See what 100 years of voting
for "the lesser of 2 evils" got us?

WWI: Wilson-Democrat   WWII: *Roosevelt-Democrat   Korea: *Truman-Democrat
Vietnam: Kennedy-Democrat   Iraq: *Bush-CFR/Republican    Kosovo: *Clinton-Democrat

Evil is still evil.
1899 - 1999 was the bloodiest Century in the history of mankind

*All these presidents were members of some brand of secret society.
Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Cecil Rhodes society
and most were members of the Council on Foreign Relations which has European Elitist roots.
All these organizations hold a common goal of world domination.
None are compatible with the US Constitution.

Woodrow Wilson may not have had direct ties to a secret society,
but he was so incredibly stupid, he let his aids who were involved dictate his policies.
He thus gave us the Federal Reserve System and Income tax,
both in direct violation of the US Constitution.
This set the stage for the Great Depression of 1929, which transferred massive amounts of  American wealth
to his international banker friends long after he had left office.
It was these international bankers who then financed EVERY enemy America fought for the next 87 years.

Character does matter, for years afterward.

Try voting for a righteous man for a change.

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