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David Icke points out one scary issue that all religions on Earth seem to agree. 35 mins from a 2 hour lecture. 12/20/2022

The documentary Died Suddenly reveals a bioweapon has been released on humanity. These are NOT vaccines by the old definition we all grew up with.  12/8/2022

The Covid vax not only contains peptides of 36 different snake and marine creature venoms, the biolabs figured a way to make your body REPLICATE them inside your body. PLEASE listen to the full hour as Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Bryan Ardis explain the extremely complex methods used to turn what we used to trust into the worst bioweapon in the history of mankind.

EVERYONE who took any Covid vaccination and showed no side effects just won a game of Russian Roulette by actually getting a saline placebo, and NOT THE REAL THING.

Follow up interview: Dr. Jane Ruby, Dr. Bryan Ardis, and Health Ranger Mike Adams.


News sites may as well be called snuff sites. State of the Nation posts over 30 minutses of videos of people dropping dead after receiving the Covid vax and likely interacting with 5G.

Video One,  video two

This exorcism video likely explains the roots of who Big Pharma works for.  

A New Zealand funeral director reports 95% of incoming bodies had gotten the Covid vax within 2 weeks prior.


The protein/metalic clots formed by mRNA Covid vax are being found to cause a deadly reaction to the 5G frequency range.

This frightening 4 minute video shows the deadly interaction of the two components. 9/29/2022

3 Blade wind generator design continues to kill and mame Eagles and other fying creatures. 9/29/2022

Repost from 2021.

This is why NO Christian or agnostic has any business messing with a government recommended experimental medication.

There is much debate among Christians as to whether the Covid mRNA injections are the Mark of The Beast or not. Watch this 15 minute video and judge for yourself.

Divine Image Destroyed.  9/10/2022

These poor victims KNOW all the Covid vax are a dangerous scam. 8/25/2022

Electric vehicles of any type are only a partial solution. No government investment addressed creation, storage and convenient distribution with any sane level of efficiency or practicality. We built dark movie theaters before anyone invented film or projectors.

A posting on GAB,

Electric John Deere tractor


Dr. Loraine Day, who cured her own breast cancer, turns the medical industry on its head with earth shaking revelations about misunderstood principlas regarding germs and viruses. This one hour interview with Jeff Rense explains germs don't cause disease any more than flies cause garbage.

Dr Day website 7/22/2022

Research reveals Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrazeneca LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING as to the dangers of mRNA.

Video 30 mins. 7/15/2022

Discerning truth among lies is not easy. What if your only sources of crucial data are BOTH known liars?

In these cases, government versus media. Another is media versus a porn star.

Was the US Moon Landing a hoax? Other governments have CONFIRMED IMAGES of US debris on the moon. But did it get there via Werner Von Braun rockets, or something else? This 3 hour Moon Landing Hoax documentary was obviously produced before digital technlogy made fakery so easy. It raises serious questions on what really happened on our black and white TV's in the 60's and 70's.

Christianity is supposed to set a moral standard by example. But what if TV media raises liars to celebrity status? This 1 hour interview with a converted porn star names names in both religious media and government. Maybe this is why Rahab the harlot is a national hero in Israel. An eye witness beats edited hearsay for credibility.  7/4/2022

X-Files Genome episode

We are being forced to live out an episode of Xfiles that aired years ago. Prophesy is not a spooky skill when it simply states intent. 6/11/2022

There REALLY ARE, clean, safe and reliable technologies out there. But they ALL require major capital to get into the hands of the consumer.

Tragically, poliitical money only goes toward JUNK SCIENCE from poliitical donors. That is why electric cars and buses explode; why wind generators kill birds and don't generate anywhere close to claims.

Present banking policies will not fund anything good. Even medical research money creates bioweapons, not cures. Real heroes have been censored out of the news. Fools and perverts get elevated to celebrity status by the grossly immoral media.

Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes how many current diseases and health problems were BIOWEAPONS created at Ft. Dietric. Pete Santilly interview, 1 hr 36 minutes.

The first 18 minutes of this Disney expose' reveals the perverts behind the evening script reading TV news.

Google blacklisted this site when we began trying to pomote peole with real solutions.

