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The School of Hard Knocks
 Why are we here?
You are no doubt here at this site because you finally learned that school did NOT teach you everything you needed to know to survive in life. The purpose of this site is to share answers, answers to questions that confound all of us at some time or another.

We are at least 5000 years advanced into the history of the human race.
Therefore we must:

Learn from the mistakes of others,
- Because -
None of us lives long enough (in this world)
to make all the mistakes ourselves


Those who refuse to learn from history
are condemned to repeat it


Everyone is ignorant, just on different topics.

 The REASON this site is necessary
is due to the gross failure of conventional academics to teach students the basic facts of life.  There is a right and a wrong way to do everything.  Philosophy is NOT a rational approach when there is a time proven truth that is being challenged by nothing more than an educated idiot.  And as you will soon learn, the individuals I quickly brand as idiots, are often worse than just uninformed individuals.  Evil DOES exist in the world.  Evil people will do extremely hideous things in exchange for brief glory or false pleasure.

Time reveals truth.  Sometimes long after the death of the one who professed a mistake or a lie.

When social academics tell lies: few in their generation seem to notice or care, ultimate results take generations to reveal the truth and reap their reward.


If engineers tell lies: bridges collapse, airplanes and space shuttles fall out of the sky, and buildings fall down; if chemists lie, products fail, things blow up or don't work at all.

Some truths reveal themselves more quickly than others.

 Absolute Basic Precepts
Intent versus Failure 
Academia versus Religion 
Intellectual versus Simpleton
Christianity versus All Other Religions
Elitism versus Consensus 
A Root of ALL Evil
 Advanced Concepts
Physical Survival ( health )
Economic Survival
Economic Advancement 
One Liners - diverse list of fraudulent misconceptions
Current and archived columns authored by LateNiteLeroy ( published at

The School of Hard Knocks


Absolute Basic Precepts

  Intent versus Failure
  Intellectual versus Simpleton
  Academia versus Religion
  The Most Basic Decision
  Christianity versus All Other Religions
  Elitism versus Consensus
  A Root of ALL Evil

Intent versus Failure

An object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by a greater force. 
An object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by a greater force.

A project initiated with bad intent will ultimately fail when action by a greater force with good intent overcomes it.
A project initiated with good intent will succeed until any minute detail is overlooked. 
Every minute detail is governed by Murphy's law which is as consistent as gravity. 

Good intent by itself, cannot overcome overlooked bad details.
Bad intent will ultimately be judged by the creator of "good," God.
When good intent is combined with minute pre inspection of all details, especially that of aligning with "God's Will," the project will ultimately succeed, even if acted on and slowed by outside forces. 
But NO GREATER FORCE exists that is capable of overcoming God's Will.

In rare situations, good intent will overcome the greater force of bad minute details.  This is called a miracle.
In other circumstances, bad intent will actually accomplish some good.  This is merely a masterful counter-move by God to accomplish his greater will, which is always a more powerful force. 

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Intellectual versus Simpleton 

The only difference between an intellectual and a simpleton is the ability to store and process large amounts of data and information.  Neither has a monopoly on truth.  Quantity versus Quality must be challenged by each. 

A Sony Playstation or Microsoft "X" Box that is only loaded with one video game, will dazzle the viewer with amazing graphics but is unable to answer the simple question of "what is 2 + 2" without calculator software.

An old Commodore 64, Apple IIe, or Intel 286 loaded with simple calculator software can answer the question of 2 + 2 correctly every time. 

Data storage and processing power are only useful when the SOFTWARE is appropriate for the task.  Given a simple task like the comparison listed above, the slower machine can win, where the faster machine loses big time. 

Likewise in humans, a person's memory capacity, wit, presentation and spontaneity are only of value when exercised properly.  Severely limited, handicapped people are still able to survive so long as they are equipped with truthful knowledge.  But one lie or mistake can kill anyone. 

