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Mis-aligned mirrors at Ivanpah Solar Facility causes fire. More proof Google had more money and politicians in their pocket than brains on payroll when they wrote the check for this atrocity. 5/20/2016

Hanford Washington radiation leak now measured in Chicago, Illinois. 5/18/2016

Tesla S wreck
18 year old German female driver test crashes a Tesla model S with 4 friends on board.
She probably learned how to drive from Angela Merkel's wreckless politics. 5/6/2016

Dangerous Radiation leak stories are too numerous to report.  Here are just 2.

We fully realize fear mongering predictions abound all over the internet. Better to mention and laugh later than ignore and find out there really is a wolf at the door.
Mehran Keshe observation on known seismic pressures.
Wolf for Judge

Armed with typical Silicon Valley inside knowledge, an unknown startup just sold for $350 million.
Is now exposed as being a US money laundering company, using the technology of Iranian born, Mehran Keshe, but to maintain US and IAEA financial control of all nuclear power inside Japan.

This now becomes obvious why both NRC and IAEA have been silent about Fukushima for 4 years.  They HAD to get their fingers into the financial pie of doing the cleanup first before helping anyone else. 3/24/2016

As psychopaths in politics try to start a war with Russian, the Air Force admits 14 handlers of nuclear weapons are cocaine users. Which I guess is on par with Japan letting their Yakuza mafia run their nuclear power plants.
Please remember a chimpanzee's IQ has been measured up to 90 when you look at worldwide average IQ numbers now. Thank you to vaccines, Aspartame, fluoride, chemtrails, GMO foods, Agenda 21, video games and 60 years of Zionist controlled TV and entertainment, humanity only has an 8 to 18 point lead on the chimps. That especially applies in government.

Expended, processed uranium waste is one problem, but the abandoned mines it originally came from is another problem. 3/17/2016

Tempers fly and short-sighted judgments are made in alternative energy when people don't know all the facts.  The editor of Veterans Today wrote a very good review of just who controversial Mehran Keshe really is. From his report you will see why Commute Faster neither condemns nor endorses all of Keshe's work. It is a brand new technology in development stage, but it is showing extremely startling initial results. All inventors love to look forward at their work's potential. Blind sighted critics jump in and interpret forward thinking as a contract to deliver today. WRONG. But dumping the baby with the bath water is really stupid.  Some other energy sites that should know better do that with endless condemnation of Keshe. We report what we find. You can discern on your own. Really bad ideas self destruct and don't need reporters to embellish anything. Good starts often take a while to iron out the bugs. Patience is a virtue.  3/8/2016

Thursday evening, 6 PM local it appears EVERY extinct volcano in California belched Carbon Monoxide. 
This is SERIOUS!
Thursday AM 2-25-2016
Thursday AM 2/25/2016

Friday AM 2-26-2016
Friday AM 2/26/2016

Saturday AM 2-27-2016
Saturday AM 2/27/2016

Sunday AM 2-29-2016
Sunday AM 2/28/2016

Live link to above map. Click on "Earth" for controls as what to monitor.
4 minute video commentary.

We avoid prophesies and forecasts here. It's way too easy to be totally wrong,
Mehran Keshe has warned of pending major earthquakes in first Tehran Iran, then in Los Angeles in the month of April 2016.  This abrupt natural carbon monoxide leak by about every volcano in the western North American continent could very well be a precursor.  Mehran Keshe is a very difficult person to understand, but even stopped clocks are right twice a day. 2/28/2016

5 years late, the Yakuza run TEPCO admits they had a meltdown and failed to report on a timely basis. 2/25/2016

The dismal inefficiency of current 3 blade design wind generators still manage to now out produce nuclear power on a world wide production measurement.
Imagine what it could do if it got serious R&D funding? 2/21/2016 

The US's most toxic waste issue shifts from Porter Ranch, California to Indian Point New York. 2/17/2016

SoCal Gas claims success at temporarily controlling the Porter Ranch methane leak. 2/11/2016
- - -
Wrapup report, Porter Ranch crisis. 2/17/2016

