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 Updated 3/29/2015   Consider the REAL price you pay for Energy:  Pollution  &  Human Life
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36 Years of Lies Since 3 Mile Island, and they continue. 3/29/2015 

Six Flags to cut down 18,000 trees to install solarBut they promise to replant 25,000 trees within next 7 years.

Lloyds of London will not insure for RF/EMF health related problems, i.e., Smart Meter caused. 3/20/2015

From the "Secret Space Program" Conference in San Mateo California, 2014, the full series of speakers. Beginning with Mark McCandlish speaking on known technologies even in 1990.  3/20/2015

Catherine Austin Fitts explains secret black budgets.  Trillions of dollars disappearing where? Banker bailouts that also disappear. The American economy surviving on drugs and wars. Video. 1 hour 22 minutes of lecture given at Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo California, 2014, now posted on YouTube free.
- - -
Dr. Joseph P. Ferral speaking at same conference. "Bullion, Brains, and Bonds"
Part One
1 hr 22 mins
Part Two
1 hr 7 mins
- - -
Dr. Ferral
: Banker Suppression of Technology down through history. 1 hr 28 mins

Jet Fuel damage
If it can't bring down a tree, how can it bring down reinforced steel?

Siemens Wind Turbines Failing in only 2 years of operation.  2/14/2015

Another fatal fire blamed on smart meters.
- - -
Over 100,000 smart meters being removed in Canada. 

Even Bloomberg now reports AirAsia pilots intentionally killed power to all electronics just before it dropped from the sky.  This confirms something drastic had taken over control of the aircraft. Which in turn confirms involvement of a little known device called a BHUAP.  Control of which traces to an organization named Serco, often referred to as the octopus. 1/29/2015

Plunging oil prices create food shortage in Venezuela. 1/25/2015

Brazil facing drought crisis just as severe and California's, or worse. 1/25/2015

Elon Musk having a bad year, already.
Wife files for Divorce.
SpaceX has hard landing, damages major equipment.
Plummeting gas prices reduce demand for electric cars.
But in late 2014 he was able to raise a billion dollars on Wall Street in 2 weeks.

Oil price is down, so Rolls Royce sales hit new highs.
- - -
#1 Rolls Royce dealer in the world.

Abu Dhabi of course.
- - -
But capital for new exploration dries up.
Kind of funny to see the oil fat cats face the same rejection from bankers that all the alternative energy researchers have faced for many years. 1/8/2015

Conventional energy stocks take a dive on trading. 1/5/2015

Market rigging makes activity by small investors futile. Insider knowledge controls stocks, currencies and commodities alike. 1/1/2015


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
To Obama, energy is just an excuse for another game of golf. 3/29/2015

Political powers love to manipulate energy, even with seemingly unrelated technologies. We now see the manipulation juggling nuclear and oil using fictitious reasons. 3/21/2015

Evidence appearing that Smart Meters were forcibly implemented in California by fraudKnown health risks were intentionally ignored. 3/16/2015

Civilian camera drones facing new FAA restrictions.  But military drones can still kill anyone. 3/16/2015

Tribal Chief triggers calls for his ouster due to just discussing the storage of nuclear waste on tribal lands. 3/15/2015

Now Russia claims to have closed the Nuclear Loop.  This reprocesses nuclear rods until they truly are depleted to a safe level.  But GE did this back in the 70's, then Jimmy Carter banned the process under false pretenses of it causing nuclear proliferation.  This act created the vast nuclear waste problem around the world today.  3/15/2015 

China's Wind Power EXCEEDS the US Nuclear Power production. Is America stuck in a rut or not?
- - -
China's Coal Pollution begins to drop for first time in recorded history. 3/15/2015

NRC has nothing better to do than sit around and decide which country should be on this week's Sh*t list, then issue fines if left standing when the music stops.

And I thought drunks in a bar, or old women in church "sewing circles" were the only adults who gossiped like little children?
Ever see them working on remediation technology?  Of course not, that would require brains, intelligence and even more rare, maturity.  3/9/2015

50 years of oppressive rule by Communist Stalinist Russia causes Lithuania to distrust them on most anything, BUT, regarding claims of Russia attacking Ukraine, 82% believe Putin's Russia is actually telling the truth.  This further indicates recent oil prices are being manipulated totally for political purposes. As soon as the bankers destroy their competition, you can expect oil to jump back to ugly highs. 2/24/2015

Evidence exposed of California PUC illegally colluding with PGE to impose Smart Meters with full knowledge of serious health detriments to the public.
Video Report

For over 100 years, alternative energy R&D has been ignored.  The world's economies have been built on oil. The present manipulated drop in oil prices comes as a mixed blessing, helping some but hurting others. 2/5/2015

Gasoline drops to less than a penny a gallon in Venezuela. 1/26/2015

Zayed Future Energy Prize announced in Abu Dhabi UAE. 1/26/2015

TSA captures more of their own agents than terrorists.
- - -
Terahertz scanners destroy DNA.

1,700 private jets converge on Davos Switzerland to discuss Global Warming.  1/21/2015

Just as the first atomic bomb was unknown if it would ignite the entire atmosphere on the planet,  today's scientific egomaniacs continue to play with Cern, having no clue what they might trigger.  Nice to have access to massive Swiss Bank money to play with.  But it would be nice for them to show some responsibility.  1/14/2015

The failed F35 project could have housed 600,000 homeless, in very nice homes. 1/14/2015

While millions of Americans survive on food stamps, the media darling politicians pad their bank accounts. 1/8/2015

Florida outlaws living off the grid. 1/5/2014

California politicians won't let a recovery even start.  Cheap gas to get up to 76 cent/gallon tax hike in 2015. 1/1/2015

CDC intentionally omits evidence of links between vaccines and autism. 1/1/2015

In 2014, Henry Kissinger said there would be no Israel in 10 years. So next edition, 2015, publisher Harper Collins removed it from their map of the middle east. Oops? 1/1/2015


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News Headlines and Updates
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Dyson invests in new Lithium ion design claiming double storage capacity of present designs. Elon Musk has commented many have shown him PowerPoints of designs, but no one has put one in his hand.  This may be the first if they actually get the capital to do it. 3/15/20/15

Lebanon Tennessee to build a waste to energy plant. Not much said about technology, but appears to be similar to destructive distillation we reported on many years ago. 3/4/2015

Forbes acknowledges that garbage trucks should be the next target for electric vehicle application. 3/4/2015

Solar now competing with $10/barrel oil.  3/4/2015

Kevlar membranes may prevent corrosive cell interaction in Lithium batteries. 3/4/2015

Videos below illustrate rider response to 3.2 sec acceleration to 60 mph.
But Tesla is now rumored to be developing a firmware improvement to enable it to do it in 2.8 sec.  Is acceleration like this on a 4 door family car even safe? 2/5/2015

- - -
Tesla - Insane button
Tesla adds new "insane" mode to Model S P85D. 
0-60 in 3.2 sec. 
Full YouTube series - hilarious. 
See a bulldog cry like a kitten, and a cell phone plastered against a back seat. 1/28/2015

WalMart apparently invented ice cream that won't melt on hot days. 1/25/2015

Elio chooses new engine design prior to final production.  1/21/2015

Graphene continues as a hot buzzword in more than one energy efficiency discussion.  1/1/2015

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
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Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
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Five Gas Analyzer
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If you live east of the Mississippi river
you need this stuff to save your yard and garden from toxic rain.

Organic Oil absorber  

What would you do with $3 trillion?


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