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Diehold Foundaion Series.

On March 5, 2019 a storm near Santa Barbara California recorded 1,489 lighting strikes in 5 minutes.
A recent Sarah Westall interview (Part 1, Part 2) discussed magnetic blasts hitting the Earth from space. All happening as the poles continue to move. 3/6/2019

Driver killed when trapped inside a burning Tesla S. 2/26/2019

Green Snow Russia
Green Snow falls on Pervouralsk Russia.

Uranium was found stored improperly at a tourist site. This exposed tourists to 4,000 times safe level radiation for 2 decades. 2/19/2019

Etherium Classic blockchain has now been hacked. 2/19/2019

Political absurdity is bad enough in the US and France. But in South Africa farmers are being killed just because they are white. And in Cameroon the government torched a hospital because it had English speaking patients. The US and Israel were about to offer military aid, until it was discovered the French speaking Cameroon government was the one doing the violence. Clean energy can only help a sane civilization.
We are working on a project to help South African farmers who also happen to be skilled in Aquaponics escape the violence and relocate where their skills are welcome. 1 hour heat breaking Skype interview. We also have contacts in Cameroon in need of help. Any viewers capable of short term assistance, please contact us. Email at bottom of this page.  2/15/2019

Ground Hog
Happy Ground Hog's Day
Ground Hog
Happy Ground Hog's Day... again
or did I repeat myself?
  • Are you still filling up your car's fuel tank with gasoline like they did 140 years ago?
  • Are you charging your electric car from the grid they used 130 years ago?
  • Does every new idea disappear as soon as a black limo or SUV shows up with men in black?
  • Are you hearing politicians use the SAME CAMPAIGN SLOGANS EVERY YEAR, and then get reelected ad nauseum.
  • Has any economist ever improved the economy?
  • Why do banks expect a business to have a cash flow before it has business?
  • Why does government tell us we need a military to defend ourselves from China the same time the ExImport bank uses US Taxpayer money to enable big US businesses to do huge business with China?
  • Why does the Prime Minister of Israel get standing ovations from both sides of the aisle when he addresses the US Congress, but the Speaker of the House won't allow the US President to present a State of the Union Address?
Because the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in the US is in Washington DC. If they aren't PT Barnum reincarnated, intentionally running a circus, they are drunk.
General Electric and Pacific Gas and Electric used to be the darlings of wall street and even got government to write laws in their favor. GE invested heavily in Nuclear power. PG&E chose smart meters to regulate power rather than use innovation to make it cheaper and cleaner.
GE is no longer investment grade.
PG&E is now bankrupt.
But innovative inventors have solutions if people with money would invest wisely, not politically.
Solyndra took much of the government handouts, converted it to gold, then stashed it in foreign countries before declaring bankruptcy.
Al Gore invested in Fisker, got millions in government funding, then sold all his stock before they suddenly went bankrupt.
I have met many a great inventor, but Joe Six Pack wants a fast buck, not long term value. I know one ex-NASA inventor who could make startling advances but can't find $12,000 to move it ahead. Besides clean energy, solutions for diabetes and cancer are spin offs.

Reference this verse in the Old Testament

Isa 30:26
Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.

when listening to the videos by:
The Diehold Foundation study of the sun's Nova history releases part 4 of 5.
Parts: 1  2  3  4A  4C  4D  4E  4F  

At this point his titling becomes non-linear (5 yet to come) 1/28/2019 start  Last update 3/8/2019

No longer speculation, PG&E files Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But, they still seek to pay $130 million in bonuses and to skip out from paying Green Energy  Contracts. 1/29/2019
- - -
California's Pacific Gas & Electric prepares for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following liabilities tied to the fatal Paradise California fires.

