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AOL Gives up on NetscapeTo end support Feb. 1, 2008. So when will FireFox make a "composer" for small websites like this one? 12/1/2008

Dispute over cause of Mud-VolcanoDid natural gas drilling contribute? Court says no.12/27/2007

FutureGen expects serious cost overruns to produce "clean coal" technology.
Will the DOE:
A) Cancel their contract?
B) Cancel the entire project and save taxpayers the money?
C) Do something real with the money?
D) Shovel more money at them and issue a press release full of double talk?
BINGO!  It's D, as if you couldn't guess. 12/26/2007

CIA: Business as Usual. See any politicians complaining? Of course not. They obviously ALL CONDONE THIS KIND OF STUFF. Sheesh, it was probably addressed for delivery to congress and the Supreme Court. 12/20/2007
More to muse about the CIA. 12/26/2007

More Astronomical Energy that man has no way to control. Yet astounding to watch from many light years away. 12/20/2007

Faulty Engine Cut Off Sensors on Space Shuttle likely to have been a bad design from start. Monitoring liquid Hydrogen is not an easy task. 12/17/2007

Another 105 Coal Miners Killed in Explosion in China. Chinese coal disasters just don't go away.  12/17/2007

Department Of Energy Fined  $.5 Million for radioactive waste spill in July of 2007. 12/14/2007

Government Accountability Office Reports Top 3 US Nuke Research Facilities had nearly 60 serious incidents in past 7 years. 12/10/2007

2.7 Million Gallon Oil Spill: South Korea. 12/8/2007

Hackers obtain "Guest List" of visitors to Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. 12/7/2007

6 Nuclear Scientists were among the total 57 fatalities in airline crash in Turkey. 12/6/2007

Shakeup at Tesla Motors.
Eberhard leaves. 12/6/2007

Gunmen Storm Nuclear Facility in South Africa. 11/10/2007

Is Ballard Power Systems giving up on Hydrogen? 11/10/2007

Ever heard of Permindex?
Neither had I.
  Check today's Clues link to find some strange coincidences in history. 11/7/2007

Nuclear Power Plant Security? Why are they using "rent-a-cops" from Wackenhut - the largest employer of underpaid, under trained security people in the world, kind of a discount BlackWater. Apparently the gigabucks that go into nuclear power is never spent on actual protection, just outrageous profits to the contractors and lobbyists to Congress and DOE.  11/5/2007

Airbus A380 makes first commercial flight.  At the risk of sounding monotanous, I repeat, this plane creates as much CO2 while cruising at altitude as all the humans on the planet breathe in the same period of time. 11/3/2007

Need a new credit card to buy gas to get to work? Avoid predatory lenders like Capital One. But if you used to work at Chrysler, there are several thousand less jobs to drive to there.
We dislike Big Oil here, but ... criminal banking and economic mismanagement are trashing what's left of the US economy. This latest interview of Benjamin Fulford by Jeff Rense explains a lot.  MP3 audio,
1 hr 3 mins
Previous Rense/Fulford interviews.

Following a story of this event posted at FreeEnergyNews, I have been humbled at the financial contributions that have come in.  I must express extreme gratitude to all who have sacrificed their own resources to help me rebuild mine. Thank you beyond description and may the Lord bless and protect you for your generosity. KLR 10/30/2007
- - -
CommuteFaster Office Torched!
10-17-2007 fire
But not by the men in black I expected though.
Some idiot kids were holding a "Harry Potter" seance behind the garage near some dry brush using live matches. The car in the garage having a half tank of gasoline didn't help matters either. The fire occurred on October 17, 2007 while I was away for about 8 hours on business in another city. A great uninsured personal loss was experienced along with years of energy research data destroyed. 10/26/2007
I do not like soliciting money, but several have asked me, so here are the details. Recovery donations are being accepted through PayPal at: ken@commutefaster.com They are NOT tax deductible and I have to report anything as income, but I must confess, expenses to just get electricity back on to the house have been exorbitant.  KR editor 10/27/2007

Vista Sucks. No, really!  Both energy and resources. SESCO Enterprises, a leading electricity and natural gas trading company chose Red Hat for an operating system and is thrilled with it, saving both money and energy.
And Apple flunked the GreenPeace GreenTech  list.  10/16/2007

Look who's concerned about their own security now, the oil companies themselves. 10/16/2007

Department of Energy is 30 years old. Bart Simpson is 20, but still acts 10.  Neither one ever appear to learn anything but how to get worse. 10/14/2007

Trekkies discuss reality. 10/14/2007

Is the Russian Navy this hard up for funding? Image #8 sure looks like Putin himself getting his hands wet. 10/14/2007

Even the Mafia can't stomach Bush & family. Professional jealousy? Both of these Gambino interviews are posted here, along with an amusing postulation of a Bush/Nazi/Tesla technology theft. 10/10/2007

Virus Warning:  If you use Internet Explorer, it is extremely vulnerable to the "zonebac.gen!B" virus. If infected, it inserts porno banners upon any site you visit. If you ever see such banners here, they didn't originate here, your browser was infected before it got here. Switch over to Netscape or Firefox and the problem will disappear. Then run a virus scan immediately. 10/10/2007

Nuclear accident in UK 50 years ago, now understood as larger than thought. 10/10/2007

Chevron Energyville
Would you plug this USB device into your computer?
I received this in the mail, unsolicited from Chevron Corporation.  The cover letter claims it is a video game based around energy allocation.  But they mail it out installed on a USB device. What else could be written into the software it contains?  Something that reviews things on my hard drive perchance?  Then maybe reports it somewhere when the computer is on the internet?  Probably not, but sending out USB devices to CFO's of competitive energy companies sure appears like the ideal "trojan horse" scheme to me.  10/4/2007

Ocean wave technology project in Portugal suffers installation setbacks. 10/1/2007

High Oil Prices CAUSE High Coal Prices.  9/29/2007

Visionary Buckminster Fuller stated in the 60's that the entire world population could be fed and housed with a high quality lifestyle by 1985.  All that was necessary was competent design. But politicians and their controllers since then have chosen to finance wars and eugenics inspired depopulation instead, by giving us a fake environmental movement, run by the most demented psychopaths on the planet. Again, I urge everyone to read my 9/17/2007 blog.  There you will see evidence that the elitists trying to kill off the world and keep everything for themselves are as close as the software you are using to read this. Who is next on their hit list?

Hydrogen is cheaper that Helium, but belongs in the proper application.  When over a thousand balloons were filled with Hydrogen and stored in the same room for a big event, guess what happened? 9/24/2007

Another fire breaks out at Japan's nuclear power plant that has been closed since July 16,2007. 9/22/2007

Why no Free Energy Yet?  Today's CommuterFaster Energy Blog points fingers at the culprits keeping it from you.  And it's not the laws of thermodynamics. 9/17/2007

Part of 8.4 quake in Sumatra caught on video. Uncontrolled natural energy.  9/16/2007

Of course oil prices were too low for too long. Time for a new excuse. Wonder who lit this fuse? 9/11/2007

Fosset/B-52 connection?  Who knows? 9/11/2007

PharmaOil hell-bent on destroying society. 9/10/2007

Automobile paparazzi more concerned about shape of sheet metal than what powers them. Photographers chase test cars through scortching Death Valley for a sneak peek.  9/10/2007

CBS TV compares HAARP to Tesla's Death Ray. 
HAARP shoots at UFO?

Updated Energy Suppression List Several errors removed and new suppression stories added to prior list. Editted by Gary Versperman. 9/5/2007

Sears Tower Lightening Strike
Sears Tower, Chicago absorbs multiple lightening strikes during recent storm. 
All strikes sent directly into the ground and powered nothing. Energy all around us but the DOE would rather burn coal or risk nuclear disaster.  8/28/2007

Wind tower under construction near Wasco Oregon collapses and kills one and injures another. 8/27/2007

Plasma TV's not as Green
as old CRT's
but LCD's are greener than either.

China Shenhua Energy Company plans $7.2 billion dollar stock offering on Shanghai market to expand their coal mining business.  No mention of any of it being spent to improve safety in a country where deadly accidents are a frequent occurrence in this industry,
OK, we know Americans are stupid and greedy when it comes to band wagon investing in deadly products from cigarettes to aspartame laden soft drinks, but why the Chinese too? Greed and stupidity know no borders.  8/27/2007 
Camel feed contaminated with insecticide kills almost 2,000 camels in Saudi Arabia. Fuel contamination can kill any transportation device. 8/27/2007

All types of plastic are toxicAlternatives8/25/2007

David Rockefeller rambles on in this video about his philanthropy. Before you go to sleep listening to his miserable excuse of a life, scroll down on the page and look at the comments. They pretty much disprove the old adage of the "one who dies with the most toys wins." This moron is the biggest loser on the planet. He obviously never paid attention in Sunday School. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?  His "tax free" foundation has funded the most evil events of the last hundred years, including dumbing down our physics books so school children never learn about free energy. Who else could have open threats on his life posted, and YouTube leaves them up, without restriction? 8/25/2007

Refining industry needs more hydrogen to refine cleaner gasoline.  This creates an even greater demand for Hydrogen. 8/23/2007

Group calls for permanent shut down of Kashiwazaki Nuclear power Plant in Japan due to extensive earthquake damage. 8/23/2007

Utah Mine Closes Permanently. But mine boss vows to continue search for trapped miners. 8/23/2007

More connections in the ongoing banker/oil soap opera, episode #23. 8/22/2007

Plastic Fragments are Killing the Ocean.  This 6 min video clip from a documentary produced in 2001 reveals 6 times the amount of plastic fragments as zoe plankton in the water.  Zooplankton is a necessary part of the food chain to ultimately put Tuna in cans or Cod fillets on your fish sandwiches. Everything from fish to birds are devouring and dying from massive consumption of plastic waste. 8/19/2007

3 Rescuers Killed in Utah coal mine attempting to reach the remaining trapped 6 miners from previous disaster. Aftershock blamed.  8/17/2007

181 Coal Miners Trapped in Xintai China. The endless tragedies continue.  8/22/2007
- - -
Please forgive the apparent apathy regarding numerous fatal coal disasters in China. But since I first became aware of the problem, I have discovered it is a regular, almost daily occurrence, constantly overwhelming the news wires, and I simply don't have the space to cover each one, regardless of the human tragedy involved. Coal mine fatalities in China are equaling death counts in Iraq. So I must stress its relevance as to it being an international energy problem in an ongoing basis. 8/17/2007

Wikipedia edited by CIA and FBI computers.  So not the unbiased education source it claims to be. 8/17/2007

Dumb idea of the week:
A Hydrogen Grid?

Fuel Cells still have a thermal efficiency problem, as evidenced by this short video clip about Ford's Hydrogen Fuel Cell car needing 400 lbs. of ice to attain a new speed record and not burn itself up. 8/13/2007

Utah Coal Mine rescue effort finishes drilling first hole. No life found. Effort continues. 8/11/2007

12 Fatalities in Coal Mine Flood in SW China. 8/11/2007

Accident in Indiana Coal Mine Kills 3. 8/10/2007

How can FoxNews claim to be fair and balanced when they are the ONLY TV network who has obtained a LEGAL RIGHT TO LIE? 8/10/2007

Now Toshiba recalls some Lithium ion batteries. Watch the associated video and you may get a different opinion of this type of battery, and not a good one. 8/10/2007

Banker/Oil Collusion Destroys Real Estate Industry.
The ONLY lenders offering capital to low income individuals to buy homes were termed "sub-prime". About 50 of these mortgage companies have gone under since the first of the year. Low income individuals have been spending up to half their take home  paying for GAS, just to show up at work. High fuel costs and the biofuel scam have also caused the rise in food prices. Hense, nothing left over to make mortgage payments.
Even illegal aliens working in construction have been sending less money back to Mexico. There is no longer a middle class buying new homes to support the industry. 8/10/2007
Classic video of  Jim Cramer/CNBC sub-prime meltdown rant. 8/7/2007

Japan earthquake - nuclear plant
Concern Still High at Japanese Nuclear Reactor following 7/16/2007 earthquakes.

New term for this page:
***Fulford Alert***
This will be a reference to the potential threat brought to light by Benjamin Fulford, former reporter for Forbes. It will imply suspicious activity appearing natural but could have been "tweaked" by human technology. 
Today's nominations:
Coal mine collapse in Utah. Update  8/7/2007

Contrary to government hype, at least one financial professional says keep your investments away from nuclear power. 8/6/2007

Newly released documents show Erwin Tennessee nuclear facility had safety issues before the '06 spill and continued leakage after the event. 8/6/2007

Energy Generation
Germany Reviews next methods of electric generation, skeptical of nuclear. 8/6/2007

I-35W Bridge Disaster questions:
Keep replaying the first 2 seconds of the start of the collapse from this security video.  Why did the bridge simultaneously lose support on both ends?  Other questions have also been raised8/3/2007
Update: Structural engineer also questions the failure of both ends simultaneously. 8/12/2007

Vatican Endorses Nuclear Energy
  • David Rockefeller is an advisor* to the Vatican.
  • The Queen of England and David Rockefeller are the 2 largest holders of Uranium mines in the world
* Reference documented in MIB program, CommuteFaster Energy Hour 3/10/2007

Grand-niece of Nikola Tesla and New Energy proponent Aerielle Louise dies at age 54. 8/3/2007

Biofuel Fraud.  And definitely NOT Green.  I want farmland for my food.  My car can graze somewhere else.  8/1/2007

Lawrence Livermore Returns to Controversial Weapons Testing. Despite a new board of directors reported here back in June, plans are being reviewed to return to DU explosives testing at site 300. Pending application requests increasing amount of explosives tested from current limit of 1,000 lbs per year to be raised to 8,000 lbs annually.
TV News coverage7/31/2007

Scaled Composites
3 Fatalities from Explosion at Mojave California - Scaled Composites, Burt Rutan's company. Update
Northrop Grumman had just sealed the deal to buy 100% of Scaled Composites only 6 days earlier. 7/27/2007
Local note:  Several of the reports linked to state the nitrous oxide was at "room temperature."  The ambient temperature in Mojave Thursday was 100 degrees. That of course is in the shade. Surface temperature readings in this environment, i.e. direct sun, measure upwards of 150 degrees F. This illustrates hazards of any compressed gas, especially combustible ones. 7/27/2007

Dean Henderson, author of
"Big Oil and Their Bankers,"   interviewed by Erskine. 
Interview posted here. mp3, 35 min, 15.9 MB  7/24/2007

Were the 2 Quakes that closed the largest nuclear reactor in the world generated by a new super weapon?
Benjamin Fulford says so.