An accurate, TRUTHful answer from a slower computer or human is ultimately more beneficial than a WRONG answer from a faster, or more attractive, slicker looking and sounding source. 

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Academia versus Religion

Academia places total emphasis on compilation of data or information, which is best described as knowledge.

Religion stresses primarily truthful analysis and application of any information, which is best described as wisdom

Intellectuals migrate to academia due to their natural ability to store and process massive amounts of information.

Simpletons tend to migrate to religions because in order for them to survive into adulthood, they had to apply every neuron of information they could store accurately or be killed.  They could not waste valuable memory space storing alternative, fallible viewpoints on matters, then sort through all of them to determine the best or safest one before implementing an action. 

A simpleton must remember only truthful information and discard lies immediately.  There is no room to store and remember lies to contemplate later.

An intellectual can store huge numbers of lies and misinformation to be evaluated at a later date.  A simpleton does not have that luxury.

To a simpleton, religion is necessary for survival.  It weeds out information as it comes in.
To an intellectual, religion is another topic to analyze when they have time.  They feel they need no filtering device. 

So it can be said that: 

academics have little or no requirement for integrity, just large amounts of information, 
while religious people require truthful analysis and application of ALL information, 
and prefer minimal information to be discussed due to their own natural limitations.

or in regards to information

Academia = quantity
Religion = quality

But to a BALANCED individual at ANY level of intellectual capacity, 
truthful analysis must control every bit of knowledge obtained, stored and processed. 

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The Most Basic Decision

Regardless of anyone's intellectual capacity, everyone must determine just who created everything.  Once determined, it should be obvious that that creator has the group of standards or commands that one should follow.  Everyone and everything must answer to its creator. 

The universe has extensive order and design and is impossible to have this level of extensive, yet balanced order without an infinitely intelligent designer. 

Given this fact, the next challenge is to find out who offers the best description of who "God - creator of everything" is.  The answer will not come from processing massive quantities of data, but comes from  processing only ACCURATE data.  Therefore a simpleton can obtain the correct answer as easily as an intellectual.

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Christianity versus All Other Religions
When the question is asked: "How can anyone know which religion is correct?" the answer must be obtained by truthful analysis.  Every salesman knows people may shop with knowledge, but they buy on emotion.  Different people have different emotional "hot buttons."  The most effective salesmen have compiled their own private list of what ignites most people's emotions to his product.   Since one's eternity is at stake, it is best to ignore emotional slogans given by anyone who can profit by your decision.  But it is certainly permissible to get emotional when you discover a true bargain when shopping for anything.

A creator of the universe, by simple logic, must have been around since the beginning of creation.  Therefore any religion that tries to explain the creator must have been around since the beginning of mankind's history.  For this reason, no recently "invented" religions have any credibility to even consider.  This only leaves Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems and Judeo/Christianity.  None of the occultic/pagan religions of Egypt or other cultures have any credibility because time has proven, they didn't work.  All the cultures that practiced them, disappeared or destroyed themselves with hideous blood thirsty practices.

Of all the major religions in the world, only Jesus Christ claimed to be God.  He followed up that claim with miracles witnessed by thousands. 

Only Jesus Christ originated the statement: 
"I am the way, the truth and the light. No one comes unto the father but by Me."

Buddha never claimed to be God, the creator of the universe.
Confucius never claimed to be God, the creator of the universe.
Dahlia Llama never claimed to be God, the creator of the universe.
Shirley Mac Laine does claim to be god but has yet to accomplish one miracle.
Even Satan doesn't claim to have created the universe, he only wants to steal control of it.

Did Mohammed claim to be God?  No. He just claimed to be a prophet.
Is Allah the same as the Christian God?  No. 
But Judaism, Christianity and Moslems all claim to be monotheistic, why aren't they the same God?

Mohammed was a member of a tribe that worshipped many gods.  This tribe felt the most powerful god of the group was the moon god:  Allah.  Ask any Moslem why they have a crescent moon on top of every mosque in the world.  This is why.