Don't look to banks or government for any solutions. Small business has to help one another or the "old empire" referred to in this Roswell interview will continue to enslave humanity with debt and distractions. Honest business makes products that WORK. Political money only creates junk and enslavement. Any reader who agrees, needs to contact me if you are blessed with some discretionary funds to both do some good and make a decent ROI from delivering honest products. 5/3/2022

Chinese Electric Bus Fire

Lithium ion technology is still a long way from being 100% safe. An electric bus in China exibits proof. 4/22/2022

The entire Covid vakzine plot was to destroy humanity. Nurses, athletes, military and now news anchors are dropping dead. 

The mRNA technology is pure evil.

Any misguided individual who thinks they took the vaccine and had no side effects needs to know YOU GOT A PLACEBO Saline solution, not the deadly mRNA Vax. Pfiser's quality control isn't worth s**t. Stop playing Russian Roulette.

Listen to Dr. Ted Broer report on many friends who got the real vax and what happened to them and how the Khazarian Mafia is controling the entire medical industry through Central Banks. 3/30/2022

In the 24 years CommuteFaster has reported on Energy ideas, good and bad, political money and Wall Street money only went to BAD IDEAS. WHY?

THE KHAZARIAN MAFIA (Clif High 43 min video)

Facade front corporations, run by demented individuals who belong to money worshipping religions confuse who is to blame. But the elitist tribe funneling their printed money to only bad iseas don't feel anyone but THEM has a right to control money.

Take a listen to Larry (rat) Fink CEO of Blackrock. (clip directy from the Blackrock website)

Only his tribe have the priveledge.

Ignoring the fact that his actions have destoryed middle class created by a Christian work ethic, but concentrated all the wealth in the world to his 1%, he feels his globalism is saving the world. 3/22/2022

If gas prices get any higher, the Fed Reserve wil have to start printing $500 notes again. Not printed since 1934.  3/22/2022

Gas Prices

It now costs over $100 to fill up the full sized famly car in California. As fuel costs reach insane levels all due to POLTICS, the family car can't get Dad to work, ships don't leave port and airliners flying 80% empty from full capicity will go bankrupt. This is all a Bolshevik plot, being run by the World Economic Forum, Klaus Shwab and his band of Communisy perverts. 3/13/2022

Apologies for 2 months of no updates.  My 78 year old brother Dean passed away, and all 3 of my computers chose to quit working about the same time. My brother Dean knew Christ as his savior just as I do. A Christian passing is different from others as we know we wil meet again and he should have some fresh material as his jokes were getting stale.

His last 4 months in the Navy 50 years ago was on the ocean going tugboat "Nipmuc". They had to tow 2 disabled destroyers from Rhode Island to Guantamano through an Atlantic storm. One of the ships being towed actually passed them in the high seas. But the cargo was delivered in tact. Unlike the Felicity Ace which must have had the most incompetent tugboat crew in history or maybe insurance sabotage? 3/6/2022

Does anyone believe the Felicity Ace sinking was a real accident? It did prove electric vehicles are not safe when expsed to nearby fire. But what ignited the blaze? And who opened ballast valves to allow water into the hull? 3/6/2022

Actress Bewtty White dies 2 days after booster shot

Actress Betty White dies 2 days after receiving booster shot. Apparently she was not high enough on the food chain to get the placebo saline shots that Biden and Trump got.  1/1/2022


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Important reports from the past
  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies

This older SciFi video may as well be an employee training film for Blackrock/SERCO. IllumiCorp. 12/20/2022

Looting the spoils of war exists in every war. But looking at the facts, media and public history books have not reported on just who did most of the looting. This essay sheds some light in the shaddows. 12/8/2022

Big Pharma: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc are merely pushing a bioweapon with patents OWNED by the Dept. of Defense. Rense 10/5/2022 proof. 10/21/2022

On Sept 27, 2022, two worthless eaters inside the US Government committed an act of war against Northern Europe and Russia by blowing up Europe's affordable sources of natural gas via the Nord Stream pipelines. Joseph Biden and Victoria Nuland must answer to humanity for this open act of aggresssion and total disrespect for US integrity. Their personal financial gain to destroy Ukraine with corruption has no limit to the depth of their depravity.

Commentaries by

Rick Wiles / TruNews

Mike Adams / NaturalNews

Submarine attack  9/29/2022

The internet works on SSL encryption. Common software uses RSA encrypton. BOTH ARE NOW BROKEN & HACKED.

Professor James McCanney wrote a book about how to simply find prime numbers.  A critical component of ALL encryption. But only geeks, hackers and thieves read it. James explains why he made the information public.

