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 Updated 4/21/2017   Consider the REAL price you pay for Energy:  Pollution  &  Human Life
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Theory and practice.  Elon Musk?
As Mr. Musk directs massive money into space, self driving cars, and lithium batteries, we have to ask what does the public really need today?  Numerous wind storms this last winter have caused many to suddenly need new roofs.  The Solar City product of actual roofing shingles that are also solar panels is not only a GOOD idea, it is a MUCH NEEDED product.  But I dare anyone to go to their web site and find them in YOUR local area. I tried myself last week and it was NOT available. Even chatting with a sales rep, they had no idea when they would be available.
I don't need a space satellite.
I don't want a self driving car, EVER.
Lithium batteries are only safe when new from Tesla's factory. I would NOT attach one to my house for long term use.
But I NEED a new roof - NOW.  Where are your priorities Mr. Musk?  4/6/2017

Tesla now includes self driving hardware on all cars.
Who even wants them?
Why is Tesla so obsessed with self-driving?
We all know the Edsel was over-researched, thus had too many opinions to make a design that worked. But the only people who want self driving mode are either drunks, computer geeks or CIA-control freaks who want to run you into a tree if they don't like your politics. Is Musk running Tesla or has he been extorted like Trump, to now do some really stupid stuff? The Tesla crash reported below might NOT have been reckless driving, considering who was in the car. 4/4/2017 

Speed is for aircraft and spaceships, not automobile traffic.
Teslas Crash Indianapolis Indiana November 2016
Another case of more money than brains.
Just as gambling is a tax on people with poor math skills, outrageously fast cars appeal to the wealthy yet have no place in street traffic.  The recent WikiLeaks Vault 7 release revealed spooks can remotely take over any recent vintage car for nefarious intentions. But we have to look at the stupidity factor too. Some people just don't need enemies to destroy themselves. Alcohol is a major example. Now we add unknown software to the mix and one will never know until it is too late that some gremlin programmed in a "tree finding algorithm" that only activates above 100 mph. Prove me wrong.
The Silicon Valley imbeciles, also with more fast money than brains, continue to promote "self driving" cars?  What a joke.
- - -
- - -
The male passenger in the above accident, Kevin McCarthy was an ex-FBI agent who started a software company. Both died around election time in the US during talk of Hillary's emails and hacking of everything. I wonder if his fiancé had any record of reckless driving? And just what kind of software did Mr. McCarthy's company produce? 
Nothing to see here, move along. it must be that "tree finding" bug in both Tesla's and Mercedes' software, as something similar happened to Michael Hastings.

If a homeless inventor falls in the forest, does anyone hear?
Do any investors care?
News of another energy inventor taking his technology to the grave has interrupted our updates this month. We have no solid information to report here yet, as we wait on a death certificate. While he was alive, almost no one with money cared about his life, although many tried to grab his ideas because they had money to file patents. The inventor did not. The present energy industry is all about control, not about serving humanity unless someone can get filthy rich in the process. Alleged investors have no intention of fairly remunerating the person who spent the effort to make something work.  It's just more software to steal to them. 3/22/2017

Oroville Dam 2-28-2017
Oroville Reservoir flyover Feb. 27, 2017.
- - -
Oroville Dam Power station blocked by debris.
Hourly water level reports.
900 ft. is overflow, 850 ft. is  considered safe reserve.  2/18/2017
- - -
Oroville evacuation orders lifted.
Emergency repairs being done until next rain storm hits.  Power generation turbines blocked by debris. 2/15/2017
- - -
Oroville area in mandatory evacuation.
- - -
Oroville California Normal Spillway shut down due to excessive damage. Emergency Spillway now opened.
Repairs expected to be over $200 million but what damage will be done by use of the emergency spillway is not known until rain season ends. It should be understood this is the largest earthen dam reservoir in the state. Use of the emergency spillway causes unspecified erosion.
This Feb. 10 flyover in a light plane explains the terrain involved.  2/12/2017

