's clean power companies; www.coppercards.com for C’s solution for Americans, an organization C formed to bring back the Constitution for the United States of America, Allodial Title and Common Law for the common man where community counts.

Under the color of law, on Monday 30th November 2009, the government will start the sham trial for the 9th malicious case they have filed against C at the Superior Court on One Second Street, Watsonville, California.  Come along to witness this extraordinary story and how out of control the government really is.

Forward this email to everyone, the only way to save C is for the public to rise up and demand public servants follow the law.  Nothing short of a public outcry can shut down the governments continued criminal acts against C.

Come to court.  Jury selection starts Monday, the trial will probably begin late Monday or Tuesday.  Look for the “People vs. Clive Boustred” case – probably in Department B.  It will be a show to remember.

<>Liberty For Life

Update 4-27-2009
Permanent magnet motor inventor, Jim Boswell has encountered a series of suppressive events since posting some of his success on YouTube.
First he hears someone messing with the power connection to his home.  He grabs his camcorder and gets footage of a car parked in front, surrounded by PGE orange traffic cones.   

As soon as the man realized a confrontation was about to start, he quickly went to his car, collected the cones and drove off.  He was talking to someone all the time on his Bluetooth earpiece.

This license plate number
California: 5JNZ392 was handed over to police who found the car had 2 names on the title.  Intimidator in front of Boswell home
One a known violent criminal with a long record and the name of a woman.  The woman was the criminal's mother, who had been murdered in 2006.  Next question, what is the IQ of a criminal who drives a car around registered in his own name? 

Boswell written threat Then only days after posting the video of the criminal's car on YouTube, he has this message thrown onto his front porch. 

Ongoing reports are being posted here.

Another magnet motor inventor, focusing on the old Howard Johnson design got an unexpected visit from an NSA official.  PESwiki has done several stories on this, so I will just provide a link here.

Several technologies that thought they obtained funding late last year, have been stalled.  I'm not sure at this point who to blame.  Money that was expected just didn't arrive.  With the blatant criminal looting of the world economy by crooked bankers is likely affecting everyone, so I'll just point a finger in that direction for now.

Update 11/20/2008

First, I told you so:  as reported here, Linsey Williams was right when he said in July 2008 that oil would be dropping to $50 a barrel around election time.  It did.

Now a couple of other dots connected with the Peter Sumaruck suppression story reported at

Notice his break in, theft, and congressional suppression took place in 2006.  The same year my own group had our violent MIB attack. The same year as Bill Williams had his violent attack.  The same year several other inventors had violent threats. As the clock and calendar turn, it is now becoming apparent that is when the oil companies were plotting their next 2 year rip off of the world economy with drastically overpriced oil products.  Roughly $80 billion transferred from your pocket to theirs the last 2 years.  Now THEY have all the cash in the world and can undersell any new alternative energy, thus keeping investment capital out of small garages and continuing to support the golden parachutes and stockholder dividends to oil stockholders.  According to CAFR specialist Walter Burien about 30% or more of Exxon stock is held by government pension funds.  Who manages those?  Political appointees.  Does the word "incest" come to mind?

GM appears to be intentionally trashing their American company for the sole purpose of disconnecting with unions. They just opened a brand new manufacturing plant inside Russia.  I guess according to management, hard working stiffs in America don't deserve homes or to support families any more. And Russians all have gulags provided by government.  Net result:  GM is now supporting a socialist government in Russia already.  If they get money from the US government, they are one step closer to the same government owned business philosophy here.  And just like Russia and their Mafia, our country is being run the same way.

2006 may have been peak employment for street thugs, but the suppression continues through IRS.  Amazing how many clean energy inventors I know fighting bogus wage garnishments and other blatantly illegal harassment from IRS.  Wages stolen with NO COURT ORDER, and NOT EVEN A COURT HEARING.  If this is of no concern to you, perhaps you should read a Martin Neimoller quote before going to bed tonight. 

Update 7/7/2008
Having found some serious flaws in the writings of both Brian Anderson and Eric Jon Phelps, I have removed my broad brush endorsing references to their work.  Each has done some outstanding research on theological matters but derail at high speed when it comes to logic and science.  Readers of this site know I already step out on the fringes of energy science here myself, but I still hold on to verifiable facts, not outlandish claims with no substance. 

Finding good research on the Vatican and the Jesuits who control it is no easy task.  Unfortunately many who intensely research it have their own agendas that influence some of their claims.  The most stable research I have found yet is by Dave Hunt. Quite consistent with mainline historical Christianity and highly resistant to popular fads. His web site is http://www.thebereancall.org/
- - -
Knowledge of the Jesuit Order is something I confess to be ignorant of for most of my life. But their sinister place throughout history is starting to show its ugly backside.  Here is how all this "religious stuff" relates to energy suppression.

Insider Linsey Williams points out in his "Energy Non-Crisis" lecture series that the World Bank and IMF, International Monetary Fund actually make more money than the oil companies and control all of the oil industry, even beyond the public front group named OPEC.  So that points out bankers as the real culprits. They even make the energy crisis worse by playing with currencies world wide, multiplying their profits on every transaction.  So let's take a close look at banking.

The accusation is commonly made of all international banking being controlled by "Jews", most commonly blamed on a family named Rothschilds. While the Rothschilds certainly show a presence in the development of central banking down through the last few hundred years, further investigation actually implicates the Rothschilds are merely the crooked accountants and bankers for the Vatican. You can't research the history of banking without running into groups like Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus, both subservient to the Vatican. Close inspection reveals the terms Jewish and Zionist are NOT synonyms and have drastically different origins and overall intent. The difference is too large to go into here, but the Rothschilds' empire is certainly Zionist, and not necessarily all Jewish. And the origin of the Zionist movement can likely trace back to Jesuit political involvement when you look at their actions. One quick proof today is that Israel has had their last 2 leaders assassinated.  Who controls their country now after they got Rabin and Sharon out of the way?  The Council on Foreign Relations does.  The CFR is under total Jesuit control and in turn, controls the US too, making Israel and the US just left and right pockets of the same set of pants. 

Always remember the basic formula of central banking since its inception.  The banker worships their largest depositor. For those deposits are the base they are allowed to multiply into enormous quantities of fiat money and loan out at more interest. So the question may easily be asked: who controls who, the largest depositor or the banker?

How many of you knew the Vatican holds the title deed to 2/3 of the land inside Jerusalem, INCLUDING the ground underneath the Dome of the Rock Mosque? 

How many knew a Jesuit priest in the Vatican named Staempfle authored Mein Kempf for Adolf Hitler? 

How many know the Vatican invented Islam, as documented in Dr. Walter Veith's research

How many have seen this quote from Abraham Lincoln?
“This war would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits. We owe it to Popery that we now see our land reddened with the blood of her noblest sons. Though there were great differences of opinion between the South and North, on the question of slavery, neither Jeff Davis nor any one of the leading men of the Confederacy would have dared to attack the North, had they not relied on the promise of the Jesuits, that, under the mask of Democracy, the money and the arms of the Roman Catholics, even the arms of France, were at their disposal if they would attack us.” Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, The Wickliffe Press, Protestant Truth Society, Wickliffe Avenue, 104 Hendon Lane, Finchley, London, N3., 1885, p. 388.

Pope Bush Pelosi  Rice Or know of the Jesuit's involvement in Lincoln's assassination? It was because of evidence revealed in this murder investigation that the United States broke off all diplomatic relations with the Vatican after the Civil War up until Ronald Reagan.  Don't you get warm fuzzy fealings when you see US Government leaders jumping at a chance to kiss the Pope's ring for photographers?

