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Daily Databases
Blue Letter Bible   KJV, Hebrew, Greek, Concordance Strong's Concordance  with Hebrew-Greek Lexicon
Acronym Finder     Define the latest buzzword at work
Airline Flight Tracking - Real time
Airport Codes  
Code symbols for worldwide airports (major) (minor)
AllBookStores       Best Price any book at 40 bookstores .
Angel.co - Angel list venture capital
Antennae Search -
find cell towers near your home
Area Codes    
Telephone - inside USA
Best Long Distance Rate    Best Price Carrier Comparison
Bing  search engine
Center for Immigration Studies
- Mark Krikorian
CEO Pay 
Public companies
   Currencies, measurements, speeds most anything 

Country Codes     telephone - international
Country Codes     Internet 2 digit extensions
Crowd Funding sources
US Bz startup funding  
Dating Services
    Find your helpmate or soulmate 

Dictionary  Conventional 
Domains:  Who owns it    Domain Value   Hosting by: 1and1IONOS   em
Earthquake Reports
   Better Aggregator
Additional Geophysics data compiled by Stan Deyo
Energy Expose'  Best Energy Sources  
File Transfers (large) by e-mail
Freelance engineering  elance  sologig  peopleperhour  Fiverr 
Gibiru   StartPage
Anonymous Search
   Nasty, known to modify searches, you won't find what others do 

HackerWatch  recent hacker activity monitored worldwide
Health -
Alternative treatments showing impressive results

Adult Stem Cell: Dr. Steenblock, stroke recovery
Carnivora - derived from the Venus Fly Trap
C-60 - Super Lubricant that happens to be healthy when mixed with food oils:
   C-60 Sunflower Oil    C60PurplePower-Avacado-Coconut Oil   LiveLongerLabs-gelCaps 
   Carbon60Plus-Olive Oil    LivePetLLC-For Cats-Dogs-Horses   C-60 HairCare  
   C-60 Blackseed Oil  
 Video discussions about C-60:  Sarah Westall  SW2    The Radical Gardener           
Dental - Your Own Stem Cell regrowth of teeth
Ozone GoHealthyNext
Prodovite - Improves blood quality & flow, effective on blood pressure
Royal Velvet - Deer antler derivative
Telemure treatment - SierraSci  
Turpentine Sugar specialist: Dr. Jennifer Daniels bowel and liver cleanser Vitality.
HuLu.com  Hi-Rez TV & Movies
- fund raise/any cause
Infomercial Liquidation Mall
   Classics you have seen on TV

Internet Movie Database  Movies, TV, Actors
Internet Speed Test 
DSLReports, measure those bits you bought

IP Tracking  -  Your  IP
- fund raise US w/ limits
Leo Laporte Live
- Computer info TV
Mahalo.com - search with a question
Googlemaps  Mapquest  Street address, directions, aerial photos, atlas

Mines in the US - interactive map & database
Music -
Free Streams 
Newspapers  Anywhere in the world 
Patent Assignments Who controls it now - US Patents
Patent & Trademarks  US Patent Office, active and pending status
Patent Information - FreePatentsOnline - Independent search engine/database
Patents  Canadian
Patents  European  
Price Comparisons:  Specific Products - New
  MySimon      PriceGrabber    NextTag    EPinions     Froogle
  Shopzilla   YahooShopping    Pricewatch   Bizrate   GoSale 
New item liquidators
   Overstock   DirectBuy   TootooMart-
China   Alibaba-ChinaFactories wholesale Quantity
Used Stuff
   Craigslist   e-bay   Half.com    Pennysaver     Recycler  
Used Vehicles
   Autolist   AutoTrader   Cars.com
Big Truck Listings 
Motorhomes  Mh2  Mh3 
   Used Aircraft
   AircraftCostCalculator  Aircraft   AeroTrader  GlobalAir  Controller   Wetzel  
Used Watercraft

Real Estate Satellite Tracking  3D interactive   Google Earth Version
Secretaries of States 
For Corporation Name searches, Forms

  California   Delaware   Nevada   Wyoming
  Which structure is best for your business?  Type C corporation or LLC
  Advantages of incorporating in Wyoming.   