Moslem tradition says Mohammed ascended into heaven from the same location as the Dome of the Rock Mosque.  But history shows that at the time of Mohammed's death, that exact location was occupied by a Catholic Church. Christian churches were taught by Mohammed to be the unholy property of infidels.  He would never enter one.

God chose the Israelites to store his Holy scriptures and promised their messiah (eternal leader) would come to them and the world through the blood line of David.  Up to this point, Christians agree with Orthodox Jews.  But the Jewish religious leaders overlooked numerous prophecies in Daniel, and Isaiah as to when and how their messiah would arrive.  When Christ, the messiah did arrive, he was ignored and ultimately rejected and executed.  Three days later he was resurrected and seen by over 500 individuals.   For whatever reason, today's Jewish religion continues to deny what was witnessed by hundreds following Christ's resurrection to full life again.  Christ said he went to prepare a place for his followers and that he would return again to reign and rule on Earth for a thousand years before creating a new Heaven and a new Earth.

Evolution is a fantasy that has only been taught since Charles Darwin in the mid 1800's.  Darwin never claimed to be God.  He did claim everything happened by accident over billions of years.  But his doctrine fails miserably in light of true science.

DNA is found to be a digital code, an extremely powerful one.  No digital code works without a language, authored by intelligence.  No amount of random digital jumbling ever creates anything without first a language being authored to make the jumbled numbers mean something.

Claims of an ancient universe assume the speed of light to be constant.  It is now found NOT to be constant.  It is slowing down.

No missing link has ever been discovered.  Every Darwinian icon from Piltdown man, Neanderthal, Nebraska man to Lucy has been proven to be a total fraud.  And "Encino man" was just a plain bad Pauly Shore movie.  Dinosaur bones don't always show up in the right rock strata to support the old Earth claims of Darwinians.  Dinosaur fossil footprints are found alongside human footprints in both Arizona and Texas.  The word "dinosaur" was invented in the mid 1800's. Prior to that, large reptiles were always called dragons.  Virtually all cultures around the world have legions about dragons.

But every claim in the Christian Bible does agree with true science.  Dr. Kent Hovind at offers more extensive documentation on this matter. 

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Elitism versus Consensus

Everyone who thinks they have unique items or information, tends to lord it over others.  This can create snobbism or elitism.  Religious groups have as much of this basic (faulty) human nature as non religious. 

When a neighbor claims to have a faster car, you ignore the claim until you take him to a drag strip and blow him away in your exhaust. But if his claim was correct, you get to breath exhaust from his car.

Juvenile snobbism like that seldom hurts anyone.  But when religion comes into play, the rules change dramatically.  Intellectuals and simpletons act identically.  All wisdom is discarded and "King of the Hill" mentality takes over. 

But the absolute most frightening issue here is that ALL religious people think they have full control over life and death.  They can prove this claim with the doctrine taught by the religion they follow.

Now, have I just discredited Christianity with this statement?   No.  The KEY word in the previous sentence was DOCTRINE.   Anyone who follows ANY religion without checking out the DOCTRINE being taught, goes beyond being a simpleton to being that of a dangerous fool or total idiotic moron.  Unfortunately the world is full of people in ALL religions who fit this category.  They bought their religious belief on EMOTION.   They never applied any wisdom to making their decision. 

Does Christianity promise eternal life?  Yes.  What evidence is there to make that claim?  Christ was executed in front of hundreds of witnesses.  He was seen again in full life 3 days later, also by hundreds of witnesses. 

Can Buddhists make that claim?  No.
Can Hindus make that claim?  No.
Can Moslems make that claim?  No.
Can Jews make that claim?  Messianic ones can.