In an interview on Rense.com Benjamin Fulford Monday, Benjamin Fulford, former financial reporter for Forbes, claimed he was threatened by the high powers he is in current confrontation with.  They specifically threatened Japan for its involvement with the Asian branch of FreeMasons. Several references were made to energy suppression and intentional oil shortages to keep prices high. Mr. Fulford's grandfather tried to finance Tesla's work after JP Morgan stopped, but was murdered in 1905. The interview is posted free at Audio: Rense.com or here. mp3, 2 hrs: 4 min 52.5 MB
Transcript  7/24/2007

Update: Still reviewing damage 10 days later.
"the possibility of further nuclear leak from the plant cannot be denied."
Local Tourism Plummets  7/31/2007

Update: Radiation Leaked for 3 Days Unchecked. 7/22/2007
: Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Ordered Closed Indefinitely
Japanese Nuclear Plant

: Radiation Leak Worse than First Reported. 7/18/2007
Update9 Dead, 900 injured, Radioactive water released to sea.  2 quakes: 6.6 and 6.8. 7/17/2007
Nuke fire Japan 7-17-2007
6.8 Earthquake near
Niigata Japan triggers fire at nuclear power plant. 7/16/2007

Environmentalist Beaten to Death at Nuclear Waste Treatment Facility in Siberia. 7/22/2007

CEO Resigns due to excessive problems at German Nuclear Power Plants. 7/22/2007

Scotland: Nuclear Convoys had 67 safety incidents in 7 years.  7/17/2007

Historical US-Related Nuclear Accidents Worldwide . 7/17/2007

Wrong way to drive the world's fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron. 7/17/2007

Calendar of Historical Nuclear Accidents. 7/16/2007

Study: Brightly colored birds are most affected type after a nuclear accident. 7/14/2007

Nuclear Event Rating Scale. 7/14/2007

Hightened radiation exposure risk revealed in UK. 7/14/2007

Radioactive dust found in homes near Los Alamos National Labs. 7/11/2007

2 New Names to Aviation:
Honda ,
Honda Satellite
and Eclipse
Eclipse 500
but they still use
hydrocarbon fuel.
Why can't the latest in aviation use clean fuels? Remember the Oak Ridge study reported here last year that stated jet aviation could easily adapt to hydrogen as a clean fuel.  Why won't they?  The large jetliners haven't either, so it's not just a biz jet problem. 7/11/2007

Nine years later, an Ohio Newspaper reports more details about Stanley Meyer, his water powered dune buggy and his death, but raises more questions  in the process. 7/9/2007

Airbus A380
Dubai Sheik Orders 55 A380 Jumbos. 
Each plane in flight creates the same amount of CO2 as all the humans on the earth breath in the same period of time. 7/6/2007

If Al Gore was concerned about civilization's future with his "Live Earth" concert, why are his 2 major advertisers:
1) a company that feeds Aspartame to kids - Pepsi
2) a company that makes hard liquor for adults - Absolut ?
But check out the lifestyle example his son lives.  Some family. 7/4/2007

Sheik buys 8% of Axial Vector. 7/3/2007

Ever heard of an organization called "Blackwater?"  Perhaps coming to a front door near you, (at 3am). This compilation of short videos gives a good summary of who they are and what they do. (especially cuts 1 and 5) The US government has had clean energy technologies for years, but it's organizations like these they spend all their money on. One has to wonder if these are the MIB that energy inventors encounter from time to time.  Same tactics. 7/2/2007

Foreign companies aggressively acquiring American Utility companies.  Australian firm continues attempts to buy Northwestern Energy Corp.  Spanish company buys Energy East for $4.5 billion. But UK is proving to be just as big a sucker, losing more than half of their own public companies to foreign ownership.  6/26/2007

More Security Screw-ups at Los Alamos.  6/25/2007

"Bolt From the Blue" lightening kills man from cloudless Florida sky.  Is this really natural weather or something else? 6/23/2007

Money flows to businesses who appear green, but are they really? 6/22/2007

Faulty nuclear reactor in UK allowed to run without safety alarm. 6/19/2007

Is Earth's magnetic field about to flip? 6/18/2007

Amazing what "perks" you get when you have the inside scoop on all of Washington. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III gets frequent use a Gulfstream V. 6/14/2007

Large Developer Scraps Offshore Windfarm Plans. Study revealed an offshore farm costs twice that of a land based farm, both in construction and maintenance. 6/12/2007
Update: But T.Boone Pickens chooses to take the risk with an inland design.  Taxpayers get stuck taking additional risk. 6/26/2007

Lawrence Livermore Labs chooses new board of directors. Reference past stories on extensive radiation violations.

Earthrace forced to quit race due to accident damage. May try again in March 2008.

World's Top 25 Oil Consuming Countries list published. 6/7/2007

Wind Energy Millionaire loses $184 million in divorce settlement6/6/2007

European light bulb manufactures plan to phase out conventional bulb production in 8 years. I hope they have learned the benefits of white LED lamps versus fluorescent type which contain mercury. 6/6/2007

Russian Nuclear Stockpile on Verge of Exploding.  It's location near the North Pole compounds the problem. Will somebody please teach the Russians about Brown's Gas to NEUTRALIZE THAT STUFF before they have another Chernobyl?
2nd Opinion

Years of American Energy R&D Snatched up by a $17 billion Russian investment company. Details at Hydrogencommerce.com 6/3/2007

How concerned is aerospace about their massive hydrocarbon fuel consumption?  Apparently very little. Their greater concern appears to be chasing business where ever they can find it, no matter who pays for it, or what their purpose of travel is.
chases CIA money.
Delta Airlines chases Halliburton. FYI: Dubai has no deportation agreement with the US.  Also reference what happens to anyone inside the CIA who tries to blow the whistle on corrupt expenditures.

Middle East expressing greater interest in electric cars than US. 5/31/2007

Bill Ford Jr. reveals some insider observations of Ford Motor Company. 5/31/2007

Is the mainstream press waking up or have they lied too long to get away with it any longer?
ABC TV finally reports on the Northwoods document, 7 years after it was all over the alternative press here on the internet. Alex Jones at Infowars was the first to stress its importance.
Must we wait another 7 years to hear about "hydrogen on demand" or "permanent magnet motor" suppression? We've already waited a hundred years and STILL haven't seen anything beyond AC implemented from Tesla's hundreds of patents. 5/28/2007

More Coal Mining Deaths, 38 in Siberia.  5/25/2007

Oil is determined to cash in on hydrogen somehow, even if they have to use eco-buzzwords to make their hidden agenda seem palatable. 5/25/2007

Exxon still has not paid the $2.5 Billion fine for the Valdez spill in 1989.  20% of the victims have died waiting for payment.  The last appelate court denied their requests. Exxon now vows to take it to the Supreme court. 5/25/2007

First they start using corn for biofuel, so you can't afford tacos, now they want to take your sugar.  Will America stand for this? 5/23/2007

Hydrogen filled cat
Hydrogen not recommended for internal consumption.

Rocker Roger Daltry speaks out about Al Gore's Global Warming hype. 5/21/2007

Despite the gross problems reported below, affiliation with Bechtel and Texas A&M swings more political power than safety. UofCA keeps $1.6 billion contract 5/19/2007

Vermont tops list of highest nuclear waste per capita. 5/19/2007

Natural Energy Runs Amuck in Kansas.  A photo summary of what force 5 winds can do. Startling before/after satellite images in WeatherChannel video report of Greensburg Kansas.  5/15/2007

NASDAQ warns Hydrogenics its stock price falls below requirements for listing. 5/15/2007

Universities, burning grant money, continue to chase faulty technology, oblivious of how impractical it is. 5/15/2007

Are Chinese Coal Mines a form of population control? Another 28 die in explosion since I first drew attention to this horrific industrial negligence only a month ago.  4,700 deaths in the last year.
Back in the US the Sierra Club sues one plant for pollution violations.
Environmental groups ask UN to take stand against Appalachian coal mining destructive policies.
New coal plants continue to be built, some with slightly better technologies.  But none that I can find are taking advantage of the Magnegas technology reported here and on James Robey's BlogTalkRadio show.  5/9/2007

Windmill advocates blame cats as a bigger threat to birds than wind energy.  No reason given why wind energy still costs twice what coal, oil and nuke power run though. No matter how big and impressive they are, they can't (or haven't yet) beat 5 cents per kw to the grid. Wind is free, but these conversion devices are deplorably archaic and still too inefficient to be viable, even when you rationalize the bird threat. Advocates also need to realize politicians smelling money have already passed legislation taxing the devices.  5/7/2007

Air, soil and water pollution are ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY.
  • 5,400 premature deaths in California a year from air pollution. 
  • Perchlorate (old Rocket Fuel) in ground water contaminates all states on the Colorado River south of Utah. 
  • Feed farms and Cities generate enormous tonnage of solid and liquid human and mammal waste, all currently being treated with archaic methods that CAN'T remove harmful pathogens, pharmaceuticals and various other toxins. Some cities even have the nerve to sell it dried and packaged as fertilizer to farmers, UNTREATED, still contaminated with heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and dioxins.
But various plasma technologies like Magnegas or Startech turn these harmful substances into clean energy. Here is a list of many other systems being ignored or suppressed by criminal politicians.  5/6/2007

Blame Ethanol for running up food costs.  Some studies claim +21% since January 1. Blame Gasoline prices for stealing the rest of your money. 5/3/2007

New information surfaces about Nikola Tesla's assistant with ties to Nazi Germany.  Although this reads like a soap opera, it sheds more light on how honest Tesla was but how he was surrounded  by thieves and unscrupulous businessmen.  Political power and greed twisted history into the energy mess we continue in today, and shows the worse things get, the more we can still blame the same people.   5/2/2007.

The hypocrisy of celebrity touted Earth Day. 4/30/2007

Oakland CA Truck Fire 4-29-2007
Gasoline truck fire melts bridge
. 4/29/2007

Exxon new record: $9.3 Billion this quarter.  4/28/2007

3 Miles on NO Fuel. Woman and Jeep taken for ride in tornado. 4/26/2007

Huge Numbers of Fatal Coal Accidents in China have been greatly suppressed. 4/20/2007
Ongoing disasters. 4/23/2007
US Coal Mining suffers annual fatalities also. 4/23/2007

Is Chrysler the favorite car for 89 year old billionaires? This one offers $4.5 billion for it. 4/11/2007

Mis-Applied Energy. New pictures are surfacing of additional, bizarre damage that occured in New York on 9/11/2001. Watch this video and try to figure out just what could possibly have caused these results. Also note this clip from History Channel on Japanese microwave research in WWII.  4/2/2007

High Energy costs are bad enough in economically strong countries, but are devastating in smaller countries. Electricity only 5 days a week in Ghana 4/2/2007

Update 3/30/2007:  Onboard electrolysis unit malfunction suspected as cause of submarine explosion.  Things can go wrong with large amounts of hydrogen even when handled by professionals with big budgets.

2 UK Sailors Die Aboard Nuclear Submarine.  Accident investigation underway.

Coal Mine Explosion in China Kills 26. 3/30/2007

Intel to Build $2.5 Billion Plant in ChinaSo much for American superiority in the last area of technology. 3/26/2007

1963 Chrysler Turbine
Look what America had 44 years ago - a Turbine Powered Car. 
I was 13 years old when I saw this car at the 1964 New York World's Fair. A celebrity on the Jack Parr Tonight show said the exhaust could melt pavement. Other than that it was a great engine. Some say Chrysler was unable to hold necessary manufacturing tolerances on a turbine engine and still keep the cost within reach of the consumer. Possibly so 40 years ago, but what about now? 3/23/2007

Water Prices Rise Worldwide. 3/11/2007

Mosquito-BotMosquito Robot?
Complete with stereo vision, mic, remote control hypodermic needle stinger. Click on image to enlarge. Did somebody have too much time and money on their hands?
But If you think this is small, take a magnifying glass to the signature line on any check from your checkbook. Didn't know you were signing a separate contract with each check did you? 3/9/2007

Are the morons who run Washington also running Detroit? This story make it look that way. They appear to think suicide is a better option that using their brains.   3/9/2007

March 5, 2007 CAIf Gas is now $3.05 on 3/05/07, what's it going to be in December, $12.05/gallon?
What excuse are the oil companies using now? 3/6/2007
Update 5/3/2007: Prices at this same staion are now $3.59 Regular, $3.79 Premium.

Wells FargoIs Wells Fargo Bank Green or Mean? It might be nice to see some corporate consistency. But they appear to be trying to buy image from both sides. Which side is getting the greater financial help though? Of a billion $ promised to green energy last year, the first $5 million went to who? Carlyle Group.  Totally a political suckup to the current pro-oil administration. I have yet to see them invest in truly clean new energies. FYI: solar and wind are NOT new clean energies, but are grossly inneficient compared to what we report on here.

And for what it's worth, Merril Lynch isn't much better. 

Al Gore Pontificates Hypocrisy. 3/5/2007

F22 Raptor Fleet Temporarily Grounded. Dashboard Clock Failed. They never worked right in my '67 Pontiac either. 2/28/2007
  • Service patch issued.
  • New one rolls off assembly, headed to Alaska.
  • I guess a working clock is a bit much to ask for $136 million. (video)  I wonder if the Air force has to talk to a call center technician in Bangalore for software upgrade installation instructions?

Chinese New Year traffic accidents kill 1100. I guess the US is not alone with holiday drunk drivers. ANY kind of energy force requires sobriety. 2/26/2007

CA Hwy 14 = Redneck Alley.
In a mid day, 2 hour long speed trap, CHP ticketed 45 speeders doing OVER 85 mph, 3 doing OVER 100 mph and 1 with a suspended license. I've driven this stretch. Rush hour is worse. I bet most were in 4 WD's, with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers and yellow ribbons. No accounting for arrogance or fuel waste when your party is in power. Hwy 14 serves Palmdale CA and is mostly a government contractor economy. 2/24/2007

Brain Tumors Up... on side of head leaning against cell phone. 2/24/2007

Ford's record losses likely to lead to layoffs and wage cuts. 2/22/2007

Aberrant atmospheric weather kills millions of fish.
Story 1  Story 2  Story 3 

Geothermal Energy not as safe as thought. Test in Switzerland triggers 3.3 quake. 2/19/2007

Refinery fire at Sunray, TX facility of Valero Petroleum. 19 injured, no fatalities. 2/19/2007

BP chooses BioFuels to invest a half billion in R&D. But as we reported earlier, biofuels compete with FOOD for farmland and farming resources. 2/12/2007

One of Earth's Major Oxygen Resources, the Brazilian Rainforest, now has another enemy trying to destroy it...
Gold Prospectors.