Actual Radiation Measurement at Porter Ranch confirms the serious amount of radioactivity present in the methane stream. 
2,000 clicks* per minute or higher.
The leak's proximity to the 1959 Santa Susana melt down has been cause for suspicion, but measurements now confirm the dangers
Click image to enlarge
Aliso Canyon Leak - Santa Susana Pass meltdown 1959
*Clicks only indicate the presence of some type of radiation. It will take mass spectrometer analysis to determine what the specific source is creating it. But in over 3 months, why hasn't that been done yet? The public has no way of knowing if this is harmless, short half life radiation or much worse.

R&D costs for any new energy technology are quite high. Dropping gas and oil prices scare away necessary investment capital. This MIT report on one startup illustrates how plans don't happen as fast as expected, even when some capital does materialize to address a serious need, that of energy storage during peak production time. 2/3/2016

Inspection of Porter Ranch - Aliso Canyon field of gas wells, 16 were identified as inaccessible, and another 15 were found leaking. Dept. of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources did not issue order to stop injection until AFTER a lawsuit and about 40 days AFTER the major leak was identified. Townhall meeting 1/22/2016 2 hrs.
  • Gov. Brown fired 2 whistle blowers in 2011
  • Gov. Brown took $2 million campaign donations from those responsible for the area
  • All 115 wells at the facility were drilled for accessing crude oil. That type casings were used.
  • Since the oil was removed, it has been used as an injection well for storing methane.
  • Div. of Oil, Gas & Geothermal resources never approved the facility for injection storage of Methane.
  • Crude oil is a natural lubricant which prevents oxidation.
  • Methane is a known corrosive agent to some  types of metals.
  • NONE of the 115 wells are the right type metal for methane use.
  • For 39 years SoCal Gas claimed to have working emergency shut off valves on all wells while many did not even exist.

The Porter Ranch methane leak has now lasted longer than the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.
- - -
AQMD Sues SoCalGas. 

Tesla S charging station fire
The Safest Car on the road, still has a bug at the charging station.
A Tesla S erupts in flames at a charging station in Norway. 1/20/2016
- - -
Tesla reports super charger system was not at fault. There was something wrong with that particular car. 1/23/2016

Dubai Address Hotel ran out of water in its sprinkler system 15 minutes after the fire began.  But it still didn't fall over or collapse into its own footprint like WTC/911. 1/18/2016
- - -
Electrical malfunction on exterior spotlight now blamed for cause of fire. 1/20/2016

Space X attempted landing at sea didn't go as planned. It can't land in fog. Who would have expected fog at sea? Did someone used to work at Morton Thiokol?
Space X landing at sea

Independent readings illustrate dispersion of methane at the Porter Ranch leak.
Porter Ranch Methane Leak Map
Early attempt made matters worse.

Suspected radiation contamination at the Porter Ranch now confirmed.
Robert Kennedy Jr. comments on what he has learned from residents. 1/11/2016

The New Years Eve Address Hotel Fire in Dubai captured by time-lapse video shows no collapse or anything close. 1/6/2016

Dr. William P Mount points out the proximity of the Porter Ranch methane leak is near to the 1959 Santa Susana nuclear melt down about 8 miles away making the leaking methane highly radioactiveEinstein warned we would have problems about 60 years after the start of nuclear power. 1/6/2016

Highly volatile oil and gas prices cause oil stocks to act the same. 1/3/2016

Will Halliburton save Porter Ranch?
Boots and Coots have been called in to stop the methane leak in Porter Ranch.  B&C is now owned by Halliburton.
Boot and Cootes
Dick Cheney has been known to receive large political donations from residents of this area.  Will he show his gratitude?
Hombre Dick Chenney

The safety shut off valve on the leaking methane well in Porter Ranch was REMOVED in 1979 and NOT replaced.
As of now, 2.3 percent of the state's entire carbon footprint is coming from one hole in the ground above Porter Ranch 12/26/2015