Pete Santilli reports a group of thieves took that knowledge and turned it into a business model. Selling NSA level hacking skill to steal information for the highest bidder.  Critical comments begin at 35 minute point of video.

Regardles of hype and claims, NO WEBSITE IS NOW TOTALLY SECURE TO ENTER YOUR BANKING INFO. NOT EVEN YOUR BANK! Commutefaster takes NO Viewer data except looking at IP to see what country our viewers are in. We sell NOTHING from this site. 9/16/2022

Texas kicks Blackrock and Credit Suisse out of the state for not supporting Texas energy. 8/25/2022

The reason the honorable and brilliant Dr. Simone Gold was sent to prison should disgust you. 8/13/2022

"The Dimming" documentary by Dane Wigington exposes climate engineering by government deep state agencies.

It's NOT your SUV, or even Taylor Swift's private jets causing the problems.  It's corrupt deep state bureaucracies funded by unlimited money from cultic central banks!   8/6/2022


EXECUTIVES of: Kroger; CVS; Walgreens; Walmart. Your VAX are KILLING PEOPLE!


About the ONLY former bureaucrat who ever did her job was Catherine Austin Fitts. When she uncovered fraud in the system and tried to correct it, Bush Sr. fired her!

Correy Diggs interviews Catherine and gets brilliant advice during this Bolshevik takeover of world finance. Small businesses need to help one another or the big guys will take everything we thought we owned.  7/4/2022

DAARPA now boasts that it cracked the Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Breach


This site encourages clean application of ALL energy sources. The fact of life is neither wind nor solar produce valuabke secondary benefits of LUBRICANTS, FERTILIZER, PHARMACEUTICALS or PLASTICS. SANE people understand that the oil industry is necessary for human existance as we know it.

Plants NEED CO2 to be green by producing chlorophil.  Brain dead Bolsheviks who took over the US Government with a Stalinist stolen election don't know green energy from green paint.

Nether Russia nor the US government are enemies of humanity. But Bolshevik/Communist/Democrats are the enemy of sanity. We support sane logical use of everything. 6/18/2022

Pelosi gets Mexican Drug Cartel money through Comey


Greg Hunter & Edward Dowd discus the deadly vax

Greg Hunter and Edward Dowd discuss who will be lighting the first torch when eveyone from teenagers at fast food to high level executives realize they have trusted fools and been injected with deadly DNA altering experimental poison.  6/11/2022

Dr. Judy Mikovits adds clarification to the recent "snake venom" issue.  No, it is not a water supply issue. It is a bigger question of WHY have MILITARY BIOWEAPON formulas entered both our food supply and medical injections mislabled as vaccines? And yes, snake venom has been part of some weapon formulas. 1 hour 36 min interview by Pete Santilli.

Pete Santilli - Dr Judy Mikovits PhD  (Ed note: This is the same interview mentioned in Column One, but is so important and revealing it needs to be stressed twice.) 5/6/2022

Whoever would finance both sides of all wars for 2,000 years; invent 5 year car loans; 24% credit cards; and 30 year mortgages, would have to be a fallen angel demon reptilian lizard.

Dr. Laura Sanger Ph. D discovered just that regarding Central Bankers.  

Book   Video

Fed Reserve Roots to Nephelim Laura Sanger Ph D


Benjamin Netanyahu sold out his own country to Pfizer. 4/23/2022

Collapsing claims


Humanity's real enemy


Putin is NOT a nuclear threat to the US. But this moron appointed by Biden IS!

Biden't queer appointment to DOE

Biden's latest appointment to watch over all the nuke reactors in the US, and waste sites like Yucca Mtn in Nevada.

NV citizen finds Governor Sisolak in a local restaurant and explains some facts of life to him. 3/14/2022

Excess deaths experienced by ages 25 - 44

Millenials aged 25-44 have suffered over 60,000 excess deaths from FRAUDULENT COVID VACCINES. This was their Vietnam war, and just like the war, caused by lying tyrants inside the US Government.  2/3 of the fake vaccines distributed were placebos and mislead many to think they were safe because those getting the placebo shot had no bad reaction. 3/13/2022

Short mp3 excerpt from 3/13/2022 Sarah Westall interview of Dave Hodges discussing perverts running FCC and Department of Energy. 3/13/2022

Ukraine is a seriously complex issue. It cannot be simplified with bumper sticker or meme politics. Two enormously powerful forces are involved. Theology and culture. Politics is merely the influential tool used by each to control their followers and kill their enemies via war.

Two commentators best explain major factors with each.