Paradise Fire Point of Ignition
Satellite imagery captures point of ignition of the Paradise California fire.
Scroll to the 23:20 minute point of this video to see full initial explosion and spread. 1/6/2019

Container ship Yantian Express on fire and abandoned in the Atlantic. Crew has been safely evacuated. 1/6/2019

Coast Guard Video Sincerity Ace rescue.
- - -
Sincerity Ace fire January 1, 2019

Car carrier ship, the Sincerity Ace, with 3,500 Nissans for the US market catches fire west of Hawaii.
Are there any Lithium ion batteries involved? Are carrier ships equipped to battle Lithium fires?  1/2/2019

Brown Tarantual - Mohave Desert
Fukushima reported an explosion of the spider population after their 3/11/2011 disaster. The small insect population in the Mojave desert has disappeared. But Tarantulas and Sun Spiders remain. Maybe because with no insects to eat, they can eat bigger stuff.  1/1/2019


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
The Grid in Venezuela was computerized and not run down archaic as main stream media implies. It appears Stuxnet strikes again, only 8 years after it destroyed the nuclear plant in Fukushima. Was America practicing for an invasion with its military exercises in December 2018? 3/12/2019 

A product failure by a small business can totally destroy it. But the Pentagon just keeps getting more cash no matter how bad the fiasco. 3/8/2019

Catherine Austin Fitts points out in the interview with Greg Hunter that the act of Standard and Poors downgrading US Treasuries almost a year ago, was a material event which changes everything in pension portfolios. She went on to say "what is it about secret money for secret armies you don't understand?" She has no more interest in placing money where there are no rules being obeyed. 3/6/2019

Elon Musk sells a Moon Rocket to Israel. It launched on Febuary 21, 2019. Trip to take "several months."
Israel - Beresheet satellite
Apparently the Falcon 9 doesn't have the thrust of the old Saturn V which went there nearly directly. The "Beresheet" capsule will utilize multiple elliptical orbits to eventually link up with the moon's orbit. 2/24/2019

Just who is running the Australian government when 3 whistle blowers attempting to point out Israeli technology spying are denied even public speech?
Eliahi Priest, Brendon O'Connel and David Icke are banned from public speaking.
Eliahi Priest Laptop

The Earth really does have a problem with methane. But primarily from one political party in particular.

In 2018 a Nevada brothel owner, Dennis Hof, ran for a government office.
He then died, body found by porno star Ron Jeremy, but Dennis Hof was elected anyway. Voters would rather have a dead pimp than his opponent. 3 month's later, Dennis's private pilot, Antonio Pastini, birth name Jordan Isaacson, flies alone over Yorba Linda California and his plane blows up at 7800 ft altitude, disintegrating in the air. Flaming parts hit a home with 4 family members at a Super Bowl party. Pilot and 4 in the home were all killed. Oddly, the plane's fuselage sort of survived, only to find fake Chicago Police credentials with the pilot's remains. The plane was registered to an LLC that doesn't exist, but uses an address of a relative's quilting business. All that has been confirmed is he had a real pilot license in good standing, and he owned an Italian restaurant, among others in northern Nevada.
Nothing to see here, move along.
58 people were also killed at a concert and the FBI doesn't have a clue why or who. Nevada is run like Washington DC. Voters would rather trust a dead pimp than the lying, secret handshaking, drunk pedophiles in office.  2/7/2019

Weapons grade Plutonium was shipped from North Carolina to Nevada with no warning as to path taken. 2/1/2019

$10 million of Electric BMW's purchased for the Los Angeles Police Dept. remain unused. 1/24/2019

The SR-71 was flying over 50 years ago.
What has happened since? Politics, that's what.
- - -
The Public has waited over a hundred years for "official government confirmation" of just who is flying UFO's. But do you really believe the "official" reports on JFK, 9/11, vaccines, fluoride, the USS Liberty, or any national general election results? Why do both parties post immoral idiots for candidates? Why do TV networks only point cameras at totally compromised flakes?
I am not a fan of Dr. Steven Greer, but, when anyone reads off a list of facts, with supporting documentation in a 4 hour video, one better pay attention. Some of it might be true, and if so, what is your reaction? Skeptics should try to explain this 1989 document from Rockwell International. MUFON has their explanation. 1/19/2019