So if Jesuits are behind banking corruption, Islamic terrorism, and just about any dictator you can name, is there any doubt they are pulling the strings of Big Oil too to make sure they REMAIN the biggest depositor to the Rothschild front banks?   Can you name one politically unstable country in the world that is not majority Catholic or Muslim?  Who controls both?  History is showing the Vatican pulls strings in all these governments.

It has been claimed that when the Pope visits a country he will make a secret statement by kissing the ground as he steps off his airplane.  That action professes that he controls the government of that country.  On his last trip to the US, he did not do that.  Rather, he kissed the ground at the United Nations. Does that guy have an ego or what?

Now, given these details about Jesuits, Banking and Big Energy,
do you see any reason for this story about GW Bush converting to Catholicism?

Update 1/31/2008

Those who listened to my "Men in Black" episode of my talk show, archived 3/10/2007, remember I referenced a likelihood of a strange alliance between the energy power elite in this world and a series of secret groups and societies that apparently have their strings pulled by contacts within the Vatican. The soap opera chain of conspirators could very well be similar to this chart drawn by Eric John Phelps, author of "Vatican Assassins."  With the most recent change being Peter Hans Kolvenbach now being replaced by the new Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolás.   The Jesuit General is referred to as the "Black Pope" in reference to the color robes they wear.  This is also who the regular Pope must confess his sins to in traditional Catholic confessional.

Outbound Kolvenbach       New Black Pope: Adolfo Nicolas
Peter Hans Kolvenbach               Adolfo Nicolás

Before you think I'm picking on 2 old guys who dress in religious garb, or that I might just be Catholic bashing, I must reference the power base and history of Jesuit influence, although difficult to do in a paragraph as Eric Phelps took over  thousand pages in his book to do it.  So I will draw attention to the most direct links to oil.  The Jesuits control the Knights of Malta, which is the military arm of the Vatican.  They carry out the desires of the Pope with a doctrinal obsession taught by their founder, Ignatius Loyola, that the end justifies the means, so anything goes.  If you think your buddy at the monastery can officially "fix your ticket" or forgive your sins, why care about doing anything wrong?  So even murder becomes just another day's work.  Rattle it off on your next confession list and it's a fresh start.

A recent revelation in an interview of David Rockefeller by Benjamin Fulford revealed that John D Rockefeller suppressed electricity.  But we energy historians thought it was J P Morgan who sabotaged Tesla.  Yes, Morgan was the banker, but ALL bankers worship their largest depositor.  Morgan's largest depositor was John D Rockefeller.  Fine and dandy here in the US, but what has this to do with the Vatican?  The Vatican has some of the largest holdings and hence control of the major international banks in the world.  Where do they reinvest their deposits?  I honestly don't know, but let's take a wild guess and say oil and nuclear.  From a pragmatic viewpoint, they are secure monopolies on the world's energy needs and appear as a secure investment.

Jump back to June 18, 1982.  Why was the Vatican's chief banker found hanging from a bridge in London?  No short answer here.  A video posted on Google provides some clues, but still is unresolved to this day.  It is apparent that Vatican banking involves a lot more than check processing, and quite likely involves laundering and interaction with most of the criminal elements throughout the world.

Those are the preliminary details.  Now the solid evidence. 

Can religious people, not just individual renegades, but entire organizations really be so corrupt as to do the horrible things we conspiracy investigators claim Sister Charlotte they do? 

Here is my new evidence: a recently posted lecture by a former Catholic nun by the name of Sister Charlotte who escaped from a cloistered convent.  It is 93 minutes you will never forget. In it you will learn what really goes on behind the religious facade, not by an internet gossip writer, but by the victim herself.  And lest you ask where you can interview her yourself?  You can't.  She was murdered shortly after giving this public lecture.  By who?  According to Friar
Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit, she was killed by another Jesuit.  And where is Friar Alberto Rivera you ask? He was murdered too. Care to guess who murdered him?

And I don't expect you to believe all this until you hear her tell her own story in her own words.  Your viewpoint will change, I assure you, just as mine did.

Here is the MP3 file.  Left click to stream, or right click and save to disk.
Or you may read the transcript here.

And if you can wade through 2 very large reference books: "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" by Kris Millegan and "Vatican Assasins" by Eric John Phelps, you will find a trail of links of the Jesuits involved in starting both "Skull and Bones" and the CIA.  Seen anything good come out of those two organization lately?  Maybe of relevance, former CIA director James Woolsey is now a campaign advisor to John McCain. Mr. Woolsey frequently lectures on clean energy, but puts greatest emphasis on biofuels.

Update 11/7/2007

Erskine Overnight had Joseph Farrell, author of The SS Brotherhood of the Bell as a guest Saturday 11/3/2007. In the interview, he mentioned a company I was not familiar with, Permindex.  It was established in Italy with excessive Mafia leadership, but coincidental involvement by western interests. Jim Garrison linked Permindex to coordinating participants in the Kennedy assassination 40+ years ago.  But one of its primary founders and funders was Halliburton.
Part of the Permindex "mission statement" was: "To fund and direct the assassinations of eastern, middle east, European and world leaders considered threats to the western world and the petroleum interests of the backers ..."
Permindex is long gone, but Halliburton now runs half the world, from Dubai.
Some additional sites revealing more on Permindex are:
(use find on page search for "Permindex" with your browser as some articles are pretty long)

Update 9/17/2007

As life in the United States degenerates into a fascist state, run by mis-guided zealots from IRS and an assortment of Neo-Con groups, ignores the constitution and enforces their own doublespeak agenda, the cry for clean energy is disappearing behind concerns for mere food, water and housing as thousands of high paying jobs suddenly disappear in the mortgage banking industry and now in even the pharmaceutical industry.

Months of trying to find the specific culprits involved in the attack on my group in May of 2006 has yielded details few care to discuss, as it cuts to the bone of beliefs and trusts we have all had since childhood.  Those we thought we could trust have lied to us.  Buying into clichés with childhood naiveté" without challenging what was behind the claims has created a nightmare last experienced in Nazi Germany when "head in the sand" Germans believed what Hitler told them and did not object until it was too late.  Never asking where Hitler got his money to do what he did, we now see from research by Antony Sutton and others that it was American Wall Street Bankers who profited from slave labor at Auswitz and other death camps.  The same support for Nazi agendas, hidden for 60 years, is now resurfacing with a vengeance through power mongers hiding behind religious and phony humanitarian facades.  Using the corrupt energy monopolies they have created to finance their agenda, and to keep a slave owner grasp of extortion on society, they will not allow anyone to challenge their grasp.

Ask any whistle blower exposing government fraud how far a congressional investigation gets before something pigeon holes it?  How far do FBI investigations get when high powered figures are charged with serious crimes?  It is happening here.  The FBI has had our evidence for over a year now. They seemed anxious to help at first, even showing us what progress they were making.  But now we are old news and they have other "bad guys" to chase.

I have had enough of this bureaucratic delay.  My 9/17/2007 Energy Blog spells out exactly why free energy has been intentionally kept out of the hand of consumers and when it does exist, it is only used where the elite rich have their own agenda to accomplish. The title of the blog is "Fraudulent Investors."

Believe whatever you wish, I just know what I have found and experienced, and these are my findings.  Continuing to believe the lies fed us for a hundred years will only perpetuate the problem.