Dr. Ted Broer focuses on the theology of the forces of evil willing to even kill their own for selfish gain of power.

Clif High focuses on the geographic logistics of what parts of the world have been affected by this derivative tribe of Mongolians. This "name stealing tribe" loves to blame others for their own crimes.

The present communist administration in the US put a faggot comedian into the presedency of Ukraine. No sane person would act this way. The "tribe" described by both Ted Broer and Clif High have infiltrated and usurped the Military and Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned would eventually gain so much power as to be a threat to everyone.  3/6/2022

Pilot Greg Pearson gets blood clot from mandated vax

Forced vax are injuring or killing off the US supply of Airline Pilots1/1/2022


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advances, delays, & disasters.

95% on the road

Deadly COVID VAX batch numbers now identified!

This 5 minute video lists online databases identifying the batch numbers which had the most deadly and adverse reactions from Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson and Johnson poisons.

Anyone showing no reaction got one of the KNOWN saline placebo batches most likely targeted to politicians and celebrities. 9/10/2022

LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction has been talked about for years. The company Brillouin Energy claims to now have it working. Health Ranger, Mike Adams reports.   7/22/2022

Hemp Airplane

Hemp Composites show excellent manufacturing characterstics. 7/12/2022

California Air Resources Board shows of avalilable electric trucks.

Very practical for local delivery, but no electric vehicle can handle long range yet. Owner testimony6/14/2022

The International Space Station has been manned and orbiting over everyone's head every 90 minutes since November 2000. Yet politicians won't allow an honest vote tabulating machine to be used anywhere. Corrupt politicians are the biggest enemy of humanity on the planet. They write laws protecting central bankers who keep money from ever reaching honest hands.

One county in New Mexico banns Dominion. Hopefully the first of many to follow. 6/13/2022

Recharging electric cars 1917

And 5 minute swap for a fresh battery has been around since 1943. Good luck even swapping your cellphone battery in only 5 minutes if at all.  5/6/2022

Brooks Agnew is only one of many inventors with techs that work but can't find development captal from conventional means. I recommend his Wednesday and Sunday evening talk shows. 5/3/2022

Self driving Tesla crashes into $3 million private jet. 4/22/2022

Researchers from Stanford propose a solar technology that still produces electricity after the sun sets. 4/22/2022

Nutrition advice warning: If you suddenly feel a sore throat or other flu like symptom, a short burst for a day or 2 of a large dose of D3 is helpful, BUT do NOT continue high doseage (10k to 50k iu/day) for any prolonged period of time. That would seriously mess up how your body processes calcium which can lead to a heart attack.


Vitamins to prevent catching Covid 19

Common. cheap, Vitamin supplements that keep you healthy during the Covid PlanDemic. 2/18/2021

All you have to do is just look at it. The James McCanney Wing Generator obviously grabs more wind energy than any 3 blade design.

James McCanney Wing Generator system


Purchase Bitcoin at a Kiosk near you

Coinme Bitcoin vending kiosks


Electric:  Cars   Bicycles   Boats  

Electric Cars

Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:

Electric Car Insurance comparisons

Extremely High (80+ MPG)
hydrocarbon vehicles

Electric Assisted Bicycles
* = US Mfg
** = Import subject to 25% tariff

Electric Boats & Watercraft

Air & Water Purification

JimMcCanney Water Filters

Tri-Oxy Ozone treatment

Vollara O3 and UV light

Manufacturer of Iron Phosphate Batteries:

Power-Sonic, Reno NV

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store
Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 

Keshe Foundation* Group of links

*Disclaimer: Early research by Mehran Keshe showed some interesting promise. But after declaring himself messiah, his 4 hour long teaching videos are now mostly incoherent ramblings of some strange religious philosophy, nothing about why his theories work or how to make them work. We provide links here for anyone to research on their own 

We acquired one of his Pain Pens, and saw no productive results. So most of this medical claims are just empty claims. 

Manipulation of mass, is another aspect requiring scientific control rather than philosophical claims backed only by emotion. His implication that anyone can just make critical components at home in their kitchen, and obtain consistent results is simply absurd.

Tied to his religious philosophy, recent videos imply his "spaceships" will be controlled mentally, and only by those following his religious beliefs.  It should be brought to everyone's attention, Mehran Keshe is not the first to make this claim.  Otis T. Carr said something similar. And there are still people alive today who claim it actually flew. Ralph Ring is one of them.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.



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