Technology, like fire, makes a useful servant but a frightening master.
Letting government control technology has Orwelian consequences. Take a 10 minute look at what technology is doing in China. Then wake up to the fact that tech invented in the US, advanced and back-doored in Israel, is then SOLD to China and Russia by Netanyahu's Project Talpiot and Unit 8200. And BOTH US political parties are approving this. The US Government shut down is nothing but THEATER to distract from this fact by EVERY BUREAUCRAT IN WASHINGTON DC. 1/16/2019

Republican representative shows the courage to propose a bill to eliminate IRS and all income tax. Specifically eliminating Income, Payroll, Estate, and Gift taxes. To be replaced with a national sales Tax. 1/14/2019

Safety in coal mining returns as an issue following 3 deaths in December 2018. 1/4/2018

Where's the ET? Look up ^
Does Government introduce us to ET's this year?
Predictions are difficult for anyone. Even Bible Scholars have to wonder just what Calendar God Himself was using? And from what Galaxy?
Ex-CIA internet celebrity, Robert David Steele takes a chance on getting branded a fool or prophet with his 2019 forecast.


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News Headlines and Updates
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advances, delays, & disasters.

The  lubricant C-60 (Fullerene) has both health and industrial advantages.
But which is it most cost effective in use? Several companies are revealing testimonies of amazing health benefits when used in relatively tiny quantities. And as a lubricant on an internal combustion engine it could be up to 10 times more effective. But who can afford $2,000/quart for an oil change? In health applications most types available average between $70 to $200/month for small usage. 3/17/2019

Denver International Airport celebrates the Illuminatti reaching 243 years of age with a talking Gargoyle. 3/6/2019

The next Samsung Smart Phone looks pretty cool, but do you really want 5G frying your brain? 2/21/2019

2 Electric approaches to vertical take of and landings, VTOL, are helicopters and multiple electric motor/fans used in drones.
A helicopter now does 34 miles.
A Flying car by Boeing does 50 miles.
Neither come close to any level of practicality yet.  1/28/2019

Several water from air technologies have existed before, but this one uses sunlight directly. ZeroMassWater 1/19/2019

This comprehensive review of how a full Tesla Solar and Battery system is installed and how it performs is quite enlightening. It reports both benefits and dispells some myths. 1/6/2019

Video documentary on the development of the Audi e-tron also reviews other manufacturers electric designs. 1/4/2019

Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid 2019
The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Plug In Hybrid is rated at 90 MPGe
. 1/1/2019

CEX-IO Bitcoin purchase

Electric:  Cars   Bicycles   Boats  

Electric Cars

Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:
Extremely High (80+ MPG)
hydrocarbon vehicles

Electric Assisted Bicycles
* = US Mfg
** = Import subject to 25% tariff

Electric Boats & Watercraft

Keshe Foundation* Group of links
*Disclaimer: Early research by Mehran Keshe showed some interesting promise. But after declaring himself messiah, his 4 hour long teaching videos are now mostly incoherent ramblings of some strange religious philosophy, nothing about why his theories work or how to make them work. We provide links here for anyone to research on their own 

We acquired one of his Pain Pens, and saw no productive results. So most of this medical claims are just empty claims. 

Manipulation of mass, is another aspect requiring scientific control rather than philosophical claims backed only by emotion. His implication that anyone can just make critical components at home in their kitchen, and obtain consistent results is simply absurd.

Tied to his religious philosophy, recent videos imply his "spaceships" will be controlled mentally, and only by those following his religious beliefs.  It should be brought to everyone's attention, Mehran Keshe is not the first to make this claim.  Otis T. Carr said something similar. And there are still people alive today who claim it actually flew. Ralph Ring is one of them.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 


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MIB issues reported as we learn of them on our Klooz page. Last update: 11/22/2012. Peaked in 2006.
CF editor's personal experiences.  1  2 
Iodine to protect thyroid can be ordered at Nutrimedical
Dr. Deagle's radiation treatment protocol for the prevention of radiation sickness

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