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Anyone new to this site may wonder why an energy site spends so much time on politics? It's because crooked politicians sabotage clean energy and get massive funding to their political donors instead. Ever wonder why GE focused on nuclear power or designed grossly inefficient wind generators? Or why Google blew a billion dollars in the desert for a bird kiling facility?
But the real eye-opener to all international politics is spelled out by this loose cannon, sometimes drunk on Jack Daniels, but absolutely scary when he is sober. Brendon O'Connel. Bad politics is always rooted in bad theology. Deny Jesus Christ and anything can go wrong.  12/27/2020

How can a good name like SolarWinds be a front for such sinister activity? Anything with Bolshevik/Democrat money is phony. 12/15/2020

Diesel powered electric car charger
Is this California's solution to electric car charging? Diesel generators all over the state.  11/24/2020

Regardless of politicians, this is NEED TO KNOW info on the Covid fiasco.
Claire Edwards video: The Covid 19 Genocide of 2020
Dana Ashlie video: Why Trump Will Win (and you may not like the answer) Link repaired 11/3/2020
And if you have no time to watch either, The WHO and CDC are run by quacks, sociopaths and other medical frauds and financed by pedophile psyhchopath central bankers. Claire focuses on the people. Dana focuses on the interlocking technologies and Satanic beliefs controlling them. 11/2/2020

On October 11, 2020 recordings and other document were released proving Hillary, Obama, Biden, Brennen intentionally had Seal Team 6 murdered to hide their own lies and incompetence.  10/14/2020

Catherine Austin Fitts at Solari.com discovered the riots in Portland OR and Minneapolis MN were staged in Opportunity Zones. Select businesses were targeted by government insiders for destruction. 10/14/2020

When real science BECOMES fiction, everyone suffers. 8 minute video explains the problem.
A possible reason for the explosion of junk science is the explosion of FAKE DIPLOMAS & DEGREES coming out of India and elsewhere.  10/8/2020

Why do any humans treat technology like a new god? Anything made by humans eventually FAILS.
  • Patrick Wood: Technocracy is usurping Communism, though using similar political strategy, it will toss useful idiots under the bus as soon as they have the master switch.  They have no discernment of real science versus junk science fables.
  • Stupid Uber driver was watching TV as his Volvo hit and killed a bicyclist.
  • AI is nothing more than garbage-in-garbage-out programming. It has the useful IQ of an earth worm.

The US Military has had a technology called Active Denial System for years. For some unknown reason it has not been used on any recent riots. It electronically causes one's skin to crawl with an immediate desire to run out of the way of the signal. What frequencies do they use to cause such a frightening effect? The SAME cluster of frequencies being implemented in 5G.
Does this explain the insane amount of money and political promotion to get it in all neighborhoods around the US? A dictator of choice could push a button and evacuate any community or city in the Nation. It was already rolled out in Wuhan, China. Fill in the dots.

As intelligent, responsible behavior is gradually being made illegal in California, one young mind manages to dig up little known facts about white slavery, conveniently deleted from public schoolbooks. Dana Ashley also researches many other topics of value to those seeking truth and facts. 9/5/2020

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft at the time, released Windows 3.1 with 15,000 KNOWN bugs unfixed. His slipshod policy with quality control continues with his vaccine projects. Thousands across India and Africa have been sterilized, maimed or killed by his dangerous product. And now even the UN has to admit his vaccines are the cause of a new polio epidemic in Africa. 9/5/2020

Junk Science gave us wind mills that don't spin, solar panels that catch fire, electric cars that crash themselves or self-ignite in parking lots, bogus environmental standards and now Junk Medicine is trying to kill everyone. One of my favorite new news sites is now FakeScience.news. 8/30/2020

In a Greg Hunter interview, Catherine Austin Fitts identifies most all the recent riots are in neighborhoods targeted by bankers for future "urban renewal." The burning just make acquisition cheaper for the bankers.
All wars are banker wars. All violent riots are banker instigated too.