And we must look at how a religion is taught to promote itself by its own doctrine
Jews think they are the exclusive owners of salvation by identity of their race and don't care to share it with others.
Hindus and Buddhists only share their "philosophies" with anyone who asks.  No compulsion to evangelize.
But here is the most frightening and greatest problem of violence in the world today:  the Moslem religion as taught in the Koran tells followers: "to convert unbelievers (infidels) either by word or SWORD."  This religion TEACHES followers to KILL non-believers, especially Christians and Jews.  It goes on to make a (false) promise of special rewards in their version of heaven if a follower kills an infidel.  No one is safe from this madness.  NO Moslem has ever returned from the dead.

But Christianity rests on the verses: "Come, let us reason together" and "Go into the uttermost parts of the world, preaching unto all creatures, making them disciples (students) of Christ."  Is any violence or harm even implied in these guidelines?  Absolutely not.  Believers are even COMMANDED to "do unto others that which you would have them do unto you." 

So although many groups take an elitist approach, claiming exclusivity on eternal salvation, only Christianity has any evidence to support that claim, and support it in a NON-violent fashion per their own doctrine. 

But where misguided elitism inside the Moslem religion creates a violent danger, the converse is mass apathy, expressed in consensus.  If everyone else is doing it, I'll just go along with the flow and not make any waves. 

History is littered with events where only a few understood the current problem and were able to react or escape.  The Titanic, Nazi death camps, major battles of war and natural disasters delivered a few survivors, but countless millions lost their lives, unable to overcome the circumstances of the moment and unprepared for obtaining their own safety.  The massive populace refused to listen to the few individuals warning of the pending doom. 

Today's politicians choose to manipulate this mass ignorance by using consensus on the populace while practicing social elitism themselves.  Leaning on the "everyone's doing it" approach to promote their own agenda.  Turning millions into human lemmings to march into the sea, these sharks feed their own appetites at the expense of everyone.  The United Nations is the grand daddy of all promoters of consensus while practicing an elitist ruling agenda on all who fall for their phony bait. 

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A Root of ALL Evil
Love of Money.  The old King James says it is "THE" root of all evil.  Newer translations read it as "A" root of all kinds of evil.  Either way, money is most often blamed when the older and newer translations both say it is the LOVE of the stuff that feeds evil.  Scripture does not condemn wealth or even having money itself.  Job was wealthy both before his calamities and after.  God never criticized Job's wealth at either time.  Solomon was GIVEN massive wealth by God.  Solomon was only criticized for accepting the INFLUENCE of non-believers.  His wealth, or abundance of silver and gold coins in his treasury was never criticized either. 

Money allows discretionary actions.  The more one has, the less the person has to work for life's basic necessities.  When a person's wealth exceeds all their needs, a new danger enters.  The power of the money will enable its owner to control other people.  At this point, there has to be moral guidelines followed by the owner of the money or pain, suffering and further disaster can be caused by the spender paying little attention to where it is going. 

When people with no moral conscience, acquire massive amounts of money, the entire world is at risk.  This is unfortunately what has happened with the world's International Central Banking system.  Originally started as a clever business maneuver by the Red Shield (Rothchild) family in Germany, it grew to control all the governments of the world today. 

Various secret societies invaded this banking system in the 1700's simply because of the massive wealth and international control of money that could be obtained.  And when you research virtually any of these secret societies: Masonic Lodge, Shriners, Knights Templar, Rhodes Scholar, Illuminati, Thule, Skull and Bones, and many others, you discover an ominous tie to the occult and Satan worship at the higher levels of command.  So as members climb higher and higher in these organizations, they are not only acquiring more social power, but they are being progressively influenced by satanic reasoning. 

With all the world's money being controlled by a group that is mentally or philosophically controlled by Satan, we now see why the International Central Bankers have financed every war on both sides since the French Revolution. 

When this evil crowd united with money loving politicians to give us first the Federal Reserve System to create a national debt to the bankers, followed by the income tax system to pay the debt back for infinity, a new monster was created.  The tax-exempt foundation. minor classifications were created to allow corporate funded tax exempt groups to give money to any cause they wished, including political, but to restrict any religious tax exempt from how they could spend their donations. 