Securities & Financial regulation organizations

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, formerly NASD: National Association of Securities Dealers (since July 26, 2007)
OTS: Office of Thrift Supervision - Savings and Loans
SEC: Securities Exchange Commission
Bank Monitor: tracks banks at risk of own bankruptcy, or already failed
Mortgage Lender Financial Monitor: tracks ML bankruptcies
International Law & Finance - Corb7: Captive Insurance, Aged Swiss Trusts 

Space Weather  Astronomical events reported by NASA
Space Weather  Commercial version, variety of sources
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  • The CanSpam act requirements and penalties
Suppressed Energy Inventors Gary Vesperman (9/5/2007 update)
Telephone Book
   White and Yellow Pages nationwide 

Time Worldwide  Current Time Anywhere 
TinEye  Photo and Image tracking
Tracking   of most anything Aircraft tail number
Translation  Online  Google Translate

Trends - Google key word analysis
US Dept of Immigration
US Embassies -
Web sites and locations worldwide
Your Government Representative    By name or zip code

Verisign  Who-Is listing 
VirusList  Definitions of computer viruses 
  BitDefender  Good antivirus protection without the "obnoxious" gouging attitudes of Norton or MacAfee 
  PCPitstop   Free on-line scan of your system for the top 200 most prevalent viruses 
  ZoneAlarm   Good firewall as far as stuff they know about, still not perfect
Weather  Anywhere; National Radar Mosaic Hi Rez; Winds worldwide Multiple
Who-Is  Find who owns any web domain,  Estimated Value
YouTube  The other TV channel

Zip Codes
  US Postal

Video Sites
  Anthony Hilder - conspiracy research for 30+ years, this channel is censored in the US but here is a recent post
  Brother Nathanael (Kapner) - (Quasi) Orthodox Christian views
  D.tube  -  Steemit video channel
  Dutchsince - advanced energy/weapon reports
  Gary Franchi - The RealityReport - Constitutional news
GoogleVideo  - Free Cable Access to the World
  HuLu.com  Hi-Rez TV & Movies
  JustinTV  - Private posts
  Leo Laporte Live
- Computer info TV

  LiveStream  - independent broadcasts
  NextNewsNetwork - Patriot news issues
  Real.Video  - Mike Adams' Network (Natural News)
  Ted - Intriguing topics, usually about science.
  ThisWeekIn: Startups - Jason
Calacanis is host
  UStream - Tricaster TV from anywhere - LIVE transmissions
  - Private posts
  Wimp - More funny, clever, brilliant posts
YouTube  - It may have been first and biggest, but no longer the best. It promotes Zionist, obnoxious gay pedophilia, anti responsible behavior

Current Economic Indicators

Gold  $/oz.
Silver  $/oz.
Euro / USD
Crypto Coins
US Stocks
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com] [Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com] [Most Recent Exchange Rate from www.kitco.com]  Price in USDCoindesk = Bitcoin & news
CoinMarketCap = All
Other Cryptos (1060+)
Cryptocurrencychart = Chart any coin
  Exchanges:  CoinExchange  Bittrex  Bleutrade
Difficulty  Genesis/Iceland 
  Crypto misc.: BitcoinTalkRadio    UNO -> news  
Commentators: Bix Weir   Suppoman   jsnip4

Current Crude Oil Prices       Crude Oil Historicals  

Baltic Dry Index
A comment about Statistics 
Gold makes a good form of currency for temporary stability,
but it does NOT make a good investment. 
Read Luke 6: 34, 35 to see what Christ said.
Learn the difference between debt or equity investment.
God blesses one and curses the other.   

5 Life Changing Books EVERYONE Should Read
Ignoring them will lead to destructive confusion in these areas of one's life.

To Know God
and understand others

To understand
& Who controls them
To understand
the Church
where you worship
To understand
money, debt, and banking
in daily commerce
 Holy Bible
Holy Bible
The only English Translation that can be trusted is
the King James Version.  Why?  Because ALL others used a defective set of Greek texts compiled by 2 heretics, Wescot & Hort.