Denver officials KNEW about Corona Virus 1994 at opening
How did Denver Airport creators know about Corona Virus in 1994? And why the hideous artwork? 7/4/2020

One would think a CEO of a Fortune 500 company would have the IQ to recognize a Communist act of Propaganda. But...
These 269 CEO's DON'T! Or maybe they are behind it themselves?
Communism, as any "socialist" doctrine, only works with MONOPOLIES. Monopolies established by a CONTROLLED Currency run by International Bankers.
Nazis team up with monopoly corporations.
Communists run the corporations themselves.
Public schools stopped teaching that since 1928 as documented in Charlotte Iserbyte's powerful book DeliberateDumbingDown.
The next stunt to expect is to claim paper cash carries the virus, so you will be forced to use "THEIR" cryptocurrency. A crypto currency that convenientyly links to the nano-chips you got from their mandatory vaccine that wouldn't really top zilch. It sure would be nice if Bible-Believing Churches let their congregations know this, instead of just doing whatever "government" tells them. Christ NEVER taught ANYONE to follow the instructions of SATANISTS, or medical QUACKS in government. 6/27/2020

COVID-19 is proving to be just another "Central Banker Contrived" crisis, using paid off "experts" to control our lives.
} PCR tests measure elevated enzymes and antibodies, NOT the specific virus.
} Any death that has Corona Virus present, gets the virus listed as probable cause of death, even if the person had a  prior serious condition. WHO and CDC fatality numbers are Extremely Embellished because of this.
} Schools, churches and restaurants closed, but abortion mills and vaccine providers remain open.
} The world economy grinds to a hault, but government is still free to borrow Trillion$ from Central Banks, further enslaving taxpayers for generations to come.
} Government argues what extra pork to add to a stimulus package, but never mentions TRUE prevention like Vitamin D3, C or Iodine.
But hey, gas is cheap now!

The Corona Virus hits the world's economy and energy issues hard.
Major social events grind to a halt. World travel slows. Oil prices drop as travel is reduced. It is known to have been militarized, but by who? Allow deranged people to print the national currency to fund their deranged associates, and anything bad can happen. 3/15/2010

When a good idea goes bad, who takes responsibility for deaths and damages? Tesla Motors' cars are now committing homicides. Who pays?  2/4/2020

Puerto Rico is what living in a 6 month blackout looks like. 1/4/2019


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Important reports from the past
  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies


 Patric Byrne reveals who the lawyer is inside the Trump cabinet that is a sell out and sabotaging all the attempts of Sidney Powell, in this interview with Dave Janda. 12/27/2020

CEO of Overstock.com, Patric Byrne, explains sting operation directed at Hillary by FBI only to learn deeper state blackmail in progress. (Scroll to 34:00 point) 12/15/2020

Michigan election fraud whistleblower assassination attempt

Attempted assassination of Michigan election fraud witness caught on doorcam video. 12/15/2020

In this hour long interview Dr. Lorraine Day declares CDC, NIH and OSHA are all LIARS. Covid is just like the AIDS scam of the 80's. Frauds are chasing patents, not public health.

  Video   MP3 audio  12/3/2020

US Election 2020 vote spike graphic

This image makes it pretty obvious where Dominion software inserted massive bogus votes. 11/24/2020

Before anyone thinks China is the only bad guy in this mess, ... we had a link to Brendon O'Connel's "Bibi has a Kill Switch" but for some unknown reason he removed it from his server. Israel has courted numerous US Hi Tech companies using Project Talpiot and Unit 8200 to then plant so many back doors in everything, nobody knows where or how many there are. Windows 10 is pure spyware. Intel Chips send all your data to Israel. No bets how much of this direct espionage is imbeded in US military equipment. Benjamin Netanyahu has bee boasting about this to many associates since the 1990's. Every Prime Minister of Israel since 1948 has had Soviet Communist family roots and philosophy. Look every one up on Wikipedia and see for yourself. Netanyahu is no exception.

Israel thinks they won the 2020 election. Notorious Zionist spy, Jonathon Pollard has been released and on his way back to Israel ... where he sent massive Top Secret documents, only to be resold by Israel to Communist Russia and China. People who know better watched in horror as one Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) traitor after another infiltrated Trumps administration and stalled every good intentiont there ever was.