- - -
The Porter Ranch Methane Leak now being compared to the BP Gulf blowout in 2010. It just has not ignited.....yet.
  • Local hearings revealed the area sits on an 85 billion cubit feet natural storage cavity which supplies all of Southern California.
  • Governor Jerry Brown's sister sits on the board of directors of SoCal Gas.
  • The epicenter of the 1994 Northridge earthquake was 6 miles away
  • This recent landslide is 12 miles away. 12/21/2015

Porter Ranch California, Major Methane Gas Leak Began in October.   
California Smog Failure 1 ppm
  • FAA places altitude restrictions for aircraft in area
  • Class action lawsuit filed by residents who had to evacuate with no government assistance. 12/12/2015


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Important reports from the past

  • May 16, 2006 mafia style hit as reported by Sterling Allan at FreeEnergyNews.com
  • Ken Rasmussen comments on investing in new energy  technologies
The term Mojave Green used to mean one of these, a sub specie of rattlesnake.
Mojave Green Rattlesnake
But with nearby wind power and
Tesla Fast charge station...
Tesla - Wind Power
along with this new 2016 solar facility along California Rt. 14 north towards Cantil.
Beacon Solar Facility
Beacon Panorama 5/19/2016
Click images to see how huge.
DWP Solar
The words Mojave and Green now have a new meaning.  5/18/2016

Sometimes, inefficient actually works.
We have reported at length here that the 3 blade windmill and currently available solar are no where near as efficient as technologies still in R&D stage, but... Germany has installed enough of the inefficient designs to actually supply all their needs and a surplus when wind and daylight work in synchronization. 5/17/2016

Quality control or nature can destroy any nifty new technology.
Why fear Russia when their military SUV's do this:
Russian SUV Handle Break

Even the Keshe "out of this world" technologies prove worthless when someone didn't watch one of a hundred 3-hour videos to catch one passing remark of exactly what to do in one processing step. His blue prints are still rather vague and no where near aerospace quality. Any failure causes skeptics to cry foul, when in really it is just a quality control issue that can destroy anyone. 5/13/2016 

What are the chances of the next US administration cleaning up 70+ years of corruption and careless disregard of human life by the nuclear power industry? Probably not as long as there is unlimited money involved.

Nuclear Physicist Mehran Keshe points out tritium is the most dangerous radioactive hazard because being part of the hydrogen atom, it can penetrate anything in the human body. It is too small to filter out.  ALL nuclear power plants vent tritium into the atmosphere.

Here is why only a fool would want a "self driving car."  And why the media is cramming the idea down our throats. 5/1/2016

Video games applied to military have caused a breed of heartless kids who sold their souls. Drones kill more innocent than actual terrorists, making drone operators the real terrorists. 4/19/2016

The Panama PaMpers.  World leaders caught with pants down laundering stolen funds or drug money world wide. Did any of this end up a "farce" clean energy projects?
Excellent video commentary by Dr. Joseph P. Ferral shows the usual culprit of "trusts" may be moving this corrupt loot to the US, of course with US Politicians welcoming every dime. But then again, should money be used for good, or recycled back into more drug crops as the Bushes and Cheney's did in Afghanistan? This shows the Bush Sr. invasion of Panama in 1989, removing Noriega, didn't really accomplish anything. No, it installed a Bush family brand of corruption, as the PaMpers now show. 4/8/2016

The Prime Minister of Japan is now found to have kept a known solution for radiation poisoning from public knowledge for at least 2 years.
Click image to enlarge

Laboratory Study on Mice
The Keshe Foundation technology of gas in nano state, when applied as a nutritional supplement is now proven to dissolve radioactive contamination into a body's urine and feces, and then expelled from the body.  Its use on laboratory mice has shown a 100% survival rate.  Non treatment of radiation contaminated mice has shown 100% death rate in one week or less.
Reference Keshe Workshop video in column 3.
- - -
Veterans Today story on above. 3/24/2016

The Obama/DOE $1.6 billion boondoggle in California is now threatened with closure by the California Energy Commission.
Ivanpah Solar March 2016
The Ivanpah Solar Facility, seen above from I-15, has not only under produced claims, it has become a hazard to both wildlife and pilots. Google then had the audacity to request a grant from US Taxpayers to cover their mistake.
Flying over Ivanpah Solar Facility
Notice how the aerial photographer had to "stop down his lens" and darken all surroundings to accommodate the intensity of the hot spot glare. This affects pilots' vision for several minutes after exposure.