Lemonade?... Professor James McCanney raised the question on his 2/8/2007 program that rather than bellyache about glaciers melting, why isn't any corporation or government  working of methods to capture the enormous amount of pristine glacial fresh water that is currently just melting into the ocean? 2/11/2007

Another MIB confrontation has been confirmed in the country of India.  Involved victims have requested anonymity so details will not be added to klooz page, but are being compiled for investigators. It is mentioned here to illustrate the global nature of the problem. The 3 prior known recent events took place in California, Nevada and Germany. CFed. 2/5/2007

New Zealand Glaciers GROW, while other glaciers meltPoliticians offer $10,000 to bend public opinion and make oil companies look good, neglecting to mention the pollution that's killing us, not the heat!  Meanwhile the press is more concerned about what Condoleezza Rice wears than what what she says.  2/5/2007

5/19/2007 Livermore Update

3/8/2007 Update
Jeff Rense interviewed reporter Bob Nichols on his talk show Tuesday 1/30/2007.  There it was revealed that the University of California-Berkley has been releasing massive amounts of aerosol radiation into the atmosphere from the Lawrence Livermore facility.
This has been going on with weekly experimentation for at least 46 years. 
The San Joaquin County Pollution Control Board is responsible for monitoring air quality in the area, but is FORBIDDEN BY FEDERAL LAW to ever regulate nuclear energy. The Livermore facility is now requesting increasing their annual consumption from 1,000 to 8,000 lbs. The Livermore facility is next to Tracy California and is between 41 to 58 miles from downtown San Francisco. The experimentation amounts to an intentional dirty bomb being exploded weekly within a few miles of a high density US civilian population for 46 years. This fact reveals that atmospheric "testing" did NOT stop in the 60's, but was re-labeled and continued using using the greater San Francisco area population as lab rats.
Jeff Rense streams live on GCN and is archived by subscription.  1/31/2007

Hubble Telescope's main camera fails. 1/31/2007

Some BioFuels Becoming an Eco-nightmare. Tyson Foods reports higher food costs due to  US Ethanol production methods. 1/31/2007

The dilema of having two opinions. 1/29/2007

Oxymorons in the news:

RIP: Ampex 456
Quantegy/Ampex discontinues its magnetic tape lines. 
For the few old music recording engineers who read this page, this pretty much marks the end of Analog Music recording as we knew it.  Ampex 456 recorded much if not most of the hit music of the 70's 80's and 90's by the few analog hold outs in the "golden ear" audiophile realm.
Digital can never deliver the resolution of a 30 ips half track master recorded on properly biased 456. Long live 456, no matter how poorly it archived.  1/27/2007

Smuggler offers Weapons Grade Uranium from plastic bag in jacket pocket.  Are smugglers getting dumber by the minute? 1/15/2007

Possible link found between exposure to high magnetic fields and leukemia. 1/23/2007

1/25/2007 Update: Wreck Site now being pillaged by looters scavenging the wreckage. Oil slick 5 miles long. Stuff was already showing up on e-bay.

Shipwreck spills MSC-Napoli 1-21-2007200 tons of fuel oil into England's coastline waters.
Hazardous cargo also contributing to disaster. 1/22/2007

Unnatural Weather? Yes.
Global Warming? Are you nuts?
Frozen Orange
Water lines froze in the high desert near Death Valley this week, an area accustomed to 125 degree summers, but not cold like this.
California's citrus industry may have also suffered $1 billion in damage. 1950's technology to handle freezing temperatures was a highly polluting method called "smudge pots" which merely burned a vulgar oil creating smog which held temperatures up through the night. They are totally illegal now. Better technology now exists, but the citrus industry doesn't read this page, yet. Maybe they should start soon. 1/19/2007

Update 1/19/2007: Comet McNaught has advanced in its orbit to be best viewed now from the Southern Hemisphere. Daily news continues at SpaceWeather.com.
This view from Argentina shows how spectacular the display is now in that part of the world.

 There is a possible static discharge when it nears Mars on February 18, 2007. Professor James McCanney observed a static spike with the sun on January 15, 2007.
Update 1/15/2007:
  This comet is now visible in broad daylight according to SpaceWeather.com. Block the direct view of the sun and look about one arm's length hand fist away from direct sunlight.
Most recent animated view.
Comet McNaught nears the Sun.
McNaught 1-13-2007
Click image for most recent view.
Only discovered in August 2006, one has to wonder how it snuck up on even the pros? Photo gallery at SpaceWeather. 3D orbit path. 1/13/2007

BPBritish Petroleum blasted for safety failures at refineries in Baker Report. 1/17/2007

Even though we promote the concept of hydrogen on demand from water, there are limits to the proper use of water.
Don't Drink Too Much (
even if it's water.
Cold Snap
freezes water lines in many southern California communities. 1/15/2007

40,000 Gallons of Radioactive Water Escapes from Decommissioned Power Plant in UK. 1/11/2007

Catalytic Converter Thefts Up. Much easier to sell than anything with a serial number on it, these things have platinum inside.  Rumor has it there is a new type about to be introduced with NO platinum but works immensely better than current design.  Stay tuned.  1/11/2007

US Nuclear Sub Collides with Japanese Oil Tanker Near Straits of Hormuz. 1/9/2007

Liquid Hydrogen Delivery Technician Killed in Ohio Coal-burning Power Plant Accident. 1/9/2007

Bill Gates: Public Philanthropist, Closet Oil Tycoon. His foundation is now spending millions to heal what his other investments have caused.  Oh ... the problems of being rich. 1/8/2007

Hydrogen Bomb 1/7/1953First Hydrogen Bomb Exploded 54 Years Ago on January 7, 1953 1/7/2007

Ever wonder how the new startup Google accelerated so quickly past the established search engines of the day like Yahoo, AltaVista, WebCrawler and AskSimon?
When you find who an early investor was, it may explain some things. 1/4/2007

BioFuel Vs. BioSolids.
As reported last year, Tyson Foods is claiming the new market for grain in biofuels is raising the price of corn they need for packaged food. But another "Bio" that could be used for energy is ending up on our food, big city sewage, called "Biosolids" now approved by the EPA to use as fertilizer on vegetables.  Any wonder where the e-coli breakouts originated from? I have met one inventor and know of many others who have developed technologies to obtain clean energy from this stuff, kill the deadly bacteria and remove the heavy metals in the process, but it's easier to just sell it to farmers. But with clever marketing names like "Milorganite" from Milwaukee, "Nu-Earth"from Chicago or "Nitrohumus" from Los Angeles, nobady can say these sales people can't sell sh__. 1/5/2007

UK Natural Gas prices rise as winter reaches full force. Russia makes demands on Belarus for same. 1/1/2007

Even Solar Energy is Subject to Fatal Industrial Accidents 1/1/2007

Known problems in 2006:

We lost several leaders in the alternative energy movement,
  • Dennis Weaver / HydrogenDrive
  • David Hermance / Toyota Prius
  • Dr. Iris Ovishinsky / Ovonics
Mysterious Men In Black threatened the lives of several garage inventors around the US and other parts of the world.

Fuel Cells never got any cheaper or much more efficient.

We learned that all nuclear power plants leak something. Some think nothing of dumping the contaminated water into a flowing river.

We learned that tires pollute almost as much as the gasoline that spins them.

Many lost their lives trying to scoop up spilled gasoline at pipeline ruptures and subsequent explosions in Nigeria and Lagos.

Warren Buffet gave $44 billion to Bill Gates.  (not energy related, just absurd)

Massive oil holdings exposed, but no mention in major media as they were paid to promote the Peak Oil lie.

We learned the new Airbus A380 generates as much CO2 as all the human beings on earth do by breathing.

The sun belched out several X class flares showing there is enormous energy out there and we don't have any say in the matter.

Details on all these stories can still be found in the archives linked below.


Previous articles posted in
2006 Energy archives 

2005 Energy archives

Important reports

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
Judicial Watch Issues List of
Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington. 
Any bets what energy policy we'll get if one gets elected again? 12/29/2007

Ron Paul Blimp

When did WOOD become an "alternative energy? 12/26/2007

While the US feeds more pork projects to entertain their energy problems,
China issues a white paper about solving theirs. 
And stressed they are no threat to world energy security. 12/26/2007

California approves a 400 megawatt Natural Gas Fired Power plant. 12/20/2007

Energy Bill grants massive subsidies to ethanol. So who passes out the dough, Dept. of Energy or Dept. of Agriculture?  12/17/2007
Efficiency standards are only serious issue addressed. Nothing for genuinely new energy technologies. 12/20/2007

China working with US to develop and research unconventional energy reserves. China still getting almost 70% of its energy from coal. 12/17/2007

Yucca Mountain: Public Hearings were held December  3, 2007 in Las Vegas to hear public opinion about the proposed nuclear waste storage site.  Instead of the usual whining of "not in my back yard" a representative from New Energy Congress proposed some actual solutions. We post here a transcript of what was presented by Gary Vesperman.
DOE gets accused of conflict of interest by hiring a law firm with ties to proponents of the Yucca storage facility. 12/6/2007

Disclosure Project gets press release CENSORED by PRNewswire.  Full text report posted hereClean energy IS being suppressed and when the names of Laurence Rockefeller and Bill and Hillary Clinton get uses as accomplices, the censors jump in. 11/19/2007

OPEC expresses regret of tying oil to US Dollar. Conference airs publically by mistake. 11/19/2007

Editorial asks: if nuclear is so great and profitable, why does it need any government subsidy? 11/10/2007

Coal: more depressing stories. Despite low prices for the stuff, it still offers jobs and even college graduates are taking them. Somehow I don't remember George Jetson going to work in a coal mine. 11/5/2007

Nuclear's biggest historical scar:
Pilot Paul Tibbets of Enola Gay dies at age 92. 
Claimed to be the cause for the end of WWII, but 62 years later, historians like Robert Goldsborough, and Eric John Phelps have revealed the Japanese were attempting to surrender just weeks before the bomb was dropped. The reason the US State Department chose Hiroshima and Nagasaki are now highly suspicious. The highest known Christian populations in all of Japan were in those 2 cities at the time. It has also been noted that the subversive Vatican organization of the Jesuits had been kicked out of Japan earlier.  A substantial portion of US congressmen have been trained at Jesuit Universities.  Many dots yet to connect before complete history is truly written, and probably just as many rabbit trails to confuse us too. 11/2/2007

Has the Boom Burst in Dubai? Forget Peak Oil, have they reached peak profits from oil and war? 10/29/2007

Is Zimbabwe an example of where the US economy is headed when/if the dollar collapses?  8,000 per cent inflation and now an energy crisis. Inflation like this would mean the $2 dozen of eggs would cost $160, and gasoline would be about $240/gallon. Please realize banking corruption is as responsible for energy costs as Big Oil. 10/29/2007

Ralph Nader explains why he can't trust the Democrats. (video) 10/16/2007

New Zealand takes lead to be most green... banning even coal and gas fired power plants by 2025. 10/14/2007

The Yucca Mountain Pork Barrel. Story one, story twoAnd what a surprise, it's being built on an earthquake fault 10/9/2007

Before wading through the continuing saga of the IRS thugs versus Ed and Elaine Brown story below, remember whenever a tax protester goes on trial with an honest judge and an honest, accurately informed jury...
Ed Brown's last judge was a Freemason. Figure it out yourself. 10/10/2007

This arrogant bureaucrat
U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, a Bush appointment)
thinks having solar and wind to stay off the grid is criminal behavior. He used 40 government SUV's, a multimillion dollar UAV, a helicopter, unknown amounts of surveillance electronics,  and countless other overpaid agents to capture 2 old people IN THEIR HOME. And your taxes pay this idiot's salary.  He also feels guns are only owned by criminals, although his own band of thugs uses them all the time.

Listen fool, there are 4 gun toting Mafia hit men riding the roads of California and around the US, violently stopping inventors from releasing CLEAN EFFICIENT ENERGY SYSTEMS.  And MORONS LIKE YOU THINK YOU'RE BIG STUFF BY LYING YOUR WAY IN TO AN ELDERLY COUPLE'S HOME JUST TO MAKE A TROPHY FOR YOUR RESUME. YET YOU DO  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT REAL CRIMINALS AFFECTING EVERYONE!!!!!!  You are one lazy good for nothing slob. You stole more money from every taxpayer in the US pulling this stunt for your own grandizement, than all the money you claim the Brown's owe. Did you ever learn how to add sir? Your math skills are grossly negligent.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier IS the REAL CRIMINAL. NO SANE PERSON AUTHORIZED HIS NAZI GESTAPO STYLE ACTIONS. The Browns were no threat to anyone except trespassing, gun carrying thugs, posing as Federal agents, taking what they did not rightfully own.  (sorry you have to listen to 20 minutes of Nazi brown shirt lies and propaganda in the video, but this idiot actually listed solar and wind ownership as proof the Browns had criminal intent.)
FOR THE RECORD: Explicit details of the Mafia attack against a waterfuel inventor in California have been in the possession of the FBI since June of 2006. Have they caught anyone in 16 months? No, but they assisted in grabbing an elderly couple from their farm in New Hampshire. And they only squandered a few million dollars to do that. What country are these characters working for? 10/5/2007

More contradictory headlines. States allegedly want Renewable Energy? But why can''t new start ups get the money to deliver it? The states only sign contracts with their "good ol' boy network", that's why.  10/4/2007

Rather than fund any US Citizens with solid nuclear remediation technology, the DOE hands out another $16.3 million to multinational organizations to continue to do the same old thing. 10/4/2007

The Yucca Mountain SCAM makes its first $116.5 million payoff to Excel Energy. 
I wonder how much they can milk this cash cow for, that is not even necessary?  For the record: DOE Secretary Samuel Bodman has been contacted SEVERAL times with information explaining technology capable of complete nuclear remediation.  His response? He called them back screaming *"don't bother me anymore." 
Who belongs in Guantanamo?
*Quote from Dr.David Yurth who has another technology also capable of nuclear remediation. 10/1/2007

Beijing to close 1,000 illegal coal mines. 10/1/2007

Details of Sputnik emerge from Russia, 50 years later. 10/1/2007

DOE, Department of Energy offers new search tool for energy specific patents. 9/29/2007

New Accusations of Oil Company involvement in Myanmar's Violence against Monks and other protesters. 9/28/2007

Blackwater investigated for smuggled arms sales to Iraq. Just who is fighting for who over there?  9/25/2007

Money Removed
Alan Greenspan Confronted by Angry Mob.
Wonder why jobs have gone overseas and what few dollars you have left aren't worth much any more?
I'm sorry to report, rising gas prices are not solely the fault of the oil companies. The Federal Reserve policies have been the prime cause of all inflation since 1913.
An upcoming book by Dr. Robert Auerbach sites numerous incidents of Fed Chairmen lying under oath before congress and boasting privately how they deceived the public with economic double talk. Dr. Auerbach was interviewed on Erskine Overnight 9/22/2007. I posted an MP3 of the program. Hear for yourself some of the criminal activities of the Fed since its inception in 1913.   9/24/2007

Who believes Rupert Murdock is Green?  He wants you to think he is in this video.  Part of a UN agenda "talk green but act like a communist" propaganda program with a confusing and misleading survey.  Do you see any money flowing to genuine clean energy inventors here? I don't. 9/24/2007

Coal Industry in TroubleAs usual, asking US Government for bailout money to save their filthy industry at taxpayer expense rather than deliver something the public wants. 9/23/2007

Blackwater mercenaries  first fired, then rehired, then investigated. Would Bush ever fire any of his business buddies for a thing like murder? 9/22/2007

US Infrastructure Liquidation. Dubai purchases 20% of NASDAQ as oil breaks $83/barrel.
Video report.
More Jobs in Dubai and Iraq than US? Take a look at the jobs9/22/2007

The already fishy B52 Nuke story gets even more strangeNow there are an unsual number of deaths of young airmen at Minot AFB. 9/17/2007

Board games are for kids, right? Look at a board game that was first sold... in 1995!    9/11/2007

US Dollar hits new low. If dollar collapse creates hyper-inflation, even Free Energy may be too expensive for most. 9/10/2007

Rolling Stone: The Great Iraq Swindle. 9/9/2007

Screw ups happen every day. And in the military, nobody hears about them. So why is this story of an alleged mishandling of nuclear weapons all over the major media? Why wasn't it buried like all the other screw ups? Why tell the world of our nuclear defense system stand down date? Fishy??? like cat food. 9/7/2007

Solve one 9/11 mystery and others arise.  Mysterious white plane over White House on 9/11/2001 now identified. But why was it there? 9/7/2007

Bush security mocked by comedians in Australia. 9/7/2007

Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre call for International Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal. Details reveal the same sinister forces behind suppression of clean energy technology. Listen to details they have uncovered and learn Al Gore is as guilty as George Bush.