Whatever is left of the Trump administration now rests on 2 attorneys to drain the Swamp.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood

Sidney has used the term Kraken, thought to be a SciFi monster, but it is actualy a CIA software program used to hack election results most anywhere. 11/24/2020

The real big guy with his Corvette

Any qustion who the "big guy" is when reading any Biden news? 10/31/2020

Disclaimer: An astute reader points out the following Kissinger reference was taken from an admitted Satire Site, the DailySquib UK. Since 90% of good satire is based on truth, I leave it up for reader reference. Situations make the Democrat party look so awful, it is likely bankers making Trump appear decent. And Henry Kissinger knows who is doing it whether publically quotable or not. CF:ed 10/31/2020

Henry Kissinger (alleged to have) stated in this 2018 interview these remarks:

"... this is why we put Trump in. Once we had the sweetener, we put in the cup of war, the coffee, strong and military trained of course, as Trump is, he went to military academy and knows what is needed. He knows that business is war, war is business, and he also knows that to really finish the job, we must have total war or nothing will ever change. You cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, thus meaning — for true change to come, we must first have some constructive destruction. The purge may start with a virus, a few waves will be the starter. The moment of truth will be beautiful to behold, because war is both things, it is ugly yet beautiful in what it can achieve.”

..."“Most of it, I cannot talk about, and I may not live to even see it, however as one of its architects, I can reveal a few slivers of information. Essentially the NWO means singular. There can only be one winner over all of earth’s last remaining resources, and no other factions can exist. It also means a controlled population below 500 million where no other conflict will ever occur again. As I mentioned before, it could be a virus that suddenly erupts most probably from somewhere in Asia that will eventually lead to war through desperation.  10/14/2020

The PCR test was not designed to identify a specific virus. Hence the tests in use exibit massive false positives and uncertain negatives. German doctors and lawyers call the entire epidemic a massive scam. The PCR test inventor, Kary Mullis died Aug. 7, 2019 of pneumonia, just months before his invention got massive misue throughout the world.

- - -

Would you buy medical items from your banker?

150 million Covid Test Kits available

These new test kits are made by Abbott Labs. The CEO of Abbott Labs, Miles White, was Chairman of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank before he came to work at Abbott Labs.

All wars are banker wars. All diseases are banker diseases.

- - -

Robert David Steel still has hope Donald Trump will Triumph over the deep state. He defends his position quite well in this hour long interview listing several of the obstacles by name. 


Offshore Oil drilling ban also restricts offshore wind development. But until they replace the innefficient 3 blade design with genuine multiblade turbine design, no great loss.  10/8/2020

We learned of $2.1 trillion missing on 9/10/2001. The Stimulus packages suddenly find a few more trillions to hand out. Robert David Steele points out the issue is more in the hundred trillion range. 9/27/2020

Deep State roots weave through unlikely names from Mitt Romney to the Kardashians. 16 minute video  9/27/2020

US District Court in Pennsylvania rules lockdown is unconstitutional.

Similar lawsuit filed in Ohio. 9/19/2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke in Berlin in August, 2020. His words were profound and repeated in a studio. Children receive more mercury poisoning from vaccines than a lifetime of eating tuna. 9/5/2020

The RecallGavin2020 campaign has a weekly conference call archived on YouTube9/5/2020


Dr. Pam Popper YouTube Videos

Nothing gets accomplished if we all chase rabbit trails on social media. One organization working to focus good people on true accomplishment, before it all falls apart is: MakeAmericansFreeAgain.

Please realize online petitions, likes and shares on your dumb-phone accomplish nothing. One kid got 15 million online signatures on one, yet nothing was done about it. Time we all STOP this ANTI-Social behaviror behind masks and talk to real human beings, and sign petitions or recalls with real ink on real paper. 8/30/2020

The United Nations has always been nothing more than a gangster organzation set up by the Rockefellar family and their criminal associates. It stops no wars.

Its agenda has been nothing more than to enrich Rockefellar investments throughout the world, with no respect for human life. It feeds on helpless refugees for sympathy to get more donations and political power.  Using their massive financial clout, they even get corrupt governments to create taxes that get paid back to their phony foundations. Gates and Clintons have copied their formula and are behind the Covid scam.