Update 5/17/2007
  John Perkins
John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" sheds enormous light on the the blood money behind oil and world power.  A little proof of how threatening he is to current powers in Washington is the fact that the Bush Administration set up an attack on him orchestrated through the State Department.  Take a look at this page to see what I mean.
Despite blatant lies posted on the Government site, John Perkins' credentials do check out and his stories don't require any delusional imagination to see how historical events occurred, unlike fantasies regurgitated by the major media from the current politicians in power.

I have often heard the expression bounced around that our money is no longer on the gold standard, but on an oil standard. Mr. Perkins proves that is genuine, documentable US policy, not rumor.  In video clip #1 of  3 from a speech given at the
Veterans For Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA in August 2006, Mr. Perkins reveals what happened in 1973 that shifted enormous power from bankers into the hands of oil. It also explains our suspicious loyalty to Saudi Arabia since then.  In clips 2 and 3 you learn the intricate, complex and bloody plot that then handed over world power to the few that control oil.  The present actions by the Bush mafia are an attempt to grasp world power, not just oil for the US.  The US doesn't need oil, it has plenty of its own.  But several world powers like Japan and China do need oil, or at least these criminals thought they did.  If clean and green energy suddenly became both available and economical, that would start a NEW monopoly game with DIFFERENT money.  That would make everyone equal again, still subservient to bankers, but the game always starts with everyone having the same amount of cash.  Previous game cash is now worthless.  Even those with large real estate holdings, suddenly can't afford the upkeep and slide in with all the rest.  Who takes the big house?  The banker of course.  But with free abundant energy, a lot more people can do a lot more than when they were dumping a third of their paychecks into their gas tanks.

I have felt all along that the international banking system was involved in energy suppression in some aspect.  This lecture pretty much proves that allegation and explains how it happened.  Events that took place over 45 years, some only reported in the back of the newspapers as they happened, that had long term implications on all our lives.  Bankers' fiat money has enabled them to control the world for about 400 years, but there is a flaw in their sinister plot.  When a monopoly game reaches the end, one player consumes all the money on the board.  They become the largest depositor at the bank.  That forces the banker to either implement completely different money or become a partner with the large depositor.  The latter is what caused the Rockefeller name, unknown 200 years ago to suddenly equate with the Rothschild name in world finance.

Please watch all 3 clips.  I'm sure your eyes will be opened as mine were.

Has anything changed since John Perkins was active in international banking?  Apparently not.  If you read today's news story of a CIA whistle blower having to claim asylum in New Zealand due to death threats from the CIA, you'll see it's still business as usual for them.  And in case you forgot what CIA's affiliation with oil is, George H. W. Bush has been tying knots between the two for 40+ years.  Reference this video.  But John Perkins explains ties also.

Update 3/11/2007
MIB have become more brazen, yet appear to be changing strategy somewhat.  There now appears to be a concentrated effort to either bribe government officials or pretend to be them. 

February 5, 2007: In the country of India an inventor had just secretly replicated Stan Meyer's success. He called a friend to report his success.  The next day 9 "suits" showed up at his business demanding an immediate audit of all his business records.  While rummaging through his business files, one of the MIB's told the inventor he had to stop working on hydrogen, but gave no reason. The men then took his computers and numerous business records.  The inventor was then told to come down to a government office to pick up his records the following week.  When he arrived at the appointed time, he recognized 6 or the original 9 men.  3 were missing.  The man who told him to stop working on hydrogen was one of the 3 missing.  The inventor asked of that person's whereabouts.  The manager of the tax office said he had never seen them before, just that they came down from a "higher office" and informed that tax branch they had to do an immediate audit on the inventor's business.  No explanation given.  No one fitting that description cold be located at the "higher office."

February 23, 2007: Then back in the US, near Boston, a water electrolysis inventor had just sold his invention to a rich Texan for some sizable sum of money.  The Texan just wanted control of the electronics and had no interest in the reactor or plate design.  The next day, 2 more "suits" showed up driving a black 2006 or 2007 Chevy Suburban with ballistic glass caught on security cameras.  License plates were NOT legible, but observed by witnesses to be (or appeared to be) government plates. The men informed the inventor he could not mass produce anything that would be detrimental to the US economy.  They flashed some type of badge ID, but left NO business cards or any forms with any traceable identification.  This is NOT standard operating procedure for any government office.

February 21, 2007: Another energy inventor has observed not only prior harassment, but suddenly his bank records have been modified contrary to his approval (both paperwork and computer files) and IRS makes a false accusation about a financial event that allegedly occurred 10 years earlier,  followed by an immediate garnishment of 1/3 of the inventor's wage from his regular employment.  This after the inventor's attorney had delivered County Records proving that the IRS charges were fraudulent.

I have started a web-based talk show since my prior post.  On the 3/10/2007 show I confronted the serious MIB problem with the best evidence I have been able to compile over the last 10 months.  The show also plays some rare clips of testimonies by other harassed inventors.  Well worth an hour of your time to listen to. It is archived in Windows Media or mp3, or streams directly from the site.

Updated 1/5/2007
This clue is not so much directly about our case, but is so global in the loss of privacy issue, that it does affect everyone and certainly could have had something to do with how the mysterious Men In Black knew so many personal details about the technicians they assaulted. 
Google's early investor was the CIA
Amazing how their search engine was so much quicker than the others right from the start, almost knowing what you were going to ask even before you typed it in.  It is commonly known now that Google archives all searches so their database know's who's IP looked for what, when and where.  As I speculated earlier, all it takes is a large enough bribe and anybody inside the govenment is for sale.  More details on Google's involvement with the CIA is reported here.

Updated 11/27/2006
I will probably be accused of stretching the furthest with this potential clue, but if nothing else it reveals how everyone's privacy is at risk from sources we may never have suspected.  It is bad enough that the Bush administration has disregarded the bill of rights and common levels of human decency regarding basic privacy, authorizing wire taps without a court order, but this documentary posted on googlevideo reveals that the globalist agenda reigns supreme above all else that Bush and his neocons do.  I had heard some time ago that an Israeli firm, Amdocs Ltd., handled most of the billing records for most of the telephone companies in the US, but did you know who handles all the "legal" wire taps for the FBI?  ANOTHER Israeli firm, Comverse. Watch this 54 minute low budget, but well documented report on this issue. It contains probably the only truly investigative journalism ever done by Fox News. Lest any readers misunderstand me, I should mention I am pro-Israel myself, but even Jesus had a traitor in his group.  What good is our own nation's security when it is OUTSOURCED to another country by a president who likely plans to retire in Paraguay?

Updated 9/29/2006
On 9/28/2006 the Commutefaster.com Energy page experience a Denial of Service attack which crashed the server.  The page has been removed for a while until mirror sites are set up.

Hmmmmm,  the last story I published commented on pedophiles and cocaine running in Washington DC, likely paid for by oil lobbyists.  As you can see below, I commented on this problem back on the 16th.  Then on 9/28/2006, Republican Representative Foley resigns in disgrace having been involved is just such a problem.  Google "Franklin converup" and you'll see Foley is only the first to get caught.  The problem is rampant in Washington DC, just as bad a Catholic orphanages.

But this is probably just a distraction story to hide Bush trashing the constitution with his terrorist detention bill that passed 9/28/2006 by all the drugged mindless robots in the Senate.  What does it do?  Read these reports by Paul Joseph Watson and Mary Sue Haliburton. Or in  a nut shell, his nazi officers don't have to tell you why they arrested you, they can now hold secret trials and secret executions. Doubt me?  Go read it yourself, if they let you.  It might be a national security secret, just like all the free energy devices that have been around for 120 years, but conveniently kept off the market.