Veterans Today posts continued coverage of the Justice Scalia pedophile network investigation.
It now moves from a well known figure in the Free Energy movement to secret society connections and the big money figures of the Kock brothers.
- - -
Update to the Scalia meeting with Obama story. 3/19/2016

The 2nd hour of the Jeff Rense show Tuesday night was too shocking for me to write a headline. It concerns people we all know in alternative energy and former chief justice Scalia's murder.
47 minutes, MP3.   3/2/2016
- -
Related stories
Utah Pedophile Bust
Scalia Vatican Ties
Scalia's pedophile ties
Scalia murdered after Obama meeting
So if NSA monitors everything, why aren't these creeps exposed earlier?

Dubai UAE moves forward with more real estate development, despite expected $20 oil. Entry of Keshe plasma technology into the country may be the hidden reason for their optimism.  2/21/2016

Ignorance reigns supreme among US politicans about nuclear power and clean energy. Candidates are either for or against the words, but appear to know absolutely nothing about clean alternatives other than ancient solar and wind. 2/21/2016

Politicians see clean energy as just another source of money to tap into. This is shown with the recent actions of the governor of New Jersey. 2/21/2016

Scalia's death is just another cover up in the works.
Poll at WhatReallyHappened.com
Scalia Poll
Sobering comment made by Justice Scalia in TV interview.
Everyone should remember from the assassination in Dubai, in 2012: the "calling card" for a Mossad murder is a Pillow over the face of the victim.


Keshe gets political. Major Peace conference in Dubai April 20-22, 2016.
Atlantis Hotel, Dubai, UAE
While he offers his technology free through his online workshops, he plans a conference in Dubai to discuss world peace. Since some world leaders will be attending, a $40 room in Las Vegas was not appropriate, so the opposite end of the spectrum was chosen as a meeting location. If any recordings are made, we plan to provide links here. Headquarters for his peace initiative is said to be eventually located in Dubai, UAE and reason for this event's locality. 2/10/2016

One might expect a level of integrity and intelligent expertise inside a nuclear bomb factory run by Lockheed Missiles & Space under Dept. of Energy contract. But this 3 hour whistle blower interview shows the total opposite. DOE: it's time to hire based on qualifications, not a handshake from the local lodge, or where ever you find these criminal managers. A manager that boasts of making Karen Silkwood "disappear" belongs in Federal Prison, not drawing a fat DOE paycheck.  2/7/2016

Commutefaster fashion statement.
Good Guys            Bad guys wear masks
Good Cops, Bad Cops

When a government acts like this, how can civilization continue? Who hired these rabid dogs and gave them guns? What arrogant Nazi bureaucrat ordered this ambush? 2/1/2016

Ontario removes 36,000 Smart Meters. They don't work. 1/25/2016

VW learned from aerospace. Get in legal trouble? Hire a politician, but not just any politician, the former Director of the FBI goes to work for VW. As we have all known, the DC Beltway is always for sale to the highest bidder. 1/25/2016

55 years ago, in the Eisenhower/JFK transition, we had solar powered electric cars. Today, the cars are a bit nicer, but we still have to plug them into the grid. That's what a parade of wars does to an economy and technology. 1/25/2016

US Apollo Moon Landings confirmed.
There is legitimate conspiracy research and then there are lunatic internet hoaxes. A recent one claimed NASA never went to the moon but Stanley Kubrick shot everything in a studio.  Sorry to correct the Kubrick cult, but Hollywood only knows how to re-write history, never confirm truth.  The pdf document linked above shows satellite images taken from Chinese and India  satellites confirming our 1970 clunkers are still parked there, but likely have less rust than a California car. 1/23/2016