Brotherhood of Darkness
Brotherhood of Darkness
By Dr. Stanley Monteith
The US is a ONE party system.  These are the real groups that control everything government does. Nothing is as it seems. Learn who is behind them.
Hitler's Cross
Hitler's Cross
By Erwin Lutzer
NEVER let Government
control the pulpit,
and never trust any Christian Leader who gets too friendly with corrupt governments.
The Creature
from Jekyll Island
Creature from Jekyll Island
by G. Edward Griffin
Audio lecture

Someone you don't even know has been plotting to take your wealth since the day you were born.  Learn who they are and plan your defense before waking up some day to find they took it all.

Special Assignment - Clayton Rasmussen
Special Assignment:
Clayton Rasmussen

How a Christian survives in full blown war by trusting in the Lord.

Find the best price.
Additional eye opening expositional works to correct misunderstandings of contemporary politics.

Get TRUE NEWS and Extensive Research Documentation from these independent sources
WARNING; Filter EVERYTHING you read with Christian discernment. Many sites linked here contain misleading views, but are posted here for research and historical information.

Streaming Audio

Recommended Listening
Power Hour Founded by the late Joyce Riley, Daniel Brigman now host

Alex Jones - Infowars

Dr. Ted Broer
1pm to 4pm
What Really Happened -
Mike Rivero Republic Radio
Michael Herzog
RadioLiberty Monteith 
Stream and 30 day Archives

Massad - Higher Ground
Jeff Rense 
8-10pm RadioLiberty Monteith 
Hal Turner Radio Show
Ooda - Talkshoe Ginger Cookie & Desert Pete E&W coasts
Chat archive-ShowID#94426
Erskine Overnight


Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Dr. Ted Broer

Calvary Chapel
Chuck Smith Passed away 10/3/2013
Calvary Chapel
Word for Today replays
Calvary Chapel
Costa Mesa, CA Direct

CommuteFaster Energy Hour
Latest    Archives 

P2P Private Network Streams

Additional sites with archived streaming audio

   American News Network
   24 hours 
   BlackOpRadio - awesome archives!
   Chuck Missler - Bible study & commentary
    Genesis Communication Network      Info Wars - Alex Jones
   9 AM to Noon, 7 to 10 PM,  M-F, PST, archived
   Larry Nichols
   Loose Change video
   Mysteries of the Mind -
Alex Merklinger - Archives only since 10/28/2005
  Radio Liberty - Dr. Stanley Monteith
   4 to 5 PM,  8 to 10 PM, M-F, PST,  archived
    Go to RadioLiberty.com  for text information 
Radioliberty  Dr. Stan Monteith passed away 9/29/2014

   ReOpen911 - 9/11 issues, Ed Begley MC
   Republic Broadcasting
   Steel on Steel - John Loeffler
   Monday AM, archived
   Truth Radio Network
   24 hours 
   Unraveling the New World Order
    Dr. Larry Bates
   10 to 11AM, M-F, PST, archived   
    WingTV - 9/11 videos

   Assorted Classics

   Dr. Frank Logsdon:
   Text and Audio
   co-founder NASB refuting all modern translations, including his own

   Eisenhower Farewell address
   text and audio

   ref: "military industrial complex"

   Kennedy speaks against secret societies, the ones that eventually would kill him. Speech given at the NY Waldorf Astoria  on April 27, 1961.
Full speech 19:11 mins
Secret society portion 5:23 mins

   Liberia:  a visit in 2009.  Words cannot describe.  Hour long video, linked in parts.