Crack found in the reactor of one of the Royal Navy's nuclear subs. More than half of fleet grounded. 2/12/2017

Fukushima, Hanford and other disasters reported here in the past have not gone away. Fukushima radiation is still as bad as when the problem started 3/11/2011. Media and irresponsible politicians have and continue to ignore the problems. 2/10/2017

Faraday Future downsizes factory plans. 2/3/2017

Tesla free recharging ends January 15, 2017. No more free ride attached to your already expensive vehicle. But if you feel Tesla's are expensive guess what the Faraday Future FF91 is likely to cost, and they don't even have a nationwide charging network to offer at any price. 1/19/2017

Mining Coal still has hazards it did a hundred years ago. A cave-in in India kills 18. Coal may be more abundant than gold, but it needs the same safety regulations as any mining industry. 1/4/2017

Startling discovery in energy, just like gold, is where you find it. Seldom where you calculate it to be. The history of the US Wild West is filled with legends like Seldom Senn Slim "Seldom Seen Slim, who spent his entire life searching for a gold vein near Ballarat California. Likewise, as we have reported here for 12 years, inventors keep finding small nuggets of clean energy, but have yet to find the vein to fill a vault with gold bars and start a bank to fund other prospector/inventors with their searches.
As Seldom's grave site proves, meager donations come in long after it's too late to help him do anything.
Seldom Seen Slim gravesite
Our suggestion for 2017 is if you know an inventor looking for the elusive breakthrough in energy, donate some assistance while they are still alive. They just might surprise you with what they find under a rock. 2016 lost Paul Pantone, and John Bedini, but many are still at work with poorly funded research. 1/1/2017


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Appreciate your internet connection. Half of the connections in Cameroon were turned OFF for political reasons for 3 months! Service was finally restored on 4/20/2017 after the UN stepped in and told them to clean up their act. The president complied. 4/21/2017

Was the 4/6/2017 Syria attack a Bay of Pigs event for Trump? Is Kushner a Mossad agent? Does Mossad have its own internal faction problems? Ex CIA Robert Steele raises serious questions, and offers some very good possible solutions.
Robert Steel on VL
5 minute teaser
Full 55 min interview, really powerful.
It would be great if we only had to report on energy here. But advanced technology is worthless if some idiot starts WW III. 4/9/2017

Forcing BAD technology under the facade of being green is a CRIME.
But that is what Democrats do.
BLM $OLAR Abuse of turtles

Before completely draining the swamp,
training a few alligators to help exterminate traitors like Susan Rice seems to work too.
Trained aligator

As we wait to see if Trump was extorted to hand over control of all energy and politics to Exxon, or some secret society or 3 letter agency faction, here are some ongoing research projects worth paying attention to.
George Webb:
Hillary's obsession with Mangos
Abel Danger
Just who is SERCO?

In Trump's Feb 16, 2017 Press Conference, he reminded the press that:
  • Hillary got debate questions beforehand, he did not (0:40:21)
  • While Secretary of State, Hillary arranged the sale of 20% of the US current production of Uranium to Russia, but the mainstream media continues to falsely claim he is the one with Russian business ties, while in reality, Hillary is the one who threatened American safety for her own financial gain. (0:51:50)
Putin & Clinton

North Koreas tests their long range missile named the Pucguk Song 2.
North Korea Pukguk song 2
America responds by test firing 2 of their 30 year old Trident's that still work just fine.

