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 Updated 4/16/2014   Consider the REAL price you pay for Energy:  Pollution  &  Human Life
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Michael C Ruppert: dead Sunday night, 4/13/2014, alleged suicide.
Michael C Ruppert
Tribute by Abby Martin of RT.
We acknowledge his mistakes pertaining to Peak Oil, but his investigations into CIA caused drug running in Los Angeles was only matched by other investigators like Gary Webb who also allegedly committed suicide by 3 bullets to the back of the head. This is Michael's last talk show, he closed saying he would be back next week and that he had just started a new documentary with a production company in Los Angeles.  Not the words of a suicidal maniac to me.  4/16/2014

If you are going to invent something brilliant, don't do it in California. 4/11/2014

The WIPP nuclear leak in New Mexico continues to baffle the experts. This has not happened before. 4/6/2014

What good are the efficiencies of the Boeing 777 if it can be electronically hijacked?  Retired airline pilot Field McConnel explains the vulnerabilities on the 4/1/2014 Joyce Riley Power Hour show.
39 minute, mp3.
- - -
YouTube with graphics
- - -
CNN finally acknowledges the technology but does not admit it has been implemented on all airlines for years, when it has, proven by Boeing documents.
- - -
Commercial flight is not safe until the proper culprits are apprehended and brought to justice. 4/5/2014

Google CEO, Larry Page says he would rather give his billion$ to Elon Musk, than a charity.  The point of course is Elon Musk may be a billionaire, but he used his wealth to make useful products that self-sustain. Charities just offer temporary help to a few. 3/24/2014

Control room supervisor at Salem Nuclear Power Plant suspended for use of cocaine. 3/21/2014

The stark realities of Nuclear Power management hit Germany.
Nuclear waste
Drum of waste discovered in basement of a plant in Germany that started operation in 1974.  Imagine what drums look like that have been discarded into ocean saltwater by several countries. 3/20/2014

Albuquerque TV acknowledges local reluctance to accept further nuclear waste to the WIPP facility.
- - -
Media scurries to downplay the radiation problem in Carlsbad New Mexico.

NM Radiation spread
Fire at radioactive waste dump in New Mexico spreads radiation.

Main stream media finally acknowledges radioactive water now reaching shores of North America. 2/25/2014

Oil spill closes 65 miles of river traffic on the Mississippi River. 2/23/2014

In this 90 minute interview by Alfred Webre of Christine Consolo (RADchick), she reveals a long list of both airline crews and celebrities suffering black outs and other illnesses that very likely are related to radiation sickness from high altitude flying since the Fukushima disaster. 2/23/2014

The severity of the overheated battery on the Boeing 787 owned by Japan Airlines is now released. 2/23/2014

New Mexico Radiation Leak worse than initially reported. Leak not stopped until a week later. 2/21/2014

Natural gas may be the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel to use, but the US infrastructure leaksIt doesn't all reach the burners of your stove, water heater or furnace. 2/17/2014

Is this an omen for the end of the V-8 engine?  Massive sink-hole opens under the National Corvette Museum, swallows 8 cars. 2/12/2014

Fire at nuclear storage facility in Carlsbad New Mexico causes evacuations. 2/6/2014

28% of Food Stamp users are college educated. Majority of all users are working age. 1/27/2014

Elon Musk: a 2nd opinion. Is he just another Bill Gates/corporate welfare opportunist?
- - -
HP announces it returns to Windows 7 for new computers.

As well intentioned inventors attempt to raise necessary funds on various crowdfunding sites, idiotic toys continue to raise the big bucks. Old schoolbooks criticized the Indians for selling Manhattan Island for a few beads.  Is today's America any better selling the Manhattan Island financial system for a few entertaining smartphone applications?  1/20/2014

The Coal Industry gets the blame for the West Virginia Chemical Spill. 1/17/2014

Another electrical problem on a B-787.  Apparently Boeing engineers never watch EVTV or they'd know how to handle those things. 1/15/2014

Naval officer from USS Ronald Reagan now wheelchair-bound following Fukushima radiation exposure. 1/13/2014

More West Coast radiation discovered, but this is not from Fukushima. Now that more people carry Geiger counters around, more crimes from the past are identified.
- - -
Deformed, dead newborn whales discovered in Baja lagoon.

