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The Word of God
Holy Bible - KJV
Eternal Salvation
By God's Word

  • God Did Create The Universe
  • God Did Speak to Man With His Scripture, The Holy Bible
The written word of God is the only reliable method man has to determine his eternal destiny.  Otherwise, who can determine one opinion over another?  Any man's word is as subjective as another's.  Scripture has stood the test of time.  Opinions come and go with the wind.

In God's word, we learn of a battle of the ages between the creator of truth, God's word and the father of lies, Satan.  If Satan could pervert God's message to us, we would all be in bad shape.  God is not the author of confusion.  That implies that Satan is. 

Biblical scholarship should not be a monopoly held by people who use large words.  It is God's message to all of us with no exceptions, other than to those who would pervert what He actually said.

Please educate yourself by learning what Les Garret has discovered regarding the current translations of the Word of God we Christians revere so dearly.

A columnist's report on Les Garret's findings

The Les Garret website

Secret Societies

Look who all share the same ideals.
Both belong to Skull & Bones
Bush Kerry - Skull & Bones
And this hand signal means what?
Clinton hand signal Bush hand signal

Maybe it means the same as this sign,
 but do it twice...
Bush Finger
BushFingerBush Finger-3
Kerry Finger
These 4 are active members of
the Council on Foreign Relations
Dick Cheney Biull & Hillary Clinton Condolezza Rice
These 4 were all members of
the Masonic Lodge
Yes, even Josef Stalin
Churchil Roosevelt Stalin Harry Truman
The country of Ukraine FORBIDS any political official to belong to the Masonic Lodge, a secret society.  But strangely, in the US, it is almost a prerequisit to have some secret inside contact to either get a high government job or big government contract.  Lockheed and Boeing have had Masonic leaders for years.  It's a pretty good assumption who controls the oil industry too.

And another strange bedfellow issue.  What do Mormons and Southern Baptists have in common?  Of a million and a half Masons in the US, over half are Baptists.  A sizeable portion of those are PASTORS.  Why is the Mormon religion so strange as far as secret oaths and layererd membership?  Joseph Smith was a Mason.  He structured the entire religion after the Masons.  Most importantly worshipping many gods instead of the One True God.

The Masonic Lodge issued a decree in 1928 telling members to infiltrate all churches and liberalize doctrine.  The Masons have a different word for God.  They call him the architect of the universe.  Excuse me, but an architect is merely a hired hand.  God CREATED the universe.  No architect can create anything but drawings on paper.

Continued: next column

Gold and the Love of Money
Scripture tells us the love of money is the root of all evil.

Experience teaches us the lack of money is the root of all compromise.

Gold is not an investment,Hording Gold? and should never be treated as such, for scripture warns us not to put our faith in gold. It is merely another form of money. One that is admittedly less subject to arbitrary revaluation, but not totally immune to that either. Roosevelt confiscated gold once, exchanging it for his fiat currency.  It could happen again just as easily.

Luke 6:34, 35 discusses investment with your money exhorting one to "...lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great..."

Investing in righteous humans to go out and accomplish good works in Christ's name are the best "investments" to "store up your riches where rust and moth do not corrupt."  Stock in a small company run by someone you know personally to be righteous is therefore more valuable than gold, because it has the potential of doing good works.  Gold just sits there and becomes an expensive burden to store safely.

Is Your Head In TheSand Too?
What's in your sand hole?
DVD, Wide Screen, HDTV, 5.1 Surround Sound?
250 Channel Cable, 500  Channel Satellite?
Dial up, Broadband?
LA Times, USA Today, People Magazine?

And your mobile sand hole?
AM / FM / XM / CD / MP3 / DVD / Cassette / Cell / OnStar / GPS?
No problem.
Things are not evil by themselves.

But what are they TUNED to?

75% of All Media in the US
is Owned by only 5 Corporations.
One of these owns almost 2000 radio stations.
How Do You Know What They DON'T Tell You?

You  Have to Look Elsewhere
And Discern for Yourself
directly controls your mind.
The choice is yours.

This page reports on issues that are discussed nationally on either talk radio or streaming internet web sites, but never on TV.
We provide links to sites where you can research and confirm all these claims yourself. 

Please don't stay in the dark. 

Your entire future is at stake by merely not taking the time to listen.

Is US Nuking the World?

Depleted Uranium
If asked, the only nuclear war the United States is generally accused of fighting would be against Japan by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  But ever since the US started using depleted uranium in its ordinary bullets and tank fighting shells, we have been leaving radioactive uranium dust in many countries in amounts that stagger the mind. 

Nuclear scientist Leuren Moret reports we have left the equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki sized bomb's worth of radiation in Iraq since Gulf War One.  We have also left dangerous amounts in Kosovo and Serbia during the Clinton years.  Neither political party is exempt from the blame.  Our own soldiers are returning with serious radiation poisoning, which goes unreported in the major media and denied by Veterans health officials.

Leuren's research is reported at

Here is a Flash montage that illustrates the urgency and danger of the issue. 

And if you wonder what Chernobyl looks like now, 18 years after the event, this report by a young lady named Elena will likely bring you to tears.

The late inventor Yull Brown offered a technolgy to the US Nuclear community in the mid-90's which was capable of neutralizing radioactivity from nuclear waste.  They declined his offer.  2 reasons are speculated:
1.  There is more bureaucratic and corporate profit to be made storing waste than making it harmless.
2.  The US and ANY of all countries using nuclear power, do so only to make weapon grade uranium.  They need the generated waste for only that purpose.

