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This is what mandatory vaccines do to an industry and a country.

Pilot Deaths


As pilots die in their cockpits from fatal reactions to the Covid phony vax bioweapons, otherwise healthy athletes also drop dead on their playing fields.

This is demonic to the core. The world's health system has been handed over to Satan.  11/23/2021

There is much debate among Christians as to whether the Covid mRNA injections are the Mark of The Beast or not. Watch this 15 minute video and judge for yourself.

Divine Image Destroyed10/23/2021

In the first 7 minutes of this episode of TruNews, Rick Wiles demonstrates China controls both Biden and Trump. Follow the money to each of them.  GAB is still my social media site of choice. 10/23/2021

Electric Vehicle pioneer, Jack Rickard passed away on August 31, 2020. Jack was founder of EVTV and produced many highly educational videos. My apologies for posting this so late, but personal computer problems have prevented me from watching the many videos on his channel. 10/9/2021

Blood Clots from Covid vaccinated peron

Very unpleasant images of the blood from Covid vaccinated people versus regular healthy blood. Astounding anyone is still alive even for minutes. 9/30/2021

Innoculated versus Non-Innoculated blood

Vaxxed versus Unvaxxed blood

Dr. Ryan M Cole MD autopsy results from Covid vaccine deaths

Dr. Ryan Cole from Mayo Clinic reports autopsy reports from people who died from various Covid vaccines and calls for the immediate end of all Covid Vax.

17 min video9/30/2021

The medication Remdesiver was developed in a military bioweapon lab. It is NOT SAFE for ANYONE. Dr. Lee Merrit explains in this interview with Dr. Ted Broyer.  MP3 58 mins

Sane, legitimate doctors call for a worldwide halt on all Covid vaccinations. Thousands are dying around the world from the vax, Not From Covid!  9/26/2021

Any human with a soul cannot possibly ignore all the deaths and serious adverse affects listed here. ALL the Covid vaccines are a DEADLY SCAM.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny both explains the problem and issues a warning to any Christian falling for this junk science.

The germ theory since Louis Pasteur has been flawed. Covid vax immunity fraud explained in 19 minutes.

Who has promoted this deadly fraud on the world? If Nuremburg or the French Revolution are referenced this could be the resulting action by the survivors.

Warning: the majority of those vaccinated are expected to die between October and December 2021, UNLESS a way to stop the demonic spike protein is both found and made available to the masses deceived by politicians. Just remember, Trump took a huge political donation from Pfizer in the 2020 election. And the CCP already owned Biden. 8/24/2021

State of the Nation interviewed the Freemason inventor of Graphene Oxide. He says those who take it inside their vaccine have a maximum of ten years to live, but most will die much sooner.

Professor James McCanney spent most of his 8/12/2021 program explaining just how evil Graphene Oxide really is. 8/14/2021

Every race of human has a small segment of degenerates who don't represent that race or any human. Tragically these psychopaths love to weasel their way into power. Jews are no exception. Look what small Talmud/Zohar/Kaballah cult is making all the insane lying decisions at CDC.

CDC cult leaders

An when you can find 5 hours to learn how all the evil secret societies on Earth, joined by several other races, uniteded their power into the Tavistock Institute, this lecture by Dr. John Coleman is extremely educational.


Stew Petrs interviews Dr. Davin Martin

Stew Peters interviews Dr. David Martin reviewing Anthony Fauci's trail of mal-intent to harm as many people as possible and get filthy rich doing so. 7/25/2021

Nissan sued for dangerous EMF levels to passengers in the Leaf. Will Tesla be next?  7/25/2021

Nurse relates experiences with cross contamination from vaxxed to non-vaxxed. 7/17/2021 

Del Bigtree interviews former vaccine promoter working for Bill Gates. The mRNA vax destroys your natural immune system. 7/17/2021

Astrazeneca injection reacts to Bluetooth

Covid injections showng reaction with Bluetooth. 5/26/2021

Even the Russian Sputnik version found tracking victims.

Indian man shows jab triggering an LED light. 5/26/2021

Pfizer and Moderna Covid injection ingredients. Click on image to enlarge. 5/19/2021

Don't Inject This


When ignored scripture alllows Satanic Money to control governments, business and everyone's health, the world now sees the result.  34 min message from Dr. Ted Broer. 5/16/2021

Covid injections by both Moderna and Pfizer react to refrigertor magnets, stud finders, and metal detectors. This hour long video provides too many video proofs to count. At the end you learn the injected location also reacts to an RF meter.