   Freedom to Fascism
   now available on DVD 

   Myron Fagan: The Illuminati & CFR
   Transcript   Audio

   Fallujah - the Waco of Iraq
     White phosphorus & DU used on civilians
     Short video report online
     Purchase Full length DVD documentary

The Panama Deception
First military use of Reagan's Star Wars weapons
to hide Bush Family drug business

   Kay Griggs: military brass expose'

   Jordon Maxwell - excellent researcher of things others overlook, but still makes some mistakes like all of us. Weigh all with discernment and verification.
  • explains in 16 minutes what your parents and government schools forgot to tell you all your life - chilling!
  • Extensive thought provoking research at the Jordan Maxwell home page.
  •     3 Cities that Control the World
        London - DC - Vatican
    What the elite belive, but not entirely true
        Short text review
        Part 1   Part 2  
    (total 5 hours)

        Dr. Bill Deagle
         Camelot Project Interview Sept. 2008
        Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  (total 3 hours)

          Excellent short primer on Masons, their symbols and beliefs.  11:32 mins

        Prf. Walter Veith - DVD's available at http://www.amazingdiscoveries.org/

       Ken Rasmussen on Kelly McGinley show
        12/12/2005 This is the alternative energy
        expose' program that was kicked off 1
        network and banned in Texas

       Steven Greer Disclosure Project
        7 classic video interviews of
        respected scientists exposing
        energy coverups

       Stan Meyer / Equinox UK interview


    (Daily News Coverage

          Christian - Conservative
           Info Wars - Alex Jones
           News With Views
           Prison Planet
           CNS News
           Drudge Report
           News Max
           Washington Times
           World Net Daily

    Single Topic Issues

    How phony is George Bush's claim
    to Christianity? 

    Let me count the ways...
    1  2  3  4  5 6  7 
    8  9  10 11 12 13
    Video clip (right click, save target)
    Iraq Body Count: Civilian & Military

    Abortion Deaths
    since 1973
    Abortion Violence
      National Debt
    US Government money spent thus far this year  - also see Leo Wanta right column

    Why churches should not be structured as a 501C3
    (40 mins)

    Neocon =
    *Often supports government instead of  Christian standards, even when government is obviously wrong,  just as the naive church did in 1930's and 40's in Germany, but these sites are better funded and have 24 hour staff to keep breaking stories up to the minute.

    seldom predictable,
    sometimes so correct it's thrilling,
    other times so off base it's
    but always bizarre

    RumorMillNews - Rayelen (Russbacher) Allan Her bio

    ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net Alexandra Bruce

    Sherry Shriner  - Deceased 1/7/2018
    Live 7pm PST Monday & archived

    Live 7-10pm PST

    Streamed from KFI640AM - Los Angeles 10pm - 5am PST

    Big Eye

    (Insightful Research - Extensive Documentation)
      16th Amendment Proven Fraudulent - Bill Benson
       Abeldanger - David Hawkins - Field McConnel
       Video live and archived   <LiveStream)  AD YouTube
       Abel Danger Chat     

      AceOfCoins - John Singleton 
      Alfred Lambremont Webre - New Age, but real historical issues 
      Al Martin Raw - Political insight
      The American Awakening -
    Michael Herzog
      American Intelligence Media -
    Douglas Gabriel, Betsy   YouTube 
      ArcticBeacon - Greg Szymanski
      Assist News Service -
    Dan Wooding Evangelical News
      Avi Lipkin -
    Israeli insight
      Barry Chamish -
    Israeli insight -
    Barry passed away  August 23, 2016

      Ben Fulford -
    Asian & World Economic insight (English)
      The Berean Call - Dave Hunt Christian apologist
      Dave Hunt archived audio -   YouTubes
      TheBereanChronicles - Kelly McGinley
      Biofield Tuning - Accoustic frequency health analysis
    Blackstone Intel - Jake Morphonios - Dtube
      Blaylockreport -
    Dr. Russell Blaylock  MD

      Brendon O' Connell   Vimeo 
    exposer of Project Talpiot 
    Brother Nathanael (Kapner) - (Quasi) Orthodox Christian perspective Site 2  Site 3  Site 4  Site 5 
     CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
        Report by  Lt. Cnl. Gerald R. Klatt USAF -ret
         Report by  Walter Burien 
         California specifically  2012

      Calvary Chapels:
        Costa Mesa, California  (Santa Ana
        Las Vegas, Nevada  (Spring Valley
      Caryl Matrisciana - Apologetics, specilizing in Calvinism, Yoga, eastern mysticism, witchcraft - Carly passed away 12/2/2016
      Cheniere - Tom Bearden
      Classic Capital  - Wayne Jett
      Clif High - Half Past Human - YouTube Channel 