Hydrogen Highway
The Hydrogen Highway is now officially dead. Toyota tells dealers to stop deliveries on the hydrogen powered Mirai. Reason? Few to no refueling stations exist. Political promises were never kept.
In the early days of CommuteFasterEnergy, we advocated hydrogen on demand technology. Not storage, but fast conversion of simple and safe water only as you need it.  But suppression by banking, big oil and political manipulation wasted millions on impractical and dangerous compressed hydrogen.  Little to nothing was invested in H2 on demand tech. The biggest insult came from Venture Capitalists who would not touch the idea. Small inventors did what little they could with personal capital and tight garages, but when moderate successes were shown, such as Stan Meyer, the poor guy was murdered by 2 mysterious "investors" from Belgium, home of NATO and much of the dirty banking politics of the world.
The pathetic promotion of bad application technology by Arnold Swartznegger was banker focused to fail. And now it has. 1/20/2016

In Nevada, it's all out war between the Grid and Solar. Huge layoffs, class action law suit, and contract defaults due to a tax law change. 1/18/2016

The video documentary that explains Obama's fake birth certificate is now available for free viewing.
Dreams of My Real Father.

Guns and Religion1/11/2016

Obama's expected announcement 1/5/2015 will be a Presidential
Action, not an executive order.
The difference? Executive orders can be canceled by congress in 30 days. Presidential actions can only be stopped by the Supreme Court. What are those chances? 1/4/2016

Congress Occupied

US Drone Pilots quit faster than the Air Force can train them. Some do have a conscience that eventually reaches their computer game crazed minds. 1/3/2015

Big oil has been provably ruthless down through history, but it is not solely to blame for all the violence in the middle east.  The Opium War never ended. 1/1/2016 

Timeless information
originally posted in 2015

Mike Rivera assembles in 45 minutes what everyone should have been taught to explain EVERY war in the last 400 years.
All Wars Are Banker Wars
Audio is from his radio show, but relevant graphics have been added.  Full length FREE on You Tube, thanks to ads from the UFO channel. 11/28/2015

Crooked bankers love to finance both sides of wars, and opposing political parties so that they can control both.  This image shows they also attempt this with popular religions.  Click to enlarge
Star of Remphan
Never heard of Remphan? It was a pagan deity similar to Moloch condemned in Christian New Testament scripture.
Acts 7:43
Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.
The above image shows 2 major religions following this pagan theology. Yet it is neither Christian nor related to Abraham but is actually contrary to both. 7/25/2015


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News Headlines and Updates
Energy Technology
advances, delays, & disasters.

Even the Audi electric manager has commented that Tesla did everything right. Providing numerous refuel stations for all their customers was a jump ahead of everyone. Obtaining the capital to both make vehicles and refuel stations was a financial accomplishment not many can achieve.
This recharge station in Mojave, CA opened in March 2015. Click for a free desktop pic.
Tesla Recharge, Mojave CA

Such a deal for the .01% crowd.
Tired of waiting for Richard Branson to get you into sub-space for $250K?
Keshe Spaceship Institute will be offering a "build your own" spaceship program for the price of a used Nissan Leaf. €10,000 EUD.
Just as skydiving schools teach you to pack your own parachute, Keshe might have a good point. And you pick your own fellow passengers to travel with, with no TSA privacy invasion before boarding. 5/5/2016
Norway also researches Keshe's plasma based medical treatment system.
Keshe Plasma medical unit in Norway

Keshe Full Body Plasma Treatment
Chinese doctors proceed with Keshe Plasma technology research in medical treatment.
Keshe Full Body Treament System

Incandescent light bulbs make startling come-back with design modification making them more efficient than LED's. 4/23/2016

Battery Life Extended 400 times with use of nano technology. Could this be the accidental application of the Keshe nano-coating technology to access plasma energy from the ambient? 4/22/2016

Reservations for the Tesla Model 3 reach 276,000 the first week. 4/5/2016
- - -
Tesla's grand unveiling of the Model 3.