When did Bush sell his soul to Satan? Strike your own personal deals yourself sir, but leave the nation out of it. 

Corrupt Judge shuts down GiveMeLiberty.org web site.  Apparently it is illegal now to dispense truth about the hideously corrupt tax system in the United States. Others who tried earlier are now in jail.  Irwin Schiff has had a toe amputated from the gross medical neglect he has endured in prison. A Christian preacher from Florida is in jail because he tried to OBEY section 508 of the code as written.  There is no rhyme or reason to the runaway Nazi courts in the US now.

When inventors of a WORKING nuclear remediation process that canceled nuclear radiation tried to convince the US Dept. of Energy to start using it, Sam Bodwin called back and screamed at them telling them he didn't want to hear about it and to stop bothering him.  He apparently liked living on the lucrative bribes he got from all the nuclear power companies. 9/3/2007

US Oil company extortion of the masses turns Hugo Chavez into an international philanthropist, gaining friends all over the world. 8/29/2007

Wind Energy market in Australia not proving viable. Layoffs beginning, some companies calling for government assistance. 8/27/2007

Aaron Russo
Aaron Russo, film maker, activist passed away from bladder cancer Friday, August 24, 2007.
Aaron's most recent work was the film "Freedom to Fascism". It revealed the facade the IRS performs under so that corrupt government officials can control your take home pay and squander their resources on bombs, wars and personal bonuses leaving us with nothing to buy clean energy for our cars or homes or anything else that would benefit humanity.
Notable online videos:

Where were you when the lights dimmed in 2001?  If you were paying for electricity in California, you may be due a refund. 8/25/2007

Dick Cheney reveals his campaign strategy back when running for office in Wyoming, along with endorsement by David Rockefeller of his plan to give the country away. 8/25/2007

Proof of Ownership... of Congress by Oil, with charts.  Duke Energy pays $1.1 million to lobbyists. 8/23/2007

Connecticut considers more aggressive teaching of thermodynamics.  I disagreed. I'd rather see truth taught. 8/20/2007

Wonder Why Energy Regulations Favor the Oil Companies? Look Who owns what.  8/19/2007

History:  Dr. Edgar Teller 
1908 - 2003
Voice of America broadcast a special program reviewing Dr. Teller's life.  It should also be added that the Hydrogen Bomb was not the only thing he worked on. According to Stan Deyo, Dr. Teller was also deeply involved in antigravity research. But with it buried under multiple layers of military security, it may never be known just what he accomplished in that area. 8/19/2007

If Weeds and Scrub Brush were harvested for biofuels, we wouldn't have fires like these. But the biofuel industry chooses to use FOOD instead. Why? Because corn is easier to buy by the bushel from a farmer than to climb hillsides and canyons to get the scrub brush and weeds.  The whole biofuel theory and industry is a farce, established on a flawed premise. Either figure a way to acquire and USE the genuine biowaste that triggers and fuels these massive fires, and STOP USING FOOD or admit the whole idea was wrong to begin with. 8/19/2007
Also read 8/20/2007

Putin approves law to join Iter International Fusion Project. The $13 billion project is based on the tokomak system utilizing a toroidal shaped magnetic field to contain the plasma. Russia, China and US are among many countries participating.   8/19/2007

UN Approves Tesla design for Lithium ion battery use in transportation vehicle. 8/15/2007
- - -
DOT issues ruling on Lithium ion batteries.

Also see report and video on Toshiba recall from last week to see how serious this matter is. A single laptop battery fire could conceivably bring down an aircraft if not extinguished with the proper type extinguisher immediately.
- - -
Toyota delays plans for Lithium batteries on Prius 8/13/2007 

DOE teams up with Disney to make energy public service announcement. 8/13/2007

In Only 2 Days:
the US Fed Pumps $62 Billion into banks to cover their assets.
That's about $206 for every man, woman, and child, legal or not, in the US.
European Central Bank pumps $214 Billion Eurodollars into their banks to save face. That's 406 Eurodollars for every man, woman, and child inside the European Union.
Too bad the money wasn't GIVEN to every man, woman, and child in these countries instead of propping up the phony wealth of the central bankers and mortgage traders. Must be nice to be able to print money when the wolf is at the door and the rent is due.  8/11/2007

NASA already has liquid Hydrogen on the premises.  So why not let everybody there drive BMW Series 7 cars? Never mind the fact that each time the Shuttle goes up, the SOLID BOOSTERS punch an ugly hole in the ozone layer, at least the main engine is pure water vapor exhaust, and so should the ground vehicles be too.
Northern California residents get to test some other brands of Hydrogen cars.

Explanation Why I post so many privacy issues here:  Any private party or business developing any new technology needs secure communication during development for their intellectual property in order to retain ownership and eventually grasp a return on their investment of time, materials, skills and finances. The US Government, along with many others, have a history of corrupt individuals within, abusing power and selling information to the "highest bidder." I must emphasize this is NOT policy OF government, but actions by numerous criminals who work WITHIN government. Equally as evil is for power abusing individuals to grasp a new technology, claiming "national security" allowing it to become just another high tech toy for the military to kill people with. Killing arbitrary enemies is not an action of a civilized society but is the sign of a government that has fallen into total fascism with absolutely no respect for human life or liberties of the living.  Numerous stories in these left 2 columns have shown gross abuse of power by the oil companies to enslave humanity in all countries, with full support from the governments they operate in.  This web site is dedicated to bringing legitimate clean technologies to the forefront without being stopped at every corner by government bureaucracy or hired street thugs.
So on that note, consider these recent actions of Bush, Congress and the Courts:
  • All Communication Privacy Will Likely be Gone in 6 Months.
  • Top Ten Abuses of Power Enroute to Tyranny.
  • Court Denies Right of Terminal Patients to Choose Medication

Caught on tape: Bush admits Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11.  Then WHY are we there? In this clip he says we went in to do something about the human suffering in Iraq.  Who sees any improvement? 8/7/2007

Chasing the money... Halliburton moves corporate office to Dubai. Hooters plans restaurant there too. 8/7/2007

Congress gives Bush even more wiretapping abilities. 8/6/2007

Russia Reconsiders Making Floating Nuclear Power Plants. May start by 2010. 8/6/2007

To be expected, the House of Representatives attempts to solve the energy crisis with more taxes. What fool thinks the oil companies won't pass the cost on to us?  8/5/2007

GE Sells Plastics Division to Saudis.  Numerous contracts to all branches of US military, but congress does not object.  This also jeopardizes some new energy technology as GE had several products under development which could become crucial to advanced electrolysis and other genuine clean energies. 8/4/2007

Pre-req to work at IRS: be moronically gullible. That includes believing anything your lying managers tell you. 8/4/2007

Does the military care about life, anywhere? Are the words "responsible behavior" even in their vocabulary? 8/1/2007

UK offers energy monitors free to consumers. But power companies don't seem to want the consumer to know how much he spends, until the bill arrives in the mail. 8/1/2007

DOE awards $16 million to study nuclear fuel recycling.  But when you see who won the contract, it's not likely we'll see any true nuclear remediation technology like Browns Gas implemented. Still the DOE propagandists continue with the chutzpah to use the oxymoron of "safe and clean" when describing nuclear energy. How do these liars keep a straight face when cashing their paychecks?  7/31/2007

Integrity of astronauts brought into question.  Flying drunk? It has been observed for some time that membership in FreeMasons seems to be a contributing factor for membership. Even school teacher/victim Christie McAuliffe was married to a FreeMason, Steven J. McAuliffe, who coincidentally is currently Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire and waging a personal vendetta and gross abuse of power against constitutional tax observers Ed and Elaine Brown. The good ol' boy network seems to weave through all types of power.  7/27/2007

$12,000 Tax Credit for Hydrogen Honda FCX.  Or you could elect Ron Paul who would eliminate ALL income tax and allow you to buy any car you want. 7/25/2007

House Cuts $400 million from Sandia and Los Alamos budgets. 7/24/2007

NASA Dumps their junk on your head.
F-14 Tomcat, alias Top Gun is now scrapped

Livermore Labs signs deal with BP for Coal Gasification Research. 7/24/2007

Oak Ridge National Lab accuses contract worker of stealing secrets. 7/24/2007

Bush's totalitarian parade of executive orders continue.  Criticize his actions in Iraq and this new executive order allows him to seize all your assets. Sorry George, IRS and Chevron already took all of mine.  7/22/2007

As if we couldn't guess... Cheney met with Oil execs to establish energy policy BEFORE ever talking to environmental groups.  7/18/2007

Homeland Security ChopperYour Tax Dollars at Work.   Trillions missing from Pentagon, Illegal aliens swarming over the border, but Homeland Security sends out their helicopter to harass retired couple Ed and Elaine Brown for holding a concert on their farm. A Global Hawk has also been seen in the skies over the Brown farm. Who authorized use of that? The things cost $123 million EACH.  One has to wonder how many homes and cars could have been converted to even presently available clean energy with only a fraction of the money this administration has squandered supporting its own anti-constitution fascist agenda? 7/17/2007

IRS Loses Major Court Trial.  7/16/2007

Iran Rejects Dollar, Wants Yen to Buy Oil. 7/16/2007

Update: Richardson's Personal wealth increased 10 fold while in private sector consulting to among others, Energy Firms. 7/20/2007

Bill Richardson is first Presidential candidate to try to politicize Energy. His plan calls for more government regulations and penalties.  But who always ends up paying the penalties when Detroit or Big Oil screw up? The consumer. Exxon still has not paid for the Alaskan Oil Spill, but due to extorted gas prices generating outrageous sized profits, they now have a market capitalization of $500 billion. Detroit cars cost 10 times what they did 30 years ago but get barely 30 to 50% better gas mileage. Mr. Richardson wants to use the Jimmy Carter technique of using tax credits.  But Ron Paul wants to eliminate ALL income tax altogether, freeing up ALL your tax money for YOUR discretion, not just the select companies who jump through his bureaucrat list of prerequisites to "qualify" for federal favors. Uneducated belief that income tax finances all government operation is a fallacy promoted by corrupt politicians for years to dumb down the masses and gain unethical control over segments of society. Government, all levels, have been shown in Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), to obtain most of their income from public stock holding dividends and other investments, not taxes. Government, both indirectly and directly, owns and controls a majority of the major public stocks on Wall Street. Income tax revenue barely covers the interest on the loans created through
overspending.   7/14/2007

While outsourcing may drop the price of things like the new Boeing 787, do we really want to outsource the CIARegardless of our opinion, they did it anyway. 7/11/2007

Ron Paul gaining attention. Wins 65% of NH Straw Poll. Campaign manager Kent Snyder to be interviewed on Monday's CommuteFaster Energy Hour. 3 PM PST. 7/9/2007

Are Chinese Banks more Eco-Friendly to businesses than other banks?
12 Girls Band
Regardless, the "12 Girls Band" from Shanghai was my favorite in the LiveEarth Telethon over the weekend. 7/9/2007

California Air Resources Board (CARB) thrown into turmoil by politics.  7/7/2007

US Navy spends average $30 million to deactivate a retired nuclear sub.  7/5/2007

Is the largest "gang fight" in history about to happen?  Anyone who reads about international conspiracies quickly learns about the European groups of: Masons, Knights of... Malta - Columbus - the Garter,  Cecil Rhodes, Rosecrucians,  Jesuits, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, and an assortment of Mafias all hyphenated with the geographic area they operate in, along with family names that control each group like Rockefellers and Rothschilds and intertwine with several royal families in Europe.  But even we conspiracy watching Westerners seldom hear of what's happening on the opposite side of the globe.  It looks like a major street fight is about to break out. But these street gangs don't carry switchblades, they all have nukes and worse. Neither side has yet embraced Clean Free Energy technology, nor any hint of anything even resembling true Christian values either. So don't get your hopes up.  An enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend either.  African proverb: when 2 elephants fight, only the grass suffers7/2/2007

Ron Paul gets the "Colbert Bump" from Comedy Channel. Actually a funny and fairly accurate report... Then this happened, his "alternative" meeting held next to the Iowa caucass actually had MORE people attend. 7/2/2007

Trinidad President calls for Caribbean energy independance by use of clean alternative energies. 7/2/2007

EU Deregulates Energy Market.  So are they now ripe for abuse by another Enron? 7/2/2007

Ron Paul addresses the Ed & Elaine Brown - IRS standoff.
1.5 hour interview of the Browns by WeAreChange.org 
Best text coverage.
This topic was covered quite well by Aaron Russo, producer of Trading Places and several other Hollywood classics in the film Freedom to Fascism. 6/26/2007

The Latest Energy Bill was a Waste of Energy. 6/26/2007

Citizen's War Crime Tribunal Starts. Cheney exempts himself from executive branch criminal charges.  6/25/2007

Giuliani’s campaign manager busted pushing cocaine, not using, PUSHING. FoxNews ignores story. But you can bet the fascist elitists who control the Republican Party will find and embellish anything they can  against Ron Paul. 6/22/2007

Senate passes energy bill. 6/22/2007

NREL gets budget boost, but massive layoffs likely at Sandia Labs. 6/20/2007

Denmark to remove all taxes on Hydrogen Vehicles. 6/18/2007

Pickup truck on I-15, California expresses opinion who should be the next logical continuation of the current administration in '08.
Cheney SUV
Cheney Satan 08

Next generation US Navy destroyers likely to use permanent magnet motorsIt is likely to become the dominant technology within 10 years.  6/14/2007

Area 51 gets a new aircraft hanger, a big one. 6/14/2007

Bush Limo breaks down or runs out of gas in Italy. Crowd laughs. 6/13/2007

China discovers Coal to Oil conversion too costly to be effective. But the US continues to throw money at the idea. 6/12/2007

Oak Ridge National Labs get another million dollars for biofuel research.
Blackwater USA gets CIA money and lots of it. 
And then sues anyone who reveals their policies.  6/11/2007

China establishes police force to restrict summer air-conditioning use. 6/11/2007

Pictures of Russian Tesla test facility posted. One has to wonder what technology they derived from experimenting with coils this size. Was this the forerunner to woodpecker, Haarp, ELF or particle acceleration?
Russian Tesla test facility
English Blog  Russian site 6/7/2007

Powerful Dialogue presented to the California Air Resources Board, CARB,  by Tesla Motor's CEO as to why electric vehicles make sense immediately.
BBC video clip about the Tesla sports car. 