Updated 9/16/2006
What kind of sociopath would want to threaten or kill an alternative energy inventor? 
What kind of sociopath shows a careless disregard for ANY life? 
I would say politicians on the take, but to obtain the huge amounts of funds necessary for TV ads during election time, they are ALL on the take.  Exxon was Bush's largest political contributor.  Pharmaceuticals are the biggest lobbyist in Washington.  There are several times the number of lobbyists in Washington as there are politicians.

Since lobbyists own all the politicians, the politicians represent THEM, not the voting public. And since electronic voting machines, nobody knows anymore just who the public really did want in the first place. 

Once the politician of "their" choice is in office, the paid robot does what they are ordered to.  Like build the NASCO Highway entirely on executive orders and commandeered funds from US taxpayers, NOT by debated legislation and appropriation as the US Constitution required.

But for Bush to pull this off, he needed political accomplices in both Mexico and Canada.  Have you looked into their politics lately?  Such as the pedophile ring scandal in Mexico that sounds strangely like our own country's "Franklin Cover-up". Which if you are not familiar, was a ring of child sex slave dealers that traced to the White House during George H. W. Bush's (Sr.) administration.  But Bush can't let any word leak out about his or his father's indiscretions, so he implements gross invasion of privacy on US Citizens just to find out who knows about his personal problems or shady business deals. Amazing what happens when reporters touch on this topic.  Investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick lived out many a scandal, including putting a governor of Illinois behind bars. But in 2005 he tackled the Jeff Gannon / Johnny Gosch story.  In May this year he developed a blood clot problem and friends convinced him to go to a hospital for treatment.  An otherwise ordinary operation went trajic when the doctor "accidentally" prescribed conflicting medications that killed him.  Pedophiles are a topic that generates violence and murder or convenient accidents just for reporting it.  But that's the US and Mexico.  Let's look north of the border.

Another of Bush's associates is former Prime Minister of Canada, Martin Brian Mulroney. In a joint business deal with Bush in a gold mining firm by the name of Barrick.  Barrick acquired a mining site in Tanzania Africa.  In a rush to close the deal and evict some small claim stakers on the property, Mr. Mulroney had bull dozers come in and close the entrance to the existing mines.  But 50 miners were STILL IN THE MINES.  All were killed. Canadians had to look to the press in Tanzania for details, because the story was conveniently censored out of the Canadian press. (Audio: Greg Palast on BlackOpRadio)

Barrick is also noted for acquiring the largest gold mine in the US, in Nevada when Daddy Bush used his office of vice president to not only accelerate the acquisition of the claim but to only pay the US Treasury $10,000.  Clinton's Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbit referred to this as the biggest gold heist since Butch Cassidy.

So these are the degenerate, sociopath politicians the oil and pharmaceutical companies buy for us.  Oil is a worldwide monopoly issue.  They are anxiously awaiting China getting up to the same per capita consumption of energy as the US.  But scoundrels in the US/Arab oil monopoly have a sort of competitor, Russia.   Now look at how Russia does business, never mind Rosoboron Export discussed earlier, let's just look at how they do banking.  Not your ordinary day at the ATM. 

The energy monopoly of Oil-Nuclear-Gas-and-Coal is already monstrously huge.  Every blood thirsty money lusting criminal on the planet wants to play "king of the hill" to control it.   Those who already do, will kill to keep it.  Those who want it, will kill to get it.  But the REAL sad news for the Earth's population is BOTH will kill to make sure CLEAN energies don't have a chance to destroy their turf.  And destroy it they would.  Just look at what I report on back on the main energy page: permanent magnets, hydrogen on demand, and even neutrino direct power with no moving parts and nothing to wear out.  Why would ANY FOOL want to use oil, nuke, gas or coal if these better technologies were allowed to go into manufacture?

No politician in any large country represents his citizens, they represent the campaign backers, elitist insiders and lobbyists alone.

No energy company today is providing a clean, efficient energy source.

Neither are worth their own existence.  Let's tell them both to step off the planet and let us humans do the job right.

Events since May 16, 2006 have shown us our attackers have access to Military,  NSA and IRS data. This is not likely an industrial enemy, unless a massive bribe is involved causing an NSA employee or IRS agent to violate their job secrecy requirements.  Not impossible, but much easier to do with mere abuse of power from a government official taking a bigger bribe.  Reference movie plots of both "Enemy of the State" and "Syriana."

Updated 8/18/2006
Everyone on my former team, including myself, has experienced serious events recently, first appearing as accidents, but coincidentally all happening in a short period of time. Some life threatening. At least one event, extremely suspicious in nature. This is not normal.  For anyone taking the time to wade through this lengthy report, I will state for the first time that anyone who studies and understands the patents of Puharich, Meyer, Kanarev, and now John Sully will most definitely be able to exceed the performance of conventional electrolysis.  How much performance obtained is contingent on one's skill to both understand and coordinate the facts presented in each patent. You may want to rush to the US Patent Office web site and grab copies while they are still posted and un-doctored by NSA who most assuredly has the power to do that.  Few could make a moon rocket, even if the tons of blueprints to the Apollo Program were dumped on their doorstep.  And rumor has it, NASA lost a lot of the info they held so preciously 40 years ago.  So, "the secret" to water fuel is now out on the internet for anyone to see.  The challenge is now to see who can get this coordinated process into the hands of the consumer without getting killed first.  All I will say, is don't ask me for any help.  My life was threatened just making a crude prototype.  But if anyone can overcome the MIB obstacle, let me know how you did it.  And I would like to buy your first product, unless you have been found to be working WITH the MIB, at which time no attorney on the planet can protect you from the wrath of every small inventor who has been harassed by you thus far.

In addition to the health threats, another attack came from a government organization, IRS toward one team member, bringing up charges from formerly accepted filings that are THIRTEEN YEARS OLD.  This type of harassment can ONLY come from a high govenment official within the US Government, so this narrows down who are attackers really are.  This is why I have listed the 3 culprits seen in column 2 back on the main Energy page.  The Clinton mysterious death list is legendary.  Bush's is growing, but his affiliation with Big Oil, Cheney and Halliburton are already notorious.  Fema paid Halliburton $175/ square foot for rain tarps after Katrina.  Despite an OVERSUPPLY of oil, (see 7/10/2006 update below) gasoline prices continue to rise.

Update 8/6/2006
This story by  Mary-Sue Haliburton reveals a term not commonly used: "the North American Energy Policy"  If true, this also shows likely ties to the MIB's we confronted. 
http://pesn.com/2006/08/03/9500295_wireless_transmission/    North American Energy Policy

Update 7/17/2006

Since every international event triggers a rise in the price of oil per barrel and gasoline per gallon, it is becoming apparent that oil is likely INCITING these events, showing no moral control whatsoever.  An international rape and pillage of the American economy is underway. Halliburton continues to get no-bid contracts that make the legendary aerospace $5,000 toilet seats look like a bargain, and likewise, oil doesn't even get a hand slap when they extort massive revenue from the pockets of US Citizens who have to drive any distance for a living. Oil is doing to the entire country now, what Enron did to California a few years ago. Given Lindsey Williams' comments reported below, I have to now add oil as a suspect in my peril.  They could be using domestic oil NOW, and ignoring international turmoil, but they continue to lie to the American public about genuine domestic supply.