Keshe Technology Disclosure
Keshe Workshop #106 makes several major disclosures of its technology's effectiveness in reversal of radioactive poisoning and cleanup of both radiation and other major toxins in natural waterways.

Energy production is still subjective on results, but today's release of actual medical studies confirm the health benefits of the technology. 3/24/2016

Following a successful crowd funding campaign, Elio first splits common stock 500 to one, then goes public today.  The stock opened at $16.00/share. Symbol on the OTC market: ELIO. 2/25/2016

Richard Branson unveils the commercial passenger design of his sub orbital spacecraft. 2/21/2016

Another Electric Car Design on the CAD drawing screen readies for an upcoming crowdfunding: The Electric Vehicle, Unlimited Range EVUR.
The unique factor for this one is it is said to utilize many of the principles discovered by Walter Russel, Viktor Shauberger and other legendary scientists who were well ahead of their time.  But the time now is 1/29/2016

The Keshe medical potential is more astounding than his energy claims. But again, sporadic testimonial confirmations are beginning to show up in weekly videos. The Jan. 26 Health video discusses stopping serious addictions and even a way to treat air for emphysema victims to get proper energy to re-grow lung tissue. 1/26/2016

Amazon's Bezos (Blue Origin) matches Space X by also landing a spacecraft verticallyLarge image
Blue Origin lands rocket vertically

Why does China even need the US market? Chinese based BYD has sold more plug in electric cars inside their own borders than either Nissan or Tesla have sold in the US. 1/18/2016

Keshe Foundation now has a testimonial page. It shows claims of 71% savings on energy bills; health benefits from actual users confirm this thechnology has merit. 1/19/2016
- - -
As the Keshe workshops continue, the experimental configurations get more complex.
Images from Video #96.
Keshe Magrav Field
From Keshe video #96
From Keshe video #96
Some students claim they are powering their small studios already. The concept of coils positioned at 90 degrees is the latest principle being studied.
90 degree angle coils

5 Cool Facts about Faraday Future.
Faraday Racing Concept
The Faraday Electric Car unveiled at CES Las Vegas. Video 1  2  3  4 

Elio aims to deliver 84 mpg vehicles by 4th quarter 2016.  Company web site.
- - -
Piaggio/Vespa announces a hybrid motor scooter that gets 174 mpg.
Company web site.  1/3/2015

High Rise Hotel in Dubai burns for hours and does not collapse.
Either they know how to build sky scrapers better than New York, or the US Government version of 9/11 was a lie.
Dubai Address Hotel Fire 1-1-2015

The Keshe Magrav plasma technology can allgedly produce both electricity and water from the same unit. 
This will no doubt require new installation skills beyond what is presently practiced in most electrician and plumber unions.
Water and Power

Electric Cars
Freeway Legal, Totally Electric
lines of cars available at new showrooms today:
Extremely High MPG
hydrocarbon vehicles

Keshe Foundation Group of links

Disclaimer: We list Keshe products as being available, only because they really are being shipped and delivered, but all customers must be aware this is NOT normal technology, and NOTHING is plug and play performance. Sporadic confirmation of performance does exist, but nothing has been mass tested as of December 2015. Every first generation of ANYTHING has bugs. Spend with caution.
- - - -
Refer to 2015 archive for KF Blue Print and training.

Radiation exposure: Recommended nutritional prevention measures compiled by Dr. Bill Deagle with hands on experience dealing with radiation sickness. 4/1/2011
- - -

21.8% Efficient Solar Cell
21.8% efficient Solar Cells
A wide array of DIY electric supplies can be found at EVTV.me

Aftermarket Hybrid conversion motors.
Net-Gain Motors go-ev.com

Best site for build your own electric vehicle projects.  EVTV - Store

Five Gas Analyzer
If you do mechanical experimentation on your vehicle with any fuel modification, you need to know what it is doing with the exhaust emissions. 

Organic Oil absorber 


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