As California's Moonbeam Brownpervert governor pushes sex perversion policies left over from Obama,

The state's infrastructure continues to fall apart. The enormous Oroville Spillway threatens disaster now that the weather controllers allow rain in the state again.
Oroville California Spillway
Oroville Spillway
Remember Jerry Brown was sipping wine with Al Gore's global warming crowd in France while the Porter Ranch methane leak belched radioactive oil and methane into the atmosphere for 3 or more months before he did anything.
Retraction: Despite rumors to the contrary, some I may have repeated here by mistake, Al Gore apparently does not "own" several jet aircraft. He just charters private jets for different events, which is why he is seen stepping out of a different plane each time.
Al Gores politics
Likewise, past US presidents since Lyndon Johnson have been too busy supporting the "military industrial complex" rather than pay attentions to our local issues.
Bad presidents
Trump has his work set out for him while the fast-buck lunatics in Silicon Valley waste millions promoting lies and fake news. 2/10/2017

Trump moves Dakota pipeline away from Tribal land and will now use US made steel. Electric cars are great, Trump has a Tesla S himself, but until we can all afford them, we need cheap gas for our old jalopies. 1/28/2017

As bogus climate change rhetoric left over from the Obama administration continues by sore loser media sites, we advise readers to frequently reference Climate Depot for true science on the matter and exposing the blatant fraud from the Al Gore international scammers. Pollution from poorly managed hydrocarbon systems IS a real problem, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with global climate. Just ask any real scientist who is not living on government politically based grants. Trump likes clean air and water just like the rest of us. 1/25/2017

Donald J Trump: President
As America wakes up from a 28 year long night mare of outrageously corrupt and incompetent presidents, a level of sanity returns to Washington DC.
All references to the pedophile drenched LGBT perverts; the junk science of global warming and climate change have been REMOVED from the WhiteHouse.Gov website.
In their place is a stated "Energy Policy" and ways to make sane suggestions to the president without getting laughed at or derided as a kook just because the monopoly media and the president''s donors know best. 1/21/2017

The great comment of the year comes from a wise Chinaman: Jack Ma, of Alibaba.
Video quote, full interview  from the 2017 Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.
America has wasted $14 Trillion on wars... It should have spent money on its own people... Not everyone can pass Harvard." 1/19/2016

Like it or not, Texas Governor Rick Perry has been nominated for Secretary of the Department of Energy. The question is asked: does DOE have anything to do with energy? Or has it evolved to just another bureaucracy to eat up billions of dollars and not deliver anything of substance? DOE's establishment in 1977 was based on the lie of Peak Oil. Recent news from oil companies show they have known about massive oil deposits on US soil for many years, but hid that knowledge from the gullible politicians at the time.  1/19/2017

Weather and Rain itself have become politicized in 2017.
Legitimate questions are now raised as to why the California drought and Democrat policies denying farmers use of the giant aquifer they sit above, that destroyed one of the highest agriculture producing regions in the world, suddenly ends as Obama leaves office?
Weather control for good seems to not be allowed by prior political forces. The history of Wilhelm Reich attests to that. Those intensely curious of his history may wish to attend a special seminar this summer at the museum dedicated to his research in Maine. Weather is to help mankind, not to be used as a weapon for control freaks.
Wilhelm Reich Conference

Issues with Smart Meters are not settled. Advocates still install them with aggression, paying no attention to health risks. 1/4/2017

As upcoming energy changes are inevitable, sanity must prevail.

Energy that we have used the last 500+ years came out of the ground. It is impossible to dig a hole and not get dirty. Several agencies were created to regulate access, manufacture, distribution, and use of the systems accepted by  financial, government and public opinion. But over time they have become bloated, duplicate effort, and ultimately became useless.

We trust the merger/acquisition experience of the incoming president elect will usher in a level of trimmed down efficiency never before seen in US Government.  1/1/2017


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Keshe Foundation announces Tokyo University medical lab test results of GANS treatment of cancer. Lab test mice recovered in TEN out of TEN cases.
Keshe lab test mice - cancer - a

Keshe lab mice test cancer - b
Injection use, cured in maximum 5 days.
Oral treatment, took up to 20 days, but was just as effective to eliminate all signs of cancer throughout the body.