      Conspiracy Con - Annual convention each May
      Conspiracy Digest - All conspiracy, no theory
      Control Paradigm - Leslie Pastor
      Corbett Report - James Corbett  YouTube  Bitchute   9/11 Sum
      CropCirleFilms  - Patty Greer
      Crossroad - Berit Kjos - analysis of current  trends within the Christian Church
      Crypto Viewing -  Dick Algire
    Cutting Edge - Occult exposed 
      Dana Ashlie - The Bible and World Events
      D'Anne Burley - commentator Chicago
      Dark Journalist  -  YouTube
      Dave Janda
      DeliberateDumbingDown - Charlotte Iserbyt, sabotage the of US Education system
      Deprogramming Series - Matrix Solutions, David Williams
      Destroying the Illusion - Jordon Sather  - Bitchute
      Devvy Kid - Home - News w/Views - Your taxes go where?
      DProgram - 9/11 truth, urgnet topics, live videos
      Dr. of Common Sense - ET Williams - CommonSenseNation    BlogTalkRadio  PewTubeChannel 
      sane PhD's exposing junk science infiltration within academia's ranks
      Dr. Jennifer Daniels - Website  RBN  BlogTalkRadio  Facebook 
      Dr. Steven Greer: 

      Echoes of Enoch - Christian perspective on UFO's and pre-deluvian life
      ElenaFreeland  - Health and geoengineering
      End Times News Report - Jake Morphonios
      Energy Expose' - Best Energy 
      Eustace Mullins - Fed Reserve commentary
      Fly Otto - the Ubber for light business aircraft flights
      Focus on the Family - Dr. James Dobson
      Freedom Force - G. Edward Griffin (Jekyl Island)
      Free World Film Works - Anthony J. Hilder - YouTube  Search
      Front Page Radio - Dan Wooding
      FulcrumNews - David Seaman   Bitchute channel
      Gary North - Ben Bernank cartoon
      Geo Engineering Watch - Dane Wigington
      GizaDeathStar - Dr. Joseph P. Ferrel
      Glad News for Muslims - Samy Tanagho
      Global-Elite - Keeping an eye on the NWO
      Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA 
      Greg Palast - investigative journalist
      Hagman & Hagman 
      Hal Turner Radio Show  - Conservative commentator
      Hawks Cafe - Field McConnell and David Hawkins
      Healthmasters - Dr. Ted Broer
      Henry Makow  New location as of 11/30/2017
      Hour of the Time - Doyel Shamley
      Illuminati News - Scandinavian branch
      International Health - Colloidal Silver  Prodovite    
      IRS Exposed - Joe Banister
       IRS Hides - Bob Shulz
      James Perloff - Blog 
      JimStoneFreelance - Alternate address:  
    Fukushima disaster was man-made (Jim Stone missing since July 7, 2011 to Sept 28, 2011. Now in hiding due to life threats)
      Jordan Maxwell Show  blog
      Judicial Watch - Larry Klayman
      Junk Science - pseudo science discredited
      Keeping it Unreal - Donald Jeffries
    Kent Hovind - Evolution Discredited
      Kevin Blanch - anti nuclear activist
      Knowledge of Health - Bill Sardi
      LateNiteLeroy - Tips & Tirades
      LemonChiffon - animated AbelDanger
      Leuren Moret - Geologist, anti-nuke advocate
      LibertyForLife  -  Clive Boustred
      LibertytotheCaptives - Lisa Ruby
      LightOnConspiricies  - Ole Dammegard
      Lloyd Carpenter - Unique Geographical Observation
      MadCowProd  -  Daniel Hopsicker
      Michael Rupert - Ex NARC agent (deceased 4/13/2014)
      MikeTokes - conservative investigator
      Milleneum Ark - Stan Deyo
      Mindfully (old site) - Leuren Moret, nuclear physicist 
      The New American - John Birch Society
      NoMoreFakeNews  -  Jon Rappoport
      NutriMedical - Clayand Iron - Dr. William Deagle MD
      NSearch - alt energy techs
      The Power Hour - Knowledge is Power  - Daniel Brigman
      ProjectCamelot - Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan
      Q-Factor -  Steve Quayle
      RadChick YouTube channel   12/4 2016 health update 
      Ralph Epperson
      RBN-Republic Broadcasting - text reports
      RealJewNews - Bro. Nathaniel Kaplan
      Realist News - Jsnip 
      RealityZone - G. Ed Griffin 
    Red Ice TV - Henrik Palmgren, Lana Lokteff - Conservative views from Sweden YT 
      RepublicOfTheUnitedStates - Tim Turner
      RestoreAmericaPlan -
    Tim Turner
    News  (Nesara)  Dr. William B Mount YouTube Channel
            Neil Keenan  - chasing Yamachita's gold
            Document delivered to 50 governors but ignored
            Sam Kennedy weekly talk show Sundays 8pm EST
      Retaking America - Kelly McGinley