Democrats AND Republicans love handouts. They only argue over who gets them. 6/7/2007

Rep. Nick Rahall's Energy bill draws criticism. 6/6/2007

F117a phase out began last March.  Read today's EnergyBlog to see a tidbit of history on this plane that may tie three unlikely politicians to current energy suppression. 6/4/2007

See the video Congress was banned from seeing themselves. Part 1 of 8. Balance of links posted in right column 6/2/2007

Swartzenegger signs memorandum of understanding with British Columbia which includes commitment to the Hydrogen Highway. (Not legally binding as a foreign treaty)  5/31/2007

Al Gore and Arnold Swartzenegger in the same room? SuperVision invites both to California unveiling of their permanent magnet motor technology. 5/29/2007

California gives coal another black eye. 5/29/2007

Republican Senator John Thune introduces bill to entice farmers to raise more fuel cropsWe have plenty of oil in the western and southern states but our dipsticks are in Washington DC. So who's supposed to grow our food now sir? Do you want us to import that from China now?  And DOE continues to throw $200 million of grant money toward a BAD IDEA. Farm land should be for FOOD, NOT FUEL. 5/29/2007

Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk testified before the Senate Energy Committee on March 7, 2007. The topic of the hearing was to investigate ways to stimulate investment in new energy technologies.  Video of the full 2 hour session is now posted, along with transcribed dialogue. A surprising remark by Dan Reicher of Google was they has set aside a billion dollars of their own stock for investment in this area.  So where is it? I know Google reads this site. Just go there and search for "best energy sources" and see where Google sends you.  5/28/2007
Tesla gets CARB funding for public charging station. 5/30/2007

Would you call $130 million a year a "shoestring budget"? The International Atomic Energy Agency thinks so. 5/25/2007

DOE offers $19 million to fund "plug in hybrid" development.  Aren't we "researched" to death on this stuff?  How about SBA approval for a small inventor to start making the things? 5/25/2007

Did you know...? Denmark's abundance of windmills occasionally produce more electricity than the country needs. Solution: a new hydrogen generation plant just opened. 5/23/2007

Southern California Edison files for approval of a feasibility study to consider building 600 megawatts worth of coal power plants using "clean coal" technology. The study to be paid for from current customer rates. 5/21/2007

Microsoft Vista Banned by US Department of Transportation. Too many bugs.  5/21/2007

HAARP affecting Sweden. New similar devices under construction at several locations around the world. Antennamonitor.org  5/21/2007

Do we really need air shows?
Canadian SnowBirds
Canadian SnowBird Fatal Crash 5/18/2007
Blue Angel
US Navy Blue Angel Fatal Crash
Even if things went perfect, they are still burning huge amounts of hydrocarbon fuel just for entertainment. An F-16 afterburner burns 580 gallons per minute.  5/19/2007

US Citizen, former CIA contractor, now Whistleblower to massive fraud within CIA billing, claims asylum in New Zealand. Harmon Wilfred Also files complaint with UN which seeks $30 million fine against the US for death threats from the CIA and other human rights violations against him and his family. 
Additional info 5/17/2007

Siemens AG caught in bribery scandal in Germany. 5/16/2007

Easy Financing for Coal, but new energy has to jump through hoops. 5/14/2007

Oil Executives Confess to Bribing Alaskan Legislature. 3 Politicians IndictedBut with typical arrogance, some refuse to resign 5/11/2007

Venture Capitalists at a Clean Energy Summit... sounds good until you see the speakers list. 5/9/2007

NASA considers Methane for potential rocket fuel. 5/9/2007

Japan Pledges $100 million plus $2 billion in loans to promote clean energy. So how much will actually reach small inventors who have answers?  Or will it all get squandered on university grants, political pork or other foolishness? 5/7/2007

Too honest and intelligent to be one of today's Republicans,
but he is anyway.
Take a look at Ron Paul.
And his campaign site.

Trademark abuse? Millennium Cell, Inc. trademarks the words: "Hydrogen on Demand®even though by the standards discussed on our page, it is NOT. 5/6/2007

Senate Energy Committee approves renewable fuel legislation. It now goes before the clowns to debate and vote on it (to the highest bidder). 5/3/2007

US considers sale of F22 Raptor to Japan, S. Korea, and Israel. A great plane, just replace the American made clock with one that works. 4/30/2007
Additional F22 news 5/3/2007

Jack ValentiJack Valenti, former president of the Screen Actors Guild and advisor to President Lyndon Johnson picks a convenient time to die.  Becoming quite vocal when the History Channel broadcast powerful evidence implicating Lyndon Johnson's involvement in JFK's murder he wielded enormous power over Hollywood, both unions and production. Now, conveniently after his death, this death bed confession comes forth from one of Lyndon and Jack's past associates, E. Howard Hunt.
Report: Infowars, Rolling Stone
PrisonPlanet w/audio.
Personal comment...
I had the occasion to meet a former business associate of Lyndon's not long ago. I asked him if Valenti was just a politician or a mafia criminal. He responded, "I've always thought they were one in the same." This readers is how Texan presidents get their personal business agendas rammed down the throats of the mindless believers of major media.  BSE/ CFed. KLR 5/2/2007

China begins actions against polluters, no more tax breaks? 4/30/2007

800 mile Hydrogen Highway opens in California.  So if you live in Chula Vista and commute to Arcata, you're all set to drive your BMW Series 7 or Honda FCX. I don't recommend short cutting through Death Valley to get to Las Vegas though.  That 200 mile stretch doesn't even have cell service. And 120 miles doesn't even have gasoline. 4/24/2007

Accountability...at the Pentagon? What a joke.  Billions lost, stolen or misallocated. When confronted, the only response is we'll get around to it someday. Why won't IRS allow that response from US citizens?  4/24/2007

Win a Government contract and get your SS number posted on the internet.  Of course this never happens with a Haliburton contract. 4/23/2007

Need financing for your new nuke plant?  Just ask Russia. 4/23/2007

While America is distracted by a mind controlled assassin and the supreme court faking concern for infants, the money mongers continue to increase oil prices, food prices and manipulate politicians into grabbing more guns from the innocent, unprotected public. And have we forgotten Attorney General Gonzales was having problems...?
If I learned anything at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, mainstream media has UNLIMITED MONEY to feed the slickest propaganda imaginable to the masses of sofa slugs that unfortunately make up a majority of our country. Anytime you see only one or two topics grabbing all the press time, there is ALWAYS something even MORE sinister going on in the background. 4/20/2007

CALCEF, California Clean Energy Fund pushes to get More Angel Funding for Clean Energy startups. 4/14/2007

DOE throws another $8 million at the big research labs to play with Hydrogen storage. 4/14/2007

Michael ChertoffChertoff not satisfied with marshal law power and secret wire taps, he now wants TOTAL control of the internet.  Department of Homeland Security is now demanding the master key to DNS - Domain Naming Servers.  DNS controls ALL internet addresses, web domains and e-mail addresses. 4/2/2007

Securing mobile laptops is understandably difficult, but the National Nuclear Security Agency lost 14 desktop towers. 4/2/2007

Did these guys belong to the same fraternity? Same religion maybe? They sure appear to be flashing the same sign to whoever they each serve.

Why are Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi hugging a Jesuit Priest? 
Greg Szymanski reports on another men in black problem. His archived 3/29/2007 11AM radio program is highly informative.  3/30/2007

California Energy Commission decides dam removal cheaper than building fish ladders.  This means existing, inefficient energy is still cheaper than hydroelectric when environmental adjustments are considered. 3/28/2007

EPA Fines DOE $1million  3/28/2007

3/27/2007 Update:
Scandal Widens -
this is not a clintonesque sleaze story, this involves actual rape of minors and Gonzales knew about it.
With Attorney Generals Like This, Who Needs Criminals? Remember this when you read of any attorney general coming down with an iron fist on an inventor trying to promote a new technology. These guys are what you get when you cross a politician with an attorney.  3/26/2007

Hollywood misses the point again. Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul gets arrested protesting the recycling of GM's pathetic electric car the EV-1.  The EV-1 was grossly inefficient and still required hydrocarbon fuels to make it's electricity. The current Tesla Car is much more efficient and if anybody in Hollywood would read THIS site they'd know permanent magnet motors and hydrogen on demand produce exponential power with ZERO pollution. 3/25/2007

3/29/2007 Update: Jeff Rense did another frightening program about Morgellons Disease and its relationship to chemtrails. At the 1 hr 17 minute point his guest starts talking about samples taken not far from where I shot the pictures below. The guest mistakenly meant to say California, not Texas. Nano technology silicon life forms have now been confirmed being sampled from areas near Edwards AFB in S. California.
Audio of program
Images referred to in show.
3-5-2007 chemtrails
What aircraft flies like this?
The image above was taken March 5 near a Southern California military base. Large 4 engine aircraft were seen flying in circles for the next 3 days over the same area.
4 engine chemtrali
Devvy Kidd reported on the 3/22/2007 Jeff Rense program that soil problems are developing in the San Juaqin Valley in California. That area feeds about 10% of the planet and somebody doesn't care what pollution falls from the skies destroying crops below. Video  Chemtrails are not to be confused with natural contrails. Chemtrails last for many hours. Contrails dissipate in only a few minutes. 

It's bad enough to rape and pillage the enemy.  But this administration does it to its own country.  Criminals hiring criminals. 3/8/2007

Is this kind of stupidity real or planned? New RFID passports are found easy to clone. 3/8/2007

Lawrence Livermore Wins New Hydrogen Bomb Design from Bush Administration. 3/5/2007
3/9/2007 update: May start new arms race. Hypocrisy?

Norway Pledges $5 million USD to Renewable Energy Projects in Poor Countries. 3/5/2007

US Government Misses 15 Years of Energy Efficiency Deadlines. 3/5/2007
China Vows to Meet Pollution Goals, despite missing them last year. 3/5/2007

China to Close 4000 Coal Mines. 3/5/2007

Iran Rocket Reaches Space. 2/26/2007

Putin Joins International Elitists. Gold plated fixtures in his jet, schedules a suck up meeting with Pope on March 13, 2007, just like the western world leaders always do too. Is he suddenly catering to the Hispanic or Italian Mafia vote like Bush? How much ya wanna bet he wears black when they meet like all the rest? If he really was a powerful "independent leader" he'd wear tweed or plaid. NO leader on earth has that much hutspa. 2/26/2007

Skeptics Beware: A California Law turns table on bullies filing frivolous lawsuits against small individuals or companies for the sole purpose of destroying them via excessive litigation expense. So if a small inventor comes up with something that WORKS, the big bullies can't keep them in court the rest of their lives just to keep item off the market. First case applied against a phony front organization backed by hidden pharmaceuticals to attack anyone with a natural cure for what the drug companies make millions on selling symptom treatments instead. 2/24/2007

Army Withheld Informative video Knowledge from Troops. Suppression of knowledge of good, clean energy  technology is horrific enough, but suppression of hazards of dirty energy technology is outright criminal. But both military and the entire nuclear industry commit this crime daily. 2/24/2007

New Kennedy Dallas Footage Revealed, 43 years late.
This speech given at the Waldorf Astoria in NY only months prior to his assassination exposes hidden powers inside government that he termed "repugnant." This is the essence of the current "good old boy network" that actually runs the government and trashes any sense of justice and respect to the constitution or human life. 2/22/2007

Iraq is not the only current atrocity against humanity. Take another look at Rwanda today. Insane globalists accomplish this by inundating us with "terrorist" distractions. 2/20/2007
Investigator Greg Szymanski discovers possible cause for the Rwanda tragedy.  3/22/2007

NASA continues to spend millions searching for energy nobody can afford, while we show you energy you CAN afford in columns 3 & 4. 2/17/2007

After 36 years of "thinking it over," the Department of Energy FINALLY is approved by the House to get Solar Panels on its buildings.  Sounds like one of the hard sells I tried to pitch back then. Which is why I gave up doing sales. There's no such thing as a "no brainer" sale when government is involved, unless you're Haliburton. 2/14/2007

Lithuania walks fine line of diplomacy as their Chernoble style nuclear reactor is scheduled for shut down in 2009, yet they remain reliant on Russia for energy. 2/14/2007

DOE requests $24 billion for FY 2008.  Will they account for it like the 363 tons of $100 bills shipped to Iraq? Jon Stewart Daily show comments, video. 2/11/2007

Pirates of the Constitution

Mossad Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientist. 2/5/2007

Remember that $200 Billion YOU PAID IN FULL during the Clinton administration for 86 million homes to have Fiber Optic INSTALLED AND OPERATIONAL by 2006? So where is it?  DSL on existing twisted pair wire did not come to my community until 2 years ago. My friend in Lithuania had it 2 years BEFORE I did. South Korea is 90+% fiber NOW. A fiber connection has the same bandwidth of a T3 connection. Try pricing one of those at your location. 2/2/2007

More Squandered Money Identified in Iraq. 2/2/2007

House Discusses Closing Los Alamos Laboratory due to security failures. 1/31/2007

Bankers and Bush. Economist Joan Veon notes some unique coincidences in Bush's enemy list and international banking policies. 1/31/2007

Pepperdine University/Malibu reveals that California and Proposed Federal Legislation to Fund Embryo Stem Cells are now PROVEN to be a total waste of funds.  New books by author Christian Wilde: Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair and Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke reveal startling success with ADULT stem cell in both neurological and cardiac applications. People need to live long enough to enjoy clean energy that won't create the same problems they had. Don't let barbaric 20th century medical technology shorten your life, and STOP FUNDING IT. 1/29/2007

Congress discusses "H" Prize again. 1/27/2007

Russia's dispute with Belarus stops oil to GermanyGermany gets 20% of it oil consumption from this source. If Exxon can stick it to the consumer and use Iraq as an excuse, so can Putin. 1/25/2007

DOE Offers Grants From $50,000 to $6.3 Million for R&D of these Hydrogen applications:
Offered 1/19/2007, closing date for applications 3/15/2007. As with all government grants there are strings attached. Read details before applying. For instance, grants must be matched in size by your own investment. So they are really only offering to fund half of your project. Additional details available at http://www.grants.gov/  1/23/2007

DOE offers 1500 Energy related patents available for licensing to manufacture in the civilian sector. 1/23/2007