The result, filthy rich elitists who pay no income tax. 

Has the American Cancer Society cured cancer for us with the billions of dollars they have received over the years?  No.

Has Green Peace, or Sierra Club spent any money on technologies that really do provide a clean alternative to current fossil fuel technology?  No, they just want your money and political control of more money. 

Has Planned Parenthood taught responsible behavior to young women and men?  No.  They make millions of dollars from abortions.

This massive elitist money perpetuates the "population control" movement's agenda which has been traced to the creation of AIDS, e-bola, worldwide promotion of abortion and prevention of the distribution of disease preventative measures.  The Hewlett Packard foundation was reported by the Wall Street Journal of giving a million dollars a day to promote world population control.  The Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford and Carnegie Foundations also have massive amounts of blood on their hands from misapplied trillions of dollars.

You now see the structure of what is termed "The New World Order."  They already HAVE control of all the money in the world.  They already HAVE control of most of the politicians in the world.  And through apathy and consensus promoted by this group, the world populace goes along with everything they preach. 

Obtaining money for simple survival, astute savings, and advancement become the greatest challenge to a righteous person who wants to do good and get along with his neighbor.  The task seems insurmountable when virtually all the money in the word is being spent for evil purposes.  How can any honest business man get ahead? 

On this note, our discussion begins.  I hope you can give me some more answers.  This is a tough one.  Bad Christian doctrine, often labeled "name it and claim it" gives the impression that God is a genie you only need to petition for "all your needs."  A Greek scholar told me that Phillipians 4:19 is best translated:  "And my God shall fulfill all you need." (singular, not plural)  That would mean God is more concerned about your overall fulfillment of lifelong purpose than he is any specific temporary need.  But we do know from history that he does occasionally intervene with provision, but seldom in a predictable fashion.  Apparently God dislikes complacency among his followers.   Christ said " will have tribulation." His followers were told early on they would be just as mistreated as Christ himself.  Not a pleasant thought, until you realize, these tribulations are only temporary.  Christ also told his followers not to fear those who can only harm the body, but to truly fear (respect) the only one who has the power to condemn both body and soul to Hell for eternity. 

Miracles occur, but are not daily functions with most believers.  We can only continue to petition God to better understand his will in our lives that we can show obedience by carrying out his will by our actions.  We are not told to be judges, condemning sinners to Hell, that is His job in the Great White Throne judgment, but we are to be living examples in all our deeds of how He would act in any given situation. 

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The School of Hard Knocks


Advanced Concepts

  Physical Survival ( health )
  Economic Survival
  Economic Advancement
  One Liners - diverse list of fraudulent misconceptions 
  Current and archived columns authored by LateNiteLeroy ( published at
  Your Suggestions Appreciated

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Physical Survival ( health )

Remember first what you learned in basic precepts.  People claiming to be "authorities" in this area do not always have correct or moral motives to disseminate information to you about this topic.  And even those with correct motives do not always have enough correct information to disseminate.

Our parents or custodians taught us how to eat.  They later taught us what to do when we didn't feel right.  The title of medical doctor was taught to us early.  These are "specialists" who are sworn to help anyone restore good health to their body from any type of ailment, whether caused by disease or accident. 

Extremely Dangerous advice abounds in both medicine and nutrition.  So much so, that an extreme litmus test must be used to discern truth from lies or mistakes.  My litmus test is:

Has anyone ever died by taking this advice? 

When you hear the annual death count from mistakes in hospitals, gross negligence by health care professionals, or new medications that surprise everyone with heart attacks, strokes and other causes of death, one realizes the seriousness of this matter.

Quackery and snake oil have also been with us for ages, touting alternatives to conventional medicine.  These individuals are best identified by there sudden disappearance as soon as they have your money and well before you have had a chance to try the stuff.