Locations of mass animal die-offs 2013. 1/3/2014

Asteroid hits Atlantic Ocean. 1/3/2014

Two more hours of interviews of accomplished engineers and architects explaining the total fraud of the official government 9/11 report. Video  1/1/2013

Oil train derails in North Dakota. 1/1/2014


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Not only is the Nevada rancher being evicted from a 140 year family operated ranch to build a solar farm, it is being done for a Chinese company with Senator Harry Reid's son on the board of directors. 4/11/2014

Clean Energy is Fantastic, unless you let Nazis enforce it.  The cattle rancher in Nevada is being evicted by BLM to make way for a Solar Farm.
- - -
BLM pretended to show concern for the Desert Tortoise, until funds run out, then they want to kill them all.

How is America to access the space station if NASA stops working with Russia?  Is this new cold war a business ploy by Elon Musk to push business for his SpaceX company? 4/5/2014

As Tesla Motors obtains funding commitments, the next issue is the politics of where to locate the factory. 4/3/2014

When politicians write the definition of the word, ANYTHING can be "green."  3/4/2014

Wonder what's happening in Ukraine? Just remember ALL wars are BANKER wars.  Russia has interests beyond the central banks. 2/28/2014 

The money burning scientists at CERN, now want to build something 4 times as big. 2/23/2014

The Russian gas pipeline across Ukraine shows reason for Russian concern there. 2/21/2014

Small inventors have tried to market power generation from ocean waves for years. But now a major corporation gets it to market.  Lockheed/Martin signs deal for a 62 MW Ocean Wave power system in Australia. 2/17/2014

Just as Obama attempts to close the entire coal power industry, (40% of US power, 41% world average) a name from the past reappears: MagnegasA technology that really does clean the output of coal from the ugly mess it has made. Company website. 2/3/2014

Conference held at MIT reveals true hazards to US from Fukushima. Several highly skilled professionals explain in detail the necessary discernment between fear mongering and true health hazards.  We now see Fukushima is much worse than Chernobyl.  Even government sources are surprisingly honest as to how serious the problem is.  Video 93 minutes 1/28/2014

Details exsposed of governments hiding radiation exposure issues from the public.  Video 21 minutes  1/28/2014

Bureaucratic paperwork slows even Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.  1/26/2014

You too can hack the government healthcare site with a mere Google search. 1/21/2014

CBS-60 Minutes does a hit piece on Clean Tech.  Venture Capitalist Vinod Khosla, mentioned in the report, responds.  Strong points on both sides. The main one I notice is US TAXPAYER money goes to OVERSEAS Corporations for R&D, NOT to US inventors. The ONLY benefactors in the US are large political donors to Obama.  So bottom line is if government has anything to do with it, it really is a scam.  1/15/2014

Huge stockpile of discarded Plutonium 50 miles of San Francisco coast identified. 1/3/2014

Retired CIA agent, Ray McGovern interviewed on agency history and its present dilemmas. Video 35 mins  1/1/2014

NSA or other hackers can take control of your WiFi from 8 miles away. Security expert Jacob Applebaum shows the equipment they use. 1/1/2014

US Drone pilot reveals what the public is not told. 1/1/2014


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Elio Motors announces it will use technology by Flame Spray Industries to coat cylinders.  4/16/2014

The irony of history: the first Porsche was all electric. Today's hybrid. 4/11/2014

A 300 MPG Volkswagen XL1 tours everywhere but in the US.  4/6/2014 

Elon Musk gets $2 billion in support from Wall Street for a proposed new battery production facility. When you're popular, the money keeps rolling in. 3/24/2014

Noted for his energy suppression list released in 2008, Gary Vesperman now releases a new compilation: Radiation Neutralization Methods.  Available for free download in pdf on the Vesperman page. 3/21/2014