      Robert David Steele - Blog - Ex-cia Gov commentator
       Robert Morey - FaithDefenders -  Islamic Expert
      Sarah Westall  YouTube channel   Bitchute Channel
      Save The Males - Henry Makow 
       Scott Binsack - Deceased July 21, 2018  
    YouTube  Vimeo uncut, MFA  Scott's last post  June 4, 2018 
       Securing Our Interests  -  TalpiotTalk.com - Brendon O'Connel - YT  -  Vimeo 
       SGT Report  -  Bitchute  YouTube   
       Solari  - Catherine Austin Fitts
       SpecialGuests - Jerry McGlothlin booking agent
       Stan Deyo - astro and geophysical data
       Stefan Molyneux - Conservative philosopher YouTube Channel
    Stew Webb - Extremist yes, not sure for who
      The Still Report - William Still reporting  BillStill.com
      Taxes -
    The ONLY organization that should be taxed

      Ted Broer -
      Ted Gunderson -
    deceased 8/1/2011 -FBI agent, Franklin coverup expert - data moved to Tinystars.org/
      Texe Marrs Power of Prophecy - Jerry Barret 
    YouTube videos  BibleHomeChurch
      Through the Bible - J Vernon McGee
      TruNewsRick Wiles
      Truth or Fiction - rumor verification
      TruthTellers.org - Rev. Ted Pike
      UrbanSurvival  -  George Ure, WebBot news
      Vatican Assassins - Eric Jon Phelps (Warning, hyper Calvinist, but otherwise excellent research)
      VeteransToday - Gordon Duff's opinions for Veterans
      Victurus Libertas VLTV - Real.Video channel  YouTube Channel   Bitchute Channel
      Walk the Talk - Kurt Kallenbach -
       US Corporation 1870 videos 1  2  3 
      Watch Unto Prayer - Barbara Aho
    WhatReallyHappened - Michael Rivero
    Womensgroup - Joan Veon - passed away Oct. 18, 2012
       X2-Radio  -  Brooks Agnew
      X22 Report
       ZeroToleranceForWar  -  Profound information

    Specialized Sciences

      Astrophysics - Jim McCanney
    Thought of the Day - comments
    Archived radio shows

      Astronomy - Major Observatories
    Hubble Telescope - Orbiting
    96" Reflector
    SOHO - Solar Observation
    Orbiting Satellite
    Gran Telescopio - Las Palmas, Canary Islands
    409" Reflector (10.4 meter)
    Keck Telescopes - Hawaii
    393.7" Reflector  (10 meters) (2)
    Cerro Paranal, Chile
    322.8" (8.2 meter) Reflector
    Mt. Palomar - San Diego California
    200" Reflector Telescope
    Mt. Wilson - Los Angeles California
    100" Reflector Telescope
    Wormwood - Austrailia
    Assorted optical and radio telescopes
    South Pole Observatory  - Live webcam

    Other Sciences

    Keshe Foundation 

    Science Daily 

    Tech Connect  

    Apocrypha and extra biblical works
     posted for historical & cultural reference only

    Book of Enoch
    Book of Jasher
    Works of Flavius Josephus
    Kolbrin - (Culdian Trust)

    home security systems

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