Update 7/10/2006
On the evening of 7/8/2006, the talk show host Erskine had author Lindsey Williams on as a guest. Lindsey is a whistle blower having worked with executives inside Atlantic Richfield, ARCO in Alaska for 3 years. ARCO is now controlled by BP.  From the enormous criminal activity Lindsey witnessed, he published a book titled "Energy Non-Crisis."  About the 2 hr 40 min point of the 3 hour show, I managed to call in and get on the air.  I asked Mr. Williams if he had ever experienced any oil executives of the firms he worked with actually ordering violence against its competition?  Here is Lindsey's response:
"Yes, there are many instances of this... (commercial interruption) They won't allow alternatives to come in.  They are going to stop them every way possible. They have chosen energy as a way of controlling the world.  They will not allow these things to happen.  You can have all these hybrid cars you want to.  You can try every method that you'd like to.  You can use hydrogen, on and on you go, all these things have been proven to be done.  They will not allow them. And the reason that they said that the United States will triple its current oil usage is because they know that they are not going to allow any alternative methods whatsoever. And the reason they said that all foreign oil will be cut off is because that's exactly what'll happen at some point, mark my words, these are buzzwords, then they said WE can supply the entire United States of America for 150 years."
Lindsey Williams' books and DVD's can be purchased by calling 1-800-321-2900. He does not have a web site.
Erskine's show is broadcast on the Genesis Communications Network. Archived copies of programs can be obtained there.

Update 6/24/2006
A detail I revealed on the Mike McNulty show Saturday, 6/24/2006.  The member of my team who was confronted by guns happened to be a Federal employee.  His employment stipulations MANDATED any life threatening events like this be reported.  So a Federal agency investigation is now underway.  The only thing they have told us thus far is they do have several substantive leads.  Beyond that remark, with a criminal investigation in progress, I am now somewhat more limited as to what I can say here, other than to tell the culprits I recommend they turn themselves in immediately or face attempted murder charges against a Federally backed prosecution team. Don't dig yourselves any deeper by following through with any of your threats to ANYONE.  And if you idiots had read my energy page, you'd have seen several other inventors around the world are coming out with very similar research to where we were at.  Picking on us was rather stupid. You may wish to vent your frustration on whoever hired you in the first place, and turn them in also.

Update 6/22/2006
The June 5, 2006 issue of Business Week magazine on page 30 reported on an executive order issued by George Bush on May 5, 2006.  He passed a specific presidential power over to intelligence czar John D. Negroponte. The specific power dates back to Jimmy Carter in 1977. That allowed defense industry contractors to hide any financial activity involving the development of of top secret weapons.  You may remember 1977 is when development of the Stealth fighter and bomber systems was beginning.  This also lead to $5,000 toilet seats and other accounting anomalies.  But George Bush now allows Mr. Negroponte to arbitrarily declare ANYTHING he wishes, that allegedly pertains to NATIONAL SECURITY to also be exempt from accounting disclosure by publicly traded stocks.  One of the crucial tools needed by whistle blowers to tract down criminal activity has always been the ability to study financial records and see where the money went.  But now, for sake of example, a Wall Street traded public stock company could set up a team of assassins to blow away competitors, pay enormous wages, and never have to account for the expenditure, so long as they are also involved in something related to "national security", as defined ONLY by John Negroponte or his future replacements.  PLEASE don't take my word on this, go to your library and read what Business Week had to say.  The dates they refer to strangely coincide with the timing of the goons that stuck guns in our face on May 16, 2006.

Update 6/15/2006
Tony Blair suddenly goes Pro-Nuke.  But as reported below, he is also involved with OM Energy Ltd. in London which is now actively promoting a hydrogen on demand process imported from Russia.  This caused me to add a 3rd category in the suspect list.

A special thanks to Kurt Annaheim at BeFreeTech.com for providing me with the powerful video clip described below from his personal library.

Update 6/14/2006
A reader identified the unknown congressman in the "Browns Gas additional properties" video I posted on GoogleVideo 6/12/2006.  He is former New York Assemblyman Dan Haley. In 1975, he became Chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Commission on Energy and launched a campaign against nuclear power and for renewable energy.  His full bio is posted at http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/bio2001/haley.html  And once again, the 12:47 video clip is posted at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=411405755714495752&q=Browns+Gas+additional+properties 

This story was posted recently which also shows DOE involvement with unsavory characters related to the nuclear power industry.  How many lobbyists are in Washington promoting nuclear energy?  How far does the shmoozing reach? 

Notable quotes from linked story above:
"After being finessed into providing all the definitive laboratory data to Dr. Frank Goldner of DOE’s nuclear remediation division, then-Secretary of DOE Spencer Abraham attempted to confiscate, classify and impound NRT’s technology while at the same time pretending to be considering providing grant money to support its continued development.
During a conference call held on November 15, 2003, I was informed by Goldner that not only did DOE not intend to ever provide any funding to anyone for the purpose of remediating radioactive emissions in spent nuclear fuels, he insisted that it is and will continue to be DOE’s policy for the next 40 years to encapsulate and bury every ounce of high grade nuclear waste material stored in the US under ground at Yucca Mountain. Further, he told us that any attempt to obtain any high-level nuclear waste materials for testing by anyone, including government funded laboratories, would be arrested and jailed without access to legal counsel under the Export Administration Act.
The only similar technology ever contemporaneously developed in the US for the remediation of radioactive emissions in high-grade nuclear waste materials was developed in the late 1990’s by Dr. Paul Brown and his colleagues at World Atomics in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
As you may recall, Dr. Brown was killed shortly thereafter under the most questionable of circumstances, just as the utility of his nuclear spallation technique was about to be publicly demonstrated in Japan.
We have known how to safely remediate radioactive emissions from spent nuclear fuels, both liquid and solid, for nearly a decade. We have the test data and prototype apparatus to prove it. That data, including all the protocols, policies, procedures and experimental design criteria associated with our work have been submitted to DOE many times over
the net result that DOE will not allow the US Postal Service to deliver our proposals any longer. If you want to see what is really going on with nuclear remediation, this is a very good place to begin."

For the record: the process of efficiently making hydrogen on demand is just a slight twist of the dial away from Brown's Gas.  Only intense researchers like my group are aware of this, but it looks like somebody did not want this knowledge to be known, by anybody. KR

Updated 6/12/2006
  2:45 PM PST
Most recent news at top of page.
Any genuine help is appreciated, contact me at  leroy (at) commutefaster.com (which is probably still monitored)

Since I released this story, I have been contacted by others who have also received serious intimidation.  Not all had the "Hollywood Style-Mafia Goon" confrontation we experienced, but a disturbing trend is exposing itself.

Why is Michael Gorbachev able to speak out against nuclear energy without any objection, while respected nuclear scientist Leuren Moret has had her home broken into, computer and cameras stolen, and her car gets towed away since she spoke out in several revealing documentary films?  Her Ph.D. associates have been run off roads, harassed out of the work place and even received gun shots into their homes.  Does this sound like typical academic discussion of a controversial topic?

Why is Arnold Swartzenegger able to openly and without confrontation, espouse his "hydrogen highway" using hydrogen packaged by oil companies, or produced by nuclear power,  but when garage experimenters come close to figuring a way to conveniently make it at home from tap water, we get guns shoved in our face?

Something is terribly amiss here.  NONE of the garage experimenters attacked had a product even close to going to market. So WHY are lives being threatened?  Who is REALLY being intimidated by our fiddling around with the allegedly impossible, UNLESS maybe it really IS possible if we kept fiddling a little longer.