This 4.5 hour video explains the testing procedures used and also shows results of a human test on breast cancer. Caution, graphic photos. Sadly, the breast was lost, but tests showed all signs of cancer were gone in 90 days, with only healthy skin tissue remaining. Oral treatment for humans is now being studied to determine exact dosages to use. 4/18/2017

What good is any new tech if you can't get it or can't afford it?
Bitcoin is established as a solid world currency. They are gradually increasing in value just sitting in your wallet, and are easily converted to your local currency. The Bitcoin multiplier scam hit the internet a while ago.  All multipliers are Ponzi Schemes.  The last one in loses everything when the last level can't fill out.
Gladiacoin is a real currency trader that distributes trading profits to your account daily. This is a genuine revenue stream, not just milking new suckers like most MLM's.
If you already have a Bitcon Wallet elsewhere with 0.05 btc or more just sitting there, open a Spartacus account with Gladiacoin today and stand by to be pleasantly surprised as you check your daily balance.
General Information 

Graphene found to do partial desalination of sea water. But still not complete fresh water output. 4/4/2017

How to trap a self driving car, with a bag of flour.
Dumb self driving car

Foster Gamble - Luke Rudkowski - We Are Change
Foster Gamble expresses his optimism for Donald Trump to release disruptive energy technologies at a conference in Acapulco Mexico.

English speaking people can now carry your verbal interpreter in your pocket when visiting Japan or China.
More language interfacing yet to come. 2/13/2017

Sorting hyperbole from fact is no easy task, especial with Keshe Technology.
Squash with GANS
Despite other exaggerations, the CO2 GANS does have beneficial agriculture aspects. Image provided by farmer using GANS as a fertilizer.  2/10/2017

A reader suggested this excellent summary of solar systems available today. It is added to our energy blog list. EvergreenSolar. 1/25/2017

Over 50 years ago, someone invented the exploding cigar. But using Lithium batteries in e-cigs takes it to a new level. 1/19/2017

Faraday Future continues the pazaz teasers with performance claims beyond Tesla, but you still can't get one yet.
FF91 - CES Las Vegas 2017
No mention of cost either, just a $5,000 deposit to reserve. Will it be just another super car for the 1%?
64,000 reservations placed in 36 hours. 1/6/2017

A property of synthetic diamonds reveals GPS capability. 1/4/2017

2 new faces in the FE realm for 2017.
30 KW claim, no details
IPP7.4 March, 2017 delivery claimed
No name 30 kw claim
Awaiting Darth Dansie to discredit either or both. 1/1/2017

Keshe receives confirmation of several of his technologies, but they don't come from "conventional media" sources. Many come from the African country of Ghana.
Keshe SSI - Ghana Atomic Energy
The Ghana Atomic Energy  Commission is taking a close look at use of some of the Keshe  nano/plasma technology to treat cancer and remove pollution from rivers and streams. Results are not only positive, but startling. The elite academic community of the west needs to grow up and realize other countries and races have intelligence also.
50+ years of cancer research in the US and UK has not solved anything. It is past time to look elsewhere.
Again, we repeat our disclaimer: Mehran Keshe is KNOWN to have some very repulsive theological views, and to have claimed to have some energy units working several years before actually having it. We have to look past the warts to the few matters he does have that actually work. I detest some of Bill Gates actions, but I reluctantly use his operating system on my computer. At least Keshe is not killing people by the hundreds of thousands a year like the world's leading medical industry is proven to be doing with pharmaceuticals, faulty vaccines, and other types of malpractice. Use discernment in EVERYTHING. Even with your own doctor and pastor. Nobody knows everything. It has been proven over and over again that everyone is ignorant, just on different topics. 1/1/2017

Electric Cars
Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:
Extremely High MPG
hydrocarbon vehicles

Keshe Foundation Group of links

Disclaimer: We list Keshe products as being available, only because they really are being shipped and delivered, but all customers must be aware this is NOT normal technology, and NOTHING is plug and play performance. Sporadic confirmation of performance does exist, but nothing has been mass tested as of December 2015. Every first generation of ANYTHING has bugs. Spend with caution.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 


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