This is serious. Jim Stone makes this comment:

"I have definitely figured out why the covid vaccine is causing blood clots

They are claiming the spike protein does it and yada yada. That's not it at all. The real reason why the covid vaccine is causing blood clots is because the only readily available metal in your body is the iron in the blood, and the vaccine has nanobots that are attacking the blood to get that iron so they can build something with it. And your body has been re-programmed genetically after the shot to produce more nanobots, which attack the blood more.

The shot is the most sinister thing ever done out in the open, while in secret." 5/15/2021

Mark McCandlish

Popular speaker at the Break Through Energy Movement Conferences, Mark McCandlish passed away April 13, 2021. 5/2/2021

When kids grow up on Dungeons and Dragons, then find Rothschild investment money as adults, this is what we end up with. 14 min video on CERN technology and those behind it. 5/2/2021

Each mask you wear reduces Oxygen by 25% and enhances your own bateria growth. Then take a look at Chinese quality control of new masks under a microscope. 5/2/2021

Shedding of mRNA side effects from Covid vaccinated women causing medical problems to nearby people who have NOT been vaccinated. 4/21/2021


Some cause blood clots. Some cause STERILITY! The mRNA variety is now showing cross contamination of shedding to those who had NOT been vaccinated.

Clif High explains the grotesque consequences of vaccine shedding.

It now appears the infamous FEMA camps may have to house the unsuspecting suckers who took the vaccine in their remaining months of life to prevent killing off the entire human race. 4/20/2021

The New American reports evidence that Fauci and CDC are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide. 4/15/2021

Honorary Dr. Sonne Ward, nuclear physicist passed away March 18, 2021 at age 78. Sonne is the only person known to have successfully neutralized a small sample of Plutonium while working at Rocky Flats Colorado in the 1990's. His security clarance was immediately revoked. The DOE wants more nuke material for bombs and has no desire to neutralize waste. Sonne stood always ready to prove his process again for the US government, but like many inventors, government bureaucracy outlives good ideas. His obituary. 3/29/2021

The long planned Communist takeover of the United States by JewsInSuits. Actually Jews in white or black robes, pretending to be Catholics. 3/12/2021

Mark Zuckerberg caught on camera admitting the Covid vaccine changes one's DNA.  3/2/2021

Why were Ashlie Babbit's remains cremated3/3/2021

Once Were the Living: a sobering and frightening documentary of how corrupt and dangerous medicine has become since the Covid fiasco began. 2/23/2021

Smartphone hazards have not gone away. ALWAYS carry your phone either OFF or in AIRPLANE MODE.

NEVER carry it in your pocket with any applicaiton running.

This video shows what EMF Spikes you get when you do.  2/20/2021

Thousands of people are dropping dead as soon as 20 minutes after receiving the phony Covid Vaccine.  Dana Ashlie reviews initial reactions reported by many medical professionals.

The Covid Test is also proving to be as dangerous as the vaccine.  2/18/2021

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test said Fauci is a total fraud to use it for Covid.  2/6/2021

ALL Pandemics in the last 150 years were immediately preceded by a new Electronic Technology. From starting the Power Grid, to 5G, some new disease emerged shortly thereafter. And this includes the infamous Spanish Flu of 1918!

Summary by Tom Cowan MD tells is all.

It will take years to resolve this problem with safer power and communication technologies. Until then, humanity's only hope is to stregthen their immunie system with adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 and drink plenty of water to detox one's system from all the known poisons in the environment that weaken the body. 1/24/2021

A friend of Larry King Jr. posted this on GAB regarding Covid and vaccine. 1/24/2021 

Did Larry King get the Covid vaccine?

Facebook sells all your personal data to ANYONE. We recommend an honest chat board run by an Orthodox Christian.


CIA funded pervert


A Startup Shuts down.

Las Vegas had hope of new tech startups replacing the local multi-billion dollar convention industry... until Tony Hsieh died. 1/16/2021

Communist Antifa invaded the capitol building

Deranged psychopath Bill Gates sees the human body as just hardware to control with his operating systems.  No mention that it is just as vulnerable to viruses as his Windows system, requireing frequent "updates" and there is growing evidence that any vaccine Gates has been involved with causes sterility in both men and women. Catherine Austin Fitts explains his joint effort with world banks to take control of every human on earth.
Brendon O'Connel adds some important details Catherine didn't mention.

Can it get any worse?