A new documentary named UNsustainable, the UN's agenda for world domination  exposes much of the UN corrupt activities. 2 hrs 32 mins 8/30/2020

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. files lawsuit in a California Federal Court against Facebook for gross and intentional censorship that harms its viewers from knowing true health issues and facts about them. 8/30/2020  

Bill Gates negotiated a $100 Billion contract 4 months before the Covid fiasco began.  Listen to the 2 hour interview of investigators John Moynihan and Larry Doyle who discovered the tax free foundations of Clinton and Gates are financing genecide throughout the world. 8/30/2020

Plandemic II, censored off YouTube can be seen on Brighteon.  Most explicit one yet. Exposes Baal Gates of hell for who he is. A black baby hating biggot. 8/24/2020

Ron Paul interviews Robert Kennedy Jr. in a historical video. Political assasins to vaccination fraud deaths discussed and explained why the pharmaceutical industry gets away with it. 8/24/2020

Coming to a sky over you.

Professor James McCanney has pointed out many times NASA is as corrupt as banks. Years ago, Wernor Von Braun warned they would someday fake an alien invasion. James suspects NASA will participate in a major false flag this fall to interrupt the elections. Possible excuses could be: a solar flare shutting down the grid, an asteroid hitting the ocean, but tsunami triggered by something else, or even an updated Orson Wells War of the Worlds prank again. Just like 9/11 they will use multiple alternative technologies to fool the masses with total compliance by our fake, deep state controlled media.

His comments can be heard in his 8/20/2020 podcast 8/24/2020


Larry Klayman, Ben Stein, Dr. Judy Mikovits file Class Action Lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom. 71 page PDF

Crimes of Gavin Newsom

4 Families that run California Text  Video 7/4/2020

The money behind Gavin Newsom

Wearing a mask REDUCES OXYGEN, which also concentrates bacteria and viruses in your system. This makes you SICKER!

The science, according to the CDC, says that surgical masks won’t stop the wearer from inhaling small airborne particles, which can cause infection. Nor do these masks form a snug seal around the face. The CDC recommends surgical masks only for people who already show symptoms of coronavirus and must go outside, since wearing a mask can help prevent spreading the virus by protecting others nearby when you cough or sneeze. The agency also recommends these masks for caregivers of people infected with the virus.

NOBODY who takes Vitamins D3 (5,000 IU/day) K2, and C has EVER DIED from Corona virus!  It also helps to drink plenty of water with magnesium supplement to flush toxins from your system daily.

And NO VACCINE has ever CURED anyone of ANYTHING! The best any vaccine can do is prevent something. And recent studies bring that claim into debate.  7/4/2020

 Gavin Newsom - Bolshevik Banker Puppet





 Paralleling 2 energy inventors before her, Dr. Judy Mikovits was falsely arrested by Ventura California police. Her crime? Blowing the whistle on massive fraud in the vaccine and pharmaceutical industries. Learn how this Corona Virus debacle was orchestrated.

Plague of Corruption: Dr. Judy Mikovits - Kent Heckenlively 

Dr. Judy Mikovits forecast as many as 50 MILLION deaths from the VACCINE, NOT the virus. Suicides are already outnumbering actual virus death in some areas.

Eugenesis control freak, Bill Gates is frothing at the mouth to chip everyone.


I don't update my CFEnergy Blog often, but a new one is now posted 4/23/2020 related to news in this column.

What are you planing to do with your Corona Virus Communist handout Stimulus check? I plan to pay my ObamaCare Poor Tax myself.

What did we learn in mid-March this year that was the most valuable paper on the planet? TOILET PAPER.

I am now changing my profession to that of Toilet Paper salesman to support myself and keep this news and opinion site running.

Toilet Paper For Sale

1 sheet = $1,000 each. Clean and Collectible.

A bit expensive you say? Some poor sucker paid a half million dollars for this Trump Taj Mahal junk bond. The actual bond now sells as a collectible on Scripophily for $295. Who owns some expensive toilet paper now?

 Trump Taj Mahal junk bond

A sheet of real toilet paper as I'm selling, can also be used as an emergency face mask. Stocks and bonds are printed on heavy stock paper. Worthless for either practicle use. Unlike scammers, I'm telling you you are buying toilet paper up front. Not deceptive perception that becomes toilet paper AFTER you pay for it.