Denmark Makes Hydrogen Cars Tax Exempt. 1/21/2007

Who profits most from the use of depleted uranium?  According to research by Leuren Moret,  these 2 people have the largest uranium holdings in the world.
#1 Queen of England    #2  David Rockefeller
Queen of England    David Rockefeller

Maybe they were just ugly teenagers like Klebold and Harris at Columbine and want to vent the wrath of their adolescent jealousy on the rest of the world.  But somehow the US Department of Energy
JapaneseMinister of Economy, Amarie-DOE-Bodmanfeels obligated to act as traveling salesmen for David and the Queen. This Jordan Maxwell interview video may explain some things.  1/17/2007

Iraqi Death Toll Over 34,000 in 2006 Alone. And Bush calls this liberating the country from the tyrant Saddam Hussein? 1/16/2007

Is Australia taking the recycling issue too far by demanding 40,000 new homes recycle their water? Is Australia lacking coastline?
In 2005 we reported Ovation OV-1 on Ovation Products which has a process that produces distilled water for the price of average city tap water. The last I checked they were still trying to raise capital to build a factory to make the units. But apparently big money wants to buy more biz jets rather than save the world dying of thirst. And Boeing keeps making new toys for biz jets rather than do anything for clean energy. 1/15/2007

DOD Lays Off Bomb Sniffing BeesTaxpayers stung for $2.4 million.  1/11/2007

Is you computer getting slow? Apply for a CPU Time Grant from DOE. 1/11/2007

Pentagon goes Green...? Los Alamos and Livermore have  developed a new; ?safer?, ?cheaper? ?more efficient?  H BombAnd Mayan calendar fans will love this...it's scheduled for implementation in 2012. 1/11/2007

Lithuania Praises EU Energy Plan to Cut Emissions, while approving plans to build new nuclear reactor in their country to serve the 3 Baltic states. Their current reactor is identical to the Chernobyl design and is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2009. 1/11/2007

Energy Tax Credits: Too Complicated to be of any value. Just remember most tax audits are issued challenging what deductions a person took. If you didn't claim it properly, be prepared for a surprise audit, sometimes many years later. 1/11/2007

Bush Bombs Somalia, again. 1/9/2007

The New Culture of Death Skull & Bones
in Washington DC. - All Three Branches of Govenment

Is Green Energy being infiltrated? The most curious new voice promoting clean energy also advocates stuff few of the regular readers here agree with. Given this guy's past, I won't say anything bad about him or this site may disappear rather quickly, again. 1/8/2007

Belarus Takes Stand Against Russian Fuel Prices. President says they will not be blackmailed. Wouldn't it be nice if a US president had this kind of moxi against energy monopolies? 1/8/2007

Linton Brooks, administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, Fired for Security Breaches at Los Alamos. 1/5/2007

Russians to Help Build World's First International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Near Marseilles France.  1/4/2007

Lost nuclear weapons.  Little known problem over last 40 years discussed in this 8 min video clip. 1/2/2007

Pedophile legends in the Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations reported in this 4 min video compilation. 1/2/2007

US Death Toll In Iraq Hits 3,000.  This is the number that died IN IRAQ. If they died ANYWHERE ELSE from wounds sustained in Iraq, THEY WERE NOT COUNTED HERE. The Iraqi civilians killed is a debated number as high as 600,000 or more. 1/1/2007

The 2 Oldest Nuclear Power Plants in the World Close Down, Permanently 1/1/2007

Political actions in 2006:

The Pentagon still can't find the $2.3 trillion a year they've lost since 2001. Halliburton's gross overcharges continued unchecked.

Despite millions if not billions collected by our last 3 presidents for Tsunami and New Orleans relief, I don't see any victims celebrating, as they haven't received much or any of it yet.

A massive embezzlement story from the Reagan administration surfaced.  Trillions stashed away that belong to the US treasury. Politicians in power deny its existence, but Leo Wanta has the receipts and account numbers.

DOE continued to throw the fatted calf to nuclear, oil, coal and gas while alternative energy picks through the leftover intestine rinsing.

The Patriot Acts weren't fascist enough for Bush, so he ran through the Military Commission Act of 2006. This gave him powers that neither Stalin nor Hitler had. Does he really believe the next president won't use those powers against him? But since the CFR controls both parties, maybe not.

Al Gore continues to spread lies about global warming to advance his anti-progress/population control agenda for the UN. As long as he can travel in SUV's and fly in private jets, he doesn't give a flip about the rest of us.

When 20,000 Bangladeshis protested an open pit coal mine, government police killed 4 of them and injured a hundred.

I discovered a fast way to crash your website is to report on pedophiles in Washington DC and Saudi Arabia. I reported this in late September and got a Denial of Service attack against my web server the next day, knocking not only my site off the internet for a week, but affecting several other businesses who were sharing the same server.

The US continues its policy of GROSS NEGLIGENCE in the use of depleted uranium, injuring both enemies and allies.  Puppet Israel, now under CFR control just like the US, stupidly used DU against its neighbor Lebanon, which blew massive radioactive dust back on its own population. The fools using it do not understand "proximity effect" with radiation.  No, it does not tick a geiger counter like hot plutonium, BUT when the microscopic aerosol dust from its collision and ignition when fired through a metal surface becomes aerosol and enters a person's lungs, it comes in direct contact with human cells generating massive DNA damage.

Details on all these stories can still be found in the archives linked below.


Previous articles posted in
2006 Energy archives

2005 Energy archives

News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Wired Magazine Lists the 10 Fastest "Green" Cars on the Planet. (If you consider biodiesel green) 12/29/2007

Confused about Steorn? So was I until I saw this video. They may come back yet with something that works. 12/26/2007

Another Electric Design announced. The Aptera.

Is this a wannabe TVangelist or an inventor with awkward abilities to either describe his invention or express his personal religious faith in his creator?  Sam Azar will undoubtedly offend many.  But even fools and liars stumble and spill tidbits of truth now and then.  The task is weeding out the garbage. His ideas are all theoretical. No indication he every built anything that actually did what he claims. So it looks like ordinary electrolysis to me. A mere increase in voltage is NOT a guarantee of increase in efficiency. But I will say, if he plans to use extremes of both voltage and frequency, he will get more surprises than he will predictable, controllable fusion.
Sam's web site http://www.noblefuse.org/  12/26/2007

A little seasonal Tesla Coil Art. 12/17/2007

Eel Power
Japanese Aquarium Powers Christmas Tree by Electric Eel.

Hydrogen Fueled Power Plant to Go Online in December 2009 near Venice Italy. Main goal is to eliminate nitrous oxide. No comment on current cost effectiveness with present price of raw Hydrogen. 12/14/2007

Transmute Your Silver Into Gold, or so the author claims. Current prices for each metal. Might be worth letting Junior try this for his next science project at school, even if you don't believe it yourself. 12/12/2007

Latest Press Release
Permanent Magnet Motor Designs

Dec. 3, 2007
Oct. 30, 2007
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Aug 13, 2007
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Axial Vector
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DRS Technologies
July 30, 2007

WEG- Brazil
May 16, 2007
Company site

Lurking, but no press release yet:
Perendev(Mike Brady)
BWT-(Dennis Lee, Plan B eminent after May 11, 2007)
Hydrogen on Demand Systems

HyPower Fuel
Nov. 7, 2007
July 27, 2007
June 18, 2007
June 13, 2007
June 5, 2007
May 31, 2007
May 16, 2007
May 11, 2007
April 30, 2007
April 17, 07
March 22, 07

JPL - Pasadena CA
March 28, 07

Jay Leno Reports on the BMW Series 7 Hydrogen car. 12/10/2007

New Electrode Developed which may solve major issues involved in producing Hydrogen via electrolysis. 12/8/2007

Short on reading material? Google and Carnegie Mellon University now offer over 1.5 million books of science and literature scanned and available on lineThis is equivalent to a major university library. 12/7/2007

A Hybrid Ferrari?  Yes, it's coming. 12/6/2007

After 125 Years, Consolidated Edison Discontinues DC Service to NYC.  Now using Tesla's AC exclusively.  11/15/2007

New Hydrogen on Demand System Introduced 11/14/2007

Another Electric ... The Fisker Plug-In Hybrid.

Assorted video clips from "PowerShift 2007" held Nov. 2-5 at College Park Maryland. 11/6/2007

New use of Monatomic Hydrogen, in deuterium state found to make super lubricantProcess  discovered at Argonne National Labs. 11/5/2007

John Kanzius back in the news. We reported on his inductive electrolysis of salt water back in May this year.  Unfortunately it was very inefficient. It looked impressive, but my own group's research some time ago revealed that any inductive method of electrolysis consumed more current than the value of the hydrogen gas you got out of it, i.e. no where near unity, let alone over unity.  BUT... John continued his research on use of microwaves in treatment of Leukemia.  Great news to report, it is showing signs of success. Full report at LA Times. 11/3/2007

SuperVision's "10 KW SuperMag" Finished? Another grandios press release, DVD offered for sale, 500 new jobs mentioned, but the product is still behind wraps. And their web site only talks about their video games. 10/30/2007

TPU with Rodin Math wind
TPU update.
The controversial Steven Mark Toroidal Power Unit discussion at OverUnity.com has taken a turn into more concentrated discussion of applying "Rodin Math" to hopefully arrive at a solution. Rodin Math was reported on here in April of last year. 10/30/2007

Tesla Motors delays due to transmission tests, not battery issues as incorrectly reported in The New York Times. 10/30/2007

Tesla Motors expands plans for Albuquerque facility. 10/27/2007

Tesla releases crash test resultsBoth passenger compartment and Lithium ion battery still intact with 50 mph impact.
Martin Eberhard, founder of Tesla Motors comments candidly on other electric car attempts. 10/16/2007

Lightening acquisition research by Steve Le Roy. 10/16/2007

Samsung develops first VGA (800x480) resolution 3" screen using OLED technology. Higher resolution, lower power consumption. 10/10/2007

The few sailors who read this page will acknowledge that controlling unwanted energy can be a serious and necessary safety issue. This unique anchor called a seabrake design is worth a look. 10/4/2007

On the test car front...Toyota announces its test fuel cell SUV, a Highlander can travel an 880 km  or 546 mile range on one tank of hydrogen. 10/1/2007

Tesla unable to deliver first cars before year end.  Sites additional testing as reason for delay. 9/29/2007

DiMora Natalia
For the Family REALLY on the mooooove.  The 300 MPH, V-16, 1200 HP, Sedan: DiMora Natalia.
It currently runs on premium gasoline. But what will the next model run on?  Time will tell. 9/25/2007

ZAP Announces Joint Venture Production Agreement. The bad news is the agreement is with a firm in China!  Read the article and see Swartzenegger claiming ZAP will bring high pay jobs to California. Please tell me how sir.  9/23/2007

Jay Leno - BMW Series 7 H2
Jay Leno becomes test car driver for BMW's Hydrogen Series 7.
TV Ad for BMW Series 7  9/24/2007

New Heat Generating Device may be over unity.  9/18/2007

Commercial Permanent Magnet Motor
Although not attaining over-unity, the increased efficiency of commercial Permanent Magnet Motors are gaining in popularity and application
. 9/17/2007

Joe Newman's latest video. Runs a 7,500 pound machine on 9V batteries. 9/17/2007

Maybe this story belongs in far left column, but Inventor of a 400 HP, half megawatt, 0-60 mph in under 1 second electric motorcycle wrecks it at convention, not even wearing a helmet!  At least his Lithium ion batteries did NOT explode.  9/16/2007

Tom Bearden releases video of 1990 lecture on Radionics with 2006 updates. Too bad the bad guys learned about this before the public did. 1 hr 35 mins 9/11/2007

Overunity motor? Allegedly running for over 24 hours with no fuel input.  The web site name is Hydrogentap.com, but I don't see how hydrogen is involved. No system diagrams offered. 9/11/2007

Linde responds to increased demand for Liquid Hydrogen by adding another 5 tons/day liquifier to their present facility in Leuna Germany.  Cost: 60 million Eurodollars. 9/10/2007

White LED's becoming strong competition to fluorescent lights. 9/10/2007

Electric cars could have a range of 500 miles with 5 minute recharge by using technology from EestorBut release to industry seems delayed in coming. This was disucssed with Ian Clifford in the CommuteFaster Energy Hour program in the 7/10/2007 episode. 9/7/2007

Another Electric Super Car
enters the scene, the Venturi, made in Monaco. $400,000 a copy. But it uses Lithium ion batteries, similar to Tesla Motors' Roadster.  I'll wait for the Eestor battery pack myself.  9/7/2007

SuperMag takes orders for DVD about development of their magnetic electric generator. The teasers continue to flow, for over 6 months now, but no dog and pony to the public yet. 9/7/2007

Recommended archived FreeEnergyNow program. On 8/27/2007 Sterling Allan interviewed David Wenbert from H2earth.com reviewing advancements in Hydrogen on Demand technologies by inventors around the world.  9/7/2007

Michigan to turn drugs and trash into energy. 8/29/2007

Startech sells First Plasma System for use in European Union. 8/28/2007

Professor James McCanney explains how to "short out" and stop a hurricane in his 8/23/2007 radio program.  A technology known for years, but never implemented due to politics. 8/28/2007

Ford's Hydrogen Fuel Cell, the Fusion 999 working on land speed record for this type vehicle at Bonneville Salt Flats . 
Video and Hi-rez images.

Stan Deyo antigravity
Stan Deyo announces creation of his new company to build antigravity vehicles
on CoastToCoastAm. Propulsion to be based on principles described in upcoming book 8/23/2007

GM Seeking Test Drivers for Hydrogen Powered Chevy Fuel Cell Equinox. If you get one, you may need this map to find a fueling station. 8/23/2007

Paccar and Eaton work with Peterbilt and Kenworth to release Hybrid Big Rigs in 2009. 8/23/2007

900 Mile Range Electric Mini
video 2 mins

Tesla plans 200 mile driving test. More questions raised about use of Lithium ion batteries, which may cause further production delays. 8/17/2007

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Researchers Develop Nanotech Battery. 8/15/2007

Patent Secured for Waste to Hydrogen process by General Environmental Management, Inc. 8/13/2007

Either... the most convincing UFO footage yet, or... the best CGI yet:
Haiti 8/6/2007
Dominican Republic 8/8/2007
Debunker analysis: Pro, Con  
Apparent final word, stock image discoverd that matched. 8/13/2007

Tesla Alarm
Torroidal Alarm System -
video humor  8/13/2007

Tesla Motors goes to great effort to make their Lithium ion battery pack safe.  8/11/2007

Super conducting Magnet Created and Demonstrated.
New record  = 26.8 tesla.