2020 was so bad, my cat started biting his nails.
 Nervous Nail Biting Cat
Will 2021 be any less stressful?


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Important reports from the past
  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies

This 15 minute segment from the Dr. Ted Broer M-F talk show pretty well summarizes the year 2021. 12/24/2021

Ghislaine Maxwell tie to the Atlantic

- - -

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is a political setup to let the guilty run free. Commentary by Rick Wiles of TruNews explains. 14 Min Mp3 12/5/2021

Baal Gates couldn't kill enough people fast enough with his bio weapons so some demon in the Department of Energy just gave him a license to run a NUKE PLANT in Wyoming. It will be sodium cooled.

Remember, it was a sodium cooled reactor in the Rocketdyne Santa Susana facility that FAILED and MELTED DOWN in 1959.  11/23/2021 


State of the Nation describes how all governments have now declared war against their own citizens.

- - -

Clif High describes the same problem in this 33 minute video.

- - -

NWO mouthpiece Greta Thunberg says it in 16 words. 10/31/2021

Greta Thunberg

From South Africa comes the most inspirational message we've heard all year.

South Africa Supreme Court

They are challenging their president, the World Health Organization and even their own Central Bank for financing all the Covid Insanity with no proof of an emergency. This sets a precedent for ALL the countries of the world to follow.  10/5/2021

Doug Hagmann and Ted Broer

Doug Hagmann and Dr. Ted Broer discuss why people take ludicrous orders from a lying government. 9/30/2021

The bastard demon spawn of Democracy with Patrick Wood's "Technocracy" is the Dominion Voting Machine. Made in China with internet access, it makes vote flipping possible by anybody from anywhere in the world.

Dominion Voting Machines

With it, both national elections and even state recalls become a bad joke.

On January 6, 2021 over a half million US Citizens went to Washington DC to tell Nancy Pelosi face to face that she was ruining our country. She responded by having the PUBLIC BUILDING of the Capitol locked up for HER OWN PERSONAL USE. She and the pedophile Biden Family ran an insurrection to take down the constitutional Republic of the United States and install their Bolshevik Communism. General Miley, the Supreme Court, and Mike Pence joined them. 

The biggest mistake made by Donald Trump while in office was to allow Anthony Fauci any credibility. Fauci has none. Co-workers identify him as a blatant liar pushing his own patents into mass vaccination of experimental and deadly substances on a public that thought it could trust their government's advice. But the Biden Administration chose to CONTINUE Trumps greatest crime. Pharmacy owns both parties in the US, and uses Dominion to enforce their Bullshit Quack Science and bogus snake oils.

Fauci belongs behind bars


Rich celebrities making fools of themselves.  8/29/2021

Question: does being a Sephardi Jew have anything to do with Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla, possibly influencing the CDC to rush FDA approval of their totally unproven, and grossly mislabeled Covid vaccine? Image reference

And what about Pfizer board member, Scott Gottlieb having formerly worked for FDA himself? Any conflict of interest? 8/24/2021

Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were all Jewish and led Stalin to kill millions via Communism.

All the Prime Ministers of Isael since 1948 came from Soviet Communism countries or familes who followed it. (List starts at 3:50) 

Henry Makow lists the 59 dual citizen Israelies in the Bolshevik Biden administration. The left column here shows how many run CDC with its bogus junk medical science. 8/14/2021

The Emperor Has No Corona. Explicit, detailed video showing no one has isolated an actual Corona 19 virus to know just what they are vaccinating for. 8/10/2021

250 Deaths got swine flu vaccine removed. But this insane administration doesn't care about over 11 thousand deaths in the US alone from vaccine adverse reactions. World wide nearing 45,000. 8/7/2021

Many LEGITIMATE and sane medical professionals are speaking out against this phony vaccine and the deaths caused by its mRNA spike protein. Here are only a few:

White Coat Summit

Dr. Craig M. Wax


Attorney Thomas Renz files lawsuits in several states to STOP the deadly Covid vaccinations which have caused 45,000 deaths so far.

Interviews with Sarah Westhall:

Part one,  Part two. 7/25/2021

Sicilian mobster Fauci left a TRAIL of PATENT NUMBERS proving he misguided everyone since 2003 or earlier. Dr. David Martin provides exhaustive details of the fraud. 7/17/2021

Dr. Jane Ruby discovers a magnetic ingredient is likley being used in some of the Covid vaccines. 12 mins 6/10/2021

Dr. Jane Ruby interviewed by Stew Peters

Mike Adams/HealthRanger interviews Dr. Judy Mikovitz. Not even flu vaccines are safe anymore.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz interviewed by Mike Adams 

41 mins  6/10/2021

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The financial and health problems of the world are Spiritual more than anything.

Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 


Any guess how long the Freemasons have been planning this ScamDemic? Watch this very old 2 minute cartoon.  6/2/2021

Freemasons have always been a social cover to pure Satanism. This 5 hour documentary by a former member will point out details you never heard anywhere else. Full length on Rumble.

When secret handshakes and hand signs control: banking, most all media, aerospace and even medicine, how can honest people survive? By following the true Jesus Christ, not religious frauds and smooth talking politicians. Maybe the reason Trump would not fire Fauci is both were in the club. The entire Plandemic stinks of power control, not medicine or health. 5/26/2021

Fauci showng hidden hand at White House

Did Elon sell his soul to get the SpaceX contracts with government? 5/26/2021

Elon showing Devil Horns

A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon, and why he resigned from Pfizer58 minute video

Last words. 5/19/2021

India's publich health Ambassador

Putting medical staff and military as first to get experimental injections will leave America with a sick medical industry and half dead, sick military unable to defend even themselves, much less a country.

Bill Clinton began stuffing B.F'ing queers and Bolsheviks into the military 20 years ago. 20 year career staffers are now retiring. This leaves us with the current traitorous joint chiefs of staff who continue the purge of straights by firing a new Space Force commander when he points out the dangerous Communist influences in military recruitment. 5/19/2021

The Democrat Platform has always had the substance of a lizard fart.

Democrat Platform

The Green Environmental movement is corrupt money supporting junk science. This informative short video explains where Vegan Margarine comes from.  5/2/2021

All Positive Test results from the Covid PCR Test are FRAUDULENT!  They were showing Influenza A or B, NOT COVID 19!

1500 test results prove this. Seven Universities are now suing CDC for FRAUD. 4/15/2021

It's not one PLANdemic, it's a series!

Alex Jones does an indepth report on SPARS that is planned to be introduced by this Bolshevik - Depopulation -Medical system this fall. 90 mins.

Anything Bill Gates is involved with causes sterility in both men and women.  4/7/2021

Nobody has died from Covid 19. Every alleged Covid death was intentionally mis labeled. ALL were either a Vitamin D deficiency, or they were so close to death from something else, a mosquito bite would have killed them.

Dr Fauci is a medical fraud using government to push his patented snake oil on humanity. Has he now gotten his thugs to rough up those working to expose him as was done by American Airlines against Dr. Judy Mikovitz at Santa Barbara airport? 3/29/2021

The country of Israel today has no correlation to any "chosen" people of the Bible. Yet it mis-uses biblical terms to hide their crimes.

Jonathan Pollard is proof one.

Dabbling with insane biology is an insult to human creation.  3/29/2021

Behind every powerful man is ... or better termed, Behinid every Super Villain ...

or in Batman terms, What do you get when the Penguin marries Catwoman?

A Pre-nup aggreement just surfaced you need to hear about. Pay close attention to what the late Sheldon Adelson said just before he died.

Scroll to the 19:35 point to begin this astounding story.  3/12/2021

 Registered Nurse describes the Fauci Flu Fiasco accurately. The disease is incorrectly described. The vaccines are fraudulent.  3/2/2021

Dr. Simone Gold of FrontLineDoctors was invaded at home by a 20 member FBI SWAT team just for taking a stand against vaccine fraud.  2/23/2021


Texas took a stand against the election theft and suddenly their grid gets turned off during a blizzard. Idiot main streem press blaming frozen wind turbines but ignoring the REAL NUMBERS.  2/18/2021

Several Insurance Companies got no-bid contracts simply by making large donations to corrupt Governor Newsom of California. 2/18/2021

The Mike Lindell documentary proving massive fraud in the 2020 US Federal election, Absolute Proof, has been deleted on many platforms. It can be seen on his own website. 2/20/2021

- - -

The attempt at organized chaos at the capitol was a failure.  Using a BLM extremist with live ammunition was beyond stupid.

Ashlie Babbit did get killed.  

22 minutes summary of the Capitol shooting on January 6, 2021. 

America and the world are under a massive Bolshevik takover, orchestrated by ISRAEL via Mossad and owned assets. 2/6/2021

Masks and Anti-Social distancing are tools of political control and have NOTHING to do with competent, professional medicine.