 Technical skeptics have already flooded the internet with attacks on them (us) claiming it is a phony publicity stunt.  Stunt?  What do you see me selling on this page?  A backwoods politician in the midwest called me a coward because I followed the attackers' threat and stopped working on the project.  He selfishly told me I should throw all we do know out on the street, make it open source.  Amazing how flippant people can get with other people's property and lives.  He claimed to have stood up to bullies himself.  In high school, I did too.  But if he met the same guns we did, he would be playing Russian roulette with the lives of his family.  I wonder what kind of woman would marry a man who uses his family for his own political tool, risking coming home to find his daughter's brains splattered across the room just so he could act macho to the press.  I will NOT take that risk with my family and friends. If I get any more flak from that peanut gallery I will have to assume they are working with my violent attackers to discredit us just like a cheap attorney discrediting a rape victim's character.

I now make the following observations and possible clues public to both make fellow researchers aware of an as yet unsolved threat and ask for any to share info to assist in the capture of those making the threats.

Way too many people are badmouthing oil now, yet seeing NO violent retaliation in return from oil, just the simple arrogance of even higher gas prices, but for some strange reason, mention nuclear, and people get run off the road ala Karen Silkwood style.  Nuclear scientist and outspoken critic of depleted uranium usage, Leuren Moret revealed on the Jeff Rense talk show June 8, 2006 what has happened to her since she left the "pro-nuke" establishment and started revealing the true dark side of the industry.  She exposed pension funds like University of California holding $25 million of stock in a company that makes depleted uranium (DU) for weapons.  The California state worker pension fund owns 5 1/2% of the Carlyle Group who also heavily invests millions in nuclear weapons manufacturing including DU.  In the Rense interview Leuren went on to explain the disastrous properties were already  known in research done by our military in 1943 and was determined as too hazardous to handle to even consider using.  Its properties made it ILLEGAL to use according to the standards laid down in 1925 Geneva Gas Protocol.

So this is really strange that Wells Fargo puts $5 million of its "Renewable Energy" money that I have reported on several times, into the Carlyle group which invests in DU weapons manufacturing companies.  Since the start off the Gulf Wars, the equivalent of OVER 400,000 Nagasaki bombs worth of radioactive particles have been released into the atmosphere.  Radioactivity from this use has been traced AROUND THE WORLD, not just on Iraqi soil.  Does this really sound like fiduciary investment of "renewable energy" money? 

An ex-GI herself, Joyce Riley has produced an excellent documentary on DU titled: Beyond Treason. Interviewed by Lou Epton 5/3/2006 and Jeff Rense 6/7/2006, she revealed massive cover-up by the Veteran's administration as to the health hazards experienced by any soldier that even comes near it, let alone handles it improperly.  DU is a highly profitable byproduct of the Uranium and nuclear power industry, but gets NO MENTION in the major media which is owned by companies who ALSO own DU manufacturing companies. 

Still not convinced of a possible confrontation between hydrogen on demand research and nuclear power?  Let me point out something discovered by other researchers in this area, NOT ME.

Russian scientist Ph M Kanarev draws a likeness of his process to that of cold fusion.  Ponds and Fleischman were harassed out of the country after trying to announce what they had discovered on this topic.

The late Yul Brown discovered the radioactivity of a sample of cobalt60 could be diminished by over 99% by properly exposing it to his specially charged hydrogen and oxygen gas combination referred to as Browns Gas. This 12:47 minute video clip reveals what a congressman from New York witnessed in the 1990's.  Please pay close attention to the first 9 minutes to totally understand the numbers he quotes around the 10 minute mark.

How much is the US about to spend to store nuclear materials at Yukka Mountain?  What if they didn't need to store highly radioactive materials any more?  Any business conflict?  What if a safe fuel source was available that had ZERO waste disposal properties?



Any moron who scoffs at conspiracies will live in their own imaginary disneyland until loaded guns are shoved in THEIR face.  Criminals are everywhere and they get more done when they unite with other criminals to accomplish their evil deeds. THIS folks is what a conspiracy is. 
ANYONE who denies this is an accomplice to their acts.

Warning to all skeptics.  If you continue to rant your "conspiracy kook" rhetoric any further, YOU will be added to the suspect list for contributing to this crime and possibly earlier ones.

The culprits, as of this writing have not yet been apprehended or brought to justice.  I ask sympathetic readers to review what I know and pass on any serious leads you may have to me. leroy (at) commutefaster.com  But, the threat shoved in our face behind Mac 10's and Glocks was against ANYONE WORKING ON THE HYDROGEN ON DEMAND TECHNOLOGY, also known as free energy or zero point.

Stan Meyer is dead as of March 1998.  He had only shortly before promoted his working technology to the British Royal Navy and the US Pentagon.  Anyone who worked closely with him claims his death was by poisoning. No suspects were ever identified or pursued.

Andrija (Henry) Puharich died in January 1995. His spontaneous hydrogen from water technology pre-dated Meyer's.  He fell down a flight of stairs while as a house guest of a chemical fortune heir.  Unlike Stan though, Puharich had a checkered past with many potential enemies high in government. Even I am uncertain which category he falls into. He was directly involved in the actual MKultra program run by the CIA back in the 60's. You fill in the blanks on that one, I don't wish to touch it.

Neocon status quo kooks want to believe these events either didn't really occur or they claim mountains were made from mole hills.  They quote FAULTY theories of physics as if God Himself had written them as laws.  Ignoring the fact that in some principles, a hundred year old physics book was correct, but current editions have perpetuated intentionally inserted errors since for one sole purpose:  keep monopoly power over energy in the hands of those who demand control over society as a whole.  Who challenges academics with degrees?  We should.  Because those degrees were obtained by sucking up to the financial powers who gave them the grants to "create" their phony dogma.

The assumptions

Friends and associates are quick to offer knee jerk reactions and blame big oil.  Stan Meyer himself stated in the now popular, but hidden for 10 year documentary that he was offered $1 billion by Arab Oil interests to abandon the project. ( 15:00 minute point on video)  Many think it was Arab Oil that later murdered him due to this remark.


Nasty as big oil is, I honestly find NO HISTORICAL RECORD of any big oil interest stooping to murder.  As vicious as John D. Rockefeller was, he used sneaky attorneys, corrupt politicians, and outright bribery to accomplish his goals, but I can't find anywhere in history that he actually murdered anyone, either directly or by contract.  But anyone who has read the exhaustive research by G. Ed Griffin in "The Creature From Jekkyl Island" realizes that when it comes to murder, nobody specializes in that like central bankers and those who literally worship money. Need I quote Christian scripture which warned "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil? ( I Timothy 6:10 ) The first US Presidential assassination attempt was against Andrew Jackson.  His enemies?  Central bankers. Nobody worships money like those who have a monopoly to print it.

The Facts
Answers to an amazing number of questions can be found on Google or Yahoo if you only know what search word to use.  I have inserted dates as best I can identify in the color BROWN to help establish a time line of events. Purple text is a direct quote from someone else's web site. Bold Highlight is my emphasis.

All central banking, all commodities markets, all currency markets are indirectly controlled from London.  Wall Street is not run from the US.  Margin call stock trades are financed through brokerage firms who borrow all their money from the Federal Reserve, which has been controlled by British investors since its inception in 1913.  So it can be argued and proven that even New York's Wall Street is puppeteered from London.

ALL governments in the WORLD are controlled by the whims of international central bankers.  Anyone who challenges this stranglehold risks finding a sudden upsurge of riots, staged terrorism and other crimes in their country, until of course the leader caves in to banker's demands and the terrorism miraculously goes away overnight.