Hydrogen Fireplace. 8/10/2007

Ohio University Professor Dr. Geraldine Botte Licenses Her Ammonia to Hydrogen Process to American Hydrogen Corp. 8/5/2007

Canadian Professor Inks Deal with Chrysler to Improve Hydrogen Storage in Vehicles. 8/6/2007

A Hawaiian Community College Uses Hydrogen Toys to train potential engineers. 8/6/2007

New properties of magnet interaction discovered. 8/6/2007

2 types of fast recharge batteries will likely revolutionize electric cars:
Companies at the forefront:

Ovation Products changes name to ZanAqua. 8/4/2007

Carrot on a stick category ...
  • $10 Million X-Prize for 100 mpg car, team list
  • $10 Million Private Award for 51% of Hydrogen on Demand Technology

Nanotechnology used to create flexible Hydrogen sensors 8/1/2007

New Aerogel shows promising results filtering Hydrogen

Johnson Matthey announces production of another method of high volume hydrogen purification7/31/2007

SuperVision releases another teaser on the SuperMag. 7/17/2007

Lightning Car Company announces price of their model GT:  $300,000.  7/17/2007

Theory of Everything...
Stan Deyo - Theory of Everything
Stan Deyo soon to release a technical paper and book on what has up to now been referred to as vortex energy. He has discovered its relationship with all forces in the universe. It astonishingly presents  reasons for the properties of light and gravity.  Stan discussed his work with talk show host Steve Quayle on 2 separate programs.
Interview 1  60 mins aired 7/11/2007
Interview 2  60 mins aired 7/12/2007
Images referenced in both interviews

Hydrogen fueled, PEM Fuel Cell driven military submarines gaining in popularity in Europe.  Air Products, US, provides fueling.  Air Products still uses steam reformation of natural gas to obtain their hydrogen. But just like electric cars, a step in the right direction. 7/14/2007

Ford aims for speed record with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered auto.  7/14/2007

ZENN Motor Cars
Ian Clifford: CEO of ZENN Motor Cars came on the CommuteFaster Energy Hour Tuesday to discuss recent developments and the general future of Electric cars.

Jay Leno comments on the Tesla Car.
ZAP reports sharp increase in both interest and orders.

Power Plus Energy delivers high capacity Hydrogen purifiers utilizing palladium (Pd) alloy membrane technology. 7/9/2007 
Steorn's scheduled public display of free energy device delayed. Laws of physics or law of Murphy? 7/5/2007

Navy's new Zumwalt destroyer design utilizes Permanent Magnet Motors for Ten Times the power of conventional electric motors.  6/26/2007

Flexible Hydrogen Sensor Developed Using Nano Particles of Palladium.  6/25/2007

Samsung offers 1.8 inch, 64 GB SSD Memory Cards.  Say good-bye to your hard drive on your notebook. 6/25/2007

Nvidia Tesla to bring Supercomputing to your desktop for as little as $1,500.  Dual core processors gave us a kick up in CPU power last year. Imagine what 128 parallel processors can do. DSL just became the new bottleneck.
Company website  6/22/2007

Tesla Motors works with Albuquerque to develp water infrastructure to handle manufacturing facility. 6/21/2007

Black LED developed. 6/21/2007

Acceleration performance comparison: Writespeed  X1 vs. Ferrari and Porsche. Video 6/19/2007 

Sunday June 17 was an important broadcast on the CommuteFaster Energy Hour everyone should hear. It can be heard currently in archive at BlogTalkRadio. It will eventually get moved to permanent status at the Energy Hour archive site.
Nora MccobyClean energy activist Nora Maccoby reported from the Blue Salon event held at the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC. An international effort is now underway to get clean energy past the political and monopoly obstacles.  Inventors are especially encouraged to listen to this program. The site referenced in the program is Green-Salon.com, which will now stay listed in the "Independent Energy" web site group list near the top of this page.  Also discussed in the interview was Eddie Sines technology. Most of the available information about his system can be found at PES6/18/2007

Lift Trucks are proving to be the first practical application for hydrogen fuel cells. 6/18/2007

HyPowerFuel (finally) to release their first video on the new H2 Reactor early next week. To be available at HyPowerFuel.com. 6/14/2007

Advancements in Hydrogen sealing published. 6/14/2007

Will electric cars rule this new century with outrageous performers from Zap, Tesla and Lightning?
Zap and Lightning to be made in the UK, Tesla in USA.

Tesla started it with the 250 HP Roadster
Tesla oadster

Then came ZAP with the X-Crossover at 644 HP
Zap X-Crossover

And now comes Lightning with the 700 HP GT.
Lightening GT

Tesla Motors raises price of roadster. But it is turning around a small segment of the US economy.

None of these super cars have been delivered to a customer yet. But just the designs raise the bar pretty high for any other technology to match or beat.  Despite present "oil derived" methods of making the electricity to recharge, there are numerous other truly clean methods that could be implemented. Read on throughout this page.

Steven Mark update:  3 people have now successfully replicated his device.  Overunity.com 6/12/2007

Tesla did it a long time ago, but wireless power suddenly gets popular again. 6/8/2007

Integration of Permanent Magnets are found to boost even conventional motor performance. 6/7/2007

 Brad Pitt - BMW Series 7 Hydrogen
George Clooney - TangoStars and their Cars: Brad Pitt seen in a Hydrogen BMW Series 7.  George Clooney seen in an electric Tango.  6/7/2007

Another method of Improved Hydrogen Storage. Researchers combine a plastic molecule with titanium atoms. 6/6/2007

Ford shows off the Edge, a plug in Electric-Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid.  Video of test drive on city streets with a Ford engineer. 6/2/2007

GM to obtain Portable Hydrogen Fueling Systems from Air Liquide. 5/31/2007

Hydrogen Powered Zamboni? 5/31/2007

300 mile range barrier reached. GM announces their Sequel hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is now able to go 300 miles between fillups. The ZAP X-Crossover mentioned below also boasts over 300 mile range between charges for an electric car. 5/30/2007

Plastic Batteries5/29/2007

Tesla Motors gets $45 million in venture capital. 5/28/2007

Even greater Hydrogen Storage potential discovered using a compound of Lithium. 5/27/2007

Environmental Motors Grand Opening
Los Angeles/Glendale, CA Gets a New Electric Car Dealership.
Mercedes Smart Car
Stocking several lines of Hybrid and Electric vehicles, Environmental Motors in Glendale California is open for business. See who was there in my full report on the CommuteFasterEnergyBlog. 5/25/2007

Hydrogen on Demand from Salt Water?  While experimenting with Rife technology chasing cancer cells, John Kanzius discovered an RF signal that directly converts saltwater into its component hydrogen and oxygen.
Report   Video  5/24/2007

Honda FCX - Hydrogen Fuel Cell proto
Honda Announces Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell - FCX to go into Production in 2008. 

Saint Lucie County, Florida is Building a Plasma Waste Disposal plant  
Designed to produce 160 Megawatts from municipal solid waste and
projected to go online in 2009. 5/19/2007 

GM Sequel Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle succeeds at 300 mile range. 5/16/2007

British Scientists wake up to Kanarev's researchElectrolysis uses Hydrogen in its complex process.  5/16/2007

Peterbilt HybridWalMart takes delivery on first Hybrid Peterbilt for their fleet. 5/15/2007

Whale watchers convert boat to Hydrogen, and learn something more from whales. 5/15/2007

Carbon Nano Lubricant introduced by Clean Technology International, Houston. 5/14/2007

Quad Core Processors Arrive. AMD introduces Phenom®, replacing their Athlon X2 for High End Computing.  5/14/2007

Get to know your free CIA spook services. Commentary at the new CommuteFaster Energy Blog. 5/14/2007

Research continues on Hydride storage of Hydrogen. 5/13/2007
Report from the Vancouver Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Conference in April 2007. 5/9/2007

Lotus Zap-X - Electric
Electric Zap-X by Lotus
  • 644 HP
  • 10 minute recharge
  • 350 mile range
  • All Wheel Drive
  • 155 mph top speed
  • 5+2 seating
  • $25,000 DEPOSIT required to reserve (Full price not yet stated)
  • Deliver when???
Prototype shown at NADA show, Las Vegas in February. Zap web site. More pix5/6/2007

On April 27 and 30, 2007 James Robey interviewed Ruggero Maria Santilli of MagnegasIn the April 27 interview he addressed "pet theories" in academia holding America hostage to new advancements. In the April 30 interview he revealed that 60% of power in coal goes up the chimney, but combined with his hydrogen based Magnegas retrieves nearly 99% of the potential energy from any carbon based fuel source.
And on March 31 James interviewed Dale Pond with fascinating information on Keely and other energy conspiracies.
Very informative interviews that Jack Valenti's elitist buddies would never reveal on their megabuck TV networks. 5/3/2007

May 6 marks the 70th anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster.
H2 Cars at Hindenburg site
Automakers gather at site to show what 70 years have yielded for the use of hydrogen in transportaion. 5/2/2007

Duesenburg Torpedo
Duesenburg to return. Living up to the legend of its name to always be at the forefront of technology, it sports a 300 HP engine that is projected to get 70 MPG.
Company web site4/29/2007

GM Volt
GM Volt with Hydrogen Fuel Cell unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show. 4/26/2007

NAB Photo Report 4/20/2007

Historic Vehicle Located. The legendary Pogue Carburetor was reported to have gotten up to 200 MPG back in the 40's.  Then in 1973, engineers from Shell oil found the design and fitted it on a 1959 Opel. Adding a few mileage boosting modifications to the car, they obtained 376 miles per gallon. 4/20/2007

Geoplasma wins contract to build a 3,000 ton a day garbage vaporizer capable of generating 13 to 50 megawatts of power. 4/14/2007

HyfishHydrogen Fuel Cell Aircraft takes to the Skies in Switzerland. Improvements in both fuel cell an hydrogen storage technologies contribute to the success of the Hyfish4/14/2007
Video posted 4/21/2007

New video of Stan Meyer posted from a conference in Colorado Springs. No date of event posted. And a 2nd clip is also posted from 1989.  4/11/2007

Israli Firm works with Russian scientists to develop another nuclear remediation technology. 4/1/2007

Cold Fusion TodayApparently Tribune reporters don't read Kanarev.
Cold fusion video produced in 2000.

Hydrogen Expo - San Antonio TX Summary Report. 3/30/2007

New biography of Albert Einstein. 3/30/2007

You can now create your own legitimate postage stamps with most any image you want
Just think, the possibilities are endless...

Bush Flight Deck
Bush IQ

Giugiaro HO
Hydrogen powered by BMW.
Probably won't outnumber Toyotas, but an eye catcher none the less. 3/27/2007

Can't afford to turn your house into a Faraday Cage to keep outsiders from stealing your WiFi bandwidth? EM-SEC Technologies develops a WiFi shielding paint. 3/26/2007

Steve Meyer, twin brother of the late Stan Meyer did his first hour long interview since Stan's death 9 years ago. Now archived at BlogTalkRadio. 3/25/2007

Mikuni Corp. Developes Low Cost Hydrogen Sensor. 3/24/2007

AirGen Corp. gains electrolysis efficiency by utilizing colloidal metal particles in suspension. 3/13/2007

There are now 4 talk shows covering alternative energy with a fair perspective and no hidden oil/nuke agenda.

James Robey's
Water Fuel Museum
Sterling Allan's
Jim Dunn's
This New Car
and my own LateNiteLeroy
CommuteFaster Energy Hour.
All shows are archived so there's no reason to vegetate in front of the boob tube any longer. 3/11/2007

HyPowerFuel Delays Broadcast Again. No specific date committed. Mid March mentioned as possible.  3/9/2007

Researchers Discover that Absolute Zero Triggers a New Phase Change. 3/6/2007

Solar World to build largest Solar Cell Factory in US. 3/5/2007

Will HyPowerFuel unveil their HOD system 2/28/2007 as mentioned in this December 2006 press relese?  Apparently not. They issued this new one delaying the webcast to March 9, 2007. Looks like marketing got ahead of engineering again.  3/1/2007

3 Universities Publish Papers on Advanced Hydrogen Storage Technique. 2/26/2007

Spectrex Develops Hydrogen Flame Detector 2/19/2007

#1: On 2/15/2007 Dennis Lee announced to associates that A newly discovered Modification to their new Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter® technology applied to small engines, virtually eliminates ALL pollution in ADDITION to major increase of mileage performance. It should be noted that small moped and lawnmower engines contribute 75% of all internal combustion engine pollution to the planet. A working motor scooter has already been demonstrated to a representative from the US Government exhibiting the same full power of a conventional engine. It has also been discovered to work on larger vehicle engines. Modifications for that improvement are now under aggressive development
#2:  On 2/17/2007 Mike Brady of Perendev-Power in Germany revealed on the FreeEnergyNow  talk show that he has already delivered about 60 units of his permanent magnet motors delivering up to 300KW each. Mike's web site is not yet updated with this information, but Sterling Alan has compiled info along with an  archive of the Saturday talk show at the PES archive2/17/2007

Ken Rasmussen discussed these 2 major revelations on his new talk show, The CommuteFaster Energy Hour on Monday 2/19/07. the show is now archived for streaming, WMA or I-Pod formats. Only YOU readers of FreeEnergyNow and CommuterFaster know about this, yet it should be the top 2 stories on USA Today. 2/20/2007

The Crystal Ion - an Aerodynamic Air Turbine video is now posted.  Also at same site is an interview with inventor from the Lou Epton show from Las Vegas.  The system appears to use ambient air pressure to obtain the power that is cleverly manipulated with moving vacuum locations.
FreeEnergyNews/PES is compiling all available information about both the unit and its current promoter who has a checkered past to say the least, but MIB have been known to pay off government officials and create phony charges against legitimate products. The last word is not in yet on this.  2/16/2007

Looking forward to February 28 HyPower Fuel has not released any further statements about their plans to demonstrate by video webcast their Volkswagen GTi running totally on water via their own design of hydrogen on demand. 2/11/2007

Rare videos posted containing powerful information:
(the late) Stan Meyer lecturing on his legendary process
William Lyne exposing hidden information regarding monatomic and diatomic hydrogen. 
Links in right column. 2/12/2007

Methanol Proposed to Increase H2 production in Electrolysis. 2/12/2007

Startech: Waste to Energy promotional video posted on Google. The company also announced a contract signed with the city of  Chitre, Panama to create a 200 ton of waste per day plasma facility. 2/11/2007

New Magnetic Molecules Discovered by Indian Scientists.  2/5/2007

First Solar Powered Motor Boat Crosses Atlantic. The Sun21 is a 45 foot Catamaran. 2/5/2007

New Zealand Researcher Receives Grant for Nano Technology Development in Electolyzer Application. 1/29/2007

Finally!  A True Break Through in Fuel Cell Technology.
New alloy increases catalytic activity of fuel cell cathode 90 fold over currently used materials
. 1/27/2007

Microchips continue to gain power and shrink in size. Intel reveals details about their upcoming Penryn processor using 45 nm quad core technology. 1/27/2007

Chinese Inventor Wang Shum Ho demonstrates over unity electricity generator to 5 Chinese officials January 15, 2007.  Plans to make 4 more for public demonstration placement. 1/27/2007

Ford Demonstrates Plug-In Hydrogen Hybrid at Washington Auto Show. 1/23/2007

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Lawn Mowers now possible. 1/23/2007