If a national program had gotten everyone's Vitamin D3 level up to a healthy level in December 2019, NOBODY WOULD HAVE DIED FROM COVID in 2020 or 2021! And the world would still have an economy.

No intelligent medical professional believes masks stop a virus. Any who claim they do are medical frauds.

Prove it to yourself. Begin taking 5,000 to 10,000 iu/day of any brand of D3 and tell me what you came down sick with. You won't be sick of anything but political lies.  CF/ed


87 year old owner of the 7,000 room Las Vegas hotel, the Venetian, Sheldon Adelson sends Mossad spy Jonathan Pollard to Israel on his privat jet.

Then he dies 12 days later. 1/16/2021

Bolsheviks now run TV news.

Twisted news


Pence gets his symbolic 30 pieces of silver, a Masonic handshake, and an elbow bump from Pelosi the drunk. 1/9/2021

One owner two parties

Bolshevik bankers own both parties.


Pelosi's son in law with Viking guy 1-6-2021

Pelosi's son in law led the group of paid actors to invade the Capitol Building. Paid for by who? Not Trump. Trump had thousands of peacefull demonstrators unable to be heard.


The Israeli/Mossad spy network has taken control of many governments. This didn't happen overnight. Brendon O'Connel has been attempting to warn everyone for years.

The Israeli/Mossad spy, Jonathon Pollard gets released back to Israel and is welcomed by Netanyahu like a hero. Netanyanhu gets standing ovations speaking to congress. Who owns who?  1/4/2021

The best way to get clean energy implemented is make it illegal for bankers or politicians to be involved. Because whenever they do, zillions of dollars poor into bogus projects.  1/1 2021

 Gavin Newsom - Bolshevik Banker Puppet




Started 6/27/2020 Still in progress 2021


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Christmas comet Leonard 2021. Extra long tail. Comet Leonard - Michael Jaeger

Burst of Blue/Green energy as it interracted with Venus.

Comet Leonard -  Gerald Rhemann - Interraction with Venus

Photos from SpaceWeather.com 12/24/2021

Electric Aircraft become reality.

Rolls Royce sets single engine speed record.

Rolls Royce Spirit of Aviation

DHL buys 12 Eviation electric planes for cargo delivery.

Eviation Alice Electric


Personal VTOL Vehicle: Jetson One.  Based on toy drone tech, it's a drone you can ride on. But with no heat or airconditionng, it's as impractical as a motorcycle. YT video  10/23/2021

A SANE and Brilliant Jewish Doctor, Dr. Zelenko explains matters about Covid to a group of Orthodox Jews. 8/14/2021

Volks Wagen really did make a 206 mpg car in 2014. 200 were sold in Europe, none to the US. Doug DeMuro reviews one. 7/17/2021

Next generation night vision. What fool would give Communists this level of technology? The Democrats did. 5/26/2021

Rhetorical question: Which causes more burning of coal? Tesla's electric cars or Bitcoin mining? A lot of finger pointing hides the answer.  5/15/2021

Vitamins to prevent catching Covid 19

Common. cheap, Vitamin supplements that keep you healthy during the Covid PlanDemic. 2/18/2021

All you have to do is just look at it. The James McCanney Wing Generator obviously grabs more wind energy than any 3 blade design.

James McCanney Wing Generator system


Purchase Bitcoin at a Kiosk near you

Coinme Bitcoin vending kiosks


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Electric Boats & Watercraft

Air & Water Purification

JimMcCanney Water Filters

Tri-Oxy Ozone treatment

Vollara O3 and UV light

Manufacturer of Iron Phosphate Batteries:

Power-Sonic, Reno NV

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store
Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 

Keshe Foundation* Group of links

*Disclaimer: Early research by Mehran Keshe showed some interesting promise. But after declaring himself messiah, his 4 hour long teaching videos are now mostly incoherent ramblings of some strange religious philosophy, nothing about why his theories work or how to make them work. We provide links here for anyone to research on their own 

We acquired one of his Pain Pens, and saw no productive results. So most of this medical claims are just empty claims. 

Manipulation of mass, is another aspect requiring scientific control rather than philosophical claims backed only by emotion. His implication that anyone can just make critical components at home in their kitchen, and obtain consistent results is simply absurd.

Tied to his religious philosophy, recent videos imply his "spaceships" will be controlled mentally, and only by those following his religious beliefs.  It should be brought to everyone's attention, Mehran Keshe is not the first to make this claim.  Otis T. Carr said something similar. And there are still people alive today who claim it actually flew. Ralph Ring is one of them.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.


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