The truth we all must realize before we die early entirely from ignorance on these matters are these initial points:

  • 900 ailments are caused ENTIRELY by a nutritional deficiency causing a weakened immune system which makes us vulnerable to them
  • NO ONE should suffer from Arthritis or Calcium Deposits.  They are easily cured by a nutritional supplement.
  • NO One should suffer from Stomach Ulcers, they are easily cured by an antibiotic and possibly by colloidal silver
  • Cancer has been curable for years, but it has been more financially profitable to kill the patient.  The American Cancer Society has been taking donations for years but offers us NOTHING to cure the disease.  They have only succeeded in keeping researchers driving fancier cars. Please read my DDT info below and work by Dr. Lorraine Day.
  • Antibiotics ONLY treat bacteria.  Conventional doctors don't have a cure for viruses.  But conventional doctors know nothing about colloidal silver.  It cures MANY, but possibly not all viruses.  Since it is harmless in quantities small dosages, anyone with ANY virus should at least try a couple of tablespoons full to see what happens. I know of no major lab that has established a provably documented list of exactly what it does and does not cure. But 3 people I have heard testimony from who were cured by ingestion of colloidal silver are: "Vietnam -creeping crud," Crohn's disease, and Herpes. WARNING never use a metal spoon with colloidal silver, always use plastic utensils.
  • AIDS, E-bola, and Gulf War Syndrome are engineered, synthetically made diseases. All use a patented biological agent created by the US Government called "micoplasm."  The story of its creation is too long and involved to go into step by step documentation here.  But extreme simplification just says a biological warfare project that started back with the Manhattan project in WW2 and obtained additional funding during the Vietnam war got out of control by both accident AND intent and was released into the general population.  Prevention by simple Judeo/Christian moral and sanitation practice is best, but if you or a friend was unfortunate enough to contract any of these by blood transfusion or other accident, you need to know you are dealing with something that IS NOT NORMAL and was engineered to contradict the laws of nature.  Current vaccine research is thus futile.  The only hope I can offer here is first prayer, then do everything you can to try to rebuild your damaged immune system.  Colloidal silver will kill off attacking bacteria while you flood your system with both colloidal minerals and antioxidants.  Still, these bizarre, mutated viruses can destroy what would otherwise work great in any other person. 
Now, I must repeat my guideline from above in discerning quacks from true help.  A quack disappears as soon as they get your money.  And in this highly litigious American society, the only quacks that get away with fraud are protected by both the AMA and large liability insurance policies.  The doctors I recommend below have NO malpractice lawsuits against them because anyone who followed their complete advice was either cured or saw tremendous results of some kind.  And just as importantly, they have all been around for years and keep their residency inside the USA, not a hidden Caribbean island to escape victims. 

And MOST importantly, I don't know of ANYONE who has DIED by following their unconventional advice. 

Two unconventional, yet licensed medical Doctors who I personally respect are described here.  Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Lorraine Day.   Both emphasize nutrition and avoiding dietary land mines as primary to disease prevention and treatment when ailments are contracted. 

Another doctor (Ph.D. and medical entomologist) has done extensive research on Malaria and DDT, and has uncovered massive evidence which goes contrary to the consensus tripe promoted by the population control crowd.  This column from introduces him. 

And these 2 doctors have uncovered much more data regarding low level radiation exposure.  Prepare to be shocked and have your media shaped views challenged.

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Economic Survival

Remember first what you learned in basic precepts.  People claiming to be "authorities" in this area do not always have correct or moral motives to disseminate information to you about this topic.  And even those with correct motives do not always have sufficient correct information to disseminate.

Everyone in the human race: conservative, liberal, anarchist, sick, healthy, devoutly spiritual, atheist, workaholic, sluggard, any lifestyle, moral, immoral and every criss-cross in between needs to acquire a living to put food on the table every day.  Although Christ commanded his followers not to "worry" about this, scripture goes on to state that whoever does not work, shall not eat.  Even those born with silver spoons in their mouths must learn how to please their parents and carry on the family business or lose the inheritance. 