AeroGels Aerogellare not just a packing material, but act as super insulators also.
Properties can be applicable to routing thermal energy from any source.  1/22/2007

Oak Ridge National Laboratory develops improved Heat Pump. But few remember that in 1985 Dennis Lee was both making and delivering extremely efficient heat pumps, well beyond the efficiency of all his competitors, from his commercial facility in Ventura California. That is when zealous local law enforcement invaded the company, and confiscated all inventory. Yet today, 20 years later, a satisfied customer in Washington state boasts a heating bill of only $55 for an entire winter for a 3,000 square foot house. 1/19/2007

Steorn Announces Open Source Availability for their over-unity technology, pending completion of academic review. Video of Steorn toy.  1/15/2007

Hydrogen Energy Laboratory Project, Japan now has English links from their web site as well as an English translation of their demo video. No, it does NOT run on hydrogen on demand. It uses compressed H2 with water vapor augmentation giving the engine a steam boost. 1/11/2007

GM Introduce E-Flex Vehicle Platform at Detroit Auto Show. 1/8/2007

Technip Wins Contract to Deliver a New Hydrogen Production Plant in Plock, Poland.  Facility to produce 5 tons of Hydrogen an hour. 1/7/2007

Celebrity inventions and patents.  Like Michael Jackson's AntiGravity Stunt? 1/5/2007

Samsung Develops Methanol Based Fuel Cell to Power a Laptop for a Month.
ViaSpace, Inc.
files patent for similar technology.  1/4/2007

Wall Street takes notice of HyPowerFuel, (symbol HYPF.PK) 1/2/2007

Does this video mean we have submarine aircraft carriers ... that don't even have to surface to work?? Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like a fighter jet superimposed over a standard submarine missle launch. Sorry, no news here. 1/4/2007

Hydrogen Energy Development company, Japan posts video of their Hydrogen on Demand Powered Van. 
At the Company website http://www.haw-system.jp/ (all Japanese) (Google translation) the process appears to use the hot combustion of hydrogen to turn additional water vapor into sufficient steam to power a van-sized engine. 1/2/2006

GreenEnergyTV.com Solicits Green Energy Video clips to play from their site. With Google's acquisition of YouTube, free video posting days may be numbered.  Rumor has it ads will start there soon. So free sites like this will grow in value for new technology promotion. 1/1/2007

Technological advances in 2006:

Tesla Motors' electric roadster moved from column 3 to column 4, selling out their initial production run faster than projected.

HyPowerFuel became the first publicly listed stock company to claim to have a totally water powered car, now making hydrogen on demand fast enough to power a Volkswagen GTi. We await details this February.

2 hopeful organizations trying to accomplish the above bit the dust.
Water Car Project (UK)
Genesis Scientific (ID)
Insufficient funds and SEC regulations show no mercy to newcomers. 

GE invents a material called Noryl which lessens the corrosion problem so endemic with water electrolysis.

BMW moves their 12 cyl hydrogen engine from column 3 to column 4 making it available for lease this spring in their Series 7 model.

Several new rotary engine designs pose much higher torque potential.

An unknown Russian Scientist, Kanarev made waves with greater electrolysis research, picking up where Stan Meyer left off in 1998.
John Sully also got a patent to advance the process a step further. Joe Cell fans still can't show reliability, but amazing stories when it does work. Amazing enough to give one of their proponents a visit from the MIB's

Thanks to the new GoogleVideo free posting capability, several little known energy inventors get noticed. Steven Mark makes the biggest controversy, now replicated by others.  Rumored to be a remake of a 100 year old Tesla design.

A bizarrely shaped boat named Earthrace makes it across the Pacific and through the Panama Canal to promote biodiesel fuel.

Marko Rodin confronts mathematicians with his not just new, but really bizarre math. Allegedly able to wind coils with zero resistance.

Despite massive theoretical writings and lots of verbal exchanges we await a working permanent magnet motor to reach retail shelves anywhere.

Dennis Lee continued to get bashed for the wrong reasons. Rumor has it someone will be eating crow in a few months.

Steorn, UK appealed to the academic world to confirm their over unity device. Don't hold your breath.

Details on all these stories can still be found in the archives linked below.


Previous articles posted in
2006 Energy archives 

2005 Energy archives

Must-Watch Videos Free Online
More videos added 11/5/2007

50% Mileage Improvement
is Available NOW!
The BWT Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) is GUARANTEED to deliver at least this much improvement over your current engine's performance or get full refund within 30 days of purchase . 
AND it's the ONLY hydrogen boost system that also offers a 100% trade in value when the PICC units start delivering later this year.
Get your place in line and cut your fuel costs now while you wait.

HAFC sample performance list released 8/29/2007.

For the PICC, each vehicle model requires a special modification to it's computer and proper fitting to replace its existing catalytic converter, thus necessitating a per vehicle price quote. There is NO OBLIGATION to buy anything, but an application must be filled out to get your place in line.  All BWT products are marketed exclusively through United Community Services of America and their official dealer network who are responsible for all deliveries and servicing. 4/14/2007

Other known Hydrogen Boost systems for you to compare claims:

LED lights LED lights really are eco-friendly, unlike the screw-in fluorescent type which contain mercury. LED's use a fraction of the power used by tungsten lights.
ECOLEDS offers a selection of sizes for your application. A 10 watt LED replaces a 100 watt standard bulb.
Retail dealer. 5/21/2007

Sunlight-Direct Indoor Solar Lighting.
Light is routed through fiber optics. Now available from Sunlight-Direct.
Archived story at PESN. 5/21/2007

Solar ChairSolar Boosted Wheel Chair.

Owner boasts a 30 minute extension of operation, along with a little shade and protection from a light rain.  5/14/2007

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Applied in Ferry System in Amsterdam2/16/2007
250KW Continuous from Hydrogen. HEC delivers their "Oxx Power, 4+1" system to customer in Toronto Canada. 1/19/2007

TeslaMotors sold out all production of the 2007 model and is taking orders for the 2008. LA Times takes the Roadster for a test drive. (with video) Rumors say a 4 door sedan is in the works too. 11/28/2006

Gorilla Hydrogen Boost - 001
Gorilla Developers offer the highest output Hydrogen Boost unit yet,
but you better have a heavy duty alternator. It draws 60 amps on startup. The company web site makes no specific H2 output claim but is rumored to be about 2.5L/minute with the 20 cell unit. More info at www.GetHydroPower.com/  11/26/2006

Hy-Drive Announces Marketing agreement for UKMaker of popular hydrogen boost sytems primarily for large trucks expands availability. 10/5/2006

Series 7 Hydrogen-Gas Dual Fuel
BMW to Start Leasing Dual Fuel Series 7 Models in April 2007. 
Models will have both Hydrogen and gasoline fuel tanks and the ability to run on either.  125 mile range on H2, and 300 on gasoline. 9/12/2006
Update: Reporters drive first production models. 11/17/2006

Hy-Drive Announces Contract to Use Its Hydrogen Boost System on Mining EquipmentCustomer tested 20 units first, confirming 27% reduction in average fuel consumption . 9/3/2006

Want a Hydrogen Hummer (toy) with your Happy Meal?  8/6/2006

Ford Hydrogen V10 - 6.8L
Ford Announces Production of V10 Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines.

Hydrogen Engine Center sells 50KW generator to Xcel Energy.  Although wind initially generates more electricity, the excess is stored as hydrogen gas, then buned in the HEC engine to produce electricity when the wind is not blowing. I thought batteries did a better job at this, but maybe I'm wrong. 7/9/2006

Hydrogen Powered Toys demonstrating solar production and hydrogen use by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. 5/19/2006

H2 Fuel Cell
Database of Vehicles already converted to run on Hydrogen.
Most are one of a kind prototypes, but some are available for purchase. 5/1/2006

Hydrogen Engine Center adds 3 cylinder engine to product line. 3/30/2006

Mazda RX Hhydrogen
Mazda Delivers First Hydrogen RX to Corporate Customers

SEC says you the public are free to invest in these companies. But they also allowed you to buy Krispie Kreme for $45/share, now $8.63, ZBest Carpets - now defunk,  Enron and many other assorted disasters from the past.  All new energy is also high risk. And as long as oil extorts record profits from us, they will make sure any new competitor has more than the usual complications reaching success.  3/18/2006

Water Fuel Museum in Lexington Kentucky displays historical information on water fuel technology. The physical museum closed in August 2006, but the website is still operational 1/1/2007

HyDrive now delivering Hydrogen boost technology for commercial trucking.
Just a small amount of hydrogen added to a conventional diesel engine makes a noticeable difference in both cleaner emissions, more power and better mileage. 2/7/2006
Update: Along with growing sales in the US, HyDrive establishes marketing in Iceland. 11/29/2006
Another company, Hydrogen Innovations LLC of Blackfoot, Idaho introduces a hydrogen boost unit to improve diesel engine performance. Note audio interview link at bottom of story. 2/18/2006
Similar Technology can be obtained by Hydrogen-Boost for your automobile. 2/21/2006

Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Bank Unveils Program to Assist Environmentaly Friendly Homes. 1/28/2006


Previous articles posted in
 2005 Energy archives

Out of service for a while:
Open Sourece Energy Network
OpenSource Energy Network

Nikola Tesla 150th Birthday July 10, 2006 Run something on AC instead of DC.
Take a color photo tour

Must Watch Videos
Free Online

Tesla: the missing secrets
Produced in 1999. 1 hr, 4 parts

How to bootleg a few watts of electricity from your phone company.
Nothing more than an LED light or 2, current capacity is zilch.  10/14/2007

Double Helix Exectrolyzer design.

Roy McAliser discusses engine conversion to Hydrogen.
Both ignition and diesel type engines. A teaser for Knowledge Publications. Series parts 1 - 1010/1/2007

Ravi from India explains his attempted replication of Stanley Meyers process.
10:53 mins 10/1/2007

The unique properties of Browns Gas,
versus other combinations of Hydrogen and Oxygen are explained in this rather low quality but informative video. 10/1/2007

Illustration of lightening striking a car with occupant.
5 mins, posted Feb 9, 2007

Disclosure Project updated interviews 
1 hr posted July 26, 2006

The late Dr. Bob Beck delivered a health lecture you will never forget in 1997. 
Presented at the Granada Forum, explained known cures for AIDS, Lupus, Cancer and many other ailments. The method was entirely electronic, not herbal or pharmaceutical. The documents he refers to can be found in .pdf form here.   2 hrs. 7/22/2007

Stan Meyer & Charlie Holbrook
The day they first got the dune buggy to run totally on water for over 4 minutes. 7/17/2007

Several assorted  short clips, some old, some new.

The movie:
Brazil  Bizarre film released by Universal in the 80's, but frightenly prophetic. 2 min intro

Phillip Schneider lecture
given in 1996,  6 months before being murdered. Posted January 13, 2007  1:10:00

Musical Tesla Coil 
approx 3 mins

Josef Newman, 820 % efficiency device
Excellent summary of many years of reasearch. 1:11:43 posted August 2006

Iraq For Sale. 
Expose' on Halliburton.
Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 
Note: Audio level is quite low on all posted segments, you may need extra amplification.  Full quality DVD available at Iraqforsale.org/

Chris Paine
, director of "Who Killed the Electric Car?", interviewed on PBS.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three 

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, explains ties of oil with banking for world power.
3 parts HearTheVoices.com
Posted 11/9/2006

Stan Meyer addresses a conference in Colorado Springs.
Date = sometime in 1993. Report by local TV station 11 mins Posted 3/6/2007.
Additional clips posted April 2007.
Clip one  44 mins
Clip Two  44 mins
Clip Three  12 mins

Clip from
The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln,
Switzerland in 1989.  9 mins

Energy Non-Crisis - Linsey Williams 10 min clip from several part series. Posted Jan. 14 2007

Phenomenon: Cold Fusion -
Epiphany Productions, 2000 Contains excerpts from "Cold Fusion: Fire from Water"

Classic video lecture given by controversial William Cooper
, probably at MUFON convention, Las Vegas, 1989.  Mr. Cooper confuses fallen angels with space aliens, but his research inside government is legendary.

Tom Bearden short clip on vortex energy and promo for series of videos. Posted 1/18/2007

Stan Meyer himself describes his efficient electrolysis process.  Posted  Dec. 3, 2006

William Lyne discusses monotomic hydrogen and diatomic hydrogen and a way to obtain excess energy from both.
Posted Dec. 6 2006

Tody's quality high school chemistry teacher.
Who needs safety equipment when you're just lucky? 1/27/2007

Hydrogen Cars
as available today. posted 1/10/2007, 6 mins

UK documentary
illustrates how grossly inefficient current energy creation and distribution systems are. 18 mins. 1/19/2007

Jordan Maxwell clip explains Admiralty law better than any I've heard. Not directly about energy, but definitely explains the politics behind its problems. 17 mins 1/19/2007

Hollywood Actor BillyJack makes argument for use of biofuels ASAP. 1/4/2007

Japanese Water Car: All Japanese narration, but the images say a lot. Company website, also in Japanese but translatable. posted 12/10/2006  3:31 mins

Secrets of the 3rd Reich - Nazi ties to the occult and advanced UFO technology - the term "alternative energy" had a darker meaning to the Nazis 57:29 mins

A little MIB humor in this Energy Bar commercial

Solar Energy Commercial.
This is the free energy the monopolies will let us talk about.

George Carlin, vulgar yet poignant and technically accurate: Who Really Controls America posted July 14, 2006 5:10 segment from 90 min pay TV special

Security camera captures world's worst Laptop repair technician.

Flashback 1978: Jack Nicholson promotes a Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen Hummers
The GM version  4:24 mins
Intergalactic Hydrogen vers. 14 mins

Tom Bearden discusses the accomplishments of Tesla
Posted Sept. 11, 2006 1hr 23mins

Tesla, The Genius Who Lit the World Posted September 10, 2006,  produced 1994.  42 mins

Nikola Tesla, The Life and Times of a Forgotten Genius
Part 1  17 mins
Part 2  not posted

Perendev & Bedini Motor models demonstrated at the 2005 Tesla Extraordinary Energy Conference posted March 5 2006

Free Energy-The Race to Zero Point 1997

Anti Gravity - Stan Deyo: recorded at the Ancient of Days conference 2005 Roswell New Mexico - This video has been removed from Google, possibly copyright issues. The ORIGINAL DVD can be purchased at ancientofdays.net.

Brown's Gas - Additional Properties - Dan Haley early 90's

It Runs on Water
Stan Meyer's Last Interview
Stan's segment
Full 50 minutes 1995


Current View
Joe Cell videos - list

William Lyne on Free Energy and Nazi UFOs -
Author of 3 books on alternative energy, bizarre theology, but pretty accurate historical and scientific references - even scientific and math books have been corrupted.

Free Energy -
 Another Inconvenient Truth

Free Energy from
dissimilar metals 
Prt 1   Prt 2

Solid State (no moving parts) Free Energy device Steven Mark
Parts:  1    2    3    4    5


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