Secret Societies...  continued from left column

The first commandment is to have no other gods before Him.  Any Masonic Baptist is an oxymoron, a self-cursing total fraud and has no business in leadership.  He is there to devour the sheep, not feed them.

The protestant wing of Christianity is not the only church polluted by Masonic intervention.  The Catholic church has been infiltrated for years as reported by

Historian Robert Goldsborough uncovered this dismal fact.  The state department in WWII was infiltrated with communist sympathisers.  Thank Masonic member and globalist-liberal Roosevelt for letting this happen.  The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were selected by the state department as the 2 nuclear targets.  Much fact -twisting historical fluff has claimed those 2 cities were producing military weapons, hense were chosen for only that reason.  But Robert Goldsborough discovered from the American director of foreign evangelism for the Catholic Church where the 2 greatest populations of Japanese Christians were at during WWII... Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Truman, though claiming to be a Baptist, was a 33rd degree Mason.  Another oxymoron.  Ask any missionary today, Japan is still one of the most difficult cultures to reach with the Gospel.  Consider the suicide bomber concept started with Kamakasi pilots.  Islam repeats the demented philosophy today.  But in the late 30's there was at least an attempted foothold to promote truth in the country of Japan.  A Mason's decission stopped it.

The US Supreme court lost majority vote control to Masons in the 50's.  Wonder why such outrageous decissions for the next 50 years? Prayer? Abortion? 

American and world politics won't makeBrotherhood of Darkness - Dr. Stanley Monteith any sense until you understand what's going on behind the rhetoric. Dr. Stanley Monteith has invested years of research into this topic and compiled his findings in the book "Brotherhood of Darkness." He also shares his wisdom on a daily radio show at

Additionally, Alex Jones at provides more daily radio informaiton about secret society interaction to advance the New World Order agenda.  You will never understand the insane actions of people in our government which go against any logic or moral guideline that sensible people would follow, until you understand the demonic control these organizations have over their membership.

Professional Pride?
Professional Pride?

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Major Solar Flares
Major Solar Flares


The sky is not falling,
But things are sure falling from the sky.

Starting in February 2003 our sun has been pummeled by a parade of incoming comets from a generally southern direction.  Each impact has generated enormous solar flares.  Some Flares were off the scale, overloading all of NASA's satellite sensors.  The only astrophysicist reporting on this has been Jim McCanney.  Sites that should be saying something have been strangely silent.

You owe it to yourself and the safety of others to place Jim's site on your daily check list.  Also listed here are the world's major observatories which could break their silence at any time.
Comet seen by Nasa's SOHO satellite
One of many incoming comets.
This one 4/17/2004

Water as Fuel

It has been possible to fuel an automobile with simple tap water for years. 
Stanley Meyer with converted dune buggy
Stanley Meyer from Ohio obtained 3 US patents to do this in 1990.  He was murdered on March 21, 1998. He had just finished a documentary for a British journalist and offered his process to the Pentagon and British Rayal Navy.   His converted dune buggy could get 100 mpg using  tap water as fuel. He had just been  approved for a $50 million grant to put his technology into production. 

Daniel Dingle with converted Toyota
Daniel Dingle from the Phillippines developed a different method to accomplish the same feat.  But he got strong armed by the International Monetary Fund who forbid him from ever manufacturing his technology for public consumption.  At least Mr. Dingle is still alive. The IMF has massive oil stock holdings and forbids ANY country that borrows money from them to ever compete with any of their holdings. 

Daniel was visited by representatives from Honda and BMW.  Apparently they also feared reprisals by IMF and although confirming his technology, chose not to use it themselves.

The corrupt oil industry has rallied behind any faulty alternative energy technology that ultimately leads to more consumption of oil.  But true alternatives like these found by Dingle and Meyer are stifled. CommuteFaster maintains an ENERGY page that stays on top of genuine alternative energy technologies.  Please bookmark it and check it at least once a week.

Peak Oil
Over 5 billion people's lives are at risk of being exterminated within the next 15 years.  Occult based secret societies actually want this to happen.  They will use the world's addiction to a faulty source of energy, crude oil to accomplish this diabolical goal unless good people intervene.  Historian Dr. Henry Makow reveals who is behind this world domination through oil. 

But don't get too depressed. There are solutions, as described in the column above, provided investment money starts flowing toward genuine clean technology, not the same old elitist's hype.   Please check out the latest in truly innovative energy technologies at 
CommuteFaster ENERGY and start putting your investments and savings where it will do humanity some good

Rock the Vote?
Satanic philosophy has so permeated American society and culture as to create the dumbest generation in world history.  How can you "rock the vote" and accomplish anything by electing the SAME CRIMINAL POLITICIANS that made the 20th century the bloodiest in the history of mankind? 

While claiming concern for the poor, the Democrats signed NAFTA and GATT which sent hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas, destroying American middle class.

While claiming to be pro-life, the Republicans authorized millions of dollars to promote and pay for abortions.  While claiming family values, George Bush appointed more homosexuals in high offices than Bill Clinton did.

Both parties cater to wealthy elite rather than follow our constitution.

The lesser of two evils is always still evil.

Exceptionally well researched historical facts about the growth of the New World Order agenda can be found at Dr. Henry Makow's site.

A political party that often runs true Christian candidates is the Constitution Party, but you will find it heavily supported by cult leader Sun Yun Moon.   The only answer is to MAKE  EVERY POLITICIAN live up to their promises.

Never judge a candidate by their words.  Always judge a candidate by their actions.

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