In a free enterprise society one is offered 3 options to accomplish this:
    1. Sponge off other's wealth   ( welfare, freeloading, inheriting )
    2. Work for others    ( hourly, salary, commissions, )
    3. Work for yourself    ( barter or sell a product or service for a profit over costs )

    #1 has negative connotations and does not raise the true value of the individual practicing it.
    #2 is nothing more than remunerated slavery.  The employer retains full control over one's economic health and advancement.
    #3 can be argued that one is merely a slave to one's customers or clients.  But customers and clients are in much greater abundance, and more expendable than the number of employers (slave owners) who are willing to share wealth in sufficient quantity for a person to establish a sizable nest egg of their own. 

    #2 works OK for most people who serve their employer by doing everything expected of them.  Problems arise when an employer expects something from the employee that is either contrary to the employee's moral and ethical values or exceeds the employee's abilities. 

    I deal primarily with #3 by starting and running your own "Web - Based" business.  Wrong answers to this abound more than spam.  I will only print truth here.  I report initially on my own experience, and solicit recommendations from readers.  But if you have only memorized your upline's "hype mantra", don't expect me to waste my server space repeating it here.  If you suggest something that is PROVABLE, REPEATABLE, REALISTICALLY OBTAINABLE BY EVERYONE WHO DOES THE SAME THING, and above all TRUTHFUL, I will give it a good look and appraisal to get it posted. 

    An honest report on several of my own successes and failures are at

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    Economic Advancement

    Before one can easily advance, just like any journey, you should first answers two questions: 

    1. Where am I now
    2. Why or how did I get here

    Any accounting course will show you how to do a "net worth" analysis.  But they are all based on money for the numbers.  Further study of just what money is must be done before you realize the many other factors that must be included with a claim of "personal net worth." 

    After you understand what money is, who uses it versus who loves and abuses it, you will have a better understanding to answer question #2. 

    If the answer to question #1 is drastically lower than you would like, there is a great likelihood the cause is in the answer to #2.  But when you now realize who is "calling the shots," defining the terms your are forced to use, as well as understanding their motives to do what they do, you now have more powerful information and are more likely to create your own strategic battle plan to overcome the invisible obstacles you have been naively tripping over all your life. 

    Economists are all intellectuals, trained to confuse everyone who listens to their drivel.  The most enlightening 3.5 hours I ever spent on the topic of economics was watching a video by Bill Stills titled "Capital Crimes."  Two more recent and somewhat shorter versions are titled "Money Masters" and "Monopoly Men."  The videos condense powerful documented points of history along with principles by the few honest economists the world has ever had. 

    But once we understand both where we are and why we got here, we then need to establish the goal of a destination.  Christ said besides not asking for provision, some ask for things just to consume on their own lusts.  So be sure to weed that out of your goals.  

    The most frequent mistake made by "home business" start ups is tackling business backwards.  We need to first identify a market, determine the product or service to meet that market's demand, establish the business to accomplish that goal, then LAST, fine tune the management of that business so that you can manage it from home. The presence of a computer in the corner of a bedroom does not a business make.

    When structuring your business plan to accomplish all this, you quickly learn expenses can exceed your start up capital in the blink of an eye.   Two things destroy most business start ups.  Inaccurately defining the perceived market, and under capitalization sink a huge percentage.  Mismanagement of the capital they did have, destroyed most of the now deceased dot com start ups that DID have a few million of relatively easy venture capital to burn.  Those days are gone.  Our challenge is to deliver a quality product or service to the customer at a price they are willing to pay, cover all our expenses, pay employees and suppliers both sufficiently to keep them happy and on time to keep the credit standing good, and finally have profit left over to grow.

    Those specifics will require a Knockademics 102.  Some day....