As exposed in this Project Camelot interview, (2 hour 15 mins)  the Keshe technology has been threatened by a member of the European Space Agency.  Due to these death threats, the same files given on USB stick to ambassadors of several countries are now posted for free worldwide distribution.  Word of caution: Scan file for spy ware or viruses immediately upon download, and understand it is all very advanced physics.  You will not find a do it yourself kit to levitate your car.  Application of any principles described will still require industrial, if not government sized capital to implement.  Rumors of simple free energy and other benefits have been greatly embellished. The power source may be natural and free, but the tools to access it are not. The Keshe Foundation is now located in Italy. Belgium was too close too NATO and the ESA. 3/20/2014
- - -
YouTube compilation of various images in the released files.

New SRM motor design hits Kickstarter for crowd funding. Claims are quite high, but one of the reasons to ask for funding is for laboratory certification of performance.  That is not cheap.  His video, if accurate, says a lot. 3/12/2014

USB key 512 GB memoryWith 512 GB of memory on a USB key in your pocket, who needs hard drives anymore?
Now available on E-bay. for $60, or on Alibaba for $19 if you buy a few thousand at a time.  Rumored, but not available yet are MicroSD chips for your cell phone in 2 TB configuration. Back up your life's data and then watch a bird fly in the window and eat it. 3/12/2014 

Two episodes of the CommuteFaster Energy Hour are now on YouTube.  Graphics have been added to enhance the topics discussed.
Show #1#2
CommuteFaster Energy Hour title

The CommuteFaster Energy Hour returns 2/18/2014 11 AM PST.
CommuteFaster Energy Hour call in number
Researcher Les Pastor begins a series on the writings of Antony Sutton who explained the hidden controls of the entire energy industry. 2/17/2014

First Coast to Coast trip accomplished in Tesla S using Super Charger network. 2/3/2014

Keshe Unveiling adjustable magnet
Keshe releases video explaining how his technology can be used to clean up the Fukushima disaster, both on land and sea.
Keshe Foundation site. They have developed essentially an adjustable magnet, capable of tuning into anything. 2/1/2014

Elio version 4 gets facelift and moves closer to production.  Elio Motors
Elio - 4

Hi-rez Pix from the AuroraTek display at CES-2014.  Like most new technology startups, Auroratek is a private corporation and only seeks investment from accredited investors. We await 3rd party confirmation of performance. (click image to enlarge)
Never Plug In Again
Transformer Efficiency
Jetson Open Lid
Yes, it's in a black box, but he DID open the lid to viewers, and allowed this picture.
Weekly BlogTalk show: VortexNetworkNews.

Eric Dollard interview on Dark City Radio 1/15/2014.  1 hour 46 mins MP3. 1/17/2014

Did the cheese on your last pizza taste like plastic?  It was. 1/15/2014

Elio nudges release date to 2015, but finally acquires manufacturing space. 1/11/2014

Whole Foods offers $25 million in loans to assist small farms to convert to organic technology. Finally, capital offered from others in a similar industry, not conventional bankers. 1/9/2014

Keshe begins 2014 by withdrawing 4 patent applications. He also announced some progress in their research of ALS. Mr. Keshe also made this optimistic  comment on his own website forum. 1/4/2014

Disney invents Aireal, a sort of  "feel-a-vision" special effect.  The creepy creature on the screen can now reach out and annoy you. 1/1/2014

To be shown at CES - Las Vegas, NV
Comment from CES
Jetson scooter
Talk show host William Alek announces his endless, self recharging scooter will be on display at CES January 7-10, 2014.  

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

Electric Cars
Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:
  Tesla Motors.
  Battery Electric,  300 mile range, 1 Hr recharge
Model S
TeslaModel S
Battery Electric, 200 mile range
Toyota RAV4 EV

BMW i3

Battery electric 118 mile range

Electric car financing.

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

California readers:
Make that parking lot work for you
Solar Carports .co
Protect paint & upholstery
& cut your electric bill.
Wind installations available too.

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

If you live east of the Mississippi river
you need this stuff to save your yard and garden from toxic rain.

Organic Oil absorber  

What would you do with $3 trillion?


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