Basic formula for banking:  kiss the feet of your largest depositors; treat your smallest depositors like cow pies.  Who are the largest depositors to central banks?  Governments and Oil.

Anyone attempting to do business with Russia learns quickly that former communist government officials migrate directly from government into RussianRosoboronexport business, commonly known as the Russian Mafia, which told to me by most everyone I've ever met who attempted business there, found that they appear to run ALL business from Russia and many of its former territories.  Learn the name of a company seldom or never mentioned in the West: Rosoboronexport.  That is the Russian Walmart if you want bullets, bombs, tanks, missiles, machine guns, or fighter jets.  They may even have porno in the back room if you ask.  Hmmmm, I wonder who is paying the rent for Gorbachev's fancy offices in San Francisco?  But that's another topic.  Well, maybe not.  Gorbachev spoke in Thousand Oaks California on April 4, 2006.  That is geographically right between the Ronald Reagan Library in Moorpark California and where my team associate was accosted by the 4 thugs with guns only about a month later.  So how big is a typical business with Rosoboronexport? Listen to the video clip linked from picture at right.   And also see who other typical customers are http://english.pravda.ru/politics/2001/01/19/2073.html  

Now look at a policy change inside Russia that occured in 2002.  It looks like Rosoboronexport now oversees ALL technology exports.
Quoted taken from
Posted 11/8/2002
..."It was one of the key events in reforming the entire system of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign states aimed at enhancing its efficiency," said a Rosoboronexport representative. "In this way the President's vertical of control over the system of military-technical cooperation was strengthened, an efficient tool for implementing the principle of state monopoly in this sphere created, conditions for unjustified competition regarding Russian special exporters on external markets were eliminated."...

I set out to trace leads to find out who hates me enough to try to kill me, then I ran into a "Terry Thomas" look alike convention.

How many people in the West know that Tony Blair, out of concern for his country's needs of natural gas to stay warm on cold British nights has struck a deal with Russia to run a natural gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea, Germany and the Netherlands over to England?  Well, they did.  Some aspects are to be completed in 2006 and it is to be operational in 2009.

Quotes taken from:

14:23  - 27th Jun [Friday], 2003
Russia, UK sign North Europe gas pipe cooperation memorandum

LONDON - Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov and U.K. Minister of State for Energy, e-Commerce and Postal Services Stephen Timms signed Thursday a memorandum of cooperation on the proposed U.S. $5.7 billion North European gas pipeline, ITAR-TASS reported.

The memorandum was signed in the framework of an international energy conference in London, which was opened by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is on the state visit to the U.K.

The memorandum confirms the U.K.'s, the world's third-largest gas consumer, interest in Russian gas supplies and, according to Russian gas giant Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller, opens new vistas to expand Russian-U.K. cooperation in the gas sector.

This year Gazprom plans to export 1 billion cubic meters of gas to the U.K. against 730 million cubic meters in 2002, Miller said.

According to the U.K.'s long-term energy policy, the country is expected to become a net importer of gas by 2006 and of oil in 2010.

"So our relationship with Russia is not simply an ordinary commercial relationship, it is going to be of fundamental strategic importance to this country," Blair said.

Putin said that the construction of the pipeline will secure stable gas supplies to the U.K.

He also said that the implementation of the project "may create favorable conditions for the efficient and competitive development of the European economy as a whole."
The 3,000-kilometer North European pipeline is expected to pass through Russia's Vologda and Leningrad Regions, along the Baltic Sea floor, across Germany and the Netherlands and along the North Sea floor to the U.K.

The pipeline is also expected to have branches leading to Finland and Sweden.

The pipeline's annual capacity is projected at 19-30 billion cubic meters, while the pipeline is expected to work at full capacity from 2009.

British elitists hang out at the same country clubs.  I have to refer to a strange dialogue that I reported on 11/16/2004.  Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic fame and now Virgin Galactic was on the Comedy Channel's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" where he alluded to the ability to run engines on water. 

Quote taken from
... Meanwhile in Russia, the state export company Rosoboronexport, which is run by the Defence Ministry, has the conflicting dual role of both licensing arms exports and promoting them. Nor is it unusual to see senior ministers and royalty in the UK case, promoting sales. ...

Quote taken from
Http://www.newagebd.com/2005/dec/22/inat.html  Dec 22, 2005
Blair's wife earned £210,000 from BCCI
Cherie Blair, the lawyer wife of the British prime minister, Tony Blair, earned 210,000 pounds (310,500 euros, 368,500 dollars) for legal work on the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Legal Services Commission revealed Tuesday. The commission—the government body in charge of administering legal aid—released the figure in response to a Freedom of Information request from London's Evening Standard newspaper. Blair, who uses her maiden name of Cherie Booth in a professional capacity, was part of a 31-strong legal team representing 450 BCCI employees and their spouses who claimed unpaid salaries and repayment of loans following the collapse in 1991.

Now that we see who Tony Blair (and wife) do business with, let's look at a specific business deal that he is now involved with.  I first learned of it from a questionable British tabloid back in September 2005.  That is WHY I never made a big issue of it on my Energy Web Site.  I doubted it myself. The headline they ran said "H 2 OIL! Blair plans WATER-fuelled cars" But just using Google to search, I now find this next report, which judging by the URL is a government owned public information site.

Quoted from
Posted at:
Publish date:
sometime 2004


Innovative alternative fuel company secures financing and sets up shop in the UK with help of British givernment.

A pioneering company, which has developed technology that extracts hydrogen from water, today announced that is has been established as a UK company.  UK Trade & Investment's Global Entrepreneurs Programme (GEP) assisted OM Energy Ltd in establishing it as a British company to develop its innovative Electro Hydrogen Generator (EHG) in the UK.

"The successful creation of OM Energy Ltd as a UK company represents UK Trade & Investment's steadfast commitment to help develop global entrepreneurship based on exceptional intellectual property," said Ian Pearson, UK Minister of State for Trade.  "I believe the company will benefit greatly from establishing its base in the UK, from which it can grow and penetrate the global marketplace."

GEP has also helped OM Energy successfully secure initial private financing from a small syndicate of private technology and energy investors in the US and overseas.  The financing will support the establishment of OM Energy in the UK and be used for the assembly of version four of the OM Energy prototype prior to the commercial phase.

The technology is a hydrogen-from-water generating process that helps solve many of the hydrogen creation and storage problems faced today and in the fast approaching "hydrogen economy."  It is the hydrogen that could be mixed with petrol to make a more cost effective and environmentally friendly fuel.  Water is made from two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom, and this process efficiently separates the H from the O.  The technology, if commercially successful, could in future help fuel cars using tap water and could even help ships power themselves using seawater.

In addition to supporting the company's migration and introduction to financing sources, GEP assisted OM Energy with the evaluation of the technology and the transfer of the core patent to the protective environment of a UK company.  GEP will also help build and enhance its management team through a network of "Dealmakers," who are serial entrepreneurs with technology and global business experience.

"OM Energy's cutting-edge technology promises to contribute significantly to the hydrogen technology development," said Eric Van Der Kleij, the Dealmaker responsible for the OM Energy relationship, and one of the UK's government's leading dealmakers.  "We are very pleased that the company decided to develop its technology and establish its business in the UK."

Although OM Energy developed their patent and core technology in Russia, the company's management felt they needed a strategically viable location to globally protect and expand their intellectual property and business.  GEP advised OM Energy on the benefits of establishing in the UK, and the company has cited GEP's strategic counsel and networking support as the key catalysts to identifying funding sources and migrating to the UK.  The company has already filed the worldwide patents for the core EHG technology and is now poised to assemble version four of the EHG prototype in the UK.