If you care to support free speech with a focus on clean energy, I take Paypal, Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Details on our donor page. 4/14/2020

If Government adopted the morality of some religions, that might be a good thing, but they only know how to adopt the DOGMA of religions. That is a BAD thing. And if the political powers get into demonic religions, anything horrible can happen, like funding the development of a hideous weaponized virus. Dr. Ted Broer comments during an interview with Jeff Rense. 3/15/2020

A 24 mile long wind farm near Kennewick Washington may begin construction as early as October 2020. It will use 500 ft diameter wind blades. But as usual, no one looked at a much more efficient design by Professor James McCanney. 2/5/2020

California government seeks to take over PG&E to make it a Public Utility. But the facts are that too many politicians have had their hand in PG&E's cookie jar already. Will making it a Government Owned organization make it any better? Sacramento has a worse track record of mis-management than PG&E.  2/5/2020

Why does Government grab all the good patents? Anti-Gravity patent filed for the US Navy. 1/28/2020

States seeking more revenue begin taxes on electric vehicles.  1/4/2019


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

First Beta test of the SpaceX Starlink internet system reports lightening speeds. But at what health and privacy costs? Yet to be determined.  11/3/2020

Lithium Ion has reigned supreme for several years, but another formulation, Lithium Iron Phosphate is proving better in both performance and safety.

Tesla's uses of cobalt in their formulation is also being challenged for both price and safety.  9/27/2020

Expectations of both electric bicycles and a major electric motorcycle by Harley Davidson are delayed.   Covid blamed like everyone else.  8/24/2020

MagniX and AeroTEC fly their ALL Electric Cessna for first flight. 5/29/2020

Professor James McCanney interviewed by Robert David Steele

Professor James McCanney and Robert David Steele

Jim McCanney website  Weekly Radio 5/29/2020

Solar paving continues to evolve.

Solar Roadways pavement cell

SolarRoadways of Idaho first began with a design using crowd funding for development. But aggressively starting with public roads too soon, overlooked how nasty daily truck traffic really is and proved to be a dismal failure.

Platio pavement cell

Now a company in Budapest aims at the more peaceful driveway and home market. PlatioSolar 4/14/2020

NASA Electric Airplane tested at Edwards AFB

Has NASA achieved momentary perpetual motion with its electric plane design? "The plane requires 'no fuel, no combustion engine' and 'It's powered 100 per cent by a cutting-edge distributed electric propulsion system,' said NASA." 3/28/2020

Using AMD chips, Cray announces their new Super Computer with the power of the top 200 supercomputers in the world combined. It is named El Capitan. 3/15/2020

Germany reaches 46% Renewable Energy. Imagine how good it would be if they used efficient wind generation rather than the archaic 3 blade design wind mills?
- - -
Germany shuts down last nuclear power plant.  1/4/2019

Purchase Bitcoin at a Kiosk near you

Coinme Bitcoin vending kiosks


Electric:  Cars   Bicycles   Boats  

Electric Cars

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lines of cars available at new showrooms today:

Electric Car Insurance comparisons

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hydrocarbon vehicles

Electric Assisted Bicycles
* = US Mfg
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Electric Boats & Watercraft

Manufacturer of Iron Phosphate Batteries:

Power-Sonic, Reno NV

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store
Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 

Keshe Foundation* Group of links

*Disclaimer: Early research by Mehran Keshe showed some interesting promise. But after declaring himself messiah, his 4 hour long teaching videos are now mostly incoherent ramblings of some strange religious philosophy, nothing about why his theories work or how to make them work. We provide links here for anyone to research on their own 

We acquired one of his Pain Pens, and saw no productive results. So most of this medical claims are just empty claims. 

Manipulation of mass, is another aspect requiring scientific control rather than philosophical claims backed only by emotion. His implication that anyone can just make critical components at home in their kitchen, and obtain consistent results is simply absurd.

Tied to his religious philosophy, recent videos imply his "spaceships" will be controlled mentally, and only by those following his religious beliefs.  It should be brought to everyone's attention, Mehran Keshe is not the first to make this claim.  Otis T. Carr said something similar. And there are still people alive today who claim it actually flew. Ralph Ring is one of them.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.


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