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    One Liners - diverse list of fraudulent misconceptions

    There is NO Global Warming

      17,000 degreed Scientists signed a petition that completely discredits the UN financed incompetent study that profess this false claim. 
    There IS a global pollution problem
      if we continue to use 100+ year old fuel technology and ancient bad habits of throwing our garbage into a big pile, we most certainly will bury ourselves in trash.  But there are wonderful, high tech solutions.  Land fill and water pollution problems can easily be solved by Destructive Distillation.  By using "Brown's Gas" technology, nuclear waste radioactivity can now be 99.6% neutralized.  And a fuel processor called GEET, can eliminate 90+% of an EXISTING engine's pollution on any size engine.  Getting crooked governments and lazy businesses to implement these technologies is the only obstacle to clean air, water and soil.  CommuteFaster is striving to market these brilliant products. 

    DDT is SAFE, Effective, and even EDIBLE

      And initial studies on lab rats and factory workers exposed to large doses, is a likely cure for cancer.  The worldwide ban on this chemical is costing millions of lives a year by malaria deaths alone. 

    The Largest Drug Runner in the World is the CIA 

      This site will shock you with plenty of evidence to support this claim.  The so-called good guys that participate will disgust you even further.  The entire "Drug War" is merely a false front to invade everyone's privacy and pass your wealth over to them.

    Liberal versus Conservative arguments are merely a distraction

      When you learn who controls BOTH the Republicans and Democrats, it becomes evident that the only hope to change anything by voting will come from a 3rd party. 
    Abortion protects rapists, is linked to breast cancer and kills an innocent child. 
      The groups advocating it are all funded by the racist population control movement, an outgrowth of WW2 Nazi thought.  Margaret Sanger from Planned Parenthood started the "master race" idealism that Hitler followed.  The word abortion means "to kill" and fetus is Latin for "unborn child".  Murder is murder no matter what label you hang on it. A society that murders its own future generation cannot survive. 
    Income Tax in the USA has Never been legal. This a documented fact, not an opinion.
      Unfortunately, the IRS has an arrogant attitude and bigger guns than the average citizen.  It is this writer's opinion to continue to follow their demands until enough politicians in power get threatened with removal if they don't CANCEL ALL illegal taxes and return to constitutional funding of government's legal operations. 
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    Your Suggestions Appreciated

    A common thread to all humanity is failure, and how you overcame it.  Please stick to this as a guideline for any suggestions and we should be able to avoid any ego-maniac intimidation and tirades or name calling.

    Remember again, everyone is ignorant, just on different topics.

    I'll bring you up to speed, politely, if you will please do the same for me.  A boat captain I frequently sail with tells everyone at the start of the trip:  whoever rudely laughs at anyone who becomes seasick will be thrown to the sharks themselves.  I will run an equally tight ship here.  Our past failure is to be an education for all of us.  No one will be ridiculed here for honest mistakes.  This site is to warn us all to avoid the same calamity, and become wise enough to NEVER DO IT AGAIN. 

    But a ridicule I whole heartedly endorse is the long list of liars and deceivers in the world who dish out bad advice, solely to ruin others and enhance their own gain.   My opening comments reveal I charge many academics of this guilt.

    And please realize this is a VOLUNTEER project on my part.  I am not making any direct money with this venture. But as good answers progressively compile here, we will ALL profit from a database with this unique information.

    Send your proposed answers to me in simple email text,
    no html, no java, and no cgi-script.

    If you MUST refer to something like a photo or chart somewhere, post it at your own site, and mention its URL in the text of your email.

    ALL EMAIL WITH ATTACHED FILES WILL BE DELETED BEFORE THEY ARE READ.  If you know anything about the internet, you know why I am doing this. If you don't know why, don't ask.  You don't belong in this class.

    Submit all your great "hard knocks lessons" to Professor LateNiteLeroy here at The School of Hard knocks

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