Now that we learn of a name "Eric Van Der Kleij",  we do a quick search and come up with this.

Quoted from
Http://www.questionsforthefuture.tv/ws2/wsj01.htm  (Posting date unsure)
Eric vand der Kleij
Mr. van der Kleij works with the Global Entrepreneurs program run by U.K. Trade & Investment, a government organization that provides support services for companies engaged in foreign trade and foreign businesses looking to invest in the U.K. The program aims to attract expatriates and foreign nationals to set up businesses in the U.K. As a dealmaker, Mr. van der Kleij contacts entrepreneurs and acts as their guide, helping them gain fast-track entry into the country and gain access to research services, a network of contacts, service providers and grant opportunities

July 2005 Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco California announces they have allocated $1 Billion to invest in renewable energy.  Working with hydrogen on demand research myself, I contacted them.  Several months go by.  Every time I call, the department handling this program has appointed a new manager.  Explaining I had a technology to generate hydrogen more efficiently than conventional electrolysis I wanted to know what mode of capitalization Wells Fargo had intended to use with this announced billion dollars. Did they want additional collateral?  Did they want to buy stock? Did they want to participate in a govenment backed program I discovered with USDA?  I never got a direct answer. 

But on February 2, 2006  the then and maybe still current director: Barry Neal, told me on the phone they would only invest in proven technologies like wind.  They had no intent to capitalize R&D of any new technology.

On February 20, 2006 George Bush chooses a strange set of words as he speaks at Johnson Controls in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
"Our nation is on the threshold of some new energy technologies that I think will startle the American people. ...the American people will be amazed at how far our technology has advanced"

April 6, 2006 an inventor working on a technique nicknamed the "Joe Cell" is confronted on the side of the road by a late model SUV and 2 thugs with guns and an enormous amount of personal information about himself and loved ones.  He had been stalked for quite some time.  His life is threatened and that of his loved ones if he does not stop work on his invention immediately.  Terrified, he did not even tell friends until several days later when he was directly confronted by friends as to why he was acting so strange.

April 7, 2006 Wells Fargo announces they finally invested $5 million of the $1 billion intended for renewable energy.  Where did they invest? In a mutual fund: Carlyle/Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund I, L.P.   Funny thing, who are the 3 largest stockholders of Carlyle Group?
The answer in order of largest percentage owned. (source: Al Martin)
  1. The Queen of England
  2. Bush Family
  3. Bin Laden Family

About May 10, 2006 a video report goes out.  Three strange characteristics should be noted about this one of a kind TV "news" story.
  1. It ONLY airs on Fox TV network
  2. It talks about something alternative energy people have known about for 15 years or more, but the reporter acts like it is new
  3. The reporter IMPLIES it can run vehicles, although the inventor oddly still mixes it with gasoline.
Is the public being pre-conditioned to eventually accept hydrogen on demand technology? Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, which owns Fox TV.  Let's search "Murdoch, Blair, and Rosoboronexport"

Quote from
NANRI is headed by Sergei Zheleznyak, who is also head of outdoor advertising major News Outdoor Russia, which is part of Rupert Murdoch's media giant, News Corp

In the world
Patarkatsishvili sold third part of his TV channel to Rupert Murdock
(May,1, 2006)
To remind, since recently Badri Patarkatsishvili is the personal owner of the Russian publishing house "Kommersant". This February Boris Berezovsky made a decision to sell all his shares, including the publishing house to Patarkatsishvili who is his old business partner.
Patarkatsishvili sold third part of his TV channel to Rupert Murdock
About 30 % of the Georgian TV channel "Imedi"
owned by the businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili, was sold to head of the American News Corporation Rupert Murdock
. The agreement on sale was signed by Patarkatsishvili and Murdock on Saturday, "Gazeta.Ru" informs.

Quote from
Wednesday April 16, 2003:
Let us recall that Tony Blair, ..., went to meet Rupert Murdoch in Australia, obtaining a media support in ... two campaigns of 1997 and 2001 ...was re-elected.

...Murdock did not support Blair from any winsome, lovelorn belief that he was the best man for the job. We still do not know what Murdock got from Blair, but we can be sure it was costly. ... Posted by: jim on May 9, 2006 at 7:50 PM

... The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch. In preparation for the 1997 election victory, Tony Blair, leader of New Labour was careful to court Rupert Murdock, whose support he believes he needs in the election. One way of gaining Murdoch support is to propose more lenient legislation than the Conservatives on cross-media ownership, which is indeed the position New Labour has adopted.

Numerous other British chat room postings and news stories revealed Rupert Murdoch has been aggressively involved in acquiring TV channels and Satellite channels in MANY countries, notably Great Britain and former USSR province Georgia. Favors get exchanged when a billionaire and a politician want something from each other.  So we now have to ask who and what did Murdoch and Blair run into in Russia and Georgia while chasing other business?   The key people involved in OM Energy Ltd.?  I wonder who the stockholders are?   But more than that, I wonder who determines MARKETING STRATEGY if the firm was rooted originally in Russia?  Does ANY mafia believe in competition?

I'll play dumb and say perhaps Blair and Murdoch are just a nice politician and an aggressive broadcaster.  But from the evidence I have presented, I have to ask:  who are they working with?

May 9, 2006 
I learned about a Russian scientist Ph. M. Kanarev who had released data from his research with hydrogen generation on the internet. It had been posted quite earlier, but this is when I first became aware of it, and posted it as news.  Another energy website, FreeEnergyNews posted more information about him.  I made a comment to the webmaster at that site about Kanarev's research showing very similar performance claims to the process I had been working with.

May 15, 2006  I finally contacted a prospective investor who had e-mail trouble reaching me earlier.  He had been trying to reach me since November 2005, (no thanks to Yahoo e-mail).  This party mentioned he heard Tony Blair was looking into hydrogen generations systems.

May 16, 2006  Unknown to me, my associate faces a violent confrontation with 4 young to middle aged white males in black suits driving a late model black Lincoln Town Car. Shoving Glocks and Mac tens in his face at a rural intersection, they told him extensive details about his family and threatened lives of him, family and all associates if he didn't stop work on the process immediately and NEVER go to the authorities.  (boy isn't that original?)  My associate, now scared for his own life and that of family complied.  But similar to Bill Williams' case, when happy people start acting silent and paranoid, friends get suspicious.

In the good old days, big business bullies offered lots of money to buy somebody out and eliminate the competition.  Reference Stan Meyer's claim of a billion dollars from Arab oil.  But to date, NOBODY has offered my company a dime for our "yet bench top" technology.  BUT somebody HAS threatened to KILL US.  Would any skeptic out there care to explain that to me?   I had been in discussion with several pre-screened, suitable investors, who were waiting on us to fix a final detail before showing them a live demonstration.  Enormous amounts of personal information thrown in our face behind the guns proved to me NONE of the prospective investors had anything to do with the violence we experienced. These thugs knew things I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. Their boss has digital cell phone tapping technology at the very least.  Other details were probably obtained by wire tapping neighbors and friend's phones too.  For any of my previous business contacts reading this, please excuse the delay.  Our lives have been directly threatened if we were to complete the item we were intending to demonstrate for you.  All progress is stopped.

Given the nature of oil or banking history, who do you think paid these hired gunmen to do the dirty work?  I would appreciate some solid leads.  I have to admit, oil has become intertwined with both banking and government over the years, so unofficial policies may have changed.

And I have to make my own counter offer:

Mathew